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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 7, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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another police shooting involving a replica gun that police thought was a real weapon. we look into where the fake firearms are being sold and how easy it is to get one. >> >> reining world series champions have new hardware to show off. >> >> filmmaker behind documentaries, a look back at the life of les blank.
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good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> >> heather holmes is off tonight. >> two men in critical condition after they were shot by san francisco police early this morning. an incident involving a replica gun. it started around 2:00 at 17th and valenyia. two groups of people confronted each other right outside of the police station. authorities say one of the men all pulled out something that looked like a gun and the witness ran to the police station to get help. mission district residents are truss frustrated what the violence. >> i think it would be a great idea to be able to go out in the evening and not have to worry about whether or not you will be involved with a shooting that has nothing to do with you >> people are not familiar that this neighborhood has sort of a crime problem in general. >> >> reporter: investigators say the gun the man was holding turned out to be an air power gun. this is the second police shooting in the last two days involving a fake weapon that
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looked like a handgun. ktvu's alex savage says that the replica guns are becoming a big problem for police. >> reporter: they are easy to get as well. today, we came to this big box store and bought this bb gun that looks like a firearm. one police officer we talked to said this poses a big problem for police. >> reporter: we found a wall full of pellet guns that looked realistic. this man said it's virtually impossible for police to know the difference. i talked to him by phone. >> >> reporter: it's not easy to tell at a distance. eighth real problem for police officers. >> reporter: twice in the last three days, police officers
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have opened fire on someone with a replica handgun. >> the gun produced by the suspect, as it turns out is a real looking replica. >> >> reporter: on friday, a suspected burglar was carrying this replica gun when he was shot and wounded by oakland police. a former prosecutor said many people buy bb guns like this and paint them or modify them to look like an actual firearm. it would intim nate potential victims and police officers, but getting caught with a look alike doesn't carry the same punishment -- . >> reporter: a town hall meeting will be held later on this week to discuss the shooting. one prompted by someone pulling out one of these pellet guns
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that we bought for $40 today. >> more details, now, there have been almost 20 officer involved shooting in recent weeks around the bay area. as alex mentioned, friday, police opened fire on a burglary suspect that cass carrying a weapon they thought was a glock handgun. the man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. he is expected to recover. >> >> an unarmed 16-year-old boy was grazed by a bullet in the face by an officer who authorities say mistook him for an armed robbery suspect. the teen was treated at the hospital for injuries to his jaw and released. the police chief said the boy was an innocent bystander. >> >> in napa on the night of april 2nd, an officer shot a man in the chest. the suspect was taken to the hop in critical condition. the officer opened fire when the suspect lunged and attacked the officer.
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this was the second officer involved shooting in napa in the last month. >> there have been five officer involved shootings in -- . one man dead, another behind bars after a shooting in concorde. last night, during a large family in concorde, go two men got into a fight. the altercation escalated into a shooting. later, officers arrested a 29- year-old, vincent on suspicion of murder. homicide detective are still investigating and asking anyone with information to call the concorde police. >> >> a man and a woman arrested after police say they crashed their car and ran from the scene. witnesses say they saw the s.u.v. roll over, hit a grove of trees and the two got out of the
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vehicle and took off, found about a mile away. >>. part of crown beach in alameda shot down after an east bay regional police officer found a suspicious device. it turned out to be a fireworks canister. no one was hurt, the beach reopened at 5:00 this afternoon. >> >> continuing coverage for the home opener weekend for the world champion san francisco giants and a pregame ring ceremony. live where the giants got the blink every player dreams off. >> reporter: they sure did. as you can see, the game just let out a short time ago. a lot of excitement today. fans treated to a special ceremony on the field with some of the team's greats, past and present. >> reporter: in front of a sold- out crowd, numbers of the 2012 team received their championship rings from giants
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president and ceo. >> the 24 time all-stars -- >> reporter: during the ceremony, willie mays and four fellow hall-of-famers also received rings. fans rev eled in reliving the victory. >> i thought it was great. >> i thought it was great to see two-times in three years. >> it's nice knowing that the team earned this the way that they did. that's what makes it special for me. >> reporter: many arrived hours before the first pitch to get a replica version. >> i feel really excited because i got it. >> you had to get her early. >> people here, a lot of excitement. pretty cool day. >> i collect giants memorabilia. it's going in my collection. i'm not going to wear it. >> >> reporter: here's a closer look at that championship ring,
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white gold with the sf logo. designed by tiffany and company and has seven round diamonds on both sides representing the organization's seven championships. a very special day for the fans an the team. >> >> one nice looking ring. excitement from today's ceremony did not translate onto the field. joe will have all of the highlights later on. >> giants fans facing serious health care challenges within the park, today. believed to be one of the longest surviving heart transplant patients on the west coast. he was admitted to the keiser perme hospital and he was released, today to enjoy the game. >> it might be the last thing i
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am able to do. >> hospital officials say it took a lot of preparations, for people, including the giants who made special preparations at the ballpark. . right now, the cal women's basketball team is taking on louisville for a spot in the ncaa championship. coming up at 5:30, we'll take you live to berkeley where fans have gathered to cheer their team on. most of your sunday has been dry, as you can see on the maps, we have a weather system on the move many it is approaching the bay area. right now, the clouds favoring the fort bay. those clouds will continue to move into the rest of the bay area for the rest of the evening hours. as far as a closer inspection, you can see the clouds up towards parts of sonoma county. as far as the organized
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rainfall, it is here up to our north and west. this will the source of some rainshowers for tonight. we still have raindrops in the forecast in the short term. in addition to the rain, you probably already notice the winds taking up today. stronger winds 15-25-miles an hour. here's a look t current wind speeds. this arrow means the wind is coming out of the west. 21-miles an hour. san jose, santa rosa, 1 miles an hour. winds will continue to be a big factor for tonight, but especially as we head into your monday. >> >> short term forecast, showers chances at in the north bay. gradually going to the south at 10:00. 10:00 news. we'll have more rain showers to talk about. coming up, big changes including the wind and timing of a major warming trend showing up on the weather maps. >> >> an east bay filmmaker well- known for his documentaries has died. les blank pa made about 40
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films with topics as varied as tea leaves in china -- he lived in berkeley for years. his family said he often took walks around the neighborhood. blank especially liked to score roots music. this film, called "my old fiddle" celebrated the homemade music of the mountains. blank won several awards, including a lifetime achievement award. he died from bladder cancer at his home in the berkeley hills. he was 77 years old funeral services set for roger ebert for tomorrow his family said the service will be open to the public at a downtown chicago work. he died last week after a 10- year battle with cancer. he worked for the chicago sun times for years as a film critic. another memorial tribute is
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planned for him on april 11th. . >> it is broken from a to z, we have to fix it. >> battle over immigration reform as top lawmakers prepare to take up the issue on capital hill. >> >> where these cars were parked when they were targeted by thieves. >> >> more on the shooting death of a texas district attorney and his wife. where he went one day before he was killed. a great first impression. . u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t. [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked.
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almost a dozen people who attended a rave last night at the oakland colorado coliseum
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had their cars broken into. 10 cars were hit, all of them were parked in the overflow parking station near the bart station on 73rd avenue. >> >> continuing coverage on the debate own immigration reform. this week, the senate is expected to release their bipartisan plan the so-called gang of eight have reached an agreement. kristina reports. >> the time is now for immigration reform. >> reporter: more than 1,000 immigrants and supporters rallied in new jersey to send a message to capital hill. when congress returns this week, eight senators, four republicans an four democrats are set to deliver a bipartisan reform proposal that includes a 13 year pass to citizenship. >> we don't want this bill to be 53 democrats and a handful of republicans because we need broad bipartisan support particularly to get a bill done
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in the house. >> reporter: democratic congressman holt who participated in the weekend rally said he had some concerns. >> it has to be structured in such a way that we don't denigrate and commit to a second class status of workers. >> reporter: the plan may meet resistance from we'rey conservativeses who may view it as a form of amnesty for those who enter the country illegally. there is one thing republicans and democrats in the house and senate seem to agree on. >> all of it has to be fixed. its broken from a to z, we have to fix it. >> channel "2 news." more details on the senate plan due to come out this week.
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undocumented worker will be fined have to pay back taxes and pass a background check. border security commission will be established and no undocumented worker would be eligible for citizenship until the border is secured. >> >> also this week, the senate may start debate on gun control legislation. senator john mccain said he is against a filibuster and doesn't understan the threat by others in the gop to stop debate. >> the american people will profit from it. >> what -- >> i don't understand why youths senators want to block debates when the leader has said we can have amendments. >> this guy is so out of whack, it's unbelievable. 92% of the american people want
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universal background checks. i can't get on a plane as the governor of the state of connecticut without somebody running something on me. why should you be able to buy a gun. >> although safely senator dianne feinstein may introduce amendments, bans on assault weapons or high capacity magazines appear unlikely to survive a vote. >> >> new information surfacing about the shooting death of a texas district attorney and his wife. a gun store owner said that he visited his shop the day before he was killed. the owner said the district attorney asked for advice on how to better protect his staff. >> i had him come over and look at his gun. this is one the police used to get issued. it's a colt python. this is what they were issued
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back in the '80s, all police officers had these. as far as i know, this is the last gun that mike ever held. >> police say they still have no leads to the case or in the january killing of an assistant district attorney who worked for mcclellan. >> >> friends, family mourned the death of matthew warren, the son of rick warren. matthew warren died friday of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. worshipers and staff at his father's church in orange county gathered to express their grief. >> we are family and we are walking through this together. your prayerses for rick, anne and their family, you may think i'm adding one prayer to many, many others, every single prayer makes a huge impact. thank you, thank you, just keep on praying. >> the warren family said 27-
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year-old matthew's death came after a life long battle with mental illness. >> we have lost a very bright, brave young woman, a young diplomat -- >> secretary of state jon kerry reveals a personal connection to the young for foreign service worker killed in afghanistan. >> >> pope francis formally installed as pontiff. >> powerball lottery coming to california. how the odds compare to mega millions. . .
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missing since thursday, police found evidence of a bloody violent struggle in his carson city apartment. investigators say the motive for the attack appears to be personal. >> >> from afghanistan. the president there is calling for an investigation follow reports that 10 children were among the 1 people killed in a nato air strike targeting a high-profile taliban commander. it happened yesterday in eastern afghanistan. taliban leader reportedly died in the strike on his home. the governor of the region said 10 children and five women were also killed. afghan officials say it appears
5:24 pm
the women and children were relatives of the taliban commander. >> >> secretary of state jon kerry said the deaths of six americans is a grim reminder of the importance of pushing for change in one of the toughest places on earth, as he considers it. kerry met the 25-year-old johns hopkins graduate during a recent trip to afghanistan. >> we lost a very bright and brave young woman and diplomat. we lost her to a horrific attack in afghanistan. and today, our hearts are broken. >> she was killed along with five other americans yesterday when their convoy was attacked by a suicide bomber another american civilian killed in a separate attack in eastern afghanistan. the last american diplomat killed on duty was the ambassador to libya, chris stevens, stevens was killed when the u.s. consulate was
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attacked september 11th last year. stevens was a graduate of uc berkeley and uc hastings college of law. ambassador stevens was 52 years old. >> >> in egypt, one person killed outside of the funerals of four christians killed yesterday. cairo police fired tear gas in an effort to break up the violence. witnesses say today's violence started when a mob i a tacked mourners as they exited the cathedral. this has been the target of increasing attacks since the regime in 2011. >> >> from north korea come foot an
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age. there are no signs of any embassies moving out their staff. >> >> in the vatican city, applause as pope francis was formally installed. >> >> superstars beyonce and jay z are used to the spotlight, now, they are getting unwanted attention from two republican lawmakers. they are asking the treasury department to investigate the couple's recent trip to havana. they contend the trip violates the ban on americans visiting cuba as a tourist. that has been in effect since castro took power in 1959. the obama administration lifted some restrictions on travel to cuba. >> >> fashion designer lili pulitzer famous for her bold colorful prints has died.
5:27 pm
her tropical print dress became a sensation in the 1960s. she was already married to pete pulitzer, when she began to design clothes. lili pulitzer was 81 years old. >> >> the man accused in a bizarre easter day incident at a south bay wal-mart is heading back to court. >> >> cal fans cheering on the women's basketball team we'll take you to berkeley where the excitement is growing for ncaa basketball. >> >> hundreds of homeowners get much-needed help today. hear what some banks agreed to on the spot. >> >> now powerball form for the lottery begins in california tomorrow. we'll tell you how it is different from what came before. >> >> new ktvu app is ready to download. you can watch our newscasts
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live and get breaking news any time, anywhere -- .
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four teenagers in the south bay have quite a story to tell after they became stranded hiking in the santa cruz mountains and then were rescued by helicopters. an aerial search began 25-mile south of san jose. 5:30 an airplane spotted them on the west side of the mountains. a rescue helicopter was called in and rescue teams plucked the teens to safety. none of them were injured.
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>> >> 33-year-old zayed accused of using his car to try to run down people in the parking lot at wal-mart and eventually crashing into the store. he was subdued by onlookers. he is charged with two counts of attempted murder and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >> >> four accused of killing a reputed pimp are set to go to trial this week. the d.a.'s office calls this a case oviger lanty justice. prosecutors say the parents of a 17-year-old girl and two others killed him because he forced the girl into a life of prostitution. the defendants have all pleaded "not guilty." the court appearance is set for wednesday. >> >> happening now, cal bear fans watching closely as the cal women's basketball team makes it through the final four and is one win away from going to
5:32 pm
the national championship game. the cal women's team is taking on louisville cardinals. they enjoyed a solid run at the ncaa championship. the team's fan base here in berkeley made sure their support was heard loud and clear. >> it's an incredible feeling to be able to rally behind the people and know we are inspire to something bigger. if they win, we win. >> having another athletic team make it to the final four is amazing. we support them, they come to all of our games. it's like a family bond we have. >> >> another big supporter is berkeley mayor who wagered 10 bottles of berkeley wine against the louisville mayor's 10 bottles of kentucky bourbon. our sports team has been following it. we'll have all of the highlights coming up in a few minutes in sports wrap.
5:33 pm
>> >> . under a proposal, sonoma will retain ownership of their solid waste facility and enter into a long-term contract with arizona. this week's meeting is scheduled for tuesday and a final agreement is expected april 23rd. >> >> state lottery officials are hoping to boost lagging interest in the multistate powerball jackpot, which starts tomorrow. ken pritchard joins uses with the jackpots that are bigger and has a higher price to play. >> reporter: this is the powerball slip that you will see in retailers, it looks familiar. it will cost you $2 play. odds are low, but charlie feels good about dropping a few dollars on the lottery >> this month, i'm supposed to be lucky. >> why is that? >> that's what my astrology
5:34 pm
says. >> reporter: perhaps, he should play tomorrow when powerball starts tomorrow. >> everybody asked all last week when is it going it to start. >> reporter: this store owner said this is a hot spot for lotto sales, multiple winning million dollar tickets have been sold here. >> get me one. >> reporter: long time lottery player barry marshall said he is in on powerball. >> i believe this powerball starts off at $40 million. right off the bat at normal. that's a good little pop. >> jackpot odds for powerball are slightly better than mega millions. -- . overallotteds powerball won in 32, mega mills one in 40. state lottery officials have poured a fortune into promoting it, hoping it will rejuvenate
5:35 pm
lottery in california. it would benefit store owners. >> >> the state lottery commission approved powerball the day after the jackpot topped half a billion dollar earlier this year expectation is for even larger jackpots more often with california onboard. ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." >> price at the pump is slowly dropping. nationwide, the price of gas has fallen six cents in the last two weeks. average price $3.06 5a gallon. here, it's much higher -- . survey looked at all gas prices in the lower 4 and found the cheapest is in billings montana, $3.33 a gallon. some of the highest prices are in chicago at $4-0 5a gallon. >> >> homeowner got a little help
5:36 pm
at a free event in san francisco. hundreds attended the american dream event at the marriott hotel. they met with bankers and discussed options for lowering their payments. some were able to receive a lower rate right away. >> there are still a lot of people caught up in the mortgage crisis bad mortgages that caused the crisis, now, the economy has hurt some people even if they had a good rate, they couldn't afford to pay that, either. >> reporter: it's sponsored by the neighborhood assistance of america and laughs through tuesday. >> governor brown goes to china searching for investment dollars the governor said there are plenty of billions china wants to invest in the u.s among the high points, he will ride the bullet train joined by the head of california high speed rail authority. the governor will open a trade office in shanghai officially
5:37 pm
renewing business ties with china. >> >> cal was leading at 10, but they have just lost to louisville. more coming up in sports. >> >> why this pint-sized player was on the football field during a college game, running for a touchdown. . weather changes are ahead. mark will be here with a look at your workweek's forecast. . [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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a 30-year-old woman suffered a heart attack during the half marathon in san francisco this morning. she was revived by pair medics and taken to the hospital. her condition has not been released. 5500 runners took part in the race. they made their way across golden gate bridge and back
5:40 pm
before heading back to the aquatic park area. organize sizers had two stains with live bands playing rock and roll, runners from 25 states and 15 countries took part in the race. photos showing three excited runners, two with guitars and a microphone. the photos show starting line here. runners took off at 7:00 this morning. if you have any pictures of today's half marathon and you would like to share, e-mail them to -- >> all right, good weather to run because it stayed mostly cool out there. let's check in with mark and see what is happening. >> we have been talking about a chance of showers, for the most part, the weekend has been dry. things will be changing over the next few hours, we have some rainshowers to talk about, wind. we have this camera on the giant flag because we do have gusty winds already out there. but the winds will pick up tonight and into monday and eventually talking about warmer
5:41 pm
temperatures. live "stormtracker" 2, you can pick out one system to our north. rainshowers around eureka and crescent city. we have some clouds moving into the bay area. northern half of the league will come in from oakland and santa rosa reporting mostly cloudy skies. in terms of the rainfall, sheer's the overall pattern with rainshowers beginning to approach. this will be on the move for tonight for the evening hours. current temperatures in the 50s to the 60s, santa rosa 59 degrees. walnut creek, 61. in the short term, we were talking about the cloud cover, eventually rainshowers, 8:00 tonight. rain increasing in coverage especially in the north bay. north of the golden gate bridge. quickly moving to the south by late tonight and early tomorrow morning, your monday will be dry, but we'll replace the rain chances with strong gusty winds. overnight lows will be in the 40s to the low 50s. santa rosa 44 degrees.
5:42 pm
san francisco, 49 and san jose 47, you definitely want to bunle up. tomorrow morning will be cooler than this morning. one more system moving in. showers, we'll bump up the chances between 9:00 and midnight tonight, for tomorrow, the showers move out, but the winds do pick up. northerly winds do pick up and it could be approaching 25-35- miles an hour. stronger gusts approaching 45- miles an hour coast side and for the higher terrain of the bay area. it is spring, but we are talking about winter weather advisories. snowfall totals will be two to six inches with the rainshowers we are expecting tonight will translate into more snow up in the mountains. meantime winds will be a factor. take this into monday, winds sustained. strong, coast side and right around the bay, 32-miles an hour, pass civic could.
5:43 pm
>> snore key headline is this. we'll warm up the numbers. look what happens tuesday and wednesday, by wednesday, the warmest locations inland could be approaching low to mid-80s, 2-85 degrees. that will be developing over the next few days. tomorrow, upper 50s to upper 60s for afternoon highs. it will feel mustery out there, especially coast side. white caps looking toward the pacific. san jose, 67. a look ahead to the five-day forecast with your weekend all in view. tomorrow on the cooler side, wind, very cold morning tuesday morning. coolest location will be in the upper 30s, but then a nice recovery with the temperatures tuesday, wednesday, and notice after tonight, no rain clouds. in fact forecast models keeping us dry with basically partly sunny skies and cooler temperatures for the upcoming
5:44 pm
weekend. thanks, mark. >> university of nebraska cornhuskers this weekend ran an emotional play that no one has really seen before. seven-year-old jack hoffman, running for a tv. he is a cancer patient who has made friends with number 22. the youngster moves from a series of operations to more than a year of chemo. that touchdown in front of 60,000 fans no doubt boosted his spirits and generated half a million you tube hits. >> >> oakland a's went for a sweep of the astros. >> >> heartbreak for the cal bears in the women's final four. sports wrap is up next, we'll be right back. .
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good evening, everyone, welcome to this early sunday nights sports wrap. history make willing cal women's basketball team playing tonight in the final four against louisville bears not at all bothered by the bright lights. louisville jumped to an 8-2 lead, but cal turned it around. this steal, hits a jumper, comes off the screen hits another jumper and another going from long range. eight for cal in the first half, 17 for the game for
5:48 pm
claireton. cal gets on the board. bears lead by 10 at half time. second half, now, bears lead much of the way, but cardinals rallied. >> with a minute and a half to play, sara fouls aims and goes, louisville up by three. cal with a chance to tie with 20 seconds left. but lisle,' 3, no good. cardinals hang on for the 64-57 win. >> >> giants had a big party planned. cardinals did their best to become the guests you never want to see again. giants got a pair of runs.
5:49 pm
one run in, matt adams into the deepest part of the park with the bases loaded. this saved the giants a run, st. louis in front 3-2. that mattered little by the time the inning was over. 5-2 with the bases loaded again. matt carpenter drives in two more. cardinals were still in a scoring mood. carlos, base hit scoring two more, by the time the inning was over, cardinals were in front. they go on to win, hanging 15 hits on five giants pitchers, giants drop, colorado if for the first of three. >> >> in milwaukee, you could say he gets all of this. that's a two-run homer, diamond backs needed both runs. milwaukee got one in the bottom of the inning, 8-7, arizona, d
5:50 pm
backs 5-1 are as the rockies. >> >> oakland a as doing their best impersian nation of the bronx bombers. newest member of the al west, houston astros. oakland in front, 2-0 in the third and lowery hits one, two- run homer against the team that traded him in february. crisp not known as a long ball hitter has three for the season after this shot to right in the fourth. 5-0, a's and then in the fifth, chris young got into one with a couple of runners aboard. >> but it wasn't all roses for the a's. reddick tries to get there with a slide and injuries himself
5:51 pm
when he hits the wall. he was holding his right wrist when he left the game. the a's said he will be day to day and that will take awhile for him to get healthy again. ark's sweep three from houston and have won five in a row taking this one 9-3. they are off tomorrow before playing the first of three against anaheim. . tied at three -- they will not need to play an 11th inning. white sox walk of 4-3. chicago off to a 4-2 start in the al central. >> >> sharks have been moving up consistently in the western playoff picture. a bit of a stumble, but still
5:52 pm
got a point. a pair of assists against dallas, big one here after his physical play forces a turnover. look at this, 3-2 in the second period. 4-2 san jose after two, but the stars came back and tied it with two third period goals. lieu ericson for the rebound after a scoreless overtime, they went to a shootout. jaime bend, gets one past. all three turn back by kerrly, including that final one by fred burns. the stars win 5-4. san jose gets one point for the shootout lost. tied with the kings for the number four spot in the west. >> >> still to come. golf's final tuneup before next week's masters. >> >> nascar drivers back on the track after an extra week to think about all of the emotion on display in their last race. we'll be right back. . medications?
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when we last left you on the nascar circuit, denny was headed to the hospital. in martinsville, virginia, logano not looking over his shoulder. hamlynn a spectators a mark martin took over his car. >> >> close quarters racing on this half mile track. kurt bush finished after his car caught fire. he was fined, but, can anybody give me a ride? i don't think so. with eight laps to go, jimmy johnson pulled away. moving johnson into the number one spot in overall points as well. >> >> golf tour set for the first mainlies, next weekend, the masters. there was a matter of one more tuneup. here is the shot of the day. call merlots finished distant
5:56 pm
14 shots back. but he will remember his tee shot on the par 3, 16. rolling him in for a hole in one. the gay that came out of nowhere to win this event. martin laird. that's a birdie at 16. here's one at 1. he finished with three in a row. he beats mcelroy by two strokes. he had a respectable 66 today. >> >> first major title of the l pga tour that's her second career major. she won by four strokes. she has won four times in her last six starts. >> >> trying to wrap up a playoff spot, with the warriors, playing the jazz. we'll have that at 10:00. see you then. >> >> it's too bad about cal. >> cardinals of louisville and the cardinals of st. louis, i think it was their day. >> what a great year.
5:57 pm
getting to the final four is incredible. >> you know and it just came down to a simple matter of louisville made the shots down the stretch and cal did not and that was the difference. >> >> thanks. >> >> let's get one last check of the weather for the workweek. >> >> lots to talk about, right now on the radar, clouds moving in rainshowers you will see to our north around the north coast. that band of showers moves in for tonight. as a result, increasing rainfall rates. so, that's for tonight, tomorrow, you will notice the winds. i think the winds will be aannoying, they would approach 30-40-miles an hour. look what happens. temperatures zooming what up tuesday and wednesday, by wednesday, the warmest location is approaching the low 0s. after tonight. some rain shower event. after that everything none on the extended graphic. warming up for tuesday and
5:58 pm
wednesday. >> >> all right, coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> in less than five minutes from now, family and friends of a father and daughter killed last year riding their bikes in concorde are gathering to remember that day. how their loved ones are coping one year after that tragedy. >> >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel "2 news." we will be seeing you here the next time news breaks. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00. . well, well, well.
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