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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 31, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we're ringing in the new year by counting down the best videos of 2012 "right this minute." a pleasure ride goes south as a boat is caught in a wake. >> the driver does his best to navigate it, but -- >> whoa! >> the video that will have you wondering, how did they survive that? an angry bull threw him like a rag doll. now meet the cowboy who made it out alive. so this bull got you with its horns. what does this feel like? >> i was like -- threw me in the air. when a lady boards a train,
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things take a turn. >> for the not so ladylike. >> how she turned this into one wild ride. plus, a daredevil's icy plunge takes a detour. >> i did not see that coming. >> i didn't either! >> and getting in the party groove. it's time for the new year's eve video countdown "right this minute." we're going to kick off the "rtm" 2012 countdown with a video that really made waves. here's number ten. >> boats don't have seat belts and air bags for obvious reasons. you don't want to be trapped in a boat if it flips over, but in this case you almost wish you had them. this video is exclusive from lake tv. this is lake ozark, missouri. seven people were cruising around in a fountain speedboat when they came across an extra large wake. driver does his best to navigate
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it. >> wow! >> a whole group of people gets completely slams from side to side. you see the driver especially get flung to the deck of the boat. >> did anybody fall off? >> nobody fell off. five of the seven people were taken to the hospital for minor to moderate injuries. >> this was all from a wake created by another boat on the lake? >> just the way he hit the wake the angle or speed he did. it's incredible to see these people get toss around so quickly. >>f you see to the left of the driver, looks calm and peaceful. then it wasike bodythe driver j. >> they are like rag dolls. >> that girl in the purple bikini really gets the brunt of it. she hits her head on the side of the boat and her glasses go flying. >> i wonder if falling out of the boat would have been better. at number nine on our countdown, a close encounter with a big, bad bull.
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>> when you think of quebec, canada, you think of, i don't know, croissants, coffee. one thing you don't think of is rodeo events, but apparently that exists. this is a rodeo school that happens in quebec, canada. apparently, they are freestyle rodeoers. nobody is riding this bull. this is the end of a class and nobody wanted to take this bull on, except this guy in the white shirt who said he's always up for a fight. at first he's doing a good job, but then -- it looks like the guy pops up right away, without any serious injuries. looks like he's okay. >> he did pop up and ran away, like he should have done when the bull was released. >> who is this crazy? well, we got an answer, he's 22 years old, max duffy, and he's
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joining us right this minute. first of all, what were you training for in this instant? >> like you said, rodeo school. nobody would take the bull, so i said, okay, i'll try to freestyle with him. but as you saw, it was not like it was supposed to be. >> freestyle rodeo, what is that? i know you're not riding the bill. >> no, no one riding. it's a rodeo clown. >> so this bull got you with its horns. what does this feel like? >> when i was in the air, i opened my eyes. i was like -- threw along in the air. >> did you get injured, and would you do it again? >> this time i wasn't hurt. people were like how did this happen? and actually i did it again and i tried to jump a mexican bull, and i failed. an unexpected find on a paddle boarding trip and one of
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our favorite rescue videos of the year at number eight. charlie is a paddle border in the uk, but this day out on the water was a little different for him, unusual. up ahead, do you see that rock that he's paddling over to? on that rock is a stranded puppy. >> and he's stuck because of the tide. >> oh! >> this one needs a rescue. >> he recognizes that this puppy is stranded on this rock, paddles over to him. >> no, no, he's scared and running away. >> look what he does when charlie finally tries to grab him. >> it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. here we go. here we go. here we go. no, no, no! >> he's so scared, he tries to jump in the water trying to get away from charlie, who's trying to help him. finally, he manages to calm him down by petting him and is able to calm him down enough where he can paddle back to shore.
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>> what are you doing out here? >> no way to know how he got there, but he was trapped on the rocks, so the rocks could have been covered in as quickly as ten minutes. for him to be all the way out there, he had to have been terrified. >> little dude, absolutely terrified. >> able to try him off, warm him up. >> looks exhausted. so tired, thanks, charlie. >> the dog was reunited with his family not long after being rescued. only seven videos to go, and at number seven, twin sisters, a guitar, and a jam session that is just too good. >> by now you guys have probably seen this stinking cute video. it's an internet sensation. twin 11-month-old girls reacting to dad playing the guitar.
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>> are you guys ready? ♪ >> i love it. the classic moment dad starts playing the guitar. they look at each other like, oh, it's our song. they start dancing. >> i've been reading on the internet. people are saying this video has raised the bar when it comes to internet videos. this is the new standard. >> the little girls are nad alexis and chloe and dad is john. we actually spoke to dad. this is a little tune he came up with on his guitar. look at this, he played this tune for them in utero. he would play this song and it would calm them while they were in mom's tummy. >> it really is their song. >> yeah. >> i do like how the one on the right gets distracted and her
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sister goes, come on, dad's playing the song. can't stop dancing. their reaction, though, they recognize the song in the moment. just to think about, did they really remember it from being in utero to this? that's amazing. ♪ a pro kayaker flies off the edge. >> oh! >> i was not expecting that. >> hurt my stomach. >> see how it's done on the "rtm" countdown. and hikers spot a long, dark shaft with a furry surprise. that is a koala! >> find out why it took more than one rescue to get to the
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welcome back to the "rtm"
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top ten countdown. we've got six more videos to go, and at number six, a strange strip tease. >> we all know it's a nice gesture to offer your seat to a lady on public transportation, on the subway or a bus. that's how this video starts. this girl here in the pink, she gets on the subway and wonders can i please have that seat? the guy, oh, she's a pretty lady. take my seat. then things take a turn for the not so ladylike and this woman is to blame. watch what happens next. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> makes an announcement to the train, then pops off those pajama pants in about one second. >> why? >> well, you're about to see why, troutman. this lady's not here to take the subway or the train. this lady is here to perform. >> perform? >> there's poles all over the place. they are not just for holding
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on. >> yes, they are. >> here comes the sweatshirt coming off, and let me tell you something -- >> there are kids on this train! >> what the heck? >> what is she doing? this is absolutely unacceptable. >> this woman goes into a full-on performance, and that purple bra also comes off. >> no! you're kidding. >> not kidding. a lot of people have their cameras out, and now she has her assets out, i guess you could say. >> what? >> in full effect. >> this is so wrong on so many levels. >> it is not. no! >> if you want to see this stuff, great. >> i have to agree with the ladies here, there is a time and place for this, but there are children here. you don't want them to be subject to something like this. and the girl is busted. we're halfway to our number one video of 2012. but first, at number five, when daredevils and glaciers mix.
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>> it's all about the first in the world of professional kayaking. the first defense, like this one. >> oh! >> wow. i was not expecting that. >> that's 34-year-old professional kayaker ben stukesberry going off a glacier in norway. 65 feet he plummeted into the frigid waters below. this was all shot as part of a brazilian tv show called "kayak." this has never been done. nobody has ever kayaked a glacial waterfall. he went nose first, man, straight vertical right into the water. >> coming right out into the midnight sun, peering over, getting my first look at how far i was going to drop. it was just surreal in that way. >> seems like they just found a natural stream, right? >> that's exactly right. as part of the glacier, water does melt and run off.
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you can see that little channel carved by the melting water, so it was a perfect opportunity, perfect size, for the kayak to just go over that little chute and off. >> i love this moment before he goes down. he's kind of holding on to the side of the glacier with his kayak paddle peeking over the edge before he falls. and the view point from his helmet cam flips my stomach. >> two seconds that i was in the air felt like, you know, an eternity in that moment. definitely something i'll never forget. ♪ as the saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. our pick at number four. you're out on a nature walk, you see this mine shaft. what are you supposed to do if you're at the university in australia? stick a branch down in it. see what's down there? >> what is it? >> that is a koala! >> fell down a well?
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>> yeah, first attempt he fell. then he starts climbing, and watch what happens. >> yeah, he's coming up. halfway up. >> oh, my gosh. >> they don't know how long this little guy has been down there. he could be weak, he could be hungry, he could be many things. hasn't had water in who knows how long, but he's trying to climb up. you don't want to interfere with wildlife, but look at him. >> breaks my heart. he was down in a hole. >> he figured it out in no time. here we go, i'm out of here. >> this adventure is not over. >> oh! >> kidding me? >> he fell back in there. look, here it is in slow motion. >> he already was out. >> i feel like he's hurt. >> he's a koala. he's built to fall out of a tree, relax. >> watch, beth, everything is okay with the little koala.
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>> don't climb the tree near the hole. >> he doesn't fall again. this is it for him, third time's a charm. >> i know it's wrong, but i would have picked him up and hugged him and given a eucalyptus branch. >> he would have scratched your eyes out. >> he would have known i came in peace. a wild animal lurks in the brush. >> the leopard, my friends. >> see why he's king of the jungle after this takedown. >> oh! and a speeding car suddenly -- >> swerves in front of a giant truck. >> the story behind the luckiest driver in the world. >> driver's side of the ca [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. welcome back to the "rtm" 2012 countdown, everybody. top three time, and our number three video is quite a catch. >> the law of the jungle, killer be killed, always the strong survive, all the other things they say about the law of the jungle. got to warn you, this video can be a little tough to watch. what do you see lurking in the brush? leopard, a beast. spotted beast. it's a leopard, my friends. but he's not there just hanging out in the shade because he's tired. he's lurking because he hears something a coming.
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>> oh! >> yes! >> that's the most brilliant takedown i've ever seen in the jungle. >> it's something right out of professional wrestling. a heard of impalas. not chevy impalas, impala the animal, he leaps, suplexes one of them, takes it down, then begins tossing it around like it's a rag doll. this is what happens in nature. he was like, you've got to be kidding me. i'm going to practically run over this death machine. >> leopard's like, okay, well, the hard part's over. now i just got to drag this guy down the road here so i can have a little lunch. >> it's sad when it happens. >> important to keep in mind this kind of stuff happens when the cameras aren't rolling, all the time, this kind of stuff is happening right this minute. and it just happens to be a really great video.
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>> celebrating new year with champagne showers. ♪ it's time for our runner-up video, and all we can say about this one is dude got lucky. >> to our favorite russian roads. oh, boy. >> oh, no. oh, no. that's not good. >> oh, he's okay. look at him moving around. >> exactly. horrible crash. the guy tries to make a pass or something, loses control, swerves in front of a giant truck. that smashes the car, which sends it here. he pops out of the windshield.
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>> doesn't even have blood on him or anything. just walks right out like whoops. >> i think he got a little hurt, because he was holding his head, but i can't believe he unfolded himself out of there like a sardine in a can. he was knocked into the passenger seat. >> he gets out on his own power, doesn't seem to be injured in any way. all jacked up and ready to dive into our number one video. and this time it's going to hurt a bit. >> i did not see that coming. >> i didn't either! >> take the plunge next. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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this is something you don't want to see happen in the park. so it's a prisoner cleaning up at the park. got a bunch of girls there. this guy on the phone is supposed to be watching him, but something's about to go down. >> 22 years i've been with you guys, i'm done! >> so he quits and he leaves, and so do all the girls. >> hey, hey. >> he's running in chains. >> you want the prisoner, you come get him. >> looking like what just happened? >> the level of this prank is criminal really. >> this could go really wrong. >> dude, just joking. just joking around!
9:57 am
it's a joke. >> ain't no joke. i'm calling the cops. >> this is a camera right there. >> is this dog the bounty hunter? >> no, but it was a citizen's arrest attempt. >> i love that guy. i love him and i love knowing there are people out there willing to put their lives at risk for justice. >> back off, dude. all right, everybody, we're finally here. our number one video of 2012. get ready to cringe. >> this guy, i don't know what his name is, but i'm pretty sure it's probably idiot. >> oh, geez. >> they are in germany, and this guy is really pumped up. he's wearing his european swimming trunks. he's about to jump into a freezing cold pool that has some ice on top, right? >> definitely not pool season. >> right, except he's excited about what he's about to do.
9:58 am
he even does a little bit of a -- pump me up creed, salute, right before he jumps in. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. this is called seat kill. >> i did not see that coming. >> i didn't either. the ice didn't break! >> and his head hit. and his head hit. >> i think he managed to break his tailbone and crack his skull all at the same time. >> he's hurt and nobody's going to go out and help him because he's on the ice. >> and everybody's too busy laughing their butts off. you'd think they would have made sure the ice was cracked before he jumped in. you know, just to make sure. >> every time, it's so good. >> it's awful every time, every time it makes you cringe.
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that's going to do it for the "rtm" best of 2012 countdown. we do have one more video for you. this is the ultimate new year's eve and music video for pit bull's big hit "don't stop the party." enjoy it. we'll see you in 2013. enjoy it. we'll see you in 2013. ♪ -- captions by vitac --


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