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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 28, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a deadly car accident in foster city claims the life of three people. two of them brothers and now another brother is fighting for his life. a daring group of drivers shuts down this oakland freeway for a side show. the video now gone viral. we'll tell you how the chp is responding. hit and run in the east bay just hours ago. find out how it effected thousands of people. the 49ers arrive in the big easy getting ready for their biggest game in 18 years.
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if you have this boy i will tell you, you don't want to wish it on anybody. we have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. highs today will be cooler. 50s. here is sal. steve, good morning. northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split with no major problems. also this morning we are looking at the westbound bay bridge. it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. 5:00. over night news chp searching for witnesses to a deadly crash on a san mateo freeway. three people were killed on highway 92 in foster city. tara moriarty is here now just got some new information about those victims. tara. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the chp we have learned two of the three people that died were actually brothers and they were only 12 and 16 years old. the driver was 21. he also died. two others survived. both 18 years old.
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one walked away with minor injuries. the other is at stanford medical center right now with major injuries fighting for his life. he is also a brother of the two brothers who died. a very tragic situation. right now the chp doesn't know what caused the crash. it happened here near the foster city boulevard exit. they had to shut down two lanes of eastbound 92 for three hours after the driver of what looks like a silver honda accord slammed into a guardrail. it happened just before 10:00 last night. the car knocked over a utility pole. and the vehicle was unrecognizable after the crash. five people inside, two pronounced dead on the scene. another died on the way to the hospital. >> i don't know how many witnesses have called in. we do urge the public to call. if anybody saw what happened, that would assist in the investigation. >> reporter: it is not known how many of the victims were wearing seat belts. the chp says it is looking into
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whether this crash was alcohol related. just judging by the crumbled up metal the car was going at a pretty good rate of speed. all of these factors is what the highway patrol will be looking at. coming up we will tell you if this could have been a hit a run opinion live from foster city i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:02. another deadly crash. this one in richmond that caused a traffic nightmare last night about 9:00 on westbound interstate 80. the chp says five people were in a black suv when the driver lost control and flipped over. trying to avoid a pothole. one person died right there at the scene. a dangerous stunt shut down a busy oakland freeway saturday afternoon. ktvu alex savidge is in oakland with the video and the search for the drivers. alex. >> reporter: and this morning the chp is investigating this freeway side show. it happened right in the middle
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of 880 in this area of the freeway right next to the coliseum. and it was in the middle of the day only saturday. the dangerous stunt was captured on video. this is the video that was posted on youtube over the weekend. it shows several cars doing donuts right in the middle of the freeway. at the time traffic bus brought to a standstill. the video lasts less than two minutes until someone yell out five-o. warning that chp officers were on the way. everyone hops in their cars a and takes off. they were not able to catch the people involved in this stunt. other drivers that have scene the video are concerned. >> i would hope that whoever is responsible that highway patrol or whomever do what they need to do to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the chp has tips
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which they hope will lead them to the drivers that shut down this freeway. i did talk with a chp dispatcher. i was not able to get anybody on the line that could give me an update. live this morning in oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. the search is also on for a hit and run driver responsible for a power outage in san lorenzo early this morning. the chp says the driver smashed into high tension power lines on his paraphernalia and penny lane at about 1:30 this morning. the driver ran away from the crash scene. at one point, there were 3,000 homes and businesses without power in that neighborhood. that number is down to about 1,000. time is 5:04. the 49ers they are in the big easy new orleans getting ready for the super bowl. niner fans greeted them yesterday as the team left the airport bound for new orleans. five hours later the 49ers touched down in new orleans
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beginning a week of practices before sunday's big game. the 49ers are the early favorites to beat the baltimore ravens. san francisco has been to the super bowl five times. they won every time the last one was in 1995. the 49ers are now settled in at their new headquarters at the marriott hotel in downtown new orleans. fans greeted the players and took pictures. vernon davis in front of big banners of the players in action. today the team plans to begin a normal week of weight lifting and meetings and practices leading up to sunday's super bowl. ktvu has our own team in new orleans. we'll have live reports leading up to super bowl sunday. coming up at 5:30, joe phon city will be joining us from the big easy. and immediately after the super bowl, make sure you turn to ktvu channel 2 we'll have a live post game show.
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police say a 13 year department veteran was shot and wounded by a suspect during a foot chase last friday. five days earlier on january 21st an under cover officer was shot and wounded while working on seminary avenue. full recoveries are expected for both officers. time is 5:06. a judge will hold a hearing today for the man accused of killing seven people at oikos university last year. one goh was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. he is being held without jail at the alameda county jail on seven counts of murder for the mass killing on the oikos university campus last april. he flew into a violent rage because he was angry about a tuition refund. also another judge will hear closing arguments in the retrial of debra madden. she is the former san francisco police crime lab technician accused of stealing cocaine from the crime lab.
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that led to the dismissile of hundreds of drug cases. madden's first trial ended in a mistrial in october. jurors couldn't agree on a verdict. madden admits she did take a small amount of cocaine from the lab baa she says only what was spilled during weighing. san francisco court commission is expected to give its final approval to a long awaited mission rock development next month. the giants hope to break ground on the 1.6 billion project sometime in 2015. the plans call for a waterfront park and 1,000 departments i long with office building, restaurants and shops. it's designed to serve baseball fans and many people who live in the fast growing neighborhood. at 10:00 this morning san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his first state of the city address. he has been mayor for two years but his first year he was opponented to fill the end of gavin newsom's term. last january he used his
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inaugural speech to give an update on the city. let's check in with sal. you are watching the east shore and you look good this morning. >> dave, welcome back. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at 80 westbound. it looks pretty good as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems getting to the toll plaza. at the bay bridge the traffic looks good. once you get into the city it has been a nice drive. no problems by the way in the san jose area. let's take a look at northbound 280 getting up to she 17. that is a very nice drive. traffic times are doing very well. later on in the morning we will tell you more about the actual times. right now the roads are wide open. it won't stay that way for long. speaking of looking good. hello steve. i guess it's better to look good than sound good. right? >> right. >> thank you, sir. we do have a system dropping straight down out of the north. it's not doing too much expect
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for giving us cooler air mass and partly cloudy skies. there are a couple little trace amounts. see a little bit lake county and mendocino county. i know kyle -- for us it's cooler. 30s and 40s. the cloud cover holding things up here. tomorrow morning well tonight and tomorrow morning it will get cold again. i think we will see lower 30s. this doesn't have a lot going for it. after today high pressure builds in and gives us a sunny and warm pattern. hint of rain wouldn't be until about february 4th or fifth. morning clouds breezy cool afternoon as the system kind of moves out of the area. clouds and then sun and rain -- today we will start off portly cloudy. sunny and warmer.
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all the way wednesday and thursday if right now your vehicle in view it looks good. hundreds of people are dead after a nightclub fire in brazil. the latest on the investigation and how the country is mourning the victims. i think there is a sense of understanding that sometimes doesn't even take words. >> president obama gives his first joint interview with someone other than his wife. why he says he wanted to sit down with his outgoing secretary of state. if you're driving on interstate 880 any time soon it should be a nice drive. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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s first funerals are planned today for the victims of in a nightclub fire in brazil. authorities believe pyrotechnics by a band may have sparked the fire. many of the victims were young college students. they died from smoke inhalation or trampled to death trying to escape. brazil's president has declared a three-day mourning period. >> to the brazilian people and the people of santa maria we stand together at this time. even though there is a lot of sadness; we will pull through. >> some survivors tell fire officials security guards briefly blocked them from
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leaving the club. authorities say more than 2,000 people were packed inside. almost double the maximum capacity. time is 5:14. back here at home a woman dies after being swept out to sea by a large sneaker wave. it happened near shelter cove. the woman was walking on the beach with her boyfriend and dog when the waves pulled her out to sea. this was the third time this winter a wave has caught someone by surprise and swept them out to sea in that area. hot topic leading into the election is back in the spotlight this morning. a group of senators is introducing plans to reform immigration. as ktvu kyla campbell reports from washington, d.c. this time republicans are on board. kyla. >> reporter: yeah democratic and republican senators work together to lay out this frame work. it includes creating a tough but fair path to citizenship. they also want to reform the legal immigration system in a way that would grow our
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economy. the senators also propose an employment varyification if they hired illegal immigrants. they want to make sure workers come to america legally and that they are not taking away jobs that americans apply for. and the senators are unvailing details in about six hours to address the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. one senator introinterviewed this weekend say said the pathway to citizenship is key to reforming the system. >> absolutely. americans support it. in poll after poll. second latino voters expect it. >> i will explain exactly why the gop needs it when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:15. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton appeared together in an interview talking about their unusual partnership. it was president obama's idea for this joint interview on 60
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minutes. the president said he wanted to publicly thank secretary clinton for her services. secretary of state as she prepares to step down. >> i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she has played. and a lot of successes we've had internationally is because of her hard work. >> many people were surprised when president obama asked secretary clinton to be his secretary of state after their tough campaigning in the 2008 presidential primary. but during that interview both president obama and secretary clinton said they now have a very close friendship. a public hearing scheduled today on the future of pete's harbor in redwood city has been postponed. they canceled it after the developer and save pete's harbor group asked for a delay. the california state lands commission is expected to clarify at its meeting in april whether the lease can be transferred to the developer.
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without the lease, the development deals could fall through. time now 5:17. sal, everything okay around the toll plaza? >> it is. and last week we had a rough one in a couple of cays. today we are hoping for better. for the early birds you are drivingly any time soon. it should be nice. in less than an hour you will see slow traffic. westbound traffic on to the bridge it looks good. if you are driving into san francisco it has been a nice drive. also this morning we are looking a the the peninsula in case you are driving on 101 down to the airport and that drive time still looks good out of san francisco down to san bruno and san mateo. 5:17 let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir? >> san jose sharks are hot. >> 5-0 buddy. >> we do have a system dropping down very weak system but it will bring in cooler air mass. today and into tomorrow morning and everything says sunny and warmer weather.
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could be a few very light showers. chilly start. i mean a little colder than what we had last week. it looks like we are ending january with a warmer pattern. mid 60s possible as we get toward wednesday and thursday. 30s and 40s on the temps right now. wasn't for the cloud cover i think we would be colder than this. tomorrow we will. sunshine and warmer weather. this system dropping in to the sierra nevada so far hasn't done too much. there could be isolated snow showers. i did see five degrees up in truckee. breezy and cooler is the main weather. partly sunny this afternoon to mostly sunny. a little bit of a cooler start. cool and breezy. 50s on the temps and mid 50s low 50s probably in the higher elevations. we'll keep everything about a four or five degree spread here. cold on tuesday morning and sunny. then it looks like severe clear. sunny and warmer weather will take us wednesday, thursday, and friday. mostly sunny on your weekend. maybe a little cooler by sunday. there is a report the
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japanese government eased its safety regulations to help fast track dream liners. japan airlines asked the tokyo government to cut back the number of mandatory inspections while the dream liner was being built. japanese companies produced more than one-third of the jets component. over night investors in japan took profits sending the nikkei down almost 1%. right now the european markets are mixed this morning. most of them up but germany, france showing small losses. checking in on our numbers. futures indicate a pretty good opening. ly tell you one of the earning -- i will tell you one of the earnings caterpillar earning is down. time now 5:19. changing are ahead if you ride a bike in downtown san francisco. what the city hopes to add and how much money it will cost. and is the tv you are
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watching right now a little out of date? it might be the perfect time to upgrade. why you can thank the 49ers for that. you can also wake up with ktvu every morning. get the mornings top stories that developed while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone every weekday morning 6:00 a.m.. get your ktvu morning wake up call by texting the word wakeup to 70123.
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welcome back. our time is 5:23. part of the mississippi river closed this morning after an oil barge. the barge was carrying 80,000 gallons of light crude oil. there is now an oily sheen on the water 37 authorities can't say how much oil is in the water now or how long it's going to take to plug the leaking barge tank and then reopen the river. although the niners are super bowl bound most of their fans will be watching from home. many are upgrading their televisions. ktvu went to the best buy in emery vail yesterday where it seemed like people are leaving with new hd tvs every few minutes. a lot of stores are having major sales on tv this week ahead of the big game. >> well, our tv needs upgrading and we thought now would be a good time. we're having a bunch of people over next weekend. >> best buy says this time of year is the second most popular time to buy tvs. the fact the 49ers are playing
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in the biggest football game in the world added to the television sales. east bay restaurant is serving up harburgers ahead of sunday's big game. boulevard burger created these. on the left is the san francisco jim-bo. named for 49ers coach jim harbaugh of course. it's a double beef burger. the taller of the two. on the right the baltimore johnny boy. a turkey burger named for ravens coach john harbaugh. the city is propose $200 million worth of changes in the way you ride bikes. the city wants to build 12 miles of new bike lanes and upgrade 50 miles of the existing pass. the transportation city agency says it's needed since biking has increased by 71% in the past seven years. no matter how you get around this morning, sal knows all about our commute. >> yes, i do.
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traffic is doing well. the drive times are up. but that will change in a little bit. we're looking at 280 northbound getting up to the highway 17 interchange with 880 here. you can see it is doing very nicely. also for the sunol grade southbound 680 traffic continues to look good heading down past mission boulevard. all the way to the bottom of the hill. we're off to a decent start on this monday morning. let's two to steve. thank you. we do have partly cloudy skies. a little weak system dropping down. not going to do too much expect it will pick up the breeze and drop in a cooler air mass. only 50s today. there are signs of a warmer pattern. i'll have more coming up in ten minutes. time now 5:25. a show of support for injured giants fan bryan stow. the money raised during this benefit concert and we have an update on byeon stow's condition. plus ktvu is live in the big easy right now. the 49ers are getting ready for super bowl xlvii.
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this is the river walk area in new orleans. ?v
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news monday, january 28th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is just about 5:30. welcome back to you. >> good to be back. >> steve is here. it's pretty cold yesterday. the wind i guess is really cold. >> we'll see a little breeze today you two.
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>> it was a little chilly this morning. >> it will be colder tomorrow morning. the rest of the week looks sunny and warm. in fact, after today 30s and 40s on the temps right now. cloud cover holding things up. look how everything drops straight down out of the north. that is why we will be cooler today with highs in the mid 50s. here is sal. good morning. if you are driving on 80 that traffic looks pretty good getting out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems. and also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the bay bridge approach. 5:29 let's go back to the desk. this morning the 49ers begin a week of practice and preparation for the super bowl. ktvu is there to cover it all. joe phon city is live in new orleans where the 49ers just touched down last night. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i have been to new orleans a lot of times. i can't say i have been up and out this early.
5:32 am
we thought we would start on the river walk. low mist hanging over the river right now. 49ers left the bay area last night. arrived here in new orleans. begot a chance to see a side of jim harbaugh we don't normally see. we see jim harbaugh the coach a lot we don't see jim harbaugh the dad as he was getting off the plane. as you can imagine in the national press conference one of the major topics they wanted to talk about is the switch he made at mid season from alex smith to colin kaepernick. >> colin's play has been outstanding. he deserves tremendous amount of credit for that. and he, like the rest of the guys on the team, are focused on the opportunity to play and win a championship. it has be a team effort.
5:33 am
i feel like there is a lot of people that have a lot of fingerprints on this team's success. like i said, the team has been focused on the junety -- unity of the team and winning. better than i have seen or been around. >> reporter: right now the 49ers have new orleans to themselves. that is because the baltimore ravens and john harbaugh will be arriving a little bit later today. everybody will be all set for super bowl xlvii. we will be around this river walk area, jackson square a little bit later on today. until then reporting live from new orleans joe fonzi. >> very nice. joe, it looks like a poster behind him there. the niners are capturing all of the super bowl intention in new orleans. that will change later today. the baltimore ravens have scheduled to arrive in new orleans later on today. they will touch down at 2:00. ravens coach john harbaugh and a few key players will sit down
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for a news conference about an hour later. time is 5:32. happening now in palo alto the power is out for some of the residents there because of an under ground vault fire. janine de la vega joining us live from the scene to tell us what happened. what do you know? >> reporter: this all started because of a fire that happened about an hour ago. that fire is out but you can still see firefighters are still here on the scene. that is because they are waiting for utility workers to come out because the electricity is out in this neighborhood. this all started around 4:30 where you can see there is a manhole cover. i'm not sure if you can see smoke is still rising there. we're in the 1400 block of dana avenue. a resident here called 911 after hearing a big booming seeing flames shoot out of that manhole. we are told inside there is a utility vault with a transformer and utility wires inside. police knocked on doors in this neighborhood and told people to shelter in place while firefighters worked to extinguish the fire. it was knocked down fairly
5:35 am
quickly. one neighbor said it completely woke him up from the sleep. he saw a fire shoot out of that manhole about five feet in the air. it reminded him he got scared he thought of the pipeline explosion in san bruno. firefighters are still standing by here at the scene. everything is safe now. they are just waiting for the utility workers to come out here. they are expected in the next half hour to work to see how to get the electricity back on here in this neighborhood. we'll have an update coming up in the next half hour. reporting live from palo alto janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. a busy oakland freeway became the scene of a dangerous side show over the weekend. ktvu alex savidge is in oakland. tells us the video of the stunt was then posted online. alex. >> reporter: yeah. video of this dangerous stunt making the rounds on the internet. it all happened here in the middle of 880. a busy freeway obviously. it was in the middle of the day. right near the coliseum.
5:36 am
as we drove by this morning, you can still see quite a few tire marks on the roadway. chp is investigating this freeway side show. this is the video that surfaced on youtube over the weekend. it shows several cars simultaneously doing donuts in the middle of the freeway. right in the middle of the day on saturday. traffic was brought to a standstill as quite a few drivers appear to be involved here. the video lasted less than two minutes before someone yells out a warning to the drivers that chp officers are on the way. that is when everybody hops in their cars and takes off. no arrests have been announced so far. the chp as told us they to have quite a few witnesses and tips which investigators hope will lead them to the drivers. i also did touch base with the chp there was no one that could give me an update on the investigation. we will work to get an update throughout the morning.
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live this morning in oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. also in oakland a crash involving an ambulance and tanker is being investigated. that happened at about 9:30 last night on interstate 80 right near the powell street onramp. a gas tanker somehow hit the ambulance and crash into a guardrail. the tanker was empty so no hazardous material threat. no one was hurt. time is 5:35. in san francisco this morning the preliminary hearing continues for four people accused of killing a suspected pimp. this case surrounds a fatal shooting last summer of 22-year- old calvin sneed. the parents of a 17-year-old girl and others killed knead because he forced the girl into prostitution.
5:38 am
a former east bay switch coach convicted of child porn charges will be sentenced today. contra costa sheriffs deputies say they found a large amount of child porn in his home. the last of four benefit concerts was held over the weekend for injured giants fan bryan stow. san francisco giants third base coach tim flannery performed with his band last night. stow was severely beaten at dodgers stadium on opening day about two years ago. stow made it to a world series game in october but he's back in the hospital now with a large blood clot in his leg. flannery called stow in the hospital before the concert. >> he knew we were playing. he knew we were playing for him. and he wanted to talk about the san francisco giant world championship team. >> stow's family attended last
5:39 am
nights performance to accept the money that was raised for his care. flannery has raised about $70,000 for bryan stow. your time is 5:37. investigators in fairfield will go back to the scene of a major fire at a landmark friday night. the original pepper belly comedy and variety theater on texas street was completely destroyed. no word yet on what caused the fire. investigators hope to find more clues when they search the debris later this morning. right now 5:37. i want to check in with sal for a look at the commute. sal. >> good morning. we are doing pretty well around the bay area. you can see the traffic is doing very nicely as you drive through there are no major problems. if you are driving here on the commute, it's not a bad commute on interstate 880 coming up to the oakland coliseum. and no problems by the way getting to the that toll plaza. the traffic at the toll plaza continues to move along pretty
5:40 am
well. with no major problems and no problems on the bridge. on the peninsula, if you are driving on southbound 101 the travel time between 380 and 92 is about nine minutes. just about normal heading down south. no major problems on the peninsula. let's two to -- let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. a little system dropping in on us right now. and just cooler air mass coming in. january is going to go out sunny and warmer. today will be a little bit on the cool side. the rest of the week looking very quiet. you can see that cloud cover over us. there is no doubt about it back edge to this up in mendocino county and lake county. morning clouds and sunny. probably breezy and cool though later on as the low drops south. 30s and 40s. some locations in the 30s. the source of this air mass is going to settle in. it will take the edge off i think the high temps today.
5:41 am
there could be a few light snow showers but there are single digits up there. it's cold. morning clouds and cooler and breezy. a chilly start. clouds and then sun. but temperatures today kind of struggling a little bit. mid 50s i think for everybody. 54 to 58 from north to south should cover it. warmest to the south. tomorrow after a cold morning it will be sunny and warmer. even more so it looks like sunshine wall to wall on wednesday, thursday into friday. with temperatures in the 60s and then with your weekend always in view it looks mostly sunny. next line of rain february 5th or so. more deadly protests dead in egypt. the new information we just got moments ago and why things are expected to get worse. another miracle on the hudson. the latest rescue after a plane went into the river. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that traffic looks good.
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good morning. little system dropping down. partly cloudy skies and cool and breezy today. temperatures in the mid 50s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. the chp searching for witnesses to this deadly crash on the san mateo freeway. three people were killed in this crash on highway 92 in foster city. two of the victims were brothers. only 12 and 16 years old. the 21-year-old driver was also killed. investigators say they were in a car that veered off the road and then flipped over several times. it was another crash this one that a driver is responsible. caused a power outage in san lorenzo early this morning.
5:45 am
the chp says the driver smashed into high tension power lines at about 1:30 this morning. about 1,000 people still have no electricity. and the 49ers kick off super bowl week. they flew to new orleans. there they are getting off the plane. greeting some of their fans outside their hotel. they held a news conference last night. head coach jim harbaugh's goal is to treat this weeks practice and meetings about the same as any other. a drive by shooting that injured a mother and toddler was not random. that is according to investigators. the saturday night shooting happened on willow road near facebook headquarters. there was an altercation between two people in both cars and the shooting may be gang related. east palo alto police are asking witnesses to come forward as they investigate the
5:46 am
fatal shooting of a 21-year-old man. friends of coleman gathered yesterday. coleman was gunned down yesterday at 9:00 after he walked down the street. it's unclear why he was in the area and don't know if he was targeted. >> it's kind of disappointing. i thought our city was making a lot of progress. >> authorities have been look into coleman's past. including the accidental shooting of his girlfriend. they don't believe that was a factor. time is 5:44. in egypt yet another protestors has died after crashing with riot police. now this comes after just a day after president morsi there declared a state of emergency in collie egyptian provinces. the violence started friday on the second anniversary of the uprising. it has been going on ever since.
5:47 am
tens of thousands of people marched in paris. the french parliament is scheduled to begin debate on the bill tomorrow. 63% of the french people favor legalizing gay marriage. time is 5:45. all over the u.s. today is a sad anniversary. 27 years ago today the space shuttle challenger blew up 73 seconds after liftoff. all seven of the crew members were killed. it seems like only yesterday. that explosion was traced to the cold weather. it actually froze on o-ring in the shuttles right solid rocket booster. that caused the challenger to malfunction. off duty police officers are being credited with heroic
5:48 am
rescue in new york city. they pulled a man and woman out of the freezing hudson river after the single engine plane crashed yesterday afternoon. the couple was on a sightseeing trip when the plane went down. the off duty police officer is heading home from a fishing trip came to the rescue minutes later. >> i call hear them calling for help. we had a visual on them. we were trying to head them off. >> doctors are now treating the couple for hypothermia. time is 5:46. the organizers of san francisco's beta breakers race is looking for a new sponsor. the chronicle reports that redwood city base zazzle will no longer sponsor the race. they aren't talking they are backing out now. bay to breakers say it will go
5:49 am
on with or without a replacement sponsor. and the actor goes to the the cost of argo. >> ben affleck accepted the award alongside cast members. two weeks ago they won golden globe awards for best drama and best director. here's a look at the nights other big winners. jennifer lawrence named best actress for silver linings play book. ann hathaway won for her role in les miserables. and 30 rock cast members tina fey and aleck baldwin took home awards as well. sal is here. he's checking highway 24 and
5:50 am
everything else. >> that is right. i think we should start with highway 24 westbound. the drive between the 24 interchange and the caldecott tunnel that is a 12 minute drive. if something happens, it could double that really quickly. right now it's still about 10- 12 minute ons that drive right there. no major problems on the other side in oakland 37 when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza some people are delayed. it is a nice drive getting across the bridge. in case you wonder how long it takes to drive across the bay bridge, it is about ten minutes. about a six or seven minute span if you do 50 miles an hour. this is a look at highway 101 and between 380 and 9:it's a nine minute drive. no problems on 280. 5:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. we have a little system
5:51 am
dropping straight down out of the north. it won't do much here but it will pick up the breeze. not much moisture with this system. it looks like even up in the sierra at best a few light showers. it has been a couple up toward mendocino county and lake county. over all i think it's about done. this could be the last system in the series for this month. this one isn't doing much. warmer weather is on the way. especially if we get toward wednesday and thursday. you can see it slicing through mendocino county and lake county. that system will clear rapidly out of here. 30s and 40s. some areas have a pretty good breeze. some areas are warmer. same for antioch anywhere from 39-44. it just depends. the system won't be with us long. it will be mostly sunny today. cooler and breezy is the main weather word here. high pressure builds into north. high pressure doesn't like low pressure so it will fill it
5:52 am
with wind. cool and breezy day today. clouds and sun. i think the sun will win out for most of the day. mid 50s on the temps. could be held dun. tomorrow morning it will be cold and sunny and warmer. for the rest of the week it looks like lots of sunshine. mild to warm. mid to upper 60s with your weekend always in view. justin a few moments ago the government announced durable goods jumped 4.6%. they expected an increase of half that much. orders were up more than 10%. we could find out as early as today what company is bidding on drake's snack cakes. that is the hostess division that made devil dogs annoyed les. now once a bidder and pricer are identified, other companies are allowed to place higher bids. hostess is are expected to
5:53 am
announce bids for their other. >> me and my sister we have a past. we almost died at the hands of a witch. >> hansel and gretel witch hunter. mama slipped to second. silver linings play book, zero dark 30 and parker round out the top five. time is 5:51. traffic battles in marin county getting a chance to speak out about spending millions on elevated freeways or walkway for pedestrians. when things suddenly went wrong at the x-games new details about a crash no one saw coming. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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kind of enjoy rude service? then you might have what it takes to keep flying your airline. ♪ if you don't, then stop playing the airline game by their rules. come on over to southwest, the one airline that changed the game for the whole industry. ♪ good morning. weak system dropping down right out of the north. it will be mostly sunny today but definitely cooler and breezy. highs in the mid 50s. senator dianne feinstein is admitting her new bill to ban assault weapons faces an uphill battle but she is not giving up without a fight. >> what does bother me, i have seen weapons swanned and grown and now in the hands of younger and younger people. i think you reach a point, as i said earlier, where enough is
5:57 am
enough. >> senator feinstein introduced the bill last week which would limit the number of rounds of magazine to ten. new poll shows strong support for a weapons ban. tomorrow california lawmakers will consider how well the state's assault weapons ban is working. the public safety committee will see demonstrations of firearms that are illegal here in our state. legislatures will also hear testimony by police researchers, advocates working against gun violence, and gun rights groups. tomorrow in marin the public hear willing be held on plans to approve the green beret interchange. cal tran wants to tear down a bicycle and pedestrian over crossing and replace it with unalleviated -- with an elevated freeway. it's a $143 million project which is needed -- that is needed to improve safety.
5:58 am
that public hearing is tomorrow. there are scary moments at the x-games in aspen, colorado over the weekend. >> here we go. jackson attempting the jack. oh. had to jump away from the sled. >> australian snow mobiler was attempting a back flip when he lost control. the snow mobile went through a fence and out into a crowd. one of the spectators was checked out by medical staff but no one was seriously hurt. time now 5:56. did you watch the pro bowl game? there were on field shenanigans and a length of time points. a lot of pro football fans say that was another boring pro bowl game. the nfc destroyed the afc. once again the nfl has to decide whether the league's all star game will come back next season. coming up on 6:00.
5:59 am
let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. pam, dave, good morning. things are getting busier out there as we get up on the 6:00 hour. northbound 280 traffic does look good getting up to highway 17. sunol grade traffic is getting busier heading south. the drive time hasn't changed yet. now let's go back to the desk. we have the very latest. a deadly crash in foster city has claimed three lives. what we now know about the young victims and why the chp is making a public appeal for help. a giant project near at & t park. why it's finally on the fast track. good morning. a little system dropping down. will it bring us cooler weather or warmer temps on the way? we'll have forecast in two minutes.


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