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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 21, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm live in washington, d.c. coming up we'll have a run down of the musical entertainment that will be performing at today's inauguration ceremonies. very heartbreaking for us. i still don't believe it. >> deadly overnight gunfire in san francisco. a grieving mother talks about her devastating loss. >> reporter: the 49ers are going to the super bowl.
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we'll tell you how much tickets cost and show you where you can get championship gear. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell, who is in washington, d.c. today, covering our presidential inauguration. it's monday january, 21st. martin luther king day as well. happening right now in washington, d.c., thousands of people are in washington, d.c. along with tori campbell for president obama's inauguration for his second term. we're out there live right in the middle of the music, the pomp, the circumstance, thousands of people are out there as we look at these live pictures of some of the military musicians right there. testimony tori campbell is covering everything for us.
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is it getting crowded now? >> reporter: actually, the crowds are thinning out here. that's because i think people are heading into the mall, dome, inauguration and getting ready to celebrate. everyone's decorated. they are wearing obama hats, keeping warm, getting some food. because once they are inside, they won't be able to leave until the ceremony is over. inside there's already some musical entertainment going on. they started performing about a half-hour ago. during the ceremonies, some big names will be part of the entertainment. beyonce who sang "at last" during the obamas' first dance four years ago. she will be singing the national anthem and kelly clarkson will be singing as well as james taylor day --
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james taylor. among the bay area is a rather new u.s. citizen. grant perry of santa rosa told me recently why this is so special for him. >> i have been a u.s. citizen now for about 12 years. it's really a great experience to be coming here. i know my american friends have never done it. >> reporter: now, there are fight a few paraphernalia items that you can buy. this is one that i bought. it's the official inauguration program. you can see a nice picture of president obama there and a few nice pictures inside. what i really like on the back side, you can see this picture here, it says "this seat is taken again for the next four years." the president, january 20th, twin. i'm pretty sure that's -- 2009. i'm pretty sure that is in reference to clint eastwood and other comments that were made. i know you will be talking
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about the 49ers. we did come across a crew here from atlanta yesterday. we were kind of you know talking a little bit back and forth about who was gonna win. so i had to give them a hard time this morning about the 49ers winning the game. and a lot of people are excited about baltimore's win over the new england patriots. we'll continue to cover the setup and the official inauguration. the big inauguration ceremony that begins very soon. reporting live in washington, d.c., i'm tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> great, live update, t.c. and ktvu's inauguration continues for you at the nation's cap capital. we'll have live -- nation's capital. we'll have live reports. we'll also be streaming their for you. coming up at 7:15, our first
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glimpse of the president today. we're also following overnight news from san francisco this morning. police are investigating a fatal shooting. now, it happened around midnight on napals street not far from geneva. just a short time ago, alex savidge spoke to the victim's grieving mother. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, the mother of the man who died in this double shooting told me she would really like witnesses to come forward and help out police. at this point, investigators have only a limited description on this gunman who, early this morning, just about midnight, opened fire on two cousins. it happened here on the00 block of naples -- 1100 block of naples street. the relatives gave me this photo, 43-year-old daniel cologne, a father to one son who grew up in san francisco. relatives say he and his cousin were walking home from a nearby bar when the shooting happened. daniel cologne died at the scene.
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his cousin, andrew cologne, was shot in the upper body and taken to san francisco general hospital. the mother -- the mother of the man who died says she can't believe this happened and doesn't have any idea why anyone would target her son or andrew cologne. >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know who who want to hurt my son or my nephew. >> reporter: relatives say the surviving victim was shut through the lung and remains in icu. family members are hoping he can make a full recovery and police do say his injuries are not considered life- threatening. investigators say the shooting was dressed in all black. that's about the only description they have. he ran april way from the scene. he's described as white or hispanic. if you know anything, put in a call to san francisco police. live in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, aim ex. 7:06.
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the san francisco 49ers are headed to the super bowl. they had come-from-behind win. janine de la vega is live where she can start to buy the gear. >> reporter: good morning. the last time the 49ers went to the super bowl was 1999. this store behind me, you can get it will be busy with a lot of people buying the champions' gear here where you can see the super bowl emblem right underneath here. ktvu was at san francisco international airport as the team's plane touched down at 11:15. people were cheering in the airport as the players, coaches and their families walked off the planes. some fans gathered on the street to see the team buses make their way to the headquarters in santa clara. the 49ers want the nfc championship game. the 49ers had a rough start in the first half and were down by
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17 points but frank gore ran for a pair of touchdowns and the team won 28-24. quarterback, colin kaepernick, recalled what he told his teammates in the middle of the game when they were down. >> very comfortable. i mean, i have great confidence in our defense. i went out there and talked to them and told them this is for the super bowl right here. they said we got you. >> reporter: coach harbaugh will be facing off with his older brother, the coach of the baltimore ravens for the super bowl in new orleans. that's leading some people to call the super bowl the harbowl. this is the first super bowl for jim harbaugh since he document over the team coming from -- took over the team coming from stanford. for one ticket to the super bowl, prices start $at 2100 on stub hub and they go for $8400 for field seats. coming up -- coming up on
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"mornings on 2," you will hear from fans to see what they think about all of this excitement heading to the super bowl. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have much more on the game on our channel 2 website for you. go to just cling on the nfc championship tab. you can -- click on the new year's eve championship tab. in atlanta, a heated argument turned violent when a 49ers fan stabbed a falcons' fan last night. that happened in the parking lot after the game. police say the falcons' fan punched the 9ers' fan. that's when police say he pulled out a knife and stabbed the fan in the neck. he was rushed to a nearby hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. 7:09. the morning commute -- this is the martin luther king holiday. >> right. >> you are still watching highway 24. >> yes. we watch all of the roadways. s what is if we do get a crash, they tend to be more serious.
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so far, so good. no major problems on the oakland freeway system either. when up get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see a light commute. it's not much of a commute today. b.a.r.t. is on a saturday schedule as you go through the system. if you are drivingen 0 the peninsula, it -- if you are driving on the peninsula, 880 looks good. take it easy out there. we don't have a lot of -- a lot of slow traffic right now. 7:09. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. clear skies here. still an offshore breeze. that's land to see breeze which is why the coast has been nice. rather breezy to windy. today everything is good. inauguration forecast, it does call for chilly temperatures. inauguration. thank you. thank you. 30s for many. and then the 40s.
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dropping rapidly. but it looks mostly sunny. we have clear skies but two systems are going to purge. one pout of the gulf and one out of the southwest and they will start to bring -- one out of the gulf and one out of the southwest and they will start to bring more clouds than rain. a pattern change looks like it starts on wednesday. clouds cooler and maybe some rain. san francisco and half moon bay, 48, 40 redwood shores. 41 sfo, oakland 42. but 29 concord. 28 -- 28. sunny and warm, cold away from the coast. a little stronger breeze in some of the higher elevations. mid-60s to upper 60s. kentfield, 65. st. helena a little warmer. clearlake 66. 67 downtown oakland.
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livermore, at 63. each day about 1 degree warmer. 72 santa cruz. 67 san jose. milpitas, 68. 66 half moon bay and 66 in redwood city with mountain view and palo alto. increasing clouds it will be cooler. we'll cloud it up on wednesday. looks kind of cool to the end of the week and maybe more rain. just a shocking story. a 15-year-old boy arrested after police say he killed his parents and three of his siblings. what we're learning about the albuquerque teenager and his well-known father. also -- some new developments in that phony girlfriend hoax. what's happening this week in the scandal that involves a notre dame football star.
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cold for some. some upper 20s, 30s.
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sunny, mild, warm. 7:14. in overnight news, the taliban now claiming responsibility for an attack hon a police station in -- on a police station in downtown afghanistan. the gunman stormed the headquarters of the traffic department shortly before dawn. that triggered a deadly gun battle that lasted several hours. at one point, the attackers set off explosives, causing a fire. at least three of those attackers were killed. pretty exciting, moments ago, we got our first glimpse of the first family on this inauguration day. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports, the president and first family attended a prayer service. kyla? >> reporter: yes. the president, first lady and their daughters big smiles. permission dictates that -- tradition dictates that a
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prayer session attended. they take a motorcade. meanwhile, crowds are building along the national mall and in two hours, not even, just over an hour, the public swearing-in ceremony gets underway behind me. we saw people watching around in pitch black. also coming today, a san francisco woman who -- who won't tickets from a lottery. >> i can't wait to see the president in for another four years. that's stop. >> reporter: the security measures are in place. right now we are a taking a live look at the tents set up along the perimeter of the capitol building. hundreds, thousands of people are waiting to get through. they have check in with security, go through metal detectors and be greeted by the officers there. there are 6500 around the capitol today to ensure
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everybody's safety. >> kyla, before you go, i know we've been hearing fewer people out there. we also know there's differences between the first inauguration and then this year's festivities, some scaling back, right? >> reporter: yeah. one of the big things we're hearing about is this time there were only two official inaugural balls tonight. four years ago, there were 10:00. president obama said with the tough economy, it is the second term. so a little scaled back. about 800,000 people are expected around the mall and parade route. last time, it was around 1.2 million. >> all right. thank you. stay with us here for continuing coverage of today's inaugural celebration. we'll carry president obama's public swearing in live. we'll 'also stream the events -- we'll also stream the events as well and on mobile ktvu. this could be the year for a major change in california's
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population. a new report says the hispanic population for the first time may become the largest ethnic group in california. in july, the hispanic population is expected to equal that of the white population. officials think the new trend is due in part to a declining birthrate and also more people moving here. the suspected mastermind of that hoax involving manti te'o is expected to give a tv interview later this weekend. the 23-year-old southern california man described as an acquaintance of manti te'o. in the meantime, manti te'o will appear on "katie couric" on thursday. it will be his first on-camtra interview since the story about a dead girl was revealed to be a hoax. today, friends and family will gather to say their final goodbyes to a sacramento-area police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. officer kevin ton was killed last tuesday when police say he got into a struggle with a
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burglary suspect. services are scheduled for 11:00 at adventure christian church in roseville. the united states honor flag will be displayed at his office. it was first displayed at godshortly after 911. we're learning more about the 15-year-old boy accused of killing his parents and three of his siblings in their albuquerque home. nehemiah was arrested on murder charges. a motive has not been arrested. but he frequently dressed in camouflage, he was home schooled and had few friends his age. nehemiah's father, greg grow agrow, was a well-known -- greg griego, was a well-known pastor. a 16-year-old boy has been arrested in the east bay. police are out there looking for at least three other suspects after a deadly shooting at a b.a.r.t. station. police say two groups of people got into an argument saturday
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afternoon. that led to a gun battle at the station's b.a.r.t. bus stop. a 50-year-old bystander was killed. one other person was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. a former san jose state football player has now been sentenced to seven years in prison for a burglary spree that spanned four counties. prosecutors say kareem mcfarland targeted homes that were vacant or under construction, including the home of the late steve jobs of apple. mcfarland could have faced more than 16 years in prison. but a judge agreed to a seven- year sentence in exchange for a plea deal. the castro district is about to get a major makeover. the city is planning to widen the sidewalks and also make safety upgrades. this is all part of a $4 million project to make that castro district safer and also more pedestrian-friendly. the city is hoping to begin that project sometime this
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summer. and the palace of fine arts in san francisco will soon have a new tenant. the town school for boys will be reeseing -- leasing the old exploratorium building for a year while the school is being renovated. that space was left vacant after the exploratorium moved out and moved to pier 15. according to the san francisco chronicle, it will cost the school about $42,000 a month to rent that space. well, you can mark the martin luther king, junior holiday by going outside and visiting a national park with a special benefit today. admission at any of the national parks, including yosemite, absolutely free. there's also no charge if you want to go to muir woods, the san francisco maritime park. muir woods and the country's newest landmark, pinnacle is on the list. the park entrance fee to
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alcatraz is free but you will have to pay for the ferry ride to get there. several offices and government buildings are closed for the martin luther king holiday. federal and state courts, government offices, schools, most banks and credit unions will also be closed. the post office closed today. no mail will be delivered. parking will be free in the city of oakland. but those parking meters in san francisco will be enforced. 7:21. we're headed for another sunny day all around the bay area. look outside there right now. will this last? you better stay tuned for steve paulson's forecast. he will tell you when we might see rain clouds rolling in. also, the hazmat scare after a train that was headed to oakland derailed. good morning. westbound 80 traffic moving along pretty well as you head out to the macarthur maze. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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a detailment caused about 100 businesses and homes to be evacuate -- evacuated. it's still unclear what caused this. no one was hurt and no nearby businesses were damaged. but one car was leaking liquid. it was not hazardous. 7:24. state officials say there's still 31,000 green carpool lane stickers for plug-in hybrid cars available. right now just about 9,000 are on california roads. that compares to the 85,000 of the yellow hybrid stickers issued. in fact, there were so many of those, the state had to cancel the program or lose federal funding. 7:25 is the time. it's a hoyle. a lot of businesses -- it's a
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holiday. a lot of businesses and schools are off. so traffic has been light. >> it has been. we have a nice-looking commute if you are driving west or eastbound on the bay bridge, it looks good. this is a look at 880 in oakland. it is a nice drive. so if you have to go to work, you have the consolation of having nice roads. the toll plaza, no problems getting into san francisco. dumbarton and san mateo bridge traffic, wide open. 7:25. let's go back to the desk -- go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have clear skies. it's offshore. land, sea, that's another beautiful day for those in san francisco, berkeley, oakland, along the coast, 50. two testimonies are gonna merge by tuesday and then the sweep here giving us a change in our pattern. 20s to 40s.
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27 santa rosa, concord, 29. napa airport is 40 but closer to napa valley -- i've seen upper 20s to near 50. highs today will be 60s to maybe a few low 70s towards santa cruz. but we'll have more on the changes coming up in about ten minutes. 7:26. a deadly rollover crash. it happened last night outside of an industrial plant. what happened here in the east bay and the many questions that still have to be answered. marin county pushes to get more guns off the street. we'll tell you about a gun buyback program that's missing one key element when "mornings on 2" continues. w
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we're looking at live pictures. we are one hour away from the start of the inauguration ceremony in washington, d.c. for president obama's second term. there's senator john kerry there. there's senator levin next to him. members of the united states congress now filing out. there's orrin hatch of utah. there's john mccain and there's san francisco senator dorothy -- dianne feinstein. >> there you go. >> forgive me. i'm trying to think of all of the names i'm seeing. they are filing in. an estimated 800,000 people are barked out there waiting for their historic ceremony. the activities are tu to begin
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-- are due to begin at 8:30. after the president is sworn in, he will deliver his inaugural address and then there will be a parade down pennsylvania avenue. tori campbell is there. and we will be following all of the events right here for you. back here in the bay area, a popular gun buyback event in marin county continues today. there will be one thing missing. the buyback part of that. tara moriarty joins us to explain. >> reporter: well, today is martin luther king, junior day, of course, the district attorney is saying because he advocated nonviolence this couldn't be more perfect timing. this is gonna be a gun surrender as opposed to last week, if we take a look at the video. you can see that people were actually getting cash for their guns. this particular event runs from 11:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. the trouble is the county ran out of cash last time. they doled out $43,000 in the
7:33 am
first couple of hours of that buyback. 827 guns were turned in. officials with the district attorney's office handed out vouchers when the money ran dry and now they are raising $60,000 so they can honor the vouchers. today, will be a gun surrender. so no cash involved. the district attorney in marin says his office wanted to do something -- to do something in the wake of the tragedy. there will be no police report generated. if you have a gun, you can get rid of it starting at the mill valley police department until 3:00 this afternoon. we'll be here all morning and let you know how many guns they will get. we don't know if it will live up to last time and being given that it is a holiday. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. in overnight news, firefighters
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in south san francisco investigating a suspicious fire. this one happened at the city hall annex building. the fire started around 1:30 this morning. the flamed in an outdoor dumpster and jumped through a window and spread. >> it's minimal. it's office supplies and papers, file cabinet. >> no one was in that building at the time but investigators still want to know how that fire started. the chp is leading the investigation into a fatal car crash in antioch. it happened last night about 9:30 outside of an industrial building on wilbur avenue. investigators say a speeding red sedan smashed right through a fence, then rolled over several times. >> one person in the car believed tosh the driver was pro-- to be the driver was pronounced dead. no word what led up to the crash. >> reporter: another fatal crash is being investigated. it happened around 3:30
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yesterday afternoon on valley ford road. 48-year-old michael kolb was killed. his wife, martha, was hurt. their motorcycle crashed into a woman pulling owl -- pulling out of her driveway. alcohol is not said to be involved in the crash. the system 49ers are back home -- the san francisco 49ers are back home. the team landed in san jose late last night. and soon they will get to work for the super bowl. janine de la vega will have more from the team store that's now stocked with nfc merchandise. fans parked bars and restaurants around the bay area to watch the nfc championship game. we were inside knowwy's bar in san francisco as -- nowe's bar in san francisco yesterday. this will be the 49ers' six theth time -- sixth time.
7:36 am
san francisco mayor ed lee watched the game from washington, d.c. after the victory he issued a statement saying -- congratulations to all of the players, coach harbaugh, the york family and the entire coaching team and staff. he also urged fans to celebrate respectfully and peacefully. head to our website,, for complete 49ers coverage. we have a special nfc championship tab on our home page. 7:34. new this morning from algeria, algeria's prime minister just said at least 47 foreign workers were killed after being held hostage by militants at a natural gas plant. three of the hostages killed were americans. the four-day siege ended on saturday, that's when the special forces stormed that plant. at least 29 mill the tants were also killed. back here at home, police
7:37 am
in east palo alto want your help. they are trying to find the suspect of a shooting over the weekend that the happened on bell street about 2:20 on sunday morning. when police arrived, they found a 20-year-old man from vallejo shot several times. he was rushed to the hospital. he's listed in stable condition. if you have any information, call east palo alto police. one san francisco firefighter suffered mine injury injuries battling a fire in the city's richmond district. it started before 10:00 last night at an apartment building on california street. crews had the flames under the control in just about 90 minutes but there's major damage to the building. still no word on how the fire started. firefighters are also looking to what caused a fire that seriously damaged another san francisco home yesterday. that happened at about 4:40 yesterday afternoon on kotter street, just off san jose avenue. four people were displaced, including two children. time now, 7:36. hey, sal, anything happening on
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highway 101? >> no. but things are happening on twitter. people are watching us. >> oh, good. >> thank you for watching and tweeting. >> be it's been a -- it's been a good morning, dave and pam, a lot of people have the day of. for some it's like another -- off. for some it's like another sunday. i'm glad you are joining us. just know, in case you are watching for the first time, we'll provide traffic times for you on the typical commutes. for example, at the bay bridge, normally, right now, get this, we usually have a 20 to 30- minute traffic time. right now it's one to one or two minutes and then another ten minutes into san francisco. so we're got you covered. but -- we have got you covered. >> reporter: this is a look at the -- this is look at the
7:39 am
bridge. it looks good. enjoy it. tomorrow we're back to full strength, right, steve? >> yes. clear skies, cold for some. upper 20s. others near the coast about 50 degrees. it's a huge difference. it's that offshore breeze again. that really helps coast and bay. tomorrow it reverses. starts to go more westerly. inauguration forecast, we have cold temperatures, they are cold back there. 40s on it looks like sunny, mostly cloud cover. turning cold again tonight. so tori was well prepared. scarf and gloveses. our weather will start to -- gloves. our weather will start to change. we'll get cloud cover and a westerly breeze. that starts tomorrow. today, sunny and warm. there might be a few clouds. we're already starting to see that with some of the temperatures. but a pattern change looks like it begins.
7:40 am
we'll get a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures. some of these temperatures are all over the map. i know novato 41. not far away. eljay tweeted me and said they are 32. san francisco, 48. concord, 29. pleasant hill, 28. walnut creek, 28. san jose, 36. fairfield 31. napa airport, 40. but i've seen up towards pope valley anywhere from 29 to 50 degrees just depends on if you get the warm wind. today sunny side up and good to go. warmer temperatures, coast and bay. a lighter breeze at the surface. so 60s -- i heard from chloe in clearlake where it's 24. be careful of ice on the roads. they will warm up to 66. walnut creek 66. but 67 downtown oakland, just really warm. a couple of days there. same for santa cruz at 72. gilroy, morgan hill, milpitas in there as well. half moon bay, 66 beautiful
7:41 am
degrees. redwood city and san mateo close at 65. increasing clouds tuesday. things start to change. wednesday we cloud it up. a cooler pattern with the possibility of more rain by the weekend. the search will continue for a second man from san francisco who drowned while vacationing in hawaii. the men were part of a group visiting ka -- kauai's shore. brian baker was swept out to sea. >> this is really a tragic event. >> his body was found by rescue crews on saturday. the waves are so dangerous right now, that the beach had to be shut down. searchers will continue to look for baker's body today. well, the first mavericks surfing contest in three years ended up with a lot of local names in the top six. 24 surfers from around the world were invited to test
7:42 am
their skills against the waves off the san mateo county coast. that through 30,000 fans to half moon bay and princeton by the sea. the waves are not as big as some hoped but the results were better than hoped for. >> you can find more on the contest, including a slide show, just go to and click on our mavericks tab. 7:40. thousands of 49ers' fans celebrated yesterday's nfc chip vict -- championship victory. what we know about trouble in the streets and some arrests. the 49ers are headed to the super bowl. we'll show you where you can
7:43 am
get some nfc championship gear and you will also hear reaction from fans when "mornings on 2" continues. oh!
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people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. well, wall street analysts say wall street did quite well. the s&p 500 up 85% from january of 2007. that tops the performance of president obama's four predecessors. franklin roosevelt tops that business. businesses in new orleans have spent months to celebrate the fans celebrating the super bowl. the big game always provides a huge economic boost to the host
7:46 am
city. not everyone who comes as a ticket. now, new orleans attracts a lot of people, expecting 150,000 fans this year. >> as we've been telling you all morning, the san francisco 49ers will be a big part of that party. it will be the sixth super bowl appearance for the 49ers' franchise. janine de la vega is live right now right at the 49ers' team store. we know it will be busy and you have your hands around all of that prized merchandise. >> reporter: the store does not open for a couple of more hours. you can they already have all of this nfc championship gear in the window. of course you, right underneath it, you can see it has the -- of course, right underneath it, you can see it has the member --
7:47 am
memorabilia. the 49ers had a rough first half and was down by 17 points but frank gore scored two touchdowns in the second half and the 49ers won 28-24. fans say they were impressed by the team's comeback and have high hopes for the big game. i think in two weeks they will win and i felt it was a great game last night and a come from behind, that's what we champions do. >> reporter: now the team is headed to new orleans to play in the super bowl against the baltimore ravens. that team is coached by the 49ers' coach's older brother. so the two brothers will be facing off in what some are calling har-bowl. tickets are not cheap. on sub hub prices start at 2100. they go all the way up to 8400. that's just for one seat and that's for field level seats at the 50-yard line.
7:48 am
now, season ticketholders have already been e-mailed from the 49ers and they are leading them where to buy the tickets and are offering sort of special package deals. of course, the 49ers are also leading people back out here live to where to buy the nfc championship gear. in two weeks after the game is played and everything goes our way, you will see new year in here saying super bowl champions. if we win, reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:46 is the time. we're just moments away from national coverage of president obama's second inauguration ceremony. we've been out there live all morning. here's washington, d.c. right now. organizers expecting about 800,000 people to attend this year. >> there's his motorcade right there. the president's motorcade already moving through the streets down there and you can see a line of really park vehicles. i'm assuming that vehicle right there is the president's
7:49 am
limousine, incredible beautiful vehicle and you see the crowds screaming because they are see. >> that's exciting. >> his entourage is moving through the streets in washington, d.c. there's so many people to be dash that are excited -- there are so many people excited to be part of this. we've tori campbell check in -- we've had tori campbell check in with us. >> right there, the first family getting ready for the inauguration. the president's second inauguration. we saw in a -- a few minutes ago, the members of congress including dianne feinstein and her colleagues headed to that spot where the public inauguration -- yesterday, the private inning youration took place. this is a public one. we're there. we're taking you there. we could be part of it as well back here in the bay area.
7:50 am
>> right. and we understand -- i tweeted it out but president obama is gonna use the lincoln bible as he did four years ago and will use one of dr. martin luther king's bibles during the ceremony toda oh, really? >> the family was just thrilled he was gonna be doing this. so on this day that we honor martin luther king. >> again, you are looking at live pictures. even though they are not expecting as big a crowd there, we're still estimating about 800,000 people will be in the mall in washington, d.c. for this public inauguration of president obama in washington, d.c. we just wanted to bring you all of that excitement live. we are minutes away from the festivities. >> all right. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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we're just moments away from national coverage of president obama's inauguration some. we're looking at live pictures. that's his vehicle right there. it officially starts at 8:00 this morning. the president, his family, went to church first came back to the white house and now they are moving through the streets of washington, d.c. >> it's so wonderful to give all of those people who are further away. >> yes. >> they get to embrace all of the excitement as they watch the president's motorcade travel by someone else who has been able to be there as part of all of the excitement as the people walked by. as our own tori campbell has. tori, you've been out there since 4:30 this morning and watched the crowds go by. you've had a lot of people say hello from right here in the bay area. it's very exciting. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, it is. it's a lot of fun to see people
7:54 am
have made the trip like we have. the crowds are still still filing in. in -- are still filling in. if they have tickets for the mall, that's for general seating area. we've seen a lot of people with obama shirts and flags. even some of the buttons. i ended up getting this button here. when i flew out to sfo, there was an obama volunteer who was handing out these buttons on the flight. there's estimated, 600,000, 800,000 people taking place at the mall to watch this ceremonial inauguration and among the people who will be there, political, and jim mip carter but the two former presidents bushes, are not obviously -- obviously george h.w. bush has been quite ill for a while. we understand the president has arrived at the capitol building and is having some coffee right now with some of the
7:55 am
congressional leaders. he made his traditional visit to st. john's church. they also made a trip to another church yesterday. and among those people to see that up close is bay area visitor alan antonio. >> they were actually attending services this morning. as we waited, they got in and there's nice video of mrs. obama waving with the motor came. >> reporter: they are here with their 9-year-old son who ashed a spot with the people to people -- earned a spot with the people to people leadership to be able to attend and witness the inall -- inauguration. this is their first trip to d.c. they are especially excited, since this is also martin luther king day. i feel so honored to be part of this moment in history. and just -- it represents
7:56 am
everything that dr. king fought for. as an african-american woman, i've been teary-eyed since i got off the plane. i've been teary-eyed since i got off the plane. >> reporter: and speaking of dr. martin luther king, one of his bibles will be used when the president is publicly sworn in in the next hour. the president will be using two bibles. the other one is one that was owned by abraham loin conand lincoln used the same bible when he was sworn in and president obama used it four years ago when he was sworn in this 2009. again, a lot of -- sworn in, in 2009. again, a lot of excitement. that will be followed by the inauguration address where he's supposed to speak for about 20 minutes. the second-term inauguration address, not usually memorable.
7:57 am
oftentimes it's a bit more of an olive branch and more poetic and less policy. and, of course, after the address, there will be the luncheon and then the parade and then the inaugural ball. so a busy day here in washington, d.c. reporting live i'm tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tori, before you go, i know the excitement about warm up some of the atmosphere in washington, d.c. how cold is it there? how cold is it there for you where you are standing? [laughter] >> well, you -- >> reporter: it's not too bad. it was pretty chilly. i put some extra layers on. it's not too bad. but there's actually supposed to be a cold front coming in. there might be snow. it's supposed to dip in the 20s. i'm glad we're out here. it's fairly comfortablable as long as you are wearing layers, and gloves and a scarf.
7:58 am
>> and tori, give us an idea what it is like for you to stand out there. the excitement must be amazing. >> reporter: it is. especially at this location where we are. you can see quite a few barricades people are having to walk around them. but being right in front of the capitol dome, it's a beautiful sight and the this is -- there's a really good, genuine, positive feeling. historical in many ways, even though it's the second term for the president and vice president. but that's the reason why so many people are here. 1.8million were here for years ago. a lot of people are wondering how many people were here for president bush's second inauguration back in 2005. the latest estimates i heard about that, about 300,000. so again, at least twice that for this inauguration here in
7:59 am
2013. dave and pam? >> all right, tori. terrific job in washington, d.c. tori campbell from ktvu in the nation's capital. make sure you stay right here for all of the coverage. we'll carry the public swearing in live. we'll also stream the events on and mobile ktvu. before we turn it over to that, let's check in with sal. >> here's a look at the major ones. the toll plaza looks good. we started with 880. the toll plaza, this traffic is nice so you shouldn't have any worries. >> let's go to steve. all right. sunny and warm but changes start tomorrow. it looks like clouds start to roll in. but today by the coast, near 70 for some. >> all right. our coverage continues after the break.


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