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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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captain. hello.
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a live look at the san francisco skyline on a cold bay area night. temperatures are falling and another freeze warning is in effect. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the cold snap gripping the bay area is still with us tonight. it's going to stick around for several more nights. we have team coverage
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meteorologists mark tamayo is in the weather center tracking the cold temperatures but we are live with jana katsuyama with how people are preparing for another cold night, jana. >> reporter: as you just saw it is beautiful and clear. but definitely chilly tonight. not good if you're homeless and cold if you're one of the toll takers of the golden gate bridge and among many others that have to work outside. park rangers were on patrol at ocean beach tonight where some people were out walking bundled up against the wind. tourists had their winter jackets and hats on hand. >> i bought it from a little lady down at the emparcadero that and some gloves. >> it was very cold so i came back to my cab. >> reporter: furnace repair workers are in high demand tonight with temperatures looking to get back into the 20s. jose sandoval and his father
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were answering calls nonstop. >> it's been wild. a lot of calls, probably doubled since this cold snap has hit. so they definitely have us on our toes right now. >> reporter: so me he says they'll be, woing until midnight fixing furnaces so people have heat. the kim family lost their heat last night. >> we turned it on, went to bed, and in the middle of night it got really cold. the kids jumped into our bed. we were in the bed five of us together. >> reporter: san francisco has about 500 beds and tonight care -- area churches are going into effect. >> when temperatures drop below you know 40 or below then we open up they open up as many beds as possible. >> reporter: although the bay waters help keep temperatures in the city a little warmer than in the inland areas, the
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temperatures are expected to be below 20 degrees tonight. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. in the east bay entire families are getting help finding shelter from the cold. the oasis program in pittsburgh works with contra costa county churches to help house people on cold days and nights. right now 40 people are in the program with more on the waiting list. pets also need to keep warm. at one shelter today in walnut creek we found all the dogs in sweaters. workers at tony la russa's rescue foundation kept all the dogs indoors today and recommend that outdoor pets come indoors tonight. within this cold northerly flow rainfall has been developing and even some hail. let's take a look right now at live storm tracker 2. the coverage focused on the south bay. here's the radar loop over the past 12 hours heavier rain downpours and reports of hail
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out toward pleasanton and livermore. the focus, right between san jose and morgan hill. this is approaching morgan hill over the next 10 to 15 15 minutes. here is a look at some of the current numbers out there already dropping down into the mid-30s for fairfield, napa and santa rosa right now checking in 39. as far as the frost advisory this beginning tomorrow morning at 5:00. temperatures in the low to mid- 40s. another freeze warning kicks in at the same time for the north bay and the santa clara valley where temperatures will be dropping down from the upper 20s to lower 30s. we'll take a look at temperatures in your neighborhood. we'll also break down shower chances as we do look into the weekend. a major artery between the bay area and los angeles is back open tonight. the chp reopened all lanes of
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interstate 5 on the grapevine. the closure left hundreds of drivers stranded until about 8:00 this morning. you can follow mark, bill and the rest of our ktvu meteorologists online. they are posting forecast updates on twitter and facebook. it has been a violent night on the streets of oakland as police investigate four deadly shootings that all happened within a six hour span. the most recent killing happened at 8:15 tonight on the 900 block of hillside. they found a male suffering from a fatal gunshot wound he was pronounced dead on the scene. there are reports that as many as 30 shots were fired. the chp assisted police in the search for several suspects seen running from that area. late this afternoon police responded to reports of shots fired in the 3400 block of west street in west oakland. it was about 4:15 when officers arrived on the scene. they say by then the victims were gone. he had somehow been transported to the hospital where he later died. about an hour earlier at 3:00
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this afternoon a man was found dead of gunshot wounds near diamond park in the glen view district. police reported a man down. police are calling this a homicide but there is no further information. and yet another shooting happened around 2:30 this afternoon in the 2300 block of east 17th street. police said the victim was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was conscious when he was transported to the hospital. but later died. investigators say at this point no one has been arrested in connection with any of these shootings. one of san francisco's most photographed and most recognized woman has died. vivian brown and her sister mary ann had been fixtures throughout the city. the twins made friends and drew attention wherever they went in their matching outfits and matching smiles. the brown twins were featured in 25 television commercials over the years. mayor ed lee said the city is
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heartbroken and called vi -- vivian brown a true friend of san francisco. the count down is on at candle stick park to tomorrow's nfl play off game between the 49ers and green bay packers. meantime another clock is ticking to the day when football at the stick will be just another memory. david stevenson tells us how crews are spifing up the stadium. >> reporter: the 49ers geared up for saturday's big play off game. >> it's winner takes all right. everything is on the line. >> reporter: it's prompted extra precautions for the 65 to 66,000 excited green bay and 49ers football fans expected to pack the park and the parking lots before and after the game. >> we ask people to come out a little earlier. especially for the tailgate parties so we'll be shutting down a few hours before the kick off so everybody can get
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in their seats. >> reporter: that means there'll be extra uniformed and plain clothed police officers in 49ers and green bay gear looking out for scoupers and team rivalry. >> a little built of ribbing and -- a little bit of ribbing and fun rivalry is one thing, but we will not take anything other than that. >> candle stick has a special place for me. >> reporter: the park lost power during a september 2011 game. they rebuilt electrical surges and cut trees around power lines. you can see signs of 49 every pride all across san francisco this evening. this is a live picture from the embarcadero where the towers
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are outlined in red and gold. pretty cool shot there. the plan is to keep the lights on every night until the niners postseason is over which hopefully won't be for a while. last year we told you about a bay area man making these nuggets out of his garage. coming up next how his hard work turned out his small operation into big time. counter fit tickets, the team says beware of scoupers selling tickets outside of the the stadium. the niners say don't pay with cash, pay with credit card and locate the location of seating on a seating chart. a former death row inmate accused of killing his own mother in vallejo told a judge he wants to plead guilty. he was sentenced to death back in 1966 for killing two teenaged girls but that was changed to life in prison when
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california briefly did away with the death penalty in 1974. stanford was released on parol in 1990 he did not enter a plea in court today. he is expected to be arraigned next friday. a worker at a petaluma garbage facility discovered the body of a man. sheriff's investigators say they don't know if the man's death was foul play or it was accidental. an inmate from the santa rita jail is on the lose tonight. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, the man was able to free himself while he was being
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transported to a doctors' appointment. >> it's scare -- scary with all the women and children around here. >> reporter: while being transported he was able to free himself. when the deputy opened the door, hopkins ran off into the neighborhood around 14th avenue and 30th street. >> once he was able to get out of his leg and waist restraints that was the key problem in this. that's what we're trying to figure out exactly how that happened. >> reporter: we watched as investigators recovered hochkins jail clothing he ditched. we're told he has family in this area. >> everybody who would go to the efforts to get out of custody we have to wonder why they did it. >> i would think that with all of the technology that we have
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these days there would be a way to call or text. >> reporter: hospital visitors were also concerned. >> it's not safe at all. there's nothing that we can really do about it but i would rather transfer to another hospital. >> reporter: here's another look at hoskins mug shot. if you see him you're asked to call 911. john sasaki. women are fighting back after a recent attack. find out how you can help yourself and your community. >> dream liner drama. we'll break down a series of problems that will have the faa investigating the new 787. >> and bad guys beware, there's a man going by batman. >> reporter: what's your name? >> batman.
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dozen of people took part in a rally urging women to take back the streets. amber lee is in the mission and tells us this evening's event was quickly organized after a woman blogged about how strangers helped her escape from an attacker. amber-- >> reporter: frank the attack took place on 23rd street about a block up on guerrero. the victim warned others on facebook galvanizing others to take action. >> no more violence. no more rape. >> reporter: their message was loud and clear as they marched along valencia street urging people to get involved when they witness a crime. >> don't be afraid to go out
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and help your neighbor. because they might be in trouble and they need your help. we need each other. >> reporter: the victim says she was walking home from a friend's pot luck last saturday night when a man knocked her to the ground and tried to rape her. she fought back and screamed for help. a couple in a near by home opened a window, turned on the lites and scared off the attacker. >> it is the right of women to walk the street without fear of being attacked. >> they cut my arteries i had to have two surgeries. >> i was stabbed 16th and valencia. i know it's just increasing. it's getting worse. i'm tired of it. it's time to stop and i want to make our voices heard. >> reporter: community leaders are urging women to learn how to protect themselves. several nonprofits participated in tonight's rally to offer support including one called impact bay area which teaches
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free self-defense classes. >> attackers are not expecting somebody to fight back they're looking for easy targets. if you fight back you're proving that you're not an easy target and you might scare them off. >> the louder we are, the less the rapes. this should have been happening a long time ago. >> reporter: the victim of saturday's attack says she's incredibly lucky people helped her. they didn't ignore cries for help and wait for someone else to act. amber lee, ktvu news. a 19-year-old man, san pablo man was sentenced today to prison for the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside of a homecoming dance. morales was 16 years old at the time of the crime in 2009. he pleaded guilty to charges including rape as part of a plea deal that enables him to avoid life in prison. six defendants were charged in connection with that case. one is serving a 32 year prison
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sentence. four others are awaiting trial. a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed early this morning in marin county. williams was shot on drake avenue in marin city. williams sister says the teen had come to siskiyou county to be with family and had just celebrated his birthday a few days ago. >> i had my little brother in my arms. i heard him take his last breath. >> reporter: he says williams was killed because someone thought he took a drug stash which she says he didn't do. police are searching for a pair of male thieves. they sent us this surveillance video in hayes valley. these men fried open a lock on the front entrance during the overnight hours and took mail right from the mailboxes. if you have any information about this case you're asked to call san francisco police.
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the centers for disease control and prevention said today that the flu in the united states has hit epidemic proportions. the cdc also says that some areas are starting to report a decline in the number of cases they are seeing. >> we're in the middle of flu season right now. but we'll have flu circulating in the united states for several more weeks. >> reporter: california is one of just three states where the flu is not widespread. the others are mississippi and hawaii. san jose, maneta airport welcomed its first ever 787 dream liner. it is the most technological equipped plane in the world. san jose mayor chuck reed says it's a good start toward bringing more air travelers to the south bay. >> it's very exciting, it's a huge thing. because this is the first. we need to be successful with the first so we get the second, third and fourth. >> the may -- mayor said much
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of the technology on board came from the silicon valley. the airliner was just in the area for a few hours then returned to japan. the faa today ordered a comprehensive review of the new plane. ktvu's consumer editor john vacar details a series of problems that set off the high priority federal investigation. >> reporter: for san jose airport bad luck and bad times tainted the inauguration of 787 service to asian. six instances led to today's announce of a review. >> through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> reporter: specifically a test aircraft had a small fire back in 2010. after the plane was put into airline service late last year,
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there was a generator failure followed by an electrical panel problem. this week a series battery followed by a fuel leak on yet another jal plane. followed by a breaking system problem. just today even before the review was announced japan's a & a said that one of its planes weupd shields cracked in flight and yet -- planes windshields cracked in flight and another had an oil leak. nonetheless-- >> the airliner -- >> reporter: similar bugged cropped up during the roll outs of many other airliners. including the double decker jumbo jet. >> we believe this is a safe aircraft. >> reporter: i'm consumer
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editor tom vacar, ktvu news. this evening we've been tracking the cold temperatures and also pretty intense downpours right now the focus of the rain showers in the south bay down toward san jose reports of thunder and lightning within the past 13 to 20 minutes. moving rapidly to the south approaching morgan hill. eventually on track to hit gilroy in the next 15 to 20 minutes. still rain showers in the short term. overnight tonight for the saturday morning, for the saturday morning time frame very cold. overnight lows in the 20s to 30s to right around 40 degrees. that freeze warning kicks in at 2:00 saturday morning. here is a look at the projected numbers. coolest locations in the upper 20s, mid-30s in oakland. downtown san francisco 39. coming up we'll have the forecast for the 49ers game for tomorrow. and also let you know when the freeze could be moving out of town. that oil tanker that
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clipped the bay bridge earlier this week slipped beneath the golden bridge today and headed out to sea. news chopper 2 took these pictures of the overseas reymar. the ship had been docked. the tanker will need repairs before it can return to service. the coast guard investigation into the crash may take several months. i didn't even think, he is super cool. >> the bay area cape crusader sending a positive message. the brands that will be back on shelves and the fate of the twinkie.
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jokers beware. the bay area has its very own
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cape crusader. joe fonzi tracked him down and found out how he's doing good in the city. >> reporter: petaluma may not be gotham city but it does have a cape crusader. meet petaluma batman. who may just be the most popular guy in town. batman asked us not to reveal his true identity. we can tell you he's a 20-year- old college student studying business and his real name is not bruce wayne and he is more mascot than crime fighter. >> just to try to prove that anybody can be a hero. anybody can do something nice, something to entertain and help the community. for me it's just dressing up like batman. >> reporter: he says it all started before christmas when he started a facebook page and began strolling the street a
10:27 pm
couple of days a week. he now has 40,000 followers on facebook and he may just be petaluma's next heartthrob. >> i think he's super school. >> batman's parents just found out about this a few days ago. >> my brother was looking at it on the computer. my mother was walking in and he said, who's that. and he said that's your son. >> reporter: a college student moonlighting as a super hero. so do some people think he's a tire short of a bat mobile? >> petaluma gets it. it's not supposed to be taken that seriously. >> stay out of trouble now. >> okay. >> reporter: batman says he doesn't know how long he's going to be roaming the streets of petaluma but as long as he's having fun, he says hey, why not. rob roth, ktvu news. the theft of a memorial plaque in petaluma that we told you this week has struck a
10:28 pm
cord and now donations are pouring in to save it. it contained the names of 15petaluma residents who lost their lives in vietnam. since word got out, $9,000 has been donated from people all around the bay area including the vietnamese community. >> it's amazing connection. it's an amazing friendship it really shows you how far the wounds have healed. >> reporter: a meeting is scheduled for next week to design a new memorial plaque. one that perhaps will be made of stone and less attractive to thieves. san francisco based wells fargo reported record gains today. it exceeded the expectations of analysts. revenue came in at nearly $22 million. wells fargo is the nation's largest home mortgage lender and fourth larger bank. the dow rose 17 points today, nasdaq rose three. positive corporate earnings reports are driving the gains. hostess has chosen a buyer
10:29 pm
for some of its most popular breads. the bankrupt company announced today it has selected flower foods to buy six of its brands of bread including wonder bread. the price tag $390 million. hostess is expected to announce buyers for its popular dessert cakes including twinkies in the next few weeks. and how much would you pay to send a message to mark zuckerberg? >> and we have a look at the new $12 million facility. a raid today targeting known gang members why some neighbors are not too happy with the police operation. jack!
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. the bay area has a stunning new venue for music but it
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didn't come cheap. in fact, the price tag topped $100 million. new at 10:00, ktvu's maureen naylor live in the stanford campus where she witnessed opening night of the university's new concert hall. maureen. >> reporter: well frank welcome to the bing concert hall and behind me hundreds of people started filing out from a sold out performance. today we went inside to show you the new facility which just opened to the public tonight. >> reporter: the stanford chamber corral began the first official night of music. tonight everything smelled new as we got a tour. 184 seats filled the oval shaped facility. >> how would you describe it? >> breathtaking. >> the executive director says this was designed from inside out with accusics a top priority. so much so an acustitian tried 19 different times before getting the sound right. >> this was tested, digitally, electronically, on computers
10:33 pm
and just listen to tonight's mic check. >> ♪ >> summertime and wintertime never sounded so good with accusics a singer called amazing. >> it's registration -- resinant while also being simple, you don't really need a microphone which is great. >> here's the audience space and then here is where the musicians are. and-- it's a very resinant chamber. >> reporter: a chamber that is 112,000 square feet and costs $102 million to bill. even the stanford song was incorporated into the chimes that ring.
10:34 pm
the audience tonight gave a standing ovation to heather and kenneth bign and they told us they were very happy with the performance tonight. ktvu channel 2 news. there's word tonight that paying a $100 fee could get your message into mark zuckerberg's box. facebook is testing a plan to let people pay $1 to get messages into the inboxes of people who are not famous. new developments tonight about the fate of charlie the pit bull. we told you how the dog attacked a park police horse in san francisco's chrisie field last august. the city decided to euthanize the dog considering it dangerous. but tonight after a long battle
10:35 pm
an agreement was reached. the shooting will happen at 5:35 last night in a home on party court. it appears the 27-year-old man acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a 48-year-old man. police still have not released their names or explained why the shooting was self-defense. police in san jose are looking for whoever stabbed a man this afternoon. shortly before 3:00 he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. we checked back with police just about an hour ago but there's still no information on the victim's age. police say the neighborhood is known for gang activity but at this point it's not known if the stabbing was gang related. three of four suspects rounded up in an unusual contra costa homicide case are now being released from jail. we're told the 72 hour deadline to file criminal charges has passed and that prosecutors still don't know exactly what happened on tuesday night.
10:36 pm
a pittsburg man told officers that he fought off an intruder in his apartment shooting and killing the would be robber. prosecutors think the man's estranged wife set up the robbery because she wanted to scare him out of the apartment. the suit claim it is university was negligent because it would have known the alleged gunman goh posed a danger based on past disagreements with the school. this is the first litigation since that deadly shooting in april. oakland police performed a number of raids this morning. the people targeted today had been warned by police that this day would come. >> reporter: oakland police assisted by s.w.a.t. team members and several other
10:37 pm
law enforcement agencies searched by air and on the ground. rounding up some of the most dangerous criminals in the bay area. >> we are going to use every effort, every legal means to bring you to justice and to end the violence. >> reporter: as part of today's operation seize fire, officers served six search warrants four in oakland and one each in el sebrante and santa cruz. police were able to detain seven known gang members that were warned to stop the violence or else. however one of the neighbors where they say no one was detained say they appreciate the police but weren't pleased with today's action. >> it does leave fear in the community. and we see that kind of rapid action. >> after it was all over. to find out that they didn't find anything, and that they didn't arrest anybody. just didn't make me feel very good. >> reporter: officers say they were able to confiscate several weapons including semi
10:38 pm
automatic firearms. although it's unclear if all seven people were detained today were arrested. >> they will use every means available to them legally in regards to raising their bells, going after the most maximum charge they could go for in each case. >> reporter: today's raids were just one of many to come as he makes a move on his promise. we have been tracking thunderstorms over the last few hours. where the heaviest downpours are right now and where it finally starts to warm up. a tourist destination, where people are flocking to witness this erupting volcano.
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president obama announced a major change in the mission in afghanistan during a meeting at the white house with afghan president. >> it'll be a historic moment.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: president obama said after 11 careers careers -- years of war it's time for afghans to do their own fighting. he added the pace of troop withdraw is not yet set but most if not all american forces will be out by december 2014. in other news of the world tonight in the western african nation of mali, forced opened fire. france said it was coming to the aid of soldiers. the militants are taking control of large parts of mali in recent months. survivors of the contra concordia were told not to come to the anniversary. the owner said the problem is there isn't enough room on the island to accommodate the survivors. instead the day is being reserved for families of the 32 people who tide one year ago.
10:43 pm
and in russia, scientists say an erupting volcano is forming a lake of molten lava. officials may be in danger from the lava and poison gases spewing out. scientists aren monitoring the eruption around the clock. that volcano is located in russia's far eastern peninsula and had been dormant for 40 years. a judge is giving the suspected gunman in the aurora colorado massacre extra time too determine how to plea. moments after the ruling the father of one of the dead shouted rot in hell holmes. the court has now heard three days of sometimes heartbreaking evidence. an insanity defense is one possibility. there's a new hat in town and the head to head battle
10:44 pm
tomorrow. we'll meet the man who created the nugget nogin. and mark tamayo is next with the weekend forecast and when temperatures will be going up.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
i have convinced him of error of his ways and i've convinced him from this day forward you like who? >> i love the niners. go niners. >> say it, i have seen the light. >> i have seen the light. >> that's former 49er lineman bubba paris and he seemed to be in a darn good mood today signing photographs at pier 39 ahead of tomorrow's huge divisional play off game against the packers. 49er fans show support by wearing team colors but now there's a new accessory, a foam hat. this all started with one man's
10:47 pm
idea. deborah villalon has the story. >> reporter: call it the niner nation. now it's everywhere after its designer scored an nfl license. >> reporter: a year ago we found maurice bell molding his nugget nogin one by one. but his design was catching on and there were back orders. >> i wanted all the fans to be wearing it. be at that level with the cheese heads. i think i'm getting there. >> yeah, this is actually my second nugget. >> for this fan, one for him and one for his wife. >> you stay warm, you look good and especially when you're playing the packers you have to have something to combat the chief's hat. >> reporter: that feed back made the years worth it.
10:48 pm
>> for someone to stay with it, persevered and insist. >> reporter: he got the ideas at this costume shop. the nogin nugget has a facebook gallery full of fans and bell is quick to thank the team which liked his hat enough to help him score a deal with a manufacturer. >> it was, it was definitely a learning experience. >> reporter: he still has his day job in personnel at pg & e but his sports gear career is satisfying too for a guy who's a fan first. >> i love it. i mean you know i've always been a 49er fan, i'm always going to be. now i get to be a different kind of 49er fan which is kind of cool too. >> reporter: not making those hats at night in his garage means bell has more time with his wife and daughters too. we're reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon,
10:49 pm
ktvu news. new details now on tomorrow's musical performances. huey lewis and the news will be singing the national anthem. and tune in at 4:00 p.m. followed by fox sports coverage. kick offset for about 5:15. then join sports director mark ibanez for the point after immediately following the game. if you have a look at the bay bridge you may be in for a treat. at midnight a light show is expected to begin. it's actually more testing of the lights. they are part of an $8 million light installation that will officially debut in march. we have been talking about the cold temperatures and heavy rain downpours in the last hours. this happens to be the look over the past few hours. and these rain showers developing quite rapidly.
10:50 pm
right around morgan hill out thwart parts of the mountains. here's a closer inspection as you can see down toward 101 wet roadways. looks like the cells beginning to stabilize. still a chance at least in the short term and this is on track to approach the gilroy area over the next 15 to 20 minutes. in addition to the rain showers moving out the cold is the big weather story. a frost advisory once again begins at 2:00 saturday morning for the bay shoreline. then for the north bay the inland valleys and the santa clara valley a freeze warning and that's to reflect temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. so below freezing for several hours in the coldest spots. here's our forecast model this white contour links up with the 20s so lots of upper 20s out there. 30s and maybe a few spots right around 40 hugging right near the immediate shoreline. into the afternoon hours not much of a warm up. by 3:00, the coolest spots still in the 40s and the
10:51 pm
warmest locations barely making it to the lower 50s. here's the over all weather set up the rain showers moving through the bay area. at least the southern portions for the past couple of hours. that cold air mass still in place with a frost developing as we head into your saturday morning and sunday morning will even be a little cooler. so i think there's a good chance we could have the frost advisory and freeze warnings once again first thing sunday morning. most of this remains offshore. so just a few high clouds. we're tracking a slight chance of a few sprinkles. this keep it is shower activity and sprinkles offshore. tomorrow morning, very cold out there with partly cloudy skies. then you will notice into the afternoon hours cloud cover and few showers out to our west. but still a sun-cloud mix and looking pretty good into the evening hours but temperatures do drop off rapidly. afternoon highs for tomorrow, not much of a warm up. oakland right about 50 degrees.
10:52 pm
san jose tops out 51. the forecast looking pretty good but you always want to bundle up. temperatures in the upper 40s. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. your weekend almost here. you will notice very cold afternoon night lows that will linger into sunday, monday and tuesday. you will get ready to bundle up over the next few days maybe some relief for wednesday. it'll be an extended period for very cold temperatures. >> you think it'll be windy tomorrow. >> a bit of a breeze, definitely a cold air mass remains. >> thanks, mark. >> sure. >> thank you, mark. one of the stars of the hit the television show gray's anatomy is now the owner of a coffee chain. a bankruptcy court turned the
10:53 pm
tully's to an investment group. what is going to keep the kings from moving to seattle? i t this.
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you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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welcome sed you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?! a fight is on now to keep the sacramento kings basketball team from moveing to seattle. comcast sports net says a deal is almost done to sell the team for $5 million.
10:56 pm
other investors are now working to keep them in the state capital. the maloof brother owners of the kings are still refusing to comment. well let's keep talking about basketball now. warriors playing the blazers tonight. they almost blew it at the end. >> got a little scary at the end. a couple of years ago, many years we didn't care how the warriors win just as long athey get one. we're long away from critiquing any warrior victory. we take it any way they get them. not the best of basketball down the stretch against a sluggish portland team playing a second of back to back games. that man was the story as you will see in a minute. warriors started the second quarter 11-2 run. curry no look. lee who finished with 24 points. blazers fight back fourth quarter. lilard begins to heat up. this family loving it. warriors leading by four. landry the warriors up.
10:57 pm
but lilard won't go away. at one point he had 12 straight shots the three here. a career high for the oakland high grad. he was brilliant no other way to say it. warriors defense comes up. greene consumes lilard and coughs up the ball at the end and the warriors get the win. so their little two game losing streak is over. and 49ers hope that there's a win in their future. defense show it is way. last year the signature hit. delivered by dante whitner on thomas. it set the tone for a ferocious game that the niners eventually won in a winning fashion. they need a little something like that against green bay tomorrow. >> i think we need to make a signature play early in the game to grab that momentum early. you know that play did that for us last year.
10:58 pm
now that play can come from the offensive side of the ball. it can come from special teams or defensive spot. some where in this football game early we need a football whether it be a big hit, long run, you know run back by one of our returns we need that early. >> it would be nice to have a big hit. >> it would be really nice to have a big hit. >> how about multiple big hits. coverage starts at 4:00. fox pregame at 4:30. then the game at 5:00 and postgame after the game. and let's continue. let's see it again as he throws the ball up behind his head. and he winds up with the buzzer beater. his dad is one of the coaches. they mob him and playing in a church game league there. not a bad way to go and that is the sporting life for a friday night. >> that's the moment. >> i love stories like that.
10:59 pm
they just put a smile on your face. >> he said all the kids next day at school high fiving him. it felt great. >> i bet he's really popular. >> but they didn't win the game. >> but he got the shot. >> thanks mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel two news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on two begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.


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