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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 10, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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that phone call has led to a new investigation. a very strange bay area drug case is coming up, stay right here with us.
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. a former death row inmate is in jail again, facing charges of murdering his mother. >> another serious crash back east. this time it's a school bus that flipped over just a short time ago. >> guarded by a gator. the five foot long alligator charged with guarding a stash of marijuana. what we have learned about his condition and the man who owned him. >> these are five people who are the very best at sitting in a chair watching other people make a movie. >> the nominees for best director at the oscars just announced. all the details in a moment. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on two. >> it's thursday, january
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10th. a convict double murder out on parole said he struck again, claiming he killed his own mother. police responded to the man's home yesterday finding a body on the property. paul chambers joins us live with details on what happened and the man's violent past. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now we did some digging and found out that the 70-year-old man had a very violent past. before the murder convictions we found that he did rape and kidnapping convictions before and after those murders. this is the neighborhood where police came to yesterday. it's also a place where the man said to be living since 2001. he called police and turned himself in for killing his 89- year-old mother. here is a picture of the 70- year-old. police say just before noon he called officers and told them he killed his mother. once police arrived on scene he took them to an area of the property where they found a body. police haven't confirmed the
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identity but it's believed to be his 89-year-old moshed. he was sentenced to death in 1966 after he as convicted of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering two teen girls, a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old but the sentence was reversed and he was given life. he was later paroled in 1979. documents state because of good behavior and his lack of prior serious criminal history. he was required to register as a sex offender. he is now in jail at this time facing murder charges and later today vallejo police department will have a press conference to give us more information about this case. of course we will pass it to you with when we get that information. live in vallejo. paul chambers. > a castro valley man due in court to face drug charges in a strange case. sheriff's deputies say he had a
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live alligator in his house guarding his marijuana. we have more on this and the alligator. >> reporter: can you imagine the surprise when they found that animal inside this castro valley home. we are at the sheriff's department and police say look, they see a lot of unusual things but a gator guarding marijuana doesn't happen very often. it did happen yesterday. take a look at mr. teeth. mr. teeth is a five foot long alligator, act 16. he was kept inside a cage inside the bedroom of the home near about 34 pounds of marijuana. when deputies approached he got agitated. he has been called sick so the zoo is taking care of him. we believe he is in quarantine and he was not what deputies expected to find. >> they went up to do a probation compliance check. when they arrived they found 34
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pounds of dried marijuana and a five foot long gator. >> reporter: we don't know where the 32-year-old bought it but we know he kept it in his home in castro valley. it's a quiet neighborhood, little cul-de-sac where neighbors say they didn't know him or his wife or their 2-year- old very well because they had just moved in. they knew he did have several dogs and a pit bull. >> even when we went in to the backyard we say okay, carry a bat with you. >> reporter: you were worried about the dog. >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: gator? >> no didn't expect that. >> reporter: the owner of mr. teeth said that he was supposed to be a deterrant for the 34 pounds of marijuana. that marijuana also found in the bedroom of that home next to the gator. he is facing drug, sale and possession charges. he was booked just after midnight being held on 160,000- dollar bail. he will face a judge at two to
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be charged and we can see gators line. we found them for about $250 but the fish and game has them listed as illegal to own so it's likely he will face more charges soon for having mr. teeth in his home. live in alameda. >> federal investigators now are leading the investigation into monday's oil tanker crash in to the bay bridge. the national transportation safety board wants to know if radar equipment was working right when the empty oil tanker hit a bay bridge tower in the fog. a coast guard bulletin indicates there may have been problem problems with the radar beacons that helps guide ships between the towers. >> coast guard investigators will consider the status of all the aids in the area.
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>> inspectors say the price tag for repairs to the bridge tower could reach three million dollars. the state will pay it first but the owner of the tanker may pay some of the costs. >> we want to update you on a story in new york city that we first reported on yesterday's morning news and mornings on two. a high speed ferry from new jersey nah crashed in to a dock had installed a new propeller system. crews encountered problems with it, especially with the gears. the 141-foot ship named wall street hit the pier in lower manhattan injuring dozens of passengers including two critically. it's to early right now to determine a cause. and we are following developing news this hour, also in new jersey and the east coast. a passenger bus hit a school bus early this morning. these are some new pictures
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just in. 16 passengers were reportedly hurt with at least one person in serious condition. there was only the driver in the school bus at the time of the crash, no students, emergency crews cut the wind shield of that school bus in order to get the driver out. you can see the tree, the limb, a big one right through the roof. obviously someone being taken away in a stretcher this is happening in old bridge new jersey. >> that's near where the bus driver was sitting. back here we are getting started. we have a problem in vallejo. >> big problem. the freeway is closed because of a truck that caught on fire. we are getting confusing reports. i'm not sure what happened. in it was an accident or not. highway 37 is closed near highway 29 there in vallejo. i want to bring in a picture. i will use my computer here on the air. this is a picture sent by a viewer driving by and this is
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before the truck reportedly exploded. she was driving by. sent this picture and said she had to get away because she heard explosions from the semi that's ace hardware truck and now the fire accident on the scene. they have closed the freeway. we will keep you posted. if you happen to know more you can always contact us right here at or quite. we have slow traffic here. backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. no major problems going through. if you are driving on 101 san francisco its crowded. north and southbound 101 but not a lot of stop and go traffic just yet. >> thank you. very good morning. our system is moving in. not a lot of moisture. there is plenty of activity that goes parallel to the coast, most of it right now is filtering in between san mateo
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coast and santa cruz mountains. you can see some of that green, 2500 feet right now, still temperatures, 33 to 38 but that doesn't mean they couldn't get a couple inches of snow. over 17 and the summit, 1800 feet. it's in the ballpark. so that's through one by the way the winter weather advisory for the santa cruz mountain. scattered showers, upper 40s, low 50s. if we could get that moisture we would get some snow. there is not a lot to work with. upper 20s, i have heard that, 30s and 40s as well and the temperatures are going to be really cold. you can see what's going on. you will probably see good cloud build ups. skyline. san mateo coast. right down to monterey. it's really getting painted. little bit right here. you can see that beginning to turn to snow. no reports yet. couple reports of some rain,
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wind but not to much. mainly a lot of breaks in the clouds, around wood received colder action showers, mainly to the south, windy at times, very low snow levels but upper 40s on highs, very low 50s. a cold day. now there is frost and freeze advisories out tonight for tomorrow morning. by this time tomorrow there will be plenty of 20s inland. no doubt. this pattern, this is a stronger part of the system but there will be a series of weak systems out of the north. they usually don't have much but they can all the sudden show up. saturday there will be one. another weak one on sunday. >> thank you. keeping kids safe. what the berkeley school district is doing to protect students in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. >> and the flu outbreak is getting worse. where a public health emergency has been declared and that's the situation for us here in california. well, well, well.
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. we have breaking news in vallejo. a truck has fallen off an overpass on highway 37 is and is on fire. we have heard several explosions. we want to go to bill who for many years was a firefighter in vallejo and now is retired but happened to come upon the scene. are you with us? >> i'm here. >> can you tell us what you see and the highway is closed right? >>
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. great. thank you ymfor being there sjv the scene. retired ymvallejo firefighter. we are getting more yminformatiç on this, highway 37 is ymshut down. we will talk to you bbill off the air if you justúústay on t line but we çwill have more on this zvcoming up çon mornings let's go back to the çdesk. >> çquickly. for people who can't use çthe highway? >> i was çthinking that highwa ythis point there are zvsom side roads but 37 ymright there
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there and i'm thinking that if ç you are çdrivingl@ 18th vallejo, mydidn't use0ç80, o think then 80. i realize that's a çlong way b you will save zvyourself a lot v hassle. that mayúçbe çclosed. the smoke hopefully won't last long ÷úbut i'm sure they need tú ure the road is 2í çsafe. >> especially if the çtruck came off the u!freeway. >> çvery significant story an us zvmore information. the highway çclosed in zvvalles because that semi-truck fell ç off the overpass, ç75 to 100 feet, çburst çinto flames, possible çcombustible items ÷ú there, driver in serious condition çbeing taken to the we will stay on top of çthis story and bring çyou ÷úmore ç information. > new ymthis morning, sheriff's deputiee@ñare looking for an u!
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inmate çwho v:escaped from ç monterey çcounty jail. the 29-year-old çwalked away ÷ú from a minimumúúsecurity area while on a ÷úwork crew r>just he was u!serving time for r>ym burglary conviction. you see ÷úçzvhis picture, anyo with çinformation is asked v:t contact oyópolice. >> zvtoday at the ÷úwhite hous meeting with ymthe vice ç çç safetyn@+4jdti u$e entertainmen also htgetting involved. >> çreporter: several stars hollywood çare in an ad airingç right now to promote ptougher gun laws. >> p as yma wife. >> zvas an çamerican. >> as a humanvbeing. >> çfor the children u!of sanú
7:20 am
hook. >> reporter: the ymgroup create th1tóad in conjunction zvwith uns. together they are calling on ko the president and congress to zv come up with a zvplan to ÷úcurb violence. an information group then retd the ar@ñçcalling ççthe cars ú hypocrites. >> it's not to çso. >> it's to late. >> now ÷úis the time. >> what htdo i do. i çjust? >> before we pdknow someone ç who loved çsomeone on çthat l >> zvreporter: these çads are playing out on ÷úair and online while çreps from hollywood sr scheduled to meet tonight with the çpresident and his panel ÷ gun safety. thyúxfirst meeting çgets under just 90 çminutes from now. eet with çthe nra and çother gun owners çrights% groups. what lobbyists are saying this jj @&c ktvu channel 2news. >> ñgun owners around the u! country are buying mqrge amounts of ÷úammunition now
7:21 am
fearing limits are çgoing to b imposed ças part of the push fm more gun control. a spike @
7:22 am
safety çaudit at each school from freemschool to the ymadul school to come up çwith a plan on how zvto respond when koa violent person comes çto the ÷ç school u! >> time now çit's kocold outs look ÷úout the çwindow. it even ymlooks cold. steve paulson çsaid it'll get ç colder. we will tell you çwhen and how long çthis cold snap will last >> c and ÷7!ñstory of çthese wildve survivors. how a family çmanaged to escap with çtheir lives çççafter surrounded by fire. 3@3rñand we have live zvpicture of this truck that çfell off a ]eñçin vallejo. pretty çserious situation. they are ÷úclosing freeways and material ÷úfire. we will let you çknow more coming up. bç
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overpass and çthat's closed u! highway 37. burç on the scene and zvwe could see the smoke r>and the flames sti behind ÷úyou. >> reporter: that u!is correct. we are just on the scene ças y know limited information. let zvme show you, look at çthç truck. you can see ÷úit's myfully engulfed. we can swing up right çthere a little ymçbit g#higher. you can see the 7struck fell om highway 37 çbelow to çsonoma boulevard. you can see the çtruck fell it's on fire çin this grassy area htright here. oulevard. we are told koit was an ace ym hardware truck. chp report there çis was ç ym there was no ice ÷úso we don't know what çcaused this. out and urthe hospital. we can çtake a look çhere you see çseveral fire trucks out here pon the scene monijsár'g this çsituation. this is a big deal right çhere
7:26 am
as you can seaúbecause the truck ÷úis still çon fire. you can see çthe smoke coming down zvthe highway. you can see it allxvround in th vallejo çarea right zvnow. police are asking, or basicallyy the area for the safety of çth people to make htsure nobody geç in trouble or any problems b right there. an see the pruck is on here. we are told zvit's an ace hardware truck zvthat 8was dri along çhighway 37 g#and fell tç sonoma boulevard. i know sal is ymout there. he can help çyou get around. what do y'know to help people ç in the area? >> one çof the things ymwe kn paul is ÷úthat people driving  37, sometimes they çcome from ç marin county as they have a äok at this v:fire. it's not going to ymgo out any ú time soon. if you ymare koleaving pmarin, leaving nevado and want to ÷úge to the vallejo side çwhat you may çwant to do, go çdown to richmond ÷úbridge and use 80 toç
7:27 am
get to that side zvbecause when you get çto 37 it'll be shut down çright here. this is ÷únot going away any tiç soon. if you are a local and çknow tç area you can use ymthe side roa but if you íñreto get ÷úto çg#ç fairfield and vallejo usu çthe other çroads. 37 is not a good way ymto go. they are ÷úclosing the ramp fro0 ñcars ç trucks to get on ç37 from interstate ym80 because çthey anticipate this 1eing a proble for a good long v:time. >> do you knkat this point we g#are looking at çáhe video looking like çthey are lettingú it burn. is it because çthere may çbe combustible materials çin the ace hardware ptruck ç >> i çknow a hazardous ÷ú materials team is on the çscen and they d8may have determined they don't wa$÷ato put water o they will probsbly maybe -- getting ready çto use foam or thex0may have determined koto l
7:28 am
the fire ÷úburn out. this is a ymserious situation. they çhave arrived on the scen it'shma matter of the mñhave ÷ústopped putting pwater on the çtruck a sure paul zvis getting more r'g to find zvout more. the çtraffic angle again, 37 tç 29, really super ébusy and ri now that area is pshut down. >> and çcan you pinpoint a u! xactly what %-ráh that people can çfigure out where çthis is. >> ç this is 37 just abz-ñmayb three or four -- zvhave a map uç there for you. +e maybe about three miles paway from 80, maybe a plittle less ÷údrive there. this is right ouar highway 29 and a ÷úlot of people driving tç and from çmarin use highway ç people from ÷úvallejo to çmari today i would recommend them going çdown to &5trrichmond i sqá me just -- you can ymjust fo.9richmond. not all that bad myon 80 headin d-9i%5=9ñbridge. n use the
7:29 am
>> yeah ÷úand it's interesting paul çsaid there óar no sign o black çice. that was a concern çthis have temperatures çclose to the freezing mypoint and s ((ád37 degrees in order çto have the risk of htb ice. have you ymheard any reports ofç any black ice or çproblems? >> no we çhaven't. we have been lookingkat reports of black ice myand we have had them in çother places but çno here. hasn't said there was black ç ice. >> ç that's certainly -- one issue zvthat could be ruled ço i'm çsure the police will investigate ymother situations try to find çout what's going ç on. d-9ñwere wondering why there re was no çwater and looks like have just started to çput water onto the @
7:30 am
loaded reportedly. we ]idon't çknow with çwhat hardwat7athere çcould be u! combustible items. there e6is obviously something that's still çburning but therç is a strong ymresponse. we saw a number of fire mytruck there is, a zvlot of crews >> we have ÷úpaul chambers on the ground, paul çyou are you know? k >> yeu basically, you can see they aret putting water on the fire çon the truck right çhere. if we can çgo up behind, i donned know if you zvcan see through the çsmoke there is another truck just çsitting there. rying to find what that truck çhad to do with this u! incident if çanything. o grab someone out of u!the truck the driver was pulled ÷úout by passe+ basement i guess the the driver ubpáháaken to the hospital and bis ymbeing nrfate we have several fire ymtrucks, ive çworking zvthe scene. i'm trying to çfigure out çth
7:31 am
hazardous material situatiun- as you can see right now ymthey are putting water back ÷úon it. trying pto contain ymthe situation. basically like g#it's contained to v:that area pright çthere. mñare letting it burn çin place. we will stay on u!top of g#this i'm trying to get more ç information from firefighters, police, ymanyone that can give % more details and i will ÷úpass along to htyou when we find thato. >> ç i was going to ask çyou relating t@ situation çdoes the air smell ç any different to ÷úyou? >> çreporter: no. basically smells lik+just u! normal day. ome smoke of course because zvthere is smoke from t% fire but in ÷úthose situations major hazardous material çthat robably wouldn't let us get çso close if there çwas a probably for çanyone's safety including ours. as you can see çit looks like the water as you can seeight there and as i çsaid earlier chp çis repor there htwas no issues u!with bl ice so çits interesting to understaot why or how ÷úthis
7:32 am
happened. the 37 to this çarea below. i will walk ÷úand çsee çif i get someone to ymtalk ÷úto you. i will ask questiomq@and of course stay on top ymof this story çin vallejo. t looks like they are çgetting more the us and we will et more ÷ú information. firefighters çputting out a fiç from a semi-truck çthat fell zv from the v:overpass on highway in vallejo, 37 u!is closed righ now u;&ña result of the d8-- al the smoke that's fblocking theú view up there ymand al potentially they need to check to ÷úmake sure the ro]eñis not ñ:er @&c% as taken to ÷úthe hospital and witness çsaw that crews çwere preforming advance he çcab u! bypassers by. multiple explosions at fib&zñ
7:33 am
because of what çpotentially een combustible items in the çtruck which was ç o fully loaded and çagain still no ç reason, pno explanation for why it çfell off but we are going ç look into that and httry to bri you more çinformation. sal is staying on top d8of the traffic situation so áñwill % eninsula woman was texting mjdt what could be the çfright of k life. "jup)e in palo zvalto with what police want v:the public to ÷úh >> reporter: poliñsay they want to catshdthis guy. happened pin a very public area in u!this parking lot. it was zvdark when it happened. ay the parking cizeis very well çlit. a woman was approached sitting ç in her car in çthis parking lo as ÷ú startled. police say ht11:15 the woman sa she v:was looking down at @
7:34 am
he had v:his çpants car ymand touching himself while lplooki at koher. the woman drove off and called v officers were unable to find"x(olice say they want pea know about mythis. >> the police department$çand the detect)-[ñbureau always want the çcommunity and other community r>members to know th snmething like tlhis xdpretty darn brazen to do çit in çthe i u$ings like çthis could the woman zvdid the right thing ñhaven't been ÷ú cases of exposure in recent ç months there are a number ÷úof cases of çmen sexually assaulting çwomen in the v: downtown area. last fall çseveral were touche and in november a zvman broke in a ymyoung woman's apartment, zvtried to assault hç before running away . none ÷úof those cases were solv they happened zvin the same ÷úa near univerki'eavenue. police say that ymthey don't is ç÷úrelated. mthey don't
7:35 am
. you çcan see koagain this happened çin the calit9% avenue business district so ça very public ÷úarea. we are near a sjb]!ucks and many çrestaurants and so police just want to send outç this warning to women that çth i u$ey don't have a very good %aq%=9of the suspect, just zvshe i]@white man ymin hi 20s, with short@obrown hair and a thin build çhe had a ÷út-shiç and zvjeans. reporting çlive. ktvu channel 2news. ^ñ çthank çyou. new this morning çkopicture of early çmorning car fire çin t! east bay. we saw there, çthat was one ofç the tires being çblown out around 5:15 ÷úthis morning a ç was driving his car çon the westbound zvlane of interstate and something was wrong. t the time. he zvjumped out of his car çbe8
7:36 am
it caught çon fire. >> htnobody else creating frosb and smoke in the back ymso i looked ymin and i pulled ÷úover really quickly and jumped out ç of the car and çthe whole thin caught on ÷úfire. >> one çlane was ÷úbriefly blocked. %was ÷úa mesç time this morning. >> ç a stunning new developmena in this zvweek's home çinvasiov robbery çin the ÷úeast zvbay. police have arrested a woman her boyfriend and nbtied them to a çstrange plot. they say the çcouple had hired man to scare ÷úthe woman's out of the ÷úapartment. >> she was çseparating with u husband. it appeared that her c'husband was reconsidering çmoving out she çfelt this would çbe a sc a%urget him to v:move out. a sc >> police çsay the husband ym stabbed the intruder to ÷údeath during a fight çinside the hom investig9u#rs say the husband zv
7:37 am
acted in self-defense. he is ÷únot being ymcharged. in the meantime d8his estranged er boyfriend and three s others are all in jail çfacing murder charges. san francisco man ÷7s due his girlfriend çymçw on this was zvlast night at çthe 3úrqsju)p& church. dozens singing and praying gór c the victim. she was doused g@coline on sunday. she still is@oin the hospital ÷ú with çsevere burns. the family said ÷úher relationship with ÷úthe man ocky one. she zvhad just ended the relationship the day çof the attack. >> çin just a few hours çthe plan for çthe next fiscal ÷úye he is expected to çask for abo two nbbillion dollars in cuts  close the v:budget gap. that's ÷úfar çless than the 25 short fall facing the ymstate two years zv
7:38 am
according çto the sacramento u k through 12 will myreceive morç money under the budget plan because koof tpassing of the ÷ú proper 30 tax bhike. still the ñgovernor promises u(r(line in the çyears ahead. health çand human çservic activists plan to  1e statewide as zvthe governor releases hthis budget. they are calling çon state leaders to restore çfunding fo programs çfor children, seniory %uplanned in çsan jose, áb(ápsq'to, san zv 1ñfresno. psq'to, san zv >> ç zvçjerry sandusky ça lawyers ÷úin çcourt appealing conviction. dti rráhlawyers arg is trial. he has çbeen sentenced to 30  )for zvabusing ten myboys over a 15 q%ymyear period. he is 68, he still çsays he ÷úç innocent. the long wait çfor the
7:39 am
girl @> ko cal ocea çand the public !"u(áusq't are çç investigating a sewage leak at ç a medical center zvin çoakland. photographs provided to çus sh sewage dripping down from tú ceiling at the hospital zvon tuesday. the hospital said çthat ça zv that prompted a çcode zvdry al nobody zvçç could use water f few hours. q1ñdrip
7:40 am
and then got to zvbe like it waç raining ;r'side the department >> çdoctors say there ÷úwas n sewage ÷úin any patient care ç areas but ÷ú÷úpotentially i (qr'g cleaned. >> sal çis back. a lot of zvtraffic, stuff to ta about and the ÷úchopper is helping. ?. we are g#watching that vallejo incident where (1ñ truck fell ht÷úoff the freeway,ç it was ça ace phardware truck. ñ plainly visible for many çpart in çvallejo on ÷úhighway 37 ne 29, at least part g#of that ç freeway pis closed. some cars appear çto be çgett through. we also v:want to find çif 80, have u!heard that chp çhas clo dk 80 çgetting to 37. s also there on thero ground talking to people çand trying ;urfind what happened zv during this really zvkind of incredible zvaccident where a truck fell ymoff the freeway any
7:41 am
landed below. one pers]n at least has çbeen hurt. ñlet's take ça look at -- want to ÷úlet you know that ç traffic nearby on ym80 is doing well in case you bare çthinkin of using 80 to go down çto theç richmond zvbridge. highway 4, antioch, çsee slow traffic, bay point çtraffic no# looking g#bad. its light, ÷úsouthbound 680, moderately çheavy after u!a mi accident. i want çto show çyou the bay ú bridge ÷útoll plaza. kind of a zvbig delay. 25 minutes before çyou make it ç onto the çbridge. >> thank çyou. some of that cold ÷úair is ççç living. 33, ÷úi ÷h'l.hin çlake county. it's on çpits way. it'll v:be mostly psunny, partl cloudy, very dry çair which is -- we çcould get moisture ymwe 2,000 feet. look pat the moisture it's overm the water.
7:42 am
there could be mygood build ups bx0the coast, in that çdirecti there zvshould be great cloud wide zvups. some of that moving çthrough h mateo, coast, down çto santa cruz, santurzcruz mountains, =úweather advis today for ympossible snow, çma feet possible if we can ç like it just wants çto go parallel to the coast and v:not move into much zvbut there is been a little çbit of nbrain. these 1etemxesatures ymzvdropp wor really çcold. you can see that zvmoisture ym there. it's just not -- we ymcan't get it to move over zvjust to much but slittle bit of that could pop htup in the v:santa cruz mountains, l$(u&der creek some of that green çturning çto bwú but probably above ÷ú2500 feet. west. there çwill htbe a çlot of co
7:43 am
thiu)s& take us yminto sunday. what's the égood news? next çweek sunny and çwarmer. it ñ!does. colder, d8showers today. upper 40s, çlow 50s. what çabout rain? what çabout rain? people e-mail myand ask. it'll be back at u!the end of tc month. could be wet end of lpthe mont there you go. ç 40s and 50s on htthe temperatures, below @> çthank you. in light of çthe cold temperatures the ÷úfreezing colú will ymbe dangerous. the highway patrol"çwants to yop watch for the )sponsibility of black ice on zvthe roads. if you see ice bon the side r> mirrors of the car that zvmeans it's cold çenough for water to freeze on çthe road.h highway patrol htsaid let zvoff accelerator but ymdon't hit çt
7:44 am
brake. you'3 and click on the weather çtab ç and there you will lend r>live storm tracker zv2. some more changes are ç coming to the pt/ár"ent's second çterm cabinet. why the ÷ú÷úbpresident's lskfly treasurey nominee may want çto work on çhis signature. and big çsurprises in theç )jjr'cluding who got ça nod and who didn't ym ÷ú droid dna augmentation initiated.
7:45 am
vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc.
7:46 am
it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. . more on ÷úthe breaking çne live pictures of this truck he freeway. highway 37 çhere ÷ú÷úin vallej
7:47 am
up çat the ymbottom there. i want news chapper 2 çyou are listening to me no$ @&c% you can tilt up? i want çto show the skid ÷úmarç the ymtruck. i çthink news chopper 2 can ç me. i want to look ÷ pá -- if you stay zvwith me çhere. you can see, there ymyou çgo. ost i u$ese are skid mark that u!le right to where the truck went ç off the road. we are zvstill trying to zvfindç what happened. we will have 1=iñon d8this coming up. >> q% time çnow just ççabou the scalpers are pout trying tom make money off mythe president'p inauguration. eremony are supposed to u!be çfree. they are boeing sold çon e-bay and craigslist ÷úfor ymup to a $2,000. this year about 250t0tañticket was given ÷úout çto legislator usually they hand çthem out zv people. scalping tickeqisn't illegal ÷ú
7:48 am
but lawmakers discou+age people from çdoing it. you can bget special u!access z2 the president's inauguration but htit's at a very u!high pri planners ÷úasking for contributions of çup to a ym million dollars ymfor vip ç tickets. the most ÷úexpensive packaging rratickests for the parade zvand tickets tom the ball. e will u! accept unlimited ÷údonations. that's a çchange from çhis fi inauguration çwhere donations m were limited to b$50,000. >> çit's later çthis morning president will çnominate çhis chief of ÷ústaff as ç÷útreasur secretary. joins s5y from skype with a b+zñdown of ç the president's second term who is staying, who d8is leaving ine the çlikely ,-)q!%m5ynormal for the second term çto have a big change ço >> çreporter: absolutely. as of right çnow about half ç the cabinet will be going çout the door, a plittle more than zv
7:49 am
half staying. that çseems about normal çfor various administrations çin ç recent memory. for example ÷úyou have the secretary ymof state hillary clinton zvymymwill u!be leavingç yesterday the labor u!secretary the former g#california congresswoman announced çshe w leaving the zvlabor department. as you treasurey çsecretary, his replacement will be ÷únamed today. the head çof the epa çis çou the energy secretary may leave ç and sounds like a çbig turnove but when you thinihealth and zv human services, education, ym attorney general, çhousing, transportation, çagriculture a others are staying you ÷úcan se there will be ÷úsome new faces but f%%1%eátáhin the presidq >> httalk about w jac he seems to be ÷úanother controversial pihe obviously the president will u s well. go up to the level ÷úthat the ç former senator of nebraska willv cause in ymhis confirmation
7:50 am
hearing. you knew çhim years ago when 8 was working ymfor the speaker o t$house then and jack made ÷ú his way up through the ÷úranks emocratic side, became head f the office of budget and çhas been the white hou(=@chief of ú staff. well regarded. not one to çget in ÷úterms of ç arguments. ure his hearings ÷úwill ç present some differences of opinion çwith what to do ymwit súlconomics questions but i don expect that çone to be çthe focus. kájtrone nominee who getsa ÷ú lot of flack, i'm think ñrthat will be the çformer ÷únebraska senator. >> jack ÷ústill zvgetting flacú is signature. we will be çseeing it on his zv money. >> i don't know how zvbest i c describe çit other than it loo 3ú$ike a zvhtñlof of 0's that aç looped together. that will go koon the money in the kofuture pif he becomes zvt
7:51 am
choice. there are çpeople wondering ifç he may clean it zvup which it just sort zvof looks ççlike a scribble. secretary this to clean ymup hiç signature. >> zvv:ç çall right. joining ymus v:live. thank you. ink to the insiderúbeog on çthe ymwebsite go to and go to çthe politics page. >> ç all v:right. time is now just ÷úabout 7:50. ominations are zvnow in for the çacademy awards and u! winner zvis history. pam ÷úcook is in çthe ÷ústudio >> reporter: çthe history defi)táely coming out on top as people went to see -- went to nb the theaters to ÷úsee sooe@reay life drama. >> çtruth that things çwhich are ç
7:52 am
equal to çeach zvçother. >> reporter: çpç çdaniel dayç got the nod pçin ÷úhis portray 9ñ ñ nominees for çbest zvpicture ç slave çmovie django çunchaine and zero dark ç30. >> ç ÷úthe@owhole ÷úuniverse. >> reportjyiñçthat girl çis t youngest ymmynominee ever as a ú spirited girl in beast of zvthe southern çwild. she is çjust nind> the category also has çthe ç oldest nominee ÷úfrom ÷úçthe y
7:53 am
amou185. we htwill show you çthe funnier moments ÷úduring the nomination in çthe next ÷úhour news. ':dç v:it's -- quit promising because çhe will host. >> host. >> çyeah. >> that will be ÷úfun. >> emma stone was funny zvtoo. >> çit's ç7:51. sacramento çverses seattle. the fight çover the çkings. why sacramento believes it's not to htlate to keep the zvtea from l y+ing. >> and ÷úpraying for the 49ersm this weekend. the good luck pcharm that a lot of zvpeople %qare buying at zñ francisco store. ÷ú ym kp &c,
7:54 am
7:55 am
. sacramento city çleaders s old çare çpremature. a seattle investment group was kings for half ça çbillion dollars. the inne)q=imñwould then move the team to ymseattle but çsou say no formal çoffer has çbee
7:56 am
made. former çtarp and sacramento p mayor kevin johnson hopes to ç find local buyers to zvkeep thep kings in çsacramento. >> ym49er fans reallv4want the team to çbeat the packers this saturdao@ñin the playoffs çand some fans are zvlooking to ÷úa higher source. >> ç my favorite ymteam d8the and no ymplay to big we wl not ç overcome. >> those are çprayer candles. they ÷úare selling out çat the -9u(per playground u!htçclothh it costs $12. >> ympeople ymare ymobsessed. calls on the phone and people ÷ú buying ÷úthem in q%bulk. as it gets closer to saturday zv they htare buying ÷úmore. >> zvlocal bars are zvgetting ready preparing ÷úfor big zvcro this weekend. the playoff game the çregular ç fans ÷ú are welcome. make sure u!you watch çchannelú
7:57 am
as well. it'll cover the big çgame 4ñ you. our coverage ymçstarts at 4:00ç p.m. saturd)y the fox pregame çshow çstarts 4:30. the kickoff çat my5:00. don't çforget to catch lqrk ibanez with çthe point ÷úafter >> ç çpaaron rogers, ç49ers kqq' green çbay packer fan çso çt swicced. let's check in with ÷úsal. get another update on the ]ion inl htç zvin ççvallejo. >> westbound 37, a truck ttri to avoid another çvehicle and came htoff the jtjpáár @&c% westbound 37, ÷ú çon the çway marin is ççshut zvdown you ca #e=uñmay want to ymuse a ymmyç
7:58 am
route. ç let's go ymto ÷úthe maps. 80 looks good. if u!you are drive that way ÷ú instead ymof using highway 37, v slow ptraffic on 680; htwe have seen -- i think we hthave a i jjsqá's go to steve. >> çthank you. sunny çto mostly sunny. going to zvbe cold and çwindy though. had a nice zve-mail çfrom jani she said [)hdidn't ever rememb it ymbeing g#this ÷ú÷úcold ever wait çuntil ÷útomorrow morning çpb bundle up. orthwest. there are p20s to ç÷úççthe n!
7:59 am
two inches of snow in çthe key steve çbridges checking in 9=qña lot of snow ymand mostly shower activity will çbe right along v:the coast, best bet wil be çon the çsan mateo coast, ç santa ÷úcruz mountains, where there is ça kosnow advisory. cruz mountains, ÷úmaybe down to ould not ]isurpris me. ir over myus. very cool, mostly çsunny, uppev 40s, low 50s. >> çthank you. vallejo. how that call has now pled to ] vhomicide i >> ç a truck off írthe overpa and hazm!tñcrews working the p scene. vcoming up. . ñ of htmarijuana. where that çgatol is this morning and where çthe owner will u!have to go today. ç ym
8:00 am
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try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. < continues. >> zv welcome çback . >> i'm ymdave clark. it's thursday@ojanuary 10th. we have the çupdate on the breaking story w%a1have been telling ymyou about. we were first çto tell you
8:02 am
about, a çbig rig fell çoff a down in iñto the road below, ÷ burst zvinto flames and ymthere major road pr&ems as ça result. y7uyare still there. 'hi will tell u!whe you we first arrived zvthe truc was on çfire. ]ñthey are working to put itpúout. there is a lot oqsmoke coming the w are this is a hazmat ymsituation because they aren't sure ymwhat is in nbthat truck but we can  up above. there pis a white truck up çto of çthere. that white truck has something ç to do with çthis accident. still çnot sure w( still d8under investigation. let's go ÷úto video. you can see ÷)hat it ÷úlooks lic around 6:45, fire officials saym the ace hardware truck ymwas headed pwestbound on highway ç when witnesses say they zvheard big bang çand then saw the tru in this çgrassy area below. that is çwhen three htpassers including an ÷úoff duty medic ym
8:03 am
jumped into action, helped ppul the driver from the çcab. they say iñdriver was hanging thtruck by his çlegs with his  seatbelt. they were able to pull çhim ou and with zvin ten seconds@othey said a loud bang çhappened and the u!truck burst çinto flames the driver was taken çto the hospital d8with life threatenin injá truck ymflipped up ymand over s cab. aren't sure ymwhat caused çzvç the fire. çu!÷úym÷ú there is rcrew out to make ñis going on.p the driver ÷úin that white ymtr didn't çwant ymto receive any i u$e driver in the truck ymwas
8:04 am
taken çout by çzvd8three peop we will s4a# on top çpmyof thi from therpp)e still fire ç çc and officials çout here on çzq i sr+e in ççval ÷úno. >> time u!8:02, a former deathv row inmate is back in çjail after turning himself çin for saying çhe killed his çmother police rushed to the çhome of ãtae ÷ú70-year-old çdennis stanworth. he led authorities to tébody of!çhis ym89-year-old mother, we cje-his criminal çpast and in 1966 çhe was sentenced m death for killing çtwo çteen girls. his prison sentence ÷úwas later reduced ÷úto life and çhe çwa paroled. he also had çrape r>and kidnaç convictions. a news conference will çbe hel later ymthis afternoon with mor!
8:05 am
information on that çzvkilling yesterday. >> ça castro çvalley man is y in court to face drug ÷úcharges following an çunusual find. ñhis ÷ú pot. this wasn't htjust a ÷úsmall on we aregeuu)u$ more çon the gator çknown as mr. teeth. not zva very friendly bguy. >> zvreporter: çno. that gator was not happy ÷úwith anyone who was@oaround zvhim. we have learned that the ymman ad the gator for a while and çmaybe the reason he was bupset is he was not well zv cared for. escribed ças one very çsick. want to show you ÷úa picture ç that gator, he çis five feet ç long. about 16, vets taking zvcare ofç him now. the sheriff's department v:said he was department yminside ça n the bedroom of v:a home çin castro% valley near about 34 pounds çov marijuana. deputies say when they arrived he çgot agitated and it did tap
8:06 am
a while to figure out what ÷úto do with çhim. they weren't sure if he çcould escape so ymthat caused çconce the owner told poli$s). teeth was a family çpet and thñ he was supposed to keep çpeopl from ymstealing the marijuana. mr. u!teeth was guarding ymquit bit. 34 ÷úpounds of çprocessed marijuana. are you looking at zva picture ç the marijuana which çkois an estimated çstreet value çof $100,000. the owner of the ymhouse is facing ÷úpossession and sale ç i s). teeth. >> we found outhat he phad ears. when we asked s@$m how long he ç said ÷úhe got it çto remember 8 death of tupac çwhich kohappen in 1996. >> ç that gator plived in xdt home most ÷úrecently with him, the çwife and their ç2-year-o child. we have learn u!that he is 32, ç has on probation çfor a disturbance and that's ÷úwhy police were there zvyesterday. andom ymcheck.
8:07 am
he ÷úlisted hispoccupation as $160,000 bail. he is schedulev to be in court at zvtwo in haywood on ÷ u$e dr: charges. we aren't sure if and when he ç will be charged htwith çowning %9california unless you v:have very çspecial license. as ÷úfar as mr. teeth, and his condition, d8we do know that he is at ÷úthe zoo. n quarantine. we don't know how sick he ,0is and we hope to ?pda chance to look g#at him today. where he goesxfrom there, once p he is better, that's not clear ç and it'll be up to the zoo çan other nbofficials to decide onc is he better@5where he lpgoes. live in çalameda county. about san ÷újose's first çhomi victim çof 2013. victim's zvbody home early çsunday morning. invest3níáors have now ç identified zvçhim.
8:08 am
neighbors ÷úheard a heated argument and çthen çgun shots police pronounced him dead on yv the scene. homicide investigators are ç still searching for suspects  and there is çno word on ymany otive. >> zvinformation about drivers =tuse clipper cards, ymit may soon be stored çfor a shorter period çof time. right ÷únow v:the metropolitan transportation ymcommission collects that information on on and çoff u!public transit. if riders pay ÷úwith a credit card çinformation on that çca including ÷únames, it's linked their v:travel information. it's now stored zvfor seven yea i jju$e mtc d8is considering reducing that çto three çyear the chp said the ÷únew span of the çbay bridge needs one ÷ú more thing. they wantútae new eastern çspaç to have 175 çstate-of-the-art ú security cameras. the bay çarea toll authority hç already çset aside $8 million security.
8:09 am
the chp'k ]proposed system woulç include upgraded security pon the western çspan ?@'d would cç $31 million. now çthe toll authority wants privately talk about this pçwi the chp. >> 7#to check in zvwith sal. appening on çthe roads. is highway 37ostill closed? >> ç çit is. westbound ym37. as you ymcrossover to marin you can't get ÷úthrough because of ç truck accident. ff the y>i]eñ and that's çwestbound 37. the fire department ym$as close it çwhich is highway 29 in the area çwhile they take care zvo this. from çmarin ÷úover vallejo ym @&c westbound you aren't being allowed to çdo that. you shoulé@@=ñdown and use the coming çin from sonoma or ÷úus different way other ÷úthan 37. let's go out and çtake a look m the different picture here. ã.ihave a look at the ÷úbay
8:10 am
bridge. coming up to the middle pof the parkin lot nbabout a ten to zv15 minut wait. n 280 approaching 17 my÷úas well. nothing major ]ion the çroad. >> nbthank you. the water, along ymthe coast. looks çlike it's really myonlyú going do be parked çto the ç mountains. cold air, lots of ç20s çand 3 a nice tweev=5kathy çin napa bóunty. said car çheater seats. i punderstand that. it'll be zvcolder tonight into ç tomorrow. watch ÷úthe pmoisture. it's just ymto ymdry overland. it's just ymto ymdry ove'qñit l starting to push off to the activity u!santa cruz mountains some of çthat green turning ÷ú maybe ÷úymmixed precipitation. its çbeen @rove two çthousand feet. could r>get down to 1800 3eet
8:11 am
if there was çany moisture it would be no ÷údoubt about it bu 30s zvon the temperatures and 4ç have been d8going down. ntsúxnapa. couple up çin lake county. jr)uáhway and the rain pis picking up. also in some zvof the çhigher elevations. you can see and çjust a few littlgshowers left. most u!of it çdrifting zvmore ç sea. in to the santa-mcruz çmountai you can see some of çthat turning to snow and çbig flake probably if ÷úçthey do. right above zvwood side. some of çthe v:higher elevatio scattered source, big ymtime cooling trendt. will0çtake news zro ymsunday. good news? yeah. next week ÷úlooks sunny and ÷ú warmer. today will ÷úbe a ÷úbrisk day. cold çir, partly sunny, mostlyç sunny inland but jjuáh favoring the coast. they look htlike they zvare ÷úl oomph. 1ñlow ç50s. very htcool, breezy, windy çda
8:12 am
profit and çfreeze éwarnings be mostly sunny, then ó:páurday a u!weak psystem. probably stays over toward zv so 8%will watch it. the u(t)q'd after that things will ymstart to improve. >> ÷úthank you. while ÷úwe are dealing with g#v cold conditions here the zvsumm heat is zvcausing big problems ç down under. ill soon rise ÷ú again in australia where ç firefighters battling v:hundred of wildfires and ÷útemperatures are çexpected çto approach 12 degrees v:in the cenp ÷úof australia. 115 in partíp'f new south ymwal tomorrow. about ç100 fires sparked on tuesday ]iare still çburning. >> now want ÷úto share çone australian family's remarkable ! story of survival zvas they werç surrounded by flames. ;ylook at vtáq photographs taken, ÷úthis is family, çtwo grandparents, fiv children r>huddled toa void ç
8:13 am
burned. they say the water was the çonl place to go because çthat fire moved in. >> ç çwe saw tornydmñof fire,ç just coming across ççtoward u the çnext ymthing we knew everything was çon fire ÷ú everywhere. >> it's pstill quite upsetting to ÷úsee çthe image. it's all og0my -- five childreiñ underneath çthe ÷újetty huddleú to çtheir necks. >> we can tell ÷úyou this morning the children zvhave bee reunited with çtheir parents. they were forced çto stay in th all round zvthem burned ymto th ground. >> ç more on the breaking news past hour. a!big rig fire çhas shut down ú major freeway enter day change. and a çwhite house meetinga on ymgunú,y=1ç #
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
. could be ça few showers ountains but it's going to be ça cold breezy dayt highs upper d840s, low 50s. >> zv time now ç8:15. new information about çthose trapped killer çwhales in ym canada. we told ç÷úyou about. they were trapped çby the ice txedhudson bay, they are now free . u!we are çhappy to ÷úpt you. they d8were trying to çget air: the çzvsmall opening.
8:17 am
night the ice authorities were planning to ç launch a rescue poperation for them today çbut again, they ç i rñ in just 30 çminutes the vv president and the panel zvon gu rights groups as we ÷úreport ç vice presitút's suggestion that the president williomake p order. >> reporter: thyúxnra and zvgunç orders groups expected to prod joe çbiden after he said the ç president is willing to pbypass congress to make zvnew çgun ç there is some w3common ground. the nra supp]rts a law pthat requires fede@ally u!licensed g de!&s to check a da([!ase to see if the would nbbe gun buyerç has a ymhistory of mental healt jrlblems after a criminal ç record. the nra çwants more funding foç that because states aren't ealth çinformation.
8:18 am
the nra also ymwants the p government to follow through ç urrent legislation. the justice htdepartment prosecuted çless than 1% zvof 71,000 people whoclied on their: background checks to çbuy guns eason the comments about the presid-n, making an exive çorder and pbypassing congress upsets ÷úgun rights groups. >> ç that i ÷úthink changes thm game and çthrows into ymquesti the federal gover+er @&c% >> reporter: and we expect to ç hear more from gun zvrights groups later çtoday. they are ÷úmeeting the )ice president in ÷ú÷ú÷úç30 çminut >> afghanistan çpresident wilú visit defense secretary çat thç pentagon today. they will talk çabout americanç troops in afghanistan. there has bdun talk of ÷úpullin all troops çout after next yea but v:united states officials sç they need troops to çguard american çposts against attack one çin libya.
8:19 am
the president ÷úplans to meet =%him tomorrow. ew this çmorning, military jets may pfly through north bayv skies for an pair defense ç exercise today. the exercise v:is ?úp&led felix eí"xrá's set to take ymg#u!placm cloverdale and çsonoma. the sector said you çmay see - 16 fighter ÷újets intercepting ç small plane. it's çplanned to take place çmemorial çplaque honoring zv vietnam2war veterans has stolen. from the area who zvlost their li&e9ñymin vietnam. police say a u!homeless person ú noticed i kmissing. they say it was çprobably take metal ymvalue. investigators have çalerted ç yclers. >> police çin palo alto çhop
8:20 am
take a look çat this çphotogr obbed the bank yesterday zvafternoon. he is deá!ár!ed as a tall white man u!in his 30s. he has g#a scar over one of ÷úhç eyes. he ÷)alked in about 3:30 and pointed zva gun at ÷úthe teller got çaway zvwith cash. google çchairman and forme% new mexico governor are now çi china. they have çwrapped up their three day çtrip to ymnorth kor while çthere they visited zva puter center. they visited zva now the internet ÷úis off limit in when he landed today he d8said government doesn't allow ÷úmore internet accesslbthat country will be left ymbehind. >> the ç÷úworld becomk3c increasingly connected. ñbe isolated oing to ymaffect their çphysical us". their economic world.
8:21 am
hoping to çnegotiate the releaç of an american detained d8there but he çwasn't successful. çback here, ymtomorrow it m san jose airport will see ÷úthe first flight of ymthe dream lin t takes off çfor ÷útokyo. it took five-years htand ççç financial incentives to bring the airline in ÷úbut the expertú say zvcontinued growth will ÷ú hard. they pare bl@ng airline consultations çand bankruptcie ñ flights smaller u!airports. >> the flu zvis spreading çac the nation and health ÷úofficia say cases çare more severe çtç last zvyear. the htcdc said that 41 zvstatesú reporting ççwidespread cases. massachusetts çreports 700 zv re boston's mayor has zvdeclared a
8:22 am
public ÷úhealth emergency. south d8carolina, pennsylvania and zvillinois are also çrepor flu related deaths and the2 sacramento bee g#reportthere were two zvflu deaths nblast mo california çhealth officials upgrsded flu activity in y3he state to v:a level bjust below widespread çand doctors say it still not to late ÷úto get ça vaccine. s also a troubling ok new virus making çits way arou the west u!coast and it can ç provide brain ymcancer in ÷úht raccoons. brain tumors ÷úhave been ymzvdeç in ymten raccoons. iyears ÷úbefore that. n the oneúçthat have interaction was people çbut there is no evidence zvthat the virus can s spread to hthumans. >> zvthe overnight fly çby ç asteroid ÷únine çmillion miles ew a
8:23 am
information. they are interested in ÷úit because it'll be ça lot closer the next time im0ycome çcans around. 22,01 miles from earth. that wouldo4ñput it çcloser to ju(sr'g earth. >> ç eú&os angeles police officer zvin the right place atç the ÷úright çtime. how safety measures zvled to a quick g#arrest after shots were fired ymnear a ymschool. >> and another çreally zvcold morning. paulson said it'll çget colder real çsoon. we will tell you ymwhere there will çbe freeze warnings. >> ym çgood zvmorning. low traffic. u! ç
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
. los angeles htpolice arrest a ma$ñaccused ÷úof firing a gunç near an elementary ÷úschool. shots were fired on çtuesday úout at pico union ÷úelementary. nobody ÷úwas hurt. the 19-year-old suspect ,y%ñ quickly arrested by a çpolice officer who ymwas assigned to trschools in the wake of ç the ym(jját(ur(uá school shooting. to take him into ç custody only feet from v:the ç school where we çhad children y fter daycare setting. the shooting appears to çbe gaú related. this is the first v:week la
8:27 am
sc$ols have increased çpatrols and required officgr&ñto make stops at every çelementary school at least çonce a ymday. >> ko zvworkers at ÷újuvenile h say they çaren't safe. that their çfacility is a extremely dangerous. ay they don't ym have proper training v:need better equipment u!like radio ym communication systems. they are çalso asking çto bri çha sal, you have çhad a çvery busy morning. >> mywe are starting my(t(r' i roblem that ç has closed 37, çright at ç29, 29 -- sonoma
8:28 am
about a ten minute wait before you áget onto theúçspan. san jose, northbound ym280 is ut sout'j9ñslower, approaching 101. let's go g#to steve. >> thank çyou. up land it'll be sunny çto mostly sunny ÷úymçand chilly  the ocean providing ÷úmore 5euáand you can çsee the çnice çshot. !%ñdo appreciate çit. looking good. lzmaiq1ecloudy sk we have somq4of that moisture i (átáu really though it's the cold and! breezy will be the çbigger story. 30s for nbmany and tonight willç be colder, tonight into ym little bit of that çshower activity. wintq weather advisory into one but çit çlooks like its starting to wind ÷údown. if there are scatteredhmshowers mainly the cold and mybe to muc óures struggling today. get a good htlook at çthat u! moisture. 50s for some, upper ç40s for others, çnot warm but we will take çit zvinto the weekend.
8:29 am
irst on the scene in mythe last hourm,3 that big çrig fire zvshut ÷údoç major freeway. has ymbeen several cases of myw being ÷úsexually assaulted. if ÷úthis latest frightening zv encounter is related. ç ç [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
8:30 am
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. we still have ÷úthe developing news bnow in v:valle where sonoma çboulevard is closed çbecause a truck came
8:32 am
the person inside was !uried taken to ÷úymthe çhospital. i áur&l closed. boulevard zvas hazardous material çcrews usedç the ÷úçscene. alternate route s@ get westbound on u!37, eastbounv is open. so now let's g#go back to the  wordb=of a flasher making new]÷ on çthe peninsula. spotted by a woman u!texting ino her car. we are çlive where a place invesp(urjis underway so d8 what ÷úhappened? >> reporter: first of ÷úall behind me çis california avenu busy commercial area óiuh lots of u!stores and restaurants. now çpolice are çconcerned because this u!incident happene right behind that ÷ústreet çhe in this city ymparking lot whicç is very zvwell lit. n tuesday night a
8:33 am
woman çin her 20s hajust arrived here in her z5ar in the parking lot and pwas about to send zva text. she looked up and saw ça man standing ÷únext to the window o her çcar with his pants down a@ he kowas touching ÷úhimself and staring pat her. she drove çaway and called [ c police. officers couldn't find the ÷úma police are worried and mysay zv woman was fortunate the ç scalate. >> éwhen i walked out here ike for lunch ymand stuff there -- i have çseen a homeleç man and he -- he pulled down ç his pants in front of bk% and mm co workers. i çzvhave seen the zvsame thin you would v:think that this koa would çbe pretty ÷úmellow but guess it can v:happen v:÷úanywh qñbeen cases in rekent months xdthere are a number çof çunsolved ca of we'll ymbeing çassaulted byç men. last year severavñymwomen were
8:34 am
groped and myin november a ÷úwo was found -- a man çin her bedroom ptrying to çattack her now in this çcase police do ç believe that it's myrelated to any of ÷úthose cases. they u!believe u!this is çisol back out here live police u!are telling us they want to ymcatch this man. they zvdon't have a ÷úgood suspç description. they just know it's a white manm in çhis ç20s. 5'9'' with short brown v:hair ñzvjeans. reporting live. >> ç pçhtall right. policeçç take nb167 pounds of mariner from ça storage ÷ú container. this is marijuana. police kogot a u!tip. they çlater çarrested a 59-ye- old as çhe was opening zvthe storage container. he ymtold police he çhad çbee growing it and zvthen carrying to ]ihis ç÷úshipping containe police say that he also (t(eared to be çliving inside ç
8:35 am
i rá had power, a ymbed pand ca i rthe national ÷útransportatio safety board is ÷únow leading tr investigation into monday's ymo tanker accident in ÷úthe san ç francisco bay. the federal agency htis looking i>(zwhether radar çequipment was working properly whendúan oil kotanker hit a zvbay bridge tower in zvthe fog. oast guard bulletin issued ña day before the accdlnt een trouble with ÷úthe çradar beac that helped zvguide trips betweú the ÷úbridge towers. it's not çclear if this proble: is directly tied u!to the zv accident. >> pwe will inclu(meall those [n our investigation and try to figure ymout if the zvstatus of of ymthose had any bearing ÷úon incident. three v:million dollars. the state will çpick up çthe at first but tsw' the owner of
8:36 am
the çtank could end up paying : for çthose costly ymrepairs. >> update çnow from new york city, a çáuju+hwe were tell yo a high speed çferry boat from rashed ÷úshatten ppier injuring dozens. wo of u!them critically. investigators say now ÷úthey ç looking at ympossible meq0p'ica failure. the company installed ça new u! propeller system zvon this new ! boat. the crews have had ymseveral problem was it especially ÷úwitc the gears. im1ñferried ççpassy this çmorning. ysmooth ym but slower. 17 people on board yma passenger bus çwere hurt. that bus ÷úcrashed into a schoo bus on ça new çzvjersey highw the collision sent the u! passenger bus into a tree ÷úand limb from the tree smashed s right through the roof koof the urpeople are now çin cr
8:37 am
condition. uáhon the, ÷ú just the çdriver. ut out the wind shield to çget çhim >> ktvu has zvlearned that the mqndwho spearheaded the investigation çinto the colora% movie theater shooting is on [hnre list to be zvsan jose's next çpolice chief. in a ymtop secret meetin@ yesterday g#inside ymthe confer center the south ÷úbay çcommun leaders interviewed zvthe finalists and they are u!former santa clara ÷úpolice chief kevim kyle, dallas assistant çchief awrnññand aurora colorado çchief dandtes. >> we want to 8keep a çgap g# between ymthe retirement of chi moore and the next as çsmall am possible. >> çthe current city v:counci chief and u!current chief chris moore çretires a week ÷úfrom tomorrow. the bay htbridge will test !qmñthat are part of ç
8:38 am
n the htwestern span zvstarting today. right now about ym10,000 of thep lights installedáú @&c% eventually there will ymbe 25,0 that create ymwhat's being callç a ñúlight sculpture. from n'.until next tuesday the p artist behind v:the project wilç check çit. the intire project is çbeing funded through pprivate donations. a lot ofpeople are looking forward ÷úto that. its going to be ÷úbeautiful. >> ym it'll ÷úbe. >> sal, come u!on back. what's the çlatest pon çthe vallejo area? >> ç ç37 [westbound. as you drive from zvvallejo to ç marin. lue have çto use r-- an alternate route to ymget throug you will have tordgo own and pu the twilson avenue ymon-ramp ÷ using çcity streets. also ça new accident in zvthe ú foothill, san ramone area. at least one lane and ÷úthe
8:39 am
traffic is going did ÷úbe busy. castro@vvalley area. s actually blocking a lane v:as well. i think the one çon the left i the zvymone we bare getting rep one ymof the crews çhappened ov the scene. let's çmove along. that traffic ÷úis ymheavy. bay @> zvthank you. o steve. very nbgood morning. kind of ÷úcold and ymbreezy. along the coast we ÷úhave more m cloud çcover. warmer air. coldest air -/hcomes in around noon hour so itwon't be that warm and ymmost of ÷úthe shower activity -- just çnot enough t work çwith aments along v:the p mateo coast but looks like ç things are starting to çwind ç down. pushing off in out ymçto sea. scattered showers, mp@'ly closer to ÷úthe coast.
8:40 am
good temperature drop today and tomorrow morning if we could ç get some of the ÷úcells to moveç overland we ymwould have v:low levels-mbut i think the air is p to dry. ñnear 50. up xdin -- 20 degrees pin lake county. idegrees already. its going it be zvvery cold for many to the gzj)htonight and for us we ymhave frost and xdf súíarnings out. that's tonight çinto tomorrow morning. look at ÷úthe moisture along thç coast. there is not çmuch inland. couple inches of çsnow at kola i just saw u!ç-- what ÷úymwas i p&pine six to v:v:seven inche . showers near çthe coast. it'll be much çcolder today. temperatures even çwith the su just the u!winds picking up som of kothe higher ç:elevations, colder and y-(áqq-y, mostly sun but if there ÷úis any çmoistur get low çsnow levels. 50s.
8:41 am
the temperatures are good pseve degrees v:çççbelow average. frost çand freeze ymwarnings, critical minimums for a ÷úcoupl of days. then things çcalm down and warv up next week. >> ÷úthank you. steve just sciit's cold big concern for the mybay ÷ú area's homeless populatioo> that's why the pcommunity homeless alliance ministry çin san jose is koasking you írto donate bblankets. them and other items to people çon i u$ey will mainly focus tton ] along coyote creek v:and çhapp hollow çpark. fewer homeless families zv have to access now pto emergencú housing ÷+nits. the m -- çan agency called homm ward bound has çrelocated to a home on çmission çavenue. that home can ÷únow only zv accommodate nine çfamilies. they used çto provide shelter for +dfamilies by renting out v homes at a çmotel 6 but the
8:42 am
motel were çno ÷úlonger acceptable. >> zv the occupy movement çand other proteste$are protesting ht the s ome. now the ymraffle winner of çth dream house pwill çbe announce tomorrow. today thu vprotesters are s0front of ymthe dream house. they say$çthat neighbors qrñ fighting to keep thpr) homes and they want ymto draw attentio to that what mythey call ÷úeconc inequality. çthree new hyenas. they are part myof a çcolony bú studied by berkeley ç÷úresearc but ymit's facing funding cuts m and they needed a çnew home. oakland zoo$ready has ptwo olderly ones. these zvnew ones a lot younger they will make surthey keep them farah çpart from çeach ç other. >> a dog çwith yman interesti
8:43 am
haircut has çbeen causing confusion and çconcern ÷úçin virginia. charlie is a pet ylthat has been made to look plike@ñta v:l he does. his appearance çis to convinci he had people j&dnorfolk in nba panic. here is a listen to zvsome of tç calls police received when char lie was seen running around ço the stre' >> there is a lion çthat ran across ymthe street. a baby ÷úlion. krñwhat kind? !lion. a baby l9o >> ymabout u!the size ÷úof mya . and çthat's nbbecause it ymw he was shaved like this to ympl ascot for podu. the dog's çmane and tail çis once every çfour months to maintain kohis look. you can iñsee the vu ñis u!dar i rñ he does look. >> ç he çruns like xdone.
8:44 am
>> zvnew government numbers onç jobs came out, why ÷úa lot u!ofç issue investors may be ymsmilin >> and hazmat w cre on çthe scene of zvan early morning çbig ÷úrig accident. the latest when we return. fáç look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. p the early ymgain today as çeconomi nvestors a mixed picture çon the outlook ç growth. they were cheered by a ÷úreport that showed ÷úchina may becomin out çfrom had zvthe worst koec ince the 2008 çglobal crisis. the dow is zvup 14, the nasdaq v down about a half point ald@th s ymand p up çtwo. the good news on china çwas of set by ymunited states çgovern report that çweekly applicatioç ticked up çlast night. 371,000 ymfiled for first zvtim unemployment çbenefits, that'sç up 4,000. the end of çyear numbers usualp have wide swings between çhigh and lower but the çnumbers hav "j$eld relatively steady since last psummer showing hiring çi8 stable. american international ;@3roup is responding çto hard criticism from ÷úcongress ÷úand
8:48 am
taxpayers. aig çsaid it won't join the zv lawsuit against the united states governmelt@over the ht a former aig u!executive is sui saying the ÷úterms bof the 182 ç billion-dollar rescue were unfair çto share ÷úholders. >> let's zvbring you up to dat ther top stories çwe çare following. the vice president ymholding moú meetings today at the white ym house on çreducing gun violenc now today çhe is meeting zvgun owve+m1ñhunters and zvthe entertainment industry. çback here a çcastro vall man is zvdue in ÷úcourt facing charges in a r>strange drtcas he zvhad a five çfoot long gat in ÷úhis house guarding 8çhism marijuana. the gatorçwas named çmr. ÷útee and that big ÷úrig ÷úçcra vallejo çstill ÷úblocking traf it crashed, fell off 1ean
8:49 am
overpass and htçburst into fla what is ÷úthe latest? eporter: i will tell you we on two hours htsince i vá(p' see the truck is still k out here at ymthe scene. they ÷úhave brought towút[ucks but it's still smoking in ymthe area from where g#it's at. fire officials and people çin the area say they could çhear the crash w for nak-in to the house or there zvwas an explosion. they pwere running around the going ÷úymon. >> reporter: she psaw this big rig 8truck on fire. now this çall u!happened parou 6:45. chp said çthe ace hardware truú 37 and it got çinto a collisionç with another vehicde/ somehow the truck then flipped m off the highway and landed in ym the grassy area@úbelow on çson boulevard. passerbies jumped in to action zvand helpe pull the ymdriver the cab. they v:say the ÷údriver çwas dangling from the truck çheld v
8:50 am
by his seatbelt. they ñiwere able to pull him g# three and then a loud v:bang an the truck ÷úburst into flames. >> thu2ñweren't probably táddanger. ren't probably they were just g#thinking about getting that çindividual out a id a great thing khus and ÷úfor the çdriver. >> reporter: ngw!investigators trying to ymfind what roll the other truck had çin the accident. you can çsee the tires, ñrskid marks the chopper ymand the impact the ÷úaccident had closi down çthe roadway. the driver in the yjrig was taken ÷úto an area hospital witç life threatening injuries and the ÷údriver of the pick ÷úup refused ÷útreatment. it's not clear what caused ]itm accident but chp said koblack i wasn't ça factor. they took that ymwhite pickup truck, they zvare pulling çawa they are d8towing it away and trying ÷úto find what mycaused accident. what roll it had in çthe accident. on top of t! bring you ymthe latest especial n the çnoon newscast. live ÷úin dmejr @&c% paul chambers. ave new video nbthis
8:51 am
morning çfrom the 2013, psilic valley çauto show. all the çmajor names in çthe ç american auto industry are ç there in san jose showing ymoff their newest zvmakes and çmode gm is touting çnew advancementú in one of its electric çvehicl park. >> couplgof çgreat technologies in u!this car. one has a çnew dc fast zvcharg that lets v:you get ym80%. in 20 minutes. can fyñwhat it's like to ride a in the ÷úcompany's four 1eby y the show starts at ten v:this morning and çruns ÷úthrough ç sunday. >> competition for çnapa when it ÷úcomes to httop wine destinations and one çis real ú close ymby. wine magazine monterey county çis now one dvbthe world's top çten nbwine ht
8:52 am
átáinations. others !91uitaly, austria ççç and spain. napa and sonoma >2didn't even make v:kothe ÷úlist. monterey's wine rk'î9ñhas expanded zv40%. a zvmovie tar mystar has stepped in to savor myçç zvsaç that zvwas due ççto close. he has v:become worried when he heq)d that the cafe çwas u!in trouble. he reportedly çmade calls to tç investors in new york andhdsavep his favorite bbar. &0m=99from beverly zvhills. pam cook is in the studio kowit the interesting ymnote for the first time çpeople aren't just talking çabout the çnominatio but the announcement as zvwell which is usually çdull. >> reporter: çyes. they are. the announcement çof the
8:53 am
nominations this zvyea& definitely entertainment in itself. watching other people ym make ça 1emovie. >> çreporter: seth mcfarland i new@5a big screen director ymas well. he ÷úis known ças the creator family koguy and his çhumor st3 the show. he is çhosting the awards ÷úshm also. he scored g#his ymown nominatio everybody needs a friend in ht ted. >> yes u!i. i know. it's ÷úinsane. i don't know u!how that ÷úhappe a horrible pmistake zvhas been made. asç truth thatn8things write aç thing are ç equal to ÷úeach =)other. >> ymzvdaniel day ÷úlewis ymway incoln. the movie zvleads the nominatioa the moviu)e, eads the nominatioa
8:54 am
director ÷úand r>htw act history did well this yeapin n[ nominees for v:÷úbest pi#t%re django unchained and pthe manhunt çfor bin laden zero zv 30. >> ç çi loved /+lincoln. >> çyes. ((sq i'm rooting for him. >ñy still ahead, we kohave new information coming çin now ÷úa the late çnfl ÷ústar ymjunior >> and ymsal will have a mylas check on that big zvrig crash o u(v7 in vallejo. zv÷ú
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
. new çthis morning a ÷únew report xdçsays junior çseau brain disease with zvwhen he ast lpmay. his brain was looked at çthe t request htof his çfamily. öchronic, problems. these are similar to autopsies s of people who hiñbeen exposed to bseveral head injuries. as a linebacker zvfor 20 seasons in tnfl before zvhe retired çin 2009. >> san ÷úfrancisco 49er fans aç an beat the packers g#in the playo this is saturday and ÷úthey are
8:58 am
and mybe no players big we ymwi clothing 5b(áq&ling out ÷úof the candlestick fáçprayer can they cost $12 but çthe cost isn't ymstopping faithful from buying çthem in kobulk. >> you just ç&ight the candle !6ñjust kind of say pa little silent prayer çto ymyourself a the candle does the çrest and oes the my rest. >> local d8bars planning myfor huge crowds, some çfans are flying in zvfor the fans, regulm bar pat çrans say only u!49 fa welcome. you çcan watch the game çhere starts at 4:00 ÷úp.m. saturday. the fox nbshow zvstarts at ym4: catch eask ibanez with pq point after following the çgam >> we ÷úhave breaking news abos that vallejo crash. what çdo you know? river of the big rig zvhas
8:59 am
been pronounced dead zvat the hospital. did nsurvive the the big rig fel÷@tçoff the ÷úç freeway zv$ere. alternate route is zvwilson avenue on-ramp and there is ÷úa crash highway g#4 zvnear highwaç 242, that's blocking ÷úlanes. let's çgo to steve. >> cold and windy. n the 40s koor low &c 50s. this way ymuntil about sunday. >> ymthere you go. that's all i lave. >> that's the report for ÷úthi morning. thank you ÷úfor trusting us. >> we will zvsee you later. htç


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