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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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have uncovered a potential lead in a decades old cold case. we will tell you what they found that could be linked to a missing boy. ongoing hostage situation in alabama. a six-year-old boy is being held against his will after being kidnapped off a school bus. the effort to get him out right now. gun control debate heads to capitol hill today. the arguments for and against tougher restrictions. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning, january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. could there will be a warmup coming up ahead? mark tamayo. >> temperatures will be warming up as you mentioned. we are talking about a few low 60s this afternoon. that is after a cold start this morning. temperatures this morning starting out in the 30s and
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40s. by this afternoon we are talking about the readings up to near 60 degrees. coming up we will take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and a few more changes setting up by the weekend. topping our news this morning his picture was among the first to appear on milk cartons. and now the boy that vanished nearly 30 years ago is back in the news. tara moriarty joins us from san francisco with the new lead in the kevin collins case. good morning, tara. >> reporter: the last person that kevin collins was seen talking to was a tall blond man with a black dog and a person matching that description was a person of interest in the case. used to live at this home here. he has since died. investigators revisiting the case realized that cadaver dogs were never used during the search of a home. san francisco police and fbi agents spent 12 hours out here. they did detect remains under the garage door. this is just blocks from where
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ten-year-old kevin collins was last seen waiting for a bus after school at masonic and oak back in 1984. >> we were able to pull up the concrete and discovered there were bones located underneath the concrete. medical examiners did respond on scene. they did a preliminary investigation of the bones and they believe it to be animal origin. not human origin. >> reporter: we want to emphasize the people that live in the duplex are not suspects. the man that was a person of interest was questioned after kevin vanished. he had an alibi. police are expected to release a photo of him and his identity perhaps later today. now obviously the search has opened up old wounds for kevin stanley. we will tell you how neighbors have been reacting. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> the family of kevin collins hopes this new development will
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bring some kind of closure in this long and painful mystery. laura and michelle were just teenagers when their freckled face little brother kevin disappeared off a san francisco street corner in 1984. just last week the family marked kevin's birthday. >> i was like oh my gosh what would kevin be like at 39? would he be married with children? >> we are ready for it to be over. nobody wants to get their hopes up. because it has been so many times before. >> now the two sisters call this new development the most promising lead yet. the brothers pictures was the among the first to appear on a milk carton. we following developing news out of alabama. authorities are trying to free a six-year-old boy who is being held hostage by a man in a bunker. authorities say the man boarded a school bus, shot the driver several times and then abducted
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the boy. the bus driver later died while the other children escaped to safety. one girl described the man boarding the bus. now cnn reports the child has special needs and that authorities were able to get him medication over night and determine the boy has not been harmed. classes have been canceled at all dale county schools. also this morning the national rifle association and gun control supporters will face off at this years first congressional hearing on curbing gun violence. in testimony prepared for the hearing the nra wayne halve area says he disagrees with most of the proposals prepared by president obama. testifying for stricter gun laws will be mark kelly. husband of former congresswoman gabby give -- giffords.
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this morning two conservative action groups are holding press conference outside of senator dianne feinstein san francisco office. the western representation pack is teaming up with the women's warrior pack. president obama says now is the time to fix the country's broken immigration laws. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away. >> in a speech in las vegas yesterday, the president praised the bipartisan group of senators who unvailed an immigration reform bill on monday. it's similar to the one announced by the senators but has a more direct pass to citizenship. santa clara county will focus on health care and gun
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violence. ken outlined his top priorities during his state of the county crease. as part of president obama's affordable health care act, he wants to tackle issues such as childhood obesity, hiv and consolidating mental health. he also hopes to create a gun buy back program and encourage paroled felons to turn in their firearms. san francisco police are vowing to do everything possible to keep 49er fans in line on super bowl sunday. however some business owners are not taking any chances. they will be shutting down early should the 49ers win the big game. they remember the violent scene just three months ago when vandals went on a rampage after the giants won the world series. >> it's pretty upsetting. people work hard out here. it's their livelihood. people should respect what is going on out here. >> san francisco police are asking business owners to bring in their trash and recycling
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bins early on super bowl sunday. officers are worried vandals could set them on fire if things get out of control that night. mayor ed lee is a big 49er fan, however he won't be among the many politicians watching the super bowl in new orleans. mayor lee turned down a chance to buy a super bowl ticket for $950. lee plans to watch the game on tv. the mayor of the future home of the 49ers jamie matthews also turned down the chance to buy a ticket for the big game as well. hayward woman claims she was scammed out of the super bowl -- who is making her trip possible. of course stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans. ken wayne will have a live report coming up at 5:30. his team of ktvu reporters and photographers will bring live reports. and sunday night after the game switch to channel 2 for a live post game show. starting in late march, there will be no toll takers at
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the golden gate bridge. this morning the bridge district will discuss its test this week of the new electronic tolling system. it will reduce cost and description. drivers are asked to use fast track. if you don't have it they will snap a picture of your license plate. sal is having a little car trouble. oddly enough as it is. let's take a look at the cameras out there. we are taking a look at highway 24 right there near lafayette. it looks like things are moving very smoothly. as we take a look at the 101 as well near san francisco thing looking like they are running pretty smoothly. no major incidents right now. if there are incidents we will definitely keep track of that. time is 4:36. let's go to mark. hi there. the weather not too much of a factor. not much in the way of fog.
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we have a dry ather forecast. you will notice the temperatures from yesterday not too warm. mainly in the upper 50s and lower 60s. everyone up a few degrees. santa rosa 64 degrees. san jose back up in the lower 60s. as far as current temperatures out there you all notice napa and fairfield in the upper 30s. also out toward livermore. san jose checking in at 40. santa rosa in the mid 40s. definitely want to bundle up this morning. maybe a patch or two of fog inland. everybody warming back up. that green contour links up with the 60s. runs 60-63. here's a bigger perspective out here in the pacific. the satellite showing you the storm track arching way up to the north. dry weather pattern will continue for today. right on through the weekend for both saturday and into
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sunday. here's our forecast models showing you this. you will notice all of the activity up to the north. 10:00 this morning mostly sunny skies. 4:00 pretty much the same deal that will take us into the evening hours as well. we'll break it down for you first beginning coast side at 8:00 readings at 46. and 3:00 fair skies 58- degrees. right around the bay mostly clear skies and cool for this morning. into the afternoon most areas approaching the lower 60s. right around 62. for the inland spots maybe is a patch ordinary person two of fog for the next few hours. and hazy sunshine by 3:00. everybody up a few degrees from yesterday's highs as you can see here. 58 pacifica. fairfield 62. antioch 61 degrees. here's a look ahead your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. we are looking for the rain clouds. you will not see any here. partly sunny skies on saturday. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. another forecast update. the south is being hit with
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severe weather. this is video from leeland, mississippi where a tornado touched down. damaging some homes. several southern states are under tornado warnings. in arkansas strong winds and severe thunderstorms have -- have left thousands of people without power. toyota more than one million of its vehicles are being recalled. and a harbaugh family reunion days before the super bowl. what the coaching brothers may talk about when they sit across from each other at the dinner table. you can't move the tv there.
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we have a dry weather pal tern. temperatures starting out the day in the 30s and 40s. toyota is recalling more than one million vehicles. toyota reports a possible problem with an air bag control
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in its 2003 and 2004 corolla matrixes. and 2006 and 2012 lex us sedans are being called to check for a loose nut. all toyota -- that is after all airways said it replaced batteries on the 787. the batteries failed to charge properly or had other problems. all 50 of the dream liners operated by airlines around the world remain grounded. south korea matched its arch rival north korea by launching a satellite in the space. south korea is the fourth largest economy. two previous launches failed and two others were aborted.
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north korea successfully fired a rocket launch last month. the white house called the launch a cover to test banned missile technology. the state department will hold a welcoming ceremony for john kerry who is confirmed by the senate as the next secretary of state. the vote was 94-3. he could be sworn in as early as friday. no official date has been set. the governor of massachusetts says he will opponent a temporary senator to fill his seat. secretary clinton doesn't see herself getting into politics. she plans to focus on public service, speaking, and writing. she didn't rule out a run for the white house in 2016. whatever her decision he is healthy and ready. later today police and volunteers will pass out crime prevention tips and resources
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to help business owners avoid scams. in the past, criminals have taken advantage of businesses by asking for money as part of the lunar new year tradition. brentwood police have released two connections in the drive by shooting. the sketches resemble two of the four men in last weeks shooting. the driver is described as a white man with blond hair between 18-25 years old. one of the passengers is believed to be a hispanic man. also between 18-25 years old. the four teenagers were standing in front of a home when the suspects pulled up on them. one teen told ktvu a person inside commented on the nike cortez shoes worn by one of the boys. saying quote gang members like to wear those. all of the victims are expected to recover. a ban on public newtty will officially go into effect on friday. that is after a federal judge tossed out a challenge to the
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-- argue the ban is unfair because it violates their right to free speech. the judge says the case lacks merit. first time violators could face fines up to $100. the city of san rafael is being sued over a ban of building a soccer complex. the lawsuit claims the location is a safety threat and has environmental impacts. the project was approved last month. so far the city has not responded to the lawsuit. the people of new orleans is using the super bowl to show that much of the city has recovered from hurricane katrina. the gala imcolluded live music and performers on stilts. it was staged in a war house where mardi gras floats are built. >> it shows we are good to go. ready for visitors. >> remember the movie the blues
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brothers? elle wood blue played the actor dan. they were also dazzled by circus sue late acrobats. a 49er -- sharon of hayward said she recently wired $5900 to a baltimore raven fan who was offering to sell his tickets to the super bowl on craigs list. instead of the tickets she got a taunting note that said quote enjoy the game. go ravens. lol. after hearing the story the ceo of ticket master offered to give out free tickets to sunday's game. she also gets to have breakfast with nfl hall of famer troy aikman. there could be a harbaugh family reunion before the super bowl. they have been texting and calling each other about hotel renovations and super bowl requests. >> i would love to be part of
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that dinner. to see what goes on between those two. time is 4:48. sal, having a little bit of car problems but we understand he is doing okay. he will be here. let's take a live look at interstate 80 near berkeley. as we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic there moving very nicely right now. as you can tell the morning continues. time is 4:48. let's go to mark. not much in the way of fog. we could have a few patches inland. dry weather. storm track heading way up to the north. you definitely want to bundle up in the short term with temperatures starting out in the 30s. fairfield 38 degrees. napa at 38. san jose around 40. there you go at half-moon bay checking in 46 degrees at last
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check. forecast headlines for today patchy morning fog. we will go with mostly sunny skies a. a little bit warmer for today and tomorrow. the weekend still no rain clouds. we will brick in a few extra high clouds. partly cloudy by saturday. a few extra clouds by the second half of the weekend on super bowl sunday. this morning starting out at 7:00. pretty cold out there. 30s. purple shade in the 40s. and then we will take this into the afternoon hours. a nice recory. the readings back up into the upper 50s right near the immediate coastline. a lot of 60s. there is that green contour between 2:00 and 3:00 the readings back up into the 60s. once again the storm track heading up to the north. few high clouds. but no rain drops expected. after the cold start this morning looking pretty good this afternoon as you can see out toward santa rosa. 64. san francisco checking in 60 degrees. temperatures about 3:00 this ash. san jose lower 60s. and gilroy 4:.
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look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. a little bit warmer. that is the trend for thursday and friday. by the weekend partly cloudy on saturday with maybe a few extra clouds on sunday. another weather update minutes away. steve is okay as well. 4:50 is the time. oakland could lose the chp. what the highway patrol is asking for in order to help oakland fight crime. make it or break it day for blackberry.
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z police in pittsburgh are searching for a person in interest in connection to a fatal shooting at a gas station. that happened at 9:00 yesterday morning. police say a 20-year-old man was stapped standing near the -- standing near the gas pump and walked up and shot him. >> we consider him to be armed and dangerous. we are actively looking for him. anyone with information on his whereabouts we ask that you call us. the swat team surrounded the home where the suspected getaway car was found but fox
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was not inside. oakland could lose the help of california highway patrol as soon as this week if it doesn't pay the department for its effort to fight crime. chp officers have been patrolling oakland for free but that deal ends this week. this time department wants to get paid. mayor jean quan tells the oakland tribune she hopes to use state grants to help cover the cost. apple wanted the judge to order samsung to pay more than $1 billion the jury already awarded. the judge did not address samsung's request to have it reduced. in just a few hours we will see the newest blackberry phone analysts say the blackberry 10 could save its maker research in motion. previews say the software works
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well. the new phone reportedly also has the ability to keep personal and work identities separate on the same phone. the unvailing happens in new york at 7:00 our time. wildlife workers are trying to solve a mystery in san francisco's mission district. earlier this month is a coyote was discovered in a backyard near cap and 18 streets. the animal was dehydrated, flee infested, and ten pounds under weight. they are trying to figure out how the coyote ended up there. one theory it hitched a ride in the engine department of a vehicle. sal is on his way here. we want to update you on traffic this morning. take you out to highway 4 bay point. you can see already getting a little crowded. those people have a long commute. it is moving along just fine. i don't know of any big problems out there. taking you out to the south
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bay. very nice commute down there so far. not very many people out there. it's almost 5:00. we are keeping an eye no one can do it better than sal keeping an eye on the whole bay area. we are covering you and looking for my problems. mark tamayo is in for steve this morning. steve has been fighting that bug. but we are glad to have you here. >> thank you so much. i'm glad i could help out and steve can rest that voice. he gets a full night of sleep. that is always welcome. temperatures yesterday were on the low side. 50s and 60s. temperatures do warm up a little bit. that will be the overall trend. a little built of a bump up in the numbers. these are all minor changes. live storm track it's way up to the north with a few high clouds drift into northern and central california. we are off to a cold start. you want to bundle up to fairfield. 38 degrees at last check.
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san francisco missing here. mainly in the lower 40s. san jose at 40. for today this morning mostly clear and cool. maybe patch or two of fog. well inland. and for the afternoon hours lots of sunshine. there is the eventual temperature range from 68 to 53 degrees. high pressure in full command. that warming trend will continue. this is just a very slight warming trend for today and tomorrow and also into friday. we are talking about 60s. for today the readings maxing out near 50 degrees. most neighborhoods on average about two to four degrees warmer than yesterday's readings. santa rosa 64. san francisco at 60. san jose 63. half-moon bay in the upper 50s. 59. the look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. there is a bump in the numbers for thursday and friday. another weather update in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. >> it has been six months since the big refinery explosion in
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richmond. why state agency is planning to make a big announcement today. new search tied to a mysterious disappearance of a san francisco boy nearly 30 years ago.


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