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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 31, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. live in sunny veil, we will tell you what exactly is closed and how traffic is being affected. an overnight bomb scare, we'll see if it is affecting the morning commute. why this is familiar territory for firefighters at an overnight senior's home. and checking final security for the super bowl before the game, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. welcome to the last day of january, thursday january 31st, i am dave clark. >> let's start with steve paulson, you are sounding better, how are you? >> feeling better.
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and lady at wall greens said we can't believe how much better you sound. it looks like a carbon copy of yesterday, some 60s and even a few upper 60s. as you drive out to the mcarthur maze it looks good and 280, this could be an alternate route to 101 and that is because we are following a big- rig crash on 101 and janine de la vega joins us live from the scene, what is going on now? >> reporter: well caltrans arrived on the scene and they are putting down orange cones in the middle of the freeway. we are in the northbound lanes, three lanes of traffic are closed because of a big-rig accident and we are told in the next 15 minutes they plan on opening one more lane, so 2 lanes, this is just south of
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the exit and you can see it is causing quite a traffic back up. just to let you know what happened, this all happened at 2:49 just before 3:00 a.m. and in the distance, it was carrying some sort of air freight and the driver claim he apparently drifted off to the shoulder for some unknown reason and cut him off and took out 0 feet of -- 0 feet of guard -- 40 feet of guardrail and for more on this we go to justin bradford, can you tell me what is going on? >> yes, they are putting what is called a hard closure, caltrans is alleviating traffic so motorists will know lanes are closed. we did open the two lanes so we have the fast lane and the lane to the right of it open. so two of the four lanes are opened at this point and it
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will be a little bit longer until we are able to transfer that fuel out of that leaking ruptured fuel tank. >> i was mentioning the big-rig driver drifted off and he claims he was cut off. how much fuel was leaking and how much of a mess is this causing. >> fortunately the driver said his fuel tank was about a quarter full and 20 - 30 gallons has leaked out on to the roadway and there is another 15 to 20 gallons left in the fuel tank. >> how big of a challenge is this as far as cleaning it all up? >> well, they have to coordinate the cleanup and the biggest challenge is actually getting the fuel out of the tank and after that we will be able to move the trailer and big-rig off the roadway. >> reporter: and we are told the driver is okay, just minor
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cuts to his face and we are told alcohol is not involved? >> yes. >> reporter: how long from now will four lanes be opened up? >> it's my best estimation when we get the big-rig out of the way we will have to shut down the slow lane because they will have to clean up some of the dirt that the fuel leaked into. >> reporter: what do you suggest for people watch be right now, completely avoid highway 101? >> yes or they will just have to expect a longer wait. >> reporter: again, quite a traffic back up here in the northbound lanes of 101 but the good news is they did open up another area of traffic and again chp is recommending that
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you just completely avoid this. reporting live from sunny veil, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, a bomb scare disrupted service on caltrans. a conductor was making his final inspection as it pulled in at 11:00 last night. he noticed a box with wires sticking out. san francisco police immediately blocked it off and the bomb squad eventually determined the items were harmless and passengers were bussed to another station. and the fire chief tells us that a lynn none cart caught fire after 2:00 a.m. this morning. maybe they contain had flames to the cart. now an electrical fire started
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on january 20th. this is the third day of the alexander dove in dale county alabama. they were able to give coloring books and medication to the little boy who reportedly has health problems. he was kidnapped after a gunman shot and killed the bus driver. the 65--year-old suspect is described as a retired veteran who reportedly has anti- american views. after reaching an impasse, a san francisco jury will try to reach averred didn't. -- verdict. deborah madden is accused of stealing drug from the lab. yesterday they said they were at an impasse but they are expected to resume deliberations today. they are hearing allegations on a bay area marijuana club. they are fighting the justice
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department's effort to shut them down. the feds claim they are violating the national law banning marijuana distribution and this case is one of many legal battles pitting them against each other. this is before sunday's game. the head coaching harbaugh brothers will make history. they will hold a joint conference and they will talk about the enormous challenge in the biggest game of their lives. in the meantime 49ers and fans are just pouring into new orleans. one family from chico plans to spend almost $10,000. and i have more from the 49ers. >> are your parents crazy. >> the tickets range from 850
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to $1,200. and something security is being brought in and other state and local police officers are brought in to help out with crowds and a 10-mile no fly zone will be enforced before and during the game. everything driving or walking to the super bowl needs to get there early and get ready for lengthy checks. and then this, a few dozen students in newtown connecticut, they are headed to new orleans. coming up for you, about 511 they will play in the super bowl. >> make sure you stay tuned for all continuing coverage of the super bowl and we have live reports in every newscast leading up to the big game and then on sunday night after the game come right back here
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immediately to channel 2 for a live local post game show with fans in the bay area and down in the big easy. 5:08 is the time unfortunately -- >> i was wondering how you would make it. >> incase you are just joining us and people are just switching. chp has opened two left lanes and at one point it was blocking almost the entire freeway but northbound 101 is a mess and it is an accident just before fair oaks and traffic is extending down but we would like you to avoid 101 and use 280 as an alternate as more caltrans crews show up and do a hard closure. they are not using flares anymore and unfortunately that is a bad sign and they will be
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there for a bit watching where the fuel spilled on to the ground. getting into san francisco there are no major problems and traffic is moving along pretty nicely. and if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280, that would be a great thing for this area. here skies it is only a couple of days to which it toteeled up to about a half in of rain and it is the third dryest january back in 1849 and i remember it was very dry this month, october/november, december and it makes sense, we don't want to go from one extreme to other.
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it does down and it is warming up. 70 degrees and that's the first i have seen. san francisco 48 and others warm, a lot of 30s out there. i have seen 3839 and it depends on your observation and where you are located. everything has been in the deep south or in the northeast and until that bulgings or changes our pattern stays the same. sunny and warm, a lite offshore breeze, and there is a component of it and some areas are really warming up and there are some cold readings already this morning. for some, it is a mild warning 68 morgan hill, santa cruz, 68 sunnyville, mountain view, 65 san mateo and san francisco.
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it looks nice all the way into the weekend and there is just a little more cloud cover and a few slightly higher degrees. san francisco's archbishop making interview, what he compared for gay marriages. and hagel, we will find out what problems he could face, no blue angels during fleet week in san francisco. we have a traffic troubled spot in the south bay, we will tell you more and how you can get around it.
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. iran is threatening to retaliate against israel and now israel was targeting a weapon's convoy inside syria and the convoy was believed to contain antiaircraft to hezbollah militants and that would allow them to shoot down israeli war planes. they say israeli air strikes are shooting at a military facility. if hagel is confirmed, he will likely have to take on
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budget cuts and as kyla campbell reports there is a ripple affect we could feel here in the bay area. >> reporter: pam, a lot of spending budgets are expected to come and if that happens, the blue angels could become a thing of the pass. it would force the navy to cut funding for the second half of the year and that includes fleet week in san francisco and that's scheduled for mid- october. a shrinking budget is one thing hagel could face but he has said spending has ballooned and there are areas that should be trimmed. he has spent weeks preparing forted and the president -- for today and they called it the hagel war room. >> we are expecting results and that's what you can expect in
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this hagel process. >> reporter: now past supporters have turned to sceptics and why they say he is too soft for the job. when i see you next i will have more, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are allowing the treasury department to keep borrowing money. the house passed it and it extends the debt ceiling through may 18th. it requires both the house and senate to approve the budgets or face the loss of their paychecks. salvatore has made some new controversial comments about same sex marriage. in an interview, he said and i am quoting legislating for the rights of the same sex people to mare is like legal -- mary is -- marry is like legalizing
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male breast-feeding. they used the term gay marriage too much. and former raider harris spoke out and it landed him in jail. dimitri said he is suing harris for 20 - $30,000 in medical bills. guyer reportedly needed surgery after he punched him several times out of side of a -- outside of a restaurant and he reportedly needs surgery. now 26 survivors will head to the super bowl to sing america the beautiful. they will perform before alicia keys sinks the national anthem. wine sales are up and so
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are final shares. this is up 2% from the year before. they now have all wine sales in the u.s. that gives them relatively stable prices and a wide variety to choose from. nice, 18 minutes after 8:00 and if you are just joining us, we want to check in on 101, how is it looking down there? >> there is a big-rig accident, northbound 101 just before fair oaks and they have three lanes closed just before the fair oaks exit and two lanes are open this is because of two lanes that ended up crashing and spilling fuel. we want to let you know, traffic is very slow trying to approach this closure the affair oaks and it is just going to get worse as the
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morning commute wears on and normally we have 4, maybe 5 lanes if you count the exit lane in this area. chp has occasionally been doing closures to let the workers work here so it is a slow thing. i think we should use an alternate route if you can. by the way, you are asking what is that route? you probably already knew it but it does not hurt to say. san francisco 101, that is a nice looking commute approaching the 880 split. not much rainfall and in fact it is the third dryest and only 3900s fell. it will go down as a very dry month however, because of october, november and december were above average, we are still doing quite well and we are on that cussp and we need
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some rain because they are 1% of normal, and so we are above average for this time of year and things are starting to go below that. we are at that critical time and there is nothing on the horizon, it is a dry pattern, lots of sun, warming trend kicked in and there were actually a couple of locations near 70 degrees. i know san jose checked in at 70s but briefly they made it. afternoon bay made it around 79 and 30s for some 40s for others and once we get cranked up after some patchy fog, there is an offshore component and that means some areas are warming up and we are starting off warmer on the coast. chilly start, patchy fog, low of 60s -- 60s, berkeley alameda
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65, morgan hill los gatos 66, daily city, 59 and 67 redwood city and palo alto 68. fair skies overall it looks dry. weak retail sales overnight most asian stocks closed with losses and they are closed now for the month. japan's nikkei reported they jumped 2. 5% in december. checking in on our numbers, a little bit of an opening and drop yesterday. keep an eye on facebook, they are reporting good headlines. but the stock does look like it is going to open and we will
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tell you more as we get closer to the opening bell. a san diego billboard is getting a controversial makeover and we will tell you more about the message that will soon be going up. stay with us.
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. welcome back, copper thieves hit the windsor park again. thieves stole more than a half
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mile of copper wiring and that was discovered more than two weeks ago. that very same field was targeted back in 2008 and they put in locks since then but the thieves still got in. investigators have ruled out problems but they caused an estimated $10,000 in downtown fairfield. luckily nobody was hurt and the fire started in the attic there and it has been ruled an accident. but they are still not sure exactly how the fire started. a controversial billboard promotin promote nonbelief in god. the group said the bill is to shed a positive light on
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nonbelievers. >> when people hear that word, they usually think about a corrupt bad person but that's so far from what is true. >> i don't know how it will resonate with the people around here. >> the billboard costs around $4,000 and will stay up for one month. let's go back to sal, you have that big-rig crash and they crashed northbound 101 in sunny veil but i want to watch the alternate route which is 280 and i would suggest using 280 at this point instead of 101 because 101 has two lanes blocked right before fair oaks and we will have a live report at the scene. you can see this looks good and if you are driving on the sunole grade, that traffic looks good as well and those are off to good starts. we will have a live report
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coming up, let's go to steve. >> 30s and 40s and you can see a few lows retrograding and that gives us an offshore breeze and that allows temperatures to warm up to 38 and 40s and the end result, lots of sunshine and mild to warm and we'll see if it carries to the weekend in about 10 minutes. 49ers defensive player on the defense, the remark that landed chris in trouble, we will bring you a live report from new orleans. and in oliver county we will tell you how high the flames went. and how people are reacting, stay tuned.
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♪ the one and only, cheerios . well, good morning to you, it is january and thank you for joining us, steve paulson is here with the weather and it is going to be pretty nice. we were talking about the rat pack. >> yes, we got caught. we have clear skies, january is going out very quietly but it will be sunny and warm for many, in the #0s and approaching 70 degrees. here is sal. 880 is looking good and we
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have that one troubled spot in the south bay we will tell you about in just a minute. i want to tell you if you are driving in the south bay, 280 is moving well and let's go to janine de la vega, she is on the scene of a big-rig crash which is going on more than an hour in sunny veil, jean mean, what is -- jeanine, what is the latest? >> reporter: it is a big traffic mess and if you look behind me, you can see there is a lot of twisted metal and wood debris which has not been cleaned up and let me show what you it is doing to traffic. originally one lane was open and in the last half hour they have opened two lanes of traffic and it is unclear at this time when all lanes will be opened back up but right now let's go to some video. the driver of a big-rig crashed
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into 40 feet guardrail and a light pole. again there is a lot of twisted metal and wood and the fuel tank of the tractor-trailer was also punctured and it leaked on the freeway and traffic is moving along on northbound lanes. chp is working with caltrans to clean up this mess. >> one of the fuel tanks on the right side was penetrated and the fuel is now contained and we are waiting for caltrans to transport the remaining fuel into containers so we can get the big-rig off of the area. >> reporter: another car cut him off and that's why he collided with the guardrail. he was given a -- he has given
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a sobriety test and now two lanes are back open in sunny veil and we are unsure when a third lane will open up so avoid 101 if you can and chp officers say it could be daylight before they get this cleaned up. reporting live from sunny veil, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. our time is now 5:43 and we have agreeing problem if you own a car in alameda county. claudine wong has more, claudine? >> reporter: well the numbers are out and they are up. these are numbers from the regional auto theft task force and they shows numbers up across the board here in pleasanton and they are actually up -- there we go, 47% in the county and up 17% and it's a problem when you compare
5:36 am
these numbers to 2011 and 2012. now we have spoken to some people about the rise and he said he is actually surprised about the rise and he said he actually does leave a lot of important stuff in his car. >> reporter: you always leave a lot of important stuff? >> yes, i do. >> you -- >> reporter: you never worry about it? >> no, i am always locking it up and i am never in one place for a long time. >> reporter: now they posted this on facebook pains and certainly police are asking for the public's help in stopping the trend. we will tell you more about the other scenes and we will tell you what seems to be the most
5:37 am
important car targeted. well the chp will continue patrol for the next 30 days. they are still not clear whether the chp will get paid. back in november chp agreed to help oakland patrol high crime areas free of charge but that deal is about to expire today. the city and highway patrol are trying to work out a plan to pay for that extra help. it has now been 24 years since an east bay girl vanished from walking from middle school to ice skating practice. last night family member attended a search. they traced the route she took the day she disappeared. many parents took part in this somber event. dublin police say they get tips every year after this candle light march and vigil, however
5:38 am
there are still no strong leads. san francisco is pro riding information. and on tuesday they searched a home which is near the bus stop where kevin collins was last seen in 1984. the home was targeted because the person who lives there was a suspect. a state lab is testing bones found out the home but now they are believed to be from an animal. a sheriff's deputy was died following a motorcycle crash in pearling ham -- bellingham -- bellingham. the woman driving the car was reportedly not hurt or arrested and the investigation continues. well the san francisco 49ers pride themselves for
5:39 am
being socially sensitive. ken win a is in new orleans with how they are dealing with this matter, ken in. food morning, we are at the march why the and they understand they will be holding a news conference in about a half hour or so and we expect the number one topic will be the controversial remarks made by chris colfer. he is a player for the 49ers and he said something about gays, quote, i don't do the gay guys man, i don't do that, no we don't got no gay people on the team they got to get up out of here if they do. that is according to an interview he did with artie lang who is a shock-jock and
5:40 am
the team has responded to that. here is what they had to say, there is no place for this in any level and we have and always will support the community. but they did put out the statement but the controversy is still brewing about what he had to say about gays and it is still brewing in the world of sports particularly in the national football league. so again, we are outside of the hotel in downtown new orleans and we are waiting for the conference which should start and we'll see if they say more controversial remarks about gays. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of new orleans and ktvu channel 2 morning news will report live on the super bowl and every newscast and on sunday night after the game
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immediately turn to channel 2 for the post game show for fans in the bay area and fans in the big easy. starting today, thousands of apple fans will be gathering in san francisco. the 2013 world conference begins at the moss cony center. it will feature artwork and all of them are centered on apple products. and it will kick off with one of her favorite actors, ashton cup of char will be -- ashton will talk about what it was like to be in the movie. two lanes are still blocked i think in sunnyville, 101 north? >> yes, it is a problem and if you drive to the fair oaks area, involving two lanes
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northbound 101 so it is down to two lanes and we have a backup that stretches out a mile and as the morning wears on, this is when the backup will grow and grow and people are using 280 instead and that alternate route looks good. let's talk about other commutes in the bay area and it is beginning to look a little more crowded in san francisco. also this morning, if you are driving between san mateo bridge. let's go to steve. let's say goodbye to january and there was not much rain in fact it is going down as the third dryest in san francisco and it began way back in 1849 and only 49 / 100th fell and we had october, another and teeth and you don't
5:43 am
want to be this dry on the rainfall but it will go down as cold, no doubt about it. mild to warm there is a little there and there is a few systems spinning out there and high pressure does not move well so it fills it with wind and even ifs a breeze it is an offshore component and you are stuck in the 30s and it is a tall order to get warm. even san francisco, it is 48 degrees and it is a quiet pattern and maybe it is a little cooler next week with a possibility of rain sunny and warm after today and after we get going and ukiah will be there as well, petaluma, napa 65, walnut vehicle and oakland with an offshore breeze, 67 and
5:44 am
brentwood 66, morgan hill, santa clara is in there half- moon bay, 65. palo alto is nice, it is mostly sunny and cooler temperatures next week. what he said to be the mastermind of that manti te'o girlfriend hoax, now he is breaking his silence, what is behind the bizarre incident which caused a scandal. and a home invasion robbery, how he is connected to a runaway child case. and moving into the bay bridge, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. well, good morning, here is a quick look at the top stories, 101 is blocked because of a big-rig crash. he says he crashed into the guardrail after another driver cut him off. in about hour ago, flames broke out at a scene your care facility and a lend then -- linen cart caught fire and the same fire broke out days ago and the investigation continues. senator chuck hagel has his first confirmation hearing as
5:48 am
defense secretary. he will face tough questions who said he is not sufficiently pro israel or tough enough on iran. last week's home invasion is on trial. they are facing kidnapping false imprisonment and burglary. they held an elderly couple at gunpoint and drove off with their cars. now one suspect is 18-year-old james palmerson and made headlines as a runaway years ago. he and his girlfriend who was 13 at the time stole his grandparents car. police found them in a denver suburb three days after, the teens were cold and hungry but otherwise safe. cleanup is underway after
5:49 am
tornadoes ripped through the area. one tornado was caught on tape, it flipped homes and killed at least 10 people and it also brought strong winds to tennessee after a man was killed when a tree crashed into a building. severe weather was also reported in texas, mississippi, kentucky and indiana. president barack obama wants immigration reform to be finished with in 6 months. he said the only thing standing in the way of immigration reform is politics. he said the turnout is the driving factor which is making republicans more open to a new immigration reform bill. they won 15% compared to 27% for president barack obama. and a survey by the public
5:50 am
policy shows 76% says illegal immigrants should keep their jobs and eventually get residency. there are more than 2 -- 200,000 living in the u.s.a. he said he came up with the elaborate hoax to build a romantic relationship with the football star. they communicated on the phone and through social media and he also said the football star had nothing to do with the hoax. the excitement has no big impact with seat sales in collar. the 49er said the seats are almost cold out.
5:51 am
they go for $80,000 a piece and fans get to stand behind the harbaughs and they also get to see them play in the super bowl on sunday. 5:49 is the time, sal, you are definitely keeping an eye on sunny veil, that is the troubled traffic spot. yes, three lanes are blocked and the crew has been there since the beginning of this. the big,big spilled fuel on the dab big-rig spilled fuel on the lanes and it is growing in traffic as the morning wears on. side roads are also beginning to get crowded and this is just before fair oaks and janine de la vega is there and she is keeping an eye on how long it will take to be cleared but as soon as we know, we will let
5:52 am
you know. >> it is just yet getting into san francisco and if you drive across the dumbarton no major problems incase you are going there, let's go to steve. thank you sal, january in my mind will go down as cold, really cold, but there was not much rain and in san francisco, only 49 / 100th and that's the third dry he have day on record. now however, because october, november and december are good, we are still above where we should be although it is getting closer and closer. 102 and santa rosa 101 and things have come down considerably and the question is are we going to stay dry, but maybe next thursday we will
5:53 am
have some rain. temperatures 30s and 40s, cold for some, even by the coast i have seen some upper 30s and we are still into that chill. the afternoon highs, days are getting a little bit longer and it is 3:47, it is 70 degrees. chilly start, 60s on the tells to you a. and it looks like this pattern and we topped it out and will keep it up probably for about another week. dream liners cost him more than $15 million so far and that's how much it lost from canceled flights. no word on when they resume dreamliner flights and they say for now the jets remain a big part of its growth strategy.
5:54 am
they will have price cuts for the new wiis. price cuts are a common tactic to increase sales and the wiis now sales for about $300 in the u.s. analysts are expecting lower than normal quarterly earnings and that's down 400 million from the same time last year, they did see an increase in digital sales. they included the soccer game and that's reportedly more than from last night's game. take a deep breath. we will have more on how one man is making money off of other countries. and what happened to a woman and her dog, how one
5:55 am
rescue let to another, stay with us. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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. good morning, 30s and 40s, otherwise sunny and high in the 60s. a woman and her dog were rescued from a cliff in san francisco. look at this, park officials
5:58 am
say a woman was trying to rescue her dog when she fell 50 feet down to the beach below. both were airlifted to safety. the woman was taken to the hospital. park officials are telling dog owners don't try to rescue pets on your own. >> china is dealing with dangerously high air pollution. 100 factories are shut down and a third of vehicles are ordered off the road. visibility is so bad more than 100 flights are canceled and people are warned to stay inside and at the u.s. embassy, thy they show their levels are monitoring off the scale. it looks like a soda can but it is loaded with air. he is trying to make an important point. he said if they don't reduce
5:59 am
air pollution people will have to wear gas masks to walk the streets. northbound 101 coming up on the fair oaks exit, and we will have more on this in just a moment. on east shore freeway it is getting busier and westbound 880 is slowing as you drive out to the mcarthur maze and to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to dave and pam. police are now calling the scene of an overnight fire a crime scene and we will have an overnight report. also a story we have been following, these are live pictures and this is in sunny veil, we will tell you what is happening in the south bay. things are cooler and we will have your forecasted temperatures in about


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