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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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there is a different emotion here as well as within the police department, now that it is revealed the story is a hoax. she told a story that led to this description of a man who she said tried to take her daughter. we went to her house but no one answered. listen to what she said yesterday. it was consistent with her 911 call. >> when he knelt down he grabbed my daughter by her feet, we were tugging. her dotms were falling -- dotms were falling off. >> investigators reinterviewed the mother and she admitted the story was a fabrication. at which point they continued to question her as to why. again, those reasons i cannot share right now, the reason for that is she is considered a
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suspect now. we opened a criminal investigation on her. >> reporter: again, although police did not say what the red flags were in her story, she has a criminal record. police will not release her name till she was arrested and charged for filing a false police report. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments in the murder and robbery of a businessman. the four defendants have a gang connection. she is a prostitute who was hired by the victim. she passed information about his mansion along to people associated with a oakland gang. this new twist could change the case. >> going to be very skeptical
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that gang members came from the bay area and made their way into a mansion without some type of inside information. >> she could be charged with murder along with the other defendants. the flu season has just hit a milestone in the bay area. officials reported the first death in our area due to flu and the fifth this season in california. health and science editor john fowler is live with a shortage of flu vaccine. john? >> reporter: that's right. doctors warn this is just the first of what promises to be a deadly flu season. one death, expect more. >> with the peek of flu a month -- peak of flu a month away. >> a 98-year-old woman that had chronic illnesses. >> reporter: she said she died
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a week ago. although the state does not report flu deaths in those over 65. we found a myth keeping some from getting the flu vaccine. >> i am scared because it gets you sick. >> reporter: but they are swamped with demand and out of flu vaccine. they had 100 doses right now but would ship what is left to other stores that ran out. it is procrastinators and people seeing a bad flu season back east. >> this isn't the typical time but that is what we are seeing. >> reporter: doctors recommend school hand wash and encourage everyone to get a flu shot. at 6:00 p.m. where you can get a flu shot even if your doctor have none. reporting live in san jose,
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health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a new study says getting the flu shot while pregnant doesn't increase the risk of death for the fetus. the flu shot reduced the chance of death. researchers focused on pregnant women who developed developed the flu. a train hit a pedestrian on the tracks today in oakland. a man was struck. the man believed to be in his 60s was taken to the hospital. witnesses say the man was walking close to the tracts. the engineer blew the horn but he didn't move till the last minute and was clipped. police are asking for your help in finding a suspect connected with a deadly jewelry store robbery. they are looking for this man.
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they say he and other men tried to rob a store when an employee shot and killed one of his accomplices. with the san francisco 49ers now just three days away from their championship game, it seems anything that is red and gold is a hot property for 9er fans. ktvu's christien kafton is at the 49ers team store where merchandise is flying off the shelves. >> reporter: these juries here are a hot commodity. try finding one for colin kaepernick. you can see fans getting ready for the weekend game. today we heard about how players are getting ready for the weekend game. >> we just got to play 49er football. you know, do whatever it takes to win.
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>> reporter: 49ers star running back frank gore makes it sound easy. he said making it to the playoffs for the second time shows the team has what it takes. >> last year, you know, we were happy to be in the playoffs and now, you know, we know we are supposed to be there. >> reporter: in the locker room the game can be decided with a single key play. >> just takes one. that is what i enjoy. once you get that one catch in a big game it is all down hill after that. >> 49er team store? >> the phone rang non-stop today, fans gathered up gear and had one prediction for the weekend. >> they are going to win. that is all i got to say. i just know they are going to win it. >> reporter: 49ers are set to
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leave for atlanta tomorrow. at 6:00 p.m., jim harbaugh about how to win big games on the road. live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can find out all of today's 49ers press conference information on our website, find it under the nfl playoff tab or latest video section. ktvu channel 2 news has you covered sunday for the game against the falcons. starts at 9:30 a.m. championship play book, followed by the championship ace and pre-game. and the game is at noon and following the game the point after. san francisco giants ithird baseman pablo sandoval is in a hospital in venezuela. he has been diagnosed with colitis. his winter league club says he could return in two days.
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raid in north america ended with the -- north africa ended with deaths where a group was holding 40 people. algerian helicopters fired on the cop plex killing 35 hostages, including americans. 20 escaped alive with the help of the u.s. army. they said the incident shows al- qaeda remain as global concern. >> they are a threat. they are a threat to our country. to the world. >> life isn't precious to them. but when this incident is over we know we face a continuing, ongoing problem. >> the terrorists took the hostages because they allowed france to attack militants. robert muller discussed
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last year's attack on the u.s. consulate. officials say he met with officials but that he didn't visit benghazi. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. the visit comes as they plan a curfew to curve violence. several apartment buildings on the uc davis campus are villevacuated after a -- evacuated after a explosion. police responded to the scene at the housing complex around 1:30 a.m. this morning. they found chemicals inside the unit where the explosion occurred. the building and several apartments were evacuated. >> current zone we consider not safe to be in. once we start the removal process that area will open up because we will move the chemicals. >> there is no word on exactly what type of chemicals were
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involved. police say they were alerted the of explosion from hospital officials after the injured person sought treatment for a hand injury. uc davis officials describe that person as a junior research specialists. the creator of "dear abby" has died. pauline friedman phillips died yesterday after a long battle with alzheimer's. her column first appeared in the san francisco chronicle in 1956. her column competed against her column competed against sk ann landers written by her twin sister. her daughter promised to continue her legacy. ktvu channel 2 news ktvu channel 2 news was 94. temperatures on the increase today. how warm will it get into the bay area weekend?
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scalpers hoping to make money out of president president obama's inauguration is out of luck. they refused to sell the tickets. prepasses handed out were -- free passes handed out were turning up online. >> every four years there is a small number of tickets that wind up online. >> the government printed 250,000 inauguration tickets. twice that many people are expected to watch on monday. today is michelle obama's 49th 49th birthday. she changed her twitter identity to floats which is first lady of the united
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states. they promise updates. it replace as previous account under michelle obama. ktvu will have live coverage of president obama's inauguration sunday. look for live reports starting with mornings on 2. >> all of boeing 787 dreamliners aircraft around the world are now grounded as investigators look into two battery fires. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us with evidence on what could happen to these batteries. >> reporter: indeed. lithium batteries are everywhere. cell phone, laptops, power tools but should they be powering airlines. >> reporter: boeing picked lithium batteries for its dreamliners. >> they store a lot of energy in a small volume and light
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weight. they were able to use more battery electricity. >> reporter: here is the danger. from march of 1991 to last year, 132 batteries got fire. those batteries are tiny compared to the dreamliners. >> it is a risky proposition. >> reporter: impurities caused many fires and rapid charging and discharging creates problems. >> can cause over heating and failure. >> reporter: we asked passengers if they would fly on the dreamliners once it is recertified to fly. >> i would still get on if they cleared it for flight. >> they are competent, they know what they are doing and they will identify all the things in there. >> as long as it is corrected i
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think people will feel safe. >> reporter: he remains wary. >> i wouldn't put them in airplanes. >> reporter: till we know the cause we won't know if they could be trusted where you can't pull over to the side of the road. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a tuition hike can be avoided under governor jerry brown's new budget. they welcome the proposal to raise funding. that is despite the fact it is less than what officials requested. after years of budget cuts governor jerry brown wants more money to go towards colleges. >> we have to get out of our comfort zone.
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how do we maintain, enhance this wonderful institution called the university of california. >> california colleges need to control spending, stop raising tuition and create more online courses. some say they should direct more money away from checkative salaries -- executive salaries. hundreds of u.s. levies are at risk of failure. the u.s. army corps of engineers assessed 60% of the levies. a thousand were minimally acceptable and 121 were okay. a panel reamed a national effort to -- recommended a national effort to repair levies but congress hasn't acted on it. a lot of people around the bay area saw a great sight.
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we have that picture here for you. this was a fire ball, which is a meteor that explodes. ktvu spoke with a physicist and he said it was one of the brightest he has seen. this was sent to us by one of our ktvu viewers. bay area officials are issuing another spare the air alert. it is the sixth this year. third day in a row for that ban. it also applies to the burning of solid fuel in fire places unless it is your only source of heat. this extends through midnight friday. you can see the haze in the air. let's check in with bill martin. >> warmer today. temperatures mid-60s. upper 60s in the peninsula today. temperatures warmed up from yesterday and a couple days ago. over night lows remain cold.
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where is the rain? not in the five-day forecast. the jet stream continues to drive everything to the north and that keeps us high and dry. what we are noticing, a little bit -- this is coastal fog, right? coastal fog. more coastal fog. it could be patches tonight, tomorrow. and then valleys, look for valley fog. we could see different types of fog merging up. we will watch that for you. tonight at 10:00 p.m. i will have the latest positions. tomorrow is for many a holiday weekend, folks will be driving. morning hours fog could be a problem. current temperatures are back into the upper 50s. look at san francisco, the airport, 60 degrees right now. that is warm considering where we were a couple days go when we were in the upper 40s.
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temperatures took an increase. tomorrow morning cold again. patchy valley fog. 29 in santa rosa. frost, freezing. not as cold as when we had the warns. 39 fairfield. -- warnings. 39 fairfield. oakland 37 degrees. that is cold on the bay. tomorrow morning, friday morning, bundle up. i will warm the car up before i get in it, that is the morning it will be. over night lows, there is your 30s. 40s are not showing up, are they? more 60s showing up. still be upper 50s in the higher elevations. most of us will be in the low 60s. the fog tomorrow on the north coast could work its way south.
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valley fog as well. we will track the warm up into the weekend. temperatures this weekend will be warm. which day will be the warmest and how warm it will get. i am back here at 5:45 p.m. with that. >> thank you. >> amtrak and the rail authority are working together to come up with trains to operate on both coasts of the country. they hope to purchase 60 trains over the next decade with the first order next year. they they can find trains to run on both tracks and generate better pricing. construction for the first segment begins this summer. it is their turn, the mayors of two of the largest cities weigh in on president president president obama's gun control plan. >> partnering with yelp. the new key piece of information that you will get that has nothing to do with
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it!
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today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. in washington today leaders weighed in on the fight against gun violence. they met with the vice president and through their support about restricting weapons. >> we have come to a time where americans, according to polling
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supports the really fairly reasonable demands for universal background checks. >> president obama unveiled proposals on gun control. the vice president pitched that plan to the mayors. he says mayors can help by sharing information on background checks and mental health. he says leaders need federal help to make communities safer. >> all the violence we see cross boarders, joining a national effort with the president will be critical. >> mayor ed lee says he has been talking with video game developers about how they can help curve violence. they said while restricting guns is key to fighting violence addressing mental health is just as important. authorities made an arrest and a weapons seizure that is taking several illegal fire
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arms off the street. they seized an assault weapons, hand gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. authorities arrested this man, he faces felony charges. the city of san francisco is providing restaurant goers an extra tool to help in their dining out experience. the city is teaming up with yelp to bring restaurant health inspection rattings the public. -- ratings to the public. mayor ed lee says it could improve food safety. people said it is a win-win. >> people could see how high, you know, places ratings are and how clean they are and we will come to them. and other places will see they should clean themselves up. >> san francisco is the first
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to offer ratings on yelp, other cities are expected to do the same and other online sites such as google could also follow suit. unemployment claims fell. 335,000 people filed for jobless benefits, it is the lowest number since january 2008. experts warn the numbers this time of year are volatile as seasonal workers are layed off. $200 for this assault rifle but the popularity has changed the way the program will operate. >> 100 students absent, the illness that is sweeping through a east bay school. sofa... desk...
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> a gun buy back program is struggling tonight. the victim of its own success. the popularity is forcing a change for mexico monday's event. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where the program is now on hold. >> reporter: the district attorney is tapped out. they don't have enough money to cover the couchers given on tuesday and now monday is a surrender only. >> reporter: tuesday got you money or a voucher. now the vouchers may not be worth anything. >> asking people to redeem the
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vouchers. give us a month so we are hoping we will be able to solicit more funding but we don't know if or how much we will get. >> the district attorney turned monday into a gun surrender. >> we will not be providing virters -- vouchers. >> reporter: one of five buy back locations. the police spokeswoman says someone received $200 for this weapon. >> we went through $5,000 in 40 minutes. 11:30 a.m. we were out of cash and the district attorney brought down $2,700 and we went through that. >> reporter: 223 weapons were dropped off at the police department. but now instead of participating as a drop off location monday, they will be
5:32 pm
the only drop off site. weapons will be destroyed. >> we will keep soliciting folks for the funds for it. >> reporter: live at the police department where the gun surrender has been canceled on monday but it will be held at the mill valley police department, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. they don't believe an assault weapons ban will do much to save live. they say it would eliminate a small percentage of homicide. leaders say they don't think that will help because criminals will find a work around. >> it is just beyond reasonableness to think someone is being stopped because he can only get a 7 round magazine.
5:33 pm
>> critics say the last ban on assault weapons didn't work and will not work now. an escaped inmate is back behind bars. deputies say he climbed over a fence at the facility sunday night. on wednesday they received information from police about his possible wear about and found him. he was supposed to get out december. silicon valley is the star of a report. the region is the best performing metro area in the united states. they measure job, wage and technology performance in 379 metro areas. for each job added in the tech sector five spin off jobs are
5:34 pm
created. >> for each job, new job that is added to this field, two professional positions, as well as three non-professional jobs are added. >> san jose vaulted 50 spots to reach number one. austin texas was number 2. >> on wall street today the stock market moved into positive territory. the dow is up 84 to 13,596. the nasdaq is up 18 at 3,136. the s&p is up 8 at 1,480. at&t will take a huge charge a do to losses on pension plans. at&t said it will take a charge of $10 billion. it says the loss is related to higher than expected cell phone costs and damage from hurricane sandy. they say the pension loss will not effect its operating results. >> 100 students were out sick
5:35 pm
from one element school. ktvu's paul chambers reports on the steps leaders are taking and while feeling fine is not a reason to return to class. tough week for students and staff. the principal says thursday some students and faculty started getting sick. next day, 100 were absent. >> it looks like norvirus. >> reporter: it spreads through close contact with an effected person. although some think it is the stomach flu it is not related. >> it does effect your stomach. >> with the possible, yet unconfirmed outbreak, they
5:36 pm
spent the weekend scrubbing classrooms and talking with officials. parents say the school has been helpful when dealing with the outbreak, notifying them every step of the way. >> extremely pro active. they are sending out notices. talking to the kids. >> reporter: just because your child is feeling better doesn't mean they should return right away. >> keep them home for 48 hours. >> reporter: they expect to have results from testing within the next 48 hours. do not use hand sanitizer, it does not work. go back to soap and water. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. the battle continues but new data find the death rate for cancer in the u.s. dropped by 1/5. according to a report cancer death rates fell for men and women between 1991 and 2009.
5:37 pm
the numbers translate into 1 million lives saved. this report credits improvement in early detection and treatment. a soldier postponed his plea today. the judge ordered a mental health review for robert bales at joint base lewis-mcchord south of seattle. he is accused of killing 16 villagers last year. his defense attorney says it was his 4th deployment and he may have suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. a judge said mental health can only be presented if he is evaluated from doctors. notre dame football player and rumors of a dead girlfriend. >> something to think about when you are hungry is a foot long subway really a foot long. the scanding over how long the -- scandal over how long the
5:38 pm
sandwich really is.
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a 67-year-old pilot is credited for making a successful emergency landing on a highway. he says he was traveling this morning when a small plane began experiencing engine trouble. the engine died out completely so he had to glide the aircraft. he brought the plane down on highway 70 after making sure
5:41 pm
the road was clear. crews moved the plane and no one was hurt. in the wake of the lance armstrong doping scandal the international olympic committee is stripping him of his medal. after a decade of denial he admitted in an interview with oprah winfrey to using performance enhancing drugs. he was stripped of his 7 tour de france titles. >> notre dame officials confirmed the story involving their linebacker was a hoax and insists he was a victim. it claims manti te'o's girlfriend died of leukemia. but she never existed. today people in hawaii also voiced their support for him. they are dumbfounded by this and don't believe he would have perpetrated the story. al pacino will play the
5:42 pm
late football coach joe paterno. the film is titled happy valley. the movie is based on the book paterno that follows the coach's career that ended with the sex abuse scandal involving jerry sandusky. subway is in the middle of a scandal. the chain is facing criticism after a man posted a picture on facebook that showed one of his foot long sandwiches was 11 inches. more than 100,000 people liked or -- "liked" or commented. the company said the length can vary when the bread is not made to the expect specifications. they are reinforcing the policies to ensure consistency at every location. living conditions are unbearable. look at this mold. we asked the landlord what is
5:43 pm
going on here. >> a holiday weekend upon us. or just about here. which day in the holiday will be the warmest as temperatures increase. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. tenants in a san francisco neighborhood are speaking out tonight about deplorable conditions. ktvu's rob roth talked to the landlord after getting a look at what is inside. >> reporter: 50 people live in this apartment building. this broken window provides a
5:46 pm
glimpse into a building so run down tenants are saying enough is enough. >> reporter: tenants invited us inside their apartment that rents. showers that don't drain. pipes that drip so much the cabinet is rotting rotting and smoke alarms, what smoke alarms? and the mold, seems to be everywhere. >> mike me sick. i feel cough in the night time. >> reporter: if you think his mold is bad, look at his neighbor's bath room. some had no heat till two months ago. >> scary sometimes. we have people that come in in the middle of the night and do drugs in the hallway. >> the problems are why they
5:47 pm
protested. we spoke with the landlord. >> reporter: many of your tenants call you a slumlord. what -- slumlord, what is your reaction? >> it is fair to be called what they want to call. >> reporter: he plans to install security cameras to prevent people from sleeping in the halls. >> i can't put $50,000 into the property tomorrow. business is bad. >> i feel bad. i feel so angry because -- they don't take care of us. >> reporter: we called the city. they issued 200 citations for code violations. the case is now in the hands of the sit a attorney's office. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. an emotional reopening was held today for the aurora
5:48 pm
colorado movie theater. today the theater owners held a remembrance ceremony. some families boycotted the event. still others said the event was part of the healing process. they are set to open tomorrow. a huge call of cocaine was headed to the u.s. it was found on a small boat headed towards the u.s. officials say the drug smugglers were from jamaica. he says it is part of a crack down on drug trafficking. banks are dispensing bills
5:49 pm
smaller than $20. the new machines dole out $1 and $5 bills instead of the normal $20 bills. exact change will help with low account balances because they can withdrawal smaller amounts. starting today pg&e has a new tool in their arsenal to improve pipeline safety. it is a handheld laser scanner. it provides a 3d view of a pipeline on a monitor. the scan can detect corrosion and other problems. last spring it helped determine a gas pipeline was not damaged after a water main break. washington state officials confirmed this was debris from japan's tsunami. the do that was identified by the
5:50 pm
japanese adjustment. crews scraped off 400 pounds of plants and animals but the dock will be removed. massive waves will draw a massive crowd sunday at the mavericks contest. forecasters are calling for clockwise and temperatures in the -- clear skies and temperatures in the 60s. the competition was last held in 2010. this year's waves are not as large but organizers expect a very strong competition. we know our chief meteorologist bill martin will be really watching what is going on because he is a surfer. >> it will be a great contest. swells 40-foot waves on sunday and the weather will be perfect. makes it dangerous, though, because of the high surf advisory and the rip currents. so be careful if you are heading out to the beaches.
5:51 pm
highs from today. 60-degree reading in san rafael. 64 in san jose. a nice day out there. tracking right now, the swells, which are very light. you will see here, the swells will come up fast but you see here 3-foot in half moon bay. into the next 24 hours the swells are on the increase. today they came up a little bit. you will notice an increase saturday and sunday. you are not going to be able to watch it from the bluffs but you will be able to watch it from town. but the swell direction is due west. so that is going to be the perfect direction. the waves could be 35 feet, even bigger. the swell direction magnifies
5:52 pm
the swell. when it comes straight in it is big. it will be big. forecast tomorrow morning, fog in the valleys. that could cause problems. patchy fog in santa rosa, in the central valley. next couple mornings. and it will be cold. frosty. icy too as it was this morning. enviers but it will be frost -- no advisories but it will be frosty. five-day forecast is dry. hazy sunshine. bay area weekend, temperatures could make it into the mid-60s. maybe 70. 62 degrees tomorrow in concord. warmer. about where it was today. 66 morgan hill. 67 gilroy. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view does not feel very winter like because we will have a nice run of warm weather with chilly over night
5:53 pm
lows. good thing we got a lot of rain in the bucket. we need rain going and right now there is nothing. >> between the 9ers and mavericks i imagine your house is satisfied. >> it will be a busy weekend and the weather will be perfect for everything is. >> thank you. >> unwanted animals will get better care and more space in the east bay. work began on a new facility in oakland. how animals will benefit. w
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
amazon is raising the bar with the launch of a new mobile store. purchases are saved to a customer's cloud library that could be downloaded or played incidentally. and several 69-cent singles. veterinarians will soon have better facilities for their work. today the spca held a ceremony for a new clinic and shelter renovations. the project will double the capacity to shelter dogs and cats and will allow vets to
5:57 pm
care for more animals. >> we have found that our clinic has outgrown its space. the need is significant for affordable vet care. we have been driven by need. the time was right. >> the new clinic opens around thanksgiving with the shelter finished next year. managers at the state public retirement system are earning money at second jobs within the agency. they were assigned to hourly waged jobs on top of their fixed salary. they are dealing with a huge work load and says managers resorted to working paid hours after over time options were exhausted. tomorrow authorities plan
5:58 pm
to exhume a lottery winner. urooj khan won and then died. authorities thought it was from natural causes but relatives pressed for an investigation. investigators are hoping a autopsy tomorrow will reveal more about how he died. they are ruling it a homicide but there have been no arrests. new at 6:00 p.m., looks like a normal gift card but it has been tampered with. how you can tell if you are balance has been stolen. >> students say a fight erupted into a riot. how administers handled this out of control situation. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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