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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 14, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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school. how newtown is hoping to move forward and the meeting that is happening today in washington. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning january 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. it is cold out there this morning. steve paulson when is it going to get warm again? >> this week. but it was colder yesterday. no doubt about it it was the coldest we have seen. it's still cold out there but there is a little breeze holding things up for some. it will be an offshore breeze today. inland still very tough to get above the upper 40s or very low 50s. here is sal. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze no major problems. and this morning you are looking pretty good as you drive on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split.
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the road work has been picked up. now back to the desk. one city leader is calling for a state of emergency following another violent weekend on the streets of oakland. four people killed. 11 others wounded since friday. tara mority tells us the latest shooting took place at a birthday party. >> reporter: that is right. it happened at a birthday party and basically all of the victims were men. and they scattered and ran to a neighbor's house for help. this comes after a particularly bloody weekend. last nights shooting happening off seminary and foothill. just the latest in a rash of violence since friday. four people were killed friday in a bloody six hour stretch that started at 2:30 in the afternoon all victims there males ranging in age from 17- 30. it's not known whether the 11 shootings that happened on saturday and sunday were linked not four killings friday, but police say friday's incident is gang related. all 11 victims who suffered gunshot wounds are expected to
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survive. friday's mayhem led to a conference call between the mayor and oakland's police chief and several staff members. there were 131 homicides in oakland last year. so far this year alone there have been six. coming up we'll tell you what the connections the killings have to some raids. overnight fire injured an a man at an -- injured a man at an apartment complex. firefighters say the injured man suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. the fire started in his apartment. neighbors heard him screaming for help. >> just heard some popping sounds and heard him yelling call 911. and so that's what i did. >> she says the victim was her landlord and lived there for decades. the damage was so severe he must find a new place to live.
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fire chief says the fire is still under investigation but does not appear to be suspicious. we are keeping an eye on the very cold temperatures. just moments ago the freeze warning was canceled for the bay area. still very chilly. in dublin yesterday employees at orchard supply hardware used seasoned to cover the ground because customers were slipping on ice. the store was busy selling space heaters and firewood. >> our heaters have been going like crazy. as you can tell we're out of quite a bit. we're trying to get them into some of their stores. >> coming up in a few minutes ktvu meteorologist steve paulson will is a complete look at the chilly overnight temperatures and what we can expect for the week ahead. farmers in the central valley are working hard to protect their citrus crop. industry group says they were able to prevent significant damage to orange age lemon crops during the chilly weekend
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temperatures. mandrin oranges which are more vulnerable to the cold may have sustained some damage. stay with us throughout the morning for coverage of our cold weather. you can follow steve and the rest of our ktvu channel 2 meteorologist online. they do is post forecast updates. one month after the school shooting people there are talking about what to do with sandy hook elementary school. at a meeting yesterday there were differing opinions on whether students and staff should ever return to the building where a gunman killed 20 first graders and six teachers. >> knock that school down and make it sacred ground. memorial to all the children that were killed that day. >> another meeting on the school's future are scheduled for saturday. newtown city leaders say they hope to make a decision by the spring. joe biden continues his gun
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violence meetings. this time getting input from members of the house of representatives. he is scheduled to meet with the lawmakers at 8:00 this morning our time. that follows meetings of gun owners and representatives of the entertainment industry. he will give president obama his recommendations for new gun policies by tomorrow. meantime crowds flocked to daly city over the weekend. coming up the popular item at the cross roads of the west gun show and local event tomorrow offering money in exchange for firearms. we are learning u.s. troops assisted in an attempt to rescue -- president obama says u.s. forces provided limited technical support. on friday french troops launched an assault on a compound. a french soldier was killed in the attack and they believe the hostage was killed by its
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captors. pg&e is defending its pipeline testing. pg&e's lawyer aaccidents the program measured up to gas industry stap cards. the claim is reportedly part of the effort to minimize the expected huge signs for the explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. earlier company executives admitted there were problems with pg&e pipeline testing and maintenance prior to the disaster in san bruno. nurses are kicking off a two-day strike at santa rosa memorial hospital. it's the third time in four months the union has called a strike as contract negotiations continue. replacement nurses have been hired on a four-day contract so striking nurses could be locked out until the 18th. the hospital says the urgent care center will be temporarily closed today and tomorrow. instead patients will be treated at santa rosa and roe neck park facilities. in a few hours maintenance
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crews will wrap up work on a runway. it was closed for the weekend for federally mandated work that included improvements to the lighting and navigational aid. flights from other west coast cities were delayed because of that closure. time is 4:45. probably excited about the 49ers game. >> i think so yes. >> sal, how is it looking? >> it looks pretty good. on this monday we could have a rough one because more and more people coming back to school today. so we'll be here to give you the coverage and all the stuff you need. right now i would say we're off to a good start on 80 westbound. so if you're getting up on a monday and have to go to school and want to get on the road early today it would be a good time or soon it would be a good time. there are no major problems at the bay bridge. again we are expecting more people coming back from their
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winter holiday. also the morning commute in south bay san jose looks good as you come up to highway 17. 4:36 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. under clear skies and a very, very dry air mass. there is a little bit of an offshore breeze. 30s on a lot of these temps. some areas are definitely dip into the upper 20s. there will be a few out there. there is a little component of that offshore breeze which means sunny side up. sunny and breezy. another cool morning. bay side and coast looking a little better today than inland areas. but went 55 downtown oakland with that easterly breeze. it's been a listening time since i've had a lot of sun in there. the only thing we have to worry about is fog coming into the valley. inland temps at least around the bay look like low 60s.
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>> but we learn it can still be chilly even though the sun is out. 4:37 is the time. a convenient store controversy in san mateo. what the city council could do tonight about a 7-eleven that has draw protest. what fans are doing as the team heads to the nfc championship game for the second straight year. westbound 24 traffic is moving well between walnut creek and oakland. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear. it's cold but not as cold as yesterday. a little bit of breeze holding temps up. it will be sunny today. a little warmer by the coast and bay. six people in san jose are homeless after a fire in the eastern foothills. the fire was reported just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say the home was fully engulfed in flames when
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they arrived. no one was hurt. the people who live in the homes say they had a fire going in the fireplace and investigators believe the fire likely started on the roof. two men will scheduled to -- two men are scheduled to enter pleas in the death of a girl in palo alto. investigators say powell shot and killed re kill and bobby in oakland late november. starting tomorrow you can trade in your old guns for cash in marin county. the county is putting forward $40,000 for four-county buy back event. they will pay $200 for semi automatic weapons and $100 for others. the guns can be brought to police stations in novato, san rafael, lark spur.
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on both saturday and sunday lines wrapped around the cal palace. ammunition was a popular item at this year's event. it comes after state assembly members proposed a bullet control bill. tomorrow the president is scheduled to offer gun control recommendations following the deadly newtown school shooting. >> i think that people are worried their rights will be taken away. the only people that will have guns are the ones getting them legally. >> the president's task force on gun violence is supposed to offer remits by requiring universal background checks even on private gun sales. the san francisco 49ers now know they will face the atlanta falcons for the right to go to the super bowl. the falcons got to the nfc championship game by beating the sea hawks on a late field goal after giving up a 20-point lead on the field goal. the 49ers will have to travel to atlanta for sunday's game.
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sports stores back here in san francisco were busy this weekend with fans snapping up any 49ers gear they could. especially collin kaepernick jerseys. >> they are doing their thing and playing their best ball right now. >> now collin kaepernick touchdown celebration sparked a new trent called kaepernicking. he flexes his arm and kisses his bicep which is covered in tattoos. he has retweeted several pictures of fans giving their example of the celebration. our coverage begins after mornings on 2 with nfl championship chase at 10:00 a.m.. and kick off is just after noon. you can find more on the 49ers super bowl quest on the playoffs tab at
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new england patriots will host the ravens after beating them to advance to the super bowl. the patriots beat the houston texans yesterday. we talked about the freeze warning being canceled but sal says there is black ice on the peninsula. >> that is right. the police and chp are saying there is black ice on the -- i want to draw a circle here of where they have reported that black ice. just general area here. speeds are down. just be careful if you drive on 92. let's say coming from half-moon bay over to the other side of the hill. or the way around. black ice reported. chp is aware of it. be careful. it's hard to see. obviously they call it black ice because it blends in with the pavement. don't hit your breaks suddenly. if you have to come to a stop ease up on the accelerator.
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moving along taking a look at the westbound bay bridge the traffic looks good. and if you are driving in san francisco northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split the traffic here looks good. 4:45 let's go to the -- let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have clear skies. frost and freeze warning. temperatures are definitely higher today. they will drop off again tomorrow. sunday was the coldest but i mean it's very mild air up into alaska. rim of high pressure is building in along the west coast and extending well up into canada. eventually that will slide over us. the afternoon highs will start warming up a little bit of a breeze san jose has a little northeast breeze. i know oakland as welcoming off oakland berkeley hills. there is enough going on here to stir up the atmosphere to keep things from dropping too much. although it's in the upper 20s. there is more 30s. temperatures are definitely warmer today than yesterday. and it's all relatively
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speaking. you can see the offshore pattern taking place. it will be sunny today. inland temps that cold air is in place. i think the mornings will continue to be cooler. might be a little modification as we get toward wednesday and thursday. the days will gradually warm up. i think we're in for a stretch of cold weather. very dry weather for this week. mid 50s for some. santa rosa with a north wind. also oakland as well. 50s on the coast. mid 50s. inland temps upper 40s and low 50s. expect really for fog. we get plenty of time to see that in the valley. it will be sunny and dry and a little warmer. it was an emotional day in italy where survivors of the costa concordia cruise ship disaster gathered to remember the 32 people who lost their lives. yesterday marked one year since the ship rammed into a reef and began to sink. a memorial for the victims was also unvailed. the ship's captain is accused
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of manslaughter, causing a ship wreck, and leaving the ship before all passengers were evac- - evacuated. the trial involve an entire southern california city. the mayor, vice mayor, and four former city council members are charged with misappropriation of city money. prosecutors say they lewded the city treasury to pay themselves huge salaries. two major figures are being tried separately. today the san mateo city council could -- neighbors says draws crime where they live. the 7-eleven store opened less than a month ago. already will there have been two neighborhood protests. last month they ruled the property is not legally zoned for a store. some neighbors charged the permit to open the store was miss handled or corrupted by city officials. inauguration day is one week from today. organizers held a dress rehearsal to get ready for the
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big event. this was the the scene on the streets of washington, d.c. yesterday. there was a rehearsal parade along with a mock swearing in ceremony. president obama's second inauguration will be smaller than his historic first swearing in. turnout is expected to be between 600,000 to 800,000. that compares to 1.8 million people four years ago. they will be reporting live from the inauguration starting next sunday morning and continuing a live report on monday the 21st. time is 4:48. the san jose sharks are back on the ice. hundreds of fans cheered as the team began training camp at their practice rink in san jose yesterday. the team is gearing up for a shortened 48 game season following a four month lock out that frustrated fans and players alike. >> i swear i wouldn't come back but i love the game so much here i am. >> i thought it was going to happen earlier but it didn't.
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however we got here now we can look forward to the season and get prepared. >> the team will have to get prepared pretty quickly. they have less than a week to practice before playing their regular season game. the sharks first game is sunday on january 20th. they will be playing the calgary flames in calgary. the first home game will be on thursday, january 24th. tickets go on sale this wednesday at 10:00 a.m.. the san francisco giants latest world series trophy is making an appearance in the east bay today. the 2012 trophy will be on display in richmond along with the giants 2010 world series trophy. it's part of the giants three- month tour. the trophy will be on display from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. there is a voluntary $2 donation that will go to the richmond little league and junior giants program. >> what a great time to be a bay area sports fan. coming up a break in the case of a hostage situation inside a southern california.
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the arrest made days after a gunman staged a violent take over robbery. hollywood honoring television and film. the big winners at last nights golden globe awards.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is 4:52. authorities have identified a teenager killed in a car crash early yesterday morning.
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the highway patrol says 18-year- old tucker welling was killed when the car he was driving rolled over on wild horse valley road just after 1:30 in the morning. authorities say welling was driving up a hill and apparently lost control, hit a fence and a tree. a 17-year-old, 19-year-old, and 21-year-old in the car were also hurt. now the highway patrol says speed is believed to be a factor in the crash. the santa clara county coroner has identified two 19- year-olds killed in a crash on interstate 880 on saturday. luis carlos flores died after their car hit a dirt embankment near the old bay shore off ramp. alcohol may have played a role in that crash. police arrested three people in connection with a hostage situation in southern california. police say gunmen held at least 14 people hostage early friday morning at a nordstrom rack store. reportedly one victim was
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sexually assaulted. another was stabbed in the neck and a third employee was pistol whip. authorities are expected to release more details today. movie goers went to see zero dark 30 over the weekend. >> there is nobody else hidden away on some other floor. there is just us. >> the controversial drama about the raid that ended with osama bin laden's death was number one at the box office. it took in $24 million in the first weekend it was in wide release. a haunted house earned nearly $19 million. gangster squad, django unchained round out the top five. >> and les misusual was one -- miserable. argo was named best drama.
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jessica was named best actress in zero dark 30. the hbo show girls named best comedy and creator lina won best actress. we have a complete list of golden globe winners on our website as well. click on the special golden globe tab at right now 4:54. black ice in some areas. sal, where should we be looking for that? >> one of the things that chp is telling us on 92 near 35 in the peninsula hills there. there is black ice right in this area that i have circled for you. if you drive on 92 from half- moon bay over over to 101 give yourself a little extra time. you may see people slowing down. chp may be out there. if you find yourself driving over black ice no sudden moves no sudden stops that won't help. let's move along and take a
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look at 880 north and southbound here. you can see traffic is moving along nice. ? you are driving to the bay bridge teleplay va it should be a nice drive for you. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. we have clear skies today. there is definitely no doubt about it breeze picking up. but at the surface not that bad. san jose south wind more of a southerly breeze. gusting to 20 miles an hour. 39 degrees. that is holding their temp up. i've seen pretty good breeze gusts upthere. more 37s or 38s compared to 27 yesterday. oakland downtown 37 degrees. i know it's cold but it was a lot colder on sunday. i think tomorrow morning we lose the breeze it will get back in the 20s for many. it's all be severe clear today. that is really not going
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anywhere. afternoon highs will start to warm up. temperatures get back in the low 60s. sunny and breezy. not bad by the coast or santa rosa will go 55 with a north wind there. bay side 53, 54, 55. it looks very quiet this week expect for cold mornings and sunny and warmer days. the only i think caveat would be a little fog coming in from the valley but the air mass is very dry. coming up five people wounded at a birthday party caps off a violent weekend in oakland. what one city leader says must be done to restore order. also business booming at bart. why that may not be good news for commuters. well, well, well.
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