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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 7, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning january 7th, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores, let's get you started with steve paulson, what do you think? we have some patchy fog not too much but there is more this morning than we have seen. a lot of high clouds coming in, no big deal, mostly sunny after that fog burns off and we have some big changes towards the end of the week, here is sal. good morning, we are looking at some pretty good traffic but i think a lot of people will be back today and we will talk about 80 westbound and traffic looks good as you drive through there. no major problems and also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, with no major delays. let's go back to the desk. a man was stabbed an
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injured in san jose and now police are searching for suspects. janine de la vega is on the scene and tells us what police are saying this morning, jeanine? we are here in front of an apartment complex. now police have left the scene already and what you can see is the shattered glass from the window that was broken in the stabbing. a man who lives in this apartment complex on the drive was in his car when another car pulled up. he broke the victim's window and started to stab him. the 21-year-old was stabbed twice he was rushed to the hospital and is said to have non-life threatening injuries. officers spend time talking to those they found and police say they believe this stabbing is gang related and so far no arrested have been made. right here back to where the
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broken glass is, we are seeing a case of beer and broken alcohol bottles but we are not sure if all of that is related in this stabbing but we do have a call into police and we will have more information if it becomes available. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> in the meantime san jose police are investigating the first homicide of 2013, why one neighbor who called 911 is now worried about her own safety. a man is accused of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. here is more on what the victim's family is saying about the attack, alex? >> reporter: the mother of three is hospitalized this morning with severe burns to her chest and face. police say her boyfriend set her on fire following an argument and this morning he is still on the run. according to san francisco police, police want you to keep
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an eye out for this man. he has a special haircut with a fish design on one side and a lightning bolt on the other side. police say oliver used gas from a cancer at the couple's home and he doused his girlfriend with that gas and set her on fire in the middle of street. they identified her as star lamar. her sister said the couple argued quite a bit but this is still hard to comprehend. >> i still want to know why he did this to my sister and that he should turn himself in and my sister will make a full recovery because she is strong and i know she is strong, she has been through so much. >> the victim's sister said the fight began a few blocks away from the couple's home. the woman wanted to leave their clothes there at the lawn matt
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and the boyfriend did not like that idea. that is when he went home and got the gas. police say at the burn center, she is being treated for life- threatening injuries and right now police continue to search for her boyfriend identified as dexter oliverian he is still on the run after carrying out that -- dexter oliver and he is still on the run after carrying out that attack. no arrests have been made after a shooting of a 16-year- old when she was shot at 10:30 saturday night. across the street from the high school, the girl is in stable condition and police have not said what led to the shooting. they will call for ammunition sales around the state and assembly woman nancy skinner said alcohol and to be to be sales are -- tobacco sales are more closely monitored than guns. they need show identification
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and would ban gun magazines that hold a large number of rounds. eric schmidt is now what is called a private humanitarian mission. they have made several trips to north korea and the trip -- trip to north korea and the trip is being done as well. they headed to marin county with an unusual defense. he was ticketed for driving in the carpool lane alone but he argues he was not alone because he had incorporation papers inside his car. they view corporations as people and they should not have been cited. if the court disagrees he will appeal all the way to the supreme court. the board of governors are meeting this week to end the
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four month lock out. early sunday morning, they said an agreement had been reached and that was welcomed news for hp pavilion who said they suffered with the san jose sharks. >> they said there would only be 48 games instead of 82, whatever it is, so they will take something over nothing, definitely. >> he says there will be a 48 game or 58 game season and training camps could start as early as wednesday. at the end of the lock out, click on the nhl tab. and san francisco 49ers fans we will have a chance to get tickets fort greene bay packers. tickets go on sale via ticketmaster but they are expected to go quickly. they are expected to visit the ticket exchange for additional
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feet. don't forget, you can watch the game right here with us and the fox show premiers at 4:30, the game starts at 5:00. well they are 9ers fans' too. he is checking our traffic. people are going back to work in school this morning. >> you probably would be able to see, right now is a few minutes to go and traffic is moving along well, we are already seeing some people on the road heading out to the east shore freeway with no major problems and no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and it will be more crowded as we get into san francisco. and in caster valley, this is a look at interstate 880 and we are even into the south bay, so far so good, let's go to steve. thank you some fog after the weekend rain, we'll see
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patchy fog and there are reports of it and it will develop between now and 7:00. watch out, depending on where you are, not as cold as five or six days ago, a lot more moisture on the way. temperatures will continue to be on the cool side, sacramento 39, lake tie hoe never been. that will give us partly cloudy skies so it is a dry pattern and a cold system drops in late wednesday and friday. temperatures will plunge but until then, some of that fog and a cold chilly morning with fog lifting slightly and a little breeze. mid-to-upper 50s and a cooler breeze out towards the valley because of that fog.
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50s and 60s in gilroy. colder into friday tell dewars look very cool. >> thanks steve. one man hopes it will help their crime problem. and they hope this will reshape their police force. and an announcement for new secretary of state, why he could face a tough road ahead of him. we have more traffic and weather straight ahead, stay tuned for more. well, well, well.
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. two men charged in connection with the deadly
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shooting of two teenage girls. the two are expected to enter pleas. investigators say powell shot and killed the girl and another girl in september. edwards is being charged as an accessory to murder and he had wards is also charged but they have not released a possible motive. man is charged with killing seven people at oikos university and is charged mentally fit to stand trial. in november one goh oh attorney said he was not competent to stand trial. they are hoping to bring in plans to bring in a former ex- commissioner to reshape their police force but it is coming at a big price. the company is paying him
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$250,000 a month and that's in addition to what they are paying him in his contract. their top priority is also public safety. the three new members is to help with under staffing at the oakland police department. newcomers is for more people to join the staff annan net gibson in an a an afford -- in an affordable housing unit. brennan is currently the homeland security adviser and is a 25 year veteran. president barack obama considered nominating him four years ago but he withdrew his
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name after information came up about things he was uncomfortable with. several republican lawmakers have considered hagel's stand on israel and hamas. >> chuck hagel if confirmed for secretary he of defense would be the most antagonistic for the state of israel in history. >> he served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as the united states senator and he has not had a chance to speak for himself. >> hagel can vote and is aimed at some sanctions and he is replacing leon panetta who is
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stepping down. secretary clinton was released and a was admitted when they followed up on a concussion she suffered in december. she will participate in events for ahmed wali karzai visit on friday. lots of people as we talked about earlier are heading back, let's check in with sal on traffic, good morning sal. good morning, pam, and brian and it looks good so far. we are going to be much whatting a lot later and let move on you can see the golden gate bridge is going well and just be careful as you drive to the toll plaza and they will be going across the bridge in the next half hour. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza which is light and
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no problems on the bridge itself. it is a good start on all the freeways and just a reminder, steve and i are on twitter and if you want to send us tips, go ahead and send us tips. >> it is a very helpful tool. mostly sunny and we will go with high clouds and it looks quiet and a very strong system will drop in on friday. we have not much in the way of breeze and we'll see some patchy fog in the morning. a lot of 30s and i don't know about that 47 in antioch, i think it is cooler than that. san jose is holding at 40 and a little bit cooler than a that. a lot of these clouds will spill out and partly sunny skies to the south and cooler
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to colder especially friday and i think upper 40s for the weekend. higher clouds are spilling over and patchy fog, mostly sunny and a light breeze, it is cooler out towards antioch. mostly fair to partly cloudy and a little warmer on tuesday and here comes that system and we will have maybe a few showers, but keep an eye on it. it will be very brisk as we go in the week. he returns and is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others by opening fire in a crowded theater last july. they will make it the first public disclosure of evidence and the judge will then determine whether the send the
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case to trial. holmes will send a plea deal that will rule out the death penalty. the city's first come side, the victim's party, now the deadly shooting happened last saturday night and officers had a hard time finding the victim in the pouring rain. one victim who called 91 now fears for her own safety. >> i am thinking a little about my own safety and they could not leave without calling 911. at this point no word of a possible motive or suspect information. investigators are trying to figure out what happened where a woman lost he will control of her car and crashed into a
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pond. it happened on the on ramp to state highway 85. she sped hit a curb and went into the water. it took divers more than 0 minutes to find her -- 40 minutes to finds her but by the time they got to her, it was too late. >> the ch p will look into mechanical reasons of what may have caused the crash or whether she experienced a medical imagine site.$♪. >> a man crashed into two light poles in san jose. the driver veered off the side of the road and flipped upside down. investigators are trying to determine whether wet weather caused this. people get back to work with the democratic super majority in both houses. now the session began as the
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new legislature was sworn in and since the democrats have a two thirds majority including new can't the without the pub began vote. they were recently awarded a contract to supply meals. all of their meals are cooked fresh daily from local ingredients and no corn syrup is used and it will cost you more. 450 is the time right now and how the deal was done. the task is getting underway this morning to take exploratory museum exhibits to their new home.
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, right now it is 4:52 we now know the name of a man who was hit and killed in oakland. he is david of san leandro. he crashed into the center divider near the high street exit about 7:45 last night. he then got out of his car tried to run across four lanes
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of traffic but was hit and killed and the drivers who hit him tried to help and thought the cause of his -- and did not know the reason for his crash. they are still investigating. it caused $1 million to buses used to carry special education children to class. the buses were damaged yesterday morning and investigators are still searching for a cause but they think it was an accident and not arson. they are investigating whether new remains have been found near a well in san joaquin valley county. they are believed to be the remains of wesley howard shermantine. he gave a map and he is now deceased. police believe he killed as many as 20 people in the '80s
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and '0 90s. -- '90s. san francisco has raised more than $2 million to help the victims. 33 musicians and entertainers donated their time and money. the money raised will be going to two families. one lost her home in the storm and the other raising grandparents saw their home badly damaged. they will begin moving exhibits out by the palace of fine arts. there is a new home about three miles away and the move should be finished with in the next two weeks. the new explore tore yum will be open in april and there will be a surprise around the city. >> another place i know you will check out. >> great fun spot. >> time now 4:54 let's look at
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our traffic. good morning, pam, i think we will have a lot more people on the road joining us and people go back to school and work and let's look at what we have with the toll plaza and traffic looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and to the toll plaza area. no trouble by the way getting into san francisco. looking at northbound 101, it is nice and clear for you, driving up to the downtown area. and if you are in the south area, we are off to a decent start. it is 4:55 let's go to steve. we have overnight temperatures coming in and the two come together and we get some of that patchy fog. there is plenty going around, temperatures are in the 30s and i don't think they will drop too much but there is a lot of high clouds coming in from a system that is plowing in from the pacific to the northwest.
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a warmer pattern and more so tomorrow than today. we have it a little bit colder today and also friday. you can see a lot of high clouds are dropping down from the high west, giving us higher clouds 5s for a north -- 50s for a north wind and warmer tuesday and we increase clouds wednesday and thursday and sunny and cool on the weekend. electronics show officially gets underway and they make room for the new tech show today. one of the most talked about is the $350 mine storm kit which
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allows i pads to control robots made of leg goes. >> anything to do with leg goes i love. >> or robots. >> yes, they are very fun. cracking down, the special new measure which is aimed at keeping people safe. plus an overnight investigation continues after a stabbing in san jose, the extreme measures the suspect used to attack the victim. good morning 880 westbound more people are joining us for this morning's commute and we will be here with more traffic and weather to help you get through a monday.
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