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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 17, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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developing news from overseas. a tense hostage situation involving americans has now turned deadly. what we've learned in just the past hour. it calls for concern for parents in one elementary school about a possible
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outbreak of the norovirus. and a heartbreaking story about a college football star is now taking a bizarre turn. who is being tied to a hoax that has a bay area connection? good morning. well come to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, january 17th. militants took dozens of foreign nationals hostage. seven foreign hostages are still alive including two americans after they say was an attack by an algerian helicopter. but the militants say the attack killed 35 other hostages including the kidnapper, their leader. this hatched at a national gas plant that militants ambushed yesterday in the northwestern
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country of africa. the algerian comment is not commenting on the standoff. they say this is revenge for france's intervention in neighboring mali. a possible of norovirus has hit contra costa. it may well have affecteddage elementary school. palm chambers is in la fayette right now. paul? >> reporter: that's correct, dave. school will start here in about an hour. i will tell you as we said. this is a possible outbreak. possible. still to be confirmed, outbreak of norovirus. if it's true, this could be one of the largest active cases in contra costa county. as they said, a report stated that on friday at burton valley elementary school. there were about 100 students missing. that's ten times the number of absences as a typical day. it said many students sent to
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them had symptoms of norovirus. it's being reported that school officials notified parents on friday and custodians spent the entire weekend scrubbing classrooms, because the virus is extremely contagious and spreads. once again, the school has not pinpointed the origin of the outbreak or confirmed if it is know row voice. we can come back out here live, i can tell you that many of us have hand sanitizers. this will not protect you from the norovirus. in many cases it's not strong enough. do the old-fashioned thing, wash your hands with soap and water. we're waiting to talk to parents to see what's going on as well as a call to the health department to see if this is a
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case of norovirus. back to you. >> thank you, paul. pleasanton are asking for the help of the public to find morgan stanton. this is her picture. she was last scene on friday. investigators think she may be headed to livermore or manteca. he's5 feet tall, has brown hair and brownish -- and brown hair. president obama unveiled his gun proposals yesterday aimed at reducing gun violence. analysts say it will be tough to get any gun legislation through congress. the president says it's up to the public to demand action. coming up for you at 7:15. why a bay area congressman said an attack ad released by the nra is dangerous.
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a lawyer in san jose drafted an ordinance and presented it at a city council committee meeting yesterday. it calls for anyone in san jose who wants to own an assault weapon to be required to pass a mental health check and then turn the weapon over to police for safekeeping. if the owners want to check out the weapons, they would have to say. chuck reed says he's not sure it's a good idea for cities to make their own gun laws with the president taking it up on the national level. some of the best companies 0 to work -- companies to work for are right here in the bay area. janine de la vega joins us with more and will tell us were with google starts the list. >> reporter: good morning. many will likely feel a sense of pride that their company is ranking high. perks like using free bicycles like this, also helps and
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that's just the beginning. now, the search engine giant offers employees free massages, free food and access to the three new wellness centers and seven acres for the complex. there are benefits r to the same-sex partners and extra bonuses for vacation time. we looked up some questions google used to ask employees during interviews including to one question was how many golf balls can hit in a school bus. that was for a job for a product manager to show problem- solving skills. we talked to one employee who did not work for google who said he would like to work for the company to get the benefits i just spoke about. >> for me the bent fits are the big part, like the 401(k) and the little perks like food and free transport. that helps, too. >> reporter: do you get anything like that at your
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current company? >> no, i'm a contractor. >> reporter: here is a list of the 12 bay area companies that are headquartered in the bay area. >> reporter: now, to pick the companies fortune asked about management's credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie. they also asked about pay and benefits as well as training and diversity. now, coming up in the second hour of "mornings on 2," i will tell you which company has made the list for the past 16 years and i will give you a hint, it's not google. reporting live from mountain view, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you think it's ktvu channel 2 news? >> i whats gonna say, it certainly can be -- i was gonna say, it certainly can be. boy, the cars are on the
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roads, sal. >> highway 4 is one example where we have slow traffic getting into bay point. it's been slow from antioch to pittsburg. we haven't had any major problems. yesterday, we had the problem in pittsburg, today it's just slow traffic. 680 nearby is getting busier from pleasant hill to wa nil -- walnut creek. westbound 24, moderate. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up because of an earlier problem on the bridge. the metering lights had to be slowed down. now things are back to normal. it's about a 20 to 25-minute delay. if you are driving from hayward to fremont this morning, the traffic is getting busker is from 238 to the mowry avenue exit. those two points, 23 minutes up from about 18 minutes. so it keeps getting longer and longer. if you are driving that stretch, give yourself the appropriate amount of time. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
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some areas near the coast are closes to 50. others inland are in the -- are close to 50. others inland are in the 40s. also patchy fog around here. a little haze in the air but an easterly breeze means milder temperatures. i've had about five or six tweets saying it's a lot warmer. high pressure still holding, a couple of series of deep systems, gulf of alaska down to hawaii trying to break through. there is a hint next thursday that we could get a dip in the jet stream. fog, cold, it will be warmer. we'll be getting more 50s. it's been a gradual warmup over the weekend. big difference in some of the temperatures. 28 novato, 27 santa rosa. i saw a lot of 30s and even 40s
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in marin county, some of the higher elevation, woodacre, 45. mill valley, 43. half moon bay, 46. but not far away i've seen 50. san jose, 34. hayward says a little bit of patchy fog and 36 degrees. offshore breeze mainly, oakland has one and one at half moon bay. inland, it's still going to stay in the 50s. some of that fog makes it tough along with the east breeze. there's a 12-degree difference between plan hill and vallejo at the same time. it gives you an idea of what's going on. 50s for some. low 60s for others. 60 novato. and then 54 antioch to 62 oakland. alameda, 60. but livermore, 55. 63 balmy degrees, milpitas, santa clara, 60. half moon bay, daly city, same think. it will be close for menlo park and redwood city and san francisco. not much of a change.
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but other than that, it's a dry forecast. there's shock and confusion this morning at notre dame. a football star bound for the nfl says he was duped by an elaborate hoax. mike tobin is live at the fox news bureau in chicago. it's about a made-up girlfriend from stanford university. mike? >> reporter: whether it's a convoluted scam or prank or a convoluted attack on promotion, somebody is laying on the blarney. the only thing that's clear at this station of the game, the director with the fighting irish is standing behind the linebacker. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax, perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand. >> reporter: now, however, during the course of the season
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you could see manti te'o pointing fingers to the heavens, one for his grandmother, one for his girlfriend, that never exited. he said he would see them again, his grandmother and lennay kekua, the pretend girlfriend. they did not meet at stanford in 2009. the news organization that broke the story about the hoax reports the first time there was any interaction was in twitter in 2010 with an account called lovelovelove you. there were all-night phone calms while she was allegedly
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in a coma and the held was -- phone was held up to her ear and her breathing would go up. but that didn't happen because she doesn't exit. >> all right. beef patties being recalled. he's already member rised -- memberrized the -- member rised the declaration -- memorized the entire declaration of independence. sh, and to your home.
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hearing from a lot of people on twitter, spweather, by the way, it's cold. 20s to near 50s. mostly sunny today. 50s to a few low 60s now. all right.
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7:15. an estimated 800,000 people will be heading to washington, d.c. this weekend to attend president obama's second inauguration. among them, a 9-year-old boy from antioch who, as you will see, has a very bright future. he's a fourth grader at cornerstone christian school in antioch. he's an honor roll student and junior olympian. >> i like to play basketball, run track and play football. >> this weekend, he's gonna witness the 50th presidential inauguration in washington, d.c. >> looking forward to meeting new friends. >> he's one of over 300 students invited to be part of the people-to-people ambassador program. his teacher nominated him. >> he's very active. he's always very on his work.
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he'sdiligent. >> his dad allen told us his son takes his work very seriously. he's even memorized the declaration of independence. and he was some lofty goals. he says some day he would like to be president. but he has some important questions to the person who is currently occupying the white house. [inaudible] >> he might give the president a little work out there playing basketball. this trip was not trip. but he was able to raise over $2700, he collect and turned in recyclables for cash but he also trained with lorenzo
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exander. ken pritchett and i will be in washington, d.c. this weekend bringing you live reports beginning sunday on "mornings on 2." >> great story. 7:17. president obama's plan to toughen gun control laws mace a real beatle on capitol hill -- battle on capitol hill from the nra. but as kyla campbell reports he could get much-needed support from those meeting today with vice president biden. >> reporter: mayor lee, mayor jean quan and mayor chuck reed are all in united states conference of mayors. his focus today will be gun control and prepare venting violence in cities across the country. president obama's executive orders and proposals for congress are getting mixed reaction. some u.n. froms feel he's infringing on gun owner's
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rights guaranteed by the second amendment. the nra is promising the fight of the century and released an attacked a before the president announced his plans calling him an elitist. several democrats plan to introduce a plan next week. more on that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we asked bay area people what they think of the president's gun controllals -- gun proposals. >> people have the right to bear arms. >> people get robbed and need protection. >> everyone that we agreed with said all people should have rights. sources say the next chief of staff is likely to be dennis
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mcdone mcdonogh. he would replace jack lew. uc students say they will be at the regents' meeting this morning to petition lifting caps on health benefits. and jerry bro unwill be there -- jerry brown will be there. a group of students calling for uc to eliminate the cap as called for in president obama a.m. healthcare overhaul. currently, the plan has a lifetime coverage cap of $had00 -- of $400,000. a student group says that's not enough to cover a serious chronic illness. in ireland and britain, an irish meat processor now
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recalling 10 million burgers. investigators found one burger out of 27 contained 29% horse meat. >> we're told what the label says and then there's also things not there. it's a bit worrying, isn't it? how much can you trust? >> it's also possible not to -- not to want to end the climate, some have cut corners and horse meat has been supplied. >> authorities say the horse meat is not a danger to the public. 7:21. warmer weather ahead. but what about rain? up next, meteorologist steve paulson will tell us if he sees any precipitation in out our future -- precipitation in our
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future. and this woman crashed her vehicle in that pool. what one man did to save her life. good morning. we have a slow commute on 101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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a woman crashed her suv into that swimming pool in merced. a good samaritan rescued her. 65-year-old pamela gwen missed her turn, crashed through an iron fence and landed in that ain't complex pool. a good samaritan grabbed the suv by the roof rack, smashed out the back window and rescued ms. gwen. she was not seriously hurt. this morning plans are being announced for new trains for california's high speed rail project. right now, amtrak and california high-speed rail authority are holding a press conference in washington, d.c. they plan to announce that they
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are working together to get new high-speed rail trains and equipment. for a second day, new york city school bus drivers are on strike and thousands of students have to find other ways to get to school. the union is worried that drivers could use their jobs when their contract expires after the city put the contracts up for bid. more than 150,000 students are affected by the strike including 54,000 children with special needs. >> that's big, tori. sal is busy this morning. everybody banking -- you are watching somebody. >> yes. we've been watching the commutes around the bridge, for example, the san mateo bridge traffic is busier. i think more people are using that bridge and then the drive time between highway 238 and the mowry avenue exit, that whole stretch we're highlighting about 25 minutes,
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just a little less than that. but it's up from where it was. let's go to live pictures. this is the bay bridge. there was an earlier stalled truck on the span. that's been cleared but traffic is still a little show. and traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. for some it's on the mild side, coast, and bay. some areases near the coast, 48 -- areas near the coast, 48. sonoma, 27. 28, santa rosa. 29, concord there's some real difference in the temperatures here by as much as 20 degrees. some fog is creeping back. high pressure continues to say, you are not coming in here now. 27 fairfield, 29 livermore, 43 officially in san francisco but i've seen 47 in the richmond district and much warmer temperatures and some of the
7:28 am
higher elevations as well. i mean, you get above like 1500 feet and it's much warmer, but some fog is starting to pop up in the valley. that won't matter. it will be mild to warm. that east wind, that can be cold for some, warm for others. some low 60s, showing up, especially oakland down to santa cruz. i think our pattern if you are near the coast, bay, warm. if you are inland, it will be chilly. 7:27. 49er fever sweeping the bay area. >> how fans are showing their ever-lasting support for their favorite team. >> and boeing's -- and boeing's dreamliner is grunded in the u.s. -- grounded in the u.s. we'll talk about the repercussions affecting the bay area. well, well, well.
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uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. we're following a new development following a troubled aircraft. early today, the agency in europe is grounding the
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dreamliner due to safety concerns. brian flores is joining us from san jose to tell us how the bay area is affected by all of this. >> reporter: good morning. the repercussions are not just for boeing but for airports here in san jose who are banking on the success of the dreamliner and for passengers as well, excited, looking forward as being the most technologically airline out there. the plane has had some issues recently. a nippon flight had to make an emergency landing because of battery problems. a japan's airline had to be grounded at logan airport a few days ago because of a battery that exploded while at the gate and now a flight that had passengers from japan to san jose originally on the dreamliner had to come back to the bay area on a nondreamliner aircraft on united airlines.
7:33 am
we spoke to some passengers on the inaugural flight in the bay area. here's what they had to say. >> from what we understand from leaders in the airline industry, it's probably a one or two-week delay or inconvenience and then we're back literally on the ground after that. >> reporter: here in san jose, there was a flight that was supposed to fly out of here tomorrow afternoon but we understand that according to the a and a website, that flight has been canceled. and passengers may have to fly out of other airports, including snow. the airport did release a statement saying that sjc is supportive of the decision and the safety of the passengers is the airline's first priority. some aviation experts we spoke with say it's extremely rare for the faa to ground airlines like this. they say the last time this happened was several years ago,
7:34 am
it's also having reper -- economic repercussions as well. a and a is losing $1. a man is in custody accused of causing a security scare at san diego's airport. authorities say a man ran on the tarmac a few hours ago and was banking traingely. that disrupt -- strangely. that disrupted operations. new this morning, the international olympic committee is stripping lance armstrong of his olympic medal. armstrong won a bronze medal during the 2000 summer games in australia. the bike-racing star spent more than ten years strongly denying he ever used performance- enhancing drugs. but armstrong finally comes clean in a tv interview with opa winfrey airing tonight. secretary of state, hillary
7:35 am
clinton is set to testify before a senate panel next wednesday. we had already heard she will testify before the foreign affairs committee that same day. secretary clinton will be asked about the deadly september attack on the us consulate in benghazi. the head of the fbi is in tripoli, libya this morning. director robert mueller is getting an update into the investigation of last year's killing of chris stevens from the bay area and three other americans in the city of benghazi. there's been little news of progress in that investigation so far. berkeley police searching for a bank robber. he robbed mechanic's bank on solano avenue shortly after it opened for business. police say he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. no within was hurt. now we know more about the domestic violence incident that police say led to a fremont man
7:36 am
killing his own father. the deadly confrontation happened last week on pardy court. they say the man attacked two of his sons with a bat. one of the sons then shot him. the son surrendered. he said he acted in self- defense. san jose police have released a description of a suspect who tried to grab a 3- year-old girl out of her arms. the man is described as latino in his 20s wearing a red baseball cap, jeans, a yellow striped shirt and smelling like automotive oil. her mother says her daughter was playing outside of their home on tuesday when the man walked up and complimented her daughter's beauty. she said he tries to -- he tried to pull the girl from her arms but she managed to break free. a man accused of killing a man he met in a san francisco bar is due in court today.
7:37 am
the 45-year-old is being held in the killing of eric escalon. escalon's body was later found and gagged in his ain't and his home had been burglarized. the area around the san francisco ferry building has been quieter than usual because the building's clock chimes are not working. they stopped working in july. officials say the chimes ran on an old computerized system that simply failed. they say the problem's been fix and the clock will work again next month. ktvu tea tara moriarty live at a san francisco bakery and cafe. i can smell the aroma, tara. what's the latest effort to improve food safety in san francisco? >> reporter: well, we're here at the baking company on 45th
7:38 am
and noriega and starting today, customers will be able to go to yelp and see what kind of score this restaurant got from the health department. it's all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information more easy to access. he hopes it will also improve food safety citywide. right now when you go on yelp, you can see how expensive a dish is, how customers are rating it but you can't find out the rating by the public health department. we spoke to the manager here and she says the move is a win- win for everyone. >> i think it's great because then people can see how high the ratings are and how clean they are and other places will see they should clean themselves up. >> reporter: now, restaurants on yelp will be graded on a 100- point scale. in los angeles, restaurants displayed grade cards. here in san francisco, restaurant lobbiests defeated the plan.
7:39 am
but those eateries made more money and the number of food- borne illnesses went down. now, mayor ed lee will make the yelp announcement at a conference in washington today where he serves as the chairman of technology and innovation. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. 7:37. local tattoo shops report a spike in business from rabid 49er fans. customers are asking for tattoos tim peculiar to the ones that colin kaepernick has -- similar to the ones that colin kaepernick has. >> we didn't realize how big of an impact it would be. so we decided to do some more. >> the next shipment of shirts will probably arrive tomorrow. the boutique already has a long list of preorders. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. this is the place to be.
7:40 am
we begin at 9:00 a.m. with special programs on the 9ers and the pregame show. the game starts at noon. and then join us for "the point after." >> you will be in washington, d.c. >> yes. >> and then the mavericks take place on sunday. >> yes. >> it will be a busy day. >> yes. if i wanted to drive across the bay bridge, is now a good time, sal? >> are you gonna be alone or some imagine airy friends with you? >> some imaginary friends. >> oh, good. then you can use the carpool lane. let's take a look. no problems driving on the east shore freeway. we've recovered. the carpool lanes are moving fine but the traffic is backed up for a good 20, 25 minutes. the backup remains for a while
7:41 am
after those things clear. san mateo bridge we've been watching that for you and the traffic is okay. it's a very -- it's very very. doing this little experiment and watching the traffic time between 228 and mowry this morning, it's up to 32 minutes. i don't nope if you were -- i don't know if you were with me earlier. 7:39. let's go to steve. sal, i enjoyed your tweet. >> why, thank you. >> yes. [laughter] >> sal and i both love twitter. lows, coast and bay are definitely up. we're getting an east-southeast wind. that's really beneficial to some by the water's edge. but inland a lot of 20s. some of that fog instead of a dry cold, it's a dry cold. high pressure reflects everything. a really strong system in the gulf of alaska, also coming up from hawaii. they just can't run into
7:42 am
anything except a wall of high pressure. it will be warmer for those anywhere we get the -- if it was summertime. we get the easterly breeze. that keeps things cool. but for most locations, away from that, it will be a warmer with pattern. warmer coast and bay. even santa clara valley. temperatures are recovering here a little bit. it's been a slow warmup. but if you are in the 20s and you have patchy fog or haze being reported as well, it's not much consolation. it's 48 half moon bay. 43 in san francisco. 40 in walnut creek. 29 concord. antioch, 39. little, 31. i've seen 27 not far arway. novato 27. but there's really mild temperatures. there's 40s and 50s in mount tam but also the santa cruz mountains. oakland's had an offshore breeze. there is the due east at half
7:43 am
moon bay. that will be a system today. we have high pressure and that means clear skies. fog, patchy fog, mild and warm. i think down towards santa cruz. that will be one of the few that will be in the warm category. sonoma outside of the square is 27 degrees -- 27 degrees. antioch 54. 62 gilroy. there's 63 in santa cruz. sunnyvale, close. mountain view, but it will be warmer until daly city, pacifica and half moon bay. many on the peninsula or out on the -- or out to the east. i don't think it changes as we go into the weekend. the mavericks' surfing competition is on. the best place to watch it and what organizessers are doing to make sure no one -- organizers are doing to make sure that no
7:44 am
one misses it. and "american idol" returns with new hopefuls and new judges. >> hmmm. ya. w
7:45 am
7:46 am
stocks opening higher on wall street. strong reports on housing starts and claims for unemployment benefits made investors more optimistic. a new study finds that female hedge fund manager outperformed men through 2012. last year, the funds ran by woman made 8% return while the global return only brought in 6.9%. the dow is up 59. the nasdaq is up 11. s&p is up 5. this morning, the lane hoar
7:47 am
department reports that first- time unemployment claims fell to the lowest level since the start of the recession. 335 to, people filed for initial jo37,000 from the week before. that's the lowest numbers of -- number of claims since january of 2008. but the experts warn the numbers this time of year are very volatile. there are two bay area companies. apple's stock is flat now, down just slightly, about 44 cents. it opened above $500 for the first time this week after gaining more than 4% yesterday. but apple's stock is down 28% from the all-time high last september. ebay's stock is up almost 2.5%. it reported better-than- forecasted revenue of almost $4 billion after yesterday's closing bell. analysts say ebay is benefiting as more people shop online
7:48 am
using mental devices and they add that's helping to boost revenue at pay pal and ebay. 7:46. later today, u.n. secretary ban ki-moon will be right here in the bay area for a speech at stanford. here's new video of the secretary-general with stevie wonder. this was yesterday at the united nations. now, today event is free r but all of the tickets are gone. there will be a live stream of the speech online. that saturdays at 4:30 this afternoon. well, the oakland museum of california released a picture of a gold rush era artifact valued at $800,000 stolen earlier this month. take a look. >> the golden quarts box is from the 1870s. the museum says the thief is probably the same man who broke into the museum last november and stole other gold items. a $12,000 reward is being offered in this most recent theft.
7:49 am
plans to redevelop san francisco's pier 70 are moving forward. developers want to add shops, restaurants and about 1,000 apartments to the area. and they are set to present their plans to the city. if everything goes on schedule, construction could begin wipe 2016. -- begin by 2016. ,,. the city received a $2.6 federal grant which funds the fire department for two more years while also hiring nine new firefighters. station ten on corporate center parkway and station 11 on lewis road should resume normal operations in may. budget problems forced the contra costa fire protection district to close several stations in the county while reducing staffing at the only station in clayton. now, the clayton council has voted to form a committee to
7:50 am
better address the city's needs, including emergency response. the first meeting is scheduled for february 4th. 7:48. new this morning, u.s. home builders were busy building in december. building was at the fastest pace since the summer of 2008. the commerce department reports builders broke ground on an annual rate of 954,000 homes and apartments. that's up 4% from november and 2012 was the best year for residential construction since the housing crisis began. bay area home prices are shooting up. home prices surged 32% in december according to data quick. that's the highest since data quick started to track in 1988. tape ta quick says much of the -- data quick says much of the
7:51 am
increase is a result of fewer foreclosure sales. the agencythe anticipation is growing for the maverick's contest. the conditions have been calm. but the waves are expected to be monsters. spectators are not allowed on the beach, this is after a sneaker wave injured a fan in 2010. >> the county agency said no more people on the front. >> a nearby hotel will hold a festival where people can watch the competition on big-screen tvs. organizers also plan to show the championship game between the 49ers and falcons as well. new jersey's famous seaside heights boardwalk will be rebuilt.
7:52 am
it was destroyed by superstorm sandy in october. the beach has been closed and guarded by police since then. last my, the city was awarded the -- night, the city was awarded the contract. the new boardwalk should be open memorial day weekend. the sonoma county planning commission will decide if they will allow the state to install parking fee machines at the beaches. critics say it violents the state's constitution. it also makes it more dangerous for people who can't or don't want to pay for parking in safe areas. well, in honor of the martin luther king, junior holiday next monday, there will be free admission at all national parks. the free day covers all of the national park services, 398 property the nationwide -- properties nationwide. at yosemite that's a savings of $20 per car.
7:53 am
the rangers say winter is a beautiful time to come visit. tributes are pouring in for conrad baine. >> the fact is, i adopted willis and arnold because they are great kids and i love then. >> he was best known for portraying mr. drumand, the father who adopted two african- american brothers. todd bridges says this is one of the most heartwrenching days of his life. the show was a family comedy that tack. ed social issues in its time. "american idol" was in new york for the season 12 and the big apple delivered big voices ♪ when you're down in trouble and you need some love and care ♪ >> all right. 41 people survived the new york auditions and they will go now
7:54 am
go -- they will go to hollywood. many others didn't make the cut but still provided a lot of entertainment for the judge the ♪ let me be the one -- >> i don't know what to say. but that whats 21-year-old benjamin. he's from my home state in pennsylvania. he did not go et a pass to hollywood. as for the judges there was tension between mariah carey and nicki minaj. a little i rolling -- eye rolling and comments from minaj. you can watch the season here on ktvu. it begins at 8:00 tonight. there's trash talk in one bay area city. the big changes ahead in collecting garbage on the peninsula. also, a penguin suit made
7:55 am
out of cream. how a santa cruz company helped protect the birds from nasty sunburns.
7:56 am
7:57 am
two australian fishermen got an up-close look at a great white shark. they were fishing for a smaller shark when they lured in this giant. they say the great white circled the boat for about 30 minutes, putting its nose on the engine. a santa cruz company is finding a unique bay to help out -- way to help out a penguin in england. the wet suit company created a wet suit for him. he lost all of its feathers. the santa cruz sentinel report says o'kneel created a wet suit so he can play outside with the
7:58 am
others. >> way to go. san francisco will test out a radical new garbage program. the test includes 700 single and multi-family households. they will give up their black cans for one year. the blue cards, they will be for recyclables and for items you can't compost or recycle. the city expects to save money. 7:57. let's check in with sal. what's happening in the south bay. we're looking at traffic. westbound 237 for one spot. you can see it's slow. it stays that way on the way to 101. it's not as bad as it could be. but it's slow. it's also slow on the mon na gu expressway. if you are driving on the peninsula, highway 101 is okay. 13 minutes from 380, drive time to 92. that's not too bad. it could be getting worse as a
7:59 am
minor accident there. southbound 880 between hayward and union city is slow. let's go to steve. there's the toll plaza. >> all right. lows anywhere from 20s to near 50. the warmest temperatures are coast and bay. it will be sunny, very mild for some. but for others, it will be chilly. no change, a little warmer. but fog will be an issue going into the weekend. all right. still ahead -- a new development, that bizarre story of a notre dame football star. for the first time, the family of manti day yotalks about the -- manti te'o talks about the girlfriend's hoax. a dozen companies in the bay area made fortune tea top 100 best places to work with -- fortune's top 100 best places to work. we're live in the south bay.
8:00 am
we'll tell you which companies came out on top. you can't move the tv there.
8:01 am
yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we're following a developing situation from
8:02 am
algerian. algerian forces raided a national gas plant to free hostages, including americans, held by militants. a militant spokesman claims 35 hostages were killed when algerian military helicopters attacked that plant. seven hostages are said to have survived, including two americans. the militants say the raid happened as they tried to leave the complex and that 15 of the kidnappers were killed. there is a possible outbreak of the norovirus in contra costa and an elementary school may have been affected. paul chambers is live where dozens of children got sick. >> reporter: good morning. kindergarten starts in about 15 minutes. the rest of the school starts in about a half-hour. like you said, this is a possible case of the norovirus. if so, it would be the largest in contra costa. about 100 students were said to be absent on friday.
8:03 am
this is burton valley elementary school and about ten times that number is normally absent on a typical day. many students reported symptoms similar to the norovirus and an unusually amount of students have been an -- have been absent in burton valley. the custodians have been scrubbing the school all weekend because the virus is extremely contagious. once again school officials have not pinpointed the origin of the outbreak or confirmed it is norovirus but they are working with leaders. aid cording to the health -- according to the health department, the best way, wash your hands. many times those will not effectively work against the
8:04 am
norovirus. i did talk to the health department. as soon as i hear back from them, i will update you. health officials in solano county say there's two ways to get a flu shot. the centers for disease control says this could be one of the worse flu seasons in 12 years. doctors are still encouraging everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. police in pleasanton say 17- year-old morgan stanton was last seen friday, leaving foothill high. investigators think she may be heading to little or manteca. she's 5 feet tall, weighs 95 pounds and has brown hair and
8:05 am
brown eyes. two suspects are charged with the brutal shooting deaths of these two girls in late november. the two girls were lifelong friends who grew up in alameda. s homicider vas say the suspects knew the girls -- homicide investigators say the suspects knew the girls. hundreds of people gathered in a small town in sacramento county to honor a fallen police officer. people living in the community held a vigil to remember officer kevin tong. his fellow officers called him a highly-respected, hard- working public servant. he was a member of the police k- 9 unit. investigators say the gunman who fatally shot the officer was not involved in a burglary as first thought. he did fit the description of the burglar police were looking for. but the motive remains a mystery. investigators say the officer
8:06 am
was talking to 30 humphrey gascon. when gascon pulled out a gun and shot him and then gascon then shot and killed himself. a judge ruled against a windsor family whose relatives remains were moved to another plot by the cemetery of the shilo cemetery relocated the body of enrique alvarez a month after his december 2010 burial. the cemetery realized they buried him in the wrong plot. the family says it whats never told his body would be exhumed. the family was seeking $150,000 in damages. it's been seven years believe it or not since hurricane katrina was flooded when the levees failed. now they say others may fail, that includes a lev ealong the sacramento and american rivers
8:07 am
here in california. experts warn a levee failure there would be catastrophic. after katrina, california voters approved $500 billion in bonds to shore up the system. it's believed they need $12 billion more to finish the job. if you are looking for some of america's best companies, you don't have to look far or even go far. ktvu's janine de la vega is in mountain view right now to tell us about fortune nag scene's top 100 -- magazine's top 100 best companies including, well, some names in california. janine? >> reporter: google ranked number one and that came as no surprise to one employee here. we spoke to one employee who raved about the free food. now, this is video taken this morning showing employees getting shopped -- dropped off by free shuttles.
8:08 am
a perk so they can save on gas. many were wearing workout clothes. that's because there's a seven- acre sports complex that they can use. benefits for same-sex partners. there's also free massages and even a bowling alley. we spoke to an employee who recent lip was recruited to get his thoughts. >> it's just a great technology company to work with. two, they love their employees and they do everything they can to show that. the campus is amazing. we have free food. we have gyms, we have everything and -- i don't know. it's great. >> 12 bay area companies made the list, net ap, into it and sales force. now, one bay area company that's made fortune's list all 16 years. that magazine has been doing
8:09 am
the ranking, cisco. it ranked number 90. in previous years, it ranked number 20. the benefits are generous and intact. to pick the companies, fortune surveyed employees. they asked about pay and benefits and training. and back out here live, i wanted to show you one of the other perks here at google that you can see. these bicycles that employees can use free just to get around the huge mountain view campus. this is the fourth time that google has ranked number one on its list of 100 best places to work for. that's the most amount of time that any company has ever made it on this list. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. it is 8:08. sounds pretty good. >> yeah. let's check in with sal and seep how things are moving down there in the south bay. >> you know, getting to your job in the silicon valley will
8:10 am
be a tough. we have slow traffic out of the downtown san jose area and then getting into the valley on 101/280 and the whole thing. we've seen a lot of slow traffic nearby. 880, this traffic here continues to be slow. we're also watching the commute in contra costa county, highway 4, slow antioch. gets better in pittsburg and bay point. at the toll plaza, we've kind of had a rough one today, bay bridge toll plaza, because of an earlier problem on the bridge, long gone but it did slow things down and should be slow well into the 8:00 hour. let's go to steve. a lot of sunshine, temperatures, definitely warming up for some along the coast, also around the bay. inland we're getting 20s. there is a good 20-degree spread. east wind. that makes it colder or warmer especially along the coast. we get the east wind coming in. although one forecast model did kind of put a little dip in the
8:11 am
old jet by next wednesday. 27 fairfield, 27, santa rosa. yet 42 oakland airport. 44, san francisco. 28, livermore. some locations, 30s. others near 50 near half moon bay. patchy fog is back. cold morning. it's now a damp cold verses the dry cold unless you get that east wind. temperatures came up a good 10, 12 degrees compared to yesterday closer to the water's edge. the end result will be a warmup. cordelia, 20 degrees. this is a long stretch of some cold weather. high clouds might filter in. i think that will be it. temperatures are beginning to bump up. fairfield, eastern so lawn nope, out there, it stays cool -- solano out there, it stays cool. berkeley will probably go up,
8:12 am
santa cruz, 63. gilroy, 62. santa clara, cupertino, 6060. it will be close for redwood city, it will be cooler. the same for friday and saturday and the only thing that would be a fly in the ointment would be the delta or out in the valley. we're now hearing from close family and friends of the notre dame football star who says hes what the victim of a sick joke involving a madeup girlfriend. last september, linebacker, manti te'o announced he was inspired by his girlfriend, a standford student who died from lieu -- stanford student who died from leukemia. he said it was a hoax. someone used a fake document to form a relationship with him. and then tricked him into believing she died tragically.
8:13 am
>> i think it's unfortunate for the family. manti means a lot to this community. >> and manti te'o's aunt says her nephew is a good-hearsted person and the public should not believe the loomers about him -- rumors of him swirling the internet. one person said he continued with the hoax to further his image. >> bizarre. where you may be able to take your assault weapon for safekeeping. armed robbers targeting bay area pharmacies. the new tactic to try to track them down.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
for some it's cold out there. there will be a big difference in the temperatures today. some mid-50s to a few low 60s. thank you, steve. 8:14. president obama's new gun safety proposals face an uphill battle in congress. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the gap between democrats and republicans is not narrowing despite mass shootingses in recent months. >> reporter: president obama believes recent tragedies like those in newtown and aurora prove the time to act on gun control is now and some members of congress are following his lead. dianne feinstein said she and others will introduce a bill next week that would ban
8:17 am
military-style assault weapons. but harry reid, a gun owner himself, does not think a ban will pass congress. so instead of putting together a bill with multiple layers, it's likely they will hold a vote on individual elements of the president's plan. >> the numbers around the country, most people favor having the ability to dairy -- carry guns. the american people want us to be very carb just what we do. >> reporter: president obama knows he needs to win over members of his own party before he can target his own party. an unusual proposal to regulate assault weapons in san jose is getting mixed reviews. a lawyer in san jose drafted and ordinance and presented it at a city council committee meeting yesterday. it calls for anyone in san jose who wants to own an assault weapon to be required to pass a
8:18 am
mental health check and then turn the weapon over to police for safe keeping. if owners want to check out their weapons, they would have to say why. san jose mayor chuck reed said he's not hour it's a good idea for cities to make their own gun laws while the president is taking this on as a federal -- at a federal level. san jose police may use gps to stop pharmacy robberies. thieves are trying to steal oxy contone and other pills. earlier this week, two san francisco drugstores were robbed. last month, a walgreen's in palo alto was robbed. pharmacies in new york are already planting gps devices inside a fake drug bottle to track down the thieves. >> the closest thing, we do gps on bait money for bank robberies and we've had great
8:19 am
success. >> nationwide armed drugstore robberies jumped 79% between 2006 and 2010. the colorado movie theater that was the scene of last summer's deadly massacre reopens today. it was almost six months ago that a gunman killed 12 people and wounded almost 60 others. some survivors and victims' family members say they will not go to today's opening ceremony. some say they are just not ready to go back to a movie theater. others are angry with the theater owner for not reaching out to them after the shooting. >> they were using us as momentum for their public ticket sales by telling the public, well, look, the family members of this massacre came back and it's okay for them to come back and it will be okay for you guys, too. >> now, city officials in aurora as well as the governor of doles, they are -- colorado, they are expected to be at the event and are calling this a way to move forward. the fbi is reportedly
8:20 am
following a new lead in the jimmy hoffa case nearly 40 years after the teamster leader disappeared. an ex-con wrote that hoffa is buried in a field just outside of detroit. the suspected mob boss meant many years in jail for organized crime. you can buy a solar piece from solyndra. the company received loan grant but it filed for bankruptcy two years ago. the dealership in santa clara ended up with hundreds of the solar cells and now sells them for $9.50. but it's not saying how many it
8:21 am
sold so far. it may not be easy to get a good night's sleep in chicago these days. the pest control company orkin released the ten cities with the worst bedbug problems. chicago scratched its way to number one in 2012. detroit was number two. followed by los angeles. the bay area, by the way, ranked number 14 on the bedbug list. a new area code introduced in san francisco and marin county, how three little numbers are causing such big concerns for so many people. also the bay area's long cold snap is finally ending. these are live pictures at our window. steve paulson is coming back, he will tell us all about the warmer weather. >> good morning. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, it's slidely -- slightly crowded as we head to the will. we'll tell you -- head to the peninsula. we'll tell you more about that coming up.
8:22 am
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8:22. new this morning, american airlines has a new look. just about an hour ago, american unveiled its new logo. american airlines planes will be repainted with red, white and blue on the tail. look at that. you will start to see the new planes at the end of the month. meantime, the troubles continue to grow for beau's dreamliner jet. there was another big announcement this morning all tied to safety concerns.
8:25 am
we'll have that story and how this could affect a bay area airport. that's coming up at 8:30. state regulators will hold a meeting in san rafael tonight to discuss introducing a new area code. the first meetings were held yesterday in san francisco. the california public u tills commission says the 4 -- u -- the california public utility says the 415 area code will be used up and so it is going to add a new 628 area code. some worry about the changes in their business. our customers have been calling for generations. the last thing we want to do is confuse our customers. >> they say there are two main options. one would be to cut the city in half, the east side would get one area coed -- area code, the other side, another. the other side is called the
8:26 am
overlay. that's where the new area codes would be assigned. sal, we got your number and you know about our toll plaza. we have numbers for you when it comes to traffic times. let's go out and table a look at what we have right now -- take a look at what we have right now. the drive time has been reduced a little bit. i think you will be happy with that. it was 25 to 30 minutes. now it's more like 15 to 20 at the toll plaza for your live drive time. also moving along to some of the pictures here, 880 freeway does look pretty good as you drive up to the coliseum. and then it slows down it will take you about 12 minutes to get to downtown oakland. southbound 101 traffic, 13 minutes between 380 and highway 92. >> just went to 17 minutes. oh, it did? >> yes. we have clear skies, some patchy fog and cold for some. i mean there's some temperatures, 20s, 30s but for others, 40s to 50s, low
8:27 am
temperature -- are up a good 10, 12 degrees. the high pressure is holding firm saying i don't think so. maybe next wednesday. there's signs of us getting back to a wet pattern. 27 in fairfield. it was 25 in core deal you why. six mornings in a row. 42 -- it's actually 48 in pinole and el cerrito. some locations are really mild. livermore, 28 degrees. high pressure bins ut -- wins out. but that's it. that means it's really nice, nicer i should say compared to where we've been on the temperatures. they will get in the low 60s inland when you get the east wind coming in from the valley. that's a cold win. 50s for some, low 60s for others. it looks like we'll continue this pattern. but a lot more fog out to the valley. tense moments at a california airport this
8:28 am
morning. what triggered a security alert. and the dreamliner grounded in the u.s. a popular website will be posting health inspection ratings on a popular website today. find out what one restaurant thinks about it when "mornings on 2" continues. @@
8:29 am
8:30 am
new troubles for boeing 787 dreamliner jet. it's now been grounded in ewe following the same moves by japan, india and the united states. ktvu's brian flores joining us live from san jose airport right now with more on how the bay area is affected by all of
8:31 am
this. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. well, the dreamliner not just having repercussions for boeing but for airports like here in san jose who are banking on the success of the dreamliner. even for passengers who are just looking for what is touted as the most technologically advanced out there. the european air safety authority ordering carriers to ground their planes until further notice. the plane has had issues recently. an flight had to make an emergency landing in western japan because of battery problems. and a plane was grounded at logan airport because a battery exploded. and now passengers from san jose to tokyo had to come back on a united airlines and actually landed in sfo. we talked with some people. hernandez what -- here's what
8:32 am
they say -- >> i'm glad there is an agency looking out. the battery issue is a significant issue. >> reporter: here in san jose, there was a flight that was supposed to flight fly out of here from tokyo. from what we understand according to the website, that flight has been canceled. it's being reported that some of those passengers may need to -- may need to fry out of sfo. they are looking -- fly out of sfo. they are rebooking passengers. they were touting on the dreamliner success but in terms of significance of this, aviation experts say it's extremely ware for the faa to ground -- rare for the faa to groundaries like this. they are confident that boeing -- as we lake it back out here live -- will work out the kinks, if you will, but it's also costing airlines as well, some of them losing about a million dollars a day as long
8:33 am
as the dreamliner remains grounded. i'm brian fluorets ktvu channel 2 news. a man was arrested after a security scare at san diego's airport. it began about two hours ago. investigators say the man ran across the runway and then tried to hide in a service vehicle. that disrupted airport operations for more than an hour. but all flights are now back upon schedule. investigators say the man may have come from a nearby military base. there's no word on why he was sprinting across the runway. a large fight near berkeley high school is being investigated. police say it started at bancroft and moved through the downtown area. four teenagers were arrested. it's not clear if they will face charges. police say no one was hurt. 8:32. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is due to testify next wednesday before a senate panel. we'd already heard she will testify before the house foreign affairs committee that same day. secretary clinton will be asked about the deadly september 11th
8:34 am
attack on the u.s. consulate on benghazi, libya. the day after the hear, the senate will hold a confirmation hearing for john kerry. well, speaking of that deadly attack in libya, the head of the fbi is in tripoli, libya. robert mueller is getting an update on the investigation into last year's killing of the u.s. ambassador, christines from here in the yarr -- chris stevens from here in the bay area and three other americans. there's been little progress on that investigation so far. president obama's inauguration will be held in the nation's capital and many bay area people will be there. it will be especially personal for two bay area women. joan brown of orinda picked up her inauguration tickets yesterday. the retired schoolteacher, she even had her nails done to show
8:35 am
her pride. pamela mays is going again and was there last year. >> i'm hoping it won't be so cold like it was last time. the temperatures were just freezing even in the section i was at. people were freezing. >> we worked so hard and to have him reelected. i can't stop grinning. it's really silly and standing in front of the freezer to see what it will feel like, could be outside in 32-degree weather. >> both women is say they look forward to doing more volunteer work. a 9-year-old is really excited to if as well. coming up -- to go as well. great story. at noontime, a protest by nudists in san francisco right
8:36 am
outsee side the federal courthouse, they are -- outside the federal courthouse. they are protesting against a public nudedy ban at noon today, outside of the federal court. a judge is considering a class action lawsuit filed by nudists. the orie conditions-- ordinance would ban nudedy if in public -- ban nudity in public places. mayor ed lee plans a major announcement involving a popular consumer website. tara moriarty is in san francisco to tell us about this online scoring system. >> reporter: right now, if you want to see restaurants like this one in the sunset district, how they score when it comes to public health inspections, you have to go to the city website. the information can be tricky to find but that changes today.
8:37 am
mayor lee says the postings will be on yelp. he wants government information more easy to access and hopes it will improve food safety citywide. right now when you go on yelp, you can find the customers rating the eatery -- eitherry but you can't find out the public score by the health department. >> i think it's great and it will make us consumers feel confident that we're eating good, healthy food and i think it will help the businesses be more on point. >> restaurants on yelp will be graded on a 100-point scale. in los angeles, restaurants display grade cards from health inspectors. those eateries in l.a. that secured a-ratings they made more money and the number of food-borne illnesses went down. coming up on our news at noon, san francisco is the trail
8:38 am
blazer here with yelp. we'll tell you what other cities across the nation are expected to follow suit. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, tara. want to check in with sal. how is it looking at the toll plaza. it's been problematic all day. it's getting better at the toll plaza. it can kind of a big backup. 8:30. by yesterday, we had no backup here, this is pause -- today's backup is because of a much earlier truck. it blocked lanes for a while. the metering lights that were slowed down and this kind of backup tends to last well into the morning. interstate 880 is slow. northbound trying to get into weekend. southbound is okay until you get it hayward and then near 238, you will see slow traffic on 238. i want to put the maps up. between -- between 238 and mowry avenue, 36-minute drive time. earlier this morning, it was more like 16. so we're kind of up there when
8:39 am
it comes to the drive time. 8:37. let's go to steve. hold on. [laughter] >> am i here? there you are. you were hiding from me. clear skies, a few high clouds. but overall, a little bit of patchy fog. huge difference in the lows inland. inland. there in the 20s. by the coast, 40s. fog will be increasing. it always gets out in the valley first and then creep the back in. warmer for some, especially if you get to oakland, by the city. anywhere along the coast, bay, slow warmup, i will tell you. it's been a long stretch of very cold weather. but those by the coast around the bay noticeably warmer by a good 10, 12 degrees. inland, a lot of 20s. now instead of a dry cold, it's a damp cold. dew point is going up. more patchy fog is on the way. still some 20s, 30s, 40s. a big difference in some of the
8:40 am
temperatures, maybe keep an eye on your car thermometer. clear skies. occasionally clouds are bleeding through. inland, fog, coast, bay, warmer. there is a hint maybe next wednesday could get a dip in the jet stream. i think by the end of the month, there will be a warmer pattern. until then, if you are near the coast and bay, it will be warmer. but it looks like a very quiet pattern. it will be warmer coast and bay but the lows should come up as the fog increases as well. 8:38. we have another spare-the-air day. that means you can't burn wood in your fireplace or wood stove. to report a violenter, go to the -- violater, go to the bay area air management witness. citrus growers in california say so far they've seen little damage from the
8:41 am
cold weather. according to one group, growers spent 28 million in frost protection. the growers are still checking out all of the damage. they say the mandarin oranges, they got hit the hardest. 8:39. it's now official. the scar-face team of al a klee know and brian depaw ma will film up -- depaulma will team up as the life of joe paterno. he died last year months after he was fired after the penn state sex scandal. the sun dance film festival kicks off in utah. one of the films is fruitvale, that fill takes a look at the shooting of oscar grant by a b.a.r.t. police officer. another one is "jobs" also is
8:42 am
lin-sanity about jeremy lin and kink about a san francisco- based pornography company. 8:40. beef patties being recalled in europe. what they found inside some of the patties. more bad news for lance armstrong. it involves something that happened more than a dozen years ago.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
stocks pushing the s&p higher after strong reports on housing starts and unemployment claims make investors more optimistic about the economy. the dow is up 69. the nasdaq is up 18. s&p up 7. an influential group of business leaders is pushing for an increase in the full retirement age. the business round table made up of large company's ceos -- companies' secretary of state, says the retirement age should gradually go up to 70. the group is proposing the older retirement age apply for both social security and medicare. members also want to partially privatize healthcare for older americans. they say their plan to help preserve social security and
8:46 am
medicare for all americans. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. algerian forces reportedly raided a natural gas plant trying to free dozens of foreign hostages including americans held by militants. but the militants say 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers were killed by algerian military helicopters. they also say that seven hostages including two americans survived. no comment yet on this by the algerian government. back this country, notre dame football star manti te'o reportedly will be talking to reporters as early as today. he says he was the victim of an elaborate online hoax. he says he fell in love with a stanford eye-kid when never existed. tmz is reporting that notre dame is telling school employees not to talk to reporters or they will never again work for notre dame.
8:47 am
and a possible outbreak of norovirus has hit contra costa and it may have affected an elementary school. paul chambers is in la fayette. he's working on this story. paul will be here in a couple of minutes with the latest information. 8:45. an estimated 800,000 people will be heading to washington, d.c. to attend and witness president obama's second inauguration. among them, a 9-year-old from antioch who, as you will see, has a very bright future. he's a fourth grader at cornerstone christian school in antioch. he's an honor roll student and a junior olympian. >> i like to play basketball, run track and play football. >> reporter: this weekend, he's going to conditions the -- witness the 57th inauguration in washington, d.c. he's one of
8:48 am
300 students to be invited to the people to people ambassador program founded by president eisenhower in 1956. his teacher nominated him. >> he's very active, always on his work. he's on his -- he's honest, diligent. >> parents encourage him to do everything he can to the best. >> and his dad says his son takes his work very seriously. he's even memberrized the deck la -- memorized the declaration of independent. >> that all men are created equal. >> and he has some lofty goals. he said some day he would like to be president. but he has some important questions to ask the person who is currently occupying the white house. >> get up every morning and run the country and would he like
8:49 am
to play basketball? >> he was able to raise $2700. he collected and turned in resikesables for cash. alexander helped out with his foundation as well. stay with ktvu for complete inauguration coverage. ken pritchett and i will be in washington, d.c. bringing live reports beginning this sunday on "mornings on 2." >> good stuff, tori. 8:47. now we're hearing who may become president obama's next chief of staff. reportedly, it will be dennis mcdonogh. he would replace current white house receive of staff, jack lew, who was just been nominated for treasury secretary. back here at home, uc students will be at the regents' meeting in san francisco to present a petition to lift the caps on student health insurance. now, this is the academy day the uc regents are meeting at
8:50 am
the ucsf campus. once again, governor brown will be there. a group of students is calling for uc to eliminate health insurance coverage caps as called for in president obama's over haul. right now, the student plan has a lifetime coverage cap of $400,000. the student group says that's not enough to cover a serious chronic illness. dna testing of ground beef patties on sale in europe have revealed traces of horse meat in ireland and great britain. an irish meat processor is recalling 10 million burgers. investigators found that one burger out of 27 contained 29% horse meat. >> you are told what the label says and then you discover there's all sorts of things that are not there. it's a bit worrying, really. how much can you trust? >> it's also possible not to end the current climate.
8:51 am
someone has been tempted to cut corners and -- and a bunch of horse meat has been supplied. >> authorities say the horse meat poses no danger to public health but the public relations fallout threatens ireland's rural economy. 8:49. new this morning, cycling star lance armstrong was just stripped of a bronze olympic medal by the olympic committee. he won a bronze medal during the 2000 summer games in australia. for more than ten years, he strongly denied using performance-enhancing drugs. but armstrong fine lip comes clean in a tv interview with oprah that will be broadcast tonight. back here at home the martin luther king, junior festival begins next month for students in oakland schools. students in all grades are eligible to be part of this. they will be competing in several categories, including
8:52 am
famous speeches, original poetry and dramatic skits. the deadline to get involved is next friday. winners from the preliminary round, they will be invited to the finals in march. ten minutes before 9:00. playoff fever sweeping the bay area. how the 49er faithful are showing their unwavering support. good morning. if you are driving in certain east bay commutes, definitely not over. we'll tell you where the trouble spots are -- straight ahead. droid dna augmentation initiated.
8:53 am
vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio.
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wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
8:55 am
an elementary school in contra costa county may have been affected by a norovirus virus. paul chambers is there live. you just spoke to the school principal. >> reporter: that's correct. he said there is a possibility that the school was swept through with the norovirus. that's still yet to be confirmed. according to the principal this all started on thursday when students started to get stick at burton elementary school. on friday, 100 students were absent. now, most students were claiming they had symptoms similar to norovirus which is extremely contagious and spread through close kak with persons. custodians spent the weekend
8:56 am
scrubbing classrooms. the parents bespoke to said they -- we spoke to said they were very glad they were kept in the loop. >> if your kids are sick, once they are symptom-free, keep them home for 48 hours. >> reporter: once again, school officials are waiting for results from public health departments so this outbreak is still not confirmed as the norovirus, things have improved because now only 50 of the more than 750 students were absent this week. we're talking with healthcare officials and hopefully get more information about that. i will tell you, a lot of people usually have, you know, the antibacterial stuff in their hands. this kind of stuff, this is not recommended to use to fight the norovirus. you want to use soap and water. we'll have the latest on this story coming up on the news at noon. la fayette -- i'm live in la fayette, palm chambers.
8:57 am
local too too shops say business is booming, thanks to 49er fans. customers want tattoos like colin kaepernick. in one day a boutique sold 300 t shirts based on his -- dash t- shirts, based on -- on his t- shirts based on his his tattoos. >> we didn't realize how big of an impact it would be. >> they say the next shipment of shirts had probably arrive tomorrow and that boutique already has a long list of preorders. stay right here for all of the coverage. we started a 9:30 in the morning. special programs on the 49ers and the fox pregame show and then the nfc championship game starts at noon. right after that, join us for "the point after." today is first lady michelle obama's birthday and she celebrated by launching a twitter company -- twitter
8:58 am
account. it will be run by her house. she's had one tweet and has about 3500 followers. that number is changing by the minute. happy birthday. she turns 49 today. >> she wears it well. >> she does. sal, you gotta help those folks with the roads. >> it's still messy. looking at 880, we're gonna start there. it's slow starting to get -- trying to get into downtown oakland and when you get to the bridge, it's really not recovered that much. usually by now, the delay is gone. the peninsula and the hayward nimitz freeway traffic is still busy as well, heading southbound on 880 as you drive through. it's more than 30 minutes getting from 238. let's go to evto. all right, sal. not too bad. 50 degrees in mission, van ness. for some it's mild.
8:59 am
for others it's cold and damp. it will be sunny, except for fog. 50s to a few low 60s looks this way into the weekend, you two. >> so the mavericks are coming up? >> yes. friday, saturday and sunday. >> yes. the swell is being generated from the gulf of alaska. >> i shouldn't ask you this in the fly but i will go ahead. but the weather in atlanta? >> it's snowing. they had 3 inches in jackson. >> not going that way. >> thank you. that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon on more for the changes of the restaurants in san francisco. we're always here for you at ktvu mobile.


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