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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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fairfield, san jose. so we do have advisories in place. the freeze warning for the north valley and the hills below 1,000 feet. the frost advisory is for the bay area as well as the santa clara valley. it will last until 9:00 in the morning. i will have more on this. i will bring awe detail on the numbers expected for your area tomorrow coming up. happening now, a senate deal to avert the fiscal cliff appears to be in jeopardy. reporter ed henry explained the fate of tax cuts and unemployment extension is now in republican controlled territory where it could face a serious challenge. >> reporter: with the future of the economy on the line, leaders from both parties went behind closed doors with their respective caucuses discussing the deal approved bey the senate in the wee hours of this morning. >> i think that we've made gigantic progress. i hope that we can after bipartisan agreement as we go forward. but as i said, our members are
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making their decisions now, and we look forward to hearing from what the republicans have to say. >> reporter: house majority leader eric cantor and speaker john boehner were meeting with fellow repub scans. neither was too excited, expressing deep concerns. house gop members considering making amendments like adding spending cuts. that would force the bill back to the senate with the deadline bearing down on everyone. the legislation raises revenue by increasing taxes on the affluent but contains almost no spending cuts. it makes the spending cuts permanent for families making less than 450,000 per year and provides another year of unemployment benefits for two million people but payroll taxes are going up. vice president joe biden who negotiated the deal with mitch mcconnell also on the hill trying to get support from house democrats.
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and the political wrangling is far from over. no matter how this deal turns out both sides headed for major clash by the end of february over whether or not to raise the nation's debt ceiling. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. >> despite a wee hours of the morning fiscal cliff deal in the senate, the house of representatives has yet to take it up and the real damage is about to start. tom vacar is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: despite today's progress, right now at this moment we are off the cliff, and soon come real consequences. this diner was jammed with one topic of discussion. congress' inability to resolve the fiscal cliff. >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous that they can't come to some terms. >> they not only have known about it, they created it. it's ridiculous. >> i think it's a good thing that they're taking their time and trying to make the right choice. i want to believe they're doing the best job they can.
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>> reporter: unless changes ensue, individual tax rates go up sharply. a brutal alternative minimum tax will hit 30 million americans. new taxes to pay for the affordable care act, so-called obamacare will also be collected and deductions will be lost. >> we should fire the whole house of representatives for not doing their job. anybody else in a position of responsibility would be expected to do their job or they would lose their job. >> reporter: the defense department would have to make massive cuts. all other government agencies will have to come one equal yet undetermined cuts meaning loss of government benefits as well as public and private sector jobs. extended unemployment benefits are canceled. doctors are hit with a 30% deduction in medicare payments which may lead many to quit taking medicare patients and businesses will lose some tax credits and benefits. >> this is no reason for anybody not to be able to get unemployment insurance and all
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of the benefits. we don't even know all of the benefits that's going to affect all of us. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, the votes that are likely to take place tonight, what's likely to pass, and the other looming problem that could simply derail everything. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2 news. this video shows the moment of impact as a car slams into another car, sending it through the front of a liquor store, killing a pedestrian who was just walking by. it all started with gunshots fired at a housing project in san francisco's mission district. david stevenson live in the city. the new surveillance video you obtained from the owner of that corner store. >> reporter: that's right. the crash, gasia, had some surveillance video that was taken in the store behind me but the crash happened right here just after 8:00 a.m. it sent the cars spinning onto the sidewalk and crashing right into the storefront. this surveillance video shows
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the devastating impact of a deadly crash in san francisco's mission district this morning. >> obviously this is an unbelievable tragedy. >> reporter: police say it began with a report of shots fired from a car parked at a public housing complex on valencia and 15th. police pulled over the driver of this black chevy. >> as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections, colliding with the white vehicle. >> reporter: skid marks show where the white toyota sedan was struck and skidded through the intersection, smashing into this liquor store. >> as the vehicle was thrown against the store, there was also a mid twenty-year-old male pedestrian walking into the store. he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the toyota destroying the shop's front door. >> the driver, i think he was in his 20s, he was kind of shocked. he couldn't talk. >> the passenger in that vehicle, a female in her mid-
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20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver is in life- threatening condition. >> reporter: police say a gun was found in the suspect's car and that he is known to investigators. the medical examiner has not yet publicly identified the victims of this new year's day crash. at 6:00, in the aftermath of the i can't, why the owner of this store says one of his employees is lucky to be alive tonight. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a harrowing scene in san jose. residents watched as a naked man with a samurai sword begged police to shoot him. patty lee is live in san jose with why police say this incident points toward a much larger problem. patty. >> reporter: well, frank, this new year's day drama started when the suspect was spotted carrying an assault rifle here at this intersection. he fled before police arrived, but when they finally caught up with him, he was naked and brandishing a new weapon.
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>> he's got something large, he's got a big sword thing wrapped around his naked body. >> reporter: residents watched in shock and horror as tactical teams closed in on a man wearing only a pair of sphwhoossments he's troubled. there's something bothering him. >> reporter: for two hours the suspect, charles bennett, engaged the san jose police department in a standoff, shouting, "you'll to have kill me" at negotiate omplets investigators say early this morning neighbors reported seeing a fully clothed bennett with this assault rifle at easy street and cast drive. before police could arrive he fled in this pickup truck which officers spotted five miles away. police tell us when bennett got out of the car he was naked and carrying this sword. a sword that we discovered had a razor sharp blade. knowing bennett also had access to this assault rifle, police did not want to agitate him so
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they waited for their chance. >> he was attempting to flee, and he fell, the sword fell. we were able to take him into custody. >> reporter: bennett's neighbor said she thought he was odd, possibly learning disabled, but not dangerous. >> i would have never thought that he would do something like this. >> reporter: police don't know what triggered his actions but concerned that a man with mental illness had such easy access to ammunition and weapons. i checked in with officer morales just a half-hour ago. he told me that bennett has a criminal arrest record, and investigators are now trying to find out just how he got his hands on the ak-47 now in evidence. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> within the last hour u.s. coast guard crews say they found a body of a man swept out to sea. a husband and wife were caught bey a strong wave while walking their dog. the coast guard says the woman was only in the water for a few minutes, then made it out what. we're showing you is video
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posted bey the marin county fire department. a helicopter and two lifeboats eventually located the body of the 59-year-old man. he had tbin water several hours. a man from mill valley is recovering tonight after spending a harrowing evening on mount tabelpaius. a few hours later he called 911 saying that he was near a creek, injured, and disoriented. responders lost contact with him sometime last evening and sent out more than 65 searchers to look for him. they finally found him early this morning. >> we had temperatures reported up on the mountain in the upper 30s. some places maybe even freezing. so very fortunate that aim told that he's in good and fair condition. >> heavy terrain hampered the rescue so crews ended up carrying him down the mountain on foot which took nearly four hours. the ashes of an indian
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medical student who died after being gang raped were scattered in the sacred river today. there was an interfaith meeting to pray for the young victim. the savage attackers provoked a rare nationwide debate about violence against women in india. the large-scale protests have put immense pressure on the indian government to make reforms. it's also set up a new help line for victims of violence. secretary of state hillary clinton continues to recover in a hospital in new york where she is being treated for a blood clot that was found in her head. her doctors say blood thinners are being used to dissolve the clot. doctors confirm that clinton did not suffer a stroke or neurological damage from the clot which was discovered as clinton was being treated for concussion. doctors say they are confident that she will make a full recovery. now to the rose bowl. this is stanford's first appearance since 2000 when they also played the badger.
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fred inglis is at the game and spoke to some very excited stamford fans. >> reporter: the team arrived at 11:53. they expect nearly 90,000 fans today. the problem is, both stamford and wisconsin fans are wearing very similar colors. wait a minute, you can't be both here. >> we are. >> we're married. >> compromise. >> don't look now, but there's some wisconsin fans behind me. >> i know, i've already seen them. >> what are we going to do about that? >> you know what, wisconsin fans are great. we've played them 12 years ago. great fans. >> reporter: they beat you 12 years ago. >> yes, they did. we'll get them this year, then we'll be even. >> reporter: so let me ask you, is this a little hair of the dog? >> absolutely. happy new year. a true badger fan. >> there you go. >> reporter: so who's buying more merchandise, wisconsin or stanford fans? >> right now, it's a tie.
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right now it is a tie. >> reporter: so stanford is just going to run them over? >> uh-huh. like a bulldozer. >> reporter: stanford hasn't played in the rose bowl game in 13 years but they last played in this rose bowl stadium november 24th. they won that game, albeit against ucla. they would like to repeat that today against wisconsin. at the rose bowl, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. a fatal shooting at a bar in northern california prompts authorities to shut down a fair works celebration what. we're learning about the dispute that ended in gunfire. the emotional reunion that happened right in the middle of the tournament of roses parade. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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a new year's eve tragedy killed two people last night and shut down highway 12 in both directions. no word on the victims' identities or whether alcohol may have caused the crash. in gilroy police are investigating a fatal new year's eve shooting. police say a 51-year-old man was found lying on old gilroy street in the downtown area about 9:30 last night. he had been shot several times and ended up dying on the way to the hospital. police say a dark-colored sedan was seen speeding from the scene. new year's celebration in old sacramento turned into a scene from the wild west. a shoot-out with wooden sidewalks splattered with blood. reporter david has more on the deadly bar shooting and the victims. >> reporter: a worker raked latex gloves and bloody bandages off the sidewalk in old sacramento where new year's
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eve revelers heard shots. this couple had just stopped to buy something from a vendor outside the bar. as they ran for cover a crowd came stampeding out of the bar, including a man bleeding. >> i saw this man collapsed, then another man was just a little farther. >> reporter: police say a 30- year-old woman was shot but is expected to survive. a 35-year-old man was shot and killed. so was a man for whom friends brought flowers to the scene this afternoon and who police say was working at the bar and tried to break up the fight. >> it wasn't even his day at work. he was filling in for somebody else. >> reporter: also injured was a security guard at the bar who had a gun and pulled it out. police say the guard and the shooter exchanged shots and were both wounded. >> so that's when the suspects started to leave the bar with the security guard following
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behind. officers came in, quickly got them both into custody, then were able to figure out exactly what happened. >> reporter: police say the shooter is 22 years old and that he is in the hospital recovering from his wounds. they are not yet releasing his name because they say they want to give more witnesses the chance to identify him. in sacramento, ktvu channel 2 news. some morning commuters did get to enjoy what was meant to be last night's fireworks display. this is video of the fireworks going off at 8:15 this morning. once the fireworks were all set up, they can't be dismantled until they're set off. mayor chuck reid started with coffee at a fair station before heading to police headquarters for the morning briefing. not everyone was happy to see him. mayor reid has been unpopular with some police officers ever since he supported a pension reform measure. the police union is suing the
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city over that measure. it's also helped trigger a mass exodus of officers, including chief chris moore. >> the search is well underway. we've got a very strong pool. we will be interviewing people early in the the month of january. hopefully we will have a name pretty soon of the next chief. >> some firefighters also told us the mayor lost their support because of cuts made to staffing. the new year's eve crowds are gone from san francisco tonight but they left behind a bit of a mess. the cleanup began bright and early this morning along the embarcadero. public works crews were out in force this morning to clean up the area, armed with brooms and street sweepers. hundreds of thousands of people packed the san francisco waterfront last night to ring in the new year. some 250,000 people came out to see the midnight fireworks show on pier 14. pie rough technicians launched
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the fireworks using computerized fuses. we posted pictures of the new year's displays from all around the world on just look under the images tab on our home page to check out the slide show. today's bay area burning ban is being extended to tomorrow. the air quality management district has issued a second winter spare the air alert for this year. that means no burping wood, fire logs, or any other solid fuel, both indoors and outdoors, unless it's your only source of heat. the district says that weather conditions are expected to trap wood smoke near the ground, which will create unhealthy air quality in the bay area. >> besides that spare the air, it's also cold out there. over to rosemary. you say tonight may be even colder? >> as i mentioned to you, frank, i think we will be bottoming out tonight. so ebbet you actually we are going to rebound but it is going to be painfully cold in some areas. i want to touch on that spare the air alert. this pattern brings us the
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recipe for unhealthy air because the cold air gets trapped underneath the warmer air. that creates some type of inversion. again, some of that pollution hangs really close to where we live and breathe. so that spare the air day for the entire bay area tomorrow. a look at storm tracker 2. we are clear here. the system to the north of us slid right over california earlier today, and now is over point conception, leaving us with clear skies. winds kicked up aijts some areas today. right now oakland reporting 9 miles per hour, 17 in mountain view, 7 in livermore. it will be the calming of these winds that will help to us actually cool off in the overnight hours. 53 degrees still in santa rose 15. so relatively pleasant outside your door. 53 in oakland, 47 fairfield, cooling off in antioch as well, 47 for you. low 50s in areas right around san jose. so patchy frost as well as freezing temperatures if you are just joining us at the top
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of the hour, we have a freeze warning to the north bay, the valley, as well as the hills below 1,000 feet. for the bay area as well as santa clara valley for tomorrow morning we have a frost advise real. that means widespread 30s. mid to upper 20s for parts of the north bay valley locations. 31 is expected in concord tomorrow. 29 for santa rose 15. low 40s in san francisco. san francisco not part of the advisory. 35 in mountainview. 34 in san jose. 31 degrees expected in morgan hill. the advisory will last until tomorrow morning, about 9:00 or so. we expect it to the expire. so patchy frost, freezing temperatures as we get into late tonight. mostly sunny conditions. for tomorrow temperatures will rebound in the 50s. as we mentioned, spare the air day once again for your wednesday. the extended forecast looks mainly dry. i will have that forecast for you in a little bit including the mini warm-up that will bring us out of the overnight chill. back to you. after deadly attacks
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yesterday, security is tight as crowds of shiite pilgrims visit shrines today in iraq. helicopters flew overhead and crowds were searched as the pilgrims walked to attend a religious festival. security was increased after yesterday's string of terror attacks that killed at least 20 people. some nato troops rang in the new year in afghanistan with a race. 12 nato troops ran a 5- kilometer race around the camp at kabul international airport. all the runners said it was a great way to bring in the new year. a little boy got a huge surprise at today's tournament of roses parade. the surprise guest he spotted on the float that prompted him to run right out into the middle of the parade. >> and stanford fans are in a frenzy. they have just won the rose bowl. the final score, 20-14, stanford over wisconsin.
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crowds at the tournament of roses parade today were thrilled at the sight of a b-2 stealth bomber. the float marked the 60th anniversary of the korean war, often called the forgotten war. today was the 124th rose parade, and the bay area was
5:26 pm
well represented. stanford university stood out in a sea of 21 marching bands. so did valley christian high school. they formed an east-west fusion band with a sister school from beijing. but the most surprising moment of the parade featured sergeant first class eric who rode on the front of a float, but check out what happened. the officials had arranged for his return from afghanistan and the crowd cheered when he climbed down and had a surprise reunion with his wife and his little boy. >> he sees daddy. he has no idea. oh my gosh, was that priceless. 41 floats made the five-mile trek through pasadena. the theme was "oh the places
5:27 pm
you'll go" from the dr. seuss book. there was a float featuring the cat and the hat, the dole company's dreaming of paradise with a volcano, and the carsland float from disneyland. a family is holding a special celebration because their new baby boy was the first born in the south bay in 2013. the new year baby was born at the santa clara valley medical center at three minutes past midnight. he weighed eight pounds and measured 20 inches. stanford at the rose bowl. coming up, we've got palo alto's reaction to the big game. crowds gather here at the fruitvale bart station. the family of oscar grant speaks out. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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loved ones of oscar grant returned to the place where he was killed to mark his death and issue a plea for change. four years along today oscar grant was shot to death by a bart police officer. the incident, as will you remember, was captured on cell phone video and ignited a firestorm of anger. rob roth is live in oakland with the larger message at today's gathering. rob. >> reporter: gasia, it was here at the fruitvale bart station up on the platform where oscar grant was shot to death exactly four years ago today. and on this anniversary grant's family came here to keep alive the memory of what happened up there. about 200 people came to remember oscar grant, whose death sparked a furor that still lives, thanks in part to witnesses who videotaped what happened. >> if there was not videotape, like i said, none of us would
5:31 pm
know who objection car grant us. >> reporter: for grant's mother, even four years later the pain of losing her son is still palpable, especially this time of year. >> our loss is undescribable. it doesn't matter if it was today or 10 years ago. it's still your child, and it still hurts. >> reporter: it happened in the early morning of new year's day and captured on cell phone video. bart police were responding to reports of a fight when officers detained grant and several others. grant was prostrate on a platform when officer johannes mehserle shot him in the back. he later said he had meant only to tase him. grant's relatives are upset that he served only two years. >> he didn't have to have go to prison not one day. he went to jail, or protective custody. >> reporter: but the larger message today was a call to stop what they see as racial profiling that too often ends up with police officers shooting citizens. >> it really bothered me. if they can shoot him, they can
5:32 pm
shoot anybody. >> reporter: and some came to make a statement about the pain caused bey gun violence on the street. this mother lost two sons the same day during a shooting in oakland in 2000. >> coming here today is not something that i was looking forward to. but we have to support one another. >> reporter: oscar grant's family told us they have been invited to the sundance film festival later this month to get their first look at a movie just being finished about oscar grant. live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel two news. this just in here at channel 2. house republicans are dropping their demands for additional spending cuts in the fiscal cliff negotiations. the senate approved compromise includes tax increases and spending cuts. house members are now expected to vote on that compromise sometime tonight. an amendment to the senate- passed bill would have complicated and possibly even delayed final passage of the bill. the measure will allow tax increases on families that make
5:33 pm
more than $450,000 per year. pg&e customers are seeing an increase in power rates. the average residential rate subpoena 2.6% compared to a year ago. pg&e says the hike is mainly due to higher costs for acquiring clean, renewable energy to meet state mandates. natural gas prices will also go up 2% next monte to help pay for making pipelines safer but the gas increase will follow a temporary 6% drop in gas rates this month. some san francisco workers can expect more money in their paycheck. the minimum wage is now $10.55 an hour in san francisco, 31 cents higher than last year. 10 years ago voters tied the wage to the regional rate of inflation. since then it has increased every year except 2004. san francisco now has the nation's highest minimum wage. santa fe, new mexico is number
5:34 pm
two. the stanford cardinal football team is celebrating after their roseville win over the wisconsin badgers. it was a close game but it just ended. wisconsin lost 20-14. stanford wins. they are the new rose bowl champs. obviously a lot of fans are in a frenzy tonight, particularly in the palo alto area. ann rub bin has been watching the game with them this afternoon. she is here now. they must be pretty happy, especially because a lot of folks never thought the team would get this far after losing andrew luck. >> reporter: oh that's right. this has been a surprise for a lot of people. just a few minutes ago this place, the patio here in palo alto, erupted in clears as stanford pulled out a win of the rose bowl. fans had been looking for a blow-out. they got a nail-biter instead. they got in a pregame warm-up, even had time to stretch their legs, but for many near stanford the main event was a spectator sport, the rose bowl. >> we're always watching. if rest of the school is going
5:35 pm
down there to support. >> it gives that sense of school pride. >> reporter: while it was quiet on campus it was anything but at palo alto sport bars. >> all of my friends are at the game, but this is second best. >> it's the rose bowl. you don't get too many trips to the rose bowl. >> reporter: the last, back in 2000, in that game the wisconsin badgers beat the stanford cardinal. stanford hoping for a better outcome in this rematch. >> you want to snuff out any hope they might have, right from the start, just wipe it out and go with the ball and just ram it down their throats. >> reporter: they say they have low expectations going into the season after the departure of their star quarterback. >> with andrew luck gone, i think we thought it wasn't going to be as good, but the team has been really great this year. >> reporter: cheering extra loudly, the hanes family whose daughter is captain of the cheerleading squad. they say this was the game they had been waiting for. >> the last four years, they had all these minor bowls, and
5:36 pm
now they have the gran daddy of them all, the rose bowl. >> reporter: in the end stanford pulled off the win 20- 14. fans say it was a surprising and great way to start the new year. ann rub bin, ktvu. >> you can relive all the rose bowl excitement on will you find the latest news highlights and k078ments from the team. just look under the bay area sports tab. both sides in the nhl contract dispute are due to return to the bargaining table as they try to save the hockey season. on a day when the winter classic was supposed to be paid, the main issues now are contract negotiations. if the two sides can't agree in the next 10 days the entire season could be canceled. community groups celebrated both the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation and the kwanzaa holiday.
5:37 pm
the village project and the san francisco arts commission staged today's celebration at that time bayview opera house. people there saying -- sang traditional music and read aloud the emancipation proclamation which is the document that freed slaves in the united states. they also paid tribute to pioneering african americans. >> harriet tubman. nat turner. >> one organizer said today's event was meant to bring the community together at a time when violence has plagued their neighborhoods. ringing in the new year by tieing the knot. the first same-sex couples to legally get married in 2013. and it's a private club for marijuana smokers. questions about just how legal this new nightspot is. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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for the first time since the school massacre in newtown, connecticut the children of sandy hook elementary school will be heading back to class. however, they will not be returning to their school where 20 of their classmates were killed. instead, they will be going to a school in a neighboring town. desks, backpacks, and other belongings that the kids were forced to leave behind have all been brought to the school in nearby monroe, connecticut. school officials are also doing everything they can to make the
5:41 pm
kids feel as safe as possible. >> when the clock struck 12:00, it sounded like wedding bells in maryland. that's because same-sex couples in that state can now tie the knot. >> i'm very happy. this is as happy as i've ever been, and to be able to spend the rest of my life with bill legal he will and just show the gay community this can be done. >> maryland is the first state south of the mason dixon line to make gay marriage legal. nine states and the district of columbia have legalized same- sex marriage across the nation. connecticut, iowa, maine, maryland, massachusetts, new hampshire, new york, vat, as well as washington. new mexico and another state honors out of state is same-sex marriages. users have been reporting
5:42 pm
that the "do not disturb" feature on iphones version 5 has not been turning off at the scheduled time. zynga is retiring several titles. they will reallocate resources to create new games. the exploratorium is about to close and move. bay area temperatures will once again take a tumble. i'll have the advisories taking place tonight and what you will
5:43 pm
be greeted with tomorrow coming up.
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5:45 pm
pennsylvania's governor says he plans to sue the naacp over the tough new sanctions it imposed ago -- the ncaa, excuse me that he guessed against penn state university. the university agreed to the sanctions in the wake of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. they include a $60 million fine to finance child abuse prevention grants, a four-year bowl game ban, and the
5:46 pm
forfeiture of wins by the football team. governor tom corbett has scheduled a news conference tomorrow. marijuana users in the mile- high city of denver are ringing in the new year by opening a private marijuana smoking club. adults over the age of 21 can possess a small amount of marijuana. as of monday there's a private establishment called club 64 where adults can go to light up legally. amendment 64 says you can use marijuana all you want but just it not in public, so this is bey definition private. >> members pay $30 to get in. they bring their own marijuana. no marijuana is sold at the club. denver police say they are waiting for guidance from the city attorney and the district attorney to see if the club is in violation of any laws. it is the kind of record no one wants to break. the average price of a gallon of gas was higher in 2012 than any year on record. that's according to data from aaa. the national average price for
5:47 pm
the year was $3.60 a gallon. that is a significant jump from the previous record of $3.51 set in 2011. factors like major hurricanes, refinery outages, and tension in the middle east all helped keep prices at the pump high. in the bay area, the price at the pump today breaks down like this. drivers in oakland are paying $3.54 a gallon for regular. in san jose the price is about the same at $3.55. in san francisco drivers are paying the most at $3.64 a gallon. today was the last regular day for san francisco's exploratorium. that iconic sigh ons museum going to close for three-and-a- half months to make a move. john fowler is live there now with the unique way that educators will continue the science experience. john. >> reporter: they locked the doors a few minutes ago here at the palace of fine arts. thousands turned out to say thank you and see you later.
5:48 pm
people came from all over the country and around the bay. the wongs from san jose are regulars. >> so i son loved this place. it's a lot of things for him to play hands on. he got to learn a lot of things. >> reporter: inside, eight-year- old james went right to his favorite. >> these are circles, where you can spin them. they just go around the table. >> reporter: the exploratorium closes here tomorrow. >> try it one more time. >> reporter: it's pioneered interactive science 43 years ago, the idea even more crucial today. >> it was actually boring in school, but when you come here, you get to do it, and it's like, oh, you know this is fun so when you grow up, you remember it. >> reporter: the exploratorium has offered hands-on science experiments to millions of young people and also trained 6400 teachers to be science teachers. >> we decided to come and
5:49 pm
explore the exploratorium while it was still in its original location. >> reporter: her daughter, six- year-old kelsey, discovered today how a vacuum can freeze water. >> it just creates ice. >> reporter: so it's not imagine snake. >> no, it's not magic. >> reporter: it's science. >> yeah. >> reporter: the exploratorium moves to a much larger space at pier 15. until then, educators will tweet where they will hold pop- up science exhibits. >> i just got back from miami, and i'm really excited. i got to come here one last tame before it moves. >> reporter: the exploratorium has a new year's present for you. it will be free admission all day tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, john fowler, ktvu channel two news. people who live in martinez are concerned about the pending closure of the shell avenue fair station, and if you are concerned, you can have your voice heard at an upcoming meeting. contra costa fire chief darrell
5:50 pm
louder is expected to attend a meeting on january 10th. it is being held at martinez high school located at 1600 cord street at 6:30 in the inc. county supervisors voted unanimously to close the station last month after voters rejected measure q which would have temporarily raised property taxes. after the extreme cold we felt overnight and we're about to feel, i think, rosemary, we are ready for a warm-up. >> oh, i agree. it is going to be another chilly night, especially for folks who work outdoors. do you own a pair of thermals? you just may need them. right now we're looking at temperatures already beginning to fall back. the sunset a little while ago. these were the afternoon highs for today. widespread 50s, low to mid-50s, but some areas like napa, concord, livermore already slipping back to the mid to upper 40s. a look at satellite radar. we've add moisture starved system ride down the coast today. that kicked up the winds in some areas. you can see it right now off the southern california coastline, right about point
5:51 pm
conception. that is going to continue. but behind it and in its wake, very cold air, and calm conditions. this system back here is going to be butting up against a ridge of high pressure that we have over the state. that is going to actually shield us from that wet weather, at least for the time being. so for your wednesday we we will be mostly clear. because of the clear skies we're going to be cold. any heat we're feeling now already beginning to escape with the calm conditions, nothing to help physically mix out that cold and warm air as we get into the evening hours, and the cold air will sink below that warm air, creating sort of an inversion, a lid over the atmosphere, and that will bring a spare the air day once again for tomorrow. so again in the fire play, no burning that wood, the fire logs, the pellets. freeze and frost advisories moving into place tonight and will last until tomorrow morning. for the north bay, mid to upper 20s expected for the valley floor as well as the hills below 1,000 feet. and the frost advisory is for the bay area as well as the santa clara valley. widespread low to mid-30s expected for you tomorrow morning. here is a look at what i expect
5:52 pm
will you have. 33 in san rafael. 38 for heyward, 32 in fremont, 29 degrees in livermore, 30 degrees in napa, 29 in santa rosa. that means your plants, your pets, your pipes may be in trouble. take it easy. maybe get out there and check on them tomorrow morning. forecasted highs for tomorrow a lot like today. low to mid-50s. good lacking day. just chilly, chilly mornings. then as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures will warm slightly. it's not a huge warm-up, but enough to bring up those temperatures just a bit and hopefully avoid those advisories for tomorrow night. >> we'll take what we can get. hugh hefner has gotten married again. this time to playmate crystal harris. the 86-year-old founder of playboy tied the knot on new year's eve. you can see the couple here. if by chance you have been following this story, you may recall that the 26-year-old bride called off earlier wedding plans in to 11 just
5:53 pm
days before they were supposed to get married. 150 years since president lincoln freed the slaves. his famous words are now emblazoned on a u.s. postage stamp. the special commemoration of the emancipation proclamation. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
5:54 pm
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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new year's eve turned deadly in the ivory coast. at least 60 people, mostly women and children, were
5:56 pm
crushed to death in a stampede. hundreds more were hurt. this is video from state tv in the african country. the people were crushed as the crowd rushed to go home on a narrow street after a fireworks display ended. economy and politics, the themes of north korean leader's first television speech. he called to an end of the confrontation between north and south korea. the speech was a break from the approach of his father who never made televised addresses during his 17 years in power. 150 years ago today america changed forever with the signing of the emancipation proclamation. and to mark the anniversary the u.s. postal service unveiled this new stamp. it feesms the most famous words from the proclamation.
5:57 pm
the new stamp is also a forever stamp. president abraham lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation on january 1st, 1863, declaring the slaves in the south forever free. many joined the union army and helped the north defeat the southern con fedder rase see. the ink has faded but the proke clam makes clear, no american can own another. president obama has an early copy with lincoln's signature hanging in the oval office. he posted his thoughts about this important day on his facebook page saying, "president lincoln knew in these united states no dream could be beyond our reach when we affirm that individual liberty is served, not negatedded, by seeking the common good." a bay area neighborhood growing more concerned about an increase in the number of break-
5:58 pm
ins. what the victims are now planning to do about that. and san francisco's new year's celebration is marred by gun violence. a child is among three shooting victims. we'll have the latest on the investigation and the search for suspects.
5:59 pm
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