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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. can complete bay area news coverage starts right now. right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a professional news photographer remember for his smile and passion for life gunned down in the east bay. police say he was the unintended target simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor, heather holmes is off tonight. caltrain is expensing delays because of the leaking of fuel. buses transported passengers between the san bruno and bay
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shore stations. caltrain expected to begin single tracking trains on northbound tracks shortsly. ktvu's debora villone is on scene in south first warning and we expect a live report in just minutes. >> we have new information about a man shot the and killed in oakland last night. today we learned that the violent is a former newspaper photographer what was heading home. jade hernandez joins us live in oakland. ken, he wanted to share his friend lionel fluker's life with us. >> he came by here. >> reporter: nick lamber is the director of photography at bay area news group and pulled up a photo of lionel fluker taken a few years ago at a christmas parade. >> he always had a smile on his face. >> reporter: he learn today that laugh wouldn't we heard again. oakland police say shooter opened fire at 10:00 last night and investigators say the intended target a 38-year-old man was hit and hospitalized.
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but lionel fluker was struck and killed during the shooting. >> when things like this happen, so senselessly in areas where a guy is leaving a health club to go home. >> reporter: the 54-year-old fluker lived nearby and today a film canister with lionel's name on it. >> he shot everything from phyllis diller to tina turner to the high school prep scene to the pro-sports as well. >> reporter: it was a second career for a man who decided to chase his love of photography. >> the one thing that i think that everyone needs to know, when the day is done, that the most important thing about him was his love for life, oakland, and his family. and i hope that the rest of us can live our lives the same way. >> reporter: i spoke to one of fluker's
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sisters by phone earlier today and she said the family isn't ready to open up about the loss of her brother. fluker leaves behind a 20-year- old daughter who attends spelman college in atlanta. we're live at police headquarters where police say they still have not made any arrests. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. morb details we talked to an employee eight business at seminary on and off and macarthur boulevard and they say they stay safe by keeping a gun side. >> unfortunately, you kind of have to mark it or let people know that you are carrying a weapon to prevent that kind of situation. >> san francisco police are look at surveillance video in the hopes of finding the people who stabbed two tourists outside of a south of market hotel. they say a rowdy group of people asked to use the bathroom late last night and
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when had he were told it was just for guests the grow up became angry and got into an argument with tourists who were just checking in. two men were stabbed and a woman was beaten. >> it's good that i didn't go out last night and that is the reason, i was here by myself and i didn't want to go out alone for that very interest. >> all entrance is secured by key access and that is our no. 1 priority and it's unfortunate it happened outside here. it's people from the streets. >> reporter: the three remains are expected to survive. in oakland, a man was stabbed and critically injured outside of a downtown nightclub. the man was attacked shortly arch:00 on 17th street and san pablo avenue. they found victim with several stab wound outside of the nightclub. witnesses say the stabbing happened after some type of altercation. police have not yet made any arrest. police in san josi are investigating a deadly shooting near a popular park. officer were called to kelly park at 3:00 this morning.
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they found the man lying in the parking lot, with at least one gunshot wound. he died at scene. investigators are not sure if a large party nearby is linked to the shooting. the death marked san josi's 11th hold of the year? pedestrian was struck by a tami and critically injured in san francisco. it happened after 2:00 a.m. on broadway near larkin near the broadway tunnel. one witness says the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. >> the impact -- we saw the body fly about 15 pete feet in the air and called 911. >> the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital are life-threatening injuries. police say the tachi driver is cooperating with police officers. investigators do not believe auto drugs or alcohol played a role in the factor. following yesterday's
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intense manhunt in marin county. they say the suspect has likely left the san geronimo area in another stolen vehicle. son moe county sheriffs were following the man in connection with a stolen vehicle, they say he threatened to kill deputies when they tried to stop him in petalumament. he described as a white man between 20-30-year-old, 160 pound, 5'" tall with a pulled back perhaps anyway ponytail. two men nur arrest suspected of stealingman mail perfect if all over the bay area. hercules police detained the two suspects for trying to use counterfeit $20 at a hercules store. they found suitcase of stolen mail. an incident at chevron refinery in richmond caused two workers to be taken to the
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hospital. a small amount of a substance called flushing oil leaked. now plushing oil is a type of oil used as a solvent to cane clean-up refinery pipes and equipment. there is no word on what caused the flushing ill to leak. emergency-responders from all over the bay area were in south san francisco for a series of exercises. more than 200 search-and-rescue personnel practiced what woo happen with an earthquake. >> they would do extrication, search, rescue of live violent and also simulate those victims that have been exposed to chemical, biologyical and radio activities. several search-and-rescue dogs took part in the exercises. the emergency drills continue tomorrow. the weather caused fly delays for travelers traveling
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in and out of san francisco. for several hours low clouds caused delay. most of the delay were on short- haul flights. right now knob of the bay area arts are reporting major delays. taking a live look outside at bay bridge. coming up at 10:37, meteorologist mark tamayo has your bay area forecast including when we expect showers to return? you can always keep tabs on airport delay as the and click on the "weather" "tab and click on the owe "ktvu weather tab," there will you find information on major u.s. airports. a powerful performance today of mozart's requiem in honor of the seven people shod and killed at oikos university last year. the university sputon today's concert in hopes that the gathering and music could help
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heal some of the wound's from last april 2nd mass shotting. university officials say no victims' family members attended today's performance. but the musicians money who are korean-americans and korean immigrants said it was important to take part in tonight's performance. >> it's very special concert for us, and they really sing the song, it's really meant it. >> at tonight's performance donations were collected for the families of the seven people who were killed in that shooting. remembering a college studgunned down in front his home. coming up at 10:30, how friends a family came together to honor that young victim. now to that breaking news that disrupted train service on the peninsula. kal trayn is warning passengers
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about significant delays, after it shut down the south stormtracker station because of a leaking locomotive. ktvu debora villalon is live with more on the clean-up underway. >> reporter: maureen, this train behind us is dead on the tracks and it may be for white for white a while. the train had 150 passengers was heading south out of the city when it struck debris between bay shore and south city stations. that debris punctured the fuel tank and brought the train to a halt. the passengers were evacuated and taken by bus to other stations to resume their travel. no one was injured. hazmat and fire crews are on scene, but there are no water question-and-answers threatened and since it's diesel it's not as volatile as regular gasoline, especially on a chilly night like this. >> we told caltrain to stop with their trains coming through, until this has been cleaned up. so the train is going to stay here.
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it's been deenergied and there is no electricity and until the site is cleaned up, they cannot resume operations. >> reporter: is there a hazard to the public? >> in here? no. it's safe to say it's confined to a relatively small area. >> it was bumpy and a few things that we heard and we pulled over. and we got asked to unboard, evacuate the train. >> reporter: how about d-people react? >> a lot of people were upset. it was my first time on caltrain and so a bit disappointing. >> reporter: that australian tourist waiting for a friend to pick him and caltrain is waiting on a specialized clean-up crew. now the spill is contained between the two rails. so that is a positive. but they tell me they also going to have to pull the rails up out of the ground in order
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to complete the excavation. thank you, debora and more details as indicated in that live picture, trains are not stopping at south san francisco. passengers in san francisco trying to get to the peninsula and south bay can also take bart to millbrae and connect at caltrain. bart is horebing all cal train tickets between san francisco and millbrae and sam transis honoring caltrain tickets. in los angeles county 13 people were injured after a metrolink hit a truck in pacoima. it's not clear why the truck was on the tracks none of those hurt suffered life-threatening injuries and an investigation is underway. dozens of demonstrators are doing all they can to save an iconic east bay theater. the group's last efforts to keep the dome from being torn down. a missile test called off.
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why the u.s. is hoping to avoid -- what is the u.s. is hoping to asoid by chuanging it's long planned exercise. and trying to sneak drugs through airport security? the two suspicious things that the tsa has noticed about one man at a modesto airport.
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive firefighters in saratoga had to deal with live electrical wires
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while trying to fight a house fire. fire start just after:poat8:30. it took them about an hour to get the fire under control. a family was inside the home, but they got out salely. cause the fire is still under investigation. opposition is growing in east bay over plans to demolish an old movie theater. as ktvu's john sasaki tells us that the donald building has a special place in the hearts of pleasant hill movie-goers. >> reporter: dozens of people went to pleasant hills cineart theater, but not for the latest suspension movie. >> we don't have a lot of time to save it. >> reporter: sponsible like a true action hero. this group is trying to save the theater itself. >> something that is beloved by a lot of people. there is a lot of potential for this to be an important historical area. >> reporter: it opened in 1967 and many have fond memories of the first movie they saw here ? >> as my reward for finely
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making it through a week of preschool my older siblings brought me to see "the sound of. [ music ]." >> the one in my mind is "star wars." in fact, the alien made an appearance. we wish they would show even bigger and better films in the domed theater or turn it into an imax theater. >> reporter: now it showses mostly artsy or foreign films. some tree is behind the building have already been cut down. >> they are perfectly entitled to demolish the buildings that exist interest. what they are proposing there fas well within the commercial retaliate zoning. dicks, sporting goods is expected to open. april 21st, two weeks from tomorrow last day that this box- office will be open. in pleasant hill, john sasaki,
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ktvu channel 2 news. the movie based on shooting death of oscar grant will be released senior than planned. >> you got plan for the night? >> yeah, nothing major though. i will meet up with the fellows and head out to the city. >> why don't you take the train out there? >> the movie entitle identify fruitvale" was supposed to be released in october, but will open sul26. >> "fruit veal" inspired early oscars, but when it debuted in january. a family that was rescued from their suv in the sierras is from livermore. kayaker helped the three children to safety and the diver was pinned upside down inside. nearby firefighter were able to rescue the driver and his wife. all fi were taken to area
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hospital. president obama is on track to present a new budget to congress and he spoke about it today in broad terms during his weekly address to the nation. >> it's a budget that doesn't make harsh and unnecessary cuts that only serve to slow our economy. we'll seer keep our promise to an aging generalsation by shoring up medicare and keep your proportion to the next generation. >> it's unclear how much. budget will survive the deeply divided house of representative. house speaker boehnerer has dismissed plans to raise taxes on wealthy and questioned other parts proposal. the first lady is looking to children from across the country to come up with the recipes for the dishes that she hopes to serve for her second "kids state dinner." michelle obama is putting out the call for original recipes that are healthy, affordable and tasty. the kid as state dinner is part of the miss obama's "let's move" campaign. if you want to schmidt a recipe
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go to recipes can be submitted up until may 12th. continuing coverage on north korea. a senior pentagon official says a missile launch has been scrabbed k. meantime foreign embassies are taking a wait and see approve after north korea warned it would not be able to guarantee the safety of the staff in the event of a war. most experts say it's all just war rhetoric. >> i would say i have never heard of this kind of thick to tell embassies to run for your lives, and then the embassy say we're fine saying here. this is really an example of businessar north korea propaganda. >> the foreign embassies have not announced plans to evacuate. in afghanistan six americans were killed today, five of the americans were
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killed while delivering books to a school in southern afghanistan's zabul province. a suicide bomber killed three american service members and two civilians. the taliban has complain responsibility for the attack. also today the chairman of the joints chiefs of staff, martin dempsey is from afghanistan to consider the decision on how many troops should remain in the country after combat forces complete their withdrawal at the end of 2014? the is on the son of pastor warren took his own life. an unusual strain of bird flu is detected in china. the steps the country is taking
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to get ahead of that virus. . looking at more than your w- 2, why some say the irs is looking for personal information on social- networking sites. i am track another batch of showers currently moving into northern california. i will let you know when 80s resurface on the five-day forecast?
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. >> the state of kansas is poised to enact a force of its kind abortion law after the legislature approved a bill that states that life begin as fertilization. supporters say the life begin at fertilization line is meant to be symbolic, but abortion right advocate say it's another attempt to restrict abortion. in news of the world in iraq at least 22 people were killed today when two bombs
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exploded inside a campaign tect in baquba. one of the blasts was carried out by a suicide bomber today's attack happened as a sunni politician was host august ilunga-mbenga ahead of the upcoming regional election. recent week at least ten candidates have been killed in attackss. >> in china nanjing supposed the sale of live poultry following the news that people have died from an and unusual strain of avarian flu. the h7n9 of avian flu case were never find in humans until this these cases this week. at least 72 people including 22 people children are dead of a residential building collapsed outside of mom bay. in the last 24 hours rescuers found a 10-year-old girl and 4-
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year-old girl alive in the rubble. two builders have been arrested, accused illegally building the 8-story structure. former south african president nelson mandela is back home. the nobel peace prize laureate is particularly vulnerable to respiratory problems. the 94-year-old leader's last public apearce was at the 2010 world soccer cup tournament. with the april 15th tax filing date fast approaching there is some concern about reports that the internal revenue service will be snooping for personal information about taxpayers on- line. should social media sites be fair game for government investigators? some analyst say privacy rules have relaxed particularly after the september 11th terrorist attack. that has some people upset, but oregons say privacy has become a personal responsibility. >>if you haven't take the measures topaque your accounts private, the way i have and the
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way i think most people have, thin i think you are sort of open and sort of asking for it to some degree. because that stuff is just public information. >> the government has said publicly it would only check a facebook page or twitter account if from is already a red-flag in a tax form. cheating the system, how some drivers are using the golden gate bridge's new automatic toll system to pay less. first a california man is arrested after trying to smuggle more than two pound of meth onto a plane. how his pants gave him away. when you can buy your first powerball lottery tickets in california. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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. now back to our breaking news on peninsula, a live look
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in south fitzpatrick with a hazardous materials team is still cleaning up a fuel leak. a southbound caltrain hit some debris on the track between the bay shore and south san francisco stations around 7:30 tonight. we have just learned that the san mateo's sheriff's office is investigating debris that was on track, since it's not exactly clear how it got there. minute ago caltrain restarted service? the area. running both northbound and southbound trains on the northbound tracks. single-tracking. the trains are moving very slowly and they are not stopping at south city station. bart is accepting caltrain tickets between san francisco station and millbrae. sam transis also expecting caltrainict it. you fuel clean-up is expected te throughout the night. a somber farewell was held today for a young college student gunned down outside of a san francisco home while visiting during spring-break. ktvu's alex savidge reports. >> reporter: as the casket was carried
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inside st. peter's church in san francisco this afternoon, the parents ever 19-year-old jacob valdiviezo were overcome with emotion. students from riordan high school, his alma mater lined the front steps his former classmates are struggling to understand what happened. >> i can't really behalf it, because he is a really peaceful kind of person and i never once saw him get angry. when i heard this, it was just unbelievable. >> it was really sad to see him go down like that, the way he did, and he was nice to everybody. >> reporter: there was barely enough room for everyone to stand inside church today. >> all of these people are here for him, it's just a real surreal moment. you don't realize something bad happens until it happens to one of your best friend last saturday valdiviezo was killed outside of his house. police say the shooter asked about his gang affiliation
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before opening fire. friend and family members say valdiviezo was not in a gang, but a sophomore at lewis & clark university. today his teammates wore their jerseys to the further to remember him. >> he was a happy guy, who loved sports and loved everybody and didn't hate anybody. didn't have anything against anybody. >> i checked in with san francisco police and a spokesman says detectives are still actively searching for valdiviezo's killer and hope witnesses come forward. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. three homes were burglarized on three different streets near notre dame de namur. somebody got bo a report about someone knocking on their door about a car that was not for sale.
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they believe it might be related to other burglaries. it says someone knocks on the door and forces their way in if no one answer. tsa agents at modesto airport made quite a discovery. turned out a passenger was carrying 2.5 pound of meth and 3 ounce cocaine in his pants. police say 30-year-old santa maria was hoping to get on a trite to san francisco and then to hawai'i. investigators think drug smugglers are tasking smaller airports. >> they were smart enough to discover what was going onp and they located these narcotics before he got on the plane. >> investigators say santa marie's ticket to hawai'i was also suspicious because it was only set to return 24 hours later. a 3-judge panel will review the claims from the $1 million reward from the christopher dorner case and decide who if anyone gets the money. the city of riverside and the
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state police group pulled their money saying that since the man accused gunning down four people, including two police officer was never convicted, no one is entitled to the reward. los angeles mayor anthony villaraigosa says the reward call for extraordinary measures. the intentions behind this were good and they remain good. we said we would put together a million-dollar reward. we have. we put -- we have engaged anyway set of procedures that will be announced later on today that are unprecedented. we have done it because we want to keep faith with the public. >> there is no word if other group plan to pull out of reward pool or if the two groups who have rest will reconsider their decision. a little more after a week after human toll takers were replace adgolden gate bridge, the marin independent journal reports that drivers are taking advantage of a less costly toll in the carpool lane when they
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don't have enough passengers to qualify for the discount. human toll takers used to count how many people were in the cars. new electronic system does not. the district has asked the highway patrol to hem catch the cheaters like for a $465 final. come monday californians will join lottery enthusiasts around the country becoming the 4rd stated to take part in the multi-state lottery. the powerball jackpots starts at $40 million and if there is no grand prizewinner the jackpot increases a minimum of $10 million per drawing. ticket go on sale on monday at $2 a piece. odds striking it rich are 1 in 175 million. >> speaks of million, record- setting auction in six minutes why this baseball card sold today for more than $2 nfl. today gray weather is not done just yet. meteorologist mark tamayo is in next.
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. we started out with a few light showers had morning and clouds mixed out this afternoon and right now the cloud on the increase again of the it's just type of weather pattern we're dealing with. as you can see on live stormtracker radar, this is the radar loop over the past two yours and the bulk of shower activity is basically to the north of the bay area. we have a few clouds pushing into the northern half of the
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bay area. around current temperatures mainly in the low 50, oakland 57 degrees and one of the few spots in utupper 50s, san francisco 53 and san josi at last check reporting 55. and partly cloudy skies. for tonight for the overnight hours, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, we could be tracking a few scattered showers. for monday, once the system moves out, we'll clear out the sky, but stronger winds expected monday, especially coastside and also for the higher terrain. first thing tomorrow morning, upper 40s to 50s and clouds of a chance of showers for your sunday morning. the overall weather center pattern is another system developing in the pacific. so more clouds for tonight. a fairly weak system, but
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strong enough to generate a few scattered light showers. behind this system we'll have strong northwesterly winds kick. so by monday those winds really picking up, 25-35 miles per hour. some gusty, blustery conditions expected monday and after monday, looking at what happens? this is the key headline for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we really warm up the numbers, with 83-85 degrees. our forecast model showing you the cloud and chance of sprinkle or light showers first thing tomorrow morning or at least drizzle. then for the afternoon hours, partly to mostly cloudy. by late in the afternoon, the scattered showers kind of pick up in coverage by tomorrow night. forecast highs for tomorrow, not a big change from today, thinking upper 50s to upper 60s for afternoon highs. san josi 67 and san mateo 36 degrees and the game 369 series
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with the coordinate at at&t park, partly to mostly cloudy skies with temperatures around 60 degrees. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, we clear out the clouds monday and temperatures will be zooming up for tuesday and wednesday. we're talking about low to mid 80s inland, coastside, upper 60s and cooler by thursday. keep the umbrella handy for tomorrow. you might be encountering scattered showers. >> thank you, mark. well, the americans are trained people in the east bay, to help out in case of an emergency. participants got free lessons in basic first aid and cpr and disaster preparedness; training section was "called a life saturday," sponsored by the red cross and gospel church in oakland. organizers plan to give away kits including items to help people survivor the aftermath of an earthquake or other natural disaster a baseball card was auctioned for '8.1, making it the most valuable baseball card.
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the card is from 1990, one of the oh, so rare honus wagner cards. there are fewer than 60 in existence. wagner is said to have forced a recall of the card sold by tobacco company because he didn't want children to mok. the championship game is set in the final four and we'll tell you if wichita state was able to shock the world. and the oakland a's bats continue their hot start as the a's beat the astros. sportswrap is next.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday knighted edition of sportswrap.
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giants are holding a weekend party at at&t park to celebrate last years' world series championship. st. louis cardinals dampened the spirit. busty posy was recognized today. carlos beltran with the blooper off vogelsong scores carpenter:pence in the second off miller. that is homer no. 2 on the year for pence. in the 3rd, pablo sandoval scores pagan. that was just the second hit by the giants with a runner in scoring position in this young season. it stayed 2-1 in the 5th, beltran singled to right to score


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