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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the driver of a stolen cab take place on a high speed chase and ends up on san francisco state university. we are live in san jose where paramedics are having a tough time dealing with the sudden loss of their coworker. new developments in the ongoing standoff between north and south korea. the actions being taken by south korea over night. new bill making its way to the south capital. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning april 5th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark today. steve, i'm not asking for much just a little sunshine for the
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giants home opener. >> i think we can do that. local drizzle. but some areas of fog in the higher elevations. most of it is low cloud deck. once that burns off highs 60s to low 70s. here is sal. good morning. right now highway 4 traffic looks good coming up to the willow pass grade with no major problems. traffic is looking good all the way through. also the morning commute on the san mateo bridge that traffic is moving along very nicely. let's go back to the the desk. we begin our 6:00 hour with that over night chase along the peninsula. someone stole a taxi in san francisco and led police on a high speed pursuit. paul chambers is at san francisco university where this pursuit ended. >> reporter: that is correct. the cab was actually taken away from here about an hour ago. police officer told me it all started with the cab driver just trying to be a nice guy. he had a person in his car that had too much to drink. as he helped that person out of the car an unrelated person
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jumped in the car and took off. this all started police say you can see the cab is being followed by half a dozen squad cars. it happened when the drivers stole the cab. the cab company was able to track the vehicle through gps as the suspect drove through several city streets before hopping on 280. somehow the suspect was able to turn around and head back to san francisco and ended up here on san francisco state. >> we see this taxi cab roll up and he jumps out before it stops and it slams into the parking poles right here. then a cop rolls up and jumps out. >> the police searched the campus in question. as of right now there is no suspect description. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers. also over night a crash into a power pole in oakland
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sparked an electric flash that was seen for miles and cut power to thousands of homes. a pickup truck hit a pole at foothill boulevard and church street. that was 1:30 this morning. the transformer blew and the pole flew into the street. 3500 customers instantly lost power. but the driver ran off and has not been found. this morning rescue teams in boulder creek will resume their search for a missing woman. wendy rivas was last seen by her husband at 10:00 on wednesday night. he told authorities she went to look at her garden but never came back. deputies say rivas has a history of seizures and suffered a head injury. anyone with information is told to call the santa cruz county sheriffs off.
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off duty paramedic shot in oakland has died from his injuries. it isn't the first loss for his company. janine de la vega is talking to coworkers about at shooting and how they are dealing with it. janine. >> reporter: brian, a lot of the paramedics that work here at santa clara county ambulance are getting off shift and they are emotionally drained. here you can see a memorial has been set up for their coworker. it's been less than 24 hours since their friend has died. 34-year-old quinn boyer died yesterday at highland hospital. the paramedic had been there since tuesday after getting shot in the head. oakland police say quinn who had been off duty was driving his car in the oakland hills and at a stop sign another man got out of the car and opened fire. boyer appeared to have tried to drive away but his car went off the road in a ray seen. police are still searching for
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a suspect. >> it's tough emotionally. we have students on hand and we also have peer counselors. >> reporter: the 300 paramedics and emt are wearing black stripes over their badges as a sign of respect and signify they are in mourning. it's been especially difficult because many are friends with bryan stow. he was a paramedic who was beaten at a giants game two years ago and is now suffering from a severe brain injury. all those same emotions are coming back for the men and women who work here. so far we have tried to speak to those that were close to them but nobody wants to speak on camera. at least right now out of respect for boyer's family. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning reports that north korea has placed two
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range missiles on launchers. the missiles have a range to 1800 miles. thiamines they could reach south korea, japan, or u.s. bases in guam. u.s. is installing a new defense missiles. a new radar system using drones. the drone operated radar system was developed to track taliban fighters. now it's being -- the radar system collected evidence that border control sergeants. alodge a 150 square mile stretch of southern arizona. there is a buying frenzy going on in gun shops across the area. it's triggered by gun control efforts. some gun shop owners report
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ammo is going out as fast as they can get it in. false rumors the government is hording bullets is also contributing to rapid fire sales. san mateo county is planning a gun buy back. this is video of the last event held a couple weeks ago in santa clara county. next weeks buy back begins at 9:00 a.m. on saturday. police are offering up to $100 for handguns and long guns and $200 for assault weapons. a proposed bill currently making its way through the state assembly would significantly change the way red light camera tickets are handled. the bill would make red light tickets civil violations instead of criminal. and it would lower the risk of citations. another change the owner of the car would be responsible to pay the ticket whether or not the owner was behind the wheel at the time. >> interesting. time is 6:07. sal, hopefully we will not get any tickets out there on the
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roadways. >> i would hope not. i have calmed down in the last few years. i used to be known as led foot sal. now i'm very moderate driver. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well on 80. if you look at the bottom of your screen down there, you see a couple of tow trucks. they are kind of looking around for what was reported as a crash east 80 in the vicinity. they did find a car that hit a median at san pablo. been looking for other damage. west 80 is not effected by this. let's take a look at commute at the bay bridge toll plaza that traffic is backed up for five minutes. if you are driving on the peninsula the traffic here looks pretty good. 6:08 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning. a lot of low clouds in place. some local drizzle. a little bit of fog. by noon though things look
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pretty good for san francisco. i think we will get a break. low clouds are be lifting. burning off. the higher clouds come in a little bit later. everything looks really good. really mild temps. we're sitting in the mid 50s for some. the lower clouds will peel back to the coast and burn off. we'll wait for the higher clouds in come in. they will be here tomorrow. but already 50s for many. oakland 58. walnut creek 55. 58 mountain view. and san jose is also in there. the breeze is a little bit on shore. it's trying to be. most of the wind bashes are showing that on shore push. the direction the wind is coming from. 34 in tahoe. no problems if you are driving up to the sierra nevada as that director just asked me. you will be okay. the fog is not a big issue. 50s on the temps to 60s. but do have the low clouds in place. higher clouds are inching closer. this is our computer model
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forecast. we'll show you that forecast coming in. now by today everything looks okay. that is the rain line. see how it stays north. this is a very weak system. another one shows up late sunday. that is the one that may clip us late sunday into monday. a lot of clouds a little bit of rain for the weekend. slight warmup. not a big one. temperatures 60s to low, low 70s. 72 antioch. brentwood. kind of muggy and humid. we are starting off very mild to warm. off and on clouds through the weekend. we have breaking news to tell you about. a federal judge ordered the food and drug administration to make the so-called morning after pill available to girls of all ages. right now girls 16 and under
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cannot get it if still no word if the jdl will rei react. coming up we are getting a new look at panic race fans felt during a racing tragedy north of sacramento. >> we have a kid that has been hit by a race car. he's not breathing. >> you will hear the calls as they try to save two people's lives. president obama is proposing his budget next week. cuts to entitlement programs. i'll have details for you if a live report. some drivers are exploiting flaw on the golden gate bridge. what is being done to put the brakes on their illegal toll discount. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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welcome back. time now 6:13. newly released 911 calls are describing the horror fans experienced when a race car lost control last month. 14-year-old demarcus johnson of santa rosa and dale of grass valley were killed in that accident. johnson's cousin was driving the car when he lost control and crashed into the pit area.
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a new report shows the government has relied on old data to justify the it's of operating control towers. they spend a half a million dollars a year on 251 towers across the country. the faa has been using 30-year- old information on aircraft collisions. analysts say if the government used more current data low traffic airport towers would lose funding. it blames congress for pressuring the faa to protect towers in their states rather than closing them. we are getting a sneak peek at the budget president obama is proposing next week. the offer is not expected to win over republicans. kyla. >> reporter: the budget battle will heat up once again here on capitol hill. while president obama is proposing $2 trillion in savings over the next decade some of that comes in the form of increased taxes. a senior white house official says the president will propose
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an increase in tobacco taxes. plus he wants to cap how much money wealthy people can put in tax retirement accounts at $3 million sal year. republicans won't be happy with president obama's proposal to raise nearly $600 billion by closing loopholes for the oil and gas industries. but republicans should welcome some of the news. president obama is willing to make cuts to entitlement programs including social security and medicare. he plans to do so by closing lop holes and -- loopholes and revising cost of living calculations. today marks the second annual rotary day at the white housuse. a resident will be honored as champion of change. doug mckneel is one of 12 rotary members that will be honored. he helped start a program
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called lighting for living. an investigation is under way in jackson, mississippi after a homicide detective was shot and killed while trying to arrest a murder suspect at police headquarters. other officers who heard the gunshots rushed to an interview room where they found the suspect and officer dead. an investigation into how the suspects got ahold of the gun is under way. time is 6:16. over night raid in oakland resulted in the arrest of four people. at about 9:00 p.m. police served wants at two homes on park and garfield streets. they were looking for people on drug and weapons violations. all four subjects of the investigation were arrested. police say no drugs were found. a new survey finds growing support for the legalization of marijuana. according to the nation-wide poll 52% say marijuana should
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be legal. pough says support is up. the bar pilot of that oil tanker has lost his license. >> that was an audio recording of guy the morning after the tanker sideswiped the bridge. commissioners say he set sail under foggy conditions but failed to use available equipment or communicate properly with crew. a stage judge could decide within 40 days to revoke kleess license. some drivers are getting discounts in the car pool lane even though they have fewer than three people on board. the cameras that replaced toll takers cannot count how many people are inside. bridge officials are working with the chp on a plan to enforce the rules. tick tick tick.
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>> i'm guessing they are snapping a picture inside your car or they will so you will be build later. >> and they will start putting officers there and if you are going through the car pool lanes like the old fashion lane. if you are going through and  don't have enough people. >> you will be visiting with one of the officers. >> yes. and it will be expensive. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along relatively well. this is contra costa county. 680 nearby will be okay as well. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is already a little bit of a backup there at the pay gates. if yo are driving in san jose, we've been looking at pretty good traffic on 101 and 280 and 85. let's two to steve. thank you, sal. a very happy friday. some low clouds are around. and little bit of drizzle. napa, oakland. couple reports coming in.
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after the low clouds lift, it will be sunny for awhile. over all it's mainly a low cloud deck. 55 to start off in san francisco. noon to 1:00 60. mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies. 63 this afternoon. the higher clouds will come in a little bit later. and speaking of, there they are. streaming across. this is a weak system. it's coming out from the west instead of the last system that came up to the southwest. it left behind really warm air after yesterday's rain. and cloudy to mostly cloudy day. san jose is in there and so is mountain view. but the low clouds will give way. most city sunny to partly sunny. light warmups. especially inland. but i think everybody will be on the mild to muggy humid category. 74 clearlake. 72 brentwood and oakly. 70s for sarah toe that georgia. santa clara at 70. 67 redwood city.
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san francisco at 63. clouds roll in for a cloudy to mostly cloudy saturday. drizzle on the coast. rain to the north. next week looking sunny and warmer. >> thank you, steve. new economic news in this morning. the u.s. trade deficit shrank in february. they exported more than it imported. the u.s. imported the smallest amount of crude oil since 1996 but the trade gap with china increased almost $23.5 billion. call me a big kid but i'm excited. families have a new reason to vacation in the san diego area. you're looking at pictures of the brand new lego land resort hotel. it opens today. 250 rooms they are all themed. there is the bunk beds for the kids. the entrance to the hotel guarded by a lego dragon. everything there is built with legos. it's so cool you get to spot different things in the room.
6:22 am
attendance has increased every year since 2004 when the park opened. despite the economy, the recession the park says the hotel also adding 250 new jobs and brings money into the san diego economy. >> i think you're a little excited. >> i'm excited. i love lego land. i do. coming up the job market is getting tougher for people on the coast as mcdonalds restaurant hosts part time opening with full-time demands. and good news for those that don't really like to run. a new study says walking could be just as good for you. if a key condition is met. ñáçwçñ
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welcome aboard.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:24. a massachusetts mcdonalds is upping its demands for employment. they are asking for a bachelors degree and two years experience to be a cashier. they say the competition is fierce but the job is worth it. police in tracy hope a reward will lead them to a vandal or vandals that ruined a memorial at a cemetery. police were called to fix broken headstones. 23 families face repairs to
6:26 am
their loved ones grave sites. investigators are offering a reward of $100 for information leading to an arrest. a free event for people looking for help to get a mortgage or a loan modification starts in san francisco today. it runs through next tuesday. counselors and bank representatives will be there from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening every day. it will be held at the marriott marquee and appointments are not necessary. event organizers say they can get mortgage rates as low as 2%. runners will hit the pavement along san francisco's waterfront. that is because the city is holding the first rock and roll half marathon event. the event has been held in a number of cities. the course will feature several live bands and cheerleaderrers to give runners encouragement. is berkeley researchers say brisk walking is just as good for your health just as running, pam cook. >> yeah. >> the important thing is not
6:27 am
how quickly you move but how much ground you cover. as long as the distances are the same. there you go. >> that is great. i love that. because i like a good brisk walk, sal. not running. >> i would say, pam, if you're trying to go to san francisco today or watch that giants game, you might have to do walking. >> there you go. >> public transit is the best way to get there. along with your two feet, parking will be at a premium. we are looking at the south bay northbound 280 as you drive up to highway 17. that is a good looking drive. also the morning commute looks good on southbound 680 pass mission boulevard. let's go to steve. already a few breaks in the clouds. partly sunny and partly cloudy. a little bit of drizzle there this morning. it looks good for today's home opener for the giants. 60 degrees sounds about right for me. partly sunny and cloudy.
6:28 am
yeah, yeah. it will be good. highs today in the 60nds to low 70s -- 60s to low 70s. a pinole police officer is being called a hero even while on vacation. the video showing him jumping into action. san francisco police are look for the person that stole a cab and took him on a high speed chase and crashed it onun i'll show you the details coming up. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions...
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are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] there it is right on time. the opening bell this morning. it will be an interesting day. we did have that mixed economic news. mostly disappointing in terms of the monthly jobs report that came out exactly one hour. there at the new york stock exchange. i want to bring your attention to a very nice organization. grace institute visiting the new york stock exchange. founded back in 1897 by wr
6:31 am
gray. she was twice elected mayor of new york city. they are celebrating 116 years. grace institute. time right now is 6:30. good morning. thank you for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news it's friday, april 5th i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. >> perhaps it was the joyride or something more sinister. whatever the motive the guy that stole a taxi cab remains on the loose. paul whack is the latest there? >> reporter: i will tell you police say the cab driver was tries to be a nice guy helping a guy that had too much to drink out of the car. during that a person jumped in the car and took off. you can see the stolen car cab was trailed by a half a dozen police squad cars. police say it started when the driver stole the cab from the 3,000 block of 19th avenue.
6:32 am
the cab company was able to track the company through gps. somehow the suspect was able to turn around and head back to san francisco ending up here on the san francisco state university crashing into a pole. >> we see this taxi cab roll up and the guy jumps out of it and it slams into the parking poles. >> now police searched the campus and questioned a few people but have yet to take anyone to custody. as of right now there is no suspect description. i will tell you the cab driver was able to get his cab back and drive it away safely. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers. ktvu channel 2 news. they tried to pull over a driver but the suspect fired at least one shot at officers.
6:33 am
officers though were not hurt and they managed to arrest the suspect. a sympathy strike being held today will effect service in five bay area cities. the cities in question are daly city, pacifica, half-moon bay, fremont, and fairfield. they are all serviced by al lied waste republic services. union workers are supporting a strike back in youngstown, ohio where workers are claiming unfair label practices. our ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty took pick curs of the overflowing garbage cans so far in daly city. websites are advising people don't take your cans out to the curb because it could be a week before that trash is picked up. a leaky water valve that caused this mess in east san mateo has been fixed. water began leaking from a valve around 9:30 last night. that leak lasted about six hours as cal water crews dug into the ground to try to cab that leak.
6:34 am
we do not though why the valves began to leak in the first place. tsa usually doesn't release video but in this case they do. a man vaults over a wall and tackles the passenger. that man is off duty pi fell police officer justin rogers. >> she was defenseless. had her arms up. trying to defend herself. someone needed to help her. luckily i was close enough to help her out. >> this is the mug shot of the woman accused of attacking the tsa agent. the incident happened last saturday at the honolulu airport. new this morning pope francis speaks out about sex abuse in the clergy saying he will act with determination to root it out. vatican announced this morning the pope directed his congregation to act decisively against sexual abuse and carry
6:35 am
out quote due proceedings against the guilty. pope francis says such actions are key to the churches credibility. the power is now back on as japan -- back on at japan's tsunami damaged nuclear plant. the outage lasted for about two hours. japanese authorities say there was no immediate danger from the break down but the plant is set to be decommissioned. time is 6:35. the chevron refinery could be back in full production in the next few days. it was damaged during a big fire. it's been operating at 60% of capacity since then. state regulators are going over dozens of checklist items related to safety and operating procedures. there is a public meeting to discuss what investigators found out. that meeting is scheduled to start at 1:30 this afternoon. expect big crowds if you plan to head to the giants game
6:36 am
today. tara moriarty lucky to be out at at & t park with more on how the giants are preparing for today's season opener. >> reporter: it is drizzling out here. it was raining earlier. hopefully it will clear up in enough time for a first pitch. the seats are pretty wet. they've got a lot of water on them. crews will be waiting until they wipe these down. if you take a look at the field, the bunting -- if we take a look over near the bleachers that is where we see the players trickle in around 9:00 and 10:00. but you know really it seems like yesterday when we had the parade and the giants clinched the world series. the giants swept the detroit tigers and it never really gets old to watch clips of that victory. this afternoon they will take on the st. louis cardinals as the team raises its world series flag. kind of appropriate since it
6:37 am
was the cardinals. the man who really turned the momentum of that series around was pitcher barry zito and he will be taking the ball for san francisco today in the home opener. monday was the official season opener for the giants against the l.a. dodgers. matt cane started on the mound and did a great job. he was outshined by clayton kershaw. thousands more will be pack today. the giants are expected to sell out here. if we come back here live we can walk you through the park and show you the behind the scenes preparation. as we come through here yo can see we've guilty a lot of the guys here. they are basically restocking all of the beverages into the booths you see here. i asked them how many hot dogs they have ready for the game today. he didn't know but you could guess it's thousands and thousands. if you take a look here to the mustard stand. there is a lot of delivery
6:38 am
trucks here today. a lot of local restaurants will be opening up early around 9:30. if you want to catch an early brunch before you head into the game. the first pitch again 1:35. we'll have the jersey boys sing the national anthem. and coming up later i'll tell you a funny story about jeremy and last years season opener. sal, i'm starting to taste the garlic fries. that is my splurge at the ballpark. >> you know actually they have a lot of good food there. >> they do. >> good morning, everybody. the traffic is moving along relatively well around the bay. a little bit of rain here and there as steve and i have been telling you. 24 westbound looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel. no major problems on the way through. no problems by the way on 680 south. alsos morning commute at the toll plaza that is backed up for a small delay.
6:39 am
it's about 5-10 minutes. and this morning's drive on 101 in san jose 280 in san jose we're off to a nice start. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of low clouds around. drizzle. but up above we have clear skies. just need to get through this low cloud deck. there are brakes already in the crowds. temperatures starting off really mild in the 50s. home opener i still say partly sunny skies today. the sun usually comings another there any way at at & t park. it will be all right. 60 degrees kind of a balmy pattern. low clouds in place. higher clouds are knocking on the door but they will be in here later on. associated with a system that will come in late tonight and be with us on saturday. and rain to the north bay. not a lot. 50s on the temps. really mild. 30s in the mountains. 50s almost everywhere else. 60s down to southern california. oakland airport is sitting at 58 degrees. after low clouds will lift a
6:40 am
little bit. we'll get a few high clouds. this system though is definitely heading toward us. not really well organized but it willgive us partly to mostly sunny skies. morning drizzle still with us. 70s on the temps for some inland. 60s closer to the coast and bay. really a mild pattern. kind of muggy. so much moisture in the air. temperatures though i think they stay here through the weekend. really not much of a change. but they are poised to start warming up. especially middle of next week. time now 6:40. coming up president obama stirring up a little bit of controversy. his comment about kamala harris that some say is sexist. good morning. westbound 92 the traffic looks good heading out to highway
6:41 am
101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. tic brain injury
6:42 am
is as serious as any battlefield injury the memory loss dizziness nightmares thankfully, the va has made important advancements in tbi so if you think you or a veteran you know has sustained a brain injury get screened
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good morning. some breaks in the clouds. there is still a little bit of drizzle but i think partly sunny skies today for the giants home opener. near 70 in san jose. here's a look at the top stories we are following right now. san francisco are looking for the person who stole a taxi.
6:44 am
the overnight pursuit went to pacifica and ended on the campus of san francisco state. the suspect got out of the cab and was able to escape from officers. and president obama is proposing cuts to social security as an attempt to compromise with republicans on the budget. reportedly when the president releases his budget on wednesday he will include a revised way to calculate cost of living. a comment president obama made about attorney general kamala harris is getting a lot of attention. he was speaking at a fundraising event when he singled out harris who was there in the audience. he called her brilliant, dedicated, and tough. president obama's exact words were quote she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. some critics call the remarks inappropriate and sexist. soon after attending that event the president headed back to washington, d.c.. while in the bay area he attended two fundraisers in
6:45 am
atherton and two in san francisco. and he brought in more than $3 million for the democratic conventions next year. a young student at center point christian preschool was pinched by a teacher. it's a separate incident from allegations where a former teacher angela was accused of tying up a two-year-old girl with masking tape after the little girl refused to take a nap. both incidents are under investigation. newly released court documents indicate there was warning signs about the man accused of a shooting rampage at a colorado movie theater. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people. despite opposition from the prosecution and defense a judge released the documents. a month before the massacre a psychiatrist who treated him
6:46 am
told police he was a danger to the public. the south bay paramedics shot in the oakland hills has  died from his injuries. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us now from santa clara county ambulance where 34-year-old quinn boyer worked. janine. >> reporter: paramedics and emts are still reeling over their coworkers desk. every time they pull in here. we just saw an ambulance come in here. it's a constant reminder. there is a black ribbon that has been tied around the ambulance and behind there are candles that have been it will. the 34-year-old paramedic was married and lived in dublin. his friends and family have been praying for his recovery ever since he fell victim to a violent attack. boyer was driving his car on teller avenue in oakland hills when a man got out of another car and shot him, hitting him in the head.
6:47 am
boyer's car plunged into a ravine. boyer's car workers are devastated over -- coworkers are devastated. >> i think people are in shock. just the circumstance of what happened on tuesday night to quinn and just they are dealing with i think the shock that wow, it's bringing up the same emotions it did two years ago. >> reporter: she is speaking about bryan stow. that was the paramedic who was beaten at a giants game and is now suffering from a brain injury. paramedics and em ts all those emotions are being stirred up. they are all wearing black bands over their badges as a sign they are in mourning. some will be taking advantage of grief counselors that will be in today. they have gone through hundreds of hours of training to help
6:48 am
prepare for this job to help patients out in the field. but nothing has prepared them for this. we hope to try to catch some of boyer's other coworkers as it goes on. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. bart is celebrating the one- year milestone of the extension project. at noon a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for the kato road lowering project. it's scheduled to be complete over the summer. we want to go to breaking news happening right now. this is video in illinois of an overturned school bus there. still unclear how exactly that bus overturns. but we do understand there was a helicopter that did take victims from that school bus. still unclear if there were kids or adults on that school bus. again it's an overturned school bus in illinois that is between
6:49 am
milwaukee and chicago. about 45 miles north of chicago. again we are unclear how many injuries there are but we will stay on top of this as the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. right now it's 6:48. we want to get a look at bay area traffic this morning. complete look with sal. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good. right now traffic is doing well around the bay area. right now no major problems. northbound 101 the traffic is moving along nicely approaching the 80 split with the traffic also looking good on southbound 101. now if you are driving to the bay bridge the traffic is backed up to a five minute delay. i want to let you know the bay bridge is moderate. i have to tell you because of opening day. 1:35 is the the start. my suggestion is to use public
6:50 am
transportation. let's move along and take a look at northbound 101 in san jose northbound 17 the traffic is busy there. but it's not stop and do yet. let's go to steve. i think you need to take out a small loan to park now, sal. especially on opening day. we do have some breaks in the clouds. there is an area of drizzle around. above it's clear. but i still say partly sunny today. it will be all right. the sun always shines over china basin. that is one of the sunny areas. partly sunny 60 degrees. things look pretty good here. the low clouds will lift. but the higher clouds are getting closer. they will start to filter in a little later. that is advance of a little system that will give us cloud cover tonight. everything is just so saturated. 50s on the temps. i just think it didn't take much. there is just so much moisture in the air. partly sunny today.
6:51 am
morning drizzle. a slight warmup away from the coast. temperatures 70s for some. away from the coast. mid 60s, upper 60s for many others. very muggy. a humid pattern in place. that last system came up from the southwest. that dragged in a lot of warm air. a lot of 60s to 70s. rain to the north bay light. sunday is okay until sunday night. then a system zips by tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, steve. samsung forecasting a sharp increase in the first quarter operating profits. they forecast profits of nearly $8 billion. that is a trend analysts expect to continue at least through the summer months after samsung introduces the new galaxy s-4. samsung and best buy are teaming up. it are open dedicated kiosks. they will feature televisions,
6:52 am
tablets, and smart phones and offering text support. that gives more reason for people to buy from brick and motor stores. time now is 6:51. oakland police admit to mistakenningly shooting a teenager. >> i was like this already and the dude shot me. it was a bullet. i guess he grazed me. >> you will hear the exclusive interview with the teen and the pain he felt immediately after the shooting. that second missing hiker in southern california found alive. how that search ended up becoming more treacherous for the searchers.
6:53 am
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welcome back. 6:54 is the time. taking you live to the big board. dow jones down 160 points. nasdaq and s & p are actually down more than a percent. nasdaq down more than 1.5%. only on 2. an exclusive interview with a teenage boy mistakenly shot by oakland police. bandages are covering the right cheek of 16-year-old frenswa
6:56 am
rainer. police were investigating the armed robbery of a restaurant worker. a witness mistook rainer and two of his friends as the suspects. >> when it first hit i didn't feel anything. when i found out it was bleeding and i looked and seen -- after i knew i got hit, it hurt badly. >> rainer and his father are now demanding an explanation from police. oakland police chief howard jordan admits the shooting was an error and promising an investigation. without going into detail he says the officer opened fire had perceived a threat. a memorial service will be held today for a college student that was gunned down in san francisco's mission district. he was shot early saturday morning on 24th and bryant street. now he was playing football for lewis and clark college in portland. he was back home for spring break when he was shot. no arrests have been made in the case. both hikers who disappeared
6:57 am
in the mountains of southern california are in the hospital this morning. a helicopter plucked 18-year- old kendall jack to safety yesterday. she was dehydrated and had trouble breathing. she and her friend nicholas got lost during a hike in the cleveland national forest. he was rescued wednesday night. both are expected to recover. a sheriffs deputy plunged 60 feet down a hillside while trying to reach the girl. the cost to build a new apple campus has jumped from $3 billion to $5 billion. steve jobs had plans for the building he described as being like a spaceship. bloomberg business week reports job wanted the wood for the interior to be hardwood from a specific kind of maple tree. for the exterior he wanted two square miles of glass imported from germany. we are looking at the
6:58 am
traffic here at the toll plaza westbound at the bay bridge. you can see there is light delay of about five minutes at the toll plaza. also this morning in the south bay the freeways are doing well. we have local drizzle out there. a couple 100s here and there. partly sunny. we'll have more coming up. coming up on mornings on 2. san francisco police chase a stolen taxi down the peninsula. a live report. a big day for san francisco giants and fans. we'll show you the team is doing to prepare for today's big season opener at home.
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