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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 28, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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♪ came from way below ♪ came from way below ♪ she's on the dark side ♪ she's on the dark side ♪ come from way below ♪ come from way below ♪ come from way below hey! [screaming]
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an suv riddled with bullets. tonight, the grandmother of an 8-year-old wounded in the shooting delivers a message to
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the gunman. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. an 8-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight, the victim of a drive-by shooting that prompted oakland's police chief to address concerned neighbors. the shooting happened at 65th in east oakland, where the 8- year-old was just playing this evening. the girl is in stable condition, but will have to stay the night. >> reporter: the 8-year-old is being kept here at the hospital overnight. the grandmother tells me, she fears for her family's safety. a third grader is playing in the front yard of a relative's home. a car pulls up. several people start to get out of the vehicle, when a second car drives up, and starts shooting. bullets shattered the window of a black suv. we also counted four bullet holes on the front windows of the home. one bullet struck the girl's
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leg. >> it takes an 8-year-old girl to get shot for them to even come to you are 0 neighborhood. >> reporter: this man says police rarely patrol this neighborhood. >> they let all of these guys act the fool. do donuts, deal drugs, they don't even come around here. >> i do believe in our leadership. i do believe in our police chief that he's going to do the right thing by oakland. >> reporter: police chief howard jordan responded to the scene. he said he wants residents to know he cares and is doing what he can. >> with the 8-year-old part of that group or family part of that shooting out of the house? >> she wanted to know why would they do that to her. >> reporter: the girl's grandmother asked us not to reveal her identity, but has a message for the people responsible. >> you need to stop going
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around shooting innocent kids. when you shoot those gunshots, you don't know where they're going. they're shooting consists. guns down, fists up. stop killing each other. >> reporter: the grandmother tells me the 8-year-old is in stable condition in the intensive care unit. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the highway patrol says it is investigating a dangerous and disruptive side show incident that shut down interstate 80 this weekend. some drivers blocked traffic while others spun donuts on the pavement. the video first showed up on facebook and youtube. the highway patrol has tips. but is asking anyone who sea what happened, to contact authorities. >> people think it's fun, but it's not funny. you have a lot of people that you effected that day, and it's
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not okay. a group in favor of gal side show says it needs to support to move side shows off the main roads. super bowl week has arrived. tonight, both teams are now in new orleans. the baltimore ravens flew in this afternoon. head coach john harbaugh led the afc champions off the team plane. noticed that all of them are dressed in suits, ready for business. as for the niners, the team held meetings today away from the cameras. one veteran did talk to the media. frank gore credited coach jim harbaugh for the team's success. >> we just make it like a family. everybody is one. when everybody is one, you can get to this point where we're at now. >> reporter: gore wears number 21. he's been with the niners for eight years. for the first six years, the team never had a winning
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record. new orleans has come a long way since katrina. now super bowl week is giving it a chance to showcase the strides it made to the rest of the world. ken wayne is soaking up the ambience. >> reporter: julie, keep in mind, it's monday. it's a little bit after midnight, and the streets are slowly starting to empty out. but bourbon street here in the french quarter was packed just a short time ago. so i think you could say that it has largely recovered from hurricane katrina. instead of thinking about flooding or fema, it's football that's the talk of the town. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it's not the saints, it's the 49ers who's flag was hoisted in french quarter tonight. the streets were filled with partyers, so the players kept a low profile today. there are niners fans from just about everywhere.
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>> go home to you, talk tomorrow. >> reporter: even some locals are long time niner fans. how come you're not a saints fan? >> never did like the saints. >> reporter: this fan is originally from san francisco. >> born and raised in san francisco. upper haight. >> reporter: today he said he got the thrill of a lifetime when he ran into coach jim harbaugh. >> said reuben look behind you. i looked behind me, i was like man. come here now and let me get your signature. >> reporter: if either team wants to put a spell on their opponent, reverend zombie's voodoo store is the place to go. >> things can be done for athletic competition, to kill results in one's favor or what not. >> does it involve human sacrifice?
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>> no. no human sacrifice. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of reverend zombie's voodoo shop on st. peter's street. just off of bourbon here in the french quarter. what i'm told, for the voodoo doll to work, you have to get a hair from the head of the person. that activates the doll so they can do the evil magic. they need to get the hairs from people like ray lewis to make it work. how they get those hairs? that's anybody's guess. live in new orleans, ken wayne. stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans. our team of reporters and photographers will bring you live reports every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday. on sunday night after the game, switch to channel 2 for a live local postgame show. later this hour, the south bay's ambitions to host a super
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bowl. we've learned representatives from santa clara are now in new orleans. that story at 10:30. at 10:45, we will go back to new orleans live. hear from the harbaugh brothers as the count down to sunday begins. a former member of the 49ers, clay harris is facing felony charges tonight. harris was arrested for domestic violence against his former boyfriend, dmitri guyer outside a men low park chinese restaurant. court documents say harris got mad that guyer tried to put soy sauce on his rice. yahoo's ceo appears to be making progress in turning around the sunnyvale company. the company showed gains in revenue. it is the first time since 2008 that yahoo showed a gain for an
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entire year. in after hours trading, yahoo stock rose more than 3% to close a nickel short of $21 per share. yahoo has been trading mostly below $20 for the past three years. results were mixed this monday. the dow industrials dropped 14 points. the nasdaq was up 4 points. home sales fell short of expectations. investors are showing new confidence in zynga. it develops online games, including farmville, and mafia wars. zynga has been cutting costs, and reports its 4th quarter earnings next week. democratic and republican senators joined forces today in washington, d.c. and proposed a framework for immigration reform to address the 11 million people who are currently in this country illegally. a path to citizenship, contingent on securing the
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border. reforming the legal immigration system, including rewarding green cards for those with advanced degrees. employment verification of legal status, and allowing lower skilled workers to do the jobs americans don't want. >> we have been too content for too long to allow americans to mow or yard, and watch our children, without affording them any of the benefits that make our current so great. >> senator mccain and others acknowledged this is going to be a tough fight in both the senate and the house. president obama plans to make his own push for immigration reform tomorrow. >> reporter: we talked to a lot of undocumented workers in the canal district. some of whom have been lining up here for years for day labor
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jobs. many didn't hope for more until today. pedro garcia says he spent the past decade living in the so- called shadows. >> i've been here for a long time, and i just want to see my family. >> reporter: as one of the country's 11 million undocumented workers, he may soon be granted legal status. >> a couple years back, we were able to get that. it feels good. >> reporter: today's announcement is a 180-degree departure from a time when fear of deportation. >> there have been increasing numbers of deported people every year, since obama took office. >> reporter: she hopes the grand plan unveiled by senators today leads to real reform. >> i've been in practice since 1990. so the issue has come up several times, but major reform has only happened once in my career. >> it's just time, you know? >> reporter: the executive
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director of the canal alliance is cautiously optimistic. >> little by little, everybody benefits. they'll benefit, the country will benefit. >> reporter: california started down the road to reform earlier this year with its own version of the dream act, and daca, deferred action for childhood arrival. nearly 7% of the population is undocumented. that is the highest percentage in the country. reporting live in san rafael, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a teen takes his dad and dog for a long drive off a short pier. the reason the car ended up in the water, and the passengers swim to safety. >> a quest for scouting's highest rank. the apparent about face from the organization after a bay
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area scout's public battle. >> a deadly accident leaves three dead. in just two minutes, the family suspicions about the cause of the accident.
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drivers ed class was never like this. a teenager says the accelerator stuck this morning just before the toyota 4 runner broke through a rail and plunged into the ocean below. his father and the dog were onboard as well. all three managed to swim to
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safety. the vehicle was wrenched back onto the wharf before it could leak any more fuel. one passenger from a car is still fighting for his life. >> reporter: it was a horrible crash and the young man hospitalized here tonight is in critical condition. his little brother, seated next to him in the honda were killed. the highway patrol needs to know. so do the grieving family. >> if it was a hit and run case, we need leads. >> reporter: rafael hernandez wonders if his 21-year-old brother juan swerved to avoid something, before he slammed into the guardrail, flipped, and sheered off a utility pole. he died, but his 18-year-old
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cousin in the front passenger seat escaped with minor injuries. three brothers in the backseat, ages 12, 16, and 18 were apparently unbuckled, and only the eldest sibling survived. he's identified as jesus reynaldo reyes. >> a huge loss. >> reporter: friends and relatives flow in and out of the apartment in san mateo, consoling each other throughout the evening. hernandez they say was good natured, funny, family oriented. >> something that i really add miles miles an houred -- admired in him. the way he took care of his kidded. >> reporter: a harsh reminder of how fast tragedies happen. >> we have the super bowl
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coming up. definitely plan ahead. don't drive recklessly, pay attention to the road, and definitely don't drink and drive. >> reporter: no obvious signs of drugs or alcohol, but toxicology will be run. speed may have been a cause, but highway patrol hopes witnesses will give them a call. we're live in palo alto, debra vile rei yon. a fire forced 11 people from their home. it broke out about 1:30 this afternoon. we're told two san jose firefighters suffered minor burns. six adults and five children, were inside the home at the time. but fortunately, all of them managed to get out safely. federal officials are now helping with the investigation into the cause of a major fire
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in fairfield. the five-alarm fire gutted the original pepper belly's comedy and variety theater last friday night. authorities from the bureau of alcohol, telephone, and firearms and explosives will help with the probe. because of the magnitude of the fire they're still looking for the cause of the fire and precisely where it began. president obama's meeting brought together leaders in law enforcement. >> law enforcement officials dealing with this stuff every single day can come to some basic consensus in terms of steps we need to take. congress is going to be paying attention to them, and we'll be able to make progress. >> the president says washington also needs to take mental health issues more seriously. the boy scouts of america announced today it is reconsidering its long standing policy banning gays. the proposed change in policy
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would enable individual scout troops to decide for themselves who to accept for membership. ktvu's allie rasmus tonight on what led to the organization's apparent change of heart. >> reporter: as eric looks at the 288 tiles on this wall, he can't help but think about what it led to. >> later in that week is when national put out its letter, denouncing ryan's membership, expelling him from scouts. >> reporter: that was just three months ago, now the boy scouts of america announced a possible change. instead of a nationwide ban, they may allow its 116,000 local troops to decide for themselves whether they want to include gay members. a statement from the organization explained bfa members and their parents would be able to choose a local unit which best meets the needs of their family. >> sexual orientation is no longer an issue for an awful lot of people.
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it really shouldn't matter anymore. >> reporter: saying pressure at the local level and pressure from the top forced the organization to change. >> with public donations being pulled, they have to. >> reporter: he says there were also internal forces at work. >> i got letters from board members who completely recognize that the gay community is a very valuable source of talent, and cannot be discriminated against. >> reporter: he realizes it's not a complete victory. individual troops could still choose to exclude gays. >> it's one step. we've got more to go, but this is a good start. >> reporter: the boy scouts national board is scheduled to discuss the issue at their meeting next week. the gay rights group spearheading protests against chick-fil-a announced today the chain has stopped funding the
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most extreme anti-gay organizations. now the founder of campus pride says chick-fil-a has released its 2011 tax documents. the company still contributed nearly $6 million to traditional marriage organizations. but the most extreme anti-lgbt groups are no longer listed as beneficiaries. tracking the jet stream going way to the north. you can see the flow. when that happens storms can't get through this high and they go to the north. that's how we're going to be dry. not just tonight, tomorrow, but for the next week or so. we've got this big high pressure center that sticks around. you get the valley fog and cold nights. snow flurries up around donner summit. for us, just a few high clouds. checking the dew points, temperatures are real close to
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dew point numbers. two more degrees, when the 40- degree current temperature drops. tomorrow morning, valley fog in your forecast, slightly warmer for your afternoon. slightly warmer as we go into the five-day forecast. when i come back at 10:45, i'll get you dialed in on all the temperatures as we move through this week. it's going to be warmer. a mechanical problem at oakland's summit medical center is causing disruptions for some patients. workers are trying to fix a break in the air duct in the west tower. nurses tell us they've had to move patients into different rooms. ambulances have been asked to divert patients from the oakland hospital until further notice. rising costs for natural gas. now a group is fighting that pg and e rate hike. the reason it says you shouldn't have to pay. >> a noisy rally outside. hundreds lined up inside. the latest battle involving san
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francisco's housing market. >> download the ktvu app, click on the live icon, and you can watch all of our newscasts live.
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when it comes to housing, san francisco is a city divided. the board got an earful as they considered a one time only plan to fast track condo conversions. it's designed to get rid of a huge back lock, but it could also push renters out of their homes. >> reporter: stacy and kevin are proud parents of an 8-week- old baby boy. but their home sweet home is making them lose more sleep than the baby. they only have a one bedroom unit, so the crib is in their closet, and they can't sell, because stacy bout it as part of a tic, where co-owners buy in together. after eight years, they're
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still waiting to convert. >> goes slower and slower each time, because there are more applicants competing for the same number of spots. >> reporter: san francisco only allows 200 condo conversions every year. city officials say the number of tic's has grown to more than 2,000. >> it used to take, five, six, seven years to win the condo lottery. it's now looking more like 20 years. >> reporter: the line to speak went out the door, and snaked around the hallway. opponents held a rally outside. they say the law is bad, and would only encourage investors to snatch up housing units currently needed for renters. >> you have people that just want to take a profit, and take rental units off the market. >> my fear is that by opening the flood gates allowing these condos to convert, it just
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encourages state speculators. >> reporter: they decided to postpone a vote on the matter for four weeks. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a consumer watchdog group filed an appeal today to fight a pg and e rate hike. the state puc gave the utility the go ahead to raise rates last month. the group called toward utility rate objects. it says customers should not have to pay for pg and e's mistakes. chevron says its implementing corrective actions at its richmond refinery, following a large fire there last august. the company says it is addressing corrosion problems in piping. chevron says it's also upgrading pipes and equipment, and revamping response plan in the event of a leak. the company is also says it's creating more management
10:29 pm
oversite of safety procedures. the bankrupt hostess company is saying little debby is the leading bitter in its drake's cakes decision. if accepted that with set the minimum bid for the brands. they include devil dogs, funny bones, and yodels. no word on bidding for the famous twinkie's brand. a mass funeral for victims of a deadly nightclub fire. hundreds died. in news of the world, the arrests in the case as families mourn. >> the new 49ers stadium is growing here in santa clara. why some of the city's officers were sent to the super bowl for work. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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the city of santa clara is
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represented in new orleans this week. police here are monitoring security there. ktvu's matt keller is live at the niners new santa clara stadium, where officials are already planning to host a super bowl. >> reporter: i was told tonight by a city spokesperson that what you see behind me is as tall as the stadium is going to get. while the super bowl is being played more than 2200 miles away, some lessons there will be brought back here to santa clara. santa clara police know what it's like it to patrol. the difference between a 10,000 seat venue, and the future 49,000 seat 49er stadium is huge. that's why two officers, and a former officer are in new orleans this week to learn how security is handled at the biggest sporting event in america. >> to make sure that we learn as much as we about safety at
10:33 pm
stadiums. in all different circumstances. >> reporter: the city spokesman says the officers have been visiting several nfl stadiums in preparation for the santa clara stadium opening up for the 2014 season. the 49ers new home is also in the running to host the super bowl in 2016, or 2017. he says the work crews are finishing up the precast units. the new stadium is bringing a new source of pride for residents and city leaders. >> when people drive by the stadium near great america, it's, it really drives it home. and i think it sees the scope of things when you look at that stadium. in that, i think there is a lot of pride, because the city's doing a really good job at making sure this is done on time, and on schedule. >> reporter: he says the city
10:34 pm
council will be discussing the stadium at its meeting tomorrow night. set to talk about the construction plans for the coming year. has a section dedicated to the 49ers, and the team's quest for six. prosecutors in the south bay today dropped the most serious charge against a man accused of accidently starting a huge summit wildfire five years ago. santa clara county prosecutors said they weren't sure they could prove a felony charge of reckless burning. he claims he's innocent of starting the fire, which cost almost $15 million in damage. he is still facing a misdemeanor charge of failure to prevent a fire from spreading. in news of the world from brazil, funerals began for some of the 231 victims of a weekend
10:35 pm
fire inside an overcrowded nightclub. others are still being identified. brazilian authorities arrested four people, including a club owner and band members. in egypt, rioters are ignoring a curfew and a state of emergency declaration. nearly 60 people have died. most of the rioting is directed against president mohammed morse. they called it a step toward their goal of manned space flight. there was concern about iran's missiles. apple shares sank almost 15%. but today, apple gained almost
10:36 pm
$10 a share to close at $449. that is still a far cry from its peak of $700 a share last september following the release of the iphone 5. gas prices have started to go up, as refineries begin preparations for more expensive summer blends. the california average is $3.68 a gallon right now. that compares to $3.56 a gallon a month ago. last year at this time, it was $3.74. some analysts are predicting polices will near $4 a gallonpy valentine's day. san francisco's mayor ed lee delivered his state of the city speech today. he talked about how the city has bounced back with a balanced budget. >> our unemployment rate today stands among the lowest in california. down to 6.5% this last december from 9.6 when i first took office. that means 31,000 more san franciscos back to work today.
10:37 pm
>> mayor lee appeared at a nonprofit organization in the bay view district this morning, and spoke with optimism about the city's future. the mayor says he is committed to major improvements for public housing and transportation. twitter marked data privacy day today with the release of a transparency report on u.s. government requests for data. data requests rose 20% in the second half of last year. most of those requests are from law enforcement and are made by subpoena. twitter says it handed over information, or log data in 69% of those cases. google made a pledge for data privacy day. saying it would lobby for rules that would limit law enforcement access to private data. current laws do not require a search warrant for messages stored online. google released its own transparency report last week,
10:38 pm
showing government requests have rose 70% since 2009. with most accompanied by subpoena, and not a warrant. hand painted gnomes that mysteriously started to appear on utility polls are getting noticed and removed. pg and e says it's concerned the bearded men will inspire people to place other things on their property. a company spokesperson says it's going to meet with city leaders and residents to come up with a plan to remove the gnomes from the poles and find them another home. an accused mass murderer is being moved to a different bay area facility. why the case against juan go is on hold, and where the shooting suspect is being transferred. >> also, bill martin is updating his forecast. back with the warming trend you'll notice. >> all these people, 450 of
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a judge today ordered the oikos university suspect transferred. juan go has been ruled incompetent to stand trial, and the judge has suspended legal proceedings. he will be taken from santa rita jail in dublin, to napa. he is accused of killing seven people in april of last year. convicted serial killer, wesley shermantine is telling investigators they're looking for his victims in the long place. the fbi is excavating and
10:42 pm
abandoned well. agents started digging there on information they got from shermanteen. he is one of the so-called speed freak killers. he led investigators to the remains of four women last year. this time, he says he never told federal agents this well is one of his disposal spots. sonia sotomayor, one of the nine justices on the u.s. supreme court was signing her new book in san francisco today. rita williams says the book shows the human side of the high court justice and how she overcame difficulties. >> reporter: not the kind of welcome you would expect from a supreme court justice. but this one, sonia sotomayor is different. the first latino, and third woman on the court has just written a book not about her legal been, but about herself. >> to be as open and candid as
10:43 pm
i've been in this book made may very vulnerable to people's criticisms. >> reporter: she spoke about her infant father's death from alcoholism. affirmative action that led to princeton, then harvard law. >> yes, i needed help. but once i got there i worked at it, and i proved myself worthy. >> reporter: no matter how good the legal decision, she knees there's a losing party in every case. >> it keeps you humble. you're not god. >> reporter: she signed the books people bought for an hour. >> it does chase the dream. >> would you want to be like her? >> yeah, i want to be a lawyer. >> reporter: attorney ken moy is in the book.
10:44 pm
he was her debate teacher in high school. >> she was very good. she had a tendency to use her hands a bit much. now he says she can use her hands as much as she wants. countdown to the big game in the big easy. the comments from president obama that got both teams talking today. >> back here in just 10 minutes. it is going to warm up around here. i'll let you know how warm it could get in your neighborhood. also talking on the flip side about some of these overnight lows. >> up first, threats against two bay area teachers. the taun ts that have a former student in trouble. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me.
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a former east bay college
10:47 pm
student is facing charges for making death threats to teachers. school officials told us, they're glad the threats were not brushed aside. >> what i always think of, is what if you didn't take something seriously, and something happened, and you didn't know. i don't think any of us could live with that. >> the threats said things such as you will bleed, and i am coming from you. the investigation into problems withboroing's grounded dreamliner fleet is now turning to battery monitors. federal aviation officials grounded all of the 787's. they said today they found no problem with the battery, and
10:48 pm
are now testing the system that monitors battery voltage and charging. ana, or all nippon airways had just started flying 787s between san jose, and tokyo. the airline said today those flights will be canceled for three weeks. santa clara county public health officials are reporting a 20 to 30% increase in patients at area clinics saying many of those cases are flu related. the group provides flu kits, as well as transportation. >> i don't know how i would handle that. >> visiting angels serves hundreds of clients in santa
10:49 pm
clara county. the public health department says that type of outreach will become even more crucial. in california, the flu season has still not reached its peak. temperatures today were a little bit warmer. that's the trend. we're dry, as i pointed out earlier. numbers are going to warm up each day. today, 63 in santa rosa. 60 in napa. it was 60 in oakland. highs tomorrow, going to be more 60s. low 60s out there. the gem is well to the north. we need rain, we're not going to get it. we're going to stay high and dry through this five-day forecast. and most likely into parts of the next one. there's the scattered showers around donner summit, and echo summit. the overnight lows, 33 in santa rosa. 33 in napa. these temperatures kind of cool. fog a real possibility. ice, frost, basically what you saw this morning you will see tomorrow morning. as you warm up in the afternoon hours, this fog will burn off. most of the fog will be towards the delta towards fairfield.
10:50 pm
for the most past, that fog will burn off pretty rapidly. the forecast for tonight, very cold. fog shows up. maybe some ice on the windshields tomorrow morning. that's it. slightly warmer tomorrow afternoon by a few dresses. the extended forecast, dry and mild. tuesday afternoon, nothing is going to happen. i just want you to see the computer model bears this out. all the rain stays to the north. that sets us up with sometimes stagnant air. we'll be checking it it for you as the week goes on. the main headline here, a little warmer each day. we haven't had rain in a while, or significant rain. january has been a significantly dry month. as we go into the next now days, nothing is changing. we finish off january dry. we begin february dry. it looks as though our percents
10:51 pm
of average, 160% of average, they're going to be down to 80%, 85% by the time we get our next rain in here, which looks like the first, maybe second week in february. the five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, looks good. temperatures on the mild side. enjoy it. we got a lot of rain, we're doing well with snowpacks. i know we're thinking about new orleans right now. the weather down there, they're doing 60s. on saturday, probably in the upper 60s. in a dome, obviously. >> all right, thanks bill. mark is here now to talk about new orleans. it's monday night in the big easy. but thinks are already ramping up for the big game. monday night is probably the quietest night of the week. every night, the volume raises, and the nights get longer it
10:52 pm
seems like. our joe fonzi is down there as both teams are now in town and readying up for things. nothing too big going on. earlier ken wayne was there on bourbon street. very quiet on a monday night, right? >> yeah, you're right, especially this time of night. tell bill it's starting to mist just a little bit in new orleans, with both teams in town. the official countdown to the super bowl game has begun. for the baltimore ravens it started in that city's inner harbor tonight. >> reporter: ed reed's singing career notwithstanding, the baltimore ravens received an enthusiastic send off in their city's inner harbor before boarding their charter and joining the 49ers in new orleans. jim harbaugh's older brother john met with the media. the first contrast was their attire. >> the khakis and the fleece are new to jim since he got to
10:53 pm
san francisco. but it's a good look for him. he shared with me, it cuts down on drag time for the morning. psychological advantages, i'm not aware of any. no, i'm not too sure about all of that. we know each other pretty well. there's no secrets. >> reporter: often at super bowls, something emerges as the topic of the day. today's topic was the response to president obama about the risk of injury in football. >> i think if you play the game right, and you play appropriately that injuries are part of the game, but i don't think anything comes about it. >> i have a 4-month-old, almost soon to be 5-month-old son, jack harbaugh. and president obama feels that way, then be a little less competition for jack harbaugh when he gets old. still a little early for jack. 5 months old, but he's a really big kid. he's got an enormous head.
10:54 pm
>> what's his 40 time? >> we haven't gotten 40 out of him yet. but his wing span is a plus one. as soon as he grows into that head, he's going to be something. >> reporter: you can always count on jim harbaugh to have a little different take on things. how proud must jack and jackie harbaugh be? the odds of becoming a head coach in the nfl in the first place, address. then two sons that both become nfl head coaches and square off against each other in the super bowl. tomorrow is media day, we'll be all over that. until then, reporting live from outside the super bowl in new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> i guess that means you better get a little rest, joe. we're coming back with the second half of sports. the golden state warriors have a big man back. tell you about it when we come back.
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10:57 pm
warriors so far getting good, and getting better. now if they could stay healthy. the big man is back. andrew bogut. first sim since november 7. they go to him early. david lee passing to him for a
10:58 pm
dunk. then seth curry for another slam. he looked good. 52-52 at halftime. 3rd quarter, it's ed davis, and it is curry who tweaks his ankle, jarrett jack, with 14 off the bench. then the coup de grace. put it down. feeding harrison barnes the rookie. they go to cleveland tuesday night. tiger woods was smiling early. had a big huge lead, but it shrunk a little bit. he lost focus he said because of the slow play, but he was able to make a short tap at 18 to finish out. final round, even par, and he wins by 4 shots. so maybe some tiger frenzy in the making if he can play like
10:59 pm
that on a more regular basis. he owns that course, 8 of 13 times in his career he's won there. he knows the course and plays it well. that's the sporting life for monday. and you leave on thursday for new orleans. >> bright and early. >> exciting, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:00 a.m., they'll be following the 49ers quest for six. we're always here for you on and ktvu mobile.


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