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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 25, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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it will be a classic. it will be our masterpiece. call claire. call claire! [heartbeat]
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a police officer is shot and wounded in oakland for the second time this week and tonight we're asking witnesses
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what happened this time. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. it started with a car crash. we can tell you a uniformed police officer now has a bullet wound in his leg. amber lee live right now there at the shooting scene in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. >> reporter: this is still a very active scene. what started as a car crash involving that burgundy camaro and that suv ended in the shooting of a police officer. a 26-year-old oakland woman was driving this dark green impala with her 19-year-old brother. she told me they collided with a red camaro that ran a stop sign. he said the other driver who identified himself as carlos got out of the camaro and asked if the brother and sister were okay. then he started acting quote,
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jitter -- jittery and started pacing. shortly after police arrived he took off. the officers at the scene went to investigate. four more shots followed. >> one offer was fired upon by the suspect. even after being shot in the leg and was able to successfully capture him and take him into custody without further incident. >> reporter: the brother and sister said the gunman matched the description of the driver who ran from the accident. that he had a distinctive bruise under his left eye. the suspect tried to steal a bike and that may have set off the original shooting that sent police chasing. police chief jordan expressed outrage that this is the second time in a week that a police officer has been shot while investigating a violent crime. >> after shooting at them someone else or being involved in some type of violence prior to that and still have the audacity to shoot at one of our
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officers just telling you the level of violence we're dealing with. >> reporter: the wounded officer was taken to the hospital where he's being treated. he's a 13 year veteran with oakland police. live in oakland, amber lee, ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. district attorney gascon has decided that he will not move forward with a case against crabtree. a woman had alleged that crabtree had assaulted her after a party. and trent baalke offered a statement. michael and the team can now put this behind us and move forward. very lucky and very happy 49er fans picked up their super bowl tickets today at candle
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stick park. season ticketholders were added into a lottery for the seats all of which cost $850 a piece. but that didn't seem to be an issue for those who won the chance to buy them. >> this is a thrill of a lifetime. once in a lifetime. going to new orleans for this 49ers win. >> and are they good seats. >> i don't know. >> good enough we'll be there. >> doesn't matter? >> doesn't matter. we're going. >> when you get tickets like that. you have to look at them to believe. >> what i -- when i told my wife. we're going to the super bowl. she was so stoked about this. >> reporter: the super bowl may turn to be a good investment for some hoping to sell them at a profit and watch it on television. learn how the 49ers kaepernick era began. the phone call when jim harbaugh revealed his draft pick. knock off merchandise on bay area streets, what to look out for when you buy niners
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gear, later in the newscast. this afternoon we found warning signs up and caution tape around the school campus. the principal says as a precaution, the gym, the weight room and locker rooms have all been closed for professional cleaning. the county health department is advising the school nurse, custodial, maintenance and staff on what precautions to take. >> i thought that it's not too big of a deal but i'm glad they're dealing with it in a big way. >> reporter: staph infections include sudden large areas of redness, swelling and pain on the skin. if left untreated there can be serious complications. more details now on how to prevent a staph infection. keep all cuts, scrapes and wounds clean and covered with bandages. also wash your hands often and use an alcohol based sanitizer. and do not share personal items such as towels, razors, deodorant and soaps. the alameda education
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association today declared an impasse in its negotiations with the alameda unified school district. the union is now asking a state mediator to step in. this comes one day after district officials offered a 2% raise the teachers are asking for a 4-1/2% raise. now to vallejo where a catholic high school has been rocked by a hazing scandal. the head football coach has been fired and five students have been expelled. >> reporter: as classes let out at st. vincent's high school students flooded the parking lot to catch a ride home. the school announced that chris cerbone was fired because five of his players harassed six younger players with their uncovered gentiles. one parent didn't want to show his face. >> it's kind of disturbing obviously. but you know we know it goes on but i'm glad it's reached out to a lot of people. >> reporter: school officials would share few details but did confirm this was a pattern of
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behavior that continued throughout last season. >> they were expelled because the school has a very strict policies about hazing and about abusive behavior and they violated those. that's one advantage of being a private school. it's cut and dry and they violateed the rules. another parent said the students were punished too severely. he blames the schools. >> there's no accountability at this school. it's the administration that should be thrown out not these kids. this is their future. they're good kids they just made some silly decisions. >> reporter: this photo of chris cerbone is when he worked at a different school. he started as coach and teacher here last august. >> someone should have been responsible for the students. they were there to supervise the students and they weren't in this case, for the lack of supervision this happened. >> reporter: four other coaches who were suspended have since been reinstated.
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john sasaki. apple lost it crown today as the company with the world's largest market cap. stock closed this week at $439 a share. it was trading above $413 as recently as wednesday. exxon is now back at the top of the heap when the markets closed today the total value of its outstanding gap was $417 compared to 413 billion for apple. apple had taken over the title from exxon exactly one year ago. on wall street the mayor index has moved higher today. the dow climbed 70 points, nasdaq gained 19. the s & p500 picked up eight to close above 1,500 for the first time in five years. new at 10:00, a series of benefit concerts for giant's fan bryan stow savagely beaten two years ago. now unfortunately stow is back in the hospital suffering from
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a serious blood clot. deborah villalon is live tonight. >> reporter: a couple of familiar faces on stage. that's bob ware of the grateful dead and right next to him kim flanery third base coach for the san francisco giants and lifelong musician. flanery is the force behind these fundraisers. >> tonight we're going to play some music and generate more awareness. >> reporter: backstage flannery talks about the beating that left bryan stow permanently disabled. >> ♪ >> reporter: a year after it happened, flannery raised $75,000 singing for stow. he's at it again he says because the family inspires him. >> the day it happened it didn't just affect bryan stow, everybody became care giver. >> reporter: money raised goes to a foundation for stow's ongoing care. >> the stow's know there's still a lot of people thinking about them but also it's going
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to let a lot of other people know that hate crimes aren't going to be tolerated. >> people are always there to help support you it really does make a difference. >> reporter: stow's loved ones are grateful. especially with his health taking a difficult turn. the father of two was already in pain recovering from a surgery when doctors found a clot. a clot that may have killed him. >> these little set backs like these always add more pressure to the family. >> reporter: in the ballpark, tim flannery's left arm is better known for his wild windmill motion, waving runners home. but today it's being used for a better cause. >> it inspires me to play another song and play another show. >> reporter: and we're back live now at the show. last night it was redwood city.
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tomorrow night napa and sunday's final show is in stow's home santa cruz. his family will be there to enjoy the music and accept a check from tim flannery. down loads and dvds are available too. we're live in mill valley. deborah villalon, ktvu news. >> and we posted a link on our home page. in 90 seconds. the five alarm fire that shut down this comedy club. >> this was supposed to be someone's home but it's packed of hundreds of illegal marijuana plants. the two things near by that made the discovery even more surprising. >> it's like hiding in plain sight. i'm tracking two systems tonight and their impact on your chance for weekend showers. @
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new video tonight of a five alarm fire at a comedy club in fairfield. just within the past hour, crews were finally able to contain the flames. it started just before 7:00 tonight at the original pepper belly's comedy and variety theater on texas street in fairfield. it appears the fire started in the second story of the building. they said they could not fight the fire from the inside so they were forced to tackle it from the outside. we talked to a couple who was on hand for the comedy show. >> my wife actually called me when i was on the road and told me, i don't know if there's
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going to be a show tonight. looks like it's on fine. >> reporter: the fire was knocked out just after 9:00. no injuries were reported and so far no word on how it started. now to the south bay where police busted a marijuana growing operation today right across the street from an elementary school. new at 10:00, matt keller where he talked to police about the clues that you could be living near a grow house. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team raided this house this morning. you can see a hole through the steel door. inside the s.w.a.t. team found an operation that has shocked neighbors. this house seems to fit in. nothing unusual about the outside but today police found this on the inside. walls knocked down to make room for more than 400 marijuana plants in different stages of growth worth about $600,000 on
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the street. we're finding most of these grow houses are rentals. and it's costing thousands of dollars. >> it surprises me, this is a nice neighborhood. everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: nobody seemed to know liem ho. he was arrested in a different home. police say he was involved in the grow. >> my senses is, they should be here instead. >> reporter: there's signs that a home is being used. including that the tenant is never there. additional ventilation and sound of fans coming from the home. >> you would expect someone backed in in a corner some where where there's no traffic. this is traffic, this is busy. people are on the sidewalk all the time here walking. so it's like hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: liem ho was booked
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into jail for a cultivation grow and the theft of utilities. police have released surveillance photos of a man who they say robbed a bank of america. the man demanded money from a teller then ran away. police describe the robber as a white man in his late 30s and early 20s. an oakland teenager who admitted to killing his adoptive parents was sentenced today. moses cayman admitted to the killings. the boy was 15 at the time. he told police he had been suspended from school for smoking marijuana and didn't want to deal with his parents being upset with him. san francisco city attorney says a health care fee charged in restaurant for employee health care isn't only being used as intended. the city attorney is calling it fraud but ktvu's rob roth tells us the city's rest rant
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association says there -- restaurant association says there may be a simpler solution. >> reporter: city attorney dennis herr era announced he's targeting more than 60 restaurants who may be collecting the money but not using it all on health care. >> this program seeks to remedy consumer fraud by a relative handful of restaurants and other businesses. >> reporter: customers say the money should go where it's intended. >> if it's not getting into the right hands then that really is upsetting. >> reporter: in 2011, restaurants collected a total of $15 million in health care surcharges but only 10 million actually went toward coverage. herr era is offering a amnesty for restaurants to come forward and pay up the money. >> it assures taxpayers that our safety net will not be abused to subsidize businesses to break the rule. >> reporter: we obtained a list from the city's office of labor standards. it shows how much individual restaurants collected in surcharges in 2011 and how much
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was spent on health care. one restaurant had a surplus of $300,000. the head of the restaurant association says in most case it is problem has more to do with accounting confusion. >> the vast majority of people who are going to be on this list are folks who are on it for no other reason than they did not understand how to fill out the form and they filled it out incorrectly. >> reporter: any restaurant targeted will have the opportunity to explain what happened before the city takes any further action. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now as rob mentioned, we pulled up computerized city records showing the restaurants that collect the health care surcharge and in 2011 the restaurant with the largest discrepancy was michael colmena. the a list restauranted collected surcharges that did not get spent on health care. but the restaurant says it's actually in full compliance and is holding the money in a
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separate account. >> none of the moneys we collected has gone toward anything but health care of our employees. now one san francisco restaurant has already settled with the city over those health care charges. pache's pizza agreed to pay employees after it was found that they did not use most of the san francisco health care money to pay for the employee health care. 1/2 of a san francisco constitution is celebrating a big birthday tonight. >> ♪ happy birthday
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hundreds of people gathered to celebrate with marian brown. although her twin city passed away earlier this year, she is remembering her. >> she would love you all as much as i love you all. >> reporter: when asked what's her secret to looking great at 86. maryann said find a job you're happy with, and a boss you're happy with, and if you don't look him. kick him out and find another job. between a couple of weather systems here. here's thwarmer one to the south. it's moving off. here comes the next weather system it's cooler. as it moves in tonight and over the weekend temperatures drop down and there's a chance for showers. we head into tomorrow. a chance for scattered light shower. you can see the current imagery. there's not a lot going on. we're going to look for low clouds and fog tomorrow morning. there's a chance for a sprinkle tonight and tomorrow. it's a slight chance. it does not look like a big deal. don't change your plans for tomorrow. but know that overnight lows
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tonight will be a little bit mild. 40s, upper 30s. there'll be clouds to contend with. i think it's going to be a pretty nice day despite the slight chance for showers. when we come back as we head into sunday there's yet another chance. i'm going to take the computer model and i'm going to roll it through saturday and sunday. we'll see you back here. oracle ceo will come off the bench to prevent the kings team from moving to seattle. meanwhile the sacramento bee reports one of the kings limited partners is considering a lawsuit to challenge the proposed sale to a group from seattle. a dolphin in distress. we're going to tell you about its struggle to survive in polluted and unfamiliar waters. >> but first, our super bowl coverage continues.
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how the kaepernick era began. the phone call that reveals he would be a niner draft pick.
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it was a top secret decision that helped lead the 49ers to the super bowl. jim harbaugh picking up kaepernick. while some stories are top secret, it isn't really a secret when dad is taking the attention. >> reporter: the dad a retired and very accomplished college coach in his own right and two sons they make it to the nfl. very top of the profession. so now flash back to nearly two years ago on the eve of the nfl draft, here's dad trying to talk his son jim into telling him who he's going to draft,
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it's a great listen. >> can you tell me? tell me, tomorrow you're going to draft a quarterback. who's it going to be? and it goes dead silent. not a word. and i can just hear him going. [breathing] on the phone. i can actually hear him breathing. i said jim. tomorrow is the day. he said dad will you pledge that you will not share this information with anyone. you can't even talk about it with jackie. will you promise me that you will keep this totally secret. i said jim, you have my honor, you have my word. and then he mentioned that colin kaepernick was going to be the guy that he drafts. and i said jim that's the guy. >> thumbs up. as they say the rest is history. sure enough the niners select kaepernick. second round of the 2011 draft.
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he was the sixth quarterback selected that year. and that regarded as a can't miss prospect. harbaugh saw something he liked at reno and his good judgment has turned into a franchise altering event. something that you might want to keep in mind. that will be his tenth professional start as a quarterback. only his tenth start. he's in the super bowl. >> although what he says is, guys i've been playing football for 17 years. >> yeah, welcome super bowl sunday it's not going to feel like any ordinary game. but i like the way he's playing it. very calm and collected. >> he's so great. >> and dad is just like him. chip off the old block. good story. >> we'll see you in sports, mark. thank you. plan for a coliseum city development to be built on 1,000 acres of land on and around the oakland coliseum are moving forward. officials with alameda county and the city of oakland today approve add comprehensive study. it includes housing and retail.
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city and county leaders say the raiders are also taking part in the effort and that the project is their best shot at keeping the team in oakland. the future of the drake's oyster farm remains in limbo. a crowd stood outside the courthouse in oakland hoping that the court would allow the oyster farm while a decision is made. drakes bay lost its federal lease after ken salazar said the operation is harming the environment in drake's bay. we're getting a good look tonight at one of the wild inhabitants of mount hamilton. a camera captured this photo of this mountain lion. experts say the adult male lion is between four and 8 years old
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and weighs more than 800 pounds. a stuart of the resort found the picture of the cat. experts don't know why the dolphin died. it's not clear if a necropsy will be performed. paying to park, even on sunday. how one website is vowing to help san francisco drivers fight back.
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new at 10:00, graduation night for 46 recruits now joining the ranks of the san francisco police department. the graduation ceremony was
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held at the scotish right. today's graduation comes after 41 weeks of training for these new officers. >> it was very hard actually. a lot of stress, inoculation, they pretty much wear you down until you can't do it anymore but you have to get up and keep going. >> the newly trained officers will begin a training program. this was the department's 232nd academy class. two elected leaders in san jose are asking the city to consider temporary pay increases to try to keep police officers from leaving the force. city council members sam lecardo and pete costan want to hold a meeting to discuss way that san jose can boost police pay and staffing. 30 people have resigned from the police department in just the past 60 days. police chief chris moore also retired last week after the city backed away from a ballot measure that could have raised money for the department. the 49ers are super bowl bound. when it comes to 49er fan gear
10:33 pm
how do the faithful now they're getting the real deal? cara lui found out an easy way to spot a knock off. >> reporter: just about anything with colin kaepernick's name on it seems to be selling fast these days. >> he's just become a rock star. very good for business profits. >> reporter: thousands of these new shirts were printed. on them are official nfl stickers showing they are the real deal. >> there's an nfl sticker on it. that says boom because those stickers are numbered and whatever else and we have to account for them. >> reporter: but there are also plenty of knock offs. these vendors on market street took off when we started asking questions. >> why not? is this not legitimate merchandise? >> reporter: one of the telltale signs that you have a knock off is the tag will be split. officially licensed products will carry either an nfl hologram or a tag or a sticker
10:34 pm
from the player's association. >> yeah i always try to get the official licensed product. it's just my personal preference. i don't like to buy knock offs. >> reporter: the nfl confirms they have inspectors here in the bay area as well as in baltimore and new orleans looking out for unlicensed merchandise. police officers also tell us they sited several vendors today who were breaking the rules. in san francisco, cara liu. ktvu news. an ice cream company in the midwest says that they will keep tradition alive. yogurt from ohio has been shipping the team ice cream before the game. they september 150 containers before last sunday's game against atlanta. now handles has a special quest for sixth packages for the big game. >> you know some people might say it was because of coaching but we know it was because of handle ice cream.
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>> you bet it was. long time owners of the niners are from youngstown. starting this sunday, drivers failing to feed the meter may find themselves with parking tickets starting at $62. they're expanding to all meters on sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m. it's a big change since most meters in the city had been free on sunday since 1947. in recent weeks parking patrol officers have issued thousands of warnings but here's the important thing to note. the grace period ends this sunday again meaning drivers could get a parking ticket starting at $62. this comes as a website is promising to help drivers fight those tickets. parking says it can create a letter of dismissal or help a driver to find a way to fight the ticket. the service is free with the promotion code, holy sunday.
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this goes through sunday, after sunday there will be a fee to use the site. mcdunna was among the top officials with the president during the 2011 navy seal raid that killed osama bin laden. mcdunna replaces jack lew who has been nominated for treasury. lawmakers had been out of town for 20 days when the president used his authority to make an appointment. however the judges disagreed ruling that the senate technically was in session at the time. the white house calls that session a sham meant to block just such appointments. in news of the world tonight. violence rocked the streets of egypt on the second anniversary of the revolution that unseated
10:37 pm
president mubarack. >> reporter: these images may show that north korea may be ready to launch a missell. and in south africa the search is on for thousands of crocodiles that escaped from a crocodile farm. officials say surging waters forced them to open gates. some 15,000 crocodiles ended up in the lopopo river. so far only about 2,000 of them have been captured. a new tactic to cut down on crime. >> i feel that something needs to be done and very soon. one city's new plan to add dozens of cameras. and will showers disrupt your weekend? our chief meteorologist bill martin back at 10:35 to show us
10:38 pm
how that possibility will play out. plus officers surround a school after reports of a gunman. the trouble one kid could be in for making it all up.
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a middle school student in sunny vale is in big trouble after making up a story that led to an armed response by
10:41 pm
dozens of police officers. three schools were put on lock down after that student at cuper to the best -- cupertino school said he saw a gunman. in the end it was all a hoax. made up by the student. >> we emptied the city for this and then called back other people, other officers to fill in. we cancelled a fire training day. >> reporter: sunny vale police say they'll recommend criminal charges against that student for making a false report. it happened in an instant. a sheriff's deputy in dublin called to a home for a domestic incident. and moments after arriving, he was forced to shoot a man.
10:42 pm
we have what happened just before the deputy fired his weapon. >> reporter: two minutes that's how long it took a domestic call to turn into an officer involved shooting. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. pop, pop, pop. i thought, gee that sounded like a gunshot. >> it happened so quick i closed the gate and ran back into the house. >> reporter: at 9:27 this morning, a deputy responded for a call for help at this home. the man inside said his 28-year- old son was quote acting bizarre. >> within two minutes, the suspect was already out of the house. he charged at him with a rambo style knife. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff mobile command moved into the quiet neighborhood an investigative command center. >> he in his own self-defense is going to pull his firearm
10:43 pm
and fire and that's exactly what he did. >> reporter: one neighbor told me seeing crime tape in his street is shocking but not entirely unexpected. that the father who called police had just been trying to help a troubled son. >> it's just sad that it had to come to this. >> reporter: until today the sheriff's department says calls to the home were for minor issues. the suspect he shot is expected to survive. in dublin, noelle walker, ktvu news. the san mateo county sheriff's department is holding a gun buy back tomorrow. it runs for four hours from 10:00 in the morning in the 2:00 in the afternoon. people can hand over weapons no questions asked. the department is offering $100 in cash for handguns, shotguns and rifles and up to $200 for assault weapons. >> repairing the bay bridge. the role recycling will play in the recycling project. one city's plan to deter
10:44 pm
crime using cameras. the price tag and the source for possible funding. tracking a couple of weather systems headed our way. looks like we're going to see some showers or chance of showers as we move into the weekend. we'll show you the latest computer models and what you can expect. [ ck up some boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates,
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after two home invasions this week the police department in piedmont is searching for ways to protect residents. one idea flow is to install surveillance cameras to photograph cars driving into the city. >> reporter: this is a case of location for some. >> piedmont tends to be a very affluent area and it's going to be one of those places that gets targeted. >> reporter: this woman wearing white lives in the oakland piedmont border. the latest robberies made her
10:47 pm
nervous so the suggestion of cameras does not scare her. and she doesn't think of the cameras as big brother. neither does the new police chief that was sworn in on thursday. >> if we can get it to be able to have that would make a big difference in being able to solve crimes. >> reporter: the new chief says the department has alread contacted a vendor and is looking at cost. we learned there may also be residents willing to help pay for the technology. >> i can tell you that it's a community more than willing to help us in any way. i can tell you that in just four days. >> reporter: tiburon police department says despite initial opposition in the less than two years the cameras have been optional, they've helped solve several cases. that's enough for this mother. >> i hope something can be
10:48 pm
done, and very soon. >> reporter: the chief says this is a very slow moving project and the community will be contacted. in piedmont, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the san jose police department is asking for the public's help tonight to locate a man. he helped kill 18-year-old deshon brown last month. vicente duarte. another suspect is currently in custody on murder charges. repairs are coming along on the section of the bay bridge that was damaged by an oil tanker earlier there month. a lot of work has been done since tuesday. most of the damaged area of the wood, steel and plastic fender system have been removed and what they're going to do is replace them with recycle plastic support pillars. so far they're making good progress. >> another week for the demolition and we're still
10:49 pm
looking at 4-1/2 months for the entire project. so we'll try to bring it in underneath that if we can. an oil tanker hit the bridge january 7. the project will cost $3 million to complete. u.s. airways and american airlines parent amr are reportedly in the final stages of negotiating a merger. the consolidation would create the world's largest airline. details about final price and management structure still need to be worked out. and i hope you're getting ready for your weekend. things are going to be fine. we have some unsettled weather in the region but it's not going to be a big deal. there'll be a few clouds or a few sprinkles at best. the system i'm tracking right now is this one. it's coming down from the north. this one is leaving. that one was that brought us the last 48 hours or so. this one is going to try to bring us rain but i don't think it has a lot going on. you can see a little bit of
10:50 pm
activity here as this system slides through. it's moving in this direction. but we've seen just some light sprinkles. i haven't had any reports of rain hitting the ground. i suspect that's how it's going to be as we go through the bay area weekend. so the story tomorrow morning. i think more than anything will be the fog. so as you get going, no frost delays on the greens if you're a golfer. kids as they head out to do their sports events it's not going to be cold. but the highs will be out there. you will have a better visibility. kind of what it was this morning. i don't expect a dense fog advisory. tomorrow turns out to be just like today. and i think sunday looks like today too. the computer model is going to come up here and i'll show you what i mean. that system comes up. this weak system comes in. this is the weekend system. the main impact will be clouds, cooler. today we had upper 60s, mid- 60s. tomorrow it's mid-60s upper 50s. a good 10 degrees cooler
10:51 pm
tonight. here's the latest computer model it just came up. 10:00 in the morning. you see instability here. but the computer model is not picking up any showers. there we are saturday afternoon. there's your whole day saturday. looks all right. sunday morning, you know sunday morning looks good. looks better than it did at 5:00. so sunday looks like it's going to have a little more sunshine than we see on saturday. so based on this model, it wants to make sunday the better day. it's one of those weekend, you're going to see forecasts with rain chances in them, chance of showers. i even have it in my five day forecast but i don't think it's going to happen. that weak system, remember that one coming from the north so it's cooler. temperatures come down but what the heck, 58 degrees that's not bad. 57 in gilroy. i did it i got a slight chance. if i could change it right now but i can't i would take the slight chance out saturday and sunday. there is a slight chance but
10:52 pm
between you and i me i don't think it's going to happen. looks like a pretty good weekend. the downside is we haven't had rain in a while. the five day doesn't have any real rain in it. beyond the five day there's no real rain chances. so we have to think about getting some rain chances in here. >> we'll look for them. thank you bill. a west sacramento man has filed a lawsuit against subway claiming fraud and also false advertisement. the action is the latest in a series of crimes against subway following the photo you're looking at. it showed one of the company's sandwiches was only 11-inches long. the chain today apologized for not measuring up if you will. subway said it's redoubling efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in all of you are subway sandwiches. plans to reduce a controversial ingredient from a popular drink. how it led to the removal of an oil that can also be used as a
10:53 pm
fire retardant. and go to, click on the icon and watch all of our newscasts live.
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10:55 pm
pepsi co. the maker of gatorade has
10:56 pm
announced it will remove a controversial ingredient. a study suggests it can cause behavioral and reproductive problems in mice. pepsi co. says it plans to stop using the ingredient in a couple of months. mark ibanez is here with sports. >> everyone who following the warriors will soon forget forever one of those games they were never end. bulls ran them off the floor. started the finish back in chicago. your all star david lee could not halt what was going on with rinich. led the bulls with 25 points. warriors off to a horrible start but they did close the gap with a 20-7 run of their own.
10:57 pm
curry the three had 21. warriors trail add the half. and the warriors stung by little nate robinson. the bulls take it 103-87. well the news much more chipper for cal's women. fifth time this year they've whipped a team. they did it with hustle tonight. coming from 16 down. britney in the circle. saved it. came back on the other end. takes the pass from clarendon. cal winning it 59-56 over number 23 colorado. other local motion. stanford just owns utah. sixteenthconsecutive time they have handled that team. and late in the week, they've had a rock solid roster to brag about. loaded with all pros. the only shaky area and it is a huge concern, the place kicker david akers. to great a year ago.
10:58 pm
a weak link now as evidence by his disastrous miss against atlanta. if he turns around no one is going to remember a think about all of this. >> i haven't had the personal success that i'd like to have this year after 14 years of actual credited seasons, you know for me i'm just going to go into this looking positive and forgetting the fact that 2012 and looking forward to good things 2013. all right, we just want to remind you you have the full crew going down to new orleans. in fact, joe fonzi is leaving on sunday. ken wayne will be down there. and bubba paris and i will head down there thursday. we have you covered before the big game. 6:30 and we'll be all over it all week long. saving it for a rainy day. apparently. tiger brings out his a game. second round of the farmers
10:59 pm
insurance open. woods into first place just like the good old days. beautiful approach to set up eagle. on the first approach and off and rolling. here's the his approach at seventh. woods has a one shot lead into the weekend. he definitely had it together today. that's the sporting life for a friday night. >> can't wait till super bowl sunday. >> you have a long wait. >> i know. >> bring it down a notch. >> thanks mark. thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> morning on two begins tomorrow morning with more on the officer involved shooting in oakland. always more on


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