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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 10, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time to start talking about some great videos -- "right this minute." they're a big hit on youtube, but one of the guys behind the videos became the target of a hit. >> found shot in the head with one bullet. >> the murder mystery behind an
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internet sensation. a couple is stunned when they check their home security camera and find -- this. >> oh! >> why this is not ordinary intruder video. >> a pile of snow and a shovel turns into an incredible project. >> wow. >> what to build when an igloo just won't do. and as far as prank reactions go. >> yo! >> i've never seen anything like it. >> are you serious? >> the drive-through order that will creep you out. >> hello. what the heck is going on? [ laughter ] a georgia businessman was found dead last week, and people around the globe are taking notice. this is 32-year-old keith ratman, a gun expert. he's an owner of a business called fts industry and the manager of fps russia. if that sounds familiar, this is why. >> just how much power we got here.
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[ gunfire ] >> kyle myers here has a popular youtube channel called fps russia. the manager and business partner of kyle myers. we have featured these videos on our show multiple times. it's listed as one of the ten most popular youtube sites in the world. he was found shot in the head with one bullet last week. it is he's mostly the behind-the-scenes guy. >> he was the manager and produced most of the videos with kyle myers. >> fps industries was a gun business. >> he built weapons and also sold weapons. >> maybe with somebody he knew, if they could get that close to him to dop that. >> one of the family members said just that. it appeared he didn't have a chance to defend himself. he does leave behind a wife and a 2-year-old son. >> oh. >> the bureau of investigations of georgia is looking for clues. no idea why this happened or
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what the motive may be. a couple surveillance videos. first one captured inside a convenience snore milwaukee. heads over to the cash register to supposedly pay for a drink. instead pulls a knife, opens the till and tries to steal the money. the woman behind the counter is packing heat. she's got a gun. >> so basically he brought a knife to a gun fight? >> exactly right. runs out of the store. makes off with not a single dime. >> i hope this deters him from ever trying this again. >> this happened back in december. milwaukee police released it's surveillance video hoping somebody will recognize this guy so they can take him into custody for attempted robbery. >> i like how she wasn't even shaking. >> she knew what she was doing. >> this surveillance video was shot in the a convenience store in malaysia, we believe. a guy in a motorcycle helmet, and he's wielding a machete. going after the guy behind the counter. opening the drawers, but the guy behind the cash register, with
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his bare hands fights back. >> another man in a motorcycle helmet also with a machete comes in and joins the fight. >> oh, no. oh, wow. there you go. >> one of the guys, he steals something out of that drawer. we watched the guys escape on motorcycles, and you see this worker from the store run after them. he comes after them and watches them drive away, but if you notice, he has blood on his face, on his neck, down the front of his shirt. and you'll see him outside of the store holding the side of his head. according to reports, he did end up visiting a hospital to get treated for his injuries. want to see the image, we were like, omg. i couldn't believe my eyes. >> that's diane and todd in spokane, cog. what has them saying, omg?
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this. >> oh! >> that is trying to get into their home. >> it was 6:41 in the morning, he door -- no e dog was bare one's at the door. and they're like, okay. well, whoever was just here must have took off. they go and look at their security camera -- and this is what they found. this pantless guy trying to bust into their home. >> but he's not really pantless, just got them down around his ankling. >> did he use the bathroom? couldn't wait? >> sounds like he might have needed a bathroom. todd put on his running shoes after he discovered this dude and followed his footsteps around town and realized that this -- gentleman -- went to about 20 other homes trying to maybe -- maybe find a toilet. who knows? >> he's a guy. just use a bush. for goodness sake, why did he have to have his pants down around his knees? >> it just makes no sense.
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>> i'm thinking this is a sexual presidenter th preside predator that wanted to pull his pud in someone's house. >> just going to the wrong home? >> maybe the way he gets his kicks. >> it just makes no sense. we've all done it, all been there. driving along, and you notice the police van, a nice clip, and you hit your brakes so you don't get a ticket. that happened to this guy, but look at the bottom of your screen. 113 miles per hour. he was clocked, but he slowed down to 23 miles per hour in three seconds. >> i'm impressed. >> and only fishtailed a little. >> good job. i'm surprised he didn't get rear-ended. >> by that entire motorcycle gang behind him. >> very important point, beth. this is in the eyed kingdom where you're supposed to drive on the opposite side of the road. this guy was going around a school of people learning thousand ride motorcycles, going past them at 113 miles per hour, and they're saying that he got dangerously close to the lead
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biker here, but he got a fat ticket. >> i bet. >> $1,300. >> driving a porsche. he can afford it. >> he can. his porsche is about $96,000 if you buy it off the lot. she also banned from driving for six months because of this. >> ah. >> now the porsche will be collecting a little bit of dust. >> yep. according to police, they say when he went in and talked about it, he referred to himself as an idiot for doing this. >> good. at least he admits his mistakes. a class of engineering gets a really important call. [ applause ] >> this is like michael jordan calling, you know, basketball camp. >> we'll reveal the mystery caller, next. and this is not your average skateboarder, because this guy is blind. >> what? >> see him
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we're hot youtube channel. we know he likes to prank drive-through workers. he's done it before, but i've got say, this is his best work yet. >> the car there and what i'm going to do is, i'm going put it on, a costume and go through a drive-through. >> so this is how it looks. >> that's it. he's driving this car right now. >> oh! >> the reactions that these people have, i've never seen anything like it. they do not know what to say, do, think or feel. >> hello. oh, my god. [ laughter ] >> this is genius. [ laughter ] >> are you serious? >> ah! and he just runs away. >> yeah. creepy, right? he doesn't even pay. just keeps going. >> they're holding the food. they don't even care that they
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didn't make the sale. >> is he tripping or something? >> he almost faints, because she can't figure out what's going on. >> taking a picture with her iphone. >> this keeps thinking, am i really seeing -- maybe if i shut the door. maybe shut it again. keep opening and shutting it. does it, like, four times. >> just throw it in there, i'm grog to go. >> throw it in there? >> she throws the food in, and he just drives away and says, thank you. >> this is his best prank yet. to seep the entire video, read to and click on best of "rtm." a class of engineering students at the university of toronto got a huge surprise. >> -- on the international space station. >> that sound is commander chris hatfield phoning in from the international space station, and listen to the reaction of the crowd. [ applause ]
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>> nice. >> this is like michael jordan calling your, you know, basketball camp and tlling y to work on your free thro. j co >> and as he's talking to them, he's like, yeah, i just flew over canada. >> talk about -- >> we're certain this isn't the professor in the other room. >> hey, this is commander hatfield, yes. >> this just happened yesterday. now, all kinds of stuff on youtube. in fact, one of his most recent videos is a shot of his watch. >> oh. >> from the international space station. >> oh, weird. >> it's just floating around on his arm. he has it on his wrist but you just watch it snaking around on his arm. >> isn't this the commander we had on the show? he took his guitar up there and performed for the first time on the international space station? ♪ so far, shines every star >> this is the same guy. you can see, incredibly active
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on the international space station and wants to make sure she getting attention, making people appear of the work that astronauts are still doing. >> did you see the tweet that went viral about a week ago? william shatner? the commander, tweeted, hey, are you tweeting from space? hatfield replied, yes, captain. from a guy who spent a lot of time in pretend space to a guy who's in real space. >> that is real! and ostriches taking away. ♪ ♪ a journalism student ap northwestern university. an avid runner, drummer and can cut a mean jive on a skateboard. >> one of my favorite things is
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wake up early arnold get to the skate park before anybody else. a great time to express myself on the board and to the best of my ability. >> oh. i forgot to mention. he is blind. >> what? >> blind since he was 2 years old when he discovered he had retina cancer, but at 10 years old he decide, i'm going to learn to skateboard, and he can do it. >> talk about other senses. a skateboard, going all over the place like he can see where he's going and he can't. >> anywhere i go on a spaceboard, it's all based on sound. i'm constantly using the sound of my wheels to check if there's anything in my way. give myself directions. >> this video was put together by perry sports. according to perry sports, there's 3.7 million sports injuries a year. this campaign is called "be brave, be safe." he wears protective gear. >> for me, protective gear is
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the difference between absolutely terrified while skateboarding, and being totally confident. >> he falls but hasn't had an injury because he wears the protective gear. >> he's trying, like, stunts and stuff, too. >> yeah. this is definitely an inspiring video. for anyone who thinks they can't get out and try something. >> fighting on the front line when -- see backblast from that rocket launcher, it did launch the guy backwards. >> we've got the story on why this blast could have been his last. and surfs up, up, up and away! >> why did it just keep going occupy? kept going. >> well, she going reextrem
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a bonus video on our website on the best of "rtm." beth what do you got? >> great for a musical or any fan of "star wars." this is their take on what "star wars" would be like if disney had produced it. >> oh, i like this. it's darth and luke -- >> fighting with lightsabers and singing to aladdin's "a whole new world". ♪ i will never join you come with me to the dark side ♪ >> it's a pretty hilarious video. definitely something you want to watch all the way through, because you'll just giggle. >> to see this video for yourself, head to our website,
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rightthisminutcom and cck -- anoth video from funker 530 from the front lines of the war in afghanistan. you can hear gun fire soon as this video picks up and we're seeing it from the first-person perspective of one of the soldiers. he has a helmet cam. helpening this fellow soldier out. you see him walk behind the line of guys. a lot of them firing rocket launchers. watch what happens. >> whew! >> oh. it knocked him on his booty. >> yes. the backblast from that rocket launcher did launch the guy backwards. but as you can hear, he's going, whew! and laughing. >> you think that's some sort of reaction to what could have been very bad? >> we reached out to funker 530, and he said that had this soldier been about a foot further than where he was, this backblast could have killed him. luckily, in this scenario, no one was injured. i do want to point out that the soldier who was firing the rocket launcher at the time, he
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did everything right. even checked his perimeter. it just happens to be this guy with the camera moved so quickly in his direction, he ended up getting hit by the backblast. >> it shows you anything can happen. wow. you see these guys in the middle of this smiling and talking to each other. surely they're glad the guy's okay, but, man, that's a pretty big -- >> we see after he lands on the ground, he does get up and he continues fighting. when a big storm is bearing down, most people take cover, stay indoor, but not ruben lenten. he heads straight for the tempest. in holland, a kiteboarder for the red bull team. the surf and wind that he experiences, it's mind-boggling. the weather radar. you can see the red eye of the storm. he goes straight into it. >> why would you do this? >> i guess because the sport is getting more and more extreme. now, look at the altitude he gets.
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it looks like he's getting, you know, whipped away in the "wizard of oz." >> this is taking my stomach watching this. >> oh, there's people out there watching him, too. >> who are those people? >> if this is your sport, you know, i guess this is when you go out. when it's nice out and you're a 2k3w0678er, that's when you go golfing. when there's a storm and you want to do this, you go out. >> what if he kept going up? just going and going and before you know it you're in china. >> and frozen. you're in oz." >> if that's happening you're not the red bull level athlete. you know how to control this -- >> put some lead in your shoes or something so you can come back down. >> tie yourself to the shore. it's a new phone tech that's going to leave you all -- twisted. >> they're playing on, playing -- >> see what we're trying to talk about, next.
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how cool, this is a pretty young sport and dubai a pretty new city. decided to take his sport and try it out. a red bull athlete. it's extreme, awesome stuff. >> i like to explore new things. >> that's cool. this sport you can go anywhere. go to a new city and all this new stuff to do your sport on. i like this part, running through the neighborhood of tall buildings. they climb up the walls hang on some of the beams sicking out.
9:56 am
. >> it's lard -- you want to swing on it but don't quite trust. it's all sandy. to me, it's the challenge. if i can figure thousand adapt my style here. >> he dazzles people in the spice market off the bat. a lot of people who maybe have never seen hard core before will be thinking what is this guy doing? who is this crazy person? like, someone should call the police. steven, as you know, the consumer electronics show is currently going on in las vegas, nevada. all kinds of new tech "stuff" is being introduced. >> the latest and greatest. >> when it comes to the cutting edge of technology we have our own expert, our own consumer electronics show man. >> he's an expo in himself. >> yeah, he is. zach. hey there, zach. >> hello. >> what's up, dude? >> i love to have new toke show us. >> the first calmed the copy census, a smartphone cover that actually acts as its ownch device. >> wht? >> right n
9:57 am
iphones, so your iphone 4, 4s or 5. >> playing pebble run. >> yep. >> you use your fingers on the back of your phone to operate your phone? >> exactly. >> the front of the phone is not good enough? why? >> the main reason they're using this is is because it will allow you to see your entire screen without having your fingers in the way. >> oh. i see. it's just going to take getting used to, because you'd be going like this instead of like this, i mean, okay. >> and keeps your screen cleaner. think about it. when you touch just the cover, when you go to talk on the phone you're not getting all of those gross finger germs all over your face. >> that i like. germ-free technology. another product. what is this? >> this is the razor edge, and it is a windows 8 tablet, really what it is is a portable pc games device. >> play games on an ipad or another mike soft tablet? >> can you, but not just games like "angry birds" or "pebble run "it can run full-fledge
9:58 am
games on your target. >> good for kids, take their systems to grandma's house and don't want to unhook everything. instead, take this. >> not only for kids. this could turn into everyone's sole pc device. you're cooped up at home with folks over the holidays. mom's like, guest out there and do something with yourself. well, watch what this guy did. he decided to build a backyard quincy. i never heard of that before. kind of like an igloo. instead of blocks you pile up a bunch of snow. then you sort of hallow it out and he plans to spend the night in this thing. this video is a time lapse of his work. the second phase, here she dhe digging the thing ourt. making an abode in the snow. eventually, phase three. a front porch for his backyard quincy, and this, you here on the right, this is actually like
9:59 am
a little fire pit. he hooks that up for the front porch. next phase, phase four, interior decorating and hooked up the inside with tarps and sleeping bags and blankets, and there's a chair in there. looks actually kind of comfortable. we see what it looks like while he was laying down. saw his feet there and wool socks. final phase, quest for fire. it was getting dark out. he's not lighting this fire inside the quincy, but out there on the front porch with the little fire pitt is ab, able toe heat. sits out there for a while, enjoys his work, and as far as we know, he spent the night there. >> wow. that seems like a much more efficient way of building a little home than creating the snow blocks and building an igloo. >> never too old to make a snow fort, to go outside and play in the snow. that's it for "rtm." we'll see you tomorrow.


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