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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the streets of san francisco as police say a man trying to get away from officers claims innocent lives. >> and the start of the new year turns deadly on a bay area beach as a man and woman walking their dog are pulled into the chilly surf. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. burglars hit an anti-okay woman's house not once but twice in one month. only on 2, eric rasmussen joins us to tell us what that woman is doing to try to stop the crimes. >> reporter: julie this woman says her street is averaging a burglary a week. so now she is lobbying her neighbors, city, county leaders to consider adding private patrols, to have some volunteer patrols in the neighborhood, even possibly relocating the path of this trail that runs directly behind some of the houses that have been
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burglarized. >> they came in through here, they left fingerprints all over here. >> reporter: christine showed us how burglars got inside her home in antioch, emptying drawers, trashing her bedroom, and stealing priceless family jewelry from europe. >> you feel extremely violated. >> reporter: she and her husband added an alarm system but one month later the burglars returned, kicking in these french doors. >> we left at 10:40, they were breaking in at 12:14. so what does that tell me? that tells me that someone is watching the house, they know when we leave. >> reporter: fortunately someone else was watching. this surveillance video helped catch three suspects, but she says a closer look at crime stats in her neighborhood revealed a troubling trend. >> just in one month in december, on our street, we've had i would say one burglary every week. once a week there's a burglary. >> reporter: now she is
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launching an e-mail campaign asking city and county leaders to do something about it. she is also reaching out to neighbors on-line and in person, and many seem ready to join her fight. >> it's hitting everybody. it's all over the place. >> reporter: in both of her cases she says police did respond quickly, and antioch recently has added officers but she thinks that's only part of the solution. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a trip to the beach turned deadly for a couple walking their dog at point reyes national seashore. the u.s. coast guard and marin county fire crews recovered the body of a 59-year-old man from the water. marin fire tells us the husband and wife were swept into the water this afternoon. people helped the woman to shore but the man was pulled out to sea bey the strong waves. a helicopter and lifeboat searched for the man for hours before recovering his body just before nightfall. a vote is set to take place tonight in the u.s. house on a deal to save the government
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from its plummet off its fiscal cliff. ktvu's scott mcfarlane is in our washington, d.c. bureau with late details. scott. >> reporter: yeah, if this bill this 150-page bill, is approved by the u.s. house, it is poised to be law, and a tax hike is averted for nearly everyone who earns less than $450,000 a year. but at this moment, passage of the bill is not guaranteed. they won't let our cameras inside the room in the basement of the capitol but we've watched u.s. house republicans parade in and out of meetings all night. so many of them protesting this last-minute bill to avert an economic calamity. >> the bill is a complete disaster. it raises taxes and raises spending. i'm not sure how that comes to be called a balanced approach. >> reporter: the deal brokered by the vice president averts an historic hike of your income tax. but on the house floor and behind closed doors republicans say the plan would raise america's already high national
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debt. we're taking up a bill that will not do anything to cut spending. >> reporter: deal extends unemployment benefits to out of work americans. it also protects tax deductions for teachers who buy their own supplies. it keeps money for diabetes treatment and for coal mine safety. house democrats say there are enough votes to pass this compromise. >> up until now our speaker has he said when the senate acts, we will have a vote in the house. that is what he said. that is what we expect. that is what the american people deserve. >> from our reporting most if not all bay area democrats will vote yes in this bill tonight. both california senators did the same. if it is not passed, if there is a twist at the last moment, be aware, come thursday congress must start from square one and those tax hikes already took effect this morning. live in d.c., scott mcfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the vote in the house is set for tonight, add it comes after a day of intense debate. our consumer editor, tom vacar,
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is in the newsroom with more on this fast moving story and tells us what it all means for americans. >> reporter: i spent the entire day listening to what's going on in the house which is expected to vote on and very likely pass. the bill was reached in the wee hours of this morning. the senate's fiscal cliff deal raises taxes on those making more than 400,000 a year. social security taxes will go up for everyone. capital gains and estate taxes will go up but spending cuts will be delayed for a couple months. nonetheless, as debates and meetings dragged on everyone we met at this diner said they would believe when it they see it. >> they don't care what's happening to the people that they represent. >> they not only have known about it, they created it. it's ridiculous, and they're totally disfunctional. the deal isn't very good anyhow. >> i think politicians are acting like politicians, and they need to act like responsible legislators.
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>> i really see from the both sides. i think we have to find a way out of our debt. >> i think it's just another chapter in our ongoing problem. that's how i feel about it. >> reporter: within two months uncle sam will again have reached the debt limit. alternative sources will have been exhausted so the government won't be able to pay all its bills, likely lowering the nation's credit rating again, having an adverse impact on financial mark. >> the debt ceiling has to be increased at some point. >> reporter: assuming no more glitches the vote on the senate deal, now seen as likely to pass, and it should come in minutes, but huge fights on the debt ceiling and spending cuts begin tomorrow and will last for many more months to come. tom vacar, ktvu k4578 two news. good evening to you. we are bracing for the big chill once again tonight. tonight's temperatures will be
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even colder than what we felt the last night. right now 39 degrees lirnd fairfield. the sunset just an hour ago. 43 in livermore, low 50s in san francisco. i want to take intiew the evening hours. by 11, mid-30s to near 40 degrees expected around the bay area and our inland areas as we get into tomorrow morning those pocket of white indicating 20s in the forecast. at 11:00 this evening, we are expecting a frost advisory for parts of the bay, a freeze warning for the north bay. and this is what i expect we will see tomorrow morning. in santa rosa upper 20s. petaluma 27 as well as fairfield. 32 in redwood city. 34 degrees in san jose. your advisories for tonight, the freeze warning is for the north bay valleys and hills below 1,000 feet. the frost advisory for the bay area, not san francisco, but bayside communities and the santa clara valley. when i come back i will show you how cold expect it will get
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in your area, and we have a spare the air alert for tomorrow as well. it attract tens of thousands of people every new year's eve but last night the celebration erupted in gunfire near the embarcadero. >> reporter: this gunfire rang out in two separate locations. this is one of those locations on the embarcadero outside of pier 23. this is where a child was hit, along with an adult who was standing nearby. for most of the thousands of people watching the fireworks along the embarcadero last night it was a good time. >> everybody seemed to be having fun, the fireworks were awesome. >> reporter: but along with the explosions overhead, there was gunfire in the streets, and three people shot. >> we didn't hear anything about it, no. >> reporter: crime tape marks the scene of where shots were fired in or near what was a thick crowd last night outside pier 23. >> a little boy, 12 years old, was hit in the foot, and
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another person was grazed. >> reporter: the chief says the suspect fled the scene. >> and then there was another shooting at fisher mans whrarve where a victim was hit in the hand. >> reporter: shots fired near this mcdonald's, bullet holes can be seen above the restaurant's facade. in this case, the suspect also fled and got away. two shootings, three victims, including a child, all in a night of celebration. >> scary, really. you come here to be safe. you should be able to take your family out and not to have worry about stuff like that. >> reporter: all of the injuries were non life threatening, and there is no indication what led to the gunfire. the only description made available bey san francisco police was that of the shooter and the fisherman's wharf incident. the only description they have is that it was an adult male. obviously police are seeking the public's help. in san francisco, ken
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pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police say they only made a handful of arrests last night on new year's eve along the embarcadero. 10 people were arrested. eight for public intoxication, two more taken into custody for unspecified misdemeanors. in sacramento two people were killed in a shoot-out at a sports bar. police say an employee at the sports corner on second street in old sac tried to break up a fate, and that's when a 22-year- old man pulled out a gun and started shooting. the bar employee and another man were both killed. police say the gunman ran off into a crowd of families who had just finished watching the 9:00 p.m. fireworks show. >> everybody just scattered. everybody just ran towards the big christmas tree, towards the water. scree body was running that way. we just went into one of the stores. >> police say an armed security guard confronted the shooter and the two exchanged gunfire. both were injured. the gunman was taken into custody.
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sacramento city officials had to cancel the midnight fireworks show as a result of that shooting, but just after 8:00 this morning, organizers had to set off the fireworks show, surprising a lot of people who live in the area. the organizers say once the fireworks are set up and ready to be exploded they can't be stored or dismantled. in san jose a naked man waving a samurai sword held police at bay for hours this morning. a ktvu news crew was on the scene when the situation ended about 11:00 this morning. police say three hours earlier officers responded to a report of a man with an assault rifle near kass and easy streets. the man drove off in a white pickup. a few miles away officers spotted that truck on southwest expressway. the man jumped out naked, carrying a large samurai sword with a razor sharp blade. >> his statements when he got out of the vehicle were, "you are going to have to kill me." he stated that several times.
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>> police called in a crisis intervention team and eventually used less than lethal force to subdue him. officers say the sb will face charges of brandishing a weapon when he is released from the hospital. four years ago today a bart police officer shot and killed oscar grant, and today his family gathered at the bart station where it happened to keep his memory alive. about 200 people came to remember oscar grant whose death sparked a furor that still lives on thanks in part to witnesses who videotaped what happened. grant was lying on the platform when officer johannes mehserle shot him in the back. he said later he thought he was firing his taser, not his gun. >> the loss is undescribable. it doesn't matter if it was today or 10 years ago, it's still your child, and it still hurts. >> grant's relatives are upset that mehserle served less than one year of a two-year sentence
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and that he served it in county jail. we got a chance to meet one of the first bay area babies born in the new year. this is little kendall. she was supposed to be born in february. her mom, kristina, says doctors at the hospital in berkeley planned to induce labor next week. instead, at the stroke of midnight, little kendall made her appearance at 4 pounds, 9 ounces. >> today is a really happy day, and the next best day will be when i get to take her home. that will be one of the best days ever. >> kendall is the family's fourth child, joining two older brothers and a big sister. police just released new information about a deadly crash involving a speeding car that slammed into a san francisco store j. and how does this year stack up to last year when it comes to dui arrests in the holiday season? we will break down the numbers next.
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new information now. we have just learned the identity of a man who was struck and killed in san francisco while walking to a store. investigators say he was an innocent victim killed by a driver who was trying to get away from police. ktvu's david stevenson is here now to tell us that man was not the only innocent victim in this case. david. >> reporter: frank, as you said, just under an hour ago we learned the identity of one of the two victims killed when they were hit by a car. the medical examiner says the pedestrian struck and killed here was 26-year-old francisco gutierrez of san francisco. police say it all began when a fleeing suspect struck a car in this intersection sending it skidding directly into the doorway of the liquor store you just saw. this is what it looked like just after 8:00 a.m. this morning at 21st street and south van necessary avenue. police say they pulled over a black chevy on suspicions that the driver had fared a gun at a
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nearby public housing complex. investigators say a driver fled two blocks and hit a white toyota sedan, killing a female passenger in her mid-20s. the toyota hit and killed a pedestrian as well before smashing into the entrance of this liquor store. surveillance video from inside the store shows the toyota breaking through the front door. police say the suspect is known to gang task force investigators. they also say they found a gun in his car. >> he is now responsible for the deaths of at least two people, the third in life threatening condition. >> less than a minute, half a minute from that door. told him to go by a lottery ticket. it's one of your luckiest days. >> the suspect in this case is in the hospital. the driver of the car he allegedly struck is in life threatening condition. the female victim killed in the car crash has not yet been officially identified. reporting live in san
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francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the number of new year's dui arrests is up slightly compared to last year while the number of fatal collisions is down. the california highway patrol says officers arrested 1273 drivers for driving under the influence. in the bay area the chp arrested 208 people for dui, and there was one fatal collision. last year the number of arrests was the same and there were a total of three fatal collisions. after 43 years at the palace of fin arts san frass cisco's exploratorium is temporarily closing its doors. tomorrow is the last day for the science museum at its location at the palace of feign arts. it will be moving now to a much larger spies at pier 15 in mid- april. until then educators will tweet where they will hold pop-up science exhibits. visitors say the exploratorium makes learning science fun.
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>> it was actually boring in school, but when you come here, you get to do it and it's like this is fun. so when you grow up, you remember it. >> tomorrow admission will be free for everyone who wants to visit the exploratorium one last time at its original location. the road that leads to lamenteur beach is closed. police say a cull voter failed. as you can see, a large section of the road buckled. officials say all of the park's facilities or trails are opened, but the beach and the hospital tell -- hostel will not be available. a group of people celebrated new year's day with a swim. they almost made it look like summer for just a moment, but their polar bear plunge turned into a quick exodus from the frigid pacific ocean. the man who organized the plunge said he surfs ocean
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beach often so he knew what he was getting into. and the frosty, freezing conditions around the bay area will return into the evening hours. tonight's temperatures even colder than what we felt last night, and we do have advisories to talk about. giving awe look at storm tracker 2, that system that dropped out of oregon and sort of rode the coast earlier today now over point conception, that is going to leave in its wake very cold air and calming conditions, those winds beginning to lighten up. napa reporting a 9 miles per hour breeze, oakland 9, s f oh 10, mountain view 8 w. the chilly temperatures already being felt, any little bit of wind will actually trigger that windchill. so 45 in napa but with a light breeze it probably feels more like 39. 45 in concord, 44 in livermore, widespread 40s to near 50 in
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and around san francisco. oakland, san jose reporting 49. this is just the beginning. sunset just an hour ago. we will continue to cool into the overnight hours. patchy frost expected tonight. freezing temperatures. by 11:00 or so i expect mid-30s to near 40 degrees around the bay area. mostly sunny for tomorrow. we do have the frost advisory as well as the freeze warning for parts of the bay area until about 9:00. the afternoon, widespread 50s. we do have a spare the air day again for tomorrow. the our extended forecast going to be mainly dry. with the conditions in place, the clear skies, the very cold weather right at the surface, we get that inversion right over, and the warmer air on top of the colder air contributes to the poor air quality. so especially for the north bay counties as well as the santa clara county area but the spare the air alert for everybody. overnight lows tomorrow morning as we start our day, it is going to be a cold one in santa rosa. 29 for you. 32 in fremont, 32 for redwood
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city. san francisco not part of the advisory. 41 for you. afternoon highs tomorrow a lot like today. 53 in berkeley, 53 for san francisco. 55 san jose. 56 expected morgan hill. the extended forecast, tonight should be the coldest night with the advisories in place. bey tomorrow slightly warmer. thursday looking a little better. we do remain dry, overnight lows not as cold. >> good deal. >> bundle up time. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, anytime now the house is expected to vote on emergency legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff. we'll have a live update from our washington bureau. also -- >> reporter: san frances can he's minimum wage went up today. we'll tell you how much and what it means for workers and businesses. >> join us at 7:00 on tv 36. the rose bowl is history. it was a thrilling match-up
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between the stanford cardinal and the wisconsin badgers. the play that nailed the win in the final minute.
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mark is here now with
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sports. stanford loses andrew luck, yet comes back to win the rose bowl. >> they go out and win the conference title, and now the rose bowl. as a matter of fact, they've won seven in a row now. stanford looking pretty good. you can definitely say they've got a big-time program, big- time alum. first two possessions, the cardinal score. the fake to taylor. give it to the kelsey young. he's rambling. a quick 7-0 lead over wisconsin. later, kevin hogan gunning for zach, favorite receiver. he makes a great catch. 43 yards, down to the 1 where they scored shortly after on a taylor run. but bogged down offensively for stanford. wisconsin picked off, and that puts it away, and stanford able to run out the clock with a
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nice drive. three straight bcs bowl appearances for the cardinal. their first rose bowl win since 197 2. 12 wins, two losses. our fred inglis is in pasadena and will have a live report come 10:00. meantime some other bowl game activity, like the outback. check this out. sophomore clowny forcing the fumble here. look at that hit of vincent smith. a loss of eight yards. with under 20 seconds left, thompson to bruce ellington, 32- yard touchdown. in the final seconds, a 32-28 victory for south carolina over michigan. take you to the capital one bowl. quarterback aaron murray dropping a short one. chris connelly gone, 87-yard sprint to the zone. murray finished with 427 yards passing and five touchdowns to help georgia take care of the
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capital one bowl, and billy cundiff has been signed as a place kicker by the 49ers, but they have not waived david akers. he's on to give him a little competition. if you follow the 49ers, you know they have trouble at place kicker now going into the playoffs. as we mentioned the house is expected to vote soon on the plan to avert the fiscal cliff. we are staying on it here and in washington. we'll break it down tonight at 10:00, and if it breaks before 10, you can find the information on >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. look at you g
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