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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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and a trade in, it is all designed to keep people safe. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning everybody, it is tuesday january 15thth, i am brian flores. >> good morning. i am in my warm sweater. >> it is colder this morning. santa rosa is in there and fairfield is very close, it is going to be very, sunny, there are some high clouds and temperatures are inching up near the coast and bay, here is sal. let's go to some live pictures. it looks pretty good on 880 and some of the road workup on high street is not causing any problems with traffic. 101 traffic does look good
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approaching the 880 split. let's go to breaking news. right now several crews from fire agencies are battling a fire near the bridge. they say the fire is burning a large building right near the waterfront. we have a news crew near the bridge, a fire, we will have a live report coming up. we are following a fire in sonoma county. a body was found in a car near sonoma university. the sheriff's office said they learned the car was linked to a man wanted for questioning by santa rosa police. they say the trunk was unlocked and the body was locked in a blanket. sheriff's are treating this as
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is suspicious. a man jumped into the water to flee police. he has been missing since december 24 when he stopped him on suspicion of drunk driving. last night they had a report of a body and the investigation into his identity and cause of death will start today. a shooting death of one man happened last night on crest avenue. neighbors said they heard about 30 rounds which sounded like an automatic assault rifle. it happened on ml1cl0cormick avenue and sunkist drive. so far no arrests have been made. they are working to stop a surge in violence. six people have been killed so
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far this year. they blame of the violence on rival gangs that started when a young woman was killed last summer. gang violence is 90% of the crime that is around here. >> they have grown in numbers and that's why it is hard to nab one person, there are multiple people. >> they want to declare a state of emergency but chief jordan said it is not necessary. he is already getting help from the chp and he plans to get more from the police academy and add 70 officers. william bratton is now a consultant. the city plans to pay him $250,000 a year but some are protesting saying he is responsible for harsh policies
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in the nypd. in just a few hours you can trade guns for cash. it is part of a first ever for gun buy back and they will pay $100 for guns. it is be at sonoma and contra costa counties but you must proof residency. here is a look at the five locations. they are open until 11:00 this morning and 5:00 at night including the novato police departments. also st. andrews church in marin city and at the point ray substation. it could soon be on the books in new york. there are three things included in the legislation that is expected to pass the state's assembly this morning. it is now likely there will be legal consequences after his
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interview with oprah whimphrey. now the u.s. government will make a lawsuit against him for making false claims. in australia they will ask for repayment for appearance fees there. and in the san francisco bay, investigators now say the bar pilot made a last minute turn just before the tanker swiped the -- sideswiped the bridge. they are not clear on what caused the change in course. it caused $7 million to the bridge and to the ship. in just a few minutes we will find out what facebook's secret is. they are making an announcement that members of the community are guessing. it included the line come see what we are building.
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some experts predict it will be a new smart phone or search service and we will find out at 10:00 this morning. they want to name it after supervisor harvey milk. he needs the support of five other supervisors to put the question on the november ballot. if approved, it would be the first airport honoring an openly gay person. milk was shot by dan white back in 1978. a freeze warning is in effect. last night downtown church san jose reached out to the homeless and they are getting more and more emergency calls as people are trying to keep warm. if you are using a space heater, keep it three feet from anything that can burn. >> the problem is when they get
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too close to combust tables and if a blanket comes in contact, that is what creates a lot of these fires. >> a stove should the not be used to heat your home. in just a few minutes we will take a look at the weather with steve paulson. we are talking about black ice this morning. it is cold enough for it. >> yes, yesterday we had it and chp has not reported it yet but we will be on the lookout for that. let's look at these pictures, people are on the road early, no major problems driving to the toll plaza. no problems getting onto the span and the road work we see around the bay has not caused any major delays on the bridge. also northbound 280 and also southbound 280, 4:36 let's go
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to steve. all right, sal, another cold one, temperatures dipping into the 20s and 30s and by the north bay, already at this time, we had some things that held up and a few high clouds coming down, you can see it coming right down over northeast california and it looks like they are taking aim towards the north bay. 30s and 20s and mild air to the north, it will eventually give air over us. lakeport 30, calistoga 30, walnut creek already 29, 30 in san ramon. 30s saratoga is at 30 and gilroy already 27 degrees and 30 menlo park and 30 in foster city, very cool at 31 degrees. you can see those higher clouds stretching right over the area. a few high clouds to the north,
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still an easterly breeze, that helps places like berkeley and san leandro, 57 downtown, another struggle and too much of an east breeze, it will be a little warmer and it looks very quiet. temperatures on the high side, we will get into the 60s except for fog forming. it looks quiet and dry, maybe just a little bit warmer. >> well the debt ceiling continues. how that could affect california plus a newly released budget. a fellow student appears in court and why prosecutors say he will be tried as an adult. westbound between walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. good morning, 20s and 30s, frost and freeze should be out. well some pg&e customers in l-spurs should be out after high voltage power lines crashed on to a house. it came crashing down yesterday morning on west baltimore avenue. one person was inside the house but fortunately was not hurt. they are searching for an inmate who escaped from a correctional facility. david allan brown climbed over a fence near lakeport on sunday night. as you can see from his picture he has a very distinct tattoo around his neck. he is a parole violater and has been convicted of resisting arrest. he was supposed to serve his time but was stone a jail to
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reduce inmate population. they are looking to the toughest gun laws legislation. they will crackdown on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. they will also include tough measures to keep the mentally ill from getting guns. it came in response to a school tragedy about one month ago. this comes on the same day vice-president joseph biden will unveil his findings and task force recommendations will include a background check for all purchases. president barack obama will review the report and make a formal announcement later this week. we will have more at 5:15 this morning. we are now hearing hillary rodham clinton will testify about the deadly attack in libya. that is according to the foreign house committee. secretary clinton will answer
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questions about the raid that killed three other americans in benghazi. she was scheduled to testify last month but could not because of her ill necessary. they will run out of money to pay the bills if congress does not raise the debt ceiling. president barack obama said we are not a dead beat nation and congress wants to pay its bills but we do not want to be tied to spending cuts. >> they have two choices they can act responsibly and pay america's bills or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. >> house speaker phil boehner indicated the gop is prepared for a fight and the consequences to fail to increase the debt ceiling are failing as well as allowing the spending problem to go unresolved. the concern is that if congress fails to act on the debt
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ceiling, the national economy could dip and that could likely have and i affect on california's budget numbers. >> the risk to our forecast numbers could come next month and that's what the federal government chooses to do or not to do regarding the debt ceiling. >> the budget released by governor jerry brown showed a budget surplus for the first time in many years. right now it is 4:44 let's check in with sal on an early morning report on traffic. good morning everybody, it is chilly, let's take a look at traffic on 880 westbound as you head to the mcarthur maze. if you are driving there, it is cold but visibility is good if you could think of the silverling. for most of the area, the bay
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bridge toll plaza looks good. if you are driving in downtown san jose it looks nice. 4:45 let's go to steve. another cold one out there, i tell you this is a long stretch, 1990, 1997 and we had some very cold weather. it is really only two days. cold frosty conditions, there is frost and freeze warning out overnight lows anywhere from 20 to 40 and we have a few high clouds coming down out of idaho and northern nevada and it is tough to bulging this and unless you get a pattern change this time of year that, cold air settles in and it is tough to move around. we do have these clouds and temperatures are already in the 20s for some, walnut creek is
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in there. i just heard from brandon in pacifica, 36, now that is cold. novato 30, napa 30, you know there is probably some upper 20s as well. high pressure is blowing in slowly with an easterly breeze and closer to the coast and bay they are easing up on the temperatures. it does not do much for fairfield and vacaville and santa cruz. we will continue this theme and overnight lows will continue to come up and still dry and patchy fog inland temperatures 60s. the police chief will take over the department on an interim basis. larry he is ball has been --
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escrow ball has been -- another man has been appointed to step in as chief for the time-being. it is the first homicide of the year. police arrived on perdue avenue around 1:45 after the shot spotter system detected gunfire. they found a man with multiple gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. a second victim arrived at the hospital and right now there is no information on suspects or a motive. we are now getting a first look apt the teenage boy at the school shooting near baker's feel. he -- bakersfield. witnesses said he walked into a science classroom and shot another 16-year-old student in the chest. they will try him as an adult. >> the factors we considered to reach this decision were the
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circumstances southering the inn -- surrounding this incident, the fact that a firearm was used the severity to cleveland and the evidence of premeditation and deliberation. >> cleveland, the gunshot victim is in a medically- induced coma but doctors expect him that fully recover but after extensive surgery. three students are facing drug charges after cookies made their way around campus. two other students had to go to the hospital after eating the pot laced snacks. they arrested the 14-year-old who brought the fax to school and two others were arrested for giving out the snacks. it has caused short damages and shots are still available. health officials announced there is no shortage anywhere in the state. keizer hospital ordered more
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than a trillion doses however some stores have temporarily ran out with more expected to arrive next week. >> others are getting sick and i would recommend getting a flu shot if they could. >> they are reporting arise in flu cases. doctors are preparing for more patients with flu symptoms in the coming weeks. we have a map showing where the flu is and just go to hot topics and put in your zip code. it is 449, coming up after san francisco will be laid to rest at aaron start's funeral. we understand there is a fire, it is a large building near the bridge and we will be
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right back.
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. welcome back.
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the fire is in near the carquinez bridge and it is burning a large building near the waterfront. alex savage is on the scene and he will have a live report right after 5:00. a man is suspected of a violent a salt in -- assault in the mission district. he grabbed a 31-year-old woman and slammed her head into the ground. it happened on 23rd street in guerrero. the woman was able to free herself and ran off. the man is 150 pounds with a buzz cut and slight beard. police are asking for help in tracking down a bank robber on francisco boulevard on january 4th. he is described as weighing 160 to 200 pounds with a muscular
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build. police are investigating whether this robbery is connected to another robbery in novato last thursday. >> friends will gather in illinois to aaron schwartz. he committed suicide in new york. his death comes in the midst of a legal battle over hacking allegations. they plan to picket outside his service and their group was seen last month. people are now remembering schwartz for his legacy. >> all of these people are really just struck by how at 26 he had managed to complete so many lifetimes worth of work. >> the san francisco community is planning on holding a ceremony in his honor. there is a connection between sugary drinks and america's obesity epidemic.
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coca-cola launched a two minute ad which is launching on several networks. >> we are asking people to come together on something that concerns all of us, obesity... >> that was it right there. they are asking people to consider low calorie options. critics open they will be able to see through the marketing. >> what would you think if phillip morris said we should all get together and fight against lung cancer. it would be hip critical. >> it says the campaign is designed to help educate consumers. >> 455 am it testimony, sal is covering traffic, is traffic starting in san francisco? >> yes. it looks good as you drive through the city not a bad commute at all. if you are driving on 101 it looks pretty good up to the 880
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split. also it looks good on 880 and there are some flashing lights but it's not affecting traffic and traffic continues to look good as you drive through. 880 westbound, you heard about the carquinez bridge and it is not causing any slow traffic and the traffic on the span is showing still early. 4:55, let's go to steve. we lost most of the breeze, but high pressure is large and in charge. it goes way up there and when you see something like in this time of year you look for uncutting. there is hints of it and until next month it is not going anywhere. the overnight lows, they are dropping and so a lot more 20s and 30s already. it took a lot more and you can see higher clouds coming down out of the northeast and it is going from land to sea.
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if this were summertime, we he would have a lot of 20s and 30s and it would push it towards the coast but mostly sunny and temperatures during the day it is coming up every so slightly. santa rosa i will go 57 but 50s in pleasanton and it is just too tough for that easterly breeze. 55 redwood city gilroy 53 degrees. a little warmer wednesday thursday and friday as well in fact we'll see some 60s popping up but overnight lows are now not as cold. a waterfront fire near the carquinez bridge, we will take you to the scene. and for bay area boaters, what is behind the despite, we
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will explain. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is!


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