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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. >> good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville and i'm julie haener. san francisco police are looking for a man who attacked a woman in the city's mission district eric is live in san francisco with the brave step the woman took to warn other women. >> she actually wrote an open letter about what happened to her back here on 23rd street. since then her story has been gaining attention and now police hope it can lead to the capture of this attacker. >> on 23rd street in the mission district. >> it's frightening. >> word is getting around about what happened to a young woman walking home from visiting friends early sunday morning. in an e-mail to women in her
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neighborhood the victim described getting attacked by a stranger in frightening danger. she wrote he put went first for my eye socket and put his other hand in my mouth and slammed me to the ground. >> she actually saw this guy coming and tried to walk around a tree to get away from him. >> the victim did believe that the suspect had the intent to sexually assault her. >> police say the victim was able to fight back and a neighbor who heard her screams came to her help. investigatorsare looking for an asian man between 20 and 30 years olds, five eight and 130 with a buzz cut. >> clearly he has the intent to do something and is clearly not afraid so we want to get him off the the streets before he does commit an act against somebody else. >> the victim walked away with a number of bumps and bruises but was not seriously injured.
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this has a number o' of women around here on edge considering the series of sexual assaults that led to the conviction of frederick dozier. >> today, police in pittsburg revealed a bizarre fwis in a home invasion that turned into a fatal stabbing. they say it was staged by if victim's estranged wife and her boyfriend. it wasall planned to scare the victim out of the apartment. thevictim stabbed one o' of the robbers to death and is not facing charges. his wife and these three others were all arrested on suspicion of murder. we'll l have a live update at 7:00. >> city officials in san jose spent the day interviewing
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candidates for the new police chafe after the current chief retires. kevin kyle, tom lawrence and aurora colorado police chief dan oats are on the list. the final pick will be made and that person has to be approved by the city council. . >> it is cold out there tonight. it's going get a lot colder out here and we have scattered showers occurring now. it is light but it's enough to slow you down if you're driving. out on the bay bridge you light sprinkles. up on skyline boulevard you have sprinkles. idon't suspect this will get heavy. as we head to san jose you don't have much. so thestory are the scattered
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sprinkles and ice so -- it's so cold we're looking at snow flurries on bay area peaks and then we'll pinpoint how cold it's going to get around here. . > . >> you you can check out just how cold and wet it is before you head out the door tomorrow morning on your mobile device. down load our station ktvu app to your smartphone. >> crews hauled and stacked around 4,000 bags along san fireman keet creek -- san francisquito creek. . >> i got a lot of a-water in the garage so mibach yard was a mess.
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we had a mess all around. >> city officials say they plan to do a major overhaul of the levee this summer and are applying for disaster funds crews tonight are still cleaning up a sewage leak that contaminated several areas of the medical center in oakland. hospital staff spotted the leak and quickly responded. alex. >> a short time ago, a spoeks man told me owe a-shay will be -- osha will be investigating the response to the leak. todaywe talked to workers who's job was to sterilize instruments used fsh surgery and they told me there was sewage raining down on them. >> photos provided to ktvu
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shows sewage dripping from the ceiling. >> staff members in the sterile processing unit took precautions covering up tables of instruments. >> that's not something you want in a sterile environment. >> a little drip and then it got to be like it was raining inside the department combl technician e vet howard and her co-workers notified a-their managers and then evacuated the unit. >> we kicked into crisis mode and our staff, our sterile processing staff did everything that we could do to help contain the situation. >> the hospital issued what's called a code dry meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several l hours. dr. steven o' bryan told me today that several elective surgeries had to be cancelled but he says there was no sewage
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in any patient care areas however potentially contaminated surgical instruments are being cleaned. >> we have an alternative area over here we opened up to do processing of sterile supplies so we can continue to do surgeries and other procedures today we watched workers from row toe rooter clearing out that line. the hospital told me the issue was actually roots from nearby redwood trees that worked their way into the pipe and caused the sewage to back up. also today i learned the california department of public health has already informs gaited this spill and -- investigated this spill and no regulatory violationings were found. >> fire crews evacuated several apartment buildings in san francisco this afternoon after a backhoe hit a natural pipeline. construction workers hit the line near pa sif sxik laurel
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street. pg&e said the workers should have been digging with shovels. crews capped the line after about an hour. >> the lawyer is talking tonight for the bar pilot who was at the helm when that oil tanker swiped the bay bridge. tom has our continuing coverage now with a look at what the attorney is saying as federal and state investigators continue to examine that collision. . >> his client is under numerous and state and local federal investigations for piloting this tanker but he says he has a good record. . >> captain guy's attorney also says that the board found previous dintss in 2009 and 2010 were minor and that he's been involved in almost 12 thousand ship movements.
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he saysspeculation that pilot error was the cause is premature. we alsolearn that had the bay bridge is not considered a critical maneuvering zone. several zonesare laid out in the harbor safety plan. >> this is a plan that is approved and vetted because we are an advisory committee to that state organization of california. >> but critical maneuvering zones are voluntary. >> these are guidelines, strongly recommended guidelines but they are not regulation. >> for the most part, the local guidelines establish locally work well around the nation. inthe last decade the national transportation safety board has investigated 39 marine accidents in the u.s., only two have been in california. the first in 2007 when the container ship hit the bridge and in 2009 in san diego where
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a small coast guard vessel collided with a private motor boat killing a young child child. >> all day today numerous boats have come dropping off and picking up investigators and other needed supplies. . >> a bay area congresswoman is celebrating a new law. the billjust signed by president obama was cosponsored by palo alto representative. it directs the cancer institute to focus on early detection of the deadly deadliest cancers. . >> new at 6:00, president obama will be toasting his
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inauguration with with a flute of bay area bubbly. we went to the corrbell wine ri. >> at the wine ri, happy days are here again. . >> it's very exciting. >> it's an honor because the champagne selected to flow at the upcoming inauguration luncheon is from so gnome ma county -- sonoma county. ninety bottles were shipped before christmas and are ready for popping after the ceremony. thechampagne is a 2008 vintage. >> it is very traditional and is just a really dry style of california champagne. >> this will be the eighth inauguration in a row for them againing with with ronald
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reagan's second one. >> we went to the innaug ral committee and talked about our history and asked if we could be a part of this luncheon and they granted it. it's not a given. we definitely have to go back and present our product. we'revery proud that each time they have selected us for the last eight inaugurations the champagne sells for about $16 a bottle but only presidents can get it in magnums. . >> we do put extra care in it. . >> they say it's already begun laying down the 2012 vintage getting ready for the inauguration four years from now just in case. >> an unlikely roommate, a five foot alligator discovered living in someone's bedroom.
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. >> but right after the break, a bay area lashg heading up a -- lawmaker heading up an effort to lower gun violence. . >>
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inaugural naug ral. >> it's critically porpt we act. . >> -- important we act. >> vice president joe biden began meetings today that will result in new gun laws. today,biden met with victims groups and gun safety organizations. tomorrow he'll sit down with a representative o' from the national rite rifle association. president obama want it is
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propose a-sals by the end of the month. the bay area representative is about to debate the issue with voters. kim is christian is there. >> that meeting is et so get under way in about 45 minutes. you can expect heated emotions on both sides of the issue. >> this is set to be the next hot spot to discuss gun control. democratic congressman mike thompson was tapped to head up the gun violence task force. he's hosting the open house and is looking forward to hearing from all sides everybody needs to lower the temperature because this is something every e american agrees on. . >> this follows the school shooting last month. he'slooking at issues such as
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better screening and mental health issues. >> i'm a hunter and gun owner, you don't need those. i don'tneed them, you don't need them, nor do we need assault magazines. >> around here, opinions range. some say they don't want to see the rights of lawful gun owners restricted. >> i think the recent things boil down to like the mental health and all of that vurz gun control. >> while -- versus gun control. >> i think assault weapons, anything automatic should not be. there's no reason to have that especially in hunting or game. >> tonight's meeting is the second in a series of three. the third meeting is set for tomorrow night. . >> we just learned in the last half hour that a bone fragment found in a central valley well
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does not belong to a missing youngster mccay la garrett. shewas kidnapped in 1988. it wasduring that time that the so-called speed freak murders dumped victims body in the valley. the bone matches a previously identified victim but the name is not being released yet. . >> the alameda county sheriff's department has arrested a man with 34 pounds of processed marijuana. what's so unusual is deputies say that marijuana was being guarded by this guy, a five foot alligator. the gatorwas found in a plexiglass tank. deputies arrested the owner and the alligator was taken to the oakland zoo. >> it's one thing to find marijuana but that's another thing.
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>> all right some light rain is moving through the bay area. bill martin is tracking it. what's it looking like bill. >> some light showers all around the bay area. the storyhere is going be cold. cold airdoesn't hold a lot of water, that's why we aren't seeing a lot of rain flt you can see over toward alameda you have some showers. . >> the showers have been going on for the last couple of hours. we head south and you have a few sprinkles. this is a very cold weather system with the potential to bring lightening and thunder but that will be out over the ocean. this air mass is cool and this water will spawn the activity. here is the cold air, there's
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the frontal boundary. look where the showers stay, offshore because that's where the instability is. we could see snow flurries on bay area peaks. the main thing we'll notice is cold temperatures, extremely cold on friday morning. midnighttonight, maybe snow flurries in the san tra cruz mountains. that's kind of novelty stuff but neighbor a sdusing at best. ifyou -- maybe a dusting at best. as we get to to 4:00 a.m., some stuff offshore. you get picture. now that cold air is in clas so thursday morning is going be pretty chilly when the skies clear. just know that friday morning is going to be a good five degrees cooler than that. that's why the weather service has a frost advisory for the bay shoreline. it's hard to get -- not hard
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but it's not easy to get frost along the bay shore so it's hard to modify the temperature. they put a freeze warning in effect for the purple areas. what strikes me is i it's unusual to get a freeze warning for san jose, that's an urban center. this is friday morning. that's the headline. it's be to be cool in the daytime, 48. the five day forecast for the week ebd, showers won't amount to anything for the rain gauges. we'll betalking about the cold a lot. >> thank you bill. lincoln nowsays it has 200 million members. the website says it has users in other kun stris, 74 million are american. as for the two most followed
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individuals on the site, richard branson followed by president obama. . >> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv36 a twist in a home invasion. today we learned about a love triangle that sparked it all. they the bay area agencies claim they were taken for millions. . >> it has only happened once before, baseball hall of fame will not welcome new names into the halls this year. a-mark isup next with all the details.
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. >> a group of bay area organizations for the blind and vishlgly impaired teamed up with the red cross for a blood drive at eight locations. the redkroes says winter is a crucial time for blood drives because of the weather. for some, it's an opportunity to continue the circle o' of helping others. >> making an effort to as a community give back to help others in the way that we so often are helped by others. >> red cross leaders say they
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are on track to meet the nation's goals. >> mark is here now with sports. boy the baseball writers spoke loud and clear. >> made a big statement and i don't think it should l surprise anybody. of course mark twain once e said there are three kinds of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics and today the writers say all of the statistics were lies. barrybonds killed the home run record but received nowhere near the 75% o' of the votes needed to enter the home. you see barry, samemy sosa -- sammy sosa and roger clemens. mine teem we got a little football to talk about. that is saturday's a-match up which you'll see here starting
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at 4:00 with kauch at 5:00. howabout michael crab tree. he'sturned into to p target no. one for kaeperneck. he says he's more than ready to start atoning for his poor playoff performance from last year. >> last year we came up a little short and i feel like i have a chip on my shoulder and i can't wait to go back out there. we go out there with with our great defense that we have and our offense, i can't wait to go out there and show what we been practicing on. >> meantime, basketballs will be flying all over the bay area tonight, we have kyle, stanford all in action. we'll have full highlights tonight at 11:00 from that. >> mark, thank you. jobs arebeing created here in the bay area.
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coming up tonight on the 10:00 o'clock news, the advantages that set the silicon valley apart as a top job market. >> and as always, thank you for choosing ktvu for your news source. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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