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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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you ready to do some work? martin? what is it? look at this. this is the man that killed claudia corliss. this is amelia's birthday party three and half years ago. it was... it was in a park in new jersey. look-- this scar, that's where sofia stabbed him with her scissors. lucy, are you absolutely sure? a lot of people have a scar. no! yes, i'm sure. i saw the police sketch. i know it's the same guy. jake opened this box, he took out the photo, and then he led me to sofia. and the number on the box-- 1075-- that's the same number that saved sofia's life.
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why is this... guy, this stranger, standing behind my daughter... six months after he killed someone just like her? captioning sponsored by 20th century fox captioned by media access group at wgbh
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a streak of light across the night sky in the bay area. we just got this video of something that took a lot of people by surprise this evening. good ev evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it's been a day full of celestial occurrences. you can see a bright ball of light speeding through the sky. reports of sights have lit up social media. our viewers are seeing what they saw on our facebook page.
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kevin said he thought while out on a walk on lake merit area. he described it as a fire work and said it was incredibly breathtaking and scary at the same time. we also took calls from ktvu viewers. >> i seen other meteor shoot across the sky. this one came straight down, bright white and then broke up in about three pieces and then gold colors pieces and disappeared. >> reporter: we asked astronomers at the space center about that bright streak of light but they couldn't see it breaking up as it entered the atmosphere. they also said that it was likely unrelated to the other celestial events that happened earlier in the day. a meteor streaked through
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the sky of russia then exploded. that is the boom from the meteor's shock wave. it had the force of 20 atomic bombs and caused injury to thousands of people mostly from flying glass. about 3,000 buildings were damaged from the shock waves. most of the damage was broken glass. russian officials say more than a million square feet of glass was shattered. many people were out and about. while no deaths were reported the concern tonight is the cold temperatures which can be a serious problem with all of that shattered windows. that meteor came as astronomers watched a meteor come close to event. >> reporter: they're packing
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out the telescopes they brought out to view the asteroid. one as astronomer i talked to said that it's close to one of these hitting effort and it's going to be a disaster. >> it's rare for something this large to come this close. >> reporter: astronomer mchegan tracks asteroids. at its closest point the asteroid was 17,000 feet. >> anything closer than our moon is getting a little harry and this one was much closer than the moon. >> reporter: tonight a crowd gathered up the observatory, many up past their bedtime to watch the asteroid about half a football field. >> my first time seeing one.
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>> super slow. >> reporter: interest increased after many saw an asteroid hitting russia. the impact shattered 1,000 square feet of windows. astronomers think there's a million of them but they've tracked and spotted only a fraction. >> it would have been an equivalent of a 2-1/2 mega ton nuclear bomb. if it would have landed in the middle of san francisco it would have wiped out half the city. >> reporter: this isn't just the stuff of hollywood movies. a congressional committee will look into better ways to find and track asteroids that pose a threat to earth. reporting live at the space and science center, noelle walker. at we posted more of this remarkable video from this russian meteor explosion.
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look for the video on our facebook page. new information today about how fugitive excop christopher dorner died. >> the information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wound that took christopher dorn er's life was self-inflicted. >> dorner was hiding in a condo just 100 yards from the command center. dorn er is accused of killing four people including two police officers during his rampage. the man accused of making death threats against leland yee made his first court appearance today in san jose. bashum is facing 10 charges. investigators spent three days searching his home. they found weapons and bomb
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making material. bashum is due back in court february 24th to make a plea. a s.w.a.t. team entered an apartment on shatuck avenue and found it was empty. it all began at 12:30 this afternoon when a vehicle pulled up on west mcarthur. someone in the car opened fire wounding a man. officers tracked the car to the 1600 block of shatuck. they officers say they thought a second person was barricaded. the person shot earlier today is expected to survive. a passenger on board that carnival cruise ship filed a lawsuit today. amber lee has stories from people here in california. >> reporter: home sweet home is
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how passengers of the carnival cruise ship are feeling tonight. pena rushed to the arms of relatives. she is surprised as the welcome. >> i'm not even sure i was expecting it, but i should have been. i'm just glad to be home. >> reporter: the engine fire knocked out power and plumbing leaving the cruise ship adrift. pena sent pictures of the ship and buckets of sewage. >> i want to shower. >> reporter: when passengers finally reached the dock, some kissed the ground in relief. carnival chartered buses and planes to help get passengers back home. >> it feels so good, i just
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wanted to get home. >> reporter: carnival says cruise passengers are loyal and they are likely not to have a fall out. >> booking for summer or fall or next winter which the cruise lines are booking already, they are not going to slash the prices on those sailings. >> reporter: the triumph was towed to a shipyard where it will undergo repairs and no doubt a thorough cleaning. amber lee, ktvu news. more detail mouse -- new details now, in addition to their apology, carnival is offering them another trip for free plus $500 in compensation. san francisco police are
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hoping the public can help them find two men accused of attacks. one attack took place last month and one earlier this month. in each case the victim said a man approached them from the opposite direction and suddenly started punching them before running away. in six minutes another frightening attack in that same part of san francisco. it happened last night and it involved a hatchet. what the victims told police about their encounter. there have been allegations that crime spiked in san jose. but until today there were no hard numbers to confirm it. 2012 was one of the most violent years in recent memory here in san jose reaching a 20 year high in homicides. today police released new numbers for a national crime reporting program revealing crime increase by more than 20%. >> the numbers we are seeing are not good. >> reporter: homicides
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increased by 20.4%, robbery up 9.7% and aggravated assault up 8.7%. >> you're looking at 750 more than in 2011. that's troubling. because any one of those could have resulted in a homicide. -- >> reporter: the biggest increases were in burglary crime and vehicle theft increased 71%. and it's only getting worse. police say this year san jose is on pace for about 1,000 car thefts a month. >> they took away my honda civic. and they stole everything i had in there. >> reporter: a 17-year-old was shot to death earlier this month and another 17-year-old was stabbed to death outside his high school on wednesday. a drive by shooting injured two men last night and police say all three crimes appear to be gang related. police say they are preparing for a busy weekend. >> we're concerned about retaliations, we're concerned
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about cold weather. >> reporter: is there any solution or is it just life? >> that's life, i don't think there is a solution. >> reporter: police say they will utilize over time if needed. this morning, san francisco based zoom is a money transfer company allowing folks to send company to other countries online. it's like an updated version of western union. sales of zoom were offered but shot up to $25. bloomburg issued an e-mail that called wal-mart's sales a total disaster: wal-mart says the e- mail is being taken out of
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context and it's not entirely accurate. the dow gained eight points the nasdaq lost six. both ended the week slightly lower. in 90 seconds -- >> we'll put a penny in and nothing. getting rid of the penny. why the president wants to do it and the bay area businesses that have already banned it. >> thousands of valentine flowers ordered online didn't make it to their destination. we asked the company what went wrong. this great weather is about to come to an end. how warm it will get this weekend before rain moves back in.
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president obama is ready to pinch the penny. he says it's obsolete and wasteful. deborah villalon is live with the business that has already beat him. >> reporter: the penny, almost worthless. doesn't even work on the parking meter anymore but people are divided about killing this coin. >> that fits back here. >> reporter: pennys rattling as he road, aggravating cyclist ken enough to ban them from his 11 bicycle stores. >> we'll save that person a lot of weight in the speed back. we'll get them back on the road quicker by just getting rid of the penny and going straight to the nickel. >> reporter: his cash drawers hold no pennys. now hearing the president's words of agreement. >> it's perfect. i could not agree more. >> reporter: canada, new zealand, australia have all eliminated their one cent coin.
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but in congress bills to ax honest abe several times, even though it costs 2-1/2 cents to make a penny. habit and nostalgia keep the penny alive. >> reporter: how much do you think at home? >> probably a buck and a half more. yeah a dollars. >> reporter: rouptding -- rounding for the thousands costs thousands. >> to count them, to roll them. to bring to the bank the small adjustment in rounding in the customer's favor cost us less than it does to collect the penny. >> reporter: at least another business is taking the cue also altering cash back to customers. >> they don't get pennys back and they don't seem to notice yet. maybe one out of ten might notice. >> reporter: but if the penny
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dish disappears, so does the give and take. >> i like the social aspect of the penny. you have to leave a penny for the next guy when the register is dispensing your change. >> so you it? >> i would miss it, yes. >> reporter: mike's bikes remains the renegade. the president says he understands the attachment to the penny but he would welcome legislation gets rid of it. he's not counting on it. deborah villalon, ktvu news. police say two men are expected to survive after being attached with a hatchet at their home. they're not sure how the three attackers entered the home on 27th and church streets around 11 last night. investigators say they first attacked a 59-year-old homeowner who was asleep in their bed. another man arrived home later and was also attacked. the crime has left them shaken say neighbors. >> scary, very scary.
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most of these places don't have bars on their doors and people start thinking about that. police say the attackers ransacked the house and left with some jewelry. no arrests were made. the crash happened on dorethy road. witnesses told police that it appears an elderly woman lost control of her car. dorothy was closed between dublin and amador valley boulevard for about three hours. in fremont a young bike rider rushed to the hospital this evening after being hit by a car. the accident happened off paseo padre highway. the force of the collision left the bike actually lodged underneath the car. but the child is said to have nonlife threatening injuries. happening now. san jose police are targeting impaired drivers.
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the sobriety checkpoint is running right now at blossom hill road and snell. it will continue until 3:00 in the morning. in addition to looking for drunk drivers, authorities will also make sure drivers are licensed. a new push is under way helping fight crime. two alameda supervisors plan to ask to double up next week. changes are coming to first friday in oakland because of what happened at this month's event. a shooting killed a teenager and injured three others. as a result a drinking ban will be enforced during the first friday event next month. that's not all. first friday will also end an hour earlier at 9:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. and there will be fewer street closures along telegraph avenue. they order flowers to be delivered on valentine's days but those flowers didn't make it. now a lot of people around the
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country are angry at ftd. richard sharp talked to one customer who took matters into his own hand. >> reporter: it was so furious. >> reporter: that was after robert loftin had been on the phone for an hour. >> that's when i said, i want my money back. and that's when she say i can give you ten -- >> i said i don't want $10 off. i want you to cancel my order and put the money back in my credit card. >> reporter: thousands of angry customers posting stories of valentine day failures. some failed customers got this e-mailed response saying that the company can still deliver their order on or before monday february 18th. ftd e-mailed a statement from their president rob apetoff, we
10:22 pm
take every order personally, strive to meet. people should be aware of the risk of ordering from a national company and getting them from a local store like his. >> we're about reputation. so it's all based on that for us and repeat business. it's not about just making the money and the volume on the larger numbers. >> reporter: as for robert, he was able to run out, buy flowers, hand deliver them and save a little cash. >> it cost me almost $20 less and got a box of chocolate. >> reporter: robert said when he woke up this morning his credit card had been refunded the money he spent on the flowers. ftd is quick to point out that despite all the problems they have an a+ rating with the better business bureau. in sacramento, i'm richard sharp, ktvu channel 2 news. it's pretty warm out there today. temperatures back into the low
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70. oakland 75 degrees. it is going to be warm tomorrow but not as warm as it was today. lots of upper 60s and low 70s still for tomorrow. a really nice day for your saturday. starts off kind of mild. temperatures outside right now are relatively warm. 57 in hayward, 56 in mountain view and 46 in novato. it's not that cold tonight. when we come back at 10:45. we're going to go looking for rain. there'll be rain in the forecast. and it's going to kind of impact the weekend. we'll see you back here. they were sent to internment camps during world war ii. >> i've never been able to escape that experience. it's colored my life. >> reporter: how the bay area's japanese community is remembering a dark time in history more than 70 years later. and in eight minutes we ride along as palo alto's police chief goes out on patrol tonight. the high tech twist in this operation. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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people who turned in guns and am pew -- and ammunition last month finally were paid what they were owed today. the district attorney was offering people $200 for semi automatic rifles and long guns and $100 for other guns. but it quickly ran out of money and had to distribute vouchers. >> we're really happy to actually run out of money. our next concern then was raising enough money to honor the vouchers that we gave out and we were able to do that. >> reporter: people redeemed their vouchers for cash today at the civic center in san rafael much of the $70,000 needed to cover the vouchers came from donations. president obama returned to his adopted hometown of chicago today and spoke about the gun violence that's been plaguing
10:27 pm
that city and the nation. >> it's not unique to chicago, it's not unique to this country. too many of our children are being taken away from us. >> reporter: in his speech the president singled out the killing of hadiya pendelton the teenager who was gunned down days after performing at the presidential inauguration. the white house is pressing congress to pass new gun legislation laws. a somber anniversary with a profound meaning for many japanese americans is being observed this weekend in san francisco and elsewhere. as ktvu's john sasaki reports it was 71 years ago that president roosevelt ordered the internment of japanese americans and their memories are still raw. >> reporter: in san francisco's japan town, cherry blossoms are
10:28 pm
blooming early. japanese internees shared their memories. >> i've never been able to forget that experience. >> reporter: as teenagers, they were forced with their families to leave their homes for isolated camps such as tulley lake and heart mountain. >> the lack of freedom not only physically but also the feeling that we couldn't go any where, yeah. that was very devastating. >> reporter: after pearl harbor, 120,000 mostly american citizens were considered a threat to national security and forced into concentration camps. >> it was long-standing, which on top of that there was wartime hysteria when people were not thinking clearly about protecting people's lives. >> reporter: that's what this japan monument and remembrance
10:29 pm
are about. the dark period in u.s. history and protecting people's rights going forward. the former inturnees hope that no one has to follow such a sign because they say no americans should be subjected to this kind of treatment. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. an inspirational athlete's fall from grace. in news of the world how an olympic athlete responded today to murder charges. >> find out what police are doing right now without leaving your home. the online ride along that's happening right now and the top cop making history with it. >> we now know how much it cost to clean up this massive pillow fight in san francisco for valentine's day. ♪
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turns out last night's great san francisco pillow fight cost the city thousands of dollars. the eighth annual valentine's day event drew hundreds of folks to justin hermann plaza. crews then spent the overnight hours cleaning the feathers and synthetic stuffing that was left behind. the department of public works says that clean up cost about $5,000. facebook says its investigating a hack attack. the menlo park company admitted the attack today in a blog post. officials say last month a handle of employees visited a mobile website that downloaded malware into their laptops. those laptops have since been fixed. there's no evidence that any user data was compromised. new at 10:00, palo alto's top cop invited everyone to ride along with him on patrol tonight. it may be a first of its kind event. anyone who wanted to be there
10:33 pm
virtually could, maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: you still can, you can go to a website if you want to ride along and patrol the area. a friday night means people partying and police patrolling. but tonight in a rare move the police chief himself was pulling people over. chief dennis burns has seen a lot in his three decades in law enforcement but the biggest change may be to technology that police use. >> all we had was the radio and the little switch you know to turn on the lights. >> reporter: tonight for the first time the chief is hosting a virtual ride along with him behind the wheel, his lieutenant is tweeting messages and pictures on twitter and we had a front row seat. here's a look behind some of the tweets. the chief responded to a car crash. he helped this elderly woman who couldn't find her car in
10:34 pm
downtown and even stopped by a lemonade stand where a girl was selling cup cakes. >> we want to try to condition our community to go to social media you know when there's an incident in their neighborhood as well as when there's a natural disaster. >> reporter: chief burns also hopes reviewing what happens behind the badge helps police further connect with the community. >> it truly allows us to reach an entire generation or two of people that realistically we weren't reaching directly before. >> reporter: some area police say twitter has helped them get more tips. their tweet along is going to happen until 2:00 in morning just follow them at palo alto police, maureen naylor. jesse jackson jr. and his wife have agreed to plead guilty to misuse of campaign funds. federal officials say jackson used $750,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses.
10:35 pm
including a $43,000 gold rolex watch. jackson says he has accepted responsibility for his mistakes. both he and his wife could be sentenced to prison. he is the son of civil rights leader jesse jackson. los angeles cardinal roger mahoney is headed to rome to select the next pope but not before being deposed on a child molestation case. the deposition is the first since the archdiocese released thousands of pages of pages of personnel file. mahoney and other officials hid allegations against priests to protect the catholic church. the air bus will stop using lithium batteries in their jets. instead air bus will use a traditional battery in its new
10:36 pm
passenger jet the a350. in news of the world, in south africa olympic athlete broke down loudly as he was charge with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend. the double amputee sprinter did not enter a plea. his family disputed the murder charge in the strongest terms. he's been considered a hero in south africa for overcoming his disability to compete in the olympics. ? afghanistan the women or rather the army is training women to be special forces. this is new ground for the ultraconservative society where women are usually covered from head to toe. the women special forces will be used to do in night raids. afghans have been very sensitive about having foreign forces usually men in their homes. in venezuela, the government released the first pictures of president chavez.
10:37 pm
hugo sanchez is seen smiling with his daughters next to him. the pictures were taken in cuba where he's recovering from surgery and complications. for the first time a new study by gallop maps out where gays and lesbians live. washington, d.c. came in with 10% with those asked saying they were gay, lesbian and gay. california hat 4%. oregon and vermont had 5%. north dakota had the lowest at 1.7%. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the return of rain. he's back with his complete forecast at 10:45. up first we'll take you to scottsdale for spring training. how fans are showing their love for the giants.
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spring is in the air in scottsdale arizona where the world champion san francisco giants are set to hold their first full squad work out tomorrow. ktvu's fred inglis is already there and tells us so are many giant fans. >> reporter: it's difficult to look ahead when scottdale
10:41 pm
stadium reminds you so much of the past. >> it's just a great sport. it's so much fun to watch. the guys are obviously so hot and attractive. the giants are the greatest team in the world. >> reporter: the first home game is saturday the 23rd. but these fans are just happy to see the players practice. >> it's just nice to be at the ball game and hear the sounds of the ball hitting the glove and bat, i love it. >> i unfortunately married an a's fan, but that's just the way it goes. you can't help who you fall in love with. >> what are you doing here so early. >> i wanted to get photographs for my sports room. >> you're working on your man cave. >> that's what i'm doing. >> twice blessed to be a part of a team that won the world series in a city as passionate as san francisco and as beautiful. so there's a lot of things to be grateful for. >> you're not a giant's fan? >> well, my dad made me be one today.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: only pitchers and catchers practiced today but they will hold their first full team work out tomorrow where they will expect ideal weather conditions and more fans. fred inglis, ktvu news. b.a.r.t. police identified a shooter that killed an innocent bystander in san leandro. they consider him armed and dangerous. a stray bullet from a gun battle killed kenneth seat and injured a girl. two others have been arrested. 39-albert smith of fairfield reentered a not guilty plea this morning to murder with special circumstances. smith is charged with gunning down officer james kapoot during a chase back in 2011. his trial date is set for may tenth. walnut creek police say the
10:43 pm
number of their officers has dropped critically low and that's causing the police department to make changes. some detectives have put investigations on hold in order to go out on patrol. they're even authorized to hire as many as 80 officers. but right now there are only 65 officers on the roster. >> so we're picky when we choose officers. there's a lot of competition. and part of that competition has better pay and benefits and because of that we're losing some applicants to other agencies. city leaders say the idea of increasing pay and benefits has not been formally proposed to the city council. it is heart wrenching and it'll never go away. >> a toddler badly injured at a gym day care. why police would not investigate. >> enjoy this unusually warm
10:44 pm
weather while you can. i'll show you when the rain will return in your complete bay area forecast. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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the department of motor vehicle has put the breaks on a multi million dollars technology. little progress was made on the vehicle registration upgrade to the project was cancelled. a reporter from cnn decided to put the tesla to the test. the cnn reporter headed out on the same rout 270 miles from washington, d.c. to boston. he said he kept his speed between 60 and 65 miles per hour. kept the temperature at 72 degrees and minimized stops.
10:47 pm
he said the car made the entire trip with battery power to spare. the city of richmond continues to examine the city's dornin drive tunnel. crews have not found any new areas of failing concrete. they expect engineers to come up with a plan to fix the problem next week. the tint tunnel is 100 years old and connecting point richmond with keller park. those gym child care facile cities allow busy parents to make time for a work out but it may surprise you that those centers are not licensed. gasia mikaelian explains what people need to know before dropping their children off. 4-year-old jack's parents says he carries a scar from what happened at this family gym in sacramento. >> it is heart wrenching and it'll never go away. >> reporter: his father mark mcgee paid extra for the health care center at california
10:48 pm
family fitness an hour into his work out one day mcgee says a staff member told him his son got a cut. >> his face and shirt had blood drenched down it. you could see where the wound was which was above his eye. >> reporter: his father says he couldn't get information on what exactly happened. these pictures show jack after he got 10 stitches. his medical care costs thousands of dollars according to his family. now two years later they are still in a legal fight with cal fit. >> throughout the process there was never any remorse, an apology provided. >> reporter: they went to the department of social services to file a complaint but found the agency doesn't oversea gym he'll care centers. the guide line for child care centers show gyms are exempt. that's because the services are only provided to the parents and guardians who are on the same premises as the site of the child dare care program. the gym isn't subject to the
10:49 pm
same regulation as a day care center. and if a parent has a concern about the facility they can't file a complaint. the president of cal fit says that members are notified that they're not licensed. >> that's why there's a set of rules when they join that's why they're required to be on the premises. >> reporter: but jack's parents said they never thought they were not registered. >> we thought we were putting our son in a state of the art facility and everything was hunky dori and it was actually quite the opposite. leland yee is chair of the human services committee which oversees the economy that licenses day cares. he's now calling for an investigation and says there should be full disclosures. jack's parents say they just want to keep this from happening to another child. gasia mikaelian, ktvu news. what a day we had today.
10:50 pm
temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. it was 80 degrees in santa cruz, 75 degrees in parts of santa clara. tomorrow is going to be another nice day because this ridge of high pressure keeps everything going over the top. that changes though as we get toward the epd -- toward the end of the weekend. that's a trough of cooler air. things are changing around but not before your weekend is going to be perfect. saturday looks great. best day of the weekend is saturday the warmest. sunday is still nice but mid- 60s. temperatures outside are kind of mild right now compared to where they have been. mid-30s, upper 30s. i don't know about frost. i haven't had too many reports of frost in the last few mornings. just a really nice day. things really start to erode after saturday and sunday you will notice more clouds. by monday and tuesday certainly tuesday a chance of shower. we will see showers in here on tuesday. the weekend is dry though for the most part. as you get into the extended forecast that rain returns
10:51 pm
tuesday. you will see it in the computer model. forecast model for temperatures, isotherm map. yellows are 70s. here come the 70s. you will see the yellows. i think we will see a lot of upper 60s tomorrow, they'll be touching on 70. this high pressure starts to drop a little bit. number one cools us down. number two brings us some clouds and number three brings in a chance of rain. there's that first drop off and they plummet on monday and tuesday into the mid- and low 50s. we may see some snow up in diablo and hamilton. there's your saturday, here comes your sunday. and then here comes your monday and you see what happens that's the cloud. that's some change. you saw the wind shift that's your monday. that's when things start to change around and we get clouds in the forecast, maybe a chance of few sprinkles too on monday night. the forecast then for tomorrow a really nice day for your
10:52 pm
saturday. 69degrees in pittsburgh, 68 in livermore and nice day. saturday is going to be nice not as nice as today but still nice. monday the clouds come in, showers by monday night late into sunday. here's your five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. we need the rain. it's a cold weather system so it doesn't look look there's going to be a lot of rain. so the pattern is changing enjoy it because it's a return to winter soon. >> you're talking maybe .25- inch, .5-inch? >> we'll be lucky if we get .25- inch. mexico is reporting a bird flu outbreak. it has spread to seven farms in central mexico. the current outbreak is not affecting the supply of chicken products and that humans are not affected. the food and drug
10:53 pm
administration is warning people to steer clear of unapproved flu remedies. the fda has even sent out warning letters giving companies 15 days to stop the deceptive labeling. aside from being a waste of money they could be contaminated or contain the wrong prescription. and the local designer that's getting a big break in fashion week.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
a bay area fashion student is showing off her skills on the new york runway. she's a masters candidate. last week wen's connection was featured in new york city. go to to hear and learn more about her collection. just scroll down to the video player right on the home page. >> how great is that. >> very exciting. not very exciting when it comes to the sharks. what has happened to them. >> that along with the warriors, we can't buy a victory out here. if the sharks have a suggestion box things probably crammed to the brim right now with ideas to get this team out of a mind
10:57 pm
numbing funk. how do you go from seven in a row to winless? maybe thornton not sive. most of the evening went like this. roger marcus cruger he'll hit the post. like a good scorer returns his own shot and puts it past neimi. it's andu shaw who will poke it past niemi and the garbage is his. 4-1 the final. win last scene, the giants were parading down market street in november. one of the cards was driven by 49ers alex smith. lots has changed since that halloween night actually. since that victory parade and the offseason seemed ever so short. pitchers and catchers working out right now with the every
10:58 pm
day players starting to trickle in. including well known newcomer andres torres who hung out a little bit with the man who he was traded for. he says there will be no let down in his game after signing a $40 million deal. >> i start playing when i was seven years old and it doesn't get old. this is the game that you start playing when you were a kid. the mom pulled you by the ear to go to the ballpark and you love it as much as you can. i never going to lose my passion for this game. i don't know how long i'm going to play this became, but hopefully you know the last game of my career i can carry the same passion. meantime as we approach the madness of march we have a couple of teams who will probably expect to make a whole lot of noise coming the woman's tournament. cal and usc in business.
10:59 pm
and trojan woman agumeque handling absolutely everything. she had 15 rebounds. next time she will nab one off the board put it back in on the offensive glass. stanford now 23-2, 12-1 in conference. just like the men from cal last night, the women work overucla big time. check out britney boyd, she's just fun to watch. 10 steals converts two of her 14. the next time around watch her create a turn overhear and she will end up picking the pocket. get it and watch the pass here. behind the pack. beautifully done and jennifer brandon two of her 14. cal just easy victory tonight. that's the sporting life for our friday night. >> she has the moves. >> that was fun. thanks mark. >> thanks mark. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on two begins at 7:00, they will be following more information about that bright light


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