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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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going through a crisis right now. and as of today the head coach is out of a job and five football players have been suspended. they finally got to the bottom of it after christmas vacation and today announced the head coach is fired because those five players harassed younger students in the shower with their uncovered gentiles. >> the school has very strict policies about hazing and inappropriate behavior. it's cut and dry and they violated the rules and they're out. >> reporter: the school spokesman say it is six victims are all doing okay and coming up on bay area news at 7:00, you will hear from some shocked and even outraged parents. the principal of alkahanas
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high school has sent a letter to students and their families warning of staph infection. the school has had two confirmed cases of staph infections. the nurse and custodial staff are taking steps to make sure the school is cleaned and the school is shutting down the weight room and locker rooms while they are professionally cleaned. the city's third homicide of the year is being investigated. it happened last night in south san jose. police say several young men approached a man in his late 30s or early 40s and stabbed him. the victim's name has not yet been released. in milpitas. they say they've uncovered a small marijuana grow. the home had been converted
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into an illegal grow. a sheriff's deputy in dublin opened fire on a man that lunged on him. and the double danger involved in this morning's incident. >> reporter: two minutes, that's how long it took a domestic emergency call on fredrickson's lane to turn into an officer involved shooting. >> i heard the pop, pop, pop. pop. pop. i said gee that sounds like gunshots. >> i saw him aiming and take the shots. it happened so quick i ran in the house. >> reporter: a deputy responded to a call for help at this home. the man inside said his 28-year- old son was quote, acting bizarre. >> within two minutes, the
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suspect was already out of the house. he charged at him with a rambo style knife about two inches long. an investigative base camp, domestic calls and calls for the mentally troubled are among the most unpredictable in law enforcement. this one had both with a 12- inch knife. >> he in his own defense was going to pull his gun and he did. >> reporter: the father who called police is just trying to help a troubled son. >> it's sad that it had to come to this.. >> reporter: before this, calls to the home were domestic. the officer involved is an eight year veteran. the suspect he shot is expected to survive. in dublin, noelle dublin.
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a man who stabbed his father and shot at a police officer will spend the rest of his life in prison. martinez was sentenced today to nine years behind bars. martinez shot at an officer who was attempting to arrest him in 2010. this was martinez' third conviction. an alameda county judge sentenced cayman to 25 years in prison. that was in return for cayman pleading guilty. he told police he had been suspended from school and didn't want to deal with his parents being upset with him. sunny vale police, the chp and sheriff's deputy all rushed to the school after a report of a gunman on campus. however, in the end it turns
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out the report was nothing more than a prank. ktvu's allie rasmus is live tonight. and that student who made up the story is in big trouble. >> reporter: you can see, sunny vale police are still on the scene. one student told an administrator there was a man walking around the athletic field with a gun. within minutes, cupertino middle school went into lock down. >> we had to make a barricade. and we stayed like in a corner and we covered the wall and were there for a couple of hours. >> reporter: after a student reported seeing a gunman, police stood on stand by and students were bussed away from the search area. school administrators went into crisis mode notifying parents. >> i was just thinking, what
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poor parents and the poor children, because your heart pumps like crazy. >> we emptied the city and called other officers to come in. we cancelled a fire training day. >> reporter: many parents were relieved and said they were happy with the way they handled the incident. >> you can't overreact because they didn't know it was a hoax. >> hopefully we can forget this and thank god that it wasn't something that was really bad. >> reporter: the school day ended two hours early because of this ordeal. we talk to the school district's superintendent about what teachers, staff and students learned here today about their emergency plan and how well it worked. live in sunny vale. minor earthquake struck
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near fairfield this morning. people reported feeling the shakiness. no reports of any damage or injuries tonight. today we got an up close look at repairs to a section of a bay bridge tower that was damaged by an oil tanker. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar with the work that has to happen before rebuilding begins. >> reporter: gasia, we should take a quick look. a ship just cleared the tower that was hit. missed it by a wide margin because they were being very careful. but it's nice to know that a lot of repair work is already done. almost all the big heavy smashed parts of the fender system has been removed. >> we are making very big progress. what we're seeing is the demolition. >> it's designed to absorb the impact of any collusion and it
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did just that. >> reporter: as big and adds bulky as this fender is. the ship had no trouble tearing it up. but look at the concrete over there. undamaged. the bumper did its job. the same contractor repaired the bridge bumper damaged by the cosco busan five years ago. >> you're talking about technology that's 80 years old. it's done an excellent job of protecting the bridge. if we're going to do something from scratch now it would probably be different. but this is exactly what it was intended to do. we're going to put it back with at least disruption and expense as we can. >> reporter: recycled plastic support pillars will replace the wood for two reasons. >> generally it's not available. these are big sections. 16 by 16-foot virgin timbers you're not going to find those anymore. and we don't want to put in toxins into the bay.
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>> reporter: this part of the bridge tower however is very vulnerable until this $3 million repair is completed. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the true 49er faithful got their just rewards today. tickets to the upcoming super bowl. today 49ers season ticketholders who won a special lottery got to pick up their super bowl tickets at candle stick park. each ticket cost $150 and most fans say well worth the price. some also said they might resell their tickets but others said no way. >> this is a thrill of a lifetime. once in a lifetime. going to new orleans for the 49ers win. >> we have our air fair. -- air fare. we have our parking space. >> i guess we're all sitting in the same section. >> are they good seats? >> good enough, we'll be there. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. we'll be there. >> it doesn't matter, we're going. >> reporter: some say they're planning to make a vacation.
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and have already made reservations for restaurants and activities in the big easy. what do you plan to do for the big game. we will show you some of the superstitions we found and how a good luck charm, an ohio restaurant is using to support the red and gold. campaigning for new stricter gun control laws. the first stop was in richmond virginia where he held a round table discussions on reducing mass shootings. the 2007 virginia tech killings helped make a better argument. health and human services as much ass kathleen sav -- >> we were able to quiz them through a horrible tragedy here. everybody knows what happened at virginia tech. >> reporter: the vice president
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also pushed president obama's plan to mental health screenings. in an effort to reduce gun violence, san mateo county will be holding a gun buy back. it'll be in the fairgrounds. the buy back will offer gun owners cash for their firearms no questions asked. they'll be giving up to $200 for automatic rifles. north korea may be close to firing a nuclear bomb. the threat came after u.s. sanctions over north korea's recent missell test. an imagine shows preparations may be under way at the north korean nuclear test site inside a mountain. activists in syria say at least 80 people in that country
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died today in battles between rebels and government forces. an estimated 16,000 are already in neighbors jordan and another 6,000 have arrived in just the past two days. 700,000 syrians have left their country since the fighting started almost two years ago. the jordanian government says it will keep its borders open for even more refugees. san francisco's city attorney is cracking down on dozens of restaurants, he wants to know where the money intended for health care, where that money is going. >> and we're real close to your bay area weekend. we have some wind out there. as you look to the north we have clouds increasing and a chance of some sprinkles for your bay area weekend. i'll tell you which day. well, well, well.
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today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. san francisco city attorney says that dozens of restaurants are committing fraud taking money in from customers in the form of a surcharge by not
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using that money the way they're supposed to. rob roth live in the city where rob, you asked the restaurant association to explain what's going on. >> reporter: right san francisco city attorney dennis herr era is calling it consumer fraud. at this french cafe near downtown san francisco, customers pay a surcharge on their check, the money is supposed to go to cover health care for workers. but city attorney herr era announced today that it's going after restaurants that are taking in the money but not going to the health care. herr era says in 2011 restaurants collected $15 million for health care surcharges but only 10 million went to health care. >> it assures taxpayers that our public health safety net
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won't be abused to subsidize businesses that break the rules. herr era did not a announce any of the restaurants it is targeting. but we obtained a list. it shows how much restaurants collected and how much went to health care. the head of the restaurant's association says it has more to do for confusion. >> they didn't understand how to fill out the form and they filled it out incorrectly. >> reporter: herr era says any restaurant targeted will have the opportunity to explain what happened before the city takes any further action. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments today in the battle of the bay oyster. after hours of testimony, the federal judge did not make a decision on whether the company
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along point ray's national seashore can stay open. the government has given it a march 15 deadline to move out. the judge took the case under advisement. >> there's a chance that a large group of people that came hopeful to this hearing today are going to lose their jobs, their homes, our community is going to lose this piece of history and culture that we thought the park service actually was charged to protect. >> reporter: the bay oyster company lost its federal he's after ken salazar said its operation was environment environment -- environmentally unhealthy to the area it is supposed to conserve. apple has been pretty much in a free fall because of concerns over the company's earnings and demands for its products especially the iphone. apple's market capitalization, that's the stock price times
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the number of shares is now at $414.5 billion. exxon's capitalization is $417 billion. a new improved wifi system is coming to b.a.r.t. riders. the b.a.r.t. board of directors has approved a contract to buy 100 wireless communications devices. once installed, b.a.r.t. security and control centers already able to stream live videos from cameras on b.a.r.t. cars. the devices will also improve wifi service for riders. already 44 of b.a.r.t.'s nearly 700 cars have similar devices. a morgan hill man has been arrested on suspicion that he sexually abused four children. 65-year-old miguel saucedo delgado faces eight counts of child molestation. prosecutors have added a special circumstance charge because there were multiple victims. the children told police delgado molested them when they were between five and 13 years old. police are trying to find out
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if there were any other victims. a morgan hill student is under arrest after he was accused of bullying. a 14-year-old classmate pressured them to smoke marijuana. when they refused the classmate verbally and physically attacked them. the school resource officer told the 14-year-old to stay away but police say he continued the bullying through facebook and texting. >> disappointed certainly. it's the kind of thing that happens from time to time. and i think what is really important here to take away from this is that students are going to be responsible for their actions. the boy has been sited for battery, making harassing phone calls and firing an air gun at classmates. police say he'll be in juvenile court with his parents for a hearing. penn state will be in federal court stemming from the sexual abuse court involving former assistant coach jerry
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sandusky. all this according to the attorney hired to deal with the controversy. sandusky is currently facing a 60 year sentence. -- she identified the man from a picture she saw on the internet. casto was home alone when she heard a thief. she hid behind a shower curtain but the burglar saw him. >> first i noticed his big lips and i said i got that. i have to see the rest of his face. i seen his stair and i said there's no emotion or soul there's just a blank stair. >> sophie says after staring at her for five seconds, the man took off.
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but a few days later, they saw conway on a mug shot. runway 28l was supposed to be closed today through next monday. but recent rains have pushed that date back although they haven't said when the work is scheduled to be completed. >> there is some winds out in the bay but pretty light over all. the same. t then is for more what was the same in what is the same? more clouds and as we head into the weekend a chance for some sprinkles. you can even see showers showing up, put them right there. some showers. let me come in closer. that's what makes the forecast
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a little bit sketchy. as one system leaves, another system, a different kind of system. this one comes in from the north. it's a cooler system. highs today. we had high temperatures today that were in the 70s or 60s and upper 60s and highs as we head into tomorrow they'll be in the 50s. as you look here you will see a chance of sprinkles showing up here in santa rosa and roner park. as we head into tonight and tomorrow that's the story. there's a slight chance for a sprinkle as we head into the bay area weekend. so right now temperatures are kind of mild. like i said 62 in san francisco. 59 in santa rosa. highs today were in the mid-50s even upper 60s. a really nice day. highs tomorrow are going to come down. because that next system, it's a cold front it's not very powerful. but as you come through you're not going to see 60s. it's going to deposit cooler air. and it'll be just in the 50s. overnight lows tonight will still stay mild. then saturday morning or pardon
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me sunday morning temperatures plummet. the four cast then will be for some fog as you wake up. just as it has been. we had fog this morning. patchy valley fog. reduced visibility. it has dense fog advisory but you know where it is. for your saturday morning. you go it's not that cold. maybe some patchy fog. as the day goes on. there's a pretty good shot for a few sprinkles out there. that's how the forecast goes. tonight maybe a sprinkle in the forecast. tomorrow a slight chance for a sprinkle. here's the deal. between you and me i'm not changing my chance. the chance of a sprinkle is very low. most likely you will not see anything. below normal temperatures not below normal but cooler temperatures is what we will notice as we go into the extended forecast. this weather system not that big a deal. we have the latest computer model and i'll show you what's happening. then that chance of sprinkles saturday and sunday. but if you have sprinkle chances i think you'll be fine.
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coming up, just a bit short. the public response subway is issuing today about making sure their foot long is really a foot long. >> and it's not just a feel good thing, the three effects mentoring has on children and how oakland is honoring the adults who form those partnerships. something every parent may want to know. how to raise your child's iq. >> knowing how to raise my child's i q by seven points, sure. >> and the surprising proposal from one bay area city. >> plus -- >> a lot of 49ers gear floating around these days but can you tell the real licensed merchandise from the fake? >> what to look out for when buying your 49er gear. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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the world's largest fast food chain is apologizing for
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the length of its sandwiches. today subway issued an apology after a photo appeared online showing the subway measuring only 11-inches. subway says it's doubling measures to create consistency. the city of oakland today honored citizens as heros. mayor quan recognized court advocates for juniors. it's especially important for at risk youth, she says. >> i've always defined that as the kids who are in foster care, the kids who the oakland police have contact with each year. and the kids who miss 20 days of school. >> reporter: tonight at a special mentoring day event,
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some 200 people are being honored for their work as mentors. the pentagon has started sending pink slips to thousands of temporary workers. these are part of a budget cut that takes place in march. the pentagon's civilian work force has 46,000 employees but it's not yet known just how many are being laid off. the commerce department says that although new home sales cooled off in december, the annual figure for last year was the best since 2009. builders sold 363,000 new homes in 2012 that's an increase of 20%. and it's the first annual gain since 2005. a new update today on the health of giant's fan bryan stow. we'll táel you why it will rally support. and the right to play.
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what the white house did today to make sure all children even if they have a disability are treated fairly when playing on sports teams.
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the family of bryan stow, the giant fan severely beaten at a dodger game released an update on his health that has left his friends and supporters shaken. stow's family says he is back in the hospital with a blood clot. robert handa live now in san jose with how loved ones are taking the news and how anyone can step up to help out. >> reporter: before bryan stow
5:32 pm
become a public figure, he was a member of the hospital family. he is being treated of a serious blood clot. the san francisco giant fan suffered severe head injuries after being beaten by two men on opening day of 2008 season. stow is now back in a baker's field hospital and is being treated for a blood clot that runs from his thigh to pelvis and says the doctor was surprised the clot didn't kill stow. >> obviously the last couple of weeks have been stressful for him and the family. we just kind of hope that his health continues to improve. >> reporter: friends and former coworkers say they are also hopeful. >> it makes me really sad to hear that but he's strong and he's got an amazing support. and i think he will pull through. >> reporter: some of that support will be on evidence in stage. tim flanery will headline shows
5:33 pm
in millvalely, napa and santa cruz on sunday. >> he's a good man. good paramedic. good fellow employee to have here running calls with us. and we do miss him tremendously. just having the family having fundraisers just shows you how much he meant to us in the community. >> there's so much uncertainty. you're always trying to be optimistic but these little set backs like these always add more pressure to the family and when people are always there to help support you it really does make a difference. >> reporter: and that support will continue. some of stow's friends told me today they are also organizer other fundraisers for later this year. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the centers for disease control said today that the flu is now prevalent in 49 out of 50 states. the cdc say it is disease is on the decline though in the south, southeast, new england and midwest. 37 children across the country have died from the flu since
5:34 pm
the season started in december. compare that to last year's toll of 34 children killed over the entire flu season. the only state to have escaped widespread flu infection so far is maine. actor burt reynolds appears to be a victim of the flu. reynolds is expected to make a full recovery. federal regulators delayed on making a decision on whether to restart a nuclear power plant. the san enofre power plant shut down a year ago. that leak caused excessive ware on the steam generator tubes. southern california edison has proposed running it at reduced power to prevent damage. the commission says it won't make a decision until at least
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late april. marissa myers says her company is working into a way to personalize the internet. myers say the goal is to blend social, location and activity context with content. on wall street today stocks had another strong day. the dow rose another 70 points. nasdaq was up by 19. s & p500 climbed eight points rising above 1,600 for the first time since 2007. >> president obama today nominated another white house assistant. he grew up in minnesota and played football at st. john's university. ryan privus was unopposed on his bid for a second two
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year term. the vote came at the rnc's yearly meeting. the move comes at the gop is still trying to regroup from its loss in november's presidential election. a judge has been holding closed door hearings in the case of a man convicted of killing shandra leavy. remember she's the intern from modesto who disappeared in 2001 and who's remained were found in washington, d.c. rock creek park. an illegal immigrant guandique is being prosecuted. jaquelin fell reports -- he just want as chance to show off
5:37 pm
his moves. >> for me it means a lot because i've been playing since i was 4 years old. i don't want to be a basketball player.i want to be a coach. >> reporter: the school district send letters telling coaches they have to give students a report. >> there's a confidence that comes with just playing in sports. >> reporter: minor changes must be made if necessary such as giving visual cues to a deaf student on a track team. let's say a student has a learning disability and the coach just benching them the entire season. under these new guidelines that's discriminatory. all students must have the same opportunity to play. paraolympic gold medalist competed on the gold stage but promised to race on her own high school team. >> get off the track. you don't belong here. you have sports of your own kind. >> reporter: the guidelines take effect right away. the obama administration says the changes won't give students like tatiana or sam an
5:38 pm
advantage just the chance to earn a spot on the team. in washington, jaquelin fell, ktvu channel 2 news. on fire in midair. the weather event that caused the sparks and flames on a plane in midair with dozens of passengers on board. >> high tech violations the change apple is making with manufacturers over seas to come ply with the law. - - to comply with the law.
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check out these pictures here. there's some dramatic pictures showing a fire burning in the engine of a passenger jet that was hit by lightning. terrified passengers watched as the sparks and flames lit the interior of a darkened cabin. it happened yesterday on a flight from istanbul. the pilot managed to land the plane safely. and turkish airlines says none of the passengers or crew on board were injured. the white house disagrees with a federal appeal ruling that the president violated vacancies. the president is only allowed to do that when the u.s. senate is in official recess which they technically were not. no word yet if the white house will appeal this ruling to the supreme court. a los angeles jury today viewed photos that allegedly
5:42 pm
show metals flaking off a hip replacement device into a patient's body. a lawsuit against johnson & johnson. an attorney for the plaintiff said today his client was worried he would get metal poisoning. the company review concluded that more than 1/3 of the implants were expected to fail within five years. an audit of working conditions in china found several cases where child work laws were violated. they found several cases of underage workers. apple says it is no longer a chinese third party labor supplier after it discovers the company was knowingly providing child labor at apple manufacturing facilities. a state appeals court has thrown out two of the four convictions against casey anthony. she's the orlando area woman
5:43 pm
who was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. she was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to detectives. the appeals court agreed to of those should be dropped. anthony was sentenced to a year of probation to an unrelated check fraud case. from special foods to lucky shirts, the role superstitions play in super bowl predictions. tracking two weather systems, i'll let you know how they could impact your bay area saturday and sunday. new at 6:00. >> something every parent might want to know. how to raise your child's iq. >> knowing how to raise my child's iq by seven points, sure. >> the surprising proposal from one bay area city.
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>> a lot of 49ers gear tphroáeting around these days but can you tell -- gear floating around these days but can you tell the licensed gear from the fakes? look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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the 49ers head to their sixth super bowl some fans are convinced they can help the team to victory. from ice cream to riddles. >> this is my lucky seat man. >> reporter: according to this commercial about superstition, it's only weird if it doesn't work. but to ensure the 49ers get into the super bowl, fans are sending good mojo and good ice cream. the folks in youngstown ohio say they've done it before every super bowl game and they can't stop now. >> now they're looking at the super bowl and i'm not messing with my girlfriend karma or mojo. we're shipping ice cream down. >> reporter: these candle sticks prayer candles might. >> you just light your candle and you say a quiet prayer to yourself and it works. >> reporter: even the mayor
5:47 pm
believes in superstition. >> i don't want to jinx them. >> if you're superstition you would not let a black cat cross your path. or walk under a ladder. if you're a superstitious 49ers fan, that lucky hat and shirt begin to take on a whole new meaning. >> the whole thing about a lucky shirt is you don't wash it. >> as soon as they go to commercial i have to have the hat forward. if they're not doing good, it's facing back. >> these fans are convinced they'll be responsible for a win. >> i would like to thank in some small part i am. in addition to many other people's superstitions. i think it takes a collective effort of superstitions to make the whole thing work. and if 49er fans in pacifica is showing his team spirit. andy papas is showing his 49ers flag and he has a banner says, who's got it better than us.
5:48 pm
papas says he's put up a lot of signs for many years now. keep in mind stay right here with ktvu channel 2 for all your super bowl coverage. we'll bring you team coverage of the game starting next week with ktvu anchors mark ibanez, joe fonzi, ken wayne and former san francisco 49er bubba paris. we'll also be the only local news station with a live postgame show following the super bowl. a group of chicken farmers says there will be plenty of chicken wings to go around for the super bowl. the national chicken counsel says americans will chow down on almost 1.23 billion wings during the super bowl weekend. the group says the wholesale price of wings has risen from about $1.85 per pound last year to about $2.10 per pound now. partly because of a drop out in the number of birds produced because of last summer's
5:49 pm
drought. oracle ceo ellison was asked to move in to keep the kings from moving to seattle. he's been asked to keep a part of the kings to keep them from moving. ellison tried to buy the warriors back in 2010. one of the king's limited partners may file a lawsuit over the proposed sale to a group from seattle. jerry hill has introduced a bill that would restrict when the state department of fish and game can kill mountain lions. the measure would require fish and game to use nonlethal means to track lions unless. this move comes after game warden found a mountain lion under a porch. a dolphin who became stuck in a brooklyn canal has now died. the dolphin grew crowds of admirers and photographers when it showed up. the polluted superfront site
5:50 pm
runs through an industrial zone. the dolphin was confirmed dead just a few hours ago. all right let's talk about our weather because the weekend is almost here and if today is any indication not bad. >> yeah, it's not a very good, you know it's kind of an indication. the weekend is going to be a lot like today. there's doing to be a chance of showers -- there's going to be a chance of showers. it's going to be one of those weekends where there's clouds. i have to put a sprinkle in because of this. i have two weather systems. one right here. that's the new one. here's the one that's exiting. that brought some showers this morning to the south bay. this system coming in right here is a cooler weather system. cold air coming in behind it so daytime highs instead of being in the mid- -- even upper 60s as they were today are going to be cooler tomorrow and as we go into sunday. this system number two, it's weak. if you're worried about rainfall. i mean just call a friend out in point rays and alima they'll tell you where this is happening right now.
5:51 pm
it's almost nothing coming down if anything. just light sprinkles. that's what i'm expecting. as you head into your bay area weekend i have to leave a chance of sprinkles if your forecast. i'm not changing anything you would do this weekend. baseball, football whatever you've got going outside. i think you're going to be fine. 10:00 10:00-- tennis is a tough one. but i think you'll be all right with tennis too. a system is coming in. a different type of system. this one is cooler. it doesn't contain much moisture at all. so i'm not expecting much showers and if you look at the computer model which you are right now. saturday morning, right these are the showers here. here's the clouds. saturday morning. maybe some valley fog. saturday afternoon, but i have to leave a sprinkle in here because there's some areas in the area that could or some clouds near that could produce a few light drizzles. sunday morning, sunday afternoon. yeah. in the mountains there'll be
5:52 pm
some snow. maybe an inch or two. and then we get into monday. this isn't one of those clear cut weather forecasts. i don't think a lot is going to change. tomorrow morning bright and early and mark tamayo being here friday and saturday night. right now we have a couple of weak systems that are going to impact us. you're going the hear people talking about it's going to be showery, rainy. what i'm seeing, game on, go ahead with your plans like you normally would. it's going to be cooler instead of 60s and mid-60s, it's 50s and upper 50s. so do what you're going to do. whatever that is. >> but maybe with tennis. >> it's a little wet on the court. but i would play tennis too. a man goes to great lengths to avoid the long arm of the law. the two things officers promised him that got him to end his five hour stand off on a roof.
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the makers of gatorade today vowed to pressure from consumer and removed a controversial ingredient from their sports drink. brominated vegetable oil is used to flavor the drink evenly
5:56 pm
but is also used in flame retardants. gatorade said it will stop using it in gatorade but will still use it in mountain dew and other products. thousands of people many of them teens and young adults packed the national mall for the annual march for life. they walked from the mall to the supreme courts to mark the 1973 landmark case that legalized abortion. >> we came together here, hundreds of thousands of americans to support the unborn. to show that they are human and they deserve just as much protection as you and i. >> several members of congress and former presidential candidate rick santorum spoke to the anti abortion rally. in a few hours from now a walk is to begin for a missing girl. as they do every time this year they'll walk through town and
5:57 pm
then hold a prayer service. she was 13 years old when she disappeared. she was heading to an afterschool ice skating lesson. a previously unpublished photo of princess diana has been sold. it shows teenage princess diana with a bottle of whisky behind her. a man spent five hours trying to avoid a bail bondsman. that bail bondsman showed up at 5:00 a.m. sharp looking for the man. the man climbed into the attic and on to the roof wearing only shorts and socks. sheriff deputies eventually talked him down though with promises of warm clothes and a little something to eat.
5:58 pm
one bay area city already has them. surveillance cameras that can scan the license plates of everyone who drives in and out of town. next, the new bay area town with the new step up on security. new research says the you can make your children smarter. the three things that you can do that can boost your child's iq.
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