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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 16, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> you're going to hollywood! >> [screams] my family is waiting for me. they're gonna freak out. [screaming] >> congratulations. >> show me some love. shake it off. >> aah! >> it was amazing. i think we found some good kids. >> i really do. >> i had to strangle one of the divas on the panel, but i won't tell you who. >> i loved it. i loved, uh, being in between, uh, mariah and nicki, and, uh... >> peace, new york. it's been real. yeah. >> tomorrow night, idol invades the midwest, as we land in the windy city... chicago, are you ready? with stories of inspiration... >> when i started to sing again, the feeling was like nothing i've ever felt before. >> and never-ending perseverance. >> [stuttering] living with a s-st-stutter is really hard. >> plus, drama at the judges' table like you've never seen before. >> why are you in my face? >> calm down.
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>> this is crazy. run before it gets crazy in here, baby. >> run away! >> i swear, i feel like a scratching post. >> find out what happens when idol hits chicago. >> get the [bleep] camera out of my face! congress should restore a ban on military style assault weapons and a ten round limit on magazines. >> the president needs congress to pull the trigger. >> it is president obama's highly evened response to the
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sandy hook school shooting. a sweeping plan to overhaul america's gun laws. details came today at a white house ceremony. the $500 billion blueprint a is mixture of executive orders, and proposed legislation. the broader and more impactful ideas need congress to act. the president appealed to the hearts and minds of americans, while urging those lawmakers to act, and act soon. >> reporter: the president surrounded himself, with some of the children he knew gun laws will help protect. four children who wrote him letters. >> she said i know that laws have to be passed by congress. but i beg you to try very hardly. julia, i will try very hardly. >> reporter: he then laid out what he will push congress to
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pass. the assault rifles ban. require background checks on all gun sales. 40% of sales right now have no such checks. renew a 10 round limit on ammunition magazines, and more. >> the only way we can change, is if the american people demand it. >> reporter: then the president did what he could without action. he signed 23 measures, including tougher penalties for people who lie in background checks. school flexibility to use federal money for safety, and districting the cdc to research the causes and prevention of gun violence. the president proposals face a difficult challenge with republicans, and some moderate democrats. analysts say the proposal with the best chance of passage is universal background checks. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2
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news. again, just to clarify here, this is $500 million plan. other proposals the president laid out today, a $150 million funding request for schools to hire police officers, counselors, and psychiatrists. increased funding for a range of mental health services. the national rifle association issued a statement today in response to the president's initiative. it reads in part, only honest, law-abiding gun owners will be affected, and our children will be vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> the white house called this nra ad repugnant and courtly. it questioned why it's okay for the president's children to have secret service, but not put armed guards at school.
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most people would agree, the president's children should not be used as pawns in a political fight. most americans felt ashelled that the newtown shooting could happen in this country. 34% also said there are too many guns in this country. 35% said gun laws should be left unchanged. 5% think gun laws should be loosened. a number of the president's proposals are already law here in california. the state already bans the sale of assault rifles and magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition. democratic lawmakers in sacramento say they expect a push for even stricter gun control laws. those could restrictions on the sale of devices that allow rapid firing of a large number of rounds, and greater regulation on the sale of ammunition. tonight at 10:30, our coverage
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continues. we're gauging reaction to the president's appeal, plus the one thing he could have done, but didn't. many people in the bay area are making plans to be in washington for the start of the second term. amber lee is live, after talking with campaign volunteers who managed to get a ticket to the sear moan. amber? >> julie, tonight, we met two women who campaigned for president obama. they're now preparing to attend his inauguration. >> it's my first time, i am so excited. >> reporter: she picked up her ticket to the inauguration today, after being among the winners of a lottery from congressman joe miller's office. the 70-year-old had her nails done this afternoon. >> look. i'm so excited. >> reporter: she showed off her pride in the president. >> we worked so hard, then to have him be reelected, i can't stop grinning. >> reporter: brown is prepared for the winter chill of
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washington, d.c., and is packing the proper clothes for the festivities. her focus is on how the president will shape the future. >> i feel like there's a chance that my grandchildren will grow up in a country similar to the one that i grew up in. >> reporter: pamela maid mcdonald of oakland is scrambling to find affordable airfare so she can fly out. >> this time, it's less of a euphoric experience. now, i think we're a little bit older and wiser, in a sense. we've been bruised, and battered a little bit. >> reporter: a second term, she says is time to get the work done. >> i see these events, very sober events. this is history in the making. and this is a great opportunity for all of us to have a second term with the president that we love to try and get things right. >> reporter: both women tell me, they're thrilled to see the president take the oath again.
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they say they're looking forward to do more work to help carry out the president's vision. more details now. the president's second term begins on january 20 as mandated by a constitutional amendment. only a private swearing in is scheduled for that day. at monday's public ceremony, john roberts will administer the oath of office, but that traditional ceremony is at the capitol. it's only purely for show. tori campbell will be in washington, d.c., bringing us live reports beginning sunday on mornings on 2. the oakland museum of california is now providing a photograph of a stolen artifact in the hope that someone might recognize the valuable treasure. the museum sent us this picture of the 7 x 9-inch gold and quartz box. it is estimated to be worth as
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much as $800,000. it was stolen on january 7. it's likely the same man who broke into the museum previously and stole items. bay area home prices are on the rise. in fact, prices claimed last month at the fastest clip in more than 20 years. data quick says san francisco bay area home prices were up 32% year over year in december. that uncrease is the highest since data quick began tracking the market in 1988. the median paid price for a home in the bay area, climbed to a little more than $442,000, compared to $335,000 in december of 2011. data quick says much of the increase is the result of fewer foreclosed homes. ebay's 4th quarter earnings beat expectations, thanks to shopperring turning to the site
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for holiday bargains. investors responded by boosting ebay stock 7% in after hours trading. ebay says it experienced its best year ever since the site was founded in 1995. on wall street, the dow industrials fell 23 points today, but a rebound in apple stock helped the nasdaq move slightly higher. it gained 6 points. the faa followed japan's lead today, and grounded boeing's problem plagued dreamliner. the newest, and most technically advanced jet on the planet. the 787 made its debut just last friday, and flights today were canceled. >> reporter: it was just this week that san jose became the only airport in the bay area to service regular dreamliner flights. here at the airport tonight, the sign remains promoting a nonstop flight to tokyo, which
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tonight has been stopped. seen here, leaving san jose last friday for the inaugural flight to tokyo. this afternoon, the faa grounded dreamliner flights. >> the lithium battery. that's a very serious problem now. one, you could call it an aberration. two, you have a real worry of a fire in a 787. >> we were planning to come home on the dreamliner. >> reporter: we sat down with him today, just a few hours after he returned instead on a boeing 767. he calls the issue a minor glitch. >> it's probably a one or two week delay and inconvenience, then we're back, literally off the ground. >> reporter: some passengers arrived at the san jose airport today, unaware that both
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inbound, and out bound flights were canceled. some were rerouted. travelers we spoke with, support the faa's move. >> i'm glad there's an agency looking out for travelers, i suppose. and the battery issue is a significant issue. >> reporter: the next scheduled ana dreamliner flight for here is friday. they're looking at continuing the service, however, with a different aircraft that has not yet been decided. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now, boeing released a statement addressing the problems today. it reads in part, we will be taking every necessary step in the coming days to assure our customers and the traveling public of the 787 safety, and to return the airplanes to service. shares of boeing dropped even before the announcement from the faa. the stock closed at $74 change. down more than 3%. shares dropped even more in after hours trading. united airlines is trying to hike airfares for the second
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time in as many weeks. they have upped fares on domestic flights. united tried to raise fares earlier this month, only to abandon the price hike after competitors didn't follow suit. another clear and cool night. but warmer conditions are on the way. when we'll have temperatures back in the 60s. >> for the first time in three years, we could have a maverick surf contest. the changes being made to make sure spectators don't get swept away. >> armed robbers targeting bay area pharmacies for painkillers.
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a new tactic is being counted tonight to find the number of pharmacy robberies. >> reporter: this small pharmacy here was one of two pharmacies robbed on monday alone. now comes an idea to actually bait bottles of painkillers to track down the drug thieves. ktvu cameras have taken you to the frontlines in the battle against prescription drug abuse. >> hydrocodone, vicodin. >> reporter: the highly addictive painkillers can fetch big bucks on the street. with one oxycontin pill selling up to $40. we told you about the two
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independent pharmacies in san francisco that were robbed just this week. police in palo alto are still searching for this man. >> we think this is a valuable investigative tool, and possibly a deterrent. >> reporter: raven kelly is hoping to combat the surge in thefts, by planting gps devices in fake bottles of pills. >> we'll be able to ultimately track where that bottle goes. someone's personal home. >> reporter: right now, pharmacies in new york are the only ones asked to use the bait bottles. if successful, the tactic could catch on. >> it impacts their situation, you know all good ideas become best practices that everybody borrows from. >> reporter: san francisco's police chief tells me, he is concerned about the troubling trend. according to the dea, drugstore robberies are up, a whopping 79% between 2006 and 2010. >> in light of the epidemic problem we're having in this
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country with the abuse of prescription meds, and the demand, it's not something we're not paying attention to. >> reporter: tells me, he could see the benefits of these bait bottles, much like bait municipal, or dye packs used by banks which has led to a decrease in bank robberies. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. the community of galt in sacramento county turned out this evening to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. a candlelight vigil was held for officer kevin tan. he was shot to death yesterday. federal officers say he was highly respected. was a k-9 officer and was not married. he was 35 years old. there is a twist in this case. police say the man who shot officer tan and particular his own life wasn't the burglary suspect the officer was searching for. the gunman has been identified
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as humphrey gascone. the officer was talking to him, when gascone pulled out a gun and shot him. moments later, he shot himself. pled guilty to urinating on the bodies of taliban in afghanistan. the staff sergeant admitted to desecrating the remains and violating military regulations. he also said he should have stopped other marines, but did not. he reached a plea deal to be demoted one rank. a judge in santa barbara ruled, the scouts must turn over 120,000 pages of internal files as part of a civil case by a former scout who claims he was molested by a leader. that suit alleges the scouts had a culture of hidden sexual abuse. the boy scouts deny the
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charges, but will turn over the files. allowing users to make calls over wireless networks and wi-fi, but it only works between iphone users who have the messenger app. the state of california took a big hit when facebook went public last may, but then flopped. the state took in $600 million less than estimated in tax revenue. but california didn't come away empty handed. it's still expected to take in $1.6 billion from taxes on the sale of facebook stock. organizers say the maverick surf contest is on. they will be facing what could be monster waves. if you want to watch, you'll have to keep your distance. >> reporter: the surf was low today at pillar point, but these waves are expected to grow to monsters by this weekend. fed by a pacific storm, and a
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strong swell. jeff clark, maverick's invitational contest director says the waves are near perfect. paddle surfer denten chase says although the water seems calm today, the surf here can change quickly to produce world class waves. >> a certain size threshold. i wouldn't go out when it's really big, but i will go out in some size, yeah, and even watch from the shoulder sometimes. >> reporter: the contest was last held in 2010. big waves swept into the spectator area, seriously injurying several people. this year, the crowds will be kept off the beach and off the bluff overlooking the competition. >> the county agencies said no more people off the point. we're going to close off the point. >> reporter: the festival is set to take place at the nearby oceana hotel. >> this whole area out here is
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going to be filled with concession stands. we're going to have some jumbotrons. >> reporter: organizers tell me the surfers are expected to hit the water on saturday, to gauge the competition at 8:00 on sunday. right now, the swell is pretty small. these are the current buoy readings. just 3 feet in half moon bay. that all changes. this weather system producing these swells is about 4,000 miles away. as we look at the wind in the pacific, here's a system i'm tracking right here. it's out by japan. hurricane force winds, over 4,000 miles away, or about almost 4,000 miles away, and pumping swell in this direction. high surf advisory goes into affect saturday. it takes a while for that swell to get here. it's going to be big. we'll talk more about that, and how we're going right to the forecast for the morning. temperatures will be cold again. 30degrees tomorrow morning in
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santa rosa. 30 in napa. 33 in vallejo. freezing temperatures, no advisories, but there will be frost on the windchills. ice on parts of the roadways, and might even be a little bit of fog. tomorrow starts off cool. it warms up in the afternoon a few more degrees. we're heading for a bit of a warming trend. that plays into the surf forecast as well. dangerous suv along the coast. when i come back, the forecast high for the bay area weekend, and i think you'll be impressed with how warm it's going to get. we'll see you back here at 10:45. a spare the air alert that is in effect tonight has now been extended for another 24 hours through tomorrow night at midnight. here's a look at the hazy san francisco skyline this afternoon as seen kirkland. people can lodge a complaint on the bay area air quality website, and those caught violating the ban face fines of $100. 49ers season. at 10:30, how the team's run for the super bowl is fueling
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big business among artists. >> plus, an suv submerged in a pool. one man's action that saved the driver. >> up search thousand, the certainly for someone who looks just like this man. a mother tells us, how he tried to pull her daughter right out of her arms. an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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san jose police tonight are reportedly searching for a man who tried to grab a little girl right out of her mother's arms. the sketch that police are circulating this evening. >> reporter: san jose police searched the east side neighborhood around dale court today, after a woman called 911 tuesday evening to say a man tried to take her daughter outside their home. she asked not to be identified. >> we're just a little shaken up. i mean, somebody tried to take our 3-year-old daughter. >> reporter: the mother says
10:26 pm
the man walked up, complemented her daughter's beauty, then it turned into a literal tug of war. >> when he knelt down, he grabbed my daughter by her feet. we were tugging at each other. her bottom's were falling off, and eventually her boots fell off. >> reporter: that's when the struggle ended. i ran inside the house and called police. >> the man is described as a latino adult. smelling like automotive oil. >> it's very important that we get the information out to the public and that the public is aware. because this guy, whoever he is, needs to be put in jail. >> reporter: neighbors reacted with fear and anger. >> i got to keep an eye out for my little brothers, and even the other kids in the neighborhood. >> as a mom, pretty freaked out. i mean, it's your kid. >> reporter: the mother of the targeted victim says she hopes the incident will remind all parents to always be on the alert. >> please keep an eye on them.
10:27 pm
i don't want him to do this to anybody else. >> reporter: in san jose, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. milpedas police say they found 22-year-old alexander lowell holding the victim to the ground. the attack happened at the taco bell on january 6. investigators say lowe also attacked a second woman. he is charged with attempted rape and assault with a deadly weapon. reaction to the suicide of erin schwartz. schwartz was facing 35 years in prison after being charged with accessing millions of academic articles. erin's law would change the current law, which she described as too broad, schwartz was 26 years old, and had been suffering from depression. an unusual rescue in the
10:28 pm
central valley today after a woman crashed her suv into a swimming pool. merced police say 69-year-old pamela gwynn failed to turn. she plowed straight into a pool at an apartment complex. police say a good samaritan broke out the back window to rescue the driver. the woman was not seriously hurt. it's making national headlines. we come to a bay area think tank for a strategy about gun control. >> and how colin kaepernick and a combination of t-shirts and tatoos are changing the lives of a san jose couple. oh!
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49ers fever is heating up ahead of sunday's big playoff game. that's leading to big business in san francisco's japantown. a specially designed t-shirt is flying off the shelves. >> reporter: we're live in the stock room. you can see ten boxes of kaepernick gear has arrived after hours. the design is based on the tatoos sported approximate by the 49ers quarterback against all odds on the front, and st. michael, fighting the devil, along with kaepernick's name and his number on the back. the tatoo artist who designed a t-shirt inspired by a fellow tatoo afficionado. colin kaepernick. >> we decided to do some more. >> reporter: like the 49ers quarterback, the t-shirt has become an overnight sensation, and a best seller at the san
10:32 pm
jose boutique. >> we were just waiting in line, and it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: she sold 300 t- shirts today to fans who are still calling the store to pre- order more. >> we did sellout today. yes, this is our very last t- shirt. and everyone wanted to buy it, but i said you got to come back on friday. >> reporter: the success has taken the small business owners off guard, as has the new found friendship and business relationship with the sports star everyone is talking about. >> kind of like come from basically nowhere, and made something out of themselves. >> reporter: 49ers fever is starting to leave an indelible mark. as artists spray for a possible run on kaepernick inspired tatoos. >> i did a super bowl trophy, and it had all the different years that the 49ers have won it. if they win again this year, he's going to have to add another year to it somehow. >> reporter: telling me that
10:33 pm
sales are up 200% this month, thanks to lucky number 7, and orley and kaepernick are working on a tatoo to be inked at the end of the season. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. this is the place to be, sunday we begin at 9:30 a.m. with special programs on the niners, and the fox pregame show. the nfc championship game starts at noon, and right after the game, join us for the point after. the wife of san jose's first homocide victim of the year is asking for the public's help to bring the killer to justice. surrounded by family and police, arathera herrera spoke about her grief. >> it's very hard for me, because i have a daughter, 5- year-old. she's asking for him, and i don't have an answer for her.
10:34 pm
>> ivan segora was shot in front of their home january 6. police don't believe the shooting was gang related. segora worked as a barber. at today's announcement, president obama said he cannot succeed without the help of average americans. john fowler talked with people in the pay area about the chance for change when politics are so polarized. >> people have a right to bear arms, but i just don't think anybody needs assault type weapons. >> it will get robs, and stuff like that. they need to have protection. >> so you think an assault weapon is okay? >> yeah. >> i was living in chile, and people think the crazy that we have access to so many guns and so easily. >> the one issue is how far the president plans to push, and the second is how far the republicans plan to give. >> reporter: the republican
10:35 pm
says he personally favors the president ideas, and since gop leaders took a beating in november, they may compromise. but people told us, it's a long shot. >> not this congress. they can't even pay our bills, nonetheless agree on gun control. >> not just about how we make children safer safer but also how we make sure cops don't get outgunned. will he take this to red state america? will he take this to republican districts? whether he push for things like assault weapon ban and the reduction of ammunition clips? all the things which he promised today. >> reporter: key things to watch are the president's inaugural address on monday, and even more importantly, his state of the union speech before congress next month. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news.
10:36 pm
when president obama unveiled his gun policy today, several children stood with him. they wrote letters to the president about the newtown tragedy, including a 10-year- old boy from georgia. >> people can really be killed. i want to make like a rule to stop it. >> this is a copy of the letter he sent to the president. the 10-year-old asked president obama to stop gun violence. in response, the president invited him to the white house for today's announcement. experts on gun policy are noting that president obama did not do what president george h.w. bush did after a school massacre in stockton in 1989. president obama did not use his authority to block the import of weapons that where not generally recognized for sporting purposes. interior secretary, ken salazar the latest secretary to announce he is leaving the obama administration. he plans to step down in march to return to his home in
10:37 pm
colorado. president obama released a statement praising salazar on his work, saying he helped expand the development of domestic energy resources, while also protecting water, land, and wildlife. actor conrad bane has died at the age of 89. many remember him from tv's "diff'rent strokes." >> i adopted willis and arnold, because they're great kids, and i love them. >> he played the kindly white man who adopted two young african american brothers. the nbc show debuted in 1978, and was one of several comedies that dealt with social issues. he had a long career in television, as wells a on stage and in film. too many phones. not enough numbers. the latest local area code running out, and the proposals for new area codes. >> back here in just ten minutes, we're tracking the warm up around here. it will be cold tomorrow. temperatures are on the increase, we're headed for the weekend. i'll have the forecast highs
10:38 pm
you can expect this saturday and sunday. >> up first, a standoff in the sahara. the attack had a has left dozens held hostage, including americans.
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
in news of the world tonight, in algeria, islamic militants are holding 41 hostages, including seven americans in a remote area of
10:41 pm
the sahara. the militants stormed the natural gas complex, two people died. the militants say the hostage taking is in retaliation for france's military intervention in neighboring mali. the white house is calling this a terrorist attack. in london, a helicopter flew right into a crane, and crashed onto a street in flames during this morning's rush hour. the pilot, and one person on the ground were killed. it was foggy at the time, and the pilot may have not been able to see the crane in the central part of london. in germany, the country's central bank says it is bringing gold bars back from paris and new york. germany moved most of its gold reserves during the cold war, since the risks for moving the gold is so high, germany is not revealing how, or when it will be done. san francisco's 415 area
10:42 pm
code is running out of numbers, and change is coming. the california public utilities commission discussed adding a 628 area cold. all available numbers in the 415 area code zone will be used up in about two and a half years. business owners say they prefer the status quo. >> our customers have been calling us for generations on the same phone number and the last thing we want is to change our number. confuse our customers. >> the cpuc says there are two main options. one would be to cut the city in half. the east side would get one area code, the west side of the city, and marin, the other. another option is called overlay. that's where new phone numbers would be assigned the new area code. barry bonds is selling his estate. the asking price, $25 million. these images of the home come from the real estate listing. it describes the seven bedroom,
10:43 pm
13 bath estates a a secluded italian villa it includes a gym, game room, and 12 seat home theater. oakland police have released a sketch resembling a man wanted in the killing of a 25-year-old woman. police describe the man as african american in his early 20s, with dreadlocks. the woman was walking near the fruitvale bart station when the man tried to pull her into a waiting car. two san jose fire stations are being returned to service after a two year brown out. station 10 on corporate center parkway, and station 11 on lewis road should be operational by may. an east coast favorite is now heading west.
10:44 pm
dunkin donuts announced it is opening shops in california. the company says california is number 1 for grocery sales and duncan's bagged coffee. but bay area enthusiastics will still have to travel south. right now, there are no plans for any duncan donut stores here in northern california. the greenest, and meanest vehicles on the road, plus -- >> you can see the great highway needs repaving, but that is not all the city plans to do. the transformation in the works for the great highway. >> plus, tomorrow morning, warmer weather is in the works. the two warmest days on chief meteorologist bill martin's five-day forecast. >> a reminder, you can get caste news to go. click on the live icon, and watch live.
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10:46 pm
san francisco's great
10:47 pm
highway is getting a makeover. jana katsuyama tells us about a repaving project that begins this week. >> it's the western edge of san francisco where tourists and locals come to see ocean beach. city officials say now, the great highway, running along the spectacular sea escape will get a makeover, with a street escape project. >> better amenities, maybe some street furniture. a lot more landscaping, better streetlighting. >> construction crews began staging today for the repaving project. it's the first of some 100 projects to be done around the city, thanks to voters passing a $248 million bond in 2011. it will also create bike lanes down to golden beat park. a dangerous stretch of road, which right now, has no shoulder. forcing clients for blind curves or to take the sidewalk.
10:48 pm
crews will also install 15-foot wide medians. >> a lot of people right now, run across, or ride quickly across the great highway. probably not that safe when you have cars zooming by in both directions. >> a little hassle for the people who live in the area. but once it's all said and done, i think it will be great. >> reporter: they plan to work around events, such as the beta breakers or marathon, and have no more than one lane closed at any one time. if all goes well, it should be completely october of this year. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. toyota's prius c took top honors in green vehicles. the vehicles topping the list
10:49 pm
were hybrid electric pluggens. the meanest lists are made up of trucks, considered least friendly to the environment, like the f150. sharks fans lined up to get season tickets today for the first time since the lockout ended. fans lined up hours earlier. the first home game is a week from tomorrow. one man says he bought tickets despite his disappointment with the lockout. >> i just felt like the whole disagreement with the contract was really hurting the fans and the local businesses, and i just felt that was a bit unfair. >> a little bit of a tumultuous time recently. >> the sharks open the new 48 game season this sunday in calgary against the flames. california citrus growers are assessing the damage done by the recent cold snap. so far, the growers say they've seen little crop damage, despite at least six straight nights of cold weather.
10:50 pm
the damage they have seen is primarily to the mandarin crop. growers have spent $28 million in frost protection measures during this cold spell. we've had a run of cold mornings, and chilly afternoons, but temperatures on the increase during the daytime hours. we're looking for numbers the next few days to get into the low 60s. maybe even mid- to upper 60s on the weekend. jet stream is doing this. all going to the north. we're not tracking rain showers, just tracking basically fair weather. we have temperatures outside, very chilly at this hour, and they're going to be cold. we're going to see freezing. we're going to see frost. overnight lows are going to be downright chilly, and you will notice them again tomorrow morning. 37 in napa right now. 36 in santa rosa. tease temperatures get to freezing, and below freezing in the north bay, and the east bay. around the bay, you're going to find upper 30s, and low 40s.
10:51 pm
as we go into the next few days, you'll notice the daytime highs increasing the next few days. the air sinks just a little bit, and that warms it. as we go through the afternoon hours, we could go to 63 degrees for a daytime high in santa rosa. the weekend, we're continued dry. as this high pressure sets up and stays set up, not just for a couple of days, but for the next five. you will see that in the five- day forecast. it's a warming trend. settle warming tomorrow. high pressure creates a bit of an offshore wind. look for patchy valley fog. even parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. conditions are there. not perfect, but with stable atmosphere and light winds. the ground still kind of moisture. look for patchy fog, hazy conditions in the early morning hours. we talk about that large swell as being generated, and over 3,000 miles out in the pacific by gentleman fan.
10:52 pm
that -- by japan. that swell is working it's way here. it's going to be big by virtue of the size of the swell and the wind, but the angle of the swell. it's a west-northwest swell, but a west-northwest swell really gets into a lot of the beaches. you picture the california coastline, the swell is going to run snack dab into it perpindicular. the conditions for this event are going to be really, really good. that's on sunday. the forecast highs tomorrow, 60 degrees out there. 60 in pleasantton. 61 in fremont. in the five-day forecast, a real nice one. good thing we've got rain in the buckets right now, because this would not be a good five- day forecast if we were like we were last year. but you've got 100% average rain and snowfall, you can do this. no rain in the five-day forecast, and the few days beyond that. >> i can't even imagine seeing a 35-foot wave. >> most people can't. it's a freak of nature.
10:53 pm
the reason we can get the waves that big, is because we have so much ocean out there. >> exciting to watch. thank you bill. schools are closed next monday, admission fees to national parks will be waved on martin luther king jr. day. the free day covers the national park services. 398 properties from parks to monuments. at yosemite, the fee waiver saves visitors $30 a car. park rangers say winter is a beautiful time to visit the park. the miami heat against the warriors, sports is coming up next. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
10:54 pm
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joe is in for mark tonight and the warriors are still feeling the heat tonight. >> yeah, lots of anticipation about the miami heat's one trip to the bay area this season, maybe even a little more drama after the warriors beat miami on the road. hoping to accomplish what this hall of famer did four times. the warriors at a distinct advantage with stef curry sitting out. this jumper by lebron james made him the youngest player in nba history to reach 20,000 points.
10:57 pm
james is just 28. james passes the 5,000 mark in assists. then here's what folks came to see. dwyane dwyane wade with the long pass to james who does what he does. wade, impressed. the warriors held to their lowest point total of the season. losing 92-75. local college play tonight. matthew hit a three with two seconds left, and st. mary's pulled out a win at byu. we continue our week long examination of the various storylines concerning sunday's nfc championship game between the 49ers and falcons. last week, there wasn't a 49er in practice who didn't appreciate the return of justin smith to the field. smith is the force that just about everybody on the defense seems to benefit from. last year at this time, the 49ers were also one win from the super bowl.
10:58 pm
smith says this time it's different. >> after last year, beating the saints, i was like, oh, man, we got a chance. one or two games away. this one, all right, we took care of business. find out who we play, ends up being atlanta. let's go down there, take care of business, and try to get to the big one and one that one. it definitely has a different feel in the locker room, this year opposed to last year. chip kelly is now former oregon coach, chip kelly. kelly today agreed to coach the philadelphia eagles, ten days after saying he was staying at oregon. kelly was also reported to be the new coach of the cleveland browns. now he's set to be introduced in philly. here's one that will make bay area fans smile. marc trestman, the new coach of
10:59 pm
the chicago bears. unceremoniously dumped as the 49ers offensive coordinate in 1996. one final note, notre dame's tae'o. fill in the blank. getting you ready for the day with the updated forecast.


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