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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 31, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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>> thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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a hang glider suddenly realizes. >> he's in a bad position. >> the remarkable moment as he heads toward one rough landing. the entire world saw the baby in a rescue but not like this. >> watch. >> we've got the uncut version of what baby, mom, and a few brave men went through. it's a video dragnet on the lookout for a nasty set of ladies. >> what they are accused of doing that's so despicable. we've also got the third day buzzword for your shot at an ipad mini plus a deer who thinks he's a kid and a big cat who thinks he's a hairdresser. >> i think he can, i'm sure. hang gliding is one of those things i always say i would love to try until i see this.
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it was uploaded in august. this is in march and he's in a bad position. >> oh, was that a window? >> looks like he went right through a win dpdow on a buildi. feet up. >> oh! >> looks to be an open window. if that's the case, that's luck. >> even if it wasn't an open window. better a window that a wall. >> i'm glad the window was open because it looked like half his body was in. if it was closed, it could have been dangerous. >> looks like a stormy, cloudy, hazy day, not conditions for hang gliding. >> see him flair out to slow down, puts his feet up first to brace him. then he realizes, i'm going through the window. believe it or not, no serious injuries. minor bruises.
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you see he gets up right after this. the story of the baby rescued in the bag has been all over the place. you guys remember this. queensland, australia, floodwaters, rescuers dangling from helicopter. they come down and pick up a boy in a spare dive bag and pull him up to safety with his mother robin and her friend. when this story first came out, this was the only video people were seeing. "right this minute" acquired the raw, uncut video from the rescue. in it we get to see a lot more, like when the baby is brought into the helicopter. they hand the bag over to this guy sitting down. watch this. they unzip it like a book bag. watch, just amazing video. sadly, the baby does start to cry a little bit. >> he misses his mom. >> couldn't find his mom. >> the brave rescuer was quick
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to go back. when he goes down there, you can see they are a little nervous about the harness. >> put your arms down. >> they are way high up there. that would be terrifying for anybody. >> that's a great point, beth. in another angle we acquired, you can see 120 feet down. that's a traumatic experience. for the third time now, he drops down this time to save mom, robin, puts the harness on her. i have to love this. as they are in midair, watch what garth does. he's rescuing her and worried about that. >> she was a little worried because they had to leave the dog behind. but the dog was rescued 72 hours later. all is well, too.
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we have baby. the mom is shaken up and doesn't go for her baby right away. she might be suffering from a little shock from what happened, also not even in a state to hold the child at this point. >> i hano idea what to do at th point. >> takes the camera off, sets it down and gives us a scene of how small the helicopter is. continues to talk to donna. at one point goes up and tells her everything is going to be okay. passes the baby. >> you're right, he's amazing. some bad behavior was caught on camera. first let's head to the uk where a passerby caught this on hess cell phone camera. when you first see this, you're like, okay, what is this car parked in a parking space, a parking garage? oh, no. this is a nissan that backed into halifax bank. this was a bank robbery in
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progress. this bystander happens to catch it all on film. watch what happens. >> you mean to tell me the getaway car was in the bank. >> in the bank. that's how they got in to rob the place. according to the video, they backed through the door of the bank, breaking through that entire glass section. >> police say they got away with a lot of cash in the bank robbery. they have recovered the vehicle but they are looking for people who robbed the bank. >> sounds like it was well thought out. the nissan is a small car, small doorway. they thought this is perfect. our getaway car is right there. we won't waste any time. it's, i don't know, professional. >> now we're going to move from the uk to the sunshine kitchen and moonshine lounge. in this video we're looking for a nasty set of ladies who appear
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to be stealing tips from one of the servers. this is the woman they are hoping someone will recognize. if you notice she's looking around. >> there's another woman involved, according to the posters of this video. it's this woman, who they say is kind of a lookout. what we're looking at it this area right here. this is the tip jar for that server. it was like a kid stealing cookies out of a cookie jar. >> that's just wrong. >> for the next few weeks, we're giving away ipad minis. get ready, everybody, for a chance to win. >> thursday's buzzword to answer. have you to be 18 or older. >> thursday's buzzword is coming up in just a bit. >> good luck, everybody. >> you don't need a fishing pole or a net to catch fish. i learned that in this video. >> okay. that didn't work. according to the person who posted this video, there was
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something going on with the shooting implement they were using. they were eventually successful. >> what? >> yeah. >> there is fish. >> this wasn't fair fishing. they are using explosives in a small pond. i don't like it. >> now, this should confuse you a little. you're in malaysia, under the sea, doing a little diving. then you're in the middle of a barracuda vortex. >> that's dangerous. they have teeth. >> they do. that's why it's called barracuda. >> this is a barracuda vortex. somebody in them. they appear to be calm. they call them a tornado of barracuda. >> i wonder if this is a weird mating ritual. you see them in the water all
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getting busy. >> maybe this is some barracuda getting busy time. >> yeah. >> so you went from the interesting to -- >> the fishermen from the first video in the middle of that barracuda vortex and see how they hold up. >> without explosives. >> yeah. >> steven fabian, out for blood. ♪ >> these guys are trying to chase down a car thief. >> watch what happens. i'll tell you what, he went for a ride. >> see what happens when they rundown the stolen car "right this minute." two videos to, you know - >> he's so cute. >> see a couple of videos that are going to make you feel good "right this minute." >2ñlñ@ e@
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the surveillance camera in new jersey catches a very scary moment for a father and son.
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you see dad running on the sidewalk outside the house and his son ryan following closely behind. they are trying to catch a car thief. watch what happens. >> oh, no. >> ryan gets hit-and-run down. apparently ryan suffered a broken ankle and some other minor injuries but is okay. >> his dad's bmw just stolen, taking off, does not stop. looks like it speeds up after it hits ryan. ryan is caught on the roof of the car for a brief second before he crashes to the ground. you see his dad run over and check on him and then run towards the house of he's trying to call for help. >> did ryan get in front of the car to try to get the car to stop? is that what he was doing? is that why he was in the way of the car? >> it looks like that. i'll tell you what, he went for a ride, too. he was on top of that car rolling around for a few seconds before he hit the ground. >> looks to me like at least 50 feet if not more.
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>> that poor dad had to watch this happen to his son, go check on him, and leave him there in the street while he's calling for help. that must have been heart wrenching for the father. >> this car thief has not been caught yet. he's still out there and the car hasn't been found yet either. dog gets the mail. >> are you ready for the best part of my day? check this out. >> hello. hello. >> have a nice day. go give it to him. best part of my day. >> when we're kids, we all look up to an idol. we do everything we can to be just like them. look at this little guy.
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his name is bandit, he's looking up to this idol, this gorgeous looking pit bull on the treadmill. little bandit wants to be just like the pit bull, so he tries to get on the treadmill. he figured out how to go through the front of the treadmill. that doesn't work, kicks him off. >> facing the wrong way. that's the number one problem. >> hasn't figured that out because he tries it yet again. eventually he figures it out and actually stays on the other side of the treadmill. >> and he tries, and he tries. he's kicking him off. >> little legs aren't fast enough to keep it going. >> yea, victory. >> for a few seconds. >> but it's a little victory for this guy. these pit bulls belong to anthony sanchez. he has a rescue called peace,
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love, and pit bulls. he places them in homes. you think this is cute, look at this. this guy is a 10 day old piggy. he was born with a congenital defect, which means he capital use his hind legs. his keepers came up with an idea to give him a wheelchair made up of toy parts. >> the only thing is, i think the wheels need to be heavier so he doesn't consistently pop wheelies. >> he's adorable. his name is crispy bacon. >> hopefully that's his name and not what he turns into. >> i don't think he'll end up as bacon because he is a family pet. i think he's going to live a long, healthy life. >> this is a bad day for anyone. guy filming on the streets of dublin ireland and notices this beamer got the clamp on the wheel. >> your car can't go anywhere. the guy started filming this because he said the guy who was driving the beamer was oldish.
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he thought he didn't realize the tire was clamped. the guy tries driving away with the clamp. apparently the old man looked at the guy filming and said f the clampers, they can go to hell. if you watch it without audio, it looks like he's getting away. listen when i play the audio. you realize it's not working. >> is he dragging that left front wheel? >> that left front wheel locks up. you hear the tires squealing. it's almost pulling him off to the sidewalk there. this guy did not escape the wrath of the clampers. >> that's going to leave some major damage to his car. >> going to be a lot more expensive to fix that problem than to pay to get it off the car. >> i don't know how he thought that would work. >> if you practice safe parking you won't get the clamp. >> you can't just park it anywhere. >> you can't park it in a strange place where many others have parked. >> you need to know that parking space.
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we're going to take a little trip to the private game reserve in south africa as part of the crazy cameramen series. a series on in this particular episode we're following boris, the cameraman. he was in this game reserve shooting wildcats. >> my favorite of the wildcats. >> they thought boris was pretty darn cute. >> you love my hair, don't you? i know this would come in somewhere. >> giving them a head scratch with their teeth. >> one fell in love with his curly mop of hair and in there licking and chewing and pulling at boris's hair. >> the crazy thing is the cat stays there and stays there and stays there. boris even starts rubbing this wildcat, even starts pulling on his own hair saying, look, it's quite wet now. >> maybe the head scratch is going to be the new thing.
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>> quite nice. >> doesn't look like he lost any hair. that's good. >> just because there's all kinds of snow and ice on the ground doesn't mean you can't get extreme. take lessons from these dudes. they had one snow-covered park, three kayaks and four students to create snow kayaking. >> is this basically like sledding with paddles. >> it is sledding. you'll notice in the video they aren't in the kayak. they are arriving on one side. i'd love to be in the conversation that led this day. it looks like a ton of fun. from there, let's go to something we usually always see during olympics time. this is where we had a ski flying hill. what we're about to see is toeltly awesome. this is a famous ski jumping
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hill. records have been broken here. one of the largest ski jumping hills in the world. now we're about to see first person perspective to see them fly through the air. that's what these guys do. you see them getting ready to get on this massive jump. just listen. you can feel how fast this guy is going. he's got cameras all over. this particular jump 208.5 meters, 684 feet, a huge jump. not even close to the world record done on this hill, 808 feet back in 2011. awesome stuff and awesome to see it from this perspective. >> all right, everybody.
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it's time for thursday's buzzword and rtm ipad mini give away. >> to win you have to be 18 or older and have the buzzword. >> to enter head to the facebook page. if you're using a tablet or mobile device head to the first post on our mobile page and tap on the first link. >> thursday's buzzword, wingsuit. head over and click on the winning ipad mini button. >> click on wing suit, w-i-n-g-s-u-i-t to win an ipad mini. good luck, you guys. dad gets surprised when a deer comes for a playdate. >> the kit is saying, come pet the deer. he comes and says, wait a minute, did he say deer.
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♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant if you're in the mood to play a musical instrument and you don't have one -- >> what do you do? >> you mcgyver one. >> these guys mcgyvered bagpipes using pvc and duct tape. >> that is weird. looks like they pulled stuff out of the garbage and now they are playing with their mouth. >> pretty much what they did. you can see them blowing air through the pipes. this is the plastic bag covered
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with duct tape. >> the wrong dance to do. >> that's russian. >> this entire getup put together by scott martin and todd. >> those were the duct tape and pvc bagpipes. >> we could start a garbage band. >> songs made out of garbage, garbage jam, volume one. puppy hates the shovel. ladies, this is not a petting zoo. this is a guy named jaime king's
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front year. he woke up from a nap and heard kids say, come pet the deer. he came to and said, wait a minute, did they say deer. he ran outside thinking they were in danger. he saw he was in total chill mode. they are petting the deer like a dog. >> he's playing with them. runs in a circle, comes back with a sweet look on his face. this is an incredible moment for the kids. >> they are very, very cautious. they are coming up slowly petting, but the deer kind of likes it. this actually happened around christmas time and jamie had the smart thinking to say, this is dasher. dasher is coming up to check on you guys, so you guys better be good because he's going to take a report back to old santa claus. imagine that story. you go back to school and say, dasher came to our house. we chilled with


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