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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 18, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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near 60 degrees. coming up on mornings on 2 the latest of a woman in hayward found unresponsive after her apartment caught fire. the 49ers getting ready to fly to atlanta. how fans are getting pumped up.
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an elderly woman badly hurt when her apartment in hayward of kas fire. we'll tell you what neighbors are telling us this morning about the damage the fire did. right now, the u.s. air force is trying to evacuate hostages in algeria as al qaeda- affiliated militants are trying to cut a deal with the ups. yes or no? in all seven of your tour de france victories did you ever take banned substances? >> yes. >> lance armstrong admitting to cheating. how he confenced to oprah in an highly-ance pated inter-- highly-anticipated game. >> reporter: the 49ers are one
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win away from the super bowl. we'll have more coming up. well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, january 18th. a woman was taken to the hospital late last night. firefighters did not find her until after the fire on second street was out. ktvu's alex savage is live on the scene with more on the woman's injuries and what neighbors are saying. >> reporter: good morning. she is opening the elderly woman will survive after the fire. we'll push in here on the unit on the unit that, as you can see, was badly damaged. the woman suffered burns and smoke inhalation. however, firefighters did tell us the woman had a pulse when she was transported to eaton hospital. the fire broke out at this 20-
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unit apartment complex. crews on scene here last night say it was a fairly small kitchen fire. at this point, it was unable to get out of her apartment. but as crews made their way through the unit, they found her unconscious and neighbors are worried about the woman but grateful the fire didn't spread. >> it didn't burn our unit. it didn't catch our unit at -- at all. >> reporter: this morning, i did put in a call to the hayward fire department. spoke to the dismatcher, we'ring a call back from the battalion chief -- expecting to get a call back from the battalion chief. we do know aside from the one woman transported to the hospital with burns and smoke
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inhalation there was no one else hurt. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. last night on 28th and foothill boulevard around 5:30, police say this was not a hit and aun. investigators want to know if the young boy ran out into traffic or if he was in the crosswalk. two 17-year-old girls in san mateo are facing dui charges in connection with a cause that caused a major mess. this happened wednesday night at el camino real and both teens were driving in separate suvs that crashed into a fire hydrant and power pole. no one was hurt but that road was shut down for several hours. police say the teenaged drivers were under the influence and were arrested and cited. we're following develops news this morning about the ongoing situation in algeria
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where islamic militants took dozens of foreigners hostage. there is word this morning that the al qaeda-linked militants want to make a deal. reportedly they offer to trade two americans in exchange for two terror suspected jailed in the u.s. one of those suspects was involved in planning the 1993 world trade center bombing. coming up at 7:15, what we're hearing from the state department this morning about this hostage situation. the local cycling community is split on whether to believe lance armstrong's apillgy for using performance-enhancing drugs. >> i -- apology for using performance-enhancing drugs. >> i made my decision. they are my mistake. i'm here to acknowledge that and say i'm sorry. >> the first part of his long- awaited interview with oprah waynefry aired last night --
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winfrey aired last night. after denying for years, armstrong admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs to win seven tour de france competitions. >> i just think he's mean. he's mean spirited. >> reporter: other viewers say he should be remembered for his crusade against cancer. armstrong is currently working to get his lifetime ban for competitive sports lifted. a charity that armstronged helped -- a charity that armstrong helped -- 7:06. well, today is the day, the san francisco 49ers fly to atlanta.
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the nfl championship game is sunday just two days away. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in san jose right now. i know fans are getting excited, janine. >> definitely. we're here in front of a popular sports bar in downtown san jose. right now, it's dark and empty, but this place is expected to be packed with 49er fans watching the games on the screen here. >> fans blan to wear their jerseys while clear canning on the 49ers while they take on the falcons on sunday. this the second year in a row that the 9ers made it to the nfc championship. they are one win away from playing in the super bowl if they win. all eyes will be on colin kaepernick. >> hope they make the super bowl. >> reporter: yesterday, the
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team held a news conference where jim harbaugh told everyone the team was ready to play a great game. he did not give away details. today, harbaugh will be holding another news conference this time with kaepernick before they leave from the san jose international airport. coming up on the next hour of "mornings on 2," i will tell you about a friendly bet between the mayors of san francisco and atlanta. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> don't forget. you can see the game right here. our coverage begins at 9:30 in the morning on sunday with our championship show. that's followed by fox sports coverage. kickoff shortly after noontime and then we have our "point after" show with mark ibanez immediately after the game. a lot going on. let's see what's going on this morning. checking in with sal. what's it like at the toll
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plaza. it's gonna get slow. northbound 880 at 29, a crash. let's go up and take a look at the toll plaza, though. toll plaza traffic is backed up for about a ten-minute delay. a little less than that. it is betting better as you drive into san francisco -- getting better as you drive into san francisco. traffic will be looking pretty good. northbound and southbound 101. it's a little bit slow at 101. if you are driving on peninsula, things have improved. we had an earlier accident on 280. traffic continues to move as ut drive thrown 380 and 92 -- to move and as you drive through 380 and 92 -- it looks like something is going on. it looked like -- it looks like traffic is jammed. get over to 580 or save yourself extra time.
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a very good morning. a little bit of patchy fog. not much. overall, any temperatures between about 40 and -- 20 and 48 degrees. 50 degrees. other lowercations are a little bit cooler. high pressure, though, says i will keep things about the same. maybe warmer. 27 santa rosa, it's 54 in mount a diablo -- mt. diablo. i warming -- a warming pattern continue, especially coast and bay. it's a dry forecast until maybe wednesday. not everybody is on board with that. one forecast is. patchy fog. other than that, it will be hazy, sun, mild to warm. i think on the weekend it looks really quiet until early next. some areas have a tough time
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warming up past the upper 50s. that would be fairfield, clearlake, 65. novato, st. helena, 59 antioch and brentwood. pittsburg, 61. 68 gilroy. 65 at half moon bay. flies on the coast in san francisco -- nice on the coast in san francisco. menlo park, mountain view at 64. it looks good all the way in the weekend. we'll continue that -- we'll continue that tuesday. a spare the air alert is in effect for the bay area. that means wood fires are illegal in fireplaces, stoves or outer to fire pits. if you are caught violating the ban you are required to take a class or pay a fine. a second violation is a $500 ticket. sonoma county leads the bay
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area in complaints. there were 110 wood-burning violations in sonoma county last year. that's the most in any county across the bay area. there were more than 3700 plates and 346 violations. a vineyard manager in sonoma if county has been sentenced for a plant in jail for the death of a worker. he fortunate pleaded no contest -- he pleaded no contest to taking on off a safety device and the worker's employee became frapped in the tractor. -- trapped in the tractor. a bit of a new twist in the dreamliner. the overnight discovery that would explain the problem. the new scheme that's affecting many unsuspecting
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mostly clear. temperatures from upper 20s to near 50. temperatures will be warming up. low to mid-60s. 7:14. new information on boeing's troubled 787 dream liners. investigators in japan investigated a plane forced to make an emergency landing on wednesday after the battery light came on and the pilots noticed a burning smell. investigators say it appears the plane's battery voltage exceeded design limits. the federal aviation administration grounded all dream liners until airliners can prove the batteries are
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safe. people calving through sfo could encountert delays of nearly an hour. the airport will close down a runway late night for upgrades. some debarting westbound flights could experience 35 to 40-minute delays. 7:15. well, less than two hours from now, the state department will ask questions about the continuing hostage crisis in algeria. the terrorists claim two americans are still being held. as kyla campbell reports, they want to make a deal with the united states. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the state department. we are a trying to get details. they tell us we will have to wait. that will get underway. the pentagon says the terrorists are afill eighted
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with -- affiliated with al qaeda. u.s. policy is not to not negotiate with terrorists. all of this comes as as the algerian government launched and assault. algerian leaders say their goal was to free hostages and and chur twists -- terrorists -- and capture terrorists. the terrorist claim that number includes about five americans. the state department would not confirm any of these details. we also expect to hear from them who managed to escape yesterday's assault. now, leon panetta was in london when he got word of the deadly assault. what he is saying about the terrorists -- next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and the chaos in north africa is causing oil prices to
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go up and hit a four-month high. 94.49 a barrel. >> the price of the barrel of crude rose 1.25. now, bp and other energy companies say they are trying to make sure that other workers in the region remain safe. according a -- according to a new toll, the nra is more popular in the u.s. than the entertainment industry. the poll by the "washington post" showed that 41% of americans sees the nra in a positive life as opposed to 34%. gun sales are surging nationwide. some gun stores are running out of military-style assault weapons. since the current debate, many gun storeowners say their sales have more than doubled. the demand for assault weapons
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are so high, people say they want to buy assault weapons now in case they are banned later. there is a warning about a scam involving gift cards that you can buy at grocery stores. mr. is say thieves have been -- police say thieves have been switching out bar cards on the cards. once someone guys the -- once swine buys the card and that cash goes to the thieves gift cards. so far, no one has come forward to say they've been victimized. some angry san francisco apartment tenants are calling their landlord a slum lord. they say apartments on turk street not tenderloin ran up to it 1200 a month and they say the building is full of mold and there are no smoke detectors and the tentants say there was no heat inside until
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last week. ktvu talked to the slum lord. many of your tenants call you a slum lord. what do you think about it. >> i think it's fair to be called what you want to call someone. i can understand their frustration. >> homeless people were found sleeping in the hallways. as for building code violations, that's in the hands of the city attorney. a senior center is recovering from a norovirus outbreak. health officials say 80 people sick as the redwoods in mill valley. two died. a virus sickened more than a00 dread students at burton elementary in la fayette. experts say the best way to avoid the virus, wash your hands. a man accused of a home invasion and rain in san francisco is expected to appear in court today.
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25-year-old joe van jones will be assigned an attorney this morning. he's expected of -- suspected of is sexually assaulting a woman saturday night as she entered her telegraph home. he faces charges and is being held on bail. police chief chris moore agreed with the gaming administer who found that this would have a diverse effect on public healthcare, safety and all of the gambling right now the gambling is on the ground floor. people near the golden gate bridge saw quite a site. here's what they saw. this was created by mathew
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reese. he built it and it's registered with the dmv as a boat. the hovercraft was seen in mccovey cove near a giants' game. 7:21. a warming trend is in the works in the bay area with an eventful weekend ahead. the timing could not be better. up next, steve paulson will have more. a firefighter hit by snow, right there. he's trying to rescue people from a burning building. how his fellow firefighters had to save him. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland, getting a little bit more crowded. peel we'll you -- we'll tell you about other things og gun in the east bay.
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&c&c1 powerful answers. verizon. aagency a hawaiian beach is back open after a surfer was
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attacked by a shark. it happened two days ago. a 43-year-old man was reportedly surfing about 200 yards offshore with a friend when a shark bit his arm. he also suffered injuries to his legs. it's believed the shark was a 15-foot tiger shark. >> it was somewhat kemping this is our surf break and there's a 15 to 16-foot tiger shark right there, hanging out -- concerning this is our surf break and there's a 15 to 16- foot tiger shark right out there. a firefighter had to be rescued himself from smalling snow. he climbed a ladder to get to people trapped on the fourth floor, when a huge amount of show hit him. etch was knocked down, but somehow he managed -- he was knocked down but somehow he managed to stay on the bad --
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on the ladder. >> it makes sense the heat would melt that and make it fall off. >> let's check in with sal. we want to get an update on the cash on -- crash on 880. right right. between high street and 29th. there is a crash that's blocking lanes. you can kind of see it if you were looking at the top of the screen. now, the alternate route for you if you are trying to get to downtown oakland would be use 580 instead. i think this would be much better than that or you can use international and get on the freeway after 29th. that crash is still there in the two left lanes. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge. some people maybe having trouble getting through. the bay bridge is lighter than it was. about a two, three-minute delay. if you are driving across the
7:28 am
dumbarton, that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. thank you. overall, it will be a sunny day. some temperatures are cold, cold. 20s, others in the 30s. there's 50 degrees. right along the embarcadero i saw a 50-degree reading. some areas are very, very mild. santa rosa is in there. concord, antioch, fairfield, napa, san jose, 35. oakland, 42. 49 in san francisco. tori and dave? >> all right. our time now, 7:26. now dozens of deaths all over the country have blamed on the flu. how the bay area is affected and where you can still find the flu vaccine. dangerous waves at mavericks this weekend and not just for surfers. we'll tell you about an
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important surf advisory when "mornings on 2" continues.
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high surf is great for pro surfers but dangerous for beachgoers. that's why several areas are offlimits ahead of the maverick surfing competition. tara moriarty has more on the beach warnings live from half moon bay.
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good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. the sun has come up so you can see the water. it's pretty calm. this is pillar point. the actual surfing competition takes place behind that. so you can't see it. there's going to be no access to the beach or the bluff come sunday, authorities are closing all roads to millar point. the -- pillar point. theve there's sneaker waves that the national weather service is warning about -- there's sneaker waves that the national weather service is warning about. the last time we had mav rigses -- mavericks in 2010. sudden waves can strike with enough force to knock people
7:33 am
unconscious. they retrieved back in the ocean before they have a chance to swim back to door. so, again, sneaker wave warning along the sonoma coastline. officials have issued a see officer -- a high surf advisory starting tomorrow lasting through sunday. that will stretch from sonoma county down to monterey. if you want to catch the mavericks, we'll have a link to that on our website. there will be a big jumbotron. there is a big everyone parking lot where this will be held. tickets are sold out. there's about 15 left for sunday night. sunday morning is when the first heat begins of the surfing competition. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the centers for disease control is giving the very latest update on a national flu
7:34 am
epidemic. the news is happening right now in atlanta. dozens of death are connected to the flu. the first death reported here has been reported. health officials say a 98-year- old woman who had other chronic health problems died earlier this month from the flu. and several bay area pharmacies have temporarily run out of the vaccine because of the high demand. >> this is not the typical time you would have surges in demand because of the flu vaccine, but that's what we're seeing. >> statewide, at least five deaths have been reported. and happening now, a clinic in washington for three years and older and also for adults. >> this is a live look. the event will begin at 9:00 a.m. if you want to see where else the vaccine is available, go to
7:35 am look under the hot topics and put in your zip code. preparations have been going on in washington, d.c. for months now, getting rathery for the inauguration -- getting ready for the inauguration. jamie dupree has more. >> reporter: one that's different. the inauguration will occurred on sunday, not monday. when the 20th falls on the sunday in january for inauguration. they have a small ceremony at the white house. this time we'll get to see is live. it will be broadcast live and monday with the big celebration that will be a re-enactment. around here in dc, outside where they are gonna have the inaugural. i was work -- i was walking past and nice, new decorations
7:36 am
being put up. this city really getting ready and all of the big-time barricades and security work will be starting to take place today. >> a couple of people have asked me why is an inauguration necessary for a second term and -- for a second term and who pays for it? >> we are paying for a lunch of it. it's a logical yes. why would you do this again? i look at this from an historical view. it's the re-election of a president but throughout the years there have been big gatherings until it was ronald reagan until january of 1981 who put the inaugural festivities. the big view that we're also so
7:37 am
farm with. it's a bipartisan of our -- bipartisan of our former government. there's people who clench teeth who don't like the order. >> i will be heading out there tomorrow to do live coverage for kight. and we hope to talk to you tomorrow in washington, d.c. >> reporter: and -- for ktvu. >> and we hope to talk to you tomorrow in washington, d.c. >> reporter: and bring your coat, tori. it might be pretty cold for us. see you in the next couple of days. >> sounds good. thank you. and you can find jamie's blog. and ktvu will have live coverage of the inauguration. kin purchase chet will have live reports starting bright and early sunday morning.
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palo alto -- most lows have come up -- come up a little bit. it will be sunny, nice, mild. high-pressure system really there's areas of low pressure that are coming in from the south, from the west, from the north. it looks like it will stay steady and rather strong until tuesday/wednesday. 27. santa rosa, napa air. mt. diablo is 54 degrees. there's very warm air in the higher elevations. i saw a 50 right along the embarcadero. san jose is 35. mountain view, that's at moffett. that's rather chilly. san rafael, 33. just depends, some areas not far away. might be 10 degrees warmer. patchy fog, more of an issue on the coast than it is inland.
7:40 am
because there's been a little bit reported. it's a dry pattern. temperatures continue to warm up, especially as we get the early breeze. especially down towards santa cruz. 70 degrees san francisco. we'll see that today. hazy mild to warm. a little tougher for areas to the east. the locations will warm up. clearlake 65. 63 novato. 60 san rafael. 59 fairfield, 59, livermore finally checking in at 60. they were 59 yesterday. oakland 53. martinez, pinole, maybe a few mid-60s, even warmer santa clara valley. that would be the one 70 there but i think it will be close to gilroy. 66 redwood city and a beautiful 64 in san francisco. yesterday was 62. it felt warmer than that. temperatures will continue to the hold steady and a little
7:41 am
cooler. it is 7:39. lance armstrong admits he's a fraud. his tell-all interview with oprah winfrey aired last night. renee has more. what did he say? >> reporter: after more of a decade of denying, denying, denying those doping allegations and we heard that interview and lance in his own words. >> did you ever blood dope or use enhancements to enhance your cycling performance. >> yes. >> did you use testosterone, cortisone or human-growth hormones. >> yes. >> in all seven of your tour de france victories did you ever
7:42 am
take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> reporter: well, labs armstrong said he didn't think it was time to. win the tour de france seven times in a row without doping. when asked why confess now, armstrong said he didn't have a great answer but he did admit that his confession is too late. since all of this, we've received a number of statements. we received a statement from nike and livestrong. both of them expressing disappointment from the international olympic committee as well as the u.s. anti- opening agency. both of those antities saying what they want is for armstrong is give a sworn confession and pretty much lay it on the table. let them know everything he knows about performance- enhancing drugs as it relates to the sport. tori, back to you. any indication whether this
7:43 am
confession may lead to a reversal of his lifetime ban of cycling. >> reporter: you know, the world doping agency, they've said despite that confession that we saw on national tv, it will notsh reverse their decision to strip them or ban them from cycling. for a life -- and again, they say what they are asking for is that sworn confession and they want his cooperation. they really want to learn everything that he knows about performance-enhancing drugs. north answer, no, it will not be reversed. armstrong has been denying that he doped. does he have any regrets? >> reporter: you no know, the one regret that he said he had was fighting or challenging with the -- challenges from the u.s. anti-doping agency, he -- he regrets fighting those
7:44 am
charges, tori. >> all right. rene marsh live in washington, d.c. thank you. turning now to another athlete in a bizarre story. the first pictures of manti te'o since the girlfriend hoax went public. what the football star is doing this weekend and what he reportedly told close friends about the toddler.
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stock indexes are a -- there's encouraging data from china. intel reported its sales are
7:47 am
shrinking as customers shift away from pcs to smart phones and tablet computers. the dow is down 5. nasdaq down 9. s&p up 5. apple's ceo tim cook will be questioned in a lawsuit over a no-job coaching -- poaching agreement. the san jose mercury news reports cook will be questioned in a deposition ahead of a decision on whether the case can become a class-action lawsuit. five former employees sued companies, including apple and google, to be questioned about the no coldcalling. usage for instagram is up 9%. the users upload -- 90%.
7:48 am
the users upload foes to and -- photos. there's growing evidence that notre dame football star manti te'o played off the death of his supposed girlfriend and though he may have known she never existed. mike tobin is live this morning from the fox news pure row in chicago. >> reporter: good morning -- bureau in chicago. >> reporter: good morning, tori. december 6th that's when manti te'o and the universities say he became aware that the girlfriend was fictitious because he got a phone call from her phone while he was at the awards ceremony. he gave an interview to the website. in that interview, he talked about losing that interview and -- he talked about losing his
7:49 am
girlfriend and grand mare. and then -- grand mare. the athletic direct already at notre dame says the university was not made aware until december 26th. we've had views out at the campus. for the first time we're starting to sear skepticism from the loyal notre dame fans. >> he can't find the time or money to visit her. she's about to die of cancer, she says, don't come -- if you need to play a game, don't come. but he doesn't visit her at all. i mean, what kind of love is that? >> reporter: now, to be fair, the large majority of fans and friends have stood with their linebacker to this point. a lot of them say they want to hear from manti te'o and to --
7:50 am
to make sense of it all. >> will this have any impact on where he mighting drafted? >> reporter: there's a lot of speculation. there's a lot of people who say he needs to make sense of this. then again, look at michael vick, he was out dog it fighting. if and the fans forgave him. >> and i understand he's an nfl camp in florida getting ready foyer the draft. a police search in san jose for a suspected kidnapper, it's been called off. a mother who reported a kidnapping will be charged with making a false report. a mother claimed a man tried to snatch her 3-year-old daughter out side her home.
7:51 am
the mother lay -- the mother later admit the she made up the -- admitted she made up the story when she was interviewed again. >> i'm really, really scared. i feel like, you know, do i need to move out or what? >> so far the police have not given us a motive in this case. they say she does have a criminal record. it is 7:49. it seems as though oakland raiders' darren mcfadden will be staying in the east bay. he's under where the for one more. reggie mckenzie says she's confident that he will play the final season of his contract. he's averaging less than three and a half yards in each of his carries. he believes the offensive system the raiders used last season did not best utilize his
7:52 am
skills. >> the 49ers are arresting -- are getting ready to fly ahead of the game. janine de la vega is in the south bay gathering fan -- fan reaction. boy, the investigation goes on into the fatal poisoning of a man who won the lotly. what happened to his -- lottery. what happened to his body today as officials try to figure out who killed him. and the move -- and the moving disco with live music that only certain riders can hear.
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. 7:52. raging wildfires in australia have already killed one person, destroyed several homes. those flames are so intense, even firefighters had to take shelter. a man's body was found inside a burned out car. he's the first confirmed death
7:55 am
blamed on hundreds of fires burning all over australia in recent weeks. back in this country, the body of a edge chicago lottery winner poison -- chicago lottery winner who was poisoned, his about an hour ago, his body arrived at the medical examinerrary office. he was about to collect $425,000 in winnings. his death was first ruled to be natural causes but after a family member asked for a further look, toxicology reports reveal he was poisoned with crien identify -- cyanide. officials will reveal, not saying how the cyan identify got into his -- cyanide got into
7:56 am
his system. a federal judge considering san francisco's nudity ban yesterday said taking off your clothes in public is not protected political speech. it was a blow to the main argument used by public nudity activists. the judge said he would make a ruling this month. the new law roo dwyering san franciscans to cover up -- requiring san franciscans to cover up goes into effect. a weekend b.a.r.t.
7:57 am
train is being turned into a sign lent. disco -- silent disco. a tee jay on board streams use -- deejay on board streams the music directly to the headphones passengers are handed. lake tahoe is in the running now toest the winter x- games from 2015 to 2016. the eligible destinations include aspen, park city, utah, quebec city, and lake auto. residents will celebrate a birthday this weekend. 23 years ago, it sea lions first showed up at pier 39 to
7:58 am
mark the anniversary, there will be free walking tours for people who want to learn more about the sea lions. the tours are from 11ac to 2:partly sunny every day. some of the folks didn't want the sea -- 2:00 every day. some of the folks didn't want the sea lions there and then they realized it was a tourist attraction. let's go to sal. >> northbound 880 is still a mess because of a crash on high street. they are making progress. 580 you will do much better on 580. we don't have people getting through. it's almost nonexistent at this point. the backup on 101 is getting more slow. it's now nine minutes from 382 drive time. let's go to steve. looks like another nice
7:59 am
day. temperatures for some, cold. for some, not bad at all. 50 i saw somewhere. oakland is already 42. and 48 officially in san francisco. warmer weather kicked in -- kicked in about two days ago. there's signs maybe next wednesday. we're good to go for sunshine and warmer temperatures. upper 60s for some. a lot of low to mid-60s. thank you, steve. an overnight police chase gets turned upside down and police searching for a suspect. a woman is being treated for serious burns this morning after her apartment in hayward catches fire. what i was just told about the investigation and exactly what sparked the fire overnight. the 49ers are so close to playing in the super bowl. you will hear from excited fans who plan to watch this weekend deciding -- this weekend's
8:00 am
deciding game when "mornings on 2."
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark.
8:02 am
it's friday, january 18th -- 18th. an investigation goes on in hayward, that's where a woman was rushed to the hospital late last night after her apartment caught fire. f the didn't find her until the flames were out. alex savidge has been there since 4:30 this morning. what are her neighbors say? >> reporter: well, that she lived alone in the apartment. in in addition i spoke to the spokesperson who also says this woman is 81 years old and that the cause of this fire is her smoking. she apparently was smoking a cigarette, fell asleep in her living room and that's what sparked this fire. this is where the woman lives here up on the second floor in this apartment. as you can see, it suffered heavy damage last night.
8:03 am
>> up can see the place was just gutted by fire as flames tore through here about 9:30 last night. this is a 20-ure knit apartment complex. firefighters quickly came in and doused the flames and then they moved in. and that's when they found the woman unconscious in her bedroom. firefighters say she actually did have -- did have a pulse when she was transported to the hospital. one neighbor i talked to this morning, said she' -- said she's worried about her. >> i'm hoping she's okay. we know she suffered burns and things like that. but hopefully she's okay. i guess we'll just go from there. it's just completely gone. that was the only apartment affected by it. >> and neighbors tell me they are grateful this fire didn't spread to any other units in the complex. the woman taken to the hospital. first, she was taken to eatonton and then eventual transferred to st. francis
8:04 am
hospital where they have a burn center. she suffered burns both to her face and her arms after, again, falling asleep, smoking the cigarette last night. her apartment caught fire and she is in critical condition we're told at the burn center. there's no word whether she will take a -- will maic a full recovery or not. live in hayward, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. in overnight news, a car chase in san leandro and a foot chase when the car flipped over. the car ended up on its roof. this was late last night where 580 and 280 meet. the driver got out of the car and ran april way. police are out there searching the freeways. we're waiting for the police to tell us if they ever caught the suspect. also overnight the power is back on for thousands of pg&e customers in oakland.
8:05 am
an under ground apartment failure, knocked out of the fire to almost 5,000 homes ands abouts. en. 8:03. a pilot from bakersfield is suing a burlingame hotel over a carbon monoxide leak. the leak happened in november. the pilot was found unconscious in his hotel room and claims to have suffered brain damage. the lawsuit accuses the hotel owner of negligence. the bar pilot on the tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge last week could lose his license. a state asengy is investigating his conduct according to the san francisco chronic kell. research shows captain kleess had the most documented incidents between 2009 and
8:06 am
2011. the january 7th collision caused more than $2 million in damage. a new program that will assign investigators to investigate clients tash, complaint -- complaints -- complaints from neighbors, it started today. the issues will range from drug activity to squatting. they will meet and talk about solutions to the chronic problems. contra costa county is looking for volunteers to help count the homeless. the count is on wednesday, january 30th. volunteers have to be at least 18 years old. you have to go three you a one- hour training session. the volunteers will help gather all of the information the county needs to get state and federal funding. estimates show that more than 7,000 people experienced
8:07 am
homeless last year. hundreds of experts are at the zero graffiti conference. it's at st. mary's cathedral. the graffiti costs the city $20 million a year. san francisco police make 250 arrests every year for graffiti- related crimes. san francisco giants' third baseman pablo sandoval is recovering in a venezuelan hospital recovering. the san francisco 49ers are getting ready to take on the atlanta falcons in two days. the winner goes to the super bowl. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in san jose where fans are already getting very excited. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in downtown san jose. this morning we've seen among
8:08 am
the traffic city buses on the front of their signs, it said 49 -- it said gap 49ers. the other brace you will find the fans -- go, 49ers. the other place you will find the fans, in this place right leer. bay area fans have been stocking um at 49ers memorabilia. they plan to wear their jerseys and take on the atlanta falcons on sunday. this is the second year in a row that the 9ers made it to the nfc championship. we spoke to fans this morning who planned their weekend around watching the game. >> really excited. gonna be -- it will be by mom's -- my mom's birthday. hopefully they win. >> reporter: the 9er are riding high and all eyes are on collin
8:09 am
capper neck -- colin kaepernick. i want to tell you about a friendly wager going on between the mayors. if the 49ers win, the mayor of atlanta will reportedly cover his city hall in red and gold. if the falcons win, ed lee says he will cover the city hall in red and white. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. you can see the game right here on the news. our coverage begins at 9:30 sunday morning with our championship playbook show followed by fox sports coverage. kick-off is shortly after noon. and "the point after" with mark ibanez will immediately follow the game. i was actually reading the "sports illustrated" magazine
8:10 am
with colin kaepernick on the in cover and that's supposed to be a that, dash on the cover and that's -- on the cover and that's supposed to be a curse. >> really? >> i didn't hear. hey, that major mess in oakland, did you fix it yet? >> the crash has been moved out of the lanes. we've been talking about it since it happened here. right near the top of your screen, there was a crash near high street, they finally removed which is good news for drivers. it will take a bit for it to get better in the area. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's so nice. there is a little delay and no problems getting into the city. highway 288 -- 280 looks good. 580, it's been unusually light between grantlined a 680.
8:11 am
17 minutes which never happens. i'm just gonna make sure it's updated. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> good morning. we have sunshine over the big city and temperatures colder or not too bad at all. anywhere from about 26 to 50 degrees on the lows. on the current temperatures. a little breeze helpings -- helps. sometimes you can see 28 to 41. high pressure says no, i'm not leaving yet. maybe next wednesday. 20s, 30s. temperatures can vary from one location to another. some of these you might say it's not that cold. 42 in oakland, 49 in san francisco. they've gone from 45. san jose is 36. some temperatures are popping up. not much in the way of fog. some of that can show off. it wouldn't surprise me if there was -- on the coast.
8:12 am
high the today will be in the upper 50s for some. near 70 near santa cruz again. i mean, coming that -- that east wind coming down from the mountains, perform otherwise sunny. most of that fog there held in check. hazy and warm for some. for others, it will be a little cold. on the mild side. fairfield 59. but 65. middletown was 66. a lot of frost and a lot of ice on the roads up there. that's coming in from chloe up in clearlake. the high was 66 yesterday. temperatures are warming up. 62 walnut creek. 63 oakland but 59 brentwood and antioch. upper 60s for some.
8:13 am
65 santa clara. milpitas at 66. san francisco, 64. same for menlo park. temperatures will continue to be maybe a little bit warmer saturday into sunday. a cooling trend start the early next week. >> thank you, steve. oakland mayor jean kwon says she's asking for federal help to combat crime in oakland while she's in washington, d.c. quan is in washington to attend the u.s. conference of mayors and president obama's inauguration on monday. she said she has meetings scheduled with representatives from the department of justice to try to bring more law enforcement resources to oakland. we are a also learning the reasons why chris moore's decision to leave the department. the 51-year-old chief alast day on the job is tomorrow. moore says the last straw was when the city council voted against putting a half cent sales tax measure on the ballot
8:14 am
to help the police department's finances. moore said if he did not vo the -- have the support -- have the support from the city leaders, it was time for him to go. dan oats is right now. police chief in aurora, colorado. this morning, his police department is investigating another deadly shooting. a woman was shot at an apartment complex. and that came after the aurora, colorado shooting. many movie patrons were at the theater during the mass shooting. the city of aurora handed out 2,000 tickets to survivors, first response -- first responders and the volunteers. the mayor of colorado says it shows the resilience of the community. >> there are major new developments in algeria,
8:15 am
including some new video of some of the released hostages. and what the u.s. military is reportedly doing. and why a report says republicans have to change certain laws to make it easy for them to win.
8:16 am
8:17 am
told for some. cold for some. coast and bay will be really mild to warm.
8:18 am
kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. bureau and we have new information of some of those hostages who have been set free. kyla? >> reporter: yeah. cnn and "the associated press" are both reporting that the -- that the terrorists are reporting 30 hostages and another 60 are still unaccounted for. we'll take a look at the video just released. it shows algerians leaving the complex. but hostages are still being held at that complex. this is one of the hostages held at the plant. he was injured yesterday when the algerian government tried to free hostages. cnn says they are sending in a plane to rescue hostages. the terrorists came dozens were
8:19 am
killed yesterday, including five americans. we tried to get the pentagon and state department to confirm those numbers for us this morning but they would not. the militants are demanding the release of two terrorists in exchange for two american hostages. leon panetta is telling hostage takers to he release them immediately. >> not in ail leer jaw, not in north africa, not anywhere. >> the state department says they will be holding a news conference 45 minutes from now. they will be taking questions. we expect to learn a lot more from them at that point. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. some republicans are curbing -- are pushing for changes in election laws -- laws to make it easier for them to win. republican leaders and states that supported president obama in the last election are
8:20 am
considering changing state laws to give the winner of a state's popular vote, all of the electoral college votes. they are proposing that the votes be divided proportionately. according to a new poll, the nra is more popular in the u.s. than the entertainment industry. the poll by the "washington post" found that 41% of adults see the nra in a positive light. while 34% view it in a negative light. that compares to 24% of people who have positive feel -- feelings about the industry. since the gun control debate has started, many stores
8:21 am
are saying their guns have doubled. some are on a year-long waiting list. people say they want to buy assault weapons now in case they are banned later. >> this is a live look at the press conference underway right now in newtown, connecticut. the sandy hook school support fund has received more than 8.4 million in donations. former connecticut senator joe leiberman is scheduled to meet with the newtown connecticut today to help determine the best use for those funds. a hijacking scare on an alaska airlines flight may have been a hoax. the fbi got a call, there was a possible hijacker on the flight bound for -- for seattle. two planes escorted them to the airplane. they were found not to be a
8:22 am
threat. a bucket fell off a marine plane and crashed down through the roof of the business and damaged that rv. >> luckily, the shop was closed at the time and no one was hurt. things do happen but i don't think is a chance for us to say, hey, well -- whatever. it's an opportunity for us to to look at the already good measures we have in place. >> 8:21. lady gaga fans turn out in force at last night's concert in san jose. ♪ >> how the popstar is using her tour to raise awareness. you like the weather
8:23 am
outside? steve is coming back, he has your weekend forecast and what is bound to be a busy weekend all over the bay area. good morning. westbound 24 traffic does look pretty good as you drive through. we'll take a look at this commute and others as we continue.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:24. thousands of lady gaga's little monsters packed the hp pavilion
8:26 am
for other tour. more than 13,000 fans attended last night's concert. many dressed up in creative costumes. tickets ranged between $50 and $170. but some paid much more to see the singer. fans we talked to say lady gaga and her music have had a big impact on their lives. >> she's helped me overcome and gain confidence in myself. she inspires confidence by being weird -- being weird and crazy. lady gaga's next stop is the los angeles staples center on sunday. 8:25. let's check in with sal. you are watching highway 24. how are they doing? >> it's doing well. 680 is also toking very good --
8:27 am
doing very well. interstate 880 of we have -- we've had a problem here on 880. of things are begins to -- things are beginning to clear up. still slow. if you are driving on 580. 580 is very slow in oakland but here in livermore, it has not looked that bad. 101, san mateo, a little bit slow through 92. a lot of sunshine today. mild temperatures, i know cold for some. but not too bad for others. almost 50 in sausalito and san francisco. for some, bay side and on the coast, it will be a mild day. a lot of systems are trying to break down this ridge. temperatures, though, anywhere from 20s, 30s. there's just a huge difference if you commute in from the
8:28 am
north, the compute. i think you will see it go, up, up, up. 60s on the temperatures. especially towards santa clara valley. upper 50s. antioch, fairfield, too cool and an east wind. we have breaking news coming in from sonoma county. black ice on the roads, causing problems. sal's coming back and he also all of the information. too dangerous to watch the surfers at mavericks this year. we'll tell you about a warning about big heavies that are not just -- thash are not just -- about big waves that are not just hitting the south bay.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
good morning. these are scenes where several cars crashed. this happened in forestdale, black ice. a couple of serious injuries. i assume it's later we're not having the sale problem. this is in sonoma county on river road in forestville. and you can see earlier this morning, they had to put some absorbent down on the road to make things better for drivers. in other news later today, a high surf advisory takes effect. big waves that's perfect for those competing in the competition. but for everybody else. it can be -- it can be dangerous. tara moriarty has more.
8:32 am
>> reporter: it's starting to get warm. the sun is coming up it's very calm in the harbor. you can see this big sort of hill with the golf bag looking thing on top of it. that's pillar point is where the mavericks competition takes place. some sunday there will be no access to the beach or bluff to watch the surfers. it is simply too dangerous. the national weather service is warning of possible sneaker waves and lasting through late tomorrow morning. tragedy struck this new year's day, when a 59-year-old man was swept out to sea. then two days after christmas a man and his 9-year-old son were swept off the rocks while fishing in the marin hedlunds. you may remember this video from 2010, unexpected waves came onshore and swept
8:33 am
passengers. sudden waves can strike with a force to knock people unconscious. they are pushed back in the ocean, sometimes pushed on the rocks before they can swim back. so a sneaker wave warning on the sonoma coastline. officials have issued a high surf advisory from sonoma county to monterey county. if you whattent to catch mavericks, ktvu will be live streaming it via chopper 2 -- if you want to catch the mavericks, ktvu will be live streaming it via chopper 2. the oceana rooms, they are sold out. mavericks kicked -- kicks off sunday morning. live from half moon bay, back to you. >> thank you.
8:34 am
two 17-year-old girls are facing dui charges. it happened wednesday night at el camino real and pimm avenue. police say -- peninsula avenue. police say both teens were driving into suvs that crashed. no one was hurt. police say the teenaged drivers were under the influence and were arrested and cited. of the -- a boy was rushed to children's hospital. police say this was not a hit and run but they are checking to see if they ran into the street or was in a crosswalk. 8:32. four people were hurt in vallejo after a car crashed into a store. this happened yesterday afternoon when a woman drove her car through the front door of a grocery outlet and finally stopped ended up several yards inside. police say the driver told them
8:35 am
she had stepped on the gas instead of the brakes as she was parking. four people were treated for minor injuries including the driver and passengers. a man accused of a home invasion and rape in san francisco is due to appear in court. jones will be assigned a lawyer this morning. he's suspected of sexually assaulting a woman saturday night as she was walking into her telegraph hill home. jones is facing fine felony charges and is being held on $5 million bail. several berkeley high school students are due to be suspended after a big fight right in front of the school. the afteryat of the fight was caught on the this -- aftermath of the fight was caught on this, cell phone video. forestudent -- four students were arrested. two of them were berkeley high, two of them from berkeley tech. no serious injuries reported.
8:36 am
uc undergraduate students will not see their tour wigs go -- tuition go up next fall. with proposition 30, the uc system will receive 125 million next year. but that's still less than the $250 million the state originally requested. uc is still considering raising fees for some graduate programs to make up for the shortfall. we have to get out of her comfort zone. we have to look at this thing in a way, how do we maintain, enhance, this wonderful institution called the university of california. some of the governor's suggestions include reversing student's average graduating time, and defeesing faculty
8:37 am
benefits. some regents pointing out -- pointed out that some uc regents teachers have lower salaries than others universities. a vineyard manager in sonoma county has been sentenced to one mon in -- to one month in jail. the "press democrat" reports that james pool entered a no contest plea to charges that he removed a safety device. from r -- prosecutors say taking off the safety device caused the workers's ethlows to become trapped. days after a virus zaire at a contra costa school -- scare at a contra costa school, people got hick in if burton school.
8:38 am
8:36. well, san jose's outgoing police chief said no to a request to am lou gam belling on the top floor of the new casino matrix. chris moore agreed with a gaming administrator who said multi-level gambling will have an adverse effect. right now, all of the gambles is on the ground floor. a spokesman says he's disappointed with that decision. how are things looking? it's still slow but it's getting better. i wouldn't recommend using 580. people heard about 880. now it's kind of even on both. if you are going on 880 and it's closer to where you have to go, use 88 a -- use 880. the traffic time is down from what it -- from what it was.
8:39 am
that's really nice. almost no delay out the toll plaza once you get on the bridge or after you get on the bridge, it looks good, too. >> this is highway 101 in san mateo. it looks good as you head south. if you are looking at the south bay, we haven't had much slow traffic in the santa clara valley. 8:37. let's go to steve. for some it's already 50 degrees especially around the embarcadero, the 0 -- observer by richmond. so there's mild readings. some are very, very, very cold. a couple of systems are trying to break down this ridge of high pressure. it looks like on wednesday, something may sneak in there. we'll see. next wednesday would be one day where we might talk about. temperatures are starting to bounce off some of the morning lows. i would not be surprised. it takes a while to warm up.
8:40 am
once they get going, it doesn't take long. 49. 49 in san francisco. san rafael is 39. redwood city at 42. not much fog inland. a little bit on the coast. that a -- with the offshore breeze, it's held in check. temperatures upper 50s to the -- to the inland areas. but near 70s. a lot of systems taking aim at it from the south, even from the west and the north. right now they are not having much. cold morning for coast -- we'll go 65 in clearlake, a lot of frost and ice up there. kentfield, 60. 59 antioch. oakland 63. hayward, even pleasanton went 62. 70 in santa cruz.
8:41 am
65 in san jose, same for half moon bay. menlo park will be close. redwood city warmer. fog, sun, it looks lie outer for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. the first due to the recent flu outbreak has been reported in the bay area. health officials in santa clara county say an elderly woman died of the flu earlier this month. news of the death comes as some bay area pharmacies report running out of the flu vaccine at least temporarily due to high demand. happening now, washington hospital in fremont is holding a clinic for children 3 years and younger and adults. this event runs until 9:00 this morning. >> today we are a doing flu shot clinics for the community. that's been a spike across flu shot deaths. we're expecting this to come to
8:42 am
california soon. we want to make sure that our community is prepared. vaccines cost $10. five flu deaths have been reported in california. the catholic diocese in san jose is changing procedures for the communion to stop the spread of the flu. no wine will be offered at communion. parishioners typically drink from one. cup. and the parishioner is being asked to hold -- to hold hands. the son of the woman who helped create barney and friends, patrick leach, has been arrested was arrested last week. he's now out on bail. police say he had a long-
8:43 am
standing commute with the victim and that he shot the man in the chest. the san francisco chronicle reports that kumar hired a prostitute named raven dixon. dixon allegedly gave an oakland gang information about kumar's information. police sources say those gang members planned this and are being charged. dixon is being charged as an accessoriry for murder -- arc sesry for murder. spice. i review this situation as one big lie. >> that was lance armstrong in his tell-all interview. a live report from the
8:44 am
livestrong foundation in texas. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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jen electric and morgan
8:47 am
stanley rose, but intel's stock, right now, it's down 6.5%. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 14. the nasdaq is down 14 and the s&p, though, is up 4. toyota has settled the first of hundreds of wrongful death lawsuits stemming from acceleration problems by its vehicles. a toyota spokesperson said the company reached an agreement with the family of two men killed in a 2010 crash in utah. financial terms were not disclosed. less bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. an 81-year-old woman was critically injured last night when her apartment caught fire. she reportedly was burned on her hands, forearm and face. new video from algeria.
8:48 am
this shows some of the hostages taken, they are being set free. >> i will spend the rest of my life earning trust and apologizing to people for the rest of my life. >> the first part of his long- awaited interview aired last night. our reporter is live outside with more information. >> reporter: some people say he was evasive. others are saying he was forthcoming. right out of the gate he said
8:49 am
he had taken epo and testosterone. he said he did not feel wrong at the time, that he did not feel bad about it and that he did not feel like he was cheating. pretty powerful and statements. you now? why come clean now? was he the ringleader? did he put pressure on his fellow teammates to vote. hic tad in circles and did not give they straightforward answers. perhaps one of the most powerful statements made was specific -- was specific to the tour de france win. oprah asked him yes or no, is it humanly hospital to win some of these in a row without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. he said, no, and dave, as we know by now, he's been stripped of all of his tour de france titles based on those allegations. and now confessions after the interview. >> we know that this story is
8:50 am
far from over. what about the lives can strong foundation. how are they dealing with the fallout? >> well, it's pretty intense as you can imagine, armstrong stepped down from the board here back in october. when those damming reports were released from the u.s. antidoping agency. and they are clearly disappointed -- disappointed like the rest of the world. we had a chance to sit down with one of the board members faud. they are clearly moving forward and trying to help some 2.5 million people with cancer worldwide. it's raised some $500 million for cancer since it was founded back -- founded back in 1947 -- 1997. they said "we are disappointed by the news that lance armstrong mislead people during and after his cycling career,
8:51 am
including us. earlier this week, lance apologized to our staff and we accepted his apology. they are referring to the fact before he sat down with oprah winfrey here on monday, he came to this location, met with about 100 staphers here, talked for about 20 minutes. some said he broke down in tears, that it was pretty emotional. as you mentioned, the beginning of his legal battles could be getting underway. he lied and he also sued people who accused -- who accused him of use of -- him of using the drugs and -- [lost signal." >> we just lost casey. we have the first video of manti te'o since the scandal
8:52 am
broke. he was spotted driving a golf cart in florida. he's training there for the april nfl draft. one of the riders believes the notre dame was in on the hoax. >> if you were in on it, you know what you would be guaranteed, ula of the game and attention from the dead girlfriend that boosted his profile. >> meanwhile, manti te'o is saying he knew for weeks, his alleged girlfriend never exited but he perpetuated the hoax as notre dame prepared for the national championship game. a san jose mother accused of lying for the kidnapping of her daughter could be arrested as early as today. a mother claimed a man tried to
8:53 am
kidnap her daughter. the cousin of michelle le says false reports hurt searches for real victims. >> it just takes time a -- time and april tension from the people who need it. resources away, chases media time away. police did not give a motive and have not reese lee -- released the mother's name. but they say she has a criminal record. there is a warning about the scam involving gift cards that you can drive and grocery stores. police say thieves have been switching cards with cards they bought. once the perp buys something and puts money on it, that cash goes to the thieves.
8:54 am
president obama's launch claim is organizing a group called organizing for action. organizationers say the group is -- organizers say the group is looking to take energy and turn it into support. first, the group will encourage supporters to pushing on the -- congress on the president's proposals for tougher gun control. scalpers will be blocked from using craigslist and ebay. those websites have agreed to remove listings at the request of new york senator charles schumer. she's the head of the -- he's the head of the inauguration committee. some scalper posted tickets asking for thousands of dollars. 250 tickets were given out for free from congressional offices. ktvu will have live coverage beginning sunday. our very own tori cam pell and
8:55 am
ken pritchett will be in washington, d.c. look for their live reports. >> yep. that will be sunday morning. right after that, there's the 49ers game. there's mavericks. 8:53. the 49ers, of course, getting ready for nfc championship. colin kaepernick and the rest rest team are flying to atlanta. how fans are gearing up for the game. forming. it's still slow around 880. we will tell you what you can do to get around it. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
8:56 am
real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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new this morning, guess what we heard. we heard that alicia keys will perform the national anthem before the super bowl. that's according to a source and the super bowl is set for february 3rd in new orleans. the nfl has announced we upsay will be the star of the -- beyonce will be the star of the halftime show. and the 49ers hoping to go to the super bowl. fans have been busy stocking up on anything stocking up -- up on anything red and fold gold. the team is looking to go to the franchise' first super bowl since after the 1994 season. >> i hope we continue to win. i believe we will. you know, i'm just excited to be here. it's exciting to be part of this team and just
8:59 am
contributing. >> on the road, the 49ers have a five-game losing streak in the playoffs. but they are 4.5-favorites on sunday. you can see the game right here. our coverage begins at 9:30 a.m. on sunday with our championship playoff ifs. let's check our weather right now and get steve over here and talk about our weather. >> sunny and warm for some. and then the weekend, nights will be cold in the inland areas but not too bad by the coast. >> atlanta has a tome so they don't worry about the weather. >> i hope not tori. it's been snowing down in the deep south. >> that's our report and we'll see you the next time news breaks. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.


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