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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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two prosecutors killed in two months leads to increased security at courthouses and increased suspicion of white supremecist. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. district attorney offices here in the bay area are quietly adding security after the killing of two prosecutors in north texas. the d.a. in kauffman county texas mike mcclellan and wife cynthia were found shot to death in their home on saturday. authorities say the two cases do not appear to be random and to say that law enforcement in
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texas is on edge would be a real understatement. >> we're very much on alert. we obviously have folks that are out to do harm to elected officials so we take that very seriously. >> suspicion has turned to a white supremecist group active in texas prisons. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney says there are now security measures here in the courthouse in response to the killing of the d.a. and his wife in texas. nancy o'malley has been a prosecutor for 27 years. she says they are several time
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-- times that authorities are on high alert. o'malley's supervisor 65 deputy d.a.s and they are on high alert. >> we have had threats sent to them. >> reporter: cases involving gang members are among the most dangerous. hammer says he an his prosecution team received threats while trying to fatal dog mauling of diane wiffel. robert noel had ties to a pelican bay inmate. >> we had possible risk locations in terms of people knowing where we're going every single day at the same time. >> reporter: defendants often take convictions personally and
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may try to get even. >> the system doesn't stop if one prosecutor is attacked another prosecutor will step in. >> reporter: the system is always bigger than any one individual or any one group or any one gang. >> reporter: d.a. o'malley says the heightened security has worked and so far no prosecutor here has been harmed as a result of a threat. reporting live, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. the killing of a prosecutor is rare with just three cases in the last ten years. we also checked statistics for the last 100 years. the national district attorney's association puts the number of prosecutors killed at 13. at least eight of those 13 were targeted in the line of duty. a federal jury decided a wrongful death lawsuit today brought by the widow of a man killed by oakland police. the jury deliberated less than a day and found in favor of opd and not the widow. on november 8, 2010 police fatally shot 37-year-old derek
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jones the owner of a hair salon. the officer said they mistook a silver color scale he was holding for a gun. jones death led to protest by those who said the shooting was an overreaction by police. and jones widow filed suit. the jury today found police did not use undue force. it happened around 3:00 in the afternoon when a car veered off and crashed down an enbankment. according to the chp the driver was a 22-year-old man from pleasanton. he was air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. his 57-year-old mother was pronounced dead at the scene. still unclear tonight is what caused the vehicle to go off the road. the highway patrol is investigating. now to san jose where police say a man who crashed into a wal-mart store is not cooperating. we have reaction from one eyewitness who jumped into
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action after the car came crashing right into that wal- mart store. >> reporter: wal-mart tried to get back to normal today. >> i thought it was road rage. >> reporter: the first crash victim south bay opera singer shay says said rammed her car twice requiring repairs. >> you didn't see the car until after an explosion of stuff came flying all over the place. >> reporter: he attacked a wal- mart worker with a metal rod. customers reacted. >> i watched him hit the dude in the head, i started chasing
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him. he hit me with a metal rod and i hit him with my cane. seven or eight people helped to take him down. >> reporter: sharon cay also considers herself lucky. >> i'm very blessed to be safe and not hurt. the wal-mart employee was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. saed faces several charges, including hit-and-run, being under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the first tonight for testla. testla says sales of its model s sedan were higher than forecast and that put tesla in the black for the first time in three years as a public company. ian musk is also promising a big announcement tomorrow. testla shares were up 15% to close just above $44. as for the broader market, the
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dow dropped five points today. nasdaq sank 28. a slow down in manufacturing last month was reported. apple ceo issued an apology today to customers in china. chinese tv has accused apple of greed and arrogance saying the repair service for iphones and i pads in china is second rate. they added improvements to its repair policies. it's the first of april and major league baseball is back in the bay area. in fact, just a few minutes ago the a's wrapped up the home opener before a sold out crowds. expectations are high following last year's divisional title. >> reporter: as high as you would expect for a team that came out of nowhere to stun baseball last season. players and fans tell me they are picking up where they left off and they're building on it. it was all about the fans tonight.
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season ticketholders on the field getting high five from players. >> i think the fans bring the electricity to the game. >> reporter: today fans handled the first pitch and the anthem. this game was sold out a week ago. a growing appetite for a's baseball. >> right now we're 33% ahead of last year for season ticket sales. >> reporter: because the a's won the world series last year or because they are filled with quirky players? >> i think both. >> it's a very special feeling to get out with the crowd. we've got a lot of our friends here we haven't seen for years. it's a lot of fun. it's like a big party again.
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>> we like to see the fans sell out every game. >> reporter: and the beard, a bet with a professional wrestler to stay unshaved the longest. >> it's actually going to be very fun. it's give me time to keep my mind off of baseball. to relax after a loss. >> for all those who lost their lives in december 14, 2012. >> reporter: among all the high spirits there was one somber pause before the game. a moment of silence for victims of the newton connecticut shooting. the giants opened their season this afternoon against the dodgers in los angeles and thousands of fans gathered at at&t park to watch the game on the big screen there. this opener by the way marks two years since giant fan bryan
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stow was savagely beaten. fans at today's watch party say they've noticed safety and security improvements since that i said -- incident in l.a. >> i think a lot of people have kind of opened their eyes to how bad it was. i think a lot of the fans will clean it up. >> reporter: san francisco police say their tactics of having officers wear the opposing team's jerseys at games has helped improve security. mark ibanez will have highlights. the month of april started with a spring storm here in the bay area after a dry start to 2013. a heavy doze of rain fell across much of the region overnight and again this morning. we took these pictures in al me tka as you can see there was a steady downpour and having an umbrella handy was a good idea -- in alameda. rosemary orozco is live with how much rain we got.
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>> the radar right now calm but it took most of the day. the weekend storm now pushing off into utah. but even on the backside of this system it continued to send us those moisture bands. so we had showers going this morning and into the early afternoon. but now it is quieted down. the rainfall has stopped. giving you a look here at some of the totals. the two day totals 2-inches. but many picked up 1 inch to 1- 1/2. including the santa cruz mountains. so again the rain is now gone but plenty of moisture left behind. and i expect the story tomorrow morning will be the low clouds and fog so i will have more on that and your temperatures coming up in less than 10 minutes. punishment or a paycheck? >> you're not supposed to be hanging out. the unique local program getting former gang members off the street and into the work
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force. >> another appearance of holiday hatchlings. >> what we witnessed on the ride along and what riders caught in the act had to say about the month long education campaign.
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new information tonight about a deadly accident in
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sonoma county. we now know 22-year-old tanya luna was the driver killed in last night's crash. it happened at around 9:30 last night. luna's 21-year-old brother and two teenagers were also in the car but only suffered minor injuries. the passengers told the chp that luna had been drinking and may have been distracted by the navigation on her cell phone. 200 law enforcement agencies across the state are cracking down on drivers who text and make phone calls without using a hand held device. ktvu's patti lee is live where she road along with chp and learned perception is a big part of the problem. >> reporter: that perception problem became very clear as we road along on this freeway with chp officers. no driver admitted to being a hazard on the road but officers hope this awareness campaign will show them that illegal cell phone use just isn't worth it. chp officer d.j.sarabia scans
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the highway looking for drivers distracted by their cell phones. >> i'm going to be looking for people who have their hands to their ear. >> reporter: other tip off. phone held in front of faces or drivers looking down with at least one hand off the steering wheel. it didn't take long to find what he was looking for. >> i stopped you for talking on your cell phone. can i see your driver's license please. >> reporter: a growing problem that has caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in california over the past few years. a first time offense nets a fine of $555 minimum. the expensive message will help get the word out. >> people say all you have to do is cite people. that's part of educating unfortunately. >> reporter: educating teens was a big part of the campaign which also started today. >> unfortunately traffic collisions are the number one reason that people and especially teens die.
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>> reporter: chp is offering free education classes. >> you know how dangerous it is to be talking while driving? >> i've seen a lot of drunk drivers. >> reporter: no one officer sarabia stopped thought they were a distraction. >> you think you were paying attention everyone while you were on the phone -- even while you were on the phone. okay. i don't think so. >> reporter: to give you a look at how prevalent this problem is. to give you a look at how prevalent this problem is last year in california 450,000 drivers were convicted of texting and talking on cell phones without hands free phones. patti lee. and at we posted a list of the chp start smart classes such as tonight's in san jose.
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just look for the hot topic section right on our front page. san rafael city leaders are distributing maps at a local soup kitchen asking the homeless to stay out of certain parts of that city. the so called fourth zones include fourth and eighth street. the main complaints are things like public drinking or having dogs often leash. one man who said he lost his home last year wasn't real impressed with this new plan. >> it's just absurd little rules and they are just trying to make it hard. hard on the homeless. i didn't choose to be homeless and you're stuck. >> reporter: the mayor says the map does not represent a ban but rather a call for cooperation from the homeless. in petaluma police want your help identifying a man who grab add flat screen tv and walked out of a kmart store
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without paying. police say the man walked into a secure area around 8:30 last night. he grabbed the $250,000 television and then simply walked out. san francisco police have released new information on an officer involved shooting linked to astring of robberies. eddy toman was wounded by police and suffered minor injuries. last month police said toman slammed a car into an officer. the officer was not badly hurt. tillman and two others were involved in a series of armed robberies. one of the accused robbers is identified at 19-year-old trevel council the other is an unidentified juvenile. police say they used a dis distinctive gunshot in those robberies. a 19-year-old man was mistaken by a gang member when he was gunned down not far from his home.
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today we spoke to the 19-year- old's father who was in town to surprise him for his graduation. in this one 19-year-old jacob stands tall with his mother. today jacob's father met with neighbors offering condolences. jacob was walking home from a get together with friends saturday morning around 3:00. san francisco police say someone drove up, got out, asked the 19-year-old if he was in a gang, then shot him near his parent's mission home at 24th and bryant. the father found his son. he struggles for words in english but there's no mistaking his loss. the economics major at lewis and clark college was on a football scholarship. police are hoping for leads to come from the street. someone who saw or heard something. >> he was a college student doing good. no problems with the police.
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no previous contacts. and so it's just an all around tragedy. >> reporter: a tragedy neighbors are handling by keeping candles lit, flowers present and jacob's memory alive. two san francisco officers are taking an unusual approach to getting gang members off the street. they're offering them jobs. two officers allowed us to take cameras as they checked on people with the program. they did jobs such as landscaping. those in the program have strict rules to adhere to. >> we're not supposed to be hanging out. this is the only place you can eat in the city? >> reporter: the officers say reaching out to kids before they get recruited by gangs is another important part of this
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program. it's a quiet evening around the bay area as we get into tomorrow morning. partly cloudy conditions, fog will be developing in the early morning hours. again a lot of residual moisture hanging around by the afternoon dry mild conditions expected and in the extended forecast another storm is coming our way. as we get into the evening hours, partly cloudy right now but into the early morning portions right around the bay. right along the coastline i expect we will have low clouds as well as patchy fog. it will be burning off by 10:00, 1:00 or so. we will be left with pleasant skies for the afternoon. as we get into the morning hours right around sunrise before 7:00. wide spread 40s, low 40s in the north bay. 40s around the bay area and as you get into the afternoon feeling very good by noontime. low 60s in the forecast. by the afternoon even a few low 70s for some of our warmer inland areas. when i come back i'll have some numbers on this screen and we'll take a look at that storm coming our way. i'll have a time line of when
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it will arrive at your doorstep. the first of four falcon eggs hatched on a next on top of city hall. since then two more have hatched. here's a video clip of the mother clara feeding those chicks. in the coming weeks, researchers plan to attach a tag to the leg of those chicks. he offered to plead guilty. in four minutes why prosecutors will not accept the plea in the case of the colorado theater shooting. bankruptcy is the best option only when it's the only option. >> bankruptcy approved for the biggest city yet. the financial fall out that taxpayers may fear.
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it's a dubious distinction the city of stockton is now the most populous in the nation to enter bankruptcy following a ruling today by a federal
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judge. reporter benit on the story. >> reporter: for arnold chin who owns a photography studio in stockton today's ruling is the end to a long and painful chapter in the city's history. >> i think it's a great thing for the city. we are taking a step forward. the healing is now beginning and maybe we can get on some good financial footing. >> reporter: he said the city can't cut its budget any deeper without risking public safety. >> bankruptcy is the best option only when it's the only option which is the case of stockton. >> reporter: so the judge will now let stockton tear up some of its past loan agreements and work out new deals with the lenders to whom it owes millions. how long will that take? >> that's going to be a function of how the creditors behave at the negotiating table. i see no reason why we can't hammer something out been the next three to five months. >> reporter: stockton's major
10:26 pm
anthony silva says he sees today's bankruptcy agreement to raise the city's taxes to help for more police on the streets. >> we thought the city's bankruptcy would not be found but that wasn't the case here today. >> reporter: the city manager says it'll be hard for the city to claim that it has no money to pay its old debts if it's also raising new money through taxes. >> it would be a saoeup of bad faith in the eyes of the creditors. i think that's very dangerous move. >> reporter: in these new negotiations about to begin the city will have the upper hand but the city's three to five months to reach a deal may be optimistic. the city of vallejo took five years to reach an agreement. before stockton, vallejo was the largest city to declare bank result -- bankruptcy that
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was back in 2008. san bernardino filed for bankruptcy last december. a panel of prosecutors said justice is death in the case of colorado massacre shooter. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian
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the driver of this car says he hit the car instead of breaks around 3:00 this
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afternoon he ran into three staircases. the driver and people inside the building walked away unharmed. there is no estimate yet on the damage to the building. a lot of pedestrians are killed in the city of san francisco and some say the city is not moving fast enough. there were five in just the first three months of this year. walk sf executive director elizabeth stamp says the city has already identified 50 miles of its most dangerous streets. >> so if we fix about five miles of streets a year over the next decade we can actually cut injuries and fatalities in half. the city says it plans to spend $600 million over the next 10 years to make the streets safer. an action plan describing how that money will be spent is set to be released this week. new at 10:00, a proposal in
10:31 pm
petaluma to restore an old hotel to its former glory is causing some friction. as ken wayne tell us some of those ten in -- tenants there are being pushed out for more affluent visitors. >> reporter: the petaluma hotel was one of the grand hotels of the north bay. tonight it's home to an ugly dispute. if you look closely you can still see some of the ornate design that made the petaluma hotel high scale. today it's used for low income residents. >> we think that people should be allowed to stay. >> reporter: a small group gathered to denounce the upgrade of the hotel. >> before all of this started happening i did not know what gentryification was. now i've seen it firsthand and it's very painful to watch. >> reporter: we were unable to
10:32 pm
reach the hotel's new owner. we wanted to know how he's accommodated the 80 or so residents who have left the hotel since he's taken over. there's only about a dozen still there. >> they've all found ways to get out. out from under his belongings, his shananagans and his stress. >> reporter: city officials say since the hotel is privately operated and there's no rent control here there's little they can do. >> unfortunately, the evictions will go on. they are within their legal rights. >> reporter: but the news isn't all bad. social service workers say many residents are now living in better conditions than what was found in the hotel. >> those who have made the move are delighted to actually have a bathroom in their apartment, to have a kitchen. unfortunately change is very hard. >> reporter: there's also speculation on what will happen on the businesses at the hotel's ground floor. they still have a couple of
10:33 pm
years left on their leases and they too would like to stay. live in petaluma, ken wayne. today was the first day of contract negotiations between b.a.r.t. and the two unions representing the bulk of its workers. esou which represents the cleaning crews and the train union both came to the table today. together those who unions represent about 2,300 b.a.r.t. workers: they're current contracts are scheduled to expire at the end of june. the napa county sheriff's office says the body found burning in a pedestrian walk was the son of the county's district attorney. the sheriff's office identified 31-year-old adam livestene. they're still investigating the death but say they believe he committed suicide. his father says he heard from adam the night before his body was found and there was no signs of trouble. tomorrow lawmakers in
10:34 pm
sacramento are scheduled to hear arguments on gun reform. a background check and record of the purchase would be provided to the district attorney. the representative of the rifle association says the organization plans to sue if the bill passed. and boeing again used a plane it built for a polish airline. the company said this test was to look at various upgrades and not specifically the lithium ion batteries. boeing's fleet has been grounded since january because of problems with the batteries over heating. the operators of the nuclear power plant in onofre submitted a plan that could allow one of its reactors to be restarted by this summer. the plan has been shut down after january of last year
10:35 pm
after inspectors discovered corrosion. wants to run reactor two at 75% capacity. in north korea, the leader announced strengthen the committee and building more nuclear weapons. the obama administration says it has not detected any organization of north korean troops. a woman was raped on a train and her male companion was beaten. and in vatican city, pope francis went where no pope has gone before. he went to the tomb of the
10:36 pm
first pope peter which lies beneath st. peter's basilica. this is where early christians gathered in secret to pray because it was a time of persecution. several decades ago there was extensive archaeological excavation there. the annual easter egg roll was held today. the first family helped kick off the race. >> is everybody ready? >> yes. >> go. >> this year's theme was be healthy, be active, be you. and in addition to the egg roll there was live music, story telling, obstacle courses and an egtivity zone where coaches and athletes thought the children how to play sports. nobody wants to pay extra taxes. >> how people expect to pay in some cities. and rosemary orozco back
10:37 pm
with our complete forecast. she's going to take us through our next chance of showers. >> plus numbers on how many boys are diagnosed with adhd and why some say there's pressure to diagnose.
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a group of students marched through oakland today calling for immigration reform and honoring cesar chavez. the young folks all chanted yes we can. they say immigration is the civil rightsish shy of their generation -- civil rights issue of their generation. they chose today because it is cesar chavez's birthday. they hope to march on immigration reform. a new state law that took effect today requires doctors
10:40 pm
to notify women if a mammogram shows that they have dense breast tissue. the intent is to make sure women are aware of the situation so they can talk about the potential risks and other screening options with their doctor. new statistics on adhd shows the number of diagnoses are skyrocketing. as ktvu's john fowler reports. >> reporter: diagnosis of the attention deficit disorder honestly among boys is up. it's usually made by a busy pediatrician. >> when you have people who don't have the time or training diagnosed adhd you really are going to get a spike in the diagnosis. >> reporter: psychiatrist nora davis says about 70% of high school boys actually have adhd but three times that get a
10:41 pm
diagnosis. pressured by parents, teachers some just to get medication. >> they want it for these competitive high school. for the sats and i won't give it to them. >> reporter: about 2/3 of those diagnosed take medication, stimulants such as ridelin and aderol. they increase the action of the inhibition centers in the brain. but these drugs do have serious side effects. >> if the dose gets too high people begin to see things that aren't there, hear things that aren't there such in paranoia. they become sleep deprived and irrational. >> reporter: some children will sell their pills. effects can be similar to amphetamines. >> reporter: dr. davies urge parents and teachers to tolerate higher activity. they say an accurate diagnosis
10:42 pm
can truly by life saving. hundreds of people turned out in san francisco today for the 35th annual st. stupid's day parade. it's an event described as poking fun at the business of religion and the religion of business. folks were encouraged to wear something silly and bring spare pennys. the light hearted parade included stops at the reserve bank and stock exchange. moisture is moving out of the bay area but the dry days won't last for long. i'll pinpoint when more rain may move in. and how long it will last. >> sales tax went up today in cities across the bay area. we'll tell you where. >> and in two minutes, plowing through the patio and into a busy restaurant. why the hit-and-run attempt was quickly cut short.
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bystander tackled a las vegas driver after he tried to run after crashing his car into a restaurant several blocks west of the strip. four people had to be pulled out from beneath the car. before the driver crashed into the building he hit two other vehicles. a san jose firefighters who suffered a heart attack on the job returned to work and was greeted with a heartfelt welcome. he received a heros welcome. at a welcome back breakfast ryan says he feels healthy and strong but a bill overwhelmed by all the attention. >> normalcy is what i like in my life. it's where i long. i enjoy this career and it's good to be back. after ryan suffered the heart attack his fellow
10:46 pm
firefighters gave him immediate medical attention. and doctors who treated ryan credit those firefighters with saving his life. starting today, the sales tax went up in several bay area cities and counties and ktvu's cara liu tells us which bay area city has one of the highest bay area rates in all of the county. >> reporter: sales tax went up to 9.5% one of the highest rates across california. >> i'm not real happy about it. yeah. i mean you know nobody wants to pay extra taxes. >> reporter: contractor david cloonin says it will make a big depth in h his body line including after big costs like this one. >> reporter: that 1% transfer spwaos an increase of well over $1,000. others don't mind paying a little extra since the money will help improve roads. >> i'm in favor of it. we need to help ourselves. >> reporter: three bay area counties are now seeing higher
10:47 pm
rates including santa clara now at 8.75. marin now at 8.5 and san mateo county where the rate is 9%. several cities started paying higher taxes including san mateo and half-moon bay. >> i'm appalled because it shouldn't be going up anymore. >> as long as they're spending the money on these civic improvements i really don't have a problem with it. >> reporter: albany's rate went up a half a percent to 9.5%. for a big ticket item such as the $28,000 car that means $140 more in taxes. that difference is worth two or three tanks of gas. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. the first group of youngsters to take part in petaluma junior officer camps were introduced this morning. >> anna, michael. >> reporter: the third through sixth graders spent their break learning about police work. the officers who met with the campers highlighted how team
10:48 pm
work, leadership and a winning attitude can help someone in life. the department expects to hold another camp this summer. marin mammal rescuers say they're seeing an increased stressed stranded mammals. over the last month more than 900 pups have come ashore unnourished. they said shifting currents are moving fish out of the area where the pups hunt. pleasant weather is in the forecast for your tuesday. we do have a lot of residual moisture hanging on. i believe the story for tomorrow morning will be low clouds and patchy fog. temperatures are cooling up around the bay area right now in the 50s. 51 santa rosa. 41
10:49 pm
41 41 nevato. the winds are generally light. you can see the clouds starting to roll a little bit closer: i think by wednesday we will see high clouds move into the bay area and by thursday we have some rain. let's pick it up for you tomorrow morning. the model has actually scaled back a little bit on this fog but we do have a very moist layer in place. we have light winds. we have partly cloudy skies right now. we have the recipe for fog. i do expect to see that tomorrow morning. and now i'm going to fast forward you to wednesday. between now and then we have showers in store. these are the clouds associated with the weather that will turn wet by thursday morning. and if the storm stays on track, we've got a wet morning commute on thursday. let's talk about the here and now. so we're drying up. partly cloudy skies for tonight. tomorrow morning patchy fog but turning out to mostly sunny
10:50 pm
skies. and temperatures will warm in the afternoon with the warmest spots in the low 70s. tomorrow morning we get out the door, sunrise is just before 7:00. temperatures are cool 43 santa rosa. 47 in concord. widespread 40s. 64 in berkeley for tomorrow. 63 san francisco. 66 in oaklands. let's head to where it is warmer. 67 for napa. 67 santa rosa along if peninsula widespread 60s. 63 redwood city. low 70s morgan hill, gilroy, livermore you're checking in at 70 degrees. i think we'll have those morning clouds burning off a late morning with a mostly sunny sky expected for the afternoon. temperatures slightly warmer. wednesday looks just as good. maybe slightly warmer on wednesday. thursday we're getting wet. yes we got more rain coming our way. we're dry on friday but the
10:51 pm
weekend looks a little unsettled. we have plenty of time to change that but right now looks like rain on wednesday possibly. >> april showers bring may flowers. >> all right. home openers today didn't go quite as fans expected. >> they're called a double bagel. 0-0. it can't get worse for either team. neither sniffing a run. oakland plenty sick. the defending leading champs led by cespedes scoreless for the fifth. gutierrez getting to brent anderson right up the middle. two mariners are going to score. 2-0 lead will hold up. and felix get this 3-0 lifetime on opening night against the a's with a 1.71 era.
10:52 pm
goes 7-2/3. allows two hits. the a's have now dropped nine consecutive games on opening days. back in 1953 a fellow by the name of bob lemon hit the shut out. hasn't happened since then so today dodger guy did it. speaking of lemons that pretty much summed up the work. here's your only giant highlight. bottom of the first. two on for the dodgers. buster posey tags crawford with a great throw. matt cain was good. clayton kershaw was better. he breaks up the scoreless tie with a shot over the wall. it centers first big league homer comes up. joe cantos living it up in l. a. add three more. casillas wild pitch. they had a couple of more, 4-0 the final. he has six lifetime shut outs
10:53 pm
in the major league. three of them against the giants. as bad as it was for the giants that is it. the biggest of all, cal women all victorious. show you why it was a historic conquest for cal when we come back. sports part two next. [ male announcer ] hurry to subway for the new $3 six-inch select. this april, it's the black forest ham. made the way you say and still just $3. it's one of our april featured values, the newest way to enjoy subway every day! subway. eat fresh.
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a little tnt talent and tenacity and it's landed the cal women in the championship for the first time. watch armstrong not take no for an answer. they go to overtime. cal with a 7-0 run dominating britney stole it. she converts on the other end. cal up for good. but just to make sure, lesia clarendon with the popper. they will face either tennessee or louisville next sunday. not to forget that fabulous cbi tournament for the men. santa clara in the best of three for the championship taking game one kevin foster bumps 28 for the broncos. seems like ions ago the sharks
10:57 pm
opened the season seven straight wins looking to close out the regular season. make everyone forget the big mess in between. make it five straight wins for san jose now. up 1-0 in the third. versus the canucks, three goal barrage in three minutes 13 seconds. joe thornton right in the thick of it slides it home. just a tad later, power play situation thornton this time assisting logan couture. another designer goal, 3-0. they've won six of seven. provocative choice for the 49ers, a name well known to football fans colt mccoy out of touted. but faded with cleveland joining san francisco in exchange with a couple of draft choices. good enough athlete to fulfill the 49ers need with the rather newfound quarterback they are leaning toward.
10:58 pm
and flynn is officially a quarterback. a lot of stuff going on. that's sports for a monday night. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. good night. well, well, well.
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