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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 9, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> reporter: san francisco police are looking for suspects in two separate violent crimes that sent two people to the hospital this morning. we're following developing news from new york city. we're getting word of dozens of injuries now in a ferry accident in lower manhattan. >> reporter: and the search is on this morning for the thief that targeted the oakland museum of california, not once but the museum was hit twice. we'll tell you what was taken and what the museum is doing to try to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: it's judgment day for barry bonds and other baseball greats. we'll tell you why some people think when it comes to the hall of fame, they are out.
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"mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. police are investigating a violent night in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. paul chambers is live with information on injuries after a shooting and a stabbing just a block apart. paul? >> reporter: good morning, tori. now, police released the -- the scene here. take a look at some video here. police say the first time scene happened about 1:40 this morning. shots were fired in the potrero hill neighborhood. police say a 53-year-old man was exiting vehicle when he was struck by a bullet in his foot. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. almost two hours later and after officers left the first
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scene, they were called back, this time responding to a stab. in that situation, police say the victim was stabbed while inside a home. he then walked outside where someone called 911. he was taken to an area hospital with three stab wounds to the chest. he's expected to survive. police say as of right now, they do not believe the two crimes are connected and they do not have any information about motives or suspects in either case. now, if you know anything about either of these cases, you are asked to call san francisco police. we talked to some people, they say they haven't heard or seen anything overnight. police need your help in this situation. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. happening now. there are -- happening now, there are reports of 40 to 50 people who have been hurt in a new york city ferry crash. these are live pictures. it's quite busy. a lot of crews covering up people with blankets. it's very cold.
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this is happening in lower manhattan, very close to wall street. one person suffered critical head injuries. responders treating people in a makeshift triage area. several people have been taken away by stretchers to ambulances. the ferry reportedly hit the dock while pulling into pier 11. this was about an hour ago and the impact of the crash tore a hole in the ferry because it came in too fast. witnesses say hundreds of passengers were on board. most injuries were reportedly on the upper level where people were waiting to get off the ferry. that's the ferry there in question. again, it looks like some crews on the front are trying to figure out what happened. the ferry responded to new jersey, a popular commuter route. live pictures, a ferry accident in new york city. dozens are hurt. we'll follow the story and give you an update as soon as we get
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more information. looking at the gash, the big pole at the front of the ferry that happened when it crashed into the dock. 7:03. pg&e will be required to adopt increased safety measures as part of a lawsuit settlement with a family that lost two people in the san bruno pipeline disaster. one woman and her daughter were killed in the deadly 2010 explosion. the chronicle reports the settlement with pg&e requires the utility to track the life span of the pipes. the family will be able to demand progress reports from pg&e and can initiation mediation talks if needed. the family also received an undisclosed payment. the big announcement involving barry bonds expected at -- at 11:00 a.m. we're about to find out if baseball's all-time king has been voted into the hall of fame. ktvu's tara moriarty is live in san francisco right now with
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more on this really hot debate about the big vote. >> reporter: well, steroid use, alleged steroid use could it keep him out of the hall of fame? we spoke to sports radio and they seem to think he's out. they will decide the fate of -- barry bonds and other players. also under contribution mike piazza, coverage biggio and curt shill -- consideration, mike piazza yo, craig biggio and curt schilling. >> every generation is tainted from some way. whether it was segregation or in the '60s or '50s. there's program pant methamphetamine use which is
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illegal. so maybe you should view this as the tainting of the steroids and maybe we should let them in and let history tell the story down the road. >> reporter: bonds has denied knowingly using performance- enhancing drugs. but he was convicted of one count of justice for giving an evasive answer to a grand jury in 2003 investigating the issue. now, it is possible that no one will get elected into the hall of fame and if that happens, it would only be the second time in more than four dick aid. it might even create a logjam in next year's elections. coming up we'll tell you why this shouldn't fall squarery on baseball players themselves. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:06. sal is back now. boy, the commute is getting heavier and heavier. >> it certainly is, dave, and tori. this is the time when you start seeing the peak of this commute. you will see slow traffic all over the place. let's start off with a look at the toll plaza and the east shore, the east shore leading to the toll plaza, if will be
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pretty slow especially as you get past el cerrito. it slows down on the way to berkeley. it's not as bad as it could be. there is a little bit of space there in some of those lanes which is a nice surprise. maybe later in the week or maybe later in this morning is what i meant to say, it might get better after 8:00. moving along to the slow traffic on the east bay commute, all of a sudden, it's filled in here in hayward and union city. san mateo bridge is moderate. the peninsula traffic is good in burlingame and san mateo. let's go to steve. all right. we do have -- some patchy fog. yesterday, was much more widespread, especially san jose. things seem to be a lot better today towards the south bay but there's still some in the north bay and east bay. the cold is the bigger story. it's not working its way in but it will tonight. no doubt about it, thursday into friday. lows will be dipping in the 20s. 30s, maybe even around the coast. windy, possible showers, but this is not a big system for
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big rain. it's a big system for cold air because of that already, thursday night and friday, a freeze warning is out for the north bay and frost advisories. i know we're still a day away. this will be very cold air. it might last until sunday. increasing clouds throughout the day. maybe a little filtered sun. 30s and 40s. some of that patchy fog. temperatures are stuck. haven't seen them move that much. here is the cold air. we'll see it will swing in. still about a day away. but a little bit cooler today with increasing clouds coming in. not a big deal. mostly cloudy, patchy fog, combination of the two makes for a gray day. average highs this time of year, 56, 59. , will go below average temperatures -- 56, 59, everybody will go below the average temperatures. fog, clouds, increasing clouds. not much of a breeze yet. that will really pick up tomorrow. 53 clearlake, to 53 vallejo, 55
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danville, san marrone, alameda, everyone really close. slightly warmer santa clara valley. not a lot. we had a few low 60s yesterday. back in the 50s. san mateo, 55. burlingame in there. woodside cold he -- woodside, colder, windy. a few isolated showers. if we can get enough, there could be snow down to 1,000 feet. mainly cold and breezy. we'll take that into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. it is 7:09. in just a few hours, the reward will be announced in hopes of recovering a valuable artifact that was stolen from the oakland museum of california. ktvu's claudine wong is in oakland with details of a break- in and how its not the first time -- it's not the first time this museum has been targeted. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they want to catch the people responsible. don't know if the same person is responsible for both thefts but any want to put a stop to it and -- but they want to put
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to a stop to it and get the artifacts back. let's tell you what happened. the museum was mit on monday morning when if was closed for the second time in two months. what -- when it was closed for the second time in two months. they want back the artifact that was worth more than $800,000. the museum spokesperson said a single thief was seen on surveillance video making their way through the galleries. that's similar to what happened in november. in that case, it was also a monday night. a door on the second floor near a garden, no one has been arrested. and none of the artifacts stolen have been recovered. this isn't the only museum in northern california to be hit. back in september, thieves dressed as ninjas broke into the sierra foothill museum. that happened in broad daylight. it was also caught on video and four men are now facing charges for that crime. again, a press conference is
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scheduled for 9:30 this morning. this is new territory for the museum. if we come back out here live. we can show you the property. it's a fairly big property. it's been here since 1969 when it first happen -- when it first opened. 300,000 square feet. there are a lot of entrances to here. still, since 1969, they've never been broken into, never had this problem before and now it's happened twice. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:11. crimes are on the rise in hayward. the new strategy police are using to track these crimes. whatever you're in the mood for,
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a lot of reports of fog. it will be a mostly cloudy day. system coming in leading to some much colder air late tonight, tomorrow. 7:13. new this morning, photographs of the retired fbi agent kidnapped in iran in 2007 while on a business trip. now, the wife of 64-year-old robert levinson is releasing these photos, hoping. pub policety will raise awareness -- hoping the publicity will raise awareness. he's wearing a mock prison uniform and holding a series of crimes. officials suspect the iranian government is behind these photos. there's a $1 million reward for information that will bring him home. the u.s. army private accused of sending thousands of documents to wikileaks could have a reduced sentence. a judge ruled that bradley manning was illegally punished in a military prison and should
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get 112 days removed from any prison sentence he gets if convicted. a judge said authorities went too far in confining him to a windowless cell for 23 hours a day for nine months. he faces charges of aiding the enemy and that is a life sentence. joe biden will meet with gun safety and victims' groups regarding gun control. he's meeting with the nra tomorrow. as kyla campbell reports, not everyone accepted an invitation to the meeting. >> reporter: walmart officials said they would not be in attendance. we got word just in that walmart officials have changed their mind and they will be coming to washington, d.c. this week to be talking with vice president joe biden. other groups that have been blamed for encouraging gun use are also in washington this
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week. the nra and other gun owners' groups are meeting with joe biden tomorrow. and the video game and entertainment industries are sending representatives. joe biden's series of meetings dick off with gun safety -- kick off with gun safety meetths -- meetings. some say the last month attack in connecticut has been paramount about this. >> we're still getting phone calls off the hook and still having conversations with new people on capitol hill. i'm saying this is very encouraging. >> reporter: the president wants joe biden and the panel to come up with legislation proposals for gun safety and he expects the full report from the vice president in just three weeks. all right. thank you. it's 7:16. tonight in vallejo, mike thompson is holding a gun
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violence prevention chairman -- program. he says the goal of tonight's forum is to hear ideas about what can be done to make our communities safer. the forum will be held at vallejo city hall from 7:00 to 8:30. this saturday, the san of connecticut will connect violent video games, cds and dvds in plans to burn them. that town is about 30 minutes away from newtown, connecticut, where that school shooting occurred last month. local businesses are offering people gift certificates in exchange for the movies and video games. well, there's been a lot of talk about the connection between violent video games and violent behavior. reportedly, the gunman in the connecticut school shooting played games like that. however, several studies have found that while the content of many games are disturbing, it doesn't appear to be a direct connection to violent acts. one study by texas texas a&m university found -- by a&m that
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these incidents accounted to more than media events. authorities today will focus on north hayward around a street and mission boulevard. burglary and robbery numbers climbed late last year. officers are hoping a bigger presence in the neighborhood will deter criminals. three men accused of killing a monte sereno homeowner could be -- could face the death penalty. the three men are accused of killing this man last year. a fourth men is facing conspiracy to commit murder and prostitution. police believe she had a relationship with the man. bill richardson said his delegation is pressing north korea boil the issue of missile
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-- about the issue of miss ills. richardson said -- missiles. richardson said he asked about a moratorium on this and asking for fair and humane treatment for a citizen detained there. eric schmidt, gag's ceo, is traveling with richardson. -- google's ceo is traveling with richardson. apple's score is also in china -- ceo is also in china. that company is china's biggest wireless carrier. 7:19. once again, there were pretty heavy pockets of fog i ran into this morning. up next, steve paulson will
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tell us about a dramatic trop in temperatures -- drop in temperatures. and we're finding out about the allegations that lance armstrong tried to bribe an anti-doping agency. good morning. 237, we see some slow traffic here. the rest of the commute -- coming up.
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lance armstrong is scheduled to give his first interview since being stripped of his tour de france titles. oprah winfrey says lance armstrong has agreed to a tell- all interview with her that will air a week from thursday. the announcement comes amid reports that he may be planning to admit to using performance- enhancing drugs. lance armstrong has strongly denied the doping charges that led to his being stripped of seven tour de france titles. there are allegations that lance armstrong may have tried to pay off the anti-doping
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agency. the chief executive of the company says lance armstrong tried to make a $250,000 donation to the organization in 2004. that would have been a conflict of interest for the agency and officials rejected the offer. the company conducted the investigation of doping allegations that led to lance armstrong being stripped of his wins. rolondo mcdrain is out of jail in alabama. he was pulled over because of a window tint violation. he was arrested because police say he gave them false information. this was not his brush with the law. he was arrested in 2011 for shooting a gun near a man's head. we want to check in with
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sal now. >> we're looking pretty good in many areas. but it's getting slower. we don't have a lot of major problems. that's the good news but we'll see some slow traffic on 280 just around the corner. it's improved a little bit. it was backed up into san jose. i'm happy to say we have improvement. 237 slow. no major problems upon 101. livermore valley, we've had slow traffic there. it gets better by the time you reach livermore. 680 very slow leading down to the sunol area. westbound 580 traffic is moderate in castro valley. 680 southbound approaching -- approaching pleasant hill, walnut creek, an earlier problem there has traffic on the south side. bay bridge toll plaza backed up for about a 20-minute delay before you get on into san francisco. 7:24. let's go to steve. all right. mostly sunny skies.
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very foggy conditions, even sfo and hayward seeing fog along with pleasant hill, concord, santa rosa, napa. it will be a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. in fact, temperatures will cool down today but then really cool down tomorrow. in fact, that 30s and 40s right now, 47 san francisco. a lot of this cloud cover is going to be with us throughout the day. temperatures will settle in the 50s. very cold air arrives tonight. more likely into tomorrow morning. highs today will be in the 50s. tori and dave? >> all right, steve. there is a new message to tell you about from the family of bryan stow. how the family spent their holidays and what's ahead for bryan stow. and new information about the near disaster in the san francisco bay. what happened before an oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge. after three long months of waiting. shark fans may be filling the
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firefighters put out a home in oakland. the fire started just before 6:00. news chopper 2 was over the scene. this is a single-family home. everyone got out safely. no word upon what caused the fire. also overnight in georgia,
7:30 am
four children were killed in a fire. it happened in the city of conyers about 25 miles east of atlanta. firefighters say the mother was able to save one child by throwing him from a second- story window. but four other children, the oldest, just 7 years old, could not be saved. the mother is now being treated for serious burns. the cause of the fire is under investigation. time about 7:59. now we're getting new information about monday's near disaster in the san francisco bay. the coast guard says the crew of an oil tanker was warned just before it hit a bay bridge tower. ktvu's brian flores is in our studio with all of the details. >> reporter: good morning. the investigation continues this morning on what led to the tanker, the overseas shankar -- tanker, to sideswipe the bay bridge. we learned that the coast guard did warn the pilot of the hazard ahead. we were told that the tanker warned the bar pilot before the
7:31 am
750-foot oil tanker swayed the bay bridge. a report released states the vessel traffic service center was in constant communication with the pilot. what remains unclear is whether he had time to react. the coast guard said it interviewed the pilot and crew members and they spent yesterday evaluating damage and equipment on board. the pilot was experience in san francisco. the records indicate he's had three prior incidents. investigators say they will continue with the investigation this morning. >> it's ongoing. we're currently conducting crew interviews and -- as well as the pilot interview and we're looking over all of the records and the various electronics and we're -- we're looking at the -- doing a hull assessment to just really figure out what our next step should be. >> we've also learned that
7:32 am
visibility at the time was about a quarter of a mile and that there are no sight restrictions for passing under the bay bridge. we've also learned that after the cosco busan disaster, there were new rules in place for ships to maneuver along nine areas of the bay a -- and a top inspector with the ntsb arrived last night. they will be taking a close look at the taker, the bridge as well. back to you at the desk. >> thank you, brian. a san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire may make his first court appearance today. police arrested 22-year-old dexter oliver, monday night at an oakland hotel. investigators say oliver poured gasoline on his girlfriend, starr lamare, then set her on fire on sunday. she is still in the hospital. she's being treated for serious burns on her neck, her chest and her face.
7:33 am
in san jose, an investigation goes on into a garage fire last month that destroyed several cars and a boat. it all happened on 15th street. firefighters say when they got there, huge flames were shooting into the air. the fire destroyed a corvette that was inside the garage along with two other cars and a boat that were parked outside. a house next door was also damaged. firefighters say the first reports of a possible meth lab turned out to be not true. 7:31. the family of bryan stow is giving us an update on his medical condition. family members have posted a message on his website saying they enjoyed a happy holiday season. and the message says she's still recovering from his latest surgery and is in constant pain. two men are in custody accused of brutally beating stow. the 43-year-old father of two suffered critical head injuries
7:34 am
in that attack. it is the news san jose shark fans have been waiting a long time to hear. the pro hockey lockout is expected to formally end today. janine de la vega joins us live from san jose to tell us when the players may be back on the ice. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. that may happen this weekend. tickets haven't been printed yet but we do know that 24 games will be held here at the hp pavilion. a critical vote will be taking place today. if it goes well, seat son will start on the 19th. the board will be meeting today in new york and the 30 club members will vote on the tentative agreement reached by owners and players. last night the league and players association was still workingen -- working on one key piece of biz that still needs to be settled -- business that fill needs to be settled. now, we spoke to a fan who says
7:35 am
he doesn't have any hard feelings about the lockout, instead it's the opposite. >> happy. excited, ecstatic. very relieved, actually. >> s abouts down-- businesses downtown have been losing revenue. one bar said they lost 60% to 70%. now that the fans will be back, they plan to hire more staff. the number of games has been drastically cut because of the lockout and we know there should be about 48 games. again, 24 of them to be played at the hp pavilion. sharks management is thanking fans. reporting live from from downtown san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. later today in colorado, the final prosecution witness will be called in a hearing on whether the suspected colorado movie theater gunman is competent to stand trial. a detective is due to testify
7:36 am
about james holmes' strange behavior after he was arrested. his testimony comes a day after some chilling 911 calls were played in the courtroom. >> shooting at century theaters. they are saying somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> now, that detective is expected to say that holmes prevended that bags on his hands were puppets. he also says holmes tried to jam a staple into an electrical outlet and that the pupils of his eyes were dilated. southland. we'll take you live to the courthouse in aurora, colorado in our next hour. colleges all over california are preparing for the possibility of a school shooting. coming up at 7:47, the drill for more than dozen two schools that simulated a mass shooting on campus. 7:35. city college of san francisco will likely miss an important deadline to avoid losing its accreditation. the school has until march 15th to come up with a plan to fix all its financial problems.
7:37 am
it already made several changes including bringing in more experienced leaders and improving its budget management. but the school says there are some issues it just can't work out by march. the chronicle reports city college will likely get a deadline extension. a new proposal is under consideration to freeze tuition in california's public colleges. the bill was introduced in the state assembly this week. supporters say the seven-year freeze is urgently needed. they say money from prop 30. that was the prop pressure passed should keep tuition from climbing further. >> tuition and fees at california's public universities have quadrupled in the last ten years and have doubled over the last few years. >> the total average cost of a uc school is now $31,000 a year. state schools are up to $23,000. >> tori, that's a lot of money. >> that's not cheap. >> that's a lot of money.
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7:36. sal is coming back. sal, would you say this is the peak of the commute? >> i would say so. as a matter of fact, right now, we do have the traffic getting busy on all levels, almost everywhere you look here. let's start off and take a look at 237. you can see some stop and go traffic, crossing 880 continuing on to 101. you will see slow traffic at the mantague expressway. not a lot of accidents but just a lot of slowing throughout the south bay. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a 15, 20-minute delay as you drive through. we've been keeping an eye on the livermore valley this morning. it's butcy. we have the maps to show you -- busy. we have the maps to show you that the maps, 680 and 84, i should say, are very slow trying to get down. we've had a couple of minor incidents. if you drive on 680 in pleasanton, give yourself extra time. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you very much. a lot of fog being reported
7:39 am
now, not only at sfo, hayward. patrick said very, very thick fog. it's starting to work its way back again. we've had it in santa rosa, napa, concord, livermore. so the fog -- the big sawyer, no. colder air coming -- story, no. colder air coming in is the big story. this will be a strong system. much colder starting thursday. windy occasionally we could get some fast-moving showers including today. but a freeze warning is already posted for thursday night and friday for frost advisories for the bay and also for the santa clara valley. we have another day and a half to go before that kicks on. in advance of the system which is getting closer and closer already spilling in a lot of cloud cover. raining up on the north coast, ronald thompson in crescent city said raining pretty good up there. we might get a few showers. north bay along the marin coast and then i think along the coast as well later on until
7:40 am
this evening. it might move towards later this afternoon and this evening. there's not a lot of moisture with this. but there could be a few isolate the showers. then what happens -- isolated showers. then what happens, very get very hit and miss. most of these stay along the coast. there will be plenty of moisture to work with off the coast. so 30s and 40s on the temperatures. the low has been coming up, coming up. they are about ready to go back down. the cold air comes in tonight and tomorrow. cooler temperatures, just with the cloud cover today. some of that patchy fog might be tough to burn off. we don't have the sun up above. we have a lot of high clouds. colder weather begins today, tonight and tomorrow thursday into friday. a lot of fog out there. increasing clouds, could be a -- could be a little filtered sun. but cooler temperatures. 53, to 55. i don't think there's much of a temperature spread. even to the south bay, not that much warmer. average highs 56 to 59. we're pretty close.
7:41 am
a lot of 54, 55, 56 on the peninsula including menlo park. much colder, windy. i put unsettle conditions -- unsettled conditions. the weekend you have to watch for fast-moving systems. it's going to be breezy and cool. >> thank you, steve. later this american, workers in east palo alto will -- this morning workers in east palo alto will put more sandbags to prevent flooding at the creek. the newly-filled bags will reenforce the levee. for the first time, we're learning the u.s. may decide to pull all of american troops out of afghanistan by the end of next year. that's according to a white house national security adviser. this contradicts the pentagon's position. it's always maintained that some u.s. troops need to stay beyond 2014 to keep an eye on
7:42 am
al qaeda. and some lawmakers say they worry about the reputation of the u.s. around the -- around the world if things fall apart in afghanistan after the troops day. >> i'm worried today if we draw from afghanistan or not a leader around the world, our enemies will move on the march and the allies will be wondering if they can trust americans to be standing by them. what was supposed to be a thrilling ride ended in tragedy in russia. one man died and another one was injured after a transparent ball called a zorb cleared off a -- veered off a cliff. the fatal accident has some government officials demanding russia strengthen the safety rules for winter sports. the sport originated in new zealand in the '90s and has since gained popularity around
7:43 am
the world. a loophole in an old california law dealing with rape. >> we're now prosecuting rape based on 140-year-old laws that's not making sense. and suing your rescuer. why insurance giant ago wants to sue the -- aig wants to sue the u.s. after the government bailed them out. ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart
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♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. stocks rising in early trading today helped by alcoa releasing better than expected
7:46 am
revenue and encouraging outlook for the year. the dow is currently up 71. the nasdaq is up 16, s&p up 5. today, american international group or aig will consider if it will join or try to block a lawsuit against the u.s. government. aig received a $182 billion bailout from the treasury department in 2008. now a former aig executive is suing the government saying the bailout deal was not fair to shareholders. some analysts compare it to a doctor being sued for saving the life of a patient. 7:45. here is a question for you. what do you drink? now the answer may have something to do with your mood. pam cook is here in our studio now to tell us about a very interesting new study if you are in the mood. >> actually. sweetened drinks may have a longer-lasting effect than a sugar risk. a study was done over 200,000
7:47 am
adults. those who drink more than four sans of soda a day, have a 30% higher risk of depression than those who do not drink any at all. it's not just soda. punch. a and diet drinks are included including iced tea. there is a bit of good news, coffee was found to have the opposite effect. people who drink four cups of coffee each day had about a 10% lower risk of developing depression than those who don't. caffeine is a brain still lint. in the next hour, more on -- still lint. in the next hour, more on -- stimulant. in the next hour, more on this study and what other ingredients need to be studied. dave? >> thank you. a mother in oakland pleading for help this morning, trying to find her missing son who she says has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old. the mother of cars anderson
7:48 am
pictured here says her -- charles anderson pictured here says her son left the home after an argument. he's described as 5'11", weighing about 20 -- 220 pounds. his mother is worried saying he may be trying to get to his father in atlanta. california schools are preparing for the possibility of a school shooting. more than two dozen schools took part in this training exercise at san diego state. it simulated a mass shooting. officials say the drill had been scheduled for months. the shootings in colorado and connecticut gave it new energy. your heart starts to beat, sweating. this coming fall all incoming freshman at san diego state will be required to go to a similar training exercise on how to survive a campus shooting. 7:47. state lawmakers are drafting a
7:49 am
bill that could close a loophole in an old california rape law. it's in response to a ruling that overturned the rape conviction of a los angeles county man. he broke into a home and slipped into bed with the woman. she thought he was her boyfriend so she consented. but she later realized she was being attacked. the judge found under a 140- year-old law what happened was not a crime because the victim was not married. >> we're not able to put that woman's right in this 24th century. it's -- what's next? >> the law makes it a crime for a man to have sex with a woman by tricking her into thinking he's her husband. but it never addresses what happens if that woman is unmarried. last year, a central valley assemblyman introduced legislation to close the
7:50 am
loophole but the state senate never took it up for a vote. 18-year-old raisin has been denied the eagle scout award. he was turned down last september because he's gay. after the boy scout -- boy scouts were criticized for this, they thought they had won the battle. now he says his latest application is being denied because "the young man stated he does not agree to scouting's principal of duty to god." ryan's family is baffled. >> the only explanation i can come up would be that, that somehow or another they decided anybody that's gay, therefore, does not subscribe to a duty to god. i don't know. >> ryan's father says his son has never denied his strong luther an faith. he think -- lutheran faith. he thinks this is just an
7:51 am
accuse not to give ryan the award. the national cathedral is among the first episcopal congregations that will allow same-sex weddings. 106-year-old cathedral is one of themation's -- nation's most prominent churches. they use it for funerals for the presidents and also to celebrate new presidents. starting this baseball season, t-mobile will provide wireless setups for all of the baseball dugouts and bullpens in major league stadiums. there listen antennas in the stadiums to send those calls clearly. land line phones and stadiums made major headlines during game 5 of the 2011 world series. tony larussa's instruction trucks were -- instructions were misinterp petted. they didn't have the -- misinterpreted. they didn't have the right
7:52 am
player ready. they did go on to win the world series. later on today, we'll find out if barry bonds will be voted into the hall of fame. a lot of sports writers are saying they will not vote for him because of his connection with performance-enhancing drugs. stay tuned. we'll explain this all at 8:03. 10 men -- minutes before 8:00. the holiday shopping season is over. but target stores will continue its price-matching policy. target will continue to refund the difference in price. if you paid more at one of their stores and find the same item for less, they will refund you. there's a report apple is developing a cheaper iphone. the wall street journal says apple is working on a lower- priced phone. the paper says it would be made of less expensive materials including a plastic body.
7:53 am
the paper says the phone could launch later this year. the cheaper iphone will probably help its sales numbers but could hurt its margins. apple's stock is trading at $522.17. it was at -- over $700 at one point. >> yes, right. city officials say you have to stop doing what some are doing at parks where there's animals. and a bit of help firefighters might be getting day as they struggle the series of wildfires across the country.
7:54 am
7:55 am
in australia a temporary break from a heat wave could help firefighters as they struggle to battle a series of wildfires. more than 140 firefighters are burning right now. about 30 of those are still not contained. firefighters ration to put the
7:56 am
fires out before temperatures climb back up to over 110 degrees. fires have destroyed or damaged 100 homes. no deaths have been reported so far but about 100 people are unaccounted for. 2012 was the hottest year on record in the united states. the national date ta says the average temperature last year was just above -- data says the average temperature last year was 55 degrees. scientists say the increases are happening faster than expected. they blame global warming and natural weather variations. the city of san francisco is considering some new ways to stop people, stop you from feeding animals at parks and lakes in the city. the wildlife experts say feeding wild animals affects their migration patterns and the animal population. san francisco does have an anti- feeding ordinance but it's
7:57 am
rarely enforced. the laws are ill-defined. you are not supposed to feed animals anything that's harmful. >> usually in an ordinance, harmful is spelled out, what that means. >> they are considering possible solution, including outreach, putting out more signs and even tougher fines. 7:55. want to check in again with sal and see what's happening with the commute. >> we're looking at the commute getting better. we're still seeing slow traffic on 680. but it's improving out of pleasonton on your way down to fremont. looking at the commute here on the bay bridge. that's improved a little bit. it's backed up for about a ten- minute delay. it looks like there's some sort -- either a stall or minor crash at the toll plaza. you can see a couple of tow trucks drivers on the left-hand side. if you are driving near 880, that traffic looks good. tonight is bobblehead tonight
7:58 am
at the coliseum. you might expect crowding for the warriors' game tonight. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have fog around. it's starting to pick up a little bit. san jose seeing some fog. redwood shores, hayward, sfo. there's been plenty up to rohnert park. also the cloud cover beginning to roll in. the temperatures will be going down tomorrow because very cold air is coming in. could see some light rain later this afternoon. our forecast model is right there, brings some in. that's light but kind of hit- and-miss shower activity. this is not a system for rain but it's a strong system for cold air. that cold air will set up off the coast. it will be too dry over land. there will be plenty of moisture for it to work with right along the coast. fog and clouds, cooler temperatures, a light breeze. 50s on the temperatures. they will be very, very close today. coast, bay inland. i don't -- even santa clara
7:59 am
valley, upper 50s. they will be the warmest. colder, much colder on thursday. more cold than wind. there could be a passing shower. the weekend have to watch out for fast-moving systems dropping out of the north. usually that gives us more wind and cold temperatures. that will carry us into sunday. 7:57. a gun control forum that was in napa got heated. >> it doesn't matter how many rounds you have. if you are mentally ill and you are gonna still somebody, you are gonna kill somebody -- and you are gonna kill somebody, you are gonna kill somebody. it's judgment day for barry bonds and other baseball greats. should they be in or haught of the hall -- in or hout of the hall of fame -- in or hout of the hall of -- in or out of the hall of fame. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
8:00 am
heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more. all five grams of fat or less. try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers
8:01 am
or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, january 9th. well, new this morning, san francisco police busy. they are investigating early- morning violence in potrero hill. paul chambers is live in san francisco with information about a shooting and a separate
8:02 am
stabbing and paul, they happened just a block apart. >> reporter: that's right, dave. actually, less than that. as you said, san francisco police have been really busy overnight. let me show you where the first one happened. that building right there. that's where the shooting happened. now, if we can come over here, that's where the stabbing happened. both crimes sent two people to the hospital. now, san francisco police say around 1:40 this morning, shots were fired in the potrero hill neighborhood. police say a 53-year-old man was exiting his vehicle when he was struck by a bullet in his foot. the victim was transported to the hospital with a nonlife- threatening injuries. almost two hours later and after officers left the first scene, they were called back. this time responding to a stabbing. in that situation, police say the 49-year-old victim was stabbed while inside a home. he then walked outside where someone called 911. he was taken to an area hospital with three stab wounds to the chest. he's expected to survive. now, police say as of right
8:03 am
now, they do not believe the two crimes are connected. and they do not have any information about a motive or a suspect. that's why they are asking for your help. if you know about either of these situations overnight and this morning, police want you to call them. i'm palm chambers. ktvu channel 2 news -- paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a gun control debate in napa became very heated. >> guns don't kill people. our sons do. >> if a person has guns and acts erratically at any age, citizens should be familiar how to report unsafe gun owners. >> the register says hundreds packed the city hall for this gun violence forum. mike thompson says public input from the forum will be used to help create gun legislation. nancy pelosi recently tapped thompson to head up a task force on ways to stop gun violence. vice president grow biden is localing several meetings
8:04 am
this week at the white house. looking for suggestions on how to reduce gun violence. this morning, the vice president meets with the victims of gun violence. tomorrow, he will sit down with gun rights supporters including the national rifle association. coming up for you at 8:15, the other gun interests who will have a seat at the table. two minutes after 8:00. happening now, at least 50 people have been hurt in a ferry crash in lower manhattan. these again are live pictures from the scene and at least two people are said to be critically injured. the ferry reportedly hit the dock near wall street while pulling into pier 11 about two hours ago. many passengers were standing as they were waiting to get off the ferry were hurled to the deck. the impact also tore a hole in crew were on board the ferry. it looks like a few investigators up at the top to
8:05 am
check things out. and this ferry had just arrived from atlantic highlands, new jersey. again a very popular commuter route for people heading into new jersey from lower manhattan. it's been a nightmare of a week for the dreamliner. the faa is investigating two recent problems with the boeing 787. that's afternoon a -- after a fuel leak from boston yesterday and in a separate incident on monday, a batpry for one of the plane -- battery for one of the planes caught fire. the investigation begins days before the first dreamliner flight from the bay area. they are scheduled to have the plane here leave san jose and fly to tokyo. the big announcement involving barry bonds expect in the three hours from now. we're about to find out if baseball's all-time home run king has been voted into the hall of fame. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live from san francisco. you've been on this since
8:06 am
4:this morning. tell us more -- 4:30 this morning. tell us more about the controversy and the vote. >> reporter: the vote seems split. some experts say bonds should be in. others are saying he has three strikes against him, sportsmanship, integrity and character, those are all things players are judged on. today, baseball writers will have to weigh in on the fate of three very prominent players. barry bonds, sammy sosa and roger clemens. all poster boys for the steroids era. also under consideration, mike piazza, craig biggio and curt schilling. the rules are not based on ability but integrity. knbr 680 radio says the hall of fame has been filled with --
8:07 am
>> it was so widespread, it was enough to define the era. now, if bonds and clemens were the only two guys in baseball doing it, that will be a different story. i think we've heard enough from utility infielders who were also using it. most importantly, the commissioner was not doing a thing. to let tro actively -- to retroactively clean it up now brings up a lot of questions. >> bonds has denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs. it is possible that no one will get elected into the hall of fame. if that happens, it would only be the second time in more than four decades. about 600 people are eligible to vote in the election. that group, of course, only writers. but some are saying it should be open to broadcasters, even fans. many sports experts say you can't take this generation out of the hall of fame. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. want to check in with sal.
8:08 am
see what's happening at the toll plaza. >> that's right. you know, at the toll plaza this morning we do have a look at traffic that's improving a littlepy. we have had -- we had a little bit of -- a little bit. we had a little bit of an accident, stalled vehicles. they cleared that right away. but the traffic has become much lighter. let's take a look at 880, we haven't had any slow traffic here yet near the coliseum. it's already starting to build at this time on busy days. right now it's 23409. if you are driving into livermore valley, we've's been watching that. 680 -- we've been watching that. 680 has been a mess. it's improving a little bit. we're also seeing traffic slow from pleasant hill to alamo. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. most locations are saying fog. for a while it was just confined to the north bay. now san jose is in it and many areas on the peninsula and some of that is moving back other --
8:09 am
moving back over the bay. a lot of cold air plunging in here. overnight lows will go back into the 20s. 20s, yes. 20s. 30s maybe by the coast. windy, there could be some lighter showers or rain today, tonight, into tomorrow. but really this is more cold and wind. already a freeze warn something out for the north bay. thursday night/friday. frost advisory, the bay and also the santa clara valley. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. livermore, sfo, fog, napa says fog. pleasant hill, santa rosa, san jose. it's kind of killing -- filling in right now. some radar returns beginning to show up. it's been raining on the north coast. the key is cold air on its way south right over us. starting later today than tonight into tomorrow morning. the coldest air doesn't arrive until 24, 36 hours. tomorrow and friday will be very, very chilly. turning cloudy today, we have some thick fog out there.
8:10 am
cooler higher temperatures. combination of the clouds. tomorrow upper 40s to very low 50s and the same for friday. the ocean moderates the temperatures near the coast. inland, it will be a tall order to warm up on thursday and friday. 50s, 53 to 55. 56, 59 is average for this time of year. slightly below the north. possibility of a few hit-and- miss showers later today. north bay and along the coast. tonight for everybody. 54, 56, even for the san mateo coast and to the -- and into the peninsula. colder, windy, could be fast- moving shower activity coming through. but mainly cold. we'll take that into the weekend and the lows are 20s, i think friday and saturday. 8:09. oakland police want new leads after thieves again broke into the oakland museum of california in downtown oakland. claudine wong is in oakland now to tell us about the valuable piece that was stolen this week
8:11 am
and about a news conference that's gonna start in about 90 minutes from now. claudine? >> yes, that's right. it's set to start at 9:30. we're out in front of the oakland museum of california. you can see the gates are still closed right now. it's not scheduled to open until 11:00 a.m. before the public gets in this, we'll be going in to get more information on just what happened. there had been two break-ins. the most recent which happened on monday morning, when the museum was closed. according to the chronicle, a thingle -- single thief was caught on surveillance video. we don't have any more details of that. but we do know that the thieves got away with what is being described as a valuable historic artie -- dash artifact of the collection. it's a gold rush era with ornamentation, depicting early california. there are similarities to heights that happened in november. the thieves got into a door on the second floor. alarms went off but the thief got away. there's been one other heist in
8:12 am
northern california. the sierra foothill museum in mariposa was hit when thieves dressed as ninjas and four men are facing charges for the crime. again, this press conference set for 9:30. we do expect to hear from museum officials, oakland police, and mayor jean quan also scheduled to be in attendance. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 8:10. the last prosecution witness will take the stand today in a hearing on the colorado theater shooting. what a detective to is about to say about james holmes' bizarre behavior after his arrest. >> i've had the county out here. they said it's a health hazard but nothing gets done. >> the very smelly situation in one burlingame neighborhood and why the neighbors say the city is not doing anything about it.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a lot of fog out there. most locations saying some form of fog. once that burns off a lot of high clouds curbing -- turning colder. 8:14. happening right now. vice president joe biden is meeting in washington with gun safety supporters and victims' advocates. as kyla campbell reports, this is just one of several meetings this week all aimed at reducing gun violence. >> reporter: that meeting just began. it's also joe bien -- biden to get ideas. and president obama is pushing
8:16 am
for quick action. the vice president is meeting this hour with gun 50 and victims' groups to kick off a series of discussions. the nra and other groups will meet with joe biden tomorrow. the nation's biggest gun retaller initially said it could not come to -- retailer initially said it could not come to washington tomorrow but then they said walmart will meet with the vice president. some gun control groups say when it comes to changing legislation, it all comes down to supply and demand. we have to look at the supply site. the doe manneds people have in this -- the demand people have in this country, pick it up and use it aggressively. >> reporter: representatives from the video game and entertainment industries are also coming to d.c. tomorrow to talk about how violence on screen can lead to crimes in real life. i just heard back from my source at the white house. i checked to see if any san francisco-based gamemakers would be in attendance tomorrow but she said they are not releasing that information at this time.
8:17 am
live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:15. the last prosecution witness is scheduled to testify today in a competency hearing for the accused shooter in a colorado sheeter -- theater shooting. our reporter is live from aurora, colorado with more on what a detective is expected to say about james holmes' bizarre behavior of a his arrest. >> reporter: good morning, tori. sergeant mathew with the aurora police department will finish his testimony that he began yesterday. this is emotional testimony where he actually broke down. he's the third veteran police officer to break down on the stand on this third preliminary hearing kay o-- day here this week in centennial, colorado. now, his job is go through each and every person and each and every injury that occurred on july 20th, 2012. so this is 166 counts against james holmes of murder and attempted murder in addition to
8:18 am
other injuries and explosives charges. he did that. what he was doing yesterday, as he was listing them, he broke down multiple times. the judge took a break at one point. they came back and eventually what they had to do was have an attorney list off the charges and he had to give a simple answer of yes because it became so difficult for him. this came after testimony about james holmes' boby-trapped equipment where an atf and bomb tech both testified the text tent that holmes had outfitted his apartment, he had gasoline and oil soaked in his carpet. what it was, was set to either explode or at the very least set on fire. he warned police officers after his arrest about the dangers that lied within his apartment. now, this is something that could work against him because legal analysts are pointing out
8:19 am
if the -- the defense is going for an insanity defense, this could point to james holmes knowing the difference between right and wrong. we don't know for sure if the defense is seeking an insanity defense. however, they do seem to be going in that direction. this could be a death penalty case. the prosecution in this case is not -- has said whether they are pursuing that yet because james holmes has not even entered a plea at this point. but that's where things stand at this point in centennial, colorado. back to you. >> all right. thank you. 8:18. controversial comedian katt williams back in jail this morning after being arrested last night in los angeles outside of his home. a sacramento judge issued the arrest warrant because katt williams didn't appear in court on a felony charge of reckless driving. williams is also supposed to appear in court in yolo county today on a misdemeanor battery charge. antioch is closer to
8:20 am
banning medical marijuana dispensaries. last night, the city council voted 4-1 in favor of a permanent ban. the vote comes after antioch declared a temporary moratorium on dispensaries that expire in april. a final vote is expected later this month. 8:18. it's been called a health hazard but neighbors say the city of burlingame has refused to intervene despite a stench coming from an -- coming from an abandoned home. neighbors say the trash is piled high and there's rats and raccoons. the home has been abandoned. >> you are sitting here holding the bag. >> the whole neighborhood is yeah. it's an eyesore. >> neighbors say they fear the home will affect their property values. burlingame's city manager says the city does not have the
8:21 am
authority to regulate the interior of the home. 8:19. a san francisco school is fighting a plan to share its space. if more students were to come to our community -- [inaudible] >> the reason the school district's proposal is triggering a controversy. we could see some showers today. steve paulson says more freezing temperatures are in the forecast. northbound 880 still looks good passing the coliseum. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. good morning! wow.
8:22 am
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welcome back. 8:22. filling in those bubbles on standardized fests may soon become a thing of the past here in california. state school superintendent wants to change standardized tests to focus on critical thinking in essays instead of multiple choice. his recommendations will be sent to the state legislature. they have to approve it first. 8:23. a proposal to combine two schools on one campus in san francisco sparked a protest. ♪ >> students who attend creative arts charter school march with their parents to the board -- marched with their parents to the board of education because they are upset that they want to move gateway middle school
8:25 am
to a second building on their campus. parents and students say the school is not big enough to accommodate what would be more than 600 students. >> i'm one of the classes that i did another 6th grade. and we have barely any room now. the hallways are squished. it's very uncomfortable. >> our 8th graders have been ear here since kindergarten and when you include more, that's too much. >> the school district says gateway is currently sharing space and it needs a permanent location. mere meetings with both schools are planned before a final decision is made. 8:24. let's check in with sal. hey, sal, how fast are the cars going -- how fast are the cars going in the south bay. northbound 280, you will see some evidence of this from our live camera network here. northbound. now, in the last few minutes it's improved quite a bit to see a lot of slow traffic here. if you look at the 880 where it
8:26 am
turns into 17, that's where the slow traffic is getting towards the san jose airport. we are improving. that's the good news. let's take a look at contra costa county. that's improving as well. a little bit of slowing from pleasant hill to walnut creek and alamo. we've had better commutes -- we're having better commutes. 80 between pinole and richmond looks good. improvement at the toll plaza. it's only backed up for about a five-minute wait. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a lot of fog out there. it took a while to get there. there's plenty to go around. you can see a lower cloud deck and a higher cloud deck. the fog yesterday, i know it stuck around for some inland. but it burned off. today it will be a hard, tall order because the system coming in, already some rain popping up to the north. we po see some light rain here. this is a very cold system. 30s and 40s. the temperatures have been going up. they seem to be stuck. fogged in to san jose. sfo, redwood shores. oakland has been there in the
8:27 am
east bay and north bay. a lot of old care coming down from the gulf of alaska. fog and clouds, cooler temperatures. light wind. 50s on the temperatures today. the wind will pick up. a pattern looks very, very cold and windy, thursday, friday, saturday morning. late thursday into friday. have to watch for fast-moving systems coming down out of the north. there will be a lot of cold air in place into the weekend. 8:26. a ferry boat crashed this morning in new york. several people were hurt. a news conference just ended in manhattan as we look at these pictures. we'll bring you the latest on injuries and the investigation. plus -- new information about that dose call out on the san francisco -- about that close call out on the san francisco bay. what happened just before an oil tanker hit the bay bridge. alright let's break it down.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
the national transportation safety board is sending investigators to this scene in new york of this morning's ferry boat crash in lower manhattan. at least 57 people were hurt. two of them critically hurt. that's according to the reports we have. look at the pictures. this happened after the ferry boat hit the dock near wall street. it was pulling into pier 11 earlier this morning. a lot of the passengers were standing at the time waiting to get off. they were thrown to the deck. pier 11 is closed down. the coast guard is expecting it for damages along with the boat. you saw that gaping hole. you see all of the people being treated. more than 340 people were on board at the time.
8:31 am
it had arrived from atlantic highlands, new jersey. we now want to update our continuing coverage of monday's near disaster in the san francisco bay. the coast guard says the crew was warned just before an oil tanker sideswiped a bay bridge tower. brian flores joins us now with the story. >> the investigation continues this morning what led to the overseas reymar to see swipe a bay bridge tower. we learned that the coast guard did warn the bar pilot of the hazard ahead. late last night, the u.s. coast guard told us that the tanker warned pilot kleess before sideswiping the bridge on monday. a report states that the vessel traffic service center was in constant communication with kleess as well. but what remains unclear is whether kleess had time to react or the exact moments before the incident. the coast guard says he
8:32 am
interviewed kleess and crew members yesterday and that they spent yesterday evaluating damage and equipment on board. kleess has experienced maneuvering san francisco bay. he's been doing so since 2005 according to records. those records also indicate that he had three prior accidents, all of them considered minor. but as the taker remains anchored north of the bay bridge indefinitely, investigators say they want to continue with the investigation this morning. >> it's ongoing. we're currently conducting crew interviews as well as the pilot interview and we're looking over all of the records and the various electronics and we're -- we're looking at doing a hull assessment to just really figure out what our next step should be. >> we've learned that visibility at the time was about a quarter of a mile and that there are no sight restrictions for passing under the bay bridge. after the cosco busan disaster, there were new rules in place for ships to maneuver along
8:33 am
nine areas in the bay and the bay bridge is not considered one of them. the ntsb has joined the coast guard in this investigation. they will inspect the tanker and bridge later this morning. we understand that kleess has hired an attorney. calls had time were not returned. back to you. >> thank you. 8:31. pg&e will be required now to adopt suffer -- toucher safety measures. it's part of a lawsuit settlement of the family that lost two family members in the san bruno pipeline disaster in 2010. jacqueline greg and her 13-year- old daughter, vanessa were killed in the explosion. the chronicle reports the company is required to track the life span of its pipes. the green family will be able to dae manned -- the greg family will be able to demand reports from the company and can talk mediation talks if they are needed. police in the east bay are investigating a deadly confrontation at an apartment complex in pittsburgh. it happened yesterday morning
8:34 am
at the villa sereno apartment on east leland road. investigators say the violence began when the homeowner looked through the peephole and saw someone trying to break into his home. police say the man picked up a knife and fatally stabbed the intruder carrying a fake gun. the violence has shocked neighbors. >> i was home all day. i didn't hear nothing. i didn't hear anything. >> are they usually quiet? >> yeah, they are quiet. every now and then you hear a kid playing around but that's about it. >> investigators say the man killed was a 54-year-old pittsburg man who had an extensive criminal record and they say it appears the tenant was acting in self-defense. 8:33. there will be more police patrols in north hayward for a while to reduce the rising numbers of burglaries and robberies. authorities will focus on north hayward, especially around a street and mission boulevard. burglaries and robberies went
8:35 am
up late last year. the police are -- late last year. police are hoping a bigger presence will cut down on the crimes. through men accused of killing a homeowner may face the death penalty if convicted. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty against three suspects accused of killing raveesh kumar during a home- invasion robbery last november. a fourth suspect is facing separate charges including conspiracy to commit murder and prostitution. police believe she may have had a relationship with kumar. 8:34. the army private accused of sending thousands of classified government documents to wikileaks could end up with a reduced sentence. a judge ruled that private bradley manning was illegally punished in a military prison and should get 112 days cut from any prison sentence he receives if convicted. the judge says the authorities went too far in confining manning to a windowless cell 23 hours a day for nine months.
8:36 am
manning faces 22 charges including -- including aiding the enemy which carries a maximum sentence of life behind bars. we're getting photos of the retired fbi agent kidnapped in iran in 2007 while on as about trip. the wife of robert levinsohn is releasing these foe foe toe eshopeing to get -- photos hoping to get him released. he's shown wearing a mock prison uniform while holding signs. they suspect the iranian government is behind the pictures. there is a $1 million reward for information that will bring him home. 8:35. the inauguration of hugo chavez has been postponed. he's recovering from his most recent cancer surgery. he's had complications. chaves was due to the sworn in tomorrow but officials say he will have to be sworn in at a later date. he's recovering from a severe respiratory infection after his
8:37 am
cancer surgery. opposition leaders say postponing the inauguration violents the constitution of swen. swen-- of venezuela. 8:35. this morning, water service is back to normal at alta bates summit medical center after a pump plumbing problem lasted several hours. an alert was issued yesterday afternoon about 1:00. that means water could only be used for urgent patient care. elective surgeries were postponed as a precaution. water service was restored shortly after 5:00 last night. this morning -- a
8:38 am
congressman announced introducing more cancer research. she will be joined by the actor of pat frick swayze who lost his battle in 2009. this morning's press conference will take place at stanford hospital in palo alto at 10:00. curb cafes are popping up in the south bay. soon you will be able to eat meals outside enjoying sunny skies and fresh air. san jose city council just approved a pilot program. it will allow select restaurants to replace street parking spaces with widened sidewalks for eating areas. this is his --s abouts will have to apply -- businesses will have to apply first and be approved. 8:37. things seem to be lightening up a little bit. is that the case in oakland. >> it's a little slow on 880 but not as bad as it normally is. i want to show you this live picture we have on 880 northbound.
8:39 am
a little bit slow here passing the coliseum. very popular game, the warriors play the grizzlies, they will be giving out stephen curry bobbleheads. best way to get there, public transportation. the toll plaza, much better. westbound, almost no delay, i think the metering lights should be switched off soon getting into san francisco. also looking at the east shore freeway -- freeway, it is looking good. let's go to steve. >> grizzlies are a very good team. >> yes. good morning. fog all over the place. in crockett it finally made it there. it took a while. you can see it coming into san jose. the meteorology department has the fog all over the place. very, very cold air is gonna be moving in here probably sunday morning and then it might be sunny and warmer next week. but until then, the overnight
8:40 am
lows will be cold. could be some light rain out of this system. not a biggie. but the cold air is the bigger story on this system. but the fog and the higher clouds are gonna make for a tough, tough day for temperatures to get really past the low and mid-50s. a little bit of light rain activity. that's gonna be at 3:00. i think it's more cold than anything else. the atmosphere is definitely going to be turning unstable. we could see some shower activity tonight towards the south bay as well. and then after that, it will favor areas by the coast or offshore because it has more moisture to work with. inland will it will be very cold and dry. it will hard for us to be ringing out moisture. 30ps an 40s. some of these -- 30s and 40s. numerous reports of fog, oakley, very cold and foggy. look for temperatures to be cooling down today and turning much, much colder. we topped out on the highs yesterday. we may not see those again for
8:41 am
another week. that would be the low 60s. cooler temperatures. fog combination of the fog and higher clouds. 50s, north bay. east bay slightly warmer toward, the santa clara valley but not much for the peninsula. 56, 57. 50s on the coast as well. coolern pattern in place -- cooler pattern in place. really cold mornings, sunny, brisk, partly sunny, partly cloudy as we go into the weekend. >> all right, steve. 8:39. if you have ev-- if you ever played the game mon onpy a new token will be added to the game but it's up to the public to de -- to decide which symbol it will be. will it be a cat, a diamond ring? a guitar, helicopter or a toy robot? you can actually vote on monopoly's facebook page until february 5th. that vote will decide -- will also decide which token will be
8:42 am
retired and sent to jail. the tokens will be released late summer. zynga has started to shut down games. in october, the games' developer announced it would eliminate 13 games as a way to cut cost. zynga is cutting work force by 5% and are shutting down some of their-s -- some of their offices. feelings of depressions could be linked to what you are drinking. we'll tell you how a new study may be helping you rethink your beverages. and a town in connecticut is asking you to turn in your violent video games. >> reporter: we're live in pail low alltel. we -- palo alto at the oakland museum. we'll tell you about the thefts that occurred and the artifacts as well. that's coming up on "mornings on 2." oh!
8:43 am
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8:45 am
stocks are rising in walt -- wall street. alcoa rose after predicting rising demand for aluminum. and clearwire jumped 8%. taking a live look at the big
8:46 am
toward board -- the big board, the dow is up 83. the nasdaq is up 16. s&p up 6. 8:44. google chairman eric schmidt and bill richardson are wrapping up their controversial visit to north korea today. this is new video of schmidt and richardson during -- during the grand people's study house. richardson says his delegation has been pressing the north korean government in three areas. >> first, moratorium on missile launches and no nuclear tests. secondly, the american detainee treated properly, give him proper justice and then third expand the internet, expand cell phones. >> schmidt and richardson call their trip a humanitarian mission. richardson has helped free americans arrested in north korea in the past. tim cook is in asia.
8:47 am
he's meeting with chinese business leaders in beijing. apple is refusing to say if cook will meet with china mobile executives. that company is china's biggest wireless telecom carrier. a deal is didded crucial to im- - is considered crucial to improving the distribution there. 8:45. san francisco police investigating both a shooting and a stabbing that happened overnight in potrero hill. a man was shot in the foot around 1:40 on connecticut street. two hours later, another man was stabbed three times. both are expected to survive. police don't think the incidents are related. today's judgment day for windows. in a couple of hours from now, we'll find out if baseball's all-time home run king has been voted into the hall of fame. many baseball writers have already said they will not vote for barry bonds because of his
8:48 am
conviction in the steroids scandal. and in about 45 minutes from now, a reward will be announced to catch the thieves who robbed the oakland museum of california. claudine wong is there now to tell us what was stolen. claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, artifacts stolen from two separate burglaries here at the museum of california and the museum wants them back. that press conference is set to start at 9:30 this morning. we're hoping to get some more information about what happened in each theft. here's what we do know. this happened on monday when the museum was closed. this recent heist happened on monday. a museum spokesperson said surveillance video showed a single thief inside. the thief got away with what's being described as a valuable historic artifact from the museum's collection. it's a gold rush era box.
8:49 am
the other break-in happened back in november on another monday. but this time at night after the museum was closed all day. surveillance video showed a man entered the second floor and then broke cases before stealing items and taking off. people we talked to said the thief stole history from all of us. >> if they are and we need so they will know what happened in the past. hopefully, you guys will catch him. i hope so. i hope they can't get away with that either again. maybe we just need to up security. >> reporter: this isn't the only museum to be hit in northern california. back in september, thieves dressed as ninjas and armed with pickaxes broke into the museum in broad daylight. four men were caught for that crime and are now facing charges in that case. some of the golden era was recovered. that's certainly what officials are happening in this case. again, this press conference is
8:50 am
scheduled for 45 minutes from now. we expect to get more tee -- more details about how the thieves got in and the reward being offered. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new video just in, the vice president grow biden in washington talking to victims of gun violence at the beginning of a meeting happening now at the white house. president obama the vice president in charge of coming up with ideas on reducing gun violence after the connecticut school shootings. >> the president and i are determined to take action. this is not an exercise and photo opportunities -- in photo opportunities or just getting to ask you all what your opinions are. we are vitaly interested in what you have to say. >> now, at that meeting at the white house included victims. you see the attorney general sitting right flex to the vice president. tomorrow, biden will meet with gun owner groups including the national rifle association.
8:51 am
8:49. tonight, in vallejo, congressman mike thompson is holding a gun violence prevention foreup. he's chairman of the gun violence prevention task force. he says the goal of the forum is to hear ideas about what could be done to make our communities safer. the forum will be held at vallejo's city hall from 7:00 to 8 c 30. this saturday, a town in connecticut will -- will collect violent video games and dvds. local businesses are offering people gift certificates in exchange for the movie and video games. there's been a lot of discussion about the link between violent video games and violent behavior. reportedly, the gunman in the newtown shooting played such games. several studies found while the content of many games is disturbing, there does not appear to be a direct link to
8:52 am
violent acts. one study by texas a&m university found other factors accounted for more violent incidents than just exposure to media violents. there's another newdy -- new study that looks at some things we can't seem to live without. pam cook is here to talk about how your mood may be affected by what you drink. a new study says sweet drinks may cause depression. researchers and neurologists looked at results of 206,000 results between the ages of 50 and 71 after a ten-year period. those who drank more than core four cans of soda or the equivalent of sweetened fruit drinks had a higher risk of depression. the risk was higher for those who drank i out drinks including iced tea. one theory is the drinks have been linked to diabetes and that can lead to depression and mood disorders.
8:53 am
researchers say there's a lot of evidence that people who are depressed crave sweets. so there's a which came first theory as well. now, some good news in the study, particularly for those of us early birds for those of us who rely on caffeine, coffee was found to have the opposite effect. those who drink four cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of developing depression. researchers say more studying needs to be done and perhaps chemicals -- perhaps on the chemicals in the drinks to determine which ingredients may trigger the disease. dave? >> thank you, pam. have to show you this. the first-ever live video of a giant squid. take a look at this. in was spotted more than 2,000 feet down in the pacific off the coast of japan. they think that's ten feet long. you can see that giant squid grab onto a smaller squid. they use that as bate. the discovery channel plans to
8:54 am
broadcast a special on this video you are looking at. >> i'm not getting anywhere near that squid. [laughter] 8:52. the long wait for san jose sharks' fans may be over. when pro hockey teams are expected to return to the ice. and we're looking live at your traffic this morning. sal will come back one more time. we'll tell you how things are moving around the bay bridge. six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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oakland firefighters pit out a house fire a while ago. this one started at 6:00 on ma drone avenue -- madrone avenues. news chopper 2 up there. it's a single-family house. we're told everyone got out safely. no word yet on how the fire started. meantime, overnight in georgia, four children were killed in a fire. it happened in conyers about 25 miles east of atlanta. firefighters say the mother saved one child, threw him out of a second story window to save him. but four other children, the oldest was only 7 years old were not saved. the mother is now being treated for serious burns, the cause of the fire is under investigation. the family of bryan stow is giving us an update on his condition. family members boasted -- posted a messaging on their website saying they -- a message on their website saying they enjoyed the holidays. the message says he's still
8:58 am
recovering from his latest surgery and is in constant pain. two men are in custody accused brutally beating stow outside of dodger stadium in 2010. the father of two suffered critical head injuries in that attack. it's news sharks' fans have been waiting to hear. the pro hock coy lockout is expected to end today. the players and owners are expected to reach an agreement by sunday. if approved, most training karns will open sunday and the 48-game season will begin on january 19th. >> that will be nice. sal, i know you are watching the commute now. but you expect a big crowd around the oakland arena tonight. >> see this thing? >> you got a bubblehead. >> that's firefighter fen -- stephen. >> yes. it's a big team tonight. we're expecting a big crowd tonight. the best way -- what's the best way? take b.a.r.t. if you are going to the coliseum for the game. let's go out to the toll
8:59 am
plaza. traffic is light getting into san francisco. let's go to steve. >> a lot of cloud cover in the form of either fog or high clouds. it will be a cooler day today. maybe some light rain. not a big deal but then that cold air comes in tonight and takes us into a much colder windy pattern thursday and friday. frost and freeze warnings out. >> okay. >> all right, steve. that's our report. we thank you for trusting the news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for more on today's big vote on baseball. we'll find out if barry bonds makes it into the hall of fame. thank you for joining us.


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