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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 11, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we begin with a big crash that shut down a major freeway this morning. we'll have a live report from the scene scene more when the freeway is expected to reopen. we have new information on the breaking news story we're following for you in marin city. a 17-year-old boy is shot to death. we just talked to his family. we'll tell you what they're saying about what happened. you probably don't need a weather man to know it's cold out there. but what about the weekend? plus just hours from now boeings dream liner will begin its service from san jose. but we have breaking news about the safety of that jet. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. welcome to friday it's january 11th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. steve paulson is here.
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definitely cold. freeze warning all day? >> it's cold enough. no doubt about it. another day we could get up pop up showers again. little system coming into the northern part of the state. you can see that. again it favors areas to the west. upper 40s and low 50s. good morning. we're looking at a live picture of eastbound interstate 80 where the lanes are clear here on 80. but a little after 3:00 this morning was much different story. a car hit the center divider near the ashby avenue exit and spun out. it was broadsided by an on coming car. two other cars were tangled up in the crash. the driver of the first car was a man. we're waiting to hear the extent of his injuries. one thing we do know it took awhile for this to clear up. more than an hour. the car was badly damaged. finally they opened up the lanes just after 4:35 this morning. and the traffic has completely
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recovered. stay with ktvu we'll find out more about this crash. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news out of marin county this morning. police have just wrapped up a news conference about the shooting death of a young man just after midnight. ktvu claudine wong is in marin city this morning with what she has learned about the victim. >> reporter: since we last talked with you we have talked with police and we also talked to family members of the victim. they tell us he's 17-year-old williams. i will give you a look at the scene. if you take a look at that canopy and the tarp that is where the victim remains this morning since the shooting that happened just after midnight. he has several family members that live in this apartment complex if we pan over to the side you can see there is quite a few units that are in here. apparently according to his family he had been here for just a week visiting from weed california where he lives and grew up. he just turned 17 four days
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ago. and it was out here. his family members say they just checked in on him because of trouble around the apartment and they heard gunshots. this all happened about 12:15 this morning. police told us in a news conference that wrapped up in the last half hour that they got out here they started rendering aid to the victim. someone was already trying to help him when they arrived. paramedics did pronounce him dead at the scene. he has four siblings and one of them or a couple of them just talked to us. here's what one of his sister's had to say. >> it happened for nothing. it happened for absolutely nothing. i know it happened for nothing. basically somebody got the wrong thing. got him confused. >> reporter: again taking a live look back at the scene. his family members say they are obviously extremely upset.
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they're still trying to make sense of what happened. he's had trouble growing up but he's been turning his life around. he's been out here again for just a week. just celebrated his birthday. they don't know what happened that led up to the gunshots. they heard gunshots and shortly realized it was their brother that had been shot. live in marin county claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. also in overnight news police in fremont say a home on party court is the scene of the city's first homicide of the new year. officers found the body of a 48- year-old inside the home early yesterday evening. two hours late aero27-year-old man showed up at the fremont police station with a suspected murder weapon to turn himself in. both the victim and the suspect lived at the home but police did not disclose the nature of their relationship or a motive. your time now 5:04. in a couple hours from right
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now the new boeing dream liner jet will take off from san jose airport launching ground breaking service but there is developing news about the safety of that jet. janine de la vega joining us live. so what is going on? >> reporter: the faa will be holding a news conference concerning this. but that boeing 787 dream liner is supposed to take off from here for the first time all the way to tokyo. the recent problems with the plane is really bad timing for ana. the federal aviation administration will be holding a news conference to do a comprehensive review of the critical system of the boeing 787 which is the most technologically advanced plane. u.s. regulators have -- after numerous problems occurred with the aircraft this week. cracks appeared in the cockpit window of a plane that took off from tokyo. that's the third time it has happened. another incident involved oil
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that leaked from the 787 engine. earlier in the week there was an electrical fire that broke out on another 787 in boston operated by japan airlines. despite the numerous incidents, the planes will continue to fly because at this point they are being considered minor. but with problems mounting regulators say it was prudent to do a safety review. again there will be various officials here at san jose airport later this morning and we plan on asking them questions about this latest news coarise about this boeing dream liner. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:06. vice president joe biden meets today at the white house with representatives of the video game industry about ways to reduce gun violence in the u.s.. the vice president says he will present recommendations from his meetings this week to president obama next tuesday. yesterday the vice president met with representatives from the entertainment industry and from gun owner groups.
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the president of the national rifle association says he left that meeting disappointed. >> they knew going into this meeting what the president's position on the so-called assault weapon ban is. it's the same position he's taken for years. the vice president said we do this with an open mind. at the meeting we said we have already made up our mind on that. >> the nra says it will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. gun owners along with supporters of gun control packed a meeting in santa rosa. we'll tell you how their comments could influence gun policy legislation on capitol hill. a former death row inmate accused of killing his own mother is due in court this afternoon. 70-year-old dennis has admitted to killing 90-year-old nelli
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turner in their vallejo home. he's a convicted killer first sentenced to death in 1966 for murdering two teenage girls but his sentence was changed to life in prison when california briefly eliminated the death penalty in 1974. then he was released on parole in 1990. san jose expanding their search for a new police chief. they have interviewed three finalists for the job. but city manager says she wants more time to look at other candidates. the current chief chris moore plans to retire a week from today. time now 5:08. let's go to sal. you started the morning with a major problem on the east shore. >> we are looking at the east shore at this time to make sure everything is okay. fortunately that crash has been cleared. even all the flares have burned out. it's almost as if nothing happened. which is good for drivers. westbound 80 traffic looks
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good. and no major delays getting into san francisco. sometimes on fridays we have lighter than usual days we'll see what happens today. there are no major problems right now. if you're driving on the 280 freeway in san jose northbound 280 looks great. right through downtown san jose. cold today. let's go to steve. sit cold out there? >> a little bit. >> it is a little bit. a north wind is helping most locations. sfo is 46 degrees. fairfield travis is 28. frost advisory out and freeze warning. the breeze is helping hold temperatures up. if it dives off santa rosa is 38. if the wind tails off the temperatures will also drop off the table. another day where system drops down. it favors areas along the coast. had a little bit more moisture to work with. i think today i'd keep an eye on the skies. i think we have a little bit more action over the inland areas. clouds and sun today. a north breeze. but clouds and showers. favoring areas near the coast. but if there is any available
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moisture today over the east bay hills we could get very low snow levels. again 1500 feet would not surprise me. sonoma county airport 38. novato says 33. northwest at 13. these i think will go down. you can see the system coming right down. this one looks like it's taking a little bit of a path right off the coast. and then there will be one more coming in on saturday. so cool and breezy sun and clouds. isolated sures are possible. again. i would say by the coast. today i think a better opportunity even inland today. upper 40s very, very low 50s. it will be a cool and breezy day. if you're heading to the 49er game tomorrow, the temperature game time looks to be 49. i kid you not. partly cloudy cool and breezy and getting colder in the second half. after that things warm up. >> thank you, steve. if the 49ers win, bay area children will also win. mayor ed lee has a friendly wager with his green bay
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counterpart james schmidt. the loser pays for a free kids day at the local museum. in addition the losing mayor sends a gift basket. san francisco will put up sour dough bread and beer. programming reminder ktvu has complete coverage of tomorrow's playoff game. we begin with playoff play book at 4:00. followed by foxes pregame show at 4:30. kickoff just after 5:00. and after the game mark hosts the point after show. >> i've got it. writing it all down. channel 2. right here. time now 5:11. afghan president hamid karzai will be at the white house today. what he wants from the u.s. after nato forces leave afghanistan next year. how one north bay community is coming together to replace
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stolen war memorial. good morning. northbound 101 traffic looking pretty good heading out to the lower deck of the bay bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. ñç5xñóñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe-
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 5:14. new this morning the death toll from a series of bombings across pac partly cloudy is up
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to 120. three bombings targeted a billiards hall and a mosque. it was the deadliest day in pakistan in years. later today the president of afghanistan meets with president obama at the white house. kyla. >> reporter: pam, the white house says we shouldn't expect any firm numbers or timeline to come out of today's talks but it's still a critical meeting. president obama and president hamid karzai will discuss how fast the u.s. will withdraw troops from afghanistan. the war formerly ends next year. but the u.s. military has proposed keeping as many as 15,000 troops in afghanistan past 2014 and that is to continue pursuing terrorists and training afghan security forces. karzai spent yesterday meeting with president leaders and
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asked for military equipment like drones and helicopters to insure security in afghanistan. >> it's fair to say we immediate very good progress on all of the key issues we discussed. >> one of the other big things the pentagon wants to know if afghan leaders will keep the taliban out of their country after u.s. troops lead. what karzai had to say about that when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell. time 5:15. weeks after metal thieves stole a war memorial from a park in petaluma donations are pouring in to -- stolen from walmart park sometime around september 21st. authorities think thieves used an electric saw to remove a plaque from its base. they have raised more than $9,000 to replace that plaque. north bay an overflow crowd at the third and final
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community forum on gun violence. bay area congressman mike thompson hosted the meeting. thompson is chairman of the gun violence prevention task force. last night people packed the hallway just waiting to speak. >> gun owners have responsibilities to keep those guns out of the hands of mentally ill, drug years,. >> i see no purpose whatsoever to own an assault weapon. at the same time i am not in favor of gun control. >> congressman thompson has held meetings in vallejo and napa. he'll take back what he has heard from the task force in washington, d.c.. angry students, teachers, and staff at city college of san francisco are planning a campus protest at 9:00 this
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morning. they are outraged over the administration response to the crisis that could shut down the college. this week city college asked for an extension of the deadline to solve its big financial and management problems. the csu board has warned if the school fails to show improvements it could have its accreditation revoked. there is new report telling us how traffic monitoring systems are failing in the area. only 49% of the bay area traffic sensors were working. only 61% of electronic message boards were being used. ktvu first uncovered the monitoring problems. we had a special report on this last august. back then the transportation committee called for an investigation. researchers say investing in reliable tools could ease the traffic congestion by about 5%. we have a reliable tool right here. >> yeah he's about this tall
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with glasses. >> yeah handsome guy. there he is. >> i appreciate that. right now the traffic is doing very well. there are no major problems. let's take a look at interstate 880. just as steve said it will be breezy out there. a little bit of wind shaking our camera. nothing major. the traffic is moving along pretty well here. as you get along to the toll plaza there is not a big delay. we are hoping to have a lighter day than usual today. and there are no major problems on the san mateo or on the dumbarton bridge. let's go to steve. we have a pretty good little breeze going on. there is another system dropping down. a couple reports coming in the pacific area. brandon 46. the only reason they are not colder because of the north wind at 16-20 miles an hour. so clouds, sun, a knot breeze holding up the temps even though we have a frost and freeze warning. if it wasn't for that breeze it
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would be really cold. a cool and breezy day with shower activity parallel to the coast again. i think there is a little better opportunity today inland than yesterday. novato says 37. i saw 14, 33 -- i saw 41, 33 near nava toe. a lot of 30s and 40s. this system right there looks to be favoring areas a little bit more to the east today. keep an eye on that. overall it looks like again near the coast a best opportunity for anybody to get shower activity today. a couple upper 20s. i think over the weekend we'll have a better opportunity for that. another cold morning saturday. clouds and sun. one more system clips us saturday afternoon and evening. cool or breezy. sun and clouds. isolated showers. upper 40s very, very low 50s. the warmest temps will be close to the bay. 49 antioch.
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52 san jose. 51 cupertino. upper 40s. wood side is in there. 51 san mateo and in the city. clouds possible showers saturday. and cold sunday morning inland and monday and tuesday things get a little better. thank you. european markets trading at a very narrow range this morning after their opening bell. yesterday overnight that is most asian markets close losses after china reported a big increase. japan's nikkei finished the day up nearly 1.5%. that is after the cabinet approved a $224 billion package designed to create 600,000 new jobs. checking in on our numbers. i'm looking at our futures right now. and they indicate a pretty good opening for the nasdaq and s & p. maybe a dip for the dow. wells fargo earnings coming in. pretty good. shares are expected to open lower. we'll have more on that.
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a weak guidance for the low expectations for some of the banks. time now 5:21. a man that was missing for more than two decades has now been found safe. how he was found and why he was so far away from home. a silent protest in san francisco's marina green. the business people that say they don't want to see -- what they don't want to see added to their neighborhood.
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welcome back. time now 5:24. a man accused of kidnapping his children and trying to escape in a stolen yacht is due in court later this morning. 43-year-old christopher is charged with kidnapping his two children. a boy and a girl from a south san francisco home last september. investigators say after that he stole a boat and headed for mexico. there was a chase after this when the yacht finally ran out of fuel near the monterey peninsula. he was captured. the children were found unharmed. it has been nearly 20 years since a child abduction chase in indiana and now it has taken a twist. he went missing in 1994 when he was five years old after he was taken by his grandpdparents. up until now investigators were not able to track him down. after activity on his social security number in minnesota they were finally able to find
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him. >> it's just too bad it has been that many years gone by. but i'm really happy he was found and everything is okay. >> police say landers is now married and expecting his first child and we're waiting to hear if his grandparents are expected to face any charges in the case. time now 5:25. people in san francisco's marina green area are trying to prevent a new restaurant from opening in their neighborhood. neighbors have put signs in their windows reading stop restaurant on marina green. residents are angry about plans to open a new seafood restaurant in a nearby vacant building. take a look at this artist rendering of the proposed restaurant. the board of supervisors is due to take up the situation later this month. we're going to take up traffic in your commute this morning. sal is following everything. sal. >> right now traffic is doing pretty well. we don't have a lot going on
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which is the way we like it. nice and quiet. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. i'm afraid it's not going to stay this way. at least for now you can get a jump on the south bay commute. southbound 680 traffic looks good on the sunol grade. westbound 580 at the livermore valley not a big problem. 5:26 let's go to steve. >> temperatures being held up a little bit for some. because of a north wind. if it wasn't for that north wind it would be colder. 40 san rafael. 44 in the city. 28 fairfield. potential is right there. again napa 31. antioch 41. if that breeze wasn't there the system would be a little colder. partly sunny upper 40s to low 50s. time now 5:27. in case you didn't know flu season is really here. why doctors say it's looking like one of the worst flu seasons in a decade and what it means if you still haven't received a flu shot. plus a teenager visiting
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relatives in marin county gunned down this morning. what the family and police are saying about that attack.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news this is friday, january 11th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30 is the time. steve, is it going to be cold all day? >> it is doinggoing to be cold all day. couple areas in the 20s.
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most are in the 30s and 40s because of a north wind. there is another little system dropping down. that could give us a better opportunity today for isolated showers. it will stay school and breezy. upper 40s and low 50s. here is sal. good morning. right now interstate 80 eastbound and westbound looking pretty good. that was not the case earlier just about an hour ago we had lanes blocked here on interstate 80 with a pretty severe accident a little after 3:00 this morning a car hit the center divide near the ashby accident and spun out and hit by another car. two vehicles were also tangled up. so the driver of the first car is a man. he was take ton the hospital. many vehicles involved again. several lanes were closed. the lanes reopened just after 4:30. so just a little more than an hour ago. and traffic has recovered. but right now we don't know the condition of the man who was taken to the hospital. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. we're following breaking news right now from the east bay. ktvu tara moriarty is at the scene of police activity.
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it's happening in oakland. what is going on out there? >> reporter: we're not going to say exactly where we are. this operation is still under way. oakland police are doing a raid on this block you see behind me. there are emergency personnel out here. this is one of many raids going on this morning. we are told this operation one of the riskiest. these are alleged gang members and that weapons, drugs that sort of thing is being confiscated right now. the helicopter has been above us since before 5:00 this morning. that is when swat teams moved in and told the people inside of this home to get out. neighbors did report hearing a loud boom. we are not sure if that is a door being kicked in or flash grenades were being used. there is a tactical unit at the top of the street along with an ambulance. oakland police remaining tight lipped who these people are. once the raid is over and the evidence has been seized we'll be learning more about this
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operation. this is one of the biggest raids happening in the city of oakland. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. we are learning more now about the teenager gunned down this morning while visiting relatives in marin county. ktvu claudine wong is in marin city this morning where she's been talking about police and family members of the victim. claudine. >> that is right. in the last 30 minutes a coroner just arrived here on scene. we'll show you've what is happening on the 300 block of drake. if you take a look down the stairway. you can see a canopy and tarp that is still up. that is where the victim is still at this hour. the body of 17-year-old williams still there. he was shot just after midnight. i want to show you a picture. his family said he'd only been visiting for the last week. he was here visiting from weed, california. his sister told me she heard around six gunshots and when
5:35 am
she realized her brother had been hit she ran to his side. >> i held my brother in my arms. i heard him take his last breath. he died right before my eyes. they shot my brother in his head. >> deputies on scene attempted cpr and first aid. however a short time later medical personnel pronounced the subject deceased. >> reporter: police tell us this morning the victim had been shot two or three times. when they talk to the family describe a difficult life in this housing project. they all live here in different units. they also describe a tough childhood for the teen. as far as who would do this,
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one sister had a theory. she says the shooter thought her brother did something that he didn't. she talked to us about that in detail. we'll have more on that coming up on the morning news. live in marin city claudine wong. in other news time now 5:34. flu season is officially here. but it may be hard for you to find a flu shot right now. according to the cdc there is a shortage of the flu vaccine and tam ma flu for kids. the shortage blamed on an early start to the flu season and so many more cases of the flu. now according to the cdc between september and december more than 22,000 flu cases were reported. the cdc says this season could be the worst in a decade. and doctors say if you do get a flu shot, it takes up to two weeks for it to become effective. the suspects in a bizarre plot in pittsburgh in the east bay can be released from jail by the end of the day.
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so far prosecutors have -- police say a young woman plotted with her lover and three others to commit a home invasion robbery. they say it was an attempt to scare the map and make him want to move out of the couples home. the plot turned deadly when the husband fatally stabbed the man that broke into the home. two families are suing oikos university over last years deadly shooting rampage in oakland. seven people died when suspected gunman juan koe opened fire on the school. the lawsuit was filed in alameda county yesterday by families of two of the victims. they claim the school should have known that koe was a serious danger because of the disagreements he had with the university staff beforehand. we are learning new details about the shooting add a high school near bakersfield -- at high school near bakersfield. we'll tell you what investigators say may have triggered the gunman to open
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fire. getting the super bowl may not necessarily bring super returns to santa clara. the new 49ers stadium is one of three finalists for hosting the big super bowl game in 2016 or 2017. however, the mercury news reports the national football league gave santa clara a new list of demands. it includes tax breaks and leasing the stadium and other local venues at a much lower rate than normal. santa clara city officials are meeting to talk about whether the city could make any money if they agree to those terms. in the meantime green bay packer fans are arriving now in the bay area for tomorrow's divisional playoff game with the 49ers. they are kind of hard to miss too. they are wearing packers colors. green and gold. even the nail polish. and they have packed several hotels including fisherman's wharf. this provides an economic boost between local businesses which is normally a slow time of the year. >> we've always been treated
5:39 am
well. the san francisco fans are a lot of fun. real good natured. business going back and forth. it's always been fun. >> the sports bars too will be running specials on game day. and at the nfl shop a hot item san francisco answer to the packers cheese heads here you go. a $40 49ers gold nugget head. make sure you tune to channel 2 ktvu tomorrow for complete game day coverage. we are starting with playoff play book. that is at 4:00 p.m.. then that is followed by the fox pregame show at 4:30. kickoff for the game just after 5:00. and then after the game mark will host the point after. >> now you can just call sal a nugget head. >> i wouldn't do that. >> well, you know i won't put it on but you know where my sentiment is on that right? >> we do. we are doing pretty well traffic wise. traffic is moving along pretty
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well if you are driving around the bay area. let's go to highway 4. there are people out there a little bit of slowing in antioch. but right here in bay point it looks good on the way to concord. bay bridge toll plaza is still light. there is a little bit of a delay. we have a little bit more time for you to get there. if you're driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge the traffic there looks good. we picked up some of the road work. no trouble getting over to the peninsula. very cold morning it could be colder. there is a north breeze. few locations in the upper 20s. there is a north wind. overnight lows from 24-44. that breeze is holding up son- in-law on the coast. freeze warning is out and frost advisory. i think sunday is the best opportunity to get really, really cold temps. it's cold out there now. but you need that breeze and the cloud cover to get out of the picture. right now we have a little bit
5:41 am
of both. there is a stronger system on the coast. that is producing rain and snow. it looks like this one is taking a little bit of a track over closer to the coast instead of just off the coast. so maybe a little bit of a buildup today. cool and breezy. isolated showers. would not be surprised if some developed over the hills today. upper 40s very low 50s on the temps today. just too cold. 28 degrees right now in fairfield. 51 fremont. 51 cupertino. upper 40s woodside. it's 46, 47 in pacifica right now. only because they have a north wind. clouds, possible showers tomorrow. 49 degrees at kickoff. getting colder. and then very cold sunday morning. next week looking quiet, sunny, and warmer. volunteers are reaching now to the homeless making sure they are able to keep warm during this cold snap.
5:42 am
all 138 beds at the catholic charity shelter filled right now to help those that are still out in the cold. workers will be handing out blank ills, gloves -- blankets, gloves, and other supplies. in san jose church members handed out blankets at homeless camps. last year they passed out almost 7,000 blankets in san jose. >> and they're going it all over the bay area. all yesterday we were talking about mr. teeth the alligator involved in that strange drug case. now we've got sad news about that famous alligator that was guarding a stash of marijuana. we talked to one man who risked his life trying to save a man from a burning big rig that plunged off a vallejo freeway. right now the san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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good morning. cold out there. a little system dropping down from the north may produce a few showers. overall a cool breezy day. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you at 5:43. oakland police are busy conducting several police raids. we are told they are targeting alleged gang members and weapons and drugs are being confiscated. a teenager visiting relatives was shot and killed just after midnight. we are told the teenager just turned 17 years old four days ago. deputies say he was shot two to three times. so far there are no suspects in this case. in just a couple hours from right nowen the new boeing dream liner jet will take off from san jose airport for the
5:46 am
first time. this ground breaking flight comes amid growing safety concerns. the faa is ordering a review of the critical systems on boeing 787 after a fire and fuel leak were reported earlier. there is an areignment hearing today for the colorado movie theater shooting suspect. that is after a judge recalled there is enough evidence for him to stand trial on 160 felony charges. 12 people died. 58 others were hurt in that attack. he's supposed to enter a plea this morning but his lawyers will likely ask the court for a delay. we are learning new details about a high school shooting in central california that left a student fighting for his life. that shooting happened in taft. that is south of bakersfield. the 16-year-old took the gun from his brother and targeted students that have bullied him for more than a year. surveillance video shows the boy trying to hide the gun. once inside he shot one student
5:47 am
and targeted another before a teacher was able to talk him into surrendering. we have more information about yesterday morning's big rig crash in vallejo. a pickup truck crashed into a car and it went over the railing and fell 30 feet down. three good samaritans including an off duty paramedic pulled the driver out of this burning wreckage. that driver 43-year-old william ballard lost consciousness and later died. >> could i have done this? what else could i have done? it's still kind of surreal. and it does bother me. >> the paramedic suffered second degree burns on his left arm. you see him bandaged there. he's hoping to find two other samaritans that went in and risked their lives. he wanted to say thank you. new this morning three americans are among the zone people who were just killed in a hotel fire in a resort town in the philippines. the fire broke out early this
5:48 am
morning on the ground floor of the hotel. all of the victims died of smoke inhalation. investigators are still looking for the second cause of the fire. we do know one of the americans killed is from alaska. we're trying to get more information. we're still waiting to get that information about the other two people. the exotic pet found guarding marijuana has died. mr. teeth was a 16-year-old kay men. sheriffs deputies say they found him inside a castro valley home on wednesday next to $100,000 worth of pot. mr. teeth was take ton the oakland zoo in critical condition and died several hours later. now the owner appeared in court yesterday on drug charges. he's also now facing animal abuse charges. governor brown unvailed his new budget with something not seen in many years in california a surplus. the governor says california's budget deficit has disappeared thanks to new tax revenue from proposition 30 and spending
5:49 am
cuts. the governors budget calls for increased funding to education including $2.7 billion more for k-is schools. the governors budget also calls for giving money to school districts that serve low income students and less to the states -- growing in up in compton and richmond is not like growing up in beverly hills or piedmont. cal state university system will begin its online program. each of the campuses will focus on different specialties. the first program will be offered through cal state fullerton in orange county. you can sign up or get more information by going to penn calls national monument is the newest national
5:50 am
park the new designation is expected to boost tourism as well as business for the park minute calls gets its name from the rock formations left over from a volcano. no problem on 280. it has been a pretty good drive throughout the san francisco area. no problems at the toll plaza. we are gets a little bit more of a crowd trying to get into san francisco. this mornings commute looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge across from the peninsula. highway 1 off if a decent start. 5:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. another cold friday. could be colder. we have a north breeze out
5:51 am
there. that is holding most temps up. not all but most. another system coming right on down. yesterday this stayed off the coast. this one looks to be moving a little closer to the coast. clouds and sun. that north breeze cut right through you. we still have a frost and freeze warning out. even though most lows are above freezing because of that north wind. very, very low snow levels. most of the shower activity should favor areas along the coast. this one taking a little bit more of a track closer to us than the one we had yesterday. snow up in the sierra continues. through the interior it's mainly dry. i think today we have a better opportunity to get cloud build ups. the days look a little bit better. even tomorrow morning there will be frost and partly cloudy. one more system drops in saturday afternoon and evening. sun and clouds. isolated showers today. a really kind of a cool breezy day. upper 40s and very low 50s. might keep an eye on the east bay.
5:52 am
but low 50s for almost everybody or upper 40s. just too cold and some of that cold air continues to work its way in. very cold weekend mornings and nights. it will be a little bit better sunday. american express plans to cut 5400 jobs. that is about 9% of its total work force. many of the job cuts will come from the travel division as more people book their own flights and hotels online. american express also plans to hire some new workers for its customer service division but did not say how many or when that will happen. ford is hiring 2200 engineers, computer programmers, and other white color workers. the car maker says that is in addition to the 8100 jobs its added in the last year. u.s. video game and games is sales fell 22% last month despite holiday shopping.
5:53 am
overall revenue dropped $900. game sales dropped a surprising 26%. time now 5:51. pam i'm serious about this. people in pet law ma are saying -- people in petaluma are saying no it could not be. who is that cape crew saider patrolling the town looking to fight evil? there are more heros to the rescue. this time to say a trapped and terrified deer. iyin)ñ)ogóçñóçíç'ñy?oo
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
it's cold out there. 30s and 40s. frost and freeze warnings. maybe partly cloudy skies today and another cool breezy day upper 40s and low 50s. check this out. look at this. a terrified deer finally rescued after being stranded there in the middle of a frozen lake. this is in golden colorado. the deer dry tried to run several times like this. finally this guy got close enough to throw a lasso pulled him to safety and then the deer was on dry ran and able to walk back into the wild. this week's oil tanker accident in the bay area could lead to big changes for any big ships passing under the bay
5:57 am
bridge. a state safety board is setting new rules for tankers heading toward the bay. an oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge tower causing millions of dollars in damage. a lack of funding is forcing four fire stations in contra costa county to close next week. fire houses in martinez, clayton, and lafayette will all be effected starting tuesday. concerned community members attended a meeting last night. the fire district says voters failed to pass a parcel tax last november that would have provided revenue to keep the stations open. the closures are expected to save $6 million a year. they also say response times will be effected. the district says no layoffs will happen. there will also be another public meeting in lafayette on tuesday. a real life batman is fighting crime in the streets of petaluma. the man known as petaluma
5:58 am
batman has become a facebook sensation. he wants to keep his identity secret. during the day he's a college student. at night he slips into his dark suit and roams the streets of downtown petaluma looking for trouble. he's not trying to do the police department's job. if he sees crime he reports it to the authorities. he wants to host charity events in the future including city cleanup days. >> good for him. we have a real life problem. the power is out for thousands of people where? >> about 2400 customers in the dublin-pleasanton area. power outage in this area. in fact some people in dublin and pleasanton are without power and some of the intersections may be dark if you come up on an intersection make sure that you treat it as a four-way stop. we already had reports of people without power in both those cities. pleasanton and dublin. we'll keep you posted on that. let's move along to traffic pictures northbound 280 traffic
5:59 am
does look good in san jose. now let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour ktvu news is only crew at the scene right now. dozens of police officers involved in a very risky raid in one eastbound neighborhood. another white house meeting about reducing gun violence. who vice president joe biden will meet with today. good morning. it's cold out there. temperatures struggling to get in the upper 40s. what about the weekend? we'll have your forecast coming right up.


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