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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 2, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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big troubles in san jose along northbound 101 and 280. a couple of different crashes there making a mess of the
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morning commute. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where the community remembers those killed at oikos university one year ago today. we'll tell you what memorials they have planned. the nra is getting ready to unveil their latest plan to prevent school shooting the. and new information on the big bolt problem on the bridge. "mornings on 2" starts right now. good morning, everybody. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, april 2nd. dave clark is off today. breaking news from san jose. sal is following a bad accident that's causing big problems for the morning commute in the santa clara valley. >> that's right, tori and brian. this is the southbound connector ramp. it's a flipped over cement truck. minor injuries to someone involved in that crash. also, just up the road, northbound 101 at alum rock
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between 280 and alum rock, there is a minor injury crash there as well. these two accidents are going to cause trouble for the morning commute on 101 and on 280 in this area. so please give yourself extra time. another traffic update is just minutes ahead. back to the desk. happening right now -- president obama getting ready to announce a new government- funded research initiative aimed at improving our understanding of how our brain works. the goal is to come up with new treatments for disorders such as alzheimer's epilepsy and traumatic brain injury. a stanford professor is heading up the university along with bartman at the university. not sure who is speaking at the podium. president obama is there and i believe we want to listen in. >> how we can afford to talk about investing in bold new research in budgetary times? but the reality, we can't afford not to. the worst thing we can do in
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challenging economic times is to stifle innovative thinking and asking people to delay innovation would be asking the cherry trees in washington to delay blooming. it's exactly that innovation that holds the potential, not just for the families whose lives it will change but also for new jobs and business opportunities. the president understands this implicitly. he knows the importance of connecting scientific advances with solid science and epknows the power of partnership and that's -- he knows the prur of partnership and that's why he has brought us here today. science, leaders in the private -- >> you've been listening live, once again, to the brain research initiative happening right now at the white house in washington, d.c. president obama is heading this initiative, this talk. we'll be talking to -- you can
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see him there as the camera pans over. this is about promoting jobs and the middle class. this is something that he's decided to focus on as he unveils a decades' long project about the inner workings of the brain and to answer questions about epilepsy, alzheimer's and other diseases. let's listen in. >> his incredible leadership at nih. those of you who know francis know he's quite a gifted singer and musician. i was asking if he was gonna be willing to sing the introduction. he declined. but his leadership has been extraordinary and i'm glad i've been promoted to scientist in chief, given my grades in physics, i'm not sure it's deserving. [laughter] >> but i -- i hold science in
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proper esteem. maybe that gives me a little credit. today, i've invited some of the smartest people in the country, some of the most imaginative people in the country, some very smart people to talk about the challenge i issued in my state of the union address. >> president obama, once again, speaking live about this new brain initiative that he is -- that he's spearheading. the initial cost, $100 billion. it's in the proposed fiscal year budget for 2014. we're gone continue to monitor this and we'll have more coming up shortly here on "mornings on 2." meanwhile, one year ago today, a gunman walked into a oikos university in oakland and killed seven people. tara moriarty is at the school to tell us about the special events planned in memory of the victims. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning.
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many family members of the victims will be having their own private services at local cemeteries. as far as the university goes, they are planning two concerts, one this saturday in oakland and the other one, april 13th in sacramento to remember the victims. now, this morning, we noticed there were flowers adorning the front steps of the school here on edgewater drive and seven rocks symbolize the seven killed here. authorities say they were gunned down by 43-year-old one goe. he pleaded not guilty to the killing. but he has confined to a psychiatric hospital in napa after a judge? january found him incompetent to stand trial. victims' family say this has changed their thinking on legislation. experts say a new bill wouldn't
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have prevented the shooting since the suspect's guns were bought legally at the time. he had no mental history and no restraining orders based on domestic violence. those are three of the four classifications of people who are prohibited from buying firearms in california. but this new bill would create another layer in the process to purchase ammo. a dealer would have to report the sale to the state. so the purchase would be much more difficult. the room where the massacre happened stands empty. we don't know if anybody will show up to classeses today, given it is the one-year anniversary. if they do, we will, of course, talk to them and see how they feel about safety at the university one year later. live from oaklanding i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news -- live from oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. and in an hour from now, the nra will announce its plan for preventing school shootings. coming up at 7:15, the
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controversial measures the nra a advocating to keep students safe. the suspect in sunday's bizarre rampage at a walmart store in east san jose is due in court in about one hour. he faces several serious charges including hit and run and assault with a deadly weapon. he was on drugs, authorities say, when he crashed his car into the store and started to attack people inside with a blunt metal object. four people were hurt, one seriously. a walmart employee was among those injured. you can get more information about the walmart attack by going to you can watch an interview with one of the customers who helped pin down the suspect before police arrived. 7:08. we want to check in with sal, get an update on the situation in santa clara valley and the rest of the commute. sal? >> that's right. we're gonna start there. newschopper2 is overhead of this cement truck that flipped over from 280 to 101. there it is. fully loaded.
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they are going to need some time this to right this truck and get it out of the way. our newschopper2 is showing us these live pictures. the chp says they will take some time with this. they actually have called caltrans in for what they call a hard closure, that means they will put out cones instead of flares on this ramp. it seems to be affecting traffic a little bit on 10 1. just up the -- 101. just up the road there's another crash, it's minor in comparison. this is southbound 280, connector ramp to 101 in san jose. also, moving along and taking a look at the alternate route, 85 is not bad, 85 to 87. that's a good route for you if you want to do that. and also if you want to get fon 87 to downtown san jose and forget 101 for now. let's take a look amount the bay bridge. that's backed up forral 25 to 30-minute delay because of
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earlier problems. 7:09. let's go to steve. hi there, sal. steve isesting his voice -- is resting his voice. steve, his voice deserves a rest. he should be back tomorrow tracking our next storm. today we're talking about the next storm approaching offshore. we had a break in the rain. the fog, right now, concentrated coastside and right around the bay. it will be a factor that could impact your visibility in the short-term. clearing skies, mild. tomorrow high clouds. thursday, there's the rain coming back thursday morning, just in time for the morning commute. as far as current temperatures, from the 40s, 46 in santa rosa, oakland 53, san jose, 52. livermore, 45 degrees. i have noticed over the past half-hour or so, we're tracking some more dense fog right in the middle of the bay and out towards the coast as well. you can pick out the big perspective offshore. you can see the satellite loop
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over the last few hours. not much of a factor just yet. but tomorrow, high clouds and then by thursday, we do bump up the rain chances. for this morning in the short term, watch out for patchy fog and also right around the coast. into the afternoon hours, skies becoming partly sunny maybe some patchy fog clear parts of the coastline and then tonight, looking pretty good but then fog regroups first thing tomorrow morning. for today, 8:00, areas of fog, 45 to 50. we gradually strip away the clouds as we head into the afternoon. a little bit warmer than yesterday. 60 all the way to 70 degrees. forecast highs, san francisco, 63 -- 63. san jose, 69. a few low 70s sprinkled out towards pleasanton, gilroy. there's the rain cloud for thursday morning. more clouds for friday. the chance of a sprinkle or light shower only a chance that could move in by sunday. we'll have more details on that
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storm developing offshore coming up in the next weather segment in a few minutes. 7:11. coming up -- still searching. what's happening to find more victims of 911 at ground zero. how a simple donation of a winnie the pooh drawing earned a local charity thousands of dollars. [ male announcer ] open up to a fresh new world of taste at mcdonald's.
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and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] i'm tracking some more rain chances. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. 7:14. sacramento police say a man found dead on the side of a downtown high rise may have been trying to tag the building. emergency crews found the young man hanging by a rope outside of the high rise at 12th and j streets early yesterday morning. investigators say they later found a bottle of spray paint
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on a nearby balcony. an autopsy will be drnl conducted to -- will be conducted to determine the cause of death. the new york city coroner's office has begun a new search for human bodies in the debris of the world trade center. the office is hoping to formally identify hundreds more victims of the 911 terrorist twgs. crews have selected 60- truckloads of debris of the site over the past few years. the coroner's office will spend the next few weeks going through that debris. 2700 people died in the terrorist attacks 12 years ago and only 1600 have been identified. 7:15. in just 45 minute, the nra will lay out gun safety proposals for congress. ktvu's kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what's expected this morning. kyla? >> reporter: after december's
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deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut, the nra launched a program to make schools safer. this morning, the nra will push its own legislation to congress in order to get more armed guards in schools nationwide. nra came up with training recommendations and guidelines for federal, state and local governments to implement. but the announcement competes with one from connecticut state lawmakers. they've agreed on new measures in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. connecticut state lawmakers say they will require universal background checks for the sale of all guns. they won't allow those for those that hold more than ten rounds. president obama is frustrated with congress lagging on new gun laws and will be heading to colorado tomorrow to push his proposals. meanwhile, we're gonna hear more details on the nra's plans
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when i see you next hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the city council in georgia voted last night to make gun ownership mandatory. the nelson city council voted unanimously. the measure doesn't include a penalty for those who don't comply. not everyone in town thinks it's a good idea, though. the city council says another purpose of the measure is opposition of any future attempt by the federal government to confiscate personal firearms. people living in west berkeley may see police officers and firefighters racing down the street this morning but there's no reason to be alarmed. all this week they are taking part in training exercises to prepare for a multi-casualty indent. the drills are taking -- incident. the drills are taking place at the school on san pablo. people living in the area may see smoke and possibly hear loud noises during the drills. police are searching for two bay area men in connection
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with gold nuggets. arrest warrants have been issued for these two men. they are suspected of stealing more than $1.2 million worth of gold nuggets, jewelry and artifacts. some of the artifacts date back to the late 1800s. winnie the pooh drawing donated to a goodwill store in sonoma county has been auctioned off for more than $7600. it's believed to be an original ink drawing. manager at the cloverdale goodwill store saw the drawing and decided to set it aside. but last week it was auctioned on goodwill's website and the anonymous bidder has until tomorrow to pay for it. the demand for bay area office space is increasing. office rents in are up -- in san jose are up 1%. the average is $25 a square
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foot. it's even more in san francisco where rents have jumped 1.7% in the last year. nationally, office vacancy rates holding steady. jury selection begins in the trial in a wrongful death lawsuit in michael jackson's concert promoter. they are accusing them of illegally hiring dr. conrad murray. dr. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in his death. jackson's mother and his two oldest children might testify in the trial. coming up at 7:45, we'll have a live report from the courthouse in los angeles. we're following breaking news in the south bay. sal brought it up about half an hour ago. drivers should expect major delays after a cement truck crashed on the 280 ramp to northbound 101. janine de la vega is live in san jose with information on the sig-alert that has been
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issued. janine? >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see the cement truck is on its side here in the southbound 280 to northbound one connector ramp. this happened -- northbound 101 connector ramp. right now the chp is working on possibly closing this very soon. i'm joined by an officer from the california highway patrol. what appears to have happened. >> well, this morning we got a call of a solo collision on this ramp, involving a cement ramp to overturned on the side. >> reporter: what caused the driver to do this? >> at this point we're not sure. it's still an investigation. possible load shift, possibly speed. >> reporter: how is this affecting traffic right now? tell me what's closed? >> right now, we have the story road onramps are closed. we're rerouting traffic on story road. and then as soon as we shut
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down this we'll reroute. >> reporter: i know there's not that many commuting. but there's still people on the road. how long will the closures last? >> not exactly sure the length of the closure. but i'm estimating probably -- hoping no more than a few hours. at this point, we have ap sig- alert advising traffic to be aware of the closures. >> reporter: what did the driver say? >> i have not spoken to the driver. he had minor injuries and has been transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: i see this connector ramp is still open behind me. i can see a big rig and people driving around here. do you expect to close that soon? >> that's correct. within the next ten minutes we'll be shutting this ramp down for traffic. >> reporter: thank you. again, two major closures are gonna happen. they are about to close the connector ramp from 280 to 101.
7:22 am
the story road onramp is already closed. as you heard him say, this could last for several hours. we'll keep you updated on "mornings on 2." reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. and sal will be checking with us soon for some alternate routes. 7:21. we're getting a bit of a break from the rain today. kind of nas. but a series of -- kind of nice. but a series of storms is still on the way. mark will let us know when the wet weather will return. more are being diagnosed with adhd. good morning. westbound traffic back under for a 30-minute delay. i will tell you what happened to cause this.
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7:24. today is world autism awareness
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day. autism organizations around the world mark april 2nd as a day to bring awareness to the condition. so far, there is no known cure. a study released last month says one of every 50 children in the u.s. is affected by autism at some level. tonight, the empire state building will celebrate autism awareness day by lighting its tower in blue. well, a new survey shows the number of cases of attention hyperactivity disorder has jumped 53% in the last year. a psychiatrist says that doesn't mean the disorder is on the increase, though. experts say a real diagnosis for adhd requires many hours but she says many times a diagnosis is made by a busy pediatrician and just a few minutes during an office visit. >> when you have people who don't have the time or the training diagnosing adhd, you will get a spike in the diagnosis. >> she says only 7% of high school boys actually have the
7:26 am
disorder but three times that are being told they have it. she says many times doctors are pressured to make that diagnosis. 7:25. the shooting deaths of two prosecutors in texas is having an impact here in the bay area. the actions being taken to protect local prosecutors. and fixing bolts on the bridge will co about $100. will it a -- -- will it affect -- $1 million. will it affect the opening of the bridge? i will let you know. male announcer ] listen to this symphony of flavor:
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newschopper2 on the scene of a truck that flipped over. it's a cement truck on the connector ramp from southbound 280 to northbound 101. you can see it's there on its side. it will take quite a bit to move it. ktvu reporter janine de la vega is on the scene. she's gonna tell us more about how long they expect to have this out there. janine? >> reporter: sal, at any moment, they are about to close the 280 southbound to 101 connector ramp because of this cement truck that overturned. you can see here it is completely on its side. the driver was taken to the hospital. just complaining of minor injuries. the chp officer i spoke to said
7:30 am
it was very lucky nobody else was injured. it was just a solo vehicle. apparently what happened, either the load shifted, somehow he lost control and came onto his side like that and now the onramps to story road eastbound and westbound. the onramps to northbound 101 are closed and at any moment they are going to shut down this connector ramp that takes you from southbound 280 to northbound 101. as far as the traffic on 101 goes, i mean, there are some looky-loos and people checking out what happened here. it is slowing it down. but this could definitely cause a backup. i don't know if you go to chopper 2. you can see, you know, the scene from overhead and how much of a backup it's creating. but these onramps and the closure could be a couple of hours because caltrans is coming out here. they need to put a cleanup crew because, as you can see, there's all sorts of liquid
7:31 am
here that spilled from this cement truck and that definitely needs to be cleaned up. usually what they use is a contractor company to do that. again, a big mess out here on the onramp but the driver is usual lucky vust to have escaped this with just minor injuries. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. 7:31. we're learning new information about that big bolt problem on the new bay bridge span. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live from treasure island to tell us how project engineers are responding to the first signs of trouble. >> reporter: good morning, tori. the issue, the failed bolts can easily be replaced. honestly, because there's no room to add new ones. so engineers have to come up with a plan to do so. to do so that will cost around $1 million. the bolts are to hold down two steel boxes. caltrans discovered a third of them snapped last month.
7:32 am
published reports say before insulation, caltrans tested the large bolts which failed and although it raised doubts about how they would hold up during an earthquake, they okayed it anyway. caltrans and dyso in. corp tested a portion of the bolts to see if they could stretch without breaking. nine of the 14 tested passed. however, five were set to be slightly below standard because high trojan had been introduced before manufacturing, making them brittle. it was thought hydrogen was elame nalted in 2008 and there was no need to test -- eliminated in 2008 and there was no need to test for it. back out here live, as of right now, caltrans believes they will be able to open the new bridge over labor day weekend. they will have a lot of tests going on between now and then so see -- to see if that labor
7:33 am
day date is possible. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. the chp is searching for a driver who left the scene on the north moraga offramp to state route 13. the driver left before officers arrived. the chp is investigating whether a person who needed medical treatment a mile away has a connection to this situation. security is being stepped up at district attorney offices in the bay area as a precaution after the killings of two prosecutors in texas. the kaufman county district attorney and his wife were shot to death on saturday. they were ill canned just two -- they were killed just two months after the county deputy d.a. was gunned down. a white supremacist group is suspected in the killings. in the bay area, alameda county's district attorney nancy o'malley says local offices have been adding extra security because of these -- of
7:34 am
these shoots. >> so to think that that professional could be murdered by someone perhaps as retaliation for doing their job is very frightening. >> o'malley says there are about ten times a year when extra security is added and no prosecutor here has been harmed as a result of the threat. a man found burned to death in napa has been identified as the son of the district attorney. the sheriff's office identified him using dental records. investigators say there's no evidence that his death was connected to any of his father's cases. police are still investigating to investigate but they think he may have committed suicide. southern california police dog is recovering after falling from a second story window while trying to catch a suspect. police in fontana say the dog chased after a parolee near an even window of a second floor
7:35 am
on sunday. officers believe the suspect sidestepped as the dog approached. the dog went through the window and landed on his head and back. police say a vet examined him and epcould be back on -- and he could be back on patrol in a few kay days -- in a few days. fill imchung is expected to be charged with robbery and second-degree burglary. prosecutors say he stole $1700 from the bank of america on balboa street last november. court records show he was feeling with serious financial problems. a new audit reveals the side of california's debt. according to a report, california had a negative networth of $127.2 billion for the fiscal year ending in june of 2012. the state auditor says that's largely because of state spent more than it received in revenue. governor brown says with the
7:36 am
passage of prop 30, the increase in sales and income taxes will help to gradually reduce the wall of debt. starting this week, the visitors center is closed tuesdays through fridays. garbage collection is also being eliminated at three camp grounds in the head lunds and tennessee valley. $1.4million was cut from the recreation area when congress was unable to agree on a plan to reduce the deficit. stockton becomes the largest city in the u.s. to declare for bankruptcy. coming up at 7:45, how the filing could affect taxpayers. 7:36. san francisco is testing a new program that will allow drug users to safely dispose of their needles. the city says two needle trop boxes will be available -- drop boxes will be available 24 hours a day. one of the boxes is located near the waddle center, the other is located next to glide memorial church. health officials say disposing
7:37 am
of needles safely prevents the spread of h.i.v. and hepatitis c. musicians will be back at work. they will be perform their first concert to end a nearly three-week strike over pay and benefits. this is the first in a series of concerts for first and second-grade students from the san francisco public school. this week more than 10,000 students will attend the free concerts as part of an educational program. north korea has released new threats in the form of a military propaganda video. the video shows north korean soldiers targeting at a paper target that appeared to have usa on it. north korea is also vowing to restart nuclear families that have been closed for
7:38 am
years. the north promised to pump new life into the reactor at the complex. they say it could make 1 ton bombs per year. the white house says it's all talk and no action so far. >> we haven't seen significant changes in the north in terms of mobilizations or repositions of forces. >> the u.s. has positioned a warship and a radar platform closer to the north korean coast to monitor and watch for missiles. the north has threatened to launch on the u.s. one possible reason the u.s. is unwilling to give aid to syrian rebels. the u.s. is seeing for the first time in years, the possibility of persuading iran to curb its nuclear enrichment
7:39 am
reportedly the u.s -- want to check in with sal. keeping a close eye on the situation in san jose. >> we're gonna talk about that and some of these communities here in san jose. i just want to mention if you are driving in san jose. traffic may be slow past the scene of that crash with the cement truck. we are gating lucky. this is spring break week and we have lighter-than-usual conditions. if you want to use 580 as an alternate that would probably be a very good one. let's move along and take a look at live pictures. been has been heavy -- bay bridge has been heavy. 25 to 30-minute delay. they had to slow the metering lights down for a bit. we're looking at 880 in oakland, northbound and southbound traffic moderately avenue. let's go to mark. good morning, sal. here's our live camera. isn't this beautiful, looking out toward the bay.
7:40 am
you can see some fog out there, also some clear pockets. the fog has increased in coverage. curb pattern is this -- coastside the fog, down to the bay. but the real dense fog up in the north bay. visibility is down about a half- mile in santa rosa and napa. this will be an issue at least in the short-term but no raindrops expected for today. here you can pick out the clouds overhead. we had the low clouds the higher clouds. temperatures updated for the 7:00 hour, not warming up too much. still a lot of 40s out towards fairfield, concord, santa rosa, 46, downtown san francisco, 51. san jose, 52 degrees. our next storm factor, you can see the activity offshore and basically today we have a break in the activity with the raindrops with our next storm, basically moving in on thursday. for today, 8:00 this morning, areas of fog, 45 to 50. around 12:00, partly sunny, we
7:41 am
garage hughley strip away the clouds -- gradually strip away the cloud. forecast highs this afternoon, santa rosa, 68. morgan hill, 72 and san francisco lower 60s. tomorrow, fog will probably be a bit more widespread to start out our wednesday morning. we'll gradually pick up the high clouds throughout the day. thursday there's that rain cloud, first thing thursday morning. rain expected to taper off to showers. more clouds by the weekend and by the weekend, there is the chance of a sprinkle or light shower on sunday. another forecast check in just a few minutes. 19 minutes before 8:00. what's moving the markets this morning and which major some index is within striking distance of a new high. and a new trial tied to the death of michael jackson getsunderway. we'll have -- gets underway. we'll have a live report from los angeles. [ male announcer ] hurry to subway for the new $3 six-inch select.
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stocks charging ahead on wall street. government data for medicare showed less in funding cuts. the dow is up 87. the nasdaq is 23 and the s&p near 1576. right now it's at 1571, up 9. apple is apologizing to consumers in china about the warranty policy and promises to improve customer service there. they posted their mess amg in chinese on the website. this came after the government- run media attacked apple for its arrogance greed and "throwing its weight around." china is apple's second largest
7:45 am
market but service warranties are stronger than in other markets. tesla's ceo is promising a big announcement today. but he's not offering any clues as to what it is about. this comes a day after the announcement says that this will be more profitable. their stock is up slightly .9%. and that's after investors drove up the price about 16% yesterday. 7:45. stockton is the biggest city in the u.s. to go bankrupt. a judge ruled the city of 290,000 people listen allowed to work out new deals with the people it owes millions of dollars to. the mayor of stockton wants to raise taxes so the city can put more police on the streets. but other civic leaders say that could send the wrong message to the people it owes money to and the courts. >> it was said before that maybe the city of stockton
7:46 am
couldn't be found eligible for bankruptcy if there's a talk of raising taxes. so that wasn't the case here today. >> many citizens say they are just glad the city will be able to get a fresh start. they hope this time stockton will be able to maintain a good financial standing. the bankruptcy of stockton is already affecting local governments. moody's investors have downgraded the rating on solano county's pension obligation bonds. the county says that was not surprise. the rating agency says the overall risk has changed. 7:46. happening now, jury selection is set to begin this morning in a trial for a lawsuit over michael jackson's death. we're live from los angeles to find out who is named in the lawsuit and what we can expect from the lawsuit. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, tori. the big question for this
7:47 am
trial. who is responsible for hiring dr. conrad murray. >> this is it. see you in july! [ cheers ] >> reporter: this is it meant to herald michael jackson's comeback. ♪ >> reporter: like so many things in jackson's life and death, it's become a super- sized trial. the family is seeking $40 million for the wrongful death of michael jackson. >> the jury feels the family deserves $40 million that's what they will give. but no demand has been made by the jackson family. >> reporter: at the center of the trial who hired dr. conrad murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for injecting the popstar with a lethal dose of the an
7:48 am
necessaryic propofol -- anesthetic propofol. >> what do you think as his mother caused his death? >> i don't know. all i know they used propofol and they shouldn't have. >> reporter: the plaintiffs, jackson's mother, and his children, blame aeg saying there was never a signed contract and murray served only at the measure of michael jackson. >> if you look at this specifically, he was chosen by michael jackson. michael jackson was the only person who could get rid of him at will. >> reporter: possibly testifying, jackson's 16-year- old son prince michael and 14- year-old daughter paris. also on the list but not expected to testify the artist, prince, who has his own history with aeg. quincey jones could take the stand to testify how much jackson could have earned if he had lived. now, there is always the
7:49 am
possibility that there's a last- minute settlement but if there is not, it's expected to get pretty nasty here pretty quickly. the jackson camp says they have a slew of documents from aeg which will prove they were responsible for hiring dr. murray and aeg says they will bring up everything, including nis 2005 molest -- including his 2005 molestation case. back to you. >> thank you. a federal jury has made a decision in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the widow of a man killed by oakland police. the jury deliberated less than a day and ruled in favor of oakland police saying the officers did not use unreasonable force. on november 8th, 2010, face fatally shot derrick jones, the owner of a hair salon. the officers said they mistook a silver-colored scale he was holding for a gun. today in san francisco, an appeals court will hear argue mrnlts on a provision of the
7:50 am
controversial immigration law. jan brewer has seen provisions of sp 1070 struck down by the courts. this is video from another hearing in san francisco back in 2010. today's hearing focuses on the part of sb-1070 that says arizona has a legal right to arrest anyone and transport them to anyone who is in the country illegally. the government is running out of work visas because 85,000 visas are available for jobs starting in october or later. requests began yesterday and may hit the limit by friday. the senate is working on an immigration bill that would revamp visa work programs. opening night for the oakland as. we'll see how they kicked off the new season. and disturbing sight --
7:51 am
around the disturbing sight that's raising concern along the coast of california.
7:52 am
7:53 am
there's kemp for marine mammal rescuers surrounding sea lions -- concern for marine mammal rescuers surrounding sea lions. they say they are seeing a disturbing increase in starving sea lion pups. right now the center is caring for 30 pups in california. over the last month, more than 900 pups have come ashore malnourished. three baby falcons have been born in a nest on top of san jose city hall. four hatched easter sunday. since then, two more have hatched. the parents had three eggs hatch on easter sunday last year. in the coming weeks, they will attach a tag to the legs of the chicks. bryan stow's family thanks the public on what they call a
7:54 am
very emotional day on the opening day at the giants and dodgers. stow's family posted an update on him yesterday saying in part "we look at bryan and see how much he's overcome in the two years. for him to be with us is a miracle." the as' fans packed the ballpark for the season opener. season ticketholders, high- fived players on the field before the game which was sold out a week ago. the team is seeing a ground swell of support for its young, quirky cast of characters. although oakland lost to seattle, they get a rematch at 7:05. but the season is still early. >> yes. even though the local baseball teams did not do well, some local basketball teams are doing well. >> yep. >> cal women in the final four and the santa clara men doing well. >> absolutely. >> yes. let's check in with sal right now. >> that cal women's game was
7:55 am
something else. anyway, good morning. we're gonna start with the toll plaza. if you are driving to the pay gates, it's a little bit heavy year than it normally would -- heavier than it normally would be. now we're seeing some improvement at the toll plaza. this is spring break for some. we have some people who have been taking the week off making it easier for the rest of us. moving along and taking a look at the commute in san jose, still clearing up a cement truck accident. northbound 101 near 280 that accident may be slowing in the area. we're looking at the commute in northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. this traffic is moving well. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning. we're starting off the day with fog. it's been expanding in coverage. right now in the north bay near the coast and down towards san jose as well. fog a factor this morning right on up until 12:00 this afternoon. low visibility is out towards santa rosa and napa down to one
7:56 am
half-mile. here is our crud and -- cloud and rain forecast sky, skies becoming partly sunny. we'll take this into wednesday. fog regrouping and then high clouds sweeping into the region. there's our next storm marching yon shore. so the rates will be ramping up for the thursday morning commute sand then some scattered showers for thursday afternoon. for today, as mentioned, the fog a factor and then partly sunny skies this afternoon. temperatures ranging from the low 60s all the way to the lower 70s. tomorrow, no big changes but there's that rain cloud thursday, especially for the morning hours. more cloud cover friday and saturday. by the weekend there's a chance of a sprinkle or a very light shower. that would be on sunday. as you can see, the rain cloud for the second half of the weekend. another weather update coming up. >> we will see you then. coming up a taxicab crash on the peninsula. while the cabbie is in custody. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a nasty accident has
7:57 am
occurred, a cement truck is on its side and it's caused some closures. we'll have the latest. >> reporter: we're live at oikos university one year after a deadly school shooting. it was the worst school massacre in oakland's history. we'll tell you how the victims are being honored when "mornings on 2" continues. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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7:59 am
good morning. we're tracking a sig-alert in the south bay where a cement truck has overturned on the ramp from interstate 280 to northbound 101. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live to explain how long it could take to move the truck and why the chp is calling that driver lucky. >> reporter: i'm standing here right on the connector ramp from 280 southbound to 101 northbound. you can see right now there's a tow truck driver. they are working on getting this cement truck upright and -- so it can clear the roadway and tow it away. there's a lot of debris still here on the roadway. traffic -- i want to tell you about the traffic on northbound 101 it doesn't seem to be affected but there are people slowing down to look. let's go to an aerial view of
8:00 am
this solo vehicle accident from chopper 2. this was taken earlier. this happened at 6:30 this morning. the driver was coming off the 280 southbound trying to connect to 101 and the chp says due to his load or speed he misjudged the curb and overturned. he was rushed to the hospital and is suffering minor injuries to his leg. the crash prompted caltrans to close the eastbound and the westbound story offramps to 101 and. >> caltrans is en route to set up the closure for the ramps and for any cleanup that might be needed. >> reporter: what cleanup will be needed? >> possiblely when they upright this -- possibly when they upright this vehicle, they may lose concrete in it and possibly flew independence from the engine department. >> reporter: and you can see the truck here. the truck is registered to
8:01 am
elite out of livermore. the chp says the driver was lucky to escape this accident with minor injuries and lucky no other vehicle was involved. again, you are looking at the traffic on 101 northbound. i can't tell how much this is backed up because, again, of all of these looky-loos and people curious to see. it's quite a sight to see this cement truck on the side. again, the tow truck drivers are still, you know -- have a complicated job to try to get this job on its side. so again, that's gonna take some time and the cleanup is also gonna take some time. that's why this entire connector ramp is closed. again, as well as the storey road onramp eastbound and westbound. we'll keep you updated if anything changes. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it's a sad day at oikos university in oakland. one year ago today, seven people were shot and killed on campus. ktvu's tara moriarty was there
8:02 am
right after it happened during that time. she's at the school today to tell us how the victims are being remembered. tara? >> reporter: well, you know, it really doesn't seem like a year ago. it seems so much longer. i know my photographer chip and i had arrived and we saw these victims running out of the building. one man has been shot. the gunman was still on the loose. and then the bodies began to pile up on the grassy median there. this represents the lives of seven people killed. flowers adorn the steps. they were killed by 43-year-old one goh when he walked into the campus and opened fire. he was disgruntled over a tuition dispute. he pled not guilty. he's confined to a napa hospital, psychiatric hospital, after a judge found him incompetent to stand trial.
8:03 am
the victims' families say the massacre has changed their views of gun safety. today, lawmakers are scheduled to hear agoments about proposed legislation to regulate ammunition bills. could that bill have prevented shooting? experts say most likely not, his funs and aim mow were bought legally. but it -- ammo were bought legally. so the whole process would be more difficult. back here live at oikos university, the room here where the massacre happened stands empty. nursing classes are no longer held there. the room is reserved for sheology -- theology classes. we have seen the lights go on. one employee is there opening up the facility. but as far as students, we haven't seen any this morning. we'll let you know if we do. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. 8:0 3. happening right now,
8:04 am
the nraa is announcing -- nra is announcing is recommendationing for prevent -- recommendations for preventing -- preventing school shootings. >> truly an expert in the field of law enforcement and security. we also have a retired colonel, john quatron, u.s. forces security officer, three-time commander, antiterrorism, homeland defense director at the pentagon. bruce bowen former director of the united states secret service. >> we're listening to an nra conference this morning where they will be -- there will be new legislation where they recommend that they arm school
8:05 am
guards in wake of the newtown school shooting. we'll have more on this in the later part of "mornings on 2" as well as the noon news on ktvu. police in south san francisco are on the lookout for a serial iphone thief. here is a video surveillance photo of the suspect from the city of south san francisco. police believe this man has stolen five iphones and an ipad from employees at five random businesses in south san francisco in burlingame since wednesday. they say he goes into businesses and starts long conversations with employees, distracts them and then steals electronics from their desks. he's described as white, 25 to 30 years old and around 6'2". the chp is investigating a taxi crash overnight on highway 101 in millbrae to see if the driver was under the influence. the chp says the driver lost control and ended up in a ditch. no passengers were in the cab at the time. the driver was taken into custody after being given a
8:06 am
breathalyzer test. investigators in san francisco are concerned about safety at city hall following vandalism inside the building over the weekend. the san francisco sheriff's department has confirmed that shawn o'kneel watkins is accused of spraying graffiti inside city hall. he's in custody. investigators are now trying to figure out how he got inside since city hall is closed on the weekend. the suspect in sunday's bizarre rampage at a walmart store in east san jose is due in court in about one hour. this man faces several serious charges including hit and run and assault with a deadly weapon. investigators say the monterey county man was on drugs when he tlib rattily crashed -- deliberately crashed his car into the store and then began to attack people with a metal object. four people were seriously
8:07 am
hurt. one was a walmart employee. you can get more information on the walmart attack by going to you can watch an interview with one of the customers who helped pin down the suspect before police arrived. this morning, the city of palo alto is showing their support for gay marriage. last night they voted to allow a rainbow flag to fly over king plaza. it comes as the supreme court considers how to rule on the issue of proposition 8. the court heard arguments about weather prop 8 should be withheld. people lined up for several days to get tickets for the hearing. that's why people in palo alto want to fly the flag to show their support while a decision is still being made. 76% of voters rejected prop 8 in 2008. a final ruling from the supreme court is expected in june. 8:07. want to check in with sal. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is where we begin.
8:08 am
we had a crash on the bridge that was very minor that cleared it quickly. but the traffic has been heavy ever since. 25 minutes. it's improved a little bit since this is easter break week for some. it has not been as pad. san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that traffic looks good. no problems getting to the airport. we're still following the crash in san jose of a cement truck, northbound 101 right near 280 came off the bottom of the ramp there. it will be closed. the traffic will be busy in this area. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning. we're taking a live look at mt. diablo. you can see the nice scene, it almost looks like a beautiful painting. a hint of some fog in this area. but the fog has been expanding in coverage closer coastside and right around the bay. visibility is coming down up towards santa rosa and napa.
8:09 am
right now, it's currently one quarter of a mile and the latest on live stormtracker2, we had the fog near the surface and higher clouds, and with that, partly cloudy skies or even some mostly cloudy observations right now. current temperatures, not warming up too much. oakland, 56 degrees. san jose, at last check reporting 52 degrees. here's the overall weather pattern. high pressure is in command. we have a dry weather pattern. no raindrops to worry about for today and tomorrow and the mild temperatures this afternoon warmest spots approaching the 70-degree mark. basically, the same deal for your wednesday. but by thursday we're tracking more rain -- but by thursday we're tracking more rain. first thing thursday morning for the morning commute, we could be talking about .210 as the front moves in thursday morning. this is the models. watch out for low visibilities. and then at 3:00, skies
8:10 am
becoming partly cloudy. we'll take this into wednesday and thicken up the high cloud cover and then by thursday, thursday morning, at 6:00, here we go. gradually heading up to the east, the rain showers. and this will be a rain and snow producer out towards the sierra and possibly a winter weather advisory kicking in thursday for the mountains. area of fog, 45 to 55. by 12:00, we'll go with partly sunny skies. 58 to 63 and then fair skies, the warmest locations by 3:00, right around the 70-degree mark for afternoon highs. these numbers about the same as yesterday. could be a little warmer. these are all minor tweaks. looking ahead to your five-day forecast, there's that rain cloud on thursday, especially for the morning hours. more clouds by the weekend with just a chance of a sprinkle or light shower for sunday. thank you, mark. 8:10. san francisco police have released new information on the
8:11 am
man wounded in last month's officer-involved shooting in the bayview district. 18-year-old eddie tillman suffered minor injuries after being shot by police. police say they were forced to shoot after tillman backed the stolen car into the officer. the officer was not seriously hurt. investigators now say tillman and two others were involved in a string of armed robberies. police identify one suspect as 19-year-old travel council. the other, an unidentified juvenile. police say they used a shot gun in the armed robberies. coming up -- ibt the biggest cuss -- it's the biggest customer of boeing's jet that could soon affect flights around the world.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
we started out this morning with mostly cloudy skies. the dense fog regrouping around the coast. that will be a factor over the next few hours. partly sunny this afternoon. 8:14. earth day is coming up and volunteers are still needed for events in the bay area. cleanup crews are scheduled to take place april 13th at several bay area parks including benicia, jack london, mount tamalpais and on the sonoma coast. volunteers will make improvements to camp sites, clear vegetation and clean up trash. friday is the deadline to
8:15 am
register. in about an hour ago, president obama made an announcement that affects millions of families. pam cook is in the newsroom with more on the initiative known as the brain. >> good morning. the president says this is important for the future of our children and our economy. >> if we keep investing in the most prominent promising solutions to our toughest problems, then things will get better. >> this morning, the president asked congress to spend $100 million beginning next year to study the brain. the initiative would nap the human brain and the hope is that the research will lead to answers and eventually cures for parkinson's autism and alzheimer's. >> imagine if no family had to feel helpless watching a loved one disappear behind the mask
8:16 am
of pash kin son's or -- parkinson's or eppeply. imagine if we could reverse traumatic brain injury for our veterans coming home. >> the president also said by investing in this project new jobs will be created, perhaps in some fields we haven't even thought of yet. answering critics' concerns he would make sure the research is done in a possible way. now, william newsom will be on the team of scientists who will come up with a plan, set goals and estimate the costs. president obama and scientists compare this to a groundbreaking study on our genetic makeup. in his state of the union he said for every dollar invested in this project, $140 for added to our economy. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama is hosting a visit with the prime minister of singapore at the white house. the prime minister will be the
8:17 am
third asian leader to visit the white house this year. president obama is pursuing closer ties with asia during his second term. he would like to see completion of a transpacific free trade agreement by the fall. singapore is one of 11 countries taking part in those negotiations. 8:16. nippon airways is resuming flights in june. they will put the pilots into recurrency jets later this month. ama is the biggest dreamliner customer and will the first airline to have the revised battery system installed in the planes. the reports say they will start with cargo flights to reassure the passengers the jet is safe. we're learning what may have led to a fatal crash in livermore that claimed the life of a pleasanttop woman and left her -- pleasanton woman and left her son critically
8:18 am
injured. a car went off the road at 157 down an beam. his mother -- down an embankment. his mother was killed. the drifnter was curbed -- the driver was rushed to the hospital. the so-called hot zones include 4th street near a, b and lincoln avenue, and police say they've been getting complaints about homeless drinking or who have dogs off their leashes. the mayor says the map does not represent a man but rather a call of cooperation from the homeless. people living on treasure island are bracing for a possible rent increase. the examiner says developers have a preliminary plan to raise rent for tenants more than $200. rents have not skyrocketed there as it has in san francisco, many people see the island as an affordablable
8:19 am
alternative to the city -- affordable alternative to the city. protesters are calling for financial assistance for tenants being evacuated from a petaluma hotel. the new owner of the hotel petaluma is converting the property from low-income apartments to a tradition tal hotel. most -- traditional hotel. most are moving out but some are facing eviction as leases end on the 15th of this month. >> we feel we should maintain affordable housing in the community 57 the hotel petaluma should be used for that and we think that people should be allowed to stay. >> an offshoot of the santa rosa movement has been helping tenants protest the evictions. a plan to build a new detail and housing center in walnut creek will be one of the hot topics on the city council meeting. the complex would go upant ignacio valley road. the property is owned by
8:20 am
safeway. the development would include a new 55,000 square foot safeway store. it would also have other shops, restaurant and housing for seniors. but neighbors say the new center could hurt existing businesses and increase traffic. nearly $20,000 has been raised for san francisco schools thanks to a fund-raiser from gresh and easy stores. san francisco stores within three miles of the school last year collected receipts. the school received $1 for every $20 in purchases. 30 public and private schools participated. the fund-raiser is expected to start up again this fall. 8:20. it's been almost six months since superstorm sandy caused major damage on the east coast. the new perspective from the air on the progress that's been made. also it's another cloudy and school day around the bay and mark tamayo will tell us if there's more rain in the forecast. good morning. westbound 237, we do have slow
8:21 am
traffic now heading west. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪
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well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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new griddle-melts to yourime usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. it's been almost six months since sandy left destruction along the east coast and the rebuilding efforts are not over yet. the storm destroyed hundreds and thousands of businesses. a reporter in new york went up in a helicopter to get a new
8:24 am
perspective on the progress that's being made. >> we can see a stretch of the boardwalk that was destroyed an it's now being prepped to be rebuilt. >> fema has been working to find housing for more than 2,000 people displaced by the storm and many have been living in hotels ever since. community organizers are working to turn a former reservoir in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood into open space. organizers say the reservoir between hyde and larkin streets has not been used since the 1940s. community groups want to turn the space into soccer fields, an am paw theater and forest fields. four organizations are working -- amphitheater and forest fields. four organizations are working together on this. let's go back to sal following the cement truck crash in san jose. what's happening there? >> we've been watching the progress. northbound 101 on the connector from southbound 280, they still have the tow truck here.
8:25 am
the tow trucks, i should say, a couple of them, hooking up their harnesses trying to right the truck. this ramp is going to be closed until further notice from southbound 280 to northbound 101. it's quite a task. this truck was fully loaded. inth fa, our reporter -- in fact, our reporter found out, the chp thinks the load shifted and that may have caused the truck to lose control. this ramp is closed. let's move along and take a look at the commute on the san mateo bridge. we had an earlier stalled vehicle there. that's gone. traffic is moving well to the high rise. southbound 238 from -- southbound 880 from 238, we have about a 19-minute delay which is better than it normally is for this area. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we've had about a 20-minute delay. it's been cut by a few minutes. however, on the upper deck there's still some slowing into san francisco. 8:25. filling in for steve, it's
8:26 am
park. we're starting out this morning with some overcast near the coast, bay, some of the inland valleys. this morning we had relatively clear skies. over the past, two, three hours, as far as the fog coverage, we have low visibilities up in the north bay. santa rosa and napa down to one quarter of a mile. on live stormtracker2, no storms for today. we just have a few high clouds paying as you visit. we have a storm developing out to the pacific. you will see -- you will see all of the cloud cover. that's our next storm that will be a factor as we approach thursday morning, early thursday morning. at least for today, we to have this with current temperatures. tracking some 40s out towards santa rosa and napa. downtown san francisco, 51. san jose, 52 degrees. after the clouds, this morning's becoming partly sunny. it will be a garage um process
8:27 am
into the -- gradual process in the afternoon. tomorrow's thicken up the cloud cover -- tomorrow we'll thicken up the cloud cover. there's a rain cloud on thursday, especially for thursday morning. more clouds as we approach the weekend. there's a chance of a sprinkle or slight shower for sunday. only a slight chance. coming up in a few minutes we'll take a look at the baseball forecast tonight. we're just getting breaking news into the newsroom with an officer-involved shooting in contra costa county. we'll get an update as traffic is being affected in san jose. how long will this take to move and why the chp is calling the driver lucky. it's being reported that engineers say there was a problem with the bolt on the bay bridge. why did they install them anyway? i will have answer to that question -- just ahead. half-court -- no! >> also march madness in april. a first for the women's
8:28 am
basketball team at cal.
8:29 am
8:30 am
breaking news from la fayette. police are still on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. it happened early this morning on the 3400 block of woodview drive. the suspect was taken to john muir hospital. there's still no word on his condition. we do know that the officer was not hurt. we currently have a news crew heading to the scene and we'll bring you the latest coming up later on. we're learning new information about that big bolt problem on the bay bridge. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live from treasure island to tell us how project engineers responded to the first sign of
8:31 am
trouble. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. now, the bolts it's been reported there's no room to add new ones. engineers are coming up with a plan to make it happen. it's being reported that they are testing a few bolts at a lab. they are to hold down steam boxes. caltrans discovered a few of them snapped last month. published reports say before installation, caltrans tested the large bolts which failed. that raised doubt about how they would hold up during an earthquake. still, the engineers okayed the installation. caltrans and dyson tested a portion of the bolts for hardness and to see if they could stretch without breaking. nine of the 14 passed the test but five didn't because hydrogen had been introduced during manufacturing making the bolts brittle. they say caltrans assumed the hydrogen had been eliminated and there was no need to test
8:32 am
for it in 2008. one said he was happy the problem was found but feels caltrans was careless to let it go undetected, becausing tax payers more money. >> it's upsetting they didn't do it properly in the first place. it's gonna cause more delay and more money and more inconvenience for the people that have to commute. >> reporter: caltrans believed the bridge was still open by labor day weekend -- will still open by labor day weekend. however, the cost to fix this, $1 million. live on treasure island, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. 8:32. a fire at a sunnyvale apartment building is under investigation on reba drive near washington and san per san bernardo avenues. it appears everybody got out okay. no one was hurt.
8:33 am
the cause is not yet known. security is being stepped up at district attorney offices here in the bay area as a precaution after the killings of two prosecutors in texas. the kaufman county district attorney and his wife were shot to deathen to saturday. they were killed two -- to death on saturday. they were killed two months after the deputy d.a. was gunned down. there are armed guards outside of the courthouse where both men worked. a white sprem supremacist is suspected for the killings. nancy o'malley says local d.a. offices have been adding extra security because of the shootings in texas. she says it's not the first time extra security has been added to protect prosecutors and their families. >> we've had prosecutors have bullets sent to them, live bullets. so the threats do come. but again, we act very swiftly. >> o'malley says there's about
8:34 am
ten times a year when extra security is added. no prosecutor here has been recall harmed. a southern california police dog is recovering after falling from a second story window while trying to catch a suspect. police in fontana say the dog jarris, ran toward a parolee in the second floor of a home. officers believe the suspect spwid stepped as -- side stepped as the dog approached. the dog fell and police say the vet examined dog and he could be back on duty in a few days. an accident happened a at 1:20 this morning at the north moraga offramp. the driver left before officers arrived. the chp is investigating whether a person who needed medical treatment a mile away has a connection to the accident. 8:34. weert's tracking developing news -- we're tracking developing news in the south bay where a cement truck overturned this morning causing
8:35 am
a sig-alert. this is happening on the ramp from southbound 280 to northbound 101. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live now to show us the accident. how is traffic moving right now? >> reporter: it seems to be moving along okay. i want to tell you what's happening right now. caltrans said it could be two to four hours before they open up this ramp. right now you are looking at the tow truck operators. they've been having a very challenging time pulling this cement truck up on the side. they've been here about an hour and they've been been unable to get it upright. the chp says it's completely loaded with cement. it's very heavy. they are estimating it weighs about 80,000 pounds. again, very tough time here. at one point, the weight of the tow truck was so heavy it started pulling the tow truck. so they had to stop. they are taking another tactic. now, drivers on northbound 101,
8:36 am
you know, it has not been affecting traffic here as they approach the alum rock exit. let's goen to aerial view -- go to an aerial view. this happened before 6:30, the driver of the truck was coming off the 280 southbound connector trying to get on 101 northbound. the chp says either due to his load or speed, he misjudged the curve and overturned. he was rushed thopt and is suffering -- to the hospital and is suffering minor injuries to his leg. >> he's very lucky. luckily, in other vehicles involved. >> reporter: the crash prompted caltrans to also close the eastbound and the westbound story road onramp to 101. again, you are looking at a live picture of this cement truck on its side. you can see there's debris on the side of the road and there's also oil that was spilled and possibly cement. so caltrans is in charge of the cleanup. again, they are telling me two
8:37 am
to four hours but maybe longer just since the tow truck drivers are having such a difficult time with this. and for more on traffic and what's going on around the bay area, we go to sal. sal, how does this look? >> janine, we're lucky this week, we've had spring break and traffic is lighter than it normally would be through that area as we look at some of the traffic on the road sensors. it's not as bad as it could be. 237 is a little bit slow as you drive through. if you are driving on the montague expressway, it's slow getting into that part of the silicon valley. 880 southbound, we have some slowing as you drive from hayward to fremont, but it could be twice as bad. sometimes we had commutes stretching more than 30 minutes along this road. westbound 92 a little bit of slow traffic on the san mateo bridge heading over to 101. at the bay bridge, we've had some improvement after an earlier crash caused big backups in the 7:00 hour. it's been improfnling here as we -- improving here as we get
8:38 am
closer to 9:00. 8:37. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning. we have fog regrouping right now and the high clouds paying a visit. no raindrops to worry about. the rain is on hold for a couple of days. by thursday, we're tracking some more rain drops -- raindrops pushing into the region. this is the perfect combination for fog. the fog has been regrouping over the past three, four hours. right around the bay itself, san jose reporting mostly cloudy skies and up in the north bay, visibility is down to about a quarter mile. in santa rosa and in napa. so at least in the short-term fog will be a big factor. as far as current temperatures, really not warming up too much. still in the 40s out towards santa rosa. hayward, 54, san francisco, 51 degrees and mountain view at last check reporting -- there's mountain view, partly cloudy skies and 53. the overall weather pattern is this. we still have high clouds moving in. it won't be complete clear
8:39 am
skies but a dry weather pattern. the warmest location is close to the 70-degree mark into tomorrow, no big changes. we'll thicken up the high clouds. here we go into thursday. that storm i was talking about begins to move onshore with rainfall expectations to .02 to .05. this latino moving in for -- this will be moving in for the morning commute. with that, we could have moderate to heavy downfours. today is dry. this is showing you all of the fog this morning and the higher clouds, becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours by 4:00. we gradually thicken ut clouds throughout the day on wednesday and then look what happens first thing thursday morning. at 5:00 we'll be tracking rain showers. steve paulson will be tracking the rain as this begins to move in for the morning commute on thursday. some scattered showers on thursday afternoon and this activity moves out to the east. that will be a rain and snow producer out towards the
8:40 am
sierra. forecast, 9:00, areas of fog. by 12:00, partly sunny. forecast highs this afternoon on track to reach the low 60s all the way to the lower 70s out towards antioch and brentwood. san jose, 59. baseball at the coliseum, partly cloudy skies, temperatures around 60 degrees at first pitch right after 7:00. there's the rain cloud for thursday. especially for thursday morning. >> thank you, mark. well, california is known for its high quality spring asparagus. this year, growers are facing a tough market. hundreds of thousands of asparagus plants are in the field and workers are racing against the clock to harvest them before they have to throw them out. they are having a hard time getting enough to cut them out. >> california as pair fuss
8:41 am
right now is at the -- asparagus right now is at the epitome of its production. it's the best quality we can possibly produce. >> farmers say as par gus broen in mexico is also flooding the u.s. markets and that means lower prices pause there's so much available. many say they are turning to other crops because of the increased competition and that could mean higher consumer prices in the long rung. well, santa clara men's basketball is closing in on another postseason title. half court. cal makes history. >> and cal won it. the women's cal basketball team against georgia. they won in overtime sending them to their first final four. cal didn't make it easy on themselves. they found a way to win.
8:42 am
despite shooting 34% and wis -- missing 12 of 24 free-throw tries, the final score, 65-62. it was their second overtime win in the tournament. cal plays the winner of today's game between tennessee and louisville. >> work on the free-throws. >> yes. coming up we'll have more on this hour's breaking news, a police shooting in la fayette. they need to consider changing the law so that it allows the -- >> the recommendations just made this morning from the nra on how prevent school shootings.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
factory orders grew. fan nip mae is reported its -- fannie mae is reporting its biggest quarterly ever due to a settlement with bank of america. the dow is up 93. the nasdaq is up 23 and israel is up 9 -- and the s&p is up 9. automakers are reporting strong than expected march sales figures so far today.
8:46 am
this morning, chrysler reports u.s. sales rose 5% from march of last year. that's the best sales month since december '07. ford sales were up 6%. general motors say its sales were up 6% in march. toyota sales had a very strong march last year. u.s. regulators could recall hyundai sonatos. owners say they've found rust on the rear suspension frames and that can cause them to fail. the complaints are for the 2006 through 2008 model years. 8:46. it was qup are -- it was one year ago today that a gunman killed seven people at oikos university. police say one goh walked onto campus and starts shooting one year ago. later, he surrendered to police. he's currently in a psychiatric
8:47 am
after a judge -- hospital after a judge found him incompetent to stand trial. a concert to scheduled for saturday. nd at the nra revealed their -- and the nra revealed their proposal to keep schools safer. the big push is for armed guards in big schools. kyla campbell has more. >> reporter: the nra released a 225-page report on how schools can improve safety. the main focus was school resource officers and that's something one sooblg father believes -- one sandy hook father believes is necessary. >> as parents we send our kids off to school, there are certain expectations and in sandy hook, those expectations were not met. >> reporter: he went on to say that lawmakers need to seriously consider the proposals coming out of the nra study. they created the plan following the deadly shooting in cone
8:48 am
knit kit. experts -- connecticut, experts found best practices and areas of weakness. the national school shield proposes eight recommendations most reference resource officers. >> response is critical. that's what disarmed the assailant and saved life. the key is reducing that response time. >> the national school shield program is creating an online school. so school districts around the country can go there and assess their own security standards, then find ways to improve them. also, the national school shield program is pushing congress to find more school funding so schools who want to improve their safety can do so. the white house is expected to respond to the recommendations in about 45 minutes. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:48. about ten minutes from now,
8:49 am
lawmakers in sacramento are scheduled to discuss proposed legislation to regulate ammunition sales in california. the bill would require people who buy ammunition to show a photo i.d. the buyer's information would be compared to a state database of people prohibited from owning guns. the bill was authored by nancy skinner of berkeley. an attorney for the california rifle and pistol organization says they will fight the measure calling it a back-door attack on the second amendment. let's get you updated on some -- some of the top stories. sherr -- sheriff deputies are investigating an officer- involved shooting on the 3400 block of woodview drive. the suspect was taken to john muir hospital. no word on his condition. we understand the officer was not hurt. meantime, north korea has released a military video showing soldiers firing at paper cutouts of u.s. troops.
8:50 am
the north is also vowing to restart a nuclear reactor that had been shut down. the u.s. has moved a destroiser and radar -- destroyer and radar in case the country fires missiles. and the suspect in sunday's rampage in walmart is due in court in about 159 minutes. this is -- 15 minutes. this is a live report. 33-year-old hamid zaid faces several serious charges including hit and run and assault with a deadly weapon. investigators say he was on drugs when he deliberately crashed his car into the store started to attack people inside with a blunt metal object. four people were hurt. one seriously. a new state audit reveals the iz soo of california's -- the size of california's debt. according to a report, california had a negative net worth of $127.2 billion for the fiscal year ending june 2012.
8:51 am
the state auditor says that's largely because the state spent more than it received in revenue. governor brown says with the passage of prop 30 last november, the increase in sales and income taxes will help to gradually reduce what he calls the state's wall of debt. stockton is now the biggest city in the u.s. to go bankrupt. a judge ruled the city of 290,000 people will be allowed to work out new deals with people and organizes owed millions of dollars by stockton. the mayor wants to raise taxes so the city can put more police on the streets. other terrific leaders say that could send the wrong message to the people it owes money to and the courts. 8:51. when we come back, we'll have more information on that breaking news we've been following for the past 30 minutes. a police shooting in la fayette. good morning. this truck is still flipped over here on southbound 280 to northbound 101. coming up, one more update
8:52 am
about how long this is supposed to take to clear. medications?
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we're following breaking news from the east bay. sheriff's deputies are investigating an officer- involved shooting in la fayette. it happened early this morning on the 3400 block of woodview drive. the suspect was taken to john muir hospital. at this point, there's no word on his condition. the officer was not hurt and we'll have more on this story
8:55 am
on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. 8:54. today musicians with the san francisco symphony will be back to court. this morning they will perform their first concert since reaching a senttive deal to end -- tentative deal to end a strike. today's performance is the first in a series of free concerts for first and second grade students from san francisco public schools. it's ticket tuesday. today's winners get to rock out with one of the newest "american i toll" judges. three viewers will win a pair of tickets to see keith urban on the 21st. for your chance to win go to before midnight. put in the secret -- [inaudible] we want to take a last week at the cement truck. this is connecting southbound
8:56 am
280 to northbound 101. janine de la vega is live at the scene. they are having a tough time getting this truck yup righted. >> reporter: they sure are. these tow truck operators have been here for the past hour and a half. within the last five minutes. another tow truck showed up to help the first one and that's because this cement truck that overturned here, you know, it was fully loaded with cement and it weighs about 80,000 pounds. the cement has settled onto one side. that's us what causing these tow truck drivers getting it upright. this all happened at about 6:30 this morning. the driver of the cement truck was trying to come around to the 280 southbound connector onto 101 and the chp thinks he either was speeding or possibly the load was too heavy. it shifted and it caused him to overturn. the driver of the cement truck was rushed to the hospital. but he just has minor injuries.
8:57 am
the chp says he's lucky to have survived this accident and that no other vehicles were involved. again, they are working on trying to get this tow truck upright because there's also a lot of debris that's left over here on the side of the road and so caltrans still needs to clean that up and so they are still estimating this onramp won't be open. this connector won't be open until at least 11:00 a.m. reporting live, from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and northbound 101 in that area has not been all that bad but if you want an alternate route, you can use nnd 101 -- northbound 101. let's go to the toll plaza. westbound traffic does look good as you come through the area. no major problems there. also this morning, we're looking at the commute in san francisco. northbound 101 looks good. at 8:57, westbound san mateo bridge traffic, a little busy as you get to foster city.
8:58 am
let's go to mark. >> we start off the day with mostly sunny skies. right now, some clouds, skies becoming partly sunny this afternoon with rain returning first thing thursday morning. we'll have an update on the 12:00 news. >> thank you. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. be sure to watch the noon news for more on the breaking news, the police shooting in la fayette. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪
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