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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 7, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. a close call on the peninsular, how a plane ended up in this situation. >> and taking aim at ammunition sales, what was just announce coming up at noon.
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. there is a new agency in charge as the search for human remains resumes in the serial killer case. there are some significant new developments in linden california in the so called speed freak case. ken joins us live from sacramento to explain what we
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just learned, good afternoon, ken. >> reporter: good afternoon, the fbi wrapped up a briefing in sacramento and what we have learned is that the fbi is now in charge of this search and the potential for digging began this morning. we are now red -- >> we are now ready to begin save excavation in the rural agricultural land of california. >> reporter: this new well site is near the well which was excavated by the san joaquin county sheriff's department. that yielded three people's bones and a fetus. they believe the killers were loren joseph herzog and wesley howard shermantine and they believe loren joseph herzog started to talk when he was in
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communication with the authorities. the different set of remains is still a mystery and wesley howard shermantine was escorted from death row to the linden area back in the fall. the goal is to eliminate and recover remains and no particular individual is associated with this site. to be clear we only know that this may contain remains. >> reporter: this well is 50 feet deep and the fbi expects they will be able to dig five feet a day and this digging excavation will take three to five weeks and possible remains if they are found could make it take much longer. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank -- ktvu channel 2 news. and they stopped them from landing and the landing did not
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quite go as planned. it happened at san carlos airport. a single engine lc41 rolled off at the end of the runway and the nose gear ended up in the water. the fbi website shows the plane is registered to a man in arizona and the investigation is underway. a train struck a man and his dog this morning killing both of them. the hayward fire department said the man was crossing the tracks at jackson street when a capital corridor train hit him. it appears the man was pushing a bicycle as he crossed. other trains were able to use alternate tracks to make their way around the scene as authorities investigated. the search continues for a san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. dexter oliver doused his girlfriend with gasoline and set her on fire in the bay view
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district. the 25-year-old mother of three is now in the hospital with life-threatening burns on her chest neck and face. it stems from an argument after a trip to a nearby laudromat. they are talking about curbing ammunition sales and they are talking about who is behind this local effort. >> good afternoon. and we are talking about what news legislation aims to do this morning. >> i want to say shame on the n ra. shame on you for wanting to train teachers to use guns. that is a huge misstep. >> now the state building, this is a teacher who spoke to city leaders and they stood behind an assembly bill. he bill needs tougher restrictions on the sale of
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ammunition and it will require sellers to be licensed and the department of justice must keep a registry of all such purchases. >> there is no registry and there is no reinforcement to know who has the master buses because it takes bullets to kill people with a gun and when bullets are more ready available than -- readily than suit if he had, -- sudafed they would have a problem. >> they are making it possible for a shooter to go from ten rounds to thousands. in aurora, the gunman shot off 10,000 rounds of ammunition in a six week period without raising any red flags. >> it is absolutely unacceptable, that a person can not be detected by law enforcement. >> reporter: skinner says her bill which was introduced late
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last month will head there february or march and along side of it, assist bill -- a sister bill which would respect online sales. president barack obama made two nominations for key cabinet posts. the president named chuck hagel as his nominee for secretary defines. -- secretary defense. some say the nominations are troublesome and hagel could even have trouble with members of his own party. but the president said he is ready for a tough confirmation fight in the senate. >> i hope the senate will act on these promptly and when it comes to national security, we don't like to leave a lot of gaps. >> if confirmed, brennan will replace leon panetta, the director of the cia and take over for general david petraeus who resigned over an extra marital affair. secretary of state hillary
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rodham clinton resumed work today and received a football helmet to protect her from another head injury. she fell after becoming dihydrated and developed a concussion. california lawmakers are back at the state capital hold be super majorities in both houses for the first time in 30 years. the legislature recessed for the holidays and the super majority means democrats can pass legislation without a single republican vote. as the legislation opens, it includes higher education funding and healthcare reforms. a dog grooming van crashes
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into a business in san jose and we will tell you what happened to this vehicle just before this happened and what it means for the store. rosemary is up in a few minutes and she will tell us about some cold temperatures headed this way. >> they are the hottest tickets to get but if they are looking for 49ers tickets, that is coming up after the break.
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. california highway patrol is investigating an auto pedestrian accident which sent an elderly woman to the hospital. it happened around 5:30 at mission boulevard in unincorporated hayward. the woman was taken to the medical center and is expected to survive. the driver is said to be cooperating with authorities. a special red light camera will be install at one of the most dangerous treat corners. they just installed one at market and arcadia streets. many pedestrians have been hit and they are hoping to catch drivers making illegal right turns. a stolen truck in san jose, the crash happened at 8:00
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a.m. on brennan lane and north i-85. this left two businesses severely damages. here is more. >> reporter: firefighters surveyed through the debris of this mess of a store called up in smoke as they watched a tow truck try to pull this dog grooming van out of a store. >> there were reports called in saying they saw it speeding down the road with a tire off and things were flying. >> reporter: it plunged into the storefront and shortly after, two or three people were seen running away. inside a couple of packs of beer were found. >> they were partying inside the van and they had alcohol and they were dui and that probably contributed to them running into a business. >> they are left to clean up the mess. and they are damaging
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merchandise. this is only one of two vans and this will cause them a big loss in revenue. >> the bus was supposed to be at the expo. i don't know. >> if we just remodel it, we've got a lot of stuff with a lot of money and the water saturated everything. >> the damage inside this smoke shop is pretty extensive and it is unknown just how long this store will remain closed. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> we just spoke with the oakland airport and they say right now emergency runway repairs are underway and this is a live look from news chopper 2. the repairs are due to a south runway and departing flights are being diverted to another runway and at this point no flights are being delayed and the repair work is expectinged to wrap up this
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hour. mountain view police say they are expected to one a 28- year-old cold case. daniel garcia is accused of hurting a woman in pavement her body was found at a shopping center. they linked him to the killing through the state's dna database. he was arrested friday and is scheduled for arrangement today. san jose police are searching for a man who stabbed a man in his car. it happened just after 12:00 a.m. this morning. the victim was sitting in his car when another man drove up broke his car window and stabbed him twice. he was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police believe the stab is gang related but the victims friend's tell us the man is not in a gang.
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a hearing is postponed for a sheriff's deputy charged with bank robbery. phillip chunk tongue held up a bank and records indicate he filed for bankruptcy four months earlier. they are set up to hear oral arguments on the legality of gay marriage and they will hear about the constitutional challenge to proposition 8. the lawsuit was filed in 2009 on behalf of two california couples. then they will hear the federal defense of marriage act which makes gay marriage illegal. 49ers once again are sweeping the bay area for this saturday's face off between the 9ers and green bay packers. they are live in san francisco with new information, any luck,
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brian? >> reporter: i must not be a very good hunter because i have been shutout to find tickets but consider yourself very lucky. there was only a limited amount for somebody who went on sale and it appears the best way to get tickets is through the ticket exchange or you can go through other websites like craig's' list. to be for warned, -- for warned there are other -- forewarned there are other ticket sites and these are mainly season ticket holders. we found the leastest which was for $196 and those are the nose bleed seats but the average price is $347 a piece. we checked with some fans who said they wish they could go to the game but will be watching
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from home. >> i support them from my couch every sunday from my home and i cheer them all the times but i just don't go because it is too expensive for me. >> i watch from home and my husband is a huge fan and i thought he might want to get some tickets and i not heard about the prices but i would assume they are pretty high. >> if you can afford them, represent those 9ers. >> and officials with ticketmaster says they are the highest percentage of resale and it is the highest price to the broncos which their tickets are at an average of $340 a piece. you can also check out stub hub
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as well but be forewarned, there may be some counterfeit money tickets and prices range from 200 to $500 and we have even seen them up to $1,000 as well. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco is welcoming back hockey fans and workers at bars and restaurants say it has been touch and that's exacted to change. those games could begin with in the next ten days. >> we will be able to hire some more people. we have not hired more than ten people just because we didn't need them. >> the tentative deal was reached after a 16 hour marathon session and the league's owners and players still have to ratify the contract. an oil drilling ship ran
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aground on alaska island is being towed to a protected bay. the salvage crew is on the ship along with royal did you have shell. -- royal dutch shell. they are carrying 150,000 gallons of diesel but so far no signs of a leak. a very nice winter day is shaping up outside our door and it is a cool one out there today. temperatures are already rebounding and outside we started out a lot colder than we had been. oakland is giving you the soft sunlight and i will explain in just a moment. you can see it is nice and calm and temperatures are in the 50s and 52 in hayward, 50 degrees
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at fso and again it is a cool one but temperatures are anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees warmer than where we were this morning. you can see the high clouds continue to sweep over the state and this is because of the ridge of humidity over the pacific and you can see it has pushed the storm track to the north and we are not going to see any rain. we are on the edge and they shift right into the area and we will continue to see it in and out of the afternoon and it will be a nice day. i want to bring you to the next few days. monday looks good and by wednesday, here comes some changes and did you see the clouds and maybe the possibility of a few sprinkles. this will be a cold system and we are talking snow levels down to 1,500 feet perhaps by thursday. let's enjoy the next couple of days. 57 for novato, 57 in berkeley,
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widespread to upper 50s. lower 50s for you, 60 degrees in morgan hill and 60 is expected for you as well. here is a look at your extended forecast. and again, we will have patchy dense fog. chances of rain comes again wednesday and thursday and there is not a lot of moisture, but it will be cold. 30s in the overnight hours and the weekend looks good with mostly sunny skies. >> thank you, rosemary orozco. >> you are welcome. they started to take out the museum exhibits at the palace of fine arts. they are moving to a new location about three miles away at the, of embarcadero.
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they are scheduled to train and why the bay area executive is causing such a fuss. and a close encounter with a polar bear, we will have more on why he put himself in this situation.
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. stocks are moderated lower on wall street after last
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week's spike due to the fiscal cliff deal. they are waiting for corporate earnings reports and allco is releasing live results. nasdaq is down 2 and s&p 500 is down 4. google executive chairman eric schmidt is arriving for a controversial visit. here is eric schmidt and bill richardson stepping off a plane. he has not said much about the reason for joining the trip but he is an advocate for all. something north korea does not support. he calls it a private humanitarian mission which includes a meeting with humanitarian leaders. in san jose this friday airways are to start flying the boeing 747 dreamliner from
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tokyo. it is designed to make flights more comfortable and they will have a line of flights leaving each week from san jose. a photographer came face to face with a polar bear and lived to tell about it. he sat in a pod as a pod tried to force her way inside. it was a special series on the bbc and buchanan said he spent a year with the most deadly creatures but this was the most scary experience ever. and a new share lets you share pets. it is a non-profit organization where dog owners can trade walking feeding and dog sitting duties and it is a chance for people who don't have animals to share somebody else's. more than 480 people have signed up for the service in san
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francisco. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, we will have more on this story which is a tanker which reportedly hit a part of the bay bridge, the eastern side of the island and the tanker may have nickled part of the bridge but at this point it looks like it is moving with a ferry boat on its side. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and we'll see you the next time. ñsxóxgñ
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