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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 17, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we find all of the great videos for you and it's time to tell you about them "right this minute." >> a driver goes all stuntman straight into a city bus. you actually see a passenger fly out of that car. >> the story behind the crazy
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crash that made for one wild ride. hard to tell by looking at it but this is a wedding celebration. >> those are shotguns that they're flinging around. >> see where getting hitched is risky. >> one, two, three, let's go. >> power hours were one big party until one guy tried to trademark the game. >> she's like no you don't. >> meet the chick who picked a fight for her right to party as she celebrates an epic court battle. >> power hour is free. >> want a perfect ponytail? better suck it up. >> a three-legged dog goes for the five-fingered discount. >> he said, i got caught. how oscar the sly pooch nearly pulled it off. >> i have three legs. >> guys, i've got a pair of crazy moments from out there on the road. first one from phoenix, arizona, and our friends at abc 15, surveillance video shows a camaro flying over that median into a city bus.
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and watch closely. you actually see a passenger fly out of that car. now we also have video from inside the bus. watch how this impact affected passengers on the bus. you see a number of them knocked down as the camaro slammed into this bus. three people from inside the bus taken to hospital, treated for minor injuries. rescue workers had to cut out the driver and the other passenger from this camaro. all are expected to survive. the driver in the hospital with some severe injuries, though. cops do say alcohol could be a factor in this and the driver charged so far with felony endangerment. >> you could tell the driver was going incredibly fast to be able to go over the median and slam that hard into the s. >>ow from to russia where crashes are pretty ordinary. but it's not a crash in this video. you see ahead a land cruiser, you can barely see it. it's up here to the left traveling in front of a white
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car. >> oh my goodness. wow. >> some sort of like mafia hit? >> a big explosion. sources saying this was a murder attempt. and the explosive device was underneath the land cruiser. we've got this incident from a number of different angles. and you can see the flames. you see the explosion. you see the smoke. after the explosion you see the land cruiser pull over a little bit and somebody comes over with the fire eng tinxtinguisher to t the fire. the person is expected to survive. you saw how the explosion was towards the rear of the vehicle fortunately. >> if you have your cell phone and laptop out in public, you don't leave it unattended. this guy in florida had his laptop and his cell phone on the table, decided he was going to walk outside to smoke a
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cigarette. leaves it on the table. >> nobody in the restaurant. >> that is until this guy walks up and notices the unattended equipment. he starts looking around. walks right up to the stuff. closes the laptop. he walks away for a second, but instead comes back, grabs the power cord. he then takes the laptop and stuffs it in his shorts. the crazy thing is that he struggles for a really long time with this laptop. it's not like he seems to have any degree of urgency here. >> just as he's going to walk away he realizes there's a cell phone on the table, too. so he comes back, picks that up, puts it in his pocket. and then walks away. but not before coming back again to take care of some business. he's going to wipe away his fingerprints. and just a short while later, the owner of the stuff comes back to find his stuff missing. >> what an awful feeling.
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>> police released the video because they're looking for him. >> hopefully someone will recognize him and call the cops. >> a heck of a come motion going on in the streets of algeria. to me at first this looked like revolution or protest. listen. hear explosion after explosion going off. it looks terrifying. or is it a parade? >> they're not running from it, they're going toward it. >> watch this. >> what are those? >> those are shotguns they're flinging around and firing into the ground as part of a wedding celebration. ♪ this is a wedding procession. >> they're cheering for. >> here comes the bridal vehicle, nice audi decorated with ribbons and shooting off shotguns all over the place. >> are they that in control they're not shooting each other accidentally? >> looks like they're using a black powder and no actual
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bullets, maybe something to create noise and a bang because if you watch closely, you'll see in a few spots they look like they're packing the shotguns, almost like an old musket rifle. >> unguy was doing it between his legs, front wards, backwards like a circus show. >> like a lasso. >> like yosemite sam, shooting off all over the place. >> people used to throw rice for a long time at weddings. it might seem weird to these guys. only bad part about this, during the reception, can anybody actually hear? what did she say? what? >> you'll probably notice in this video that oscar is a three-legged dog. but do not feel sorry for him because look what oscar is doing here in this store. >> getting the paper for somebody? >> that is not the paper. >> boosting snacks? >> le was boosting dog food. watch him.
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>> you would never suspect a three-legged dog. i mean, this is probably a pretty good racket. >> exactly. gets sympathy, hi, cute puppy. he's like, i'm going to clean this place out. >> oscar's now in the county lockup. an interesting story. you see oscar lives in new zealand and his owners are on vacation. family members are supposed to be taking care of him. they didn't have a fence. oscar got out. and he went to this pet shop. the owner busted him because she said you, know what? i think that dog's been in here before. they said oscar would have gotten away with it if they hadn't got back two more times to get food. >> you never go bag to the scene of the crime. that's a criminal 101. >> here's the thing, his family's on vacation and the county's had him for at least seven days and people have come forward and said we want to adopt this dog. people are coming to the city pound to walk in and play with
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him. they said he's loving it. but they said if they have him for seven more days, so many have come forward to adopt him. if his owners don't come back in time, somebody else is going to get that dog. >> a picturesque place is the scene of an ugly rescue. there's a hiker who slipped on some of these icy little spots. >> right off there. >> see what it took to get the man to safety. >> and a guy passes out in the street. but man's best friend came to his aid. what dog came in like ninja style? >> see the pup protectors in action "right this minute."
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not often use the word pretty when describing a helicopter rescue but this video is a bit of an exception. on the sandstone reefs of the red rock national conservation area in nevada. a hiker slipped on some of the
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icy little spots and you see him on the ground being attended to by the rescue crew. okay, this looks like any other rescue. the guy in the video doing the narrating, we were like ants here. give these guys credit for being able to find us. a big area for these helicopter guys to spot them. impressive. wait until you see when they start pulling the guy on the backboard. >> look how beautiful this is. if you're going to be rescued -- >> with that view, pretty awesome. >> i don't think you could pick a better view. >> you said this is in nevada. nevada and arizona, they've got incredible sunsets. >> i wouldn't want to be stuck up there to get rescued, but if you do, why not enjoy the road? >> a successful rescue, they were able to pluck the guy off the mountain. too bad in the helicopter -- >> he can watch the video, or even better, watch it on "right this minute." >> guys, one day you, too, will
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become fathers. maybe you'll have daughters with long, beautiful hair and they'll need you to put it in a ponytail. >> i feel sorry for them, if that's the case. >> fortunately for you, there are other dads out there that have figured out now to do it. >> what? incredible. >> perfect. perfect. it's like tim allen in a beauty salon. >> it looks good, too. final product is pretty good. >> yeah. he took the vacuum cleaner hose, holds it up to her hair, it sucks in perfectly. he's already wrapped the hair band around the hose so when it's all in, he slides it off and it's on her hair. >> see, women, why does it take you so long in the bathroom? look how quick we can get stuff done. >> this will be great when she's 16. she's going to ask mom for the vacuum. mom comes back, just get the vacuum it works. >> another video of a girl probably around 16 and it is her
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mom doing it. there you go. perfect ponytail. >> that girl's just texting her way through that entire experiment. >> and then there's just this. >> see, taken way long. >> way long, right? >> we all know that the last thing you want to do when you go to a party is pass out, because people will do stuff to you. we don't know why this guy passed out, but man's best friend came to his aid. >> this dog comes and wanders around and you don't think anything of it until a man tries to give the guy aid. another dog comes in, he's like, hold up, leave my man alone. >> what dog came in ninja style? >> where did it come from? it just appeared. >> the man, he's kind of coming to a little bit. you know the dogs are engaging him. both of them are around the guy. the other guy tries to come in helping the guy. leave him alone. people look like they're trying
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to help, the dogs aren't having it. >> they're protecting him. >> are they protecting him or protecting their lunch? >> are they going to eat this guy? >> that's what i'm wondering. >> you see two dogs here. guess what? a third dog rolls up to say, hey, leave that man alone. >> no way. are they buddies? >> maybe he has like some kibble in his pocket or something or a dog bone. >> finally, the guy wakes up. he gets up. he kind of hobbles over to the sidewalk. somebody offers him a cup of something but the dogs still don't leave his side. >> maybe he's developed a long relationship with these dogs and they're protecting their friend. >> got to say, if you ever fall down somewhere, you want three dogs to assist you until help comes. >> i want an ambulance. i want an ambulance to assist me. i don't need three dogs nipping at me. >> we've got some tips on funny
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stuff you shouldn't say to sound not tough at all. >> owie. >> how to not be a wwwus next. >> see how it's done and put to the test by the flying tomato himself. it's the thursday edition of
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best of rpi. bonus video on the website.
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>> 0 odd behavior in public. jack's a comedian. chugging from a baby bottle while pushing a baby stroller in public venue. goes up to people, asks questions. he's slugging out of this bottle. people have questions about what the heck is he doing? this is a facial expression spot on. >> collect out that reaction and the rest of the video. head to and click on. >> the best of rtm. >> people know what power hour is. take a specified number of drinks in an hour. >> yep. >> what if i said i trademarked power hour so you can't play that game anywhere in any way? >> i think that's ridiculous. >> some guy by the name of steve ruse actually did trademark power hour and prevented a lot of people from playing the game, including someone we've had on the show before, ali spagnoli.
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>> 60 original one-minute songs and the audience takes a shot of beer when i change the music. >> guy's saying he owns it. she's like, no you don't. for three years she fought this guy in court to tell us how that went, we have ali via skype "right this minute." you have an announcement to make. >> power hour's free. >> yeah. >> why spend so much money for this? >> i didn't know it would cost that much or take that long. the lawyer helping me out projected most $10,000, and that's like a lot. ended up going through with it because i had online support and people were sending donations. >> tell us what he was trying to keep you from doing? >> we have a game based on the drinking game called power hour. he had me taken off of amazon, others taken off of youtube. he loses. >> are you you in a battle with the beastie boys because you
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fought for our right to party. >> did you communicate with this guy? >> he was sending me cease and desist letters anyway possible, facebook, youtube, contact form on the website. haven't heard from him since he got the smackdown. >> are people thanking you for your accomplishment? >> absolutely. i got big support. he got negative e-mails and phone calls. p people were able to find his contact online. i never supported that. >> why didn't you give? >> i was in a tunnel, i kept thinking i've gotten this far, i can't give up now. >> are you going to call it the freedom power hour tour? >> the power hour freedom victory tour. >> nice. >> time to party. >> a lot of fights start with a lot of smack talk and never turn into a fight. >> right. what, what, what, what dude? >> if that's what you're into. >> some things you shouldn't say during the fight. >> f word. >> are we going to yankee doodle this or what? nice. you been working out.
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>> i'm going to beat you off. >> beth troutman has said -- >> i got this watch because i beat off guys with it. >> hilarious video from the guys from pleated jeans. these two look like they're not fighters are at all. >> owie, owie, owie. >> time-out. here comes the boom. out on blu-ray and dvd. >> if you say a few things it might crack up our opponent, you get out of a fight. >> or enrage him and have him deck you. >> he's fresh. >> ow! >> ow! >> i love that they do the lion king. >> one sec. let me check into fight club and update everyone that i'm fighting. >> the fight club, he started talking about it. >> they never say anything tweeting about the fight club. i do look. >> you pissed in this knuckle sandwich. >> i might use that. >> if you find yourself in a fight and you're the winner. >> gee, i just won.
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i'm winner. i'm winner. >> if you want to check out all of the things you shouldn't say during a fight like -- >> i don't think you're ready for this jelly. >> best of rtm. >> i'm ready for this jelly. >> matt is taking on the two-pound butter challenge. >> cold butter right out of the fridge. eat it. actually eat it. >> gross. >> see if this stunt is too much to swallow. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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some of the benefits of public transportation. >> you don't have to drive. you don't have to get out the jumper cables. >> and you don't have to push -- wait. in norwich in the uk you have to help push when there's a problem. >> this bus is driving the day after there was a report of, get this, freezing fog. >> that bus is in trouble. you see its wheels are just turning but it's going nowhere. >> i hate to tell these people that are getting ice cold and full of snow. are they really doing much to move the giant double-decker bus? >> that's what you expect city services to bail they'll out, bring another bus maybe with chains. i love how the bus driver's giving them instructions. one person still in the bus like, i am not getting out. i'm cole. i'm tired. i've had it. >> i would have said, peace out, i'm out. i'm going to walk. >> by the way, a report from a town nearby, 10 degrees.
9:57 am
>> butter is delicious on the warm piece of toast. but try eight sticks of butter right out of the fridge. >> yep. i'm. >> to eat two pounds of but. >> oh boy there this is matt. he claims to be a competitive eater. his challenge this time was to eat two pounds of butter. three, two, one. >> gross. >> that's two pounds. inspired by why would you eat that. >> looks so innocent. >> people eat a lot of different, weird things. he decided he was going to do this. >> come on, it's butter. >> oh god. i -- >> toothpaste. >> you know what the crazy thing about this? i checked out his facebook page, he claims to be majoring in
9:58 am
nutrition. >> maybe he knows what this will do to his body and curious to find out the effect. >> i'm impressed by the fact he ate that giant elvis sandwich because that was big somewhere it had peanut butter, bananas and bread. >> only a pound. >> does he get to the end? can we fast forward? >> one little bite left. there you go. >> he did it. it's gross, but he did it. >> easier than i thought. >> i don't like that one bit. >> the perennial hero of skateboarding and snowboarding, shaun white. we know hem, we love him. expecting a new baby. the baby tomato? >> we go off to see his new baby get born. they take it into the burton factory. we see what it takes to make shaun's brand-new snowboard. a neat video because the entire
9:59 am
process of cutting down the tree to making the snowboard has a go pro camera stuck on it and we have the perspective of the snowboarding actually. you see them shaving down the board. putting on the lamb nent. you see it get shipped off to lake tahoe. shaun white himself opens the box. and takes out his brand-new snowboard. >> i think it's really cool to see because it comes out of the box super shiny. he puts his sticker and bindings on it and then hits the slopes. >> best part here is you get to go along for a ride with shaun white himself. ♪ >> too cool. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. see you next time, everybody.


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