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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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you are looking live at the u.s. capital where the impasse over taxes is finally over. the house voted at 11:00 p.m. washington time and approved a deal averting the dreaded fiscal cliff. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the fiscal cliff is now a done deal. the president spoke 20 minutes later. >> a central premise of my campaign for president was to change the tax code that was too skewed toward the wealthy at the expense of working
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middle class americans. tonight we've done that. >> reporter: and tonight taxes on the wealthiest americans are going up. but in the end, neither democrats nor republicans got all of what they wanted. ktvu's jana katsuyama here now to show us how the compromise finally emerged. >> frank, the house finished voting on the fiscal cliff agreement just about two hours ago and has passed the senate version without any changes. let me show you the numbers, 257 yes votes and 167 no votes. after what turned out to be a bitter battle. >> the motion is adopted without objection. >> reporter: the vote came after a day of high drama and political power plays. pressure was on the republican controlled house to pass the bill or chance bearing the blame for tax cuts and spending cuts that could send the nation back into a special session.
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in a vote of 89-8. >> reporter: the gop while upset the bill didn't spend more spending cuts finally cuts -- finally gave up on an amendment. >> reconciling our differences was a monumental tasks especially with the time growing short. >> reporter: the bill includes an extension for all taxpayers making less than 400,000 for individuals or $450,000 for couples. and postponed $24 million in spending cuts. some republicans balked at the bill. >> in reigning in these deficits which any american will tell you is unsustainable. this must be done in 2013. >> reporter: new members of congress are set to be sworn in on thursday and they will be
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the ones facing the next battle as they face the next battle in the next few months. stock markets in asian are the first to react to the fiscal cliff deal and global investors are apparently relieved. markets in japan, shanghai and australia had positive gains. and we are more on this fiscal tax hike on our website,. a high speed crash claimed two innocent lives outside of a liquor store in san francisco this morning. david stevenson told us the driver being blamed for that wreck is familiar to san francisco police. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows the deadly impact this morning. >> obviously this is an unbelievable tragedy. >> reporter: police say it
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began with reports of shots fired at a housing complex. police pulled over this chevy. >> the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections colliding with the white vehicle. skid marks show where the white toyota crashed smashing into this liquor store. >> as the vehicle was thrown against the store there was also a mid-20-year-old male pedestrian walking into the store. he was also pronounced dead at the scene. >> surveillance video shows the toyota destroying the shop's front door. >> the driver i think he was in his 20s. he was kind of shocking or he couldn't talk. >> reporter: the passenger in that vehicle a female in her mid-20s was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver is in life threatening condition. >> reporter: the suspect in the case is in the hospital. police say a gun was found in his car and that he is known to
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gang task force investigators. >> he is now responsible for the deaths of at least three people, the third in life threatening condition. >> reporter: police identified the victim as francisco gutierrez. the female victim has not yet been officially identified. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu just obtained this video of the suspects arrest as you can see there officers moved toward the suspect's car with their guns drawn. they were able to get him to the ground and a neck brace was put on the suspect before he was taken to the hospital. police say they are now reviewing several videos taken of the crash and the aftermath. now to solano county where the chp is trying to determine what caused a head on collision that killed four people on highway 12 east of rio vista. investors say a hyundai elantra crashed head on about 9:15 last
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night. two women and a man from fairfield were in a hyundai. a 42-year-old man from tracy was in the toyota. all of them were killed. at this point their names have not yet been released. san francisco police say three people were hurt in two separate shootings just before last night's fireworks display along the embarcadero. >> you should be able to take your family out and not be worried about stuff like that. >> crime tape shows where shots were fired. a 12-year-old boy was hit in the foot and another person was grazed. an hour earlier a person was hit in the hand by gunfire. you can see a bullet shattered a window at mcdonalds. in both cases a gunman got away. coming up in 25 minutes we will get a live report from san francisco where two people were fatally shot during new year's eve festives there. tragedy struck this new
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year's day when a 59-year-old man was swept out to sea and drowned while walking with his dog in marin county. the couple was walking in the point ray's national seashore when the waves swept them and their dogs into the water. an extensive search was launched to try to save the man. the coast guard finally located his body around 4:00 this afternoon. rescue crews say dennis kline parked near the top of the mountain with plans to hike down to stinson beach. a few hours later he called 911 says he was near a creek, injured and disoriented. responders later lost contact with him so they launched 67
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67 searchers and finally located kline this morning. >> very fortunate that i'm told he's in good and fair condition. >> reporter: heavy terrain hampered efforts to reach kline by helicopter so rescuers carried him to safety which ended uptaken several hours. mourners in new delhi held a special vigil and scattered her ashes into the ocean. people in fremont are hopeful that the plight of that woman can be a catalyst for change. >> reporter: we watched as thousands of people came here tonight to the fremont hindu temple for new year's eve events. and also took part for the
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candlelight vigil for the woman recently raped and killed in dehli. at the fremont hindu temple it was a more somber night where prayers were said for the recently raped and killed woman in india. >> it's a solidarity. violence should never been tolerated. it should never be excused, it should never be tolerated. >> reporter: dozens came out. the message for organizers said this was not just for india but for equality all over the boy. >> they are a human first and that's what we have to stand for. >> i think finally they had enough and they want to stand up against that. the candlelight vigil is to show respect for all women. >> reporter: fremont has one of the largest indian populations
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in california and many are still connected to the country. but people say they do not feel safe when they visit. >> i rather be here in a safe environment than go back to india. >> reporter: thousands of people in india have held vigils and prayers meetings. politicians are calling for new laws to increase punishment for rapists. this was a day of rejoices in san francisco as community groups gather to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the emancipation as well as kwanza. the village arts commission put together the celebration.
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they paid tribute to pioneering african americans. >> harriett tubman, nat turner. >> reporter: one organizers said today's event was meant to bring the community together at a tile when violence is plaguing their neighborhood. a rash of crimes has a neighborhood on edge. >> that tells me somebody is watching the house, they know when we leave. see how stanford fans celebrated a huge win in the rose bowl. >> it's going to be different but it's going to help. >> and san francisco's minimum wage goes up as of today. will it hurt business or help the bay area economy?
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a water main break is causing sop problems in concord tonight -- some problems tonight. the water district says no one has lost water service. crews were called to the area around 5:45 this evening but we are told they had to obtain permits to dig and didn't start working on repairs there until an hour ago. one burglary a week. that's what a woman in antioch says her street is averaging and now she's she's launching a campaign to do something about it. she talked to eric rasmussen after her house was hit twice in a month. >> they came in through here. they left fingerprints all over here. >> reporter: christine moralez shows us how burglars got into
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her home, trashes her bedroom and stealing priceless family jewelry from europe. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: her husband added a security system but a month later they broke in again. >> we left at 12:00, they were breaking in at 12:15. that's telling me that someone is watching when we leave and breaking in. >> reporter: thankfully someone else was watching too. this surveillance video caught the men. >> just in one month in december on our street we've had i would say one burglary every week. once a week there's a burglary. >> reporter: now she's launching an e-mail campaign asking city and county leaders to do something about it. she's also reaching out to neighbors online and in person and many seem ready to join her
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fight. >> it's everybody. not just us it's all over the place. >> reporter: among her idea, morales is asking for volunteer patrols even the possibility of rerouting this trail that runs behind some of the houses that have been burglarized. a live report from santa rosa where burglars targeted a school for special needs children. what the burglars got away with and their unusual tactics. the stanford cardinals football team is smelling like roses tonight after they defeated wisconsin to win the rose bowl in pasadena. it's the bowl game that many called the granddaddy of them all. it's the first time stanford has won it since 1972. it was a nail biting for a while today but the cardinal hung on. the final score was 20-14. we'll have all the highlights coming up a little later in sports and go live to pasadena for interviews with the winners. and needless to say,
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stanford fans savored the win in restaurants, bars and all over. >> yes, oh my god. it's been a long time coming. >> it was a full house of fans that showed up to watch. some say the game was a little too close for comfort. but supporters believe stanford's rose bowl win is a great way to begin. an air force b2 stealth bomber made a fly by just ahead of the defense department's first float ever for the state. it commemorated the 50th anniversary of the korean war. which is often called the forgotten war. there was a heartwarming
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moment as in an arranged moment he climbed off a float and walked toward his wife and son. as ktvu's cara lui learned 30-cents an hour can make a big difference. >> reporter: at lefty o' doules workers welcomed the rise. >> it's not going to be a difference but this is going to help. >> for the toll plaza, you know a little extra to help us. that's really good. >> reporter: lisa sanchez a patron who tends bar at a different restaurant agreed. >> it could be like a bill over the month. that's a bill. that's my pg & e. that's my you know part of my cable bill.
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it does for sure. >> it makes the staff happier. it's going to be more difficult to meet our costs but it will help. >> reporter: others including labor expert harley shaiken says other wise. >> other things that aren't looked at attracting a higher quality of worker are all benefits in the bay area because there's more purchasing power in the economy. because the working poor spend every penny. >> reporter: the rise is tied to local inflation rate. for full time workers the increase is $12 more a week. in san francisco, cara liu. the bay area's ban on wood burning has been extended through tomorrow. the bay area air quality management district issued a second spare the air alert for tomorrow. that means no burning wood, fire logs or any other solid
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fuel both indoors or outdoors. we are ringing in the new year with chilly temperatures. widespread mid-30s to mid-40s outside our door right now. half-moon bay 50 degrees but that's in isolated areas. sfo47. 39 in concord and some of the chillier spots, livermore checking in at 45. as we head to the north bay 35 santa rosa. 36 in novato. as we head into tomorrow morning these pockets of white indicating 20s. so there is a freeze warning in place for the north bay. the valley locations and hills below 1,000 feet and the shade here you see is around the bay. bay side communities will slip into the 30s. so there's a frost advise -- advisory here. it will last until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. once we thaw out we have a nice
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looking day. we have another spare the air day in store. i will bring you the numbers ahead and have a sneak peak at the numbers. the bay area parks a somber anniversary. >> crowds gather at the fruitvale station to remember what happened four years ago today. the family of oscar grant speaks out. and a bizarre stand off in the south bay involving a naked man. the unusual weapon that had officers on alert.
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the police shooting of b.a.r.t. passengeroscar grant is being remembered tonight by many people around the bay area. rob roth attended a vigil at oakland's fruitvale station in this fourth anniversary of the shooting of the unarmed man. >> reporter: dozens of people
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gathered to remember oscar grant. >> if they did not video tape what was happening on that platform. like i said none of us would know who oscar grant is. >> reporter: for grant's mother even four years later the pain of losing her son is still unbearable. >> it doesn't matter if it was a year ago or five years ago, it's still your child and it still hurts. >> reporter: police were responding to reports of a fight when officers detained b.a.r.t. mehserle shot him in the back. >> and he didn't even have to go to prison not one day. he went to jail. you know or protective custody. >> reporter: the larger message today was a call to stop what
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they see as racial profiling which too often ends up with police officers shooting suspects. >> if they can shoot him they can shoot anybody. >> reporter: the family says they've been invited to the sun dance film festival later this month to view a film based on oscar grant. rob roth, ktvu. the number of people arrested statewide for driving under the influence over the new year's holiday was about the same as it was last year. during the holiday weekend last friday through today, officers arrested 1,273 drivers for dui. that's just three more arrests compared to last year. in the bay area, the chp arrested 208 people for dui and there was one fatal collision. last year there were also 208 arrests in the bay area but there were three fatal crashes. a stand off involving a
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naked man with a samurai sword ended peacefully today but not without some drama. he took off in a pickup truck and police followed. he then emerged naked with a sword. >> statements when he got out of the vehicle were you're going to have to kill me, to use his words. he stated that several times. >> reporter: if stand off lasted two hours before police apprehended that man identified as 29-year-old charles bennett. authorities say he has some sort of mental illness and was taken to the hospital. he will be charged with carrying a weapon. 2012 is going into the record books as a record year for gas prices. the average price for a gallonover gas was higher in 2012 than ever before. nationwide the average price for the year was $3.60 a gallon. that's up from the previous high of $3.51 a gallon in 2011. factors such as major hurricanes, refinery outages
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and tension in the middle east all helped fuel the pump price -- the price at the pump last year. san jose the price is 3.55, and in san francisco drivers are paying the most at $3.64 a gallon. pg & e customers are going to see changes in their next utility bills. pg & e says e lek -- electric rates are going up. that will help cover costs of clean renewable energy mandated by the state. meantime gas bills should be going down about 5.3% this month but pg & e says next month they will bounce back about 2% to help cover pipeline improvement expenses. coming up, burglars target a school in the north bay. >> and it's a school that fills a special need. we'll show you the heights the burglar went to and what he got away with.
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also, a terrifying scene in sacramento as two people are killed in a crowded bar. tonight why a friend of the 22- year-old suspect is so surprised about what happened.
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a small school for special needs students in the north bay has suffered a big loss after it was burglarized over the holiday break. ktvu's debora villalon is in san jose with how new horizons is looking to come back. >> this window was open and everything was unhooked. >> reporter: this is how the burglar left, with computers and crash. >> things were all open like
10:31 pm
they had been looking in through the cubert. new horizon serves 20 teenagers with disabilities. >> it probably saved my life honestly. these are people i care about, they're my family and i love them. >> stepped in here and came in. >> reporter: teachers wonder how the burglars knew to come in through the top floor then disabled motion detectors like they knew the place. >> it's disquieting that it could be somebody in the family because we do look at this place like a family. >> hard to keep your head above water and something like this happens and you wonder why you are doing it. >> reporter: this 30 year
10:32 pm
school will survive. struggling short term. >> i just broke out in tears. this has been devastating. >> reporter: parents say the computers had software for students with dyslexia or speech disorders. >> these are kids who don't have laptops, who do not have i pads. they often come from very difficult situations and they are only, they are only hands on time will be here. >> reporter: and this is the type of vehicle stolen. a 2003 gold mini van a honda odyssey used for student activities. they desperately need it back. we're live in santa rosa, debora villalon. wedding bells helped ring in the new year at the stroke of midnight in the state of maryland. same-sex couples now have the right to legally get married and some couples wasted no time in rushing to the altar. >> i'm very happy. this is as happy as i've ever been. and be able to spend the rest of my life with bill, legally.
10:33 pm
and, just show the gay community this can be done. >> reporter: maryland is the first state south of the mason dixon line to legalize gay marriage. nine states across the country and the district of columbia have now legalized same-sex marriage. they are connecticut, iowa, maine, maryland, massachusetts, new hampshire, new york, vermont and washington. two other states, rhode island and new mexico honor out of state marriages but do not conduct them in state. pyrotechnicians launched the fireworks from a barge anchored in the bay using
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computerized technology. and just as soon as the celebration ended, clean upstarted. in new york clean up crews had a monster task this morning. crews there estimate they picked up about 50-tons of trash. organizers say they drop a ton of confetti and about 1 million people turned out to celebrate in time square. a 22-year-old man is under arrest in sacramento for shooting inside a bar that left two people dead and prompted the cancellation of sacramento's main fireworks show on new year's eve. we have details on the suspect and what one of the suspect's friends is saying about him. malori huff has the story. >> reporter: people were making their way from old town
10:35 pm
sacramento. a different scene now. a memorial, friends of the victim have been here to remember. as candles at a memorial burn for the victim of the shooting police have identified a suspect. investigators say 22-year-old carlito montoya is at a local hospital where he's being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. joshua shull says he's a good friend of montoya. >> my reaction was shock. they went out to have fun. the only reason that anything would have been pulled out or used was in self-defense. he's not one of the people that would shoot first and ask questions later. >> reporter: now the family of the victim are asking questions. >> have you ever witnessed him behaving violently. >> no, no, he's always been calm. happy, cheerful person. >> reporter: after firing shots inside the restaurant he rushed outside where he was taken into custody. at the time craig and josh were working inside. they would soon find out that two of their friends had been
10:36 pm
shot. one died, the other was seriously injured. >> they're our family. they're close to us and we care about them a lot. >> reporter: before visiting the memorial they visited his friend at the hospital. they say he is suffering through physical and emotional pain. >> he said the surgery hurt more than the bullet. he's a tough guy. >> reporter: they placed a note at the memorial, fittingly they said it's addressed to the sports corner family. >> it's tough for old town sacramento, it's a big family here. >> reporter: police tell us they are still in the process of notifying family members. live in old town sacramento, mallory huff. new at 10:00 a new and unflattering picture is being
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released. raveesh kumra's friends they he was an alcoholic and that he spent money on prostitutes and bought condos for mistresses. police have arrested four people in that case. a threat to pristine waters in alaska. an oil rig is beached on a remote island. what the coast guard has learned about the rig's condition. bring in your pets, the national weather service has issued advisories for the cold outside our door. i will have what you need to know coming up. and new year's celebrations turn tragic as dozens die in a stampede in an african nation. ♪
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island in souther -- southern alaska. right now there's no signs that fuel or the contents aboard have leaked. the rig belongs to shell oil and broke lose yesterday while it was being towed during stormy seas. the crew of 18 has been evacuated. in the african nation of ivory coast at least 60 people died in a stampede. crowds of people were trying to leave a new year's fireworks show through narrow streets. most of the victims were between eight and 15 years old. this was only the second time there were fireworks in the city and they also commemorated the end of political violence. in north korea, leader ung made his first speech. this was the first speech in 19 years. called for an end of the confrontation between north and south korea. he also called for higher living standards for his people and a better economy. but he did not say exactly how he plans to achieve those
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goals. an in france, armed robbers entered apple's flag ship store in paris during new year's sell pwraeugs when police were busy keeping tabs on people out partying -- celebrations when police were busy keeping tabs on people out partying. police said there were four robbers wearing masks and carrying weapons and that they were well prepared. california's new homeowner bill of rights went into effect today giving people facing foreclosure more tips to keep their home. they include an ability to sue lender. it also prohibits dual tracking. according to realty track u.s. foreclosure starts reached a 71 month low in november. several other new laws also took effect today in california. one requires school employees who are in regular contact with
10:42 pm
children to report suspected child sexual abuse. another bars hunters from using hounds to track bob cats and bears. and gun rights advocates cannot carry rifles and shotguns in public to protest gun control laws. this thursday the traumatized students in newtown connecticut are scheduled to return to class but they won't be going back to the same school building in newtown where 20 children and six adults were gunned down last month. instead their classrooms are being recreated in a vacant middle school about 6 miles away. some families have already seen the new classrooms. tomorrow there will also be an open house. a lot of people make them but the trick is keeping new year's resolutions. >> we'll tell you how to make good new year's resolutions and how the experts say you can stick with it. >> and it is another chilly night here in the bay area. our meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us how long this cold snap is expected to last.
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that's the pitter patter of feet running into the cold ocean today. it was followed by a brisk walk back to the comfort of clothes. doesens of people celebrated the new year into the cold water. one man says he surfing ocean beach often and knew it was going to be cold. we caught up with one woman as she searched for black eyed peas at an oakland supermarket. she says it was a tradition in the south and her family likes to have black peas on the table because they bring prosperity. and she found one can. >> i looked for bags they don't
10:46 pm
have them in the freezer and this is the last, the last hope. >> reporter: at a near by restaurant, the new year's favorite menudo, the tripe dish is considered to be a cure for hang overs. and christien kafton is in san francisco with a few of the most popular resolutions and some advice to make them stick. >> that's the key making sure you stick with those resolutions. if this is a typical year about 60% of the people who make the resolutions will be sticking with them come july. but that means that about 40% of people actually succeed. experts say that's about 10 times as many success stories than people who just try to break a bad habit without making resolutions. the new year brings new promise that promises to break bad
10:47 pm
habits. among the most common resolutions losing weight or eating better or other healthy decisions. >> mine was to stop smoking. we have a new baby at home so i thought that would help me. >> we actually made one. we are planning to get married soon so we're going to save up this year. we're going to leave the spending. cut down on the spending and save up for our next wedding. and others say they are not giving up making big changes. >> to no procrastinate on home work for college. i feel i procrastinate a lot. >> reporter: experts say the best way to stick to your resolutions is to start small and set specific goals. for example instead of saying you want to save more money, resolve to save $20 a week. experts also say to enlist help, tell friends or family about your resolutions to get support or reminders about your pledge. >> by just writing it down or
10:48 pm
putting it on your mirror. when you wake up in the morning, first thing you see in the mirror is yourself. so just kind of repeat that and follow that. >> reporter: and finally, psychologists say don't be discouraged by minor set backs. most people who succeed in their resolutions have one or more lapses then recommit. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. cold is settling into the bay area and it's going to be a cold cold night. tomorrow morning we wake up in the 20s or 30s. some of us have already sunk into the 30s. a moisture system rolled through california. now over southern california or off the coast. but when it moves through earlier today it kicked up the winds in some area. mostly clear skies. a cool breezy day for parts of the bay area. this system is not going to get us. we have a ridge that is building in over california.
10:49 pm
so it's going to act as a shield and keep us dry at least for the next few days. the winds have lightened up quite a bit to 7 miles per hour reported in oakland. but common mountain view areas of san jose, napa just a very light breeze. with the clearing skies and the calm winds this is going to set up a nice pattern for very cold weather as we get into the evening and overnight hours. 36degrees right now in napa. 47 in san francisco, 51 for half-moon bay. 42 in hayward. so the inland areas sinking back into the 30s. mid-30s, livermore, fairfield, santa rosa. this is where we have the freeze warning it'll start at 11:00. last until 9:00 tomorrow morning for the bay area. our coast bay side as well as the santa clara valley. we have a frost advisory and that will last until about 9:00. for your sensitive plants maybe a good idea to cover them. you will offer up a few degrees of warmth with that cover. mostly clear skies. cool and calm for your
10:50 pm
wednesday. we do have a spare the air day once again. so that to be aware of as you start tomorrow morning. it's going to be a chilly one. but it is illegal to light fire logs in the fireplace as well as the pellets. 29-degree in santa rosa if you work outdoors dress with an extra layer. that will cut right through you. 31 for vallejo, upper 30s for oakland. below freezing for morgan hill. livermore you're checking in at 90 degrees. light today, low to mid-50s in the forecast. 53 for berkeley. down into the south bay 55 for san jose. 54 los gatos. a little change for tomorrow. as we get into thursday and into the weekend a little bit more of a minor air mass in place. not as cold.
10:51 pm
hopefully no more advisory. >> my heating bill is going to be crazy. >> going to be kicking up frank. three babies came into the world here in the bay area all within seconds of the stroke of midnight on new year's eve. at alta base that's kendall magoya. she was born moments after the clock struck 12. and her mother says kendall clearly has a mind of her oáers. >> she wasn't supposed to be here until february 18. she is full of surprises. she decided to come last night. kendall has to remain in infant intensive care for a bit since she did arrive early. the other first babies this year was a baby boy born in antioch and another baby boy born in san jose. we have a live report from fred inglis at the rose bowl just ahead. why tomorrow is a good day to visit one of san francisco's popular attractions.
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san francisco's exploratorium is moving. tomorrow is the last day the museum will be open. for 42 years the exploratorium
10:55 pm
has been located in the marina district. now it's moving to pier 15 along the embarcadero. it is expected to open in mid- april. the exploratorium is offering free admission for everyone tomorrow. mark is here now with sports. what else stanford cardinals. how about that. >> granddaddy of them all as they say. in the postandrew luck era. the program the still looking at life through rose colored glasses. as coach schaub said not always the prettiest team to watch but they know how to finish. ending the season in a seven year high. the exclamation point with tiger. stanford rolling the big step on taylor. give it to kelsey young. scrambling. 7-0 lead. next possession, the freshman kevin hogan will go up top for
10:56 pm
his favorite target. zack urge 23 yards. where taylor carried it in shortly. fourth quarter, stanford up 20- 13 with kirk phillips trying to bring them back but he's picked by omonom. and stanford has the ball and they run up the clock. the first rose bowl victory since 1972. the gatorade bath for schaub. putting a abon the season. and of course everybody has been talking up oregon and usc prior to the pac12 season. and fred inglis has followed the cardinals. >> reporter: this was not exactly a pretty game. this is one that featured 13 punts, 16 of those punts by stanford. but they won the second half with a whopping 3-0 and they held an opponent to 17 or fewer points for the tenth time. coach schaub he understood why
10:57 pm
those schools like usc and stanford and oregon overshad bowed his stanford cardinals. but he's proud of this team that's come back now and won eight in games in a row. they're smart, tough, loyal to each other. and today's rose bowl victory is why guys like linebacker chase thomas didn't enter the nfl draft early and instead came back to play his senior year. >> this is a dream come true right here. everybody dreams of playing in the rose bowl. winning the pac12 championship. it's been amazing. >> it's crazy. it's our goal. it's about being here. and to win it, it means everything. especially being a senior leaving out like this. i love my teammates and the coaches and everybody. >> we're on first but we knew wisconsin was going to adjust. they were well prepared coming into the game. but just shows how good their defense was. >> i've been in a lot of games until where the game doesn't
10:58 pm
epd until the -- doesn't end until the final whistle. >> stanford is on the national scene now. >> we are, we are. >> reporter: coach shaw says he's going to lose a lot of players this year. but he's got a lot of returners who he likes, he's got a lot of great recruits and certainly winning this rose bowl will add more attraction to the program. he says there's no reason why they can't come back and repeat next year. next year is going to be a big one. the 100th rose bowl is the final bcs championship so there you go mark. >> might see you down there again next year, fred. six total bowl games tonight. you will be seeing football in your sleep. but tonight the orange bowl featuring northern illinois. lonnie pryor full back no less. he had five carries, 134 yards. fsu riding him to a 31-10
10:59 pm
victory. and that is pretty much the sporting life for right now. but the 49ers have signed veteran kicker billy cundit for a re placement. >> thanks fret. and thank you for joining us.


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