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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(antonio) this is awesome. well, listen. we all won, okay? we all did this together, we--we learned to dive in a very short amount of time. (kyle) well, i think that's well said. you're the winner, but the stage is full of champions. this has been an amazing night for everyone. think about it. just weeks ago, none of them could even dive. now the tenacity they've shown tonight, the perseverance has been off the charts. hurtling themselves through the air at ludicrous speed, cutting through the water, risking pain and embarrassment, and doing it all to show you tonight what olympic diving is all about. they should feel like champions. for kyle martino, olympian troy dumais, all of these athletes-- we had a blast tonight. we'll see you guys again soon. [cheers and applause]
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from the outside, a typical bay area home. on the inside, authorities found an alligator protecting pounds of processed marijuana. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie hay nor. a castro valley man had a live alligator guarding his pot. amber lee tells us what happened to the gator, called mr. teeth and his owner.
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>> the 32-year-old castro valley man is being held here, it was the discovery of the exotic pet that surprised his neighbors and deputies. residents of this quiet castro valley cul-de-sac tell me the suspect lived in this rented two story home with his wife and 2-year-old son with several dogs including a pit bull. some suspected drug dealing but were shocked to learn he had an alligator named mr. teeth guarding marijuana in the home. one neighbor spoke with us on the condition we would not identify her. >> it is outrageous. when i drove up, there were six police cars trying to deal with the alligator. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's department said they were doing a routine probation check when they found the 5- foot long wall gator in a
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bedroom next -- alligator in a bedroom next to 34 pounds of processed marijuana buds. >> he said it acted as a deterrent as soon as you get near the tank the alligator moves around and gets agitated. >> neighbors identified this woman driving the white suv as his wife. when we approached her she drove off. she has not been charged but her husband may face an additional charge for not having the proper permit for an exotic animal. >> guard alligators? that is quite rare. >> reporter: mr. teeth has been turned over to the zoo. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned in court tomorrow afternoon. live in dublin, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. sausalito police announced arrest of a man who had 164
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pounds of marijuana. he had stashed the pot in a self-storage locker. new developments in the case of michaela garrett, bone fragment found in a well in san joaquin county was not that of the girl. she was kidnapped in 1988 outside a seven eleven. her mother had new hope she would finally know what happened to her daughter on monday she spoke with ktvus rita williams. >> if this turns out not to be her we have to start looking from scratch other places. it just goes on and on. >> reporter: sharon has been waiting for the dna results since october now her wait will go on. police said the bone fragment
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belongs to a previously identified murder victim. >> at least one navigational aid of the bay bridge was not working monday during an inspection shortly after an oil tanker clipped a support tower. heather has been following this story from the beginning and live now at treasure island with the notice issued to mariners. heather. >> reporter: julie, after the accident the coast guard started examining various items, used to navigate the bay. they discovered two radar trance ponders were out on the bay bridge when they issued this warning to boaters. tonight the attorney for the pilot at the helm of the overseas raymar is trying to cap rise on this. the lawyer for the captain says it is premature to pin monday's accident on his client. none of the government
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investigators pointed fingers at any specific source as a cause he points to a host of potential factors including faulty navigational devices. >> coast guard investigators will consider status of all the aids in the area. >> reporter: we obtained a notice that went to mariners yesterday telling them ray con y and b are currently not operating. the question is, were they working as they tried to take the tanker out to sea in the fog monday morning. >> we will include all those in our investigation and try to figure out if status of any of those had any bearing on the incident. >> reporter: repairs are set to begin soon the state will pay for repairs estimated at 2 to $3 million go after the ship's owner to recoupe the cost. the search for the cause of the accident entered a new phase with an investigator for
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national transportation safety board, examining the vessel and interviewing the crew. we learned the pilot will not be dispatched to any jobs pending the outcome of the state board of pilot commissioners. it is set to file a report in 90 days. members of the conservation core, shored up a levee in east palo alto with 4,000 bags in an effort to keep the creek from flooding. in december, heavy winds and high tide, proved too much for the creek and it breached the existing levee. nearby homes flooded along with part of highway 101. they plan to do a major overhaul of the levee, some time this summer. temperatures are about to drop big time. bill martin is here with what to expect. >> showers, light so far that is how it will stay. the main impact from this
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latest weather system as we have been talking about is this very cool, polar air settling in over the bay area. take a look, that is all very very cold air, and it is moving in right now. we've got temperatures outside in the 40s, light scattered showers in some higher elevations of the bay area, where we are seeing showers up here around ben loman we could see snow flurries above 1500 feet. showers not a big deal, snow flurries novelty but not a big deal. the big deal is how cold it will get especially morning hours on friday. when i come back the latest computer model and forecast lows along with a freeze warning to talk about. california highway patrol offering advice to drivers who may encounter black ice on a cold morning this week. first, be aware of the possibility and pay attention. one sign you can look for is ice forming on the side mirrors
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on your car because if ice can form there it can freeze on the roadway as well. the highway patrol also says if you begin to slide, step off the accelerator and chp says don't hit your brakes. check the weather where you live 24/7 go to click on the weather tab find live storm tracker 2 : >> a gathering at glide memorial church to show support for a young mother doused in gasoline and badly burned. ♪ [ music ] dozens came together to share songs and prayers for 25- year-old star lamar who police say was attacked by her boyfriend. she suffered severe burns on her face and body during sunday's attack. police arrested 22-year-old dexter oliver for the crime. her sister said tonight's gathering means a great deal to the family.
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>> means a lot to know, my sister wasn't alone and people were praying for her that she heals. >> lamar remains hospitalized tonight, oliver is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow the family says the two had a rocky relationship and she had just broken it off gain the day of the attack. for the first time since 1960, no living baseball player will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year. in voting results releasedderrier today barry bonds -- released earlier today, barry bonds was denied entry. >> reporter: baseball's all time home run hitter but barry bonds was not a hit with baseball writers today, nor were others from the steroid's era, bonds got 36.2% of the
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vote, sammy scioscia, 12.5% and roger clemens, 12.6%. >> i would not have voted for bonds. absolutely not. >> i believe he should have got in. >> what he did was not right. people that know best decided. >> i did not vote for all the steroid guys. i don't know how i will vote in coming years,. >> reporter: chronicle sports columnist told me she was not surprised how her fellow sports writers voted. >> as someone who covered his career, entire career, presteroid era, post steroid era i couldn't bring myself to vote for him. >> the exact same writers in the late 90s that were looking the other way. now they want to make up for the poor job they did then. >> reporter: founder of belco labs, now pusher of better drug testing thinks bonds and
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clemens deserving to inducted. >> i think a lot of players in the hall of fame already have used performance enhancing drugs. >> reporter: the senior vice president said the giants believes barry bonds belongs in the hall of fame but respect the process. they hope some time in the next 15 years he will be admitted. rita williams ktvu channel 2 news. >> a few other big names didn't get in either one of the best catchers of his era, didn't get in, craig biggio who played 20 seasons same closest, 68% short of the 75% needed and pitcher curt shilling didn't make the cut. 49er faithful taking it to the next level. >> at 10:30 p.m. the special candle that could be the secret weapon against green bay.
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sewage pouring into a bay area hospital. >> expert advice how not to get lost in the crowd when searching for a job. why it is a good time to work in silicon valley
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>> an estimated 700 people attended a job fair in the bay area. ktvus. maureen is live at santa clara with the one thing applicants
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can do to land that first job. >> reporter: inside the campus building tonight behind me recruiters use items such as these to get attention of job seekers. it is a good time to look for work in silicon valley. for this 19-year-old entering tonight's career fair at santa clara, it was a little intimidating. >> i am a little shy, introvert. >> reporter: but the dressed down engineering major is confident he will find what he is looking for. >> it is a good area, silicon valley, google, cisco and all that, my hopes are up. >> reporter: a new federal survey found santa clara county is the second best job market in the u.s. san francisco, san mateo, marin saw the third best jump in jobs, austin texas first with 4.4% growth. >> reporter: the estimated 700 students and alumna, navigating the booths, were primarily
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looking for one thing. >> internships. >> distribution internships. >> director of the career center recommends students start early and start with an internship. >> by the time you are a sophomore you want to look for internships. 90% of employers look to convert their interns into full time employment. >> the key to get a job right after college. that is what i am trying to do get on that train. >> how many people here, we had a line and had a show of hands who were engineering majors. google, cisco and apple hire more arts majors from this university. >> linked in has reached a milestone, 200 million members, users in more than 200 countries, 74 million american, 18 million in india and the two most followed are richard branson followed by president
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obama. linked in stock climbed 2% following the newsenedding at $113 a share. facebook has e-mailed this cryptic invitation to reporters for a press conference next tuesday at headquarters the line come see what we are build something the only hint. some tech blogs are speculating facebook may be releasing a smart phone others say that is unlikely. governor brown is set to release his budget plan for the next fiscal year at the state capital tomorrow the projected california budget gap is just under $2 million. lawmakers also say governor brown's plan may include spending as much as $500 million of prop 39 tax money to make public schools more energy efficient. a federal judge gave final approval to a $1 million settlement in the uc davis
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pepper spraying incident. people everywhere were outraged by that incident under the settlement the 21 students will each get $30,000 another $100,000 will be split among 15 other individuals. and attorneys will be paid $250,000 in fees. san francisco police turning to the public to hell 7 track down -- help track down a female hit and run driver who hit and injured a 15-year-old girl on christmas day. it happened 5:00 p.m. at night intersection of 19th and winston sunset district. >> the victim was transported to hospital and required several surgeries because of fractures, injuries were nonlife threatening. >> the teen was hit by a four door, newer model mercedes, grey and had paper plates the kind from a dealership. a white woman, 40 to 50 years old. indications tonight search for a new police chief in san jose has been narrowed down to
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the finalist. robert honda has exclusive details on a meeting today, and the short list of candidates. >> reporter: it was a very well kept secret, south bay's most influential community groups, gathered inside hay's mansion conference center to conduct an all day job interview. former san jose police chief, william lance down and numerous community leaders cited confidentiality agreements to be part of the process. the candidates were former santa clara police chief, kevin kyle, current assistant chief in dallas and the chief in colorado. san jose communications officer wouldn't name candidates but confirmed the process going on here today. >> it is a short list that we
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are bringing forward to community representatives to meet and interview today. >> no more interviews with other candidates besides the ones here today? >> we are hopeful we can complete this process today. >> reporter: the group will make recommendations to the city manager. though there is no set time table, current chief moore retires january 18th. >> we want to keep the gap between the retirement of chief moore and the next as small as possible. >> reporter: once the city manager makes her final selection the candidate must be approved by city council. this weather system all about the cold. showers out there, but very little moisture. we are looking at lightly scattered showers, a hundredth of an inch to two hundreds of an inch. right now santa rosa, 41,
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chilly, 44 concord, 44 livermore. see these blues they are coming our way everything dropping down with that system. next 12 hours, all this blue, cold air will be on top of us that means overnight lows tonight, friday morning going to be pretty cold especially friday morning. usually overnight lows, tomorrow morning 30, 30 napa below freezing, maybe ice, ground frost, cool and cold by friday morning that freeze warning goes into effect. specificyour 5 day coming up. first results in on san francisco's new sunday parking meter rules we asked city officials about warnings issued last sunday. they said 4,000 were handed out. san francisco is allowing for a grace period of two more weeks before real parking tickets are issued on january 27th, meters will have to be fed between
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noon and 6:00 p.m. you can prepay if you like. sewage spill creates a health risk inside a bay area hospital. >> a little drip from the ceiling and got to be like it was raining inside the department. >> the smelly situation why hospital officials are pointing a finger of blame at mother nature. >> new video that could help solve a 3 month old homicide. what this video reveals about the suspected killer. @@ [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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we have new information about a sewage spill in oakland. two state agencies are investigating. as alex savage explains clean up crews were working hard to make sure workerpatients don't face a health risk. >> reporter: a foul mess inside
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yesterday. photos provided to ktvu shows sewage dripping from the ceiling. >> the smell was terrible. >> reporter: staff members took precautions covering up tables full of instruments. >> a little drip from the ceiling and got to be like it was raining. >> we just kicked in, to crisis mode and our staff, our sterile processing staff did everything we could do to help contain the situation. >> reporter: the hospital issued what is called a code dry, meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several hours. dr. o'bryan told me five elective surgeries had to be cancelled because of the spill and they had today vert ambulances to other hospitals but -- divert ambulances to other hospitals.
10:26 pm
potentially contaminated surgical instruments are being cleaned. >> we have an alternative area we opened up, to process sterile supplies. >> reporter: today we saw workers from roto rooter clearing out the sewer line that became blocked yesterday. the hospital said it was roots from nearby redwood trees that worked their way into the pipe. cal osha will investigate. california department of public health has investigated the spill and a spokesman said, no regulatory violations were found. in oakland, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> red cross teamed up with organizations for the blind and visually impaired for a blood drive. head of light house for the blind, says blind people are often recipients of other's generosity and they want to give back. winter is a crucial time because fewer people are
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donating due to illness, bad weather and holiday vacations. obesity and a lack of health insurance are among the reasons americans die at an earlier age compared to people living in other wealthy countries. the report compared statistics from the u.s. with 16 other wealthy countries it found the u.s. men, ranked last when it comes to longevity living about 75.6 years, compare that to 79 years for men in switzerland the top ranked country and u.s. women ranked next to last, 80 .8 years compared to 86 for women in japan which was ranked number one. wall street posted positive numbers, dow rose 61 points its first up day this week. nasdaq up 14. analysts say the first batch of corporate earnings reports were bert than expected. word aig decided not to
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join a lawsuit against the 2008 bailout that saved the country. according to some it would be like biting the hand that feeds you. they filed the suit saying conditions for the bailout were unfair to shareholders. looks and feels more like green bay than san francisco. if candlestick park is ready for this weekend's big playoff game. >> she was in a relationship with some body else. >> twisted tale of cheating and deceit
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>> for many san francisco 49er fans sunday's best means putting on a red jersey. now their playoff prayers are materializing. how some fans are hoping that a
10:31 pm
certain type of candle will lead to a 49ers victory. >> as you know there is always a fair amount of luck and superstition involved in sports. this year, fans have a chance to buy divine intervention. before saturday's playoff game begins, some fans will go through a ritual, lighting candles blessed in the city's mission district. hoping and praying it will bring victory. >> they will wind and wounds heal. >> reporter: these prayer candles have been a holt seller. >> -- hot seller. >> people are obsessed. people buying them in bulk as it gets closer to saturday they are buying more and they are more frantic about them. >> reporter: across town in north beach it is not holy
10:32 pm
water but beer that will flow saturday. >> hopefully they will stand out the door. and hopefully most of the 49ers win. >> reporter: it is a north beach institution. >> we have been here since 1942. >> reporter: do you think any packer fans will be here? >> they seem to be the nicest of all the fans. >> reporter: down the street niner fanonly niner fans are welcome at columbus cafe. >> will you have any packer fans in here? >> no way. i don't think we will that day that's for sure. >> reporter: meantime candlestick, 49ers and packers won't have to worry about the frozen tundra of lambeau field. the turf looks to be in fine shape and the rain gauge, near the end zone was still empty. hopefully there won't be enough wind to blow out those candlestick prayer candles. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> you can watch the game live
10:33 pm
here on ktvu channel 2. coverage begins 4:00 p.m. saturday. fox picks up coverage at 4:30 p.m. with the kick offset for just after 5:00 p.m. after the game catch sports director mark, for our live point after show. >> rumors heating up about the sacramento kings. during her term, she won praise for labor unions for enforcing labor laws. three other top white people are staying put. eric holder, veterans affairs
10:34 pm
secretary. >> vice president biden hosted the first high level meeting of the new gun policy task force. it is critical for the nation to act following that shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> every once in awhile there is something that awakens the country. >> those attending today's meeting included parents of children killed in the mass shooting at a movie theatre in aurora colorado along with survivors of the 2007 virginia tech massacre. the president has vowed action and wants recommendations from that task force by the end of the month. >> national debate on gun control came to vallejo. a public meeting was hosted. >> i am a hunt era gun owner. you don't need them i don't
10:35 pm
need them nor do we need assault magazines. >> congressman thompson is looking for opinions how to prevent another tragedy. police released a surveillance video in hopes of solving a 3 month old murder. the trail has gone cold in the killing of 46-year-old alea cruise. they hope someone will recognize the man in this footage he is seen walking with her in the tenderloin to her apartment. less than an hour later he came out and ran off. she was found stabbed to death in her home. >> this might spark someone's memory. they might recognize this person from the neighbourhood whatever the case may be and hopefully drum up some tips for the police department. >> this is a sketch of the suspect a mixed race man, 25 to 35 years old with braids or
10:36 pm
pony tails. also, san francisco a woman is trying to help others going public about an attempted sexual assault she sent an e- mail to friends and neighbors alerting them of the attack sunday morning. 23rd near guerro an asian man threw her to the ground tried to poke her in the eye and stifle her screams she fought back and the man ran away. a new twist to a fatal encounter we told you about last night. police in pittsburgh say a woman's plan to scare her husband, resulted in the fatal stabbing. the alleged conspiracy and the four people now behind bars. >> reporter: tonight 28-year- old charmaine is in jail, she had been having an affair for several months with 22-year-old matt parker. investigators say they plotted to have someone break into the apartment to scare her husband. police say as part of the
10:37 pm
conspiracy the wife provided a key. >> she was separating with her husband. it appeared her husband was reconsidering moving out of the residence she felt this would be a persuasion or scare tactic. >> reporter: about 10:20 a.m. yesterday morning an intruder entered the apartment and confronted the apartment who had a gun. the intruder showed a fake firearm the husband fatally stabbed the intruder in the neck with a knife. >> i heard commotion. i was vacuuming. >> reporter: the intruder was 54-year-old robert lyndsey of pittsburgh. neighbors saw the husband shortly after the attack. >> he looked calm, maybe a little distraught he kept putting his hands over his face. >> reporter: two other men were at the scene and ran away but later caught. tonight the wife, her boyfriend, matt parker his brother 21-year-old charles parker and an associate, are
10:38 pm
all in jail on murder charges. >> police say the husband acted in self-defense and not facing charges he is with the couples two children ages 5 and 8 as the mother and other suspects remain in jail tonight. a frightening scene at a new york construction site as a 200-foot crane comes crashing down. dozens of commuters hurt when a ferry crashed into a dock. some of the coldest air of the season moving in right now. how that will impact tomorrow mornings temperature. details in 10 minutes. >> can a pod of killer whales be saved. how they got trapped beneath ice you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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dozens of commuters were injured when a ferry crashed, docking in new york city. it was carrying 330 people. it hit with such force, people went flying, falling and crashing into windows. many were standing near exits and stairwells at the time. 74 people were hurt, two critically. passengers said they had no warning. >> you couldn't tell it was getting ready to dock. it was coming in, it just hit
10:42 pm
something and it was a disaster. >> officials say it appears the ferry was going faster than usual for docking, carrying commuters from new jersey to manhattan. >> nearby queens a 200-foot crane collapsed at a construction site. rescue crews had to extricate three construction workers from the crane. they had one that collapsed in manhattan five years ago killing two people. firefighters are getting a break from record breaking heat in australia. they are forecast to sore soar again this weekend. the threat is down graded from catastrophic to very high. fires are common this time of year in australia but these have been particularly bad because of heat and drought.
10:43 pm
in syria, rebels freed 48 iranians in exchange for more than 2,000 prisoners including women and children. rebels said the iranians were pro asad, para military but teheran said they were religious pilgrims. in canada 11 killer whales are trapped by ice in hudson bay. the nearby community is pleading with the canadian government to send an ice breaker as soon as possible. they got trapped when temperatures suddenly dropped and ice formed. washington national cathedral, announced they will host same-sex marriages. its embrace of gay weddings is seen as growing acceptance
10:44 pm
nationwide. conditions inside the juvenal correction facility are unsafe. they brought their concerns to the commission tonight. workers are grossly under trained and don't have enough hand held radios to alert other workers in the event of an emergency. handcuffs and other restraint tools are not allowed inside. >> we basically have to go in there, some times, wrestle and restrain gentlemen, excuse me, kids, larger than adults and have serious strength and very angry. >> workers want more training and want to be allowed to use pepper spray. it houses juveniles from 13 to 17 years of age. a piece of gold rush history goes missing. oakland museum of california hit for a second time by a burglar. why police believe the same person is behind both heists. a major cold snap headed for the bay area.
10:45 pm
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oakland museum of california offered a sizable reward today, the second theft at that museum in three months, claudine wong tells us, there is one key piece of evidence that may help investigators. >> reporter: it has been in this museum since the 1960s giving people a glimpse into the gold rush. >> a wedding anniversary gift from a san francisco pioneer to his wife in the 1800s. it was created by a san francisco goldsmith artisan. >> reporter: until monday when someone snatched it. oakland police wouldn't release a picture citing the ongoing investigation all we can tell you it is 7 by 9 about the size of a shoe box, gold and quart
10:48 pm
with images of california on the box. >> this is a theft, not just of a valuable object, but a theft of our history and a theft, of the heritage of our children. >> reporter: it is the second time this has happened. there was another heist in november. the museum believes in both thefts, the thief came in through the garden, in both, the burglar came to this area of the museum, november, right there and right here and monday the box located right here. >> reporter: two burglaries, two months, both when the museum was closed and both caught on video. police believe the same man is responsible, black, 5'9", to 6'0a" wearing a dark hat, dark jacket, dark shoes, white mask a $12,000 reward is up for grabs. the hope is the story of this
10:49 pm
box brings it back home. tracking some cool and cold air move into the bay area. -- moving into the bay area. there is the front. what is following is the cold area. that is why it is called a cold front that cold air is pushing into the bay area as we speak. what it will do is cool things off. we will see temperatures freezing or below freezing in some north bay valleys, by tomorrow it is really cold. light sprinkles a few widely scattered sprinkles no big deal. we are looking for temperatures to cool big time. winter weather advisory goes into effect for tonight, south of santa cruz. it is cold enough we could see snow up on summit road in the mountains, 1800 feet. snow possible thursday morning
10:50 pm
when you get up, not a lot of moisture but gives you an idea how cold that air is. really cold as we head into your friday morning here comes the system the model shows you the widely scattered showers as they hang offshore. that cold air is transported, over top of us. that is the mechanism for cold overnight lows, freeze warning that goes into effect as we head into your friday morning. frost advisory around the bay that is a big deal you don't see that often it is not easy to get frost in oakland or mountain view. how cold will it be in san jose? enough to get you a freeze warning, temperatures perhaps into the upper 20s. santa rosa. friday morning that is the story, the story with this system is the cold air you are not seeing a lot of rain or snow.
10:51 pm
these are the forecast highs tomorrow 49 vallejo, 49 napa, 48 santa rosa those look like overnight lows. 48 your daytime highs. 48 degrees brent wood tomorrow, 50 morgan hill, 51 redwood city. the 5 day forecast is one that is not going to give us a lot of rain in the reservoirs or the rain gauges or a lot of snow in the mountains. concern of course with that freeze warning is, when you hit a big city like san jose and people out on the streets, people who can't get shelter, below freezing, that is a big deal. that is the story friday morning as cold as we have seen it all season. >> that and the black ice as well. >> thanks bill. sacramento kings basketball team could say goodbye to the state capital and hello to seattle. there are reports seattle investors are in final stage of talks to buy the team for $500
10:52 pm
million. fans in sacramento say they feel abandoned. >> i think it would be really dispointing if they let the team go to another place. a big loss to the city of sacramento. the mayor, kevin johnson a former nba player himself said he is hoping to find a buyer to keep the kings in sacramento. seattle lost the super sonics when they moved to oklahoma in 2008. a reason to toast. sonoma county winery taking center stage at the upcoming presidential inauguration [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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they are providing the bubbly for the upcoming inauguration luncheon in washington dc. the sparkling wine is a 2008 vintage, a pinot noir shard chard -- charddonay blend. they had a front line that is massive, andrew, warriors just don't play well against them. too small. culture changing for the warriors for the better, their
10:56 pm
inability to beat memphis, grizzlies, devour golden state, eight straight times. they have zach randolph inside, warriors have no one to match that presence. warriors regroup second half, 13-3 run of their own. feel this shot, ringling brothers all over it. free throw, within one, tied it but however they were out rebounded down the stretch. turn over, with the block and mike on the other end, for two, second straight loss for the warriors. that is only the second time this year they have lost back to back games. only bay area basketball bright spot provided by stanford because of aaron bright's best game of the year. chase and randall, not bad
10:57 pm
himself, 16 as runner up score. powell will eventually get a handle on it for stanford and find a way to get it to the hot hand. he too, has the notion from 3 it is down, cardinal, 10 and 6 overall as we mentioned first conference win to put it mildly. cal bears have issues. alumns like kid and aj much needed. washington, 16-0 run. huskies, own it start to finish cal just not their night as you can see. you miss a dunk like that, and turn it in and that is pretty much what the bears do. so many subplots in the sizing of the the 49ers packers game up. coach harbaugh's decision to go with an inexperienced player,
10:58 pm
tenuous kicking situation. and development of michael crabtree as the catch pass and go to guy. nearly invisible last year 1 catch for 3-yards in the title game against the giants. >> last year we came up a little short, and i felt like i got a little chip on my shoulder and i just can't wait to go back out there for playoff. we go out with my team. the great defense that we have and all those guys. i just can't wait to go out there and show them what i have been practicing on. >> all day we heard your reaction to barry bonds and other steroid suspects denied entry. the only member who felt the voting was incorrect. it was giants great right- hander, who says i think it is unfair to guys who are never found guilty of anything.
10:59 pm
their stats define them as immortal. >> speaking out about it. thanks. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. they will follow the low temperatures overnight and everything else you need to know before you head out the door


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