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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 11, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. we find great videos so you don't have to. we got them for you "right this minute." >> a motorized hang glider takes off and then makes a swooping turn to turn around. how a simple mistake sent him straight into the ground. a motorcycle cop in hot pursuit shows mad skills as he is chasing a suspect down. >> how a helmet cam captured all the high speed action. >> this is the future of technology. >> more new mothers seem to be going for -- >> something called a lotus
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birth. >> why throwing out the umbilical cord doesn't cut it. >> given us a warning about this. >> see what happens when a homeless guy gives away money. >> really? >> yes, ma'. yhat has serious? people wondering. >> what is he doing? >> what goes up must come down. we all know that. you hate to see anybody go down like this. this video, a guy has a motorized hang glider out there and he says before he took this up he made alterations. you see him running, running, running, and now airborne, altitude, and goes in to turn around and something goes wrong. going down and going down fast heading right for that tree. runs into the tree and part of the gear hits into that car, too. in the wide shot after the guy wrecks, you can see whoever is filming this start running
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towards him obviously going to help this guy out. right before he hits the ground you can hear him let out a scream. the guy says he broke his heel. you can see his heel, what hits the ground first. he wants to get back flying as soon as he can and he doesn't want the video to discourage anybody. he posted it so other flyers could learn from his mistakes. think of that feeling in your gut knowing that you're falling out of the sky. >> at least he wasn't that high up. >> he says looking back he knows what he did wrong in terms of modifications that led to this crash. he knows that it was his fault that he crashed and making those modifications and he takes full responsibility for what happened. >> i got a police video for you guys. this isn't from a dash cam. this is video from officer troy girly's helmet cam chasing the
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suspect down. he is following justin sanders and they wanted him stop for traffic violations. they are making their way through residential areas, a freeway, and as you can see on this map this is where the chase wrapped around the town. 4:30 into this chase the guy jumps out of the car and starts running. at this point he gets off the bike and still gives chase. like clock work they're able to catch up with the guy, handcuff him. >> love the helmet cam in this situation. so many times you see helmet cam video of skiing, skateboarding, this is the real deal. >> to tell us about the helmet cam video we saw and about the rest, we have detective brad holmes from the police department. not only did this follow everything that happened from chasing him to the takedown, this also shows how technology can help show what you really do. >> that's really the neat thing. this is the future of technology as far as law enforcement goes. there is going to be a day where every police officer has this.
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we're so pleased with the way troy handled himself and we're very thankful the way this pursuit ended and the suspect was taken into custody without the suspect being harmed or officers being harmed. >> this takes away a lot of questions sailing how did they arrest him, rough him up or is he making up a story. >> normal police pursuit the video stops as soon as the officer stops the car. you don't see what happens outside of the camera range. having this camera on the helmet we can follow him as he gives foot chase to catch this guy as well as what the officer did when they're taking him into custody. >> have you heard the officers coming back to the precinct say this is so going on youtube? >> i don't think that was the case in this situation. we put this video out because there were a lot of questions. this pursuit lasted a long time and went through a lot of areas in the community and the community wanted to know what happened and why the police were running the way they were and why we were putting so much emphasis taking this video into custody. >> is the camera always rolling? >> as soon as the officer initiates the emergency lights
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the camera turns on and rolls until the officer stops it. when someone does something goods for you they say pay it forward, do something good for someone else. this girl had no opportunity that would come up for her quickly. this isn't a river in bangkok. this girl is here, according to witnesses, jumped off of a pier into the river. this man was in the boat that the video was being recorded from and he is holding a life preserver swimming to where she is and he is obviously struggling to stay above water, but he is really struggling to get to her because of the currents. they're too strong. >> so close and you can see how hard they're struggling just to close that gap. >> he throws her the life preserver. she holds on, manages to stay above and look at him. he immediately starts sinking into the water. she fortunately realizes what's happening and immediately starts
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getting over to the kids and both holding onto the life preserver. >> that was right in the in this case of time. you could see he was going under after she was going under. >> some people online are calling him a hero because of what he did. they were both saved and made it onto the boat. pure luck or a guardian angel? you tell me how this guy did not get more seriously injured. this is security camera footage from chicago. the clerk has recently given that man in the lower right-hand corner a tissue because he had a runny nose. pretty kind of the owner. these guys quickly turn on them. the man in the middle of the screen is it holding a gun to the owner's brother-in-law and then points the gun at the clerk. the guy who he just gave a tissue to also in on the robbery. one of men goes behind the counter, knocks the clerk to the floor and did you see that gunshot? he throws the brother-in-law to
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the floor. the store owner picks up a bat and starts swinging a bat at the gunman as he continues to fire at him. >> what is that going to do? >> did he get hit? >> he got hit once in the ankle. look at him swinging the bat back and forth. the gun continues to go off and you aren't getting away with anything at this point. >> one of the guys had gotten behind a counter and grabbed a fist full of cash and the automatic lock caught them inside this store. >> oh! when does he run out of bullets and the clerk can beat the crap out of him. >> it is coming. the brother-in-law ran to the back of the store and picked up a pole or rod. he throws that at one of the suspects, misses with that and the gunman jumps over-the-counter and he is still swinging the bat. he knocks the gun out of the guy's hand there and now he gets a couple of really solid shots in. bang. twice to the back of the head. >> got him. >> he got a chair thrown at him, too. >> and now he gets a fire
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extinguisher thrown at him and the men managed to make a get away because they were able to push thebuer that dthe police ar these guys. will y louis is in the hospital and he has been shot at before in another attempted robbery and his wife had a gun pointed at her. he says at this point after 28 years he is thinking about selling the business. someone taking a ferrari out for a spin and this is the last person you might expect to see driving a ferrari. we'll reveal the big surprise behind the wheel. >> no, no way. a guy just ate at taco bell. apparently it gives this individual some super powers. how he fought outside the box on
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i am also keeping it real and natural but help me decide if this is a little too much. something called a lotus birth. it is becoming quite the trend now. what is a lotus birth? that is basically when instead of cutting the umbilical -- >> could have given us a warning about this. >> basically what happens after the child is born, instead of cutting the umbilical cord you actually leave it attached in addition to the placenta, so when it comes out, you basically keep it altogether for as long as it takes for the umbilical cord and placenta to dry up and fall off naturally. >> how many days does this take for the whole process? >> it could take one day. it could take three. it could take ten days in some places. >> what do they claim the benefits are? >> they say it prevents the
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section. when you cut it you create a womb. it allows the full transfer of peninsula sental blood into the baby providing it with the nutrient from the blood and the umbilical cord. >> or you just carry around dry, dead after birth in a bucket. >> yeah. >> you sling a bucket over the shoulder for six weeks? >> she is naked. >> no, you don't sling a bucket over your shoulder. basically what happens is that the midwife cleans the placenta in a bucket and then they actually go through a process of wrapping it in a silk bag but they do cover it with salt and herbs to make it smell okay. >> that looks like a pork roast. >> seasoning meat. >> it is pretty awful actually. the puppy, already a demon dog.
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this guy may look the part. i can guarantee you he is not soccer superstar li only messy on the streets of barcelona. got the outfit, the jersey, even though he is not the real messy, he has skills like messi. does basic moves, balance on the head, back and forth and then mixes it here and busts into the harlem globe trotters. a crowd starts to gather to watch the messy impersonator do the thing. >> he has that skill. that comes from years of playing with the ball since you were just -- >> i like this part where he is throwing the ball up with his head and catching it on his back
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and very seal like. from one performance to another, this one quite different. inside a taco bell this guy is richard. the video a few years old and gaining momentum now. >> he just ate at tack he bell and apparently it gives this individual super powers. goes up there and one of those bars where you wait in line and pulls this like weird gymnastics move. >> like a human pin wheel here. >> grabs his leg and goes around five times. a belly full of taco bell, that's a risky move. >> you never know where the taco bell may wind up. >> chalupa and then this. what if disney did "game of thrones." >> you have to have a nice duet. >> hear it next "right this minute." still to come, trying to sell candy with the help of some
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funny sayings. >> what they did with cooking slogans saying i am selling this candy because i can't on my mother. >> how the pairing made for a sweet deal. a clever raccoon decides he will use the power lines to work his way from one side to the other side. >> that will zap him. be careful. >> see if the raccoon's tight rope and skills pay off. >> oh, dear. there is no mass-produced human.
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ipad mini give away time and easy to enter. >> download the rtm video app to the ipad, the iphone or the android device. >> launch the app, click on win ipad and fill out the entry form and you have to be 18 years old or old to her enter. >> it is easy. watch great videos anywhere and win an ipad mini. >> you can enter every day until april 25th. good luck, everybody. of all the pieces of heavy machinery to have on the farm, this in my opinion is the most useful. >> beautiful. red ferrari behind that garage door. last thing you expect to see on a farm and this is the last way you expect to see it driven. >> take it down farm lanes at high speeds with this other ferrari and very rare cares, only 349 ever built and they are about $500,000. you can hear all of the stones kicking up.
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after the charged through the barn yard, tie a tow rope to the front bumpers of these cars and have like a tug of war that ends in a massive cloud of ferrari smoke. >> no way. >> watch. >> head over to india. this is the last person you might expect to see driving a ferrari. all the kids got the cameras out. >> heck no. no way. >> oh, yes. two little boys driving this ferrari up and down the streets. >> at first i am like, no, got to be fake. the car loops back around and comes back down the street and drives by, no incidents and comes back for a third pass. >> a classic case of i stole dad's car keys and took it for a spin. >> i think it is unclassic case of dad saying here are the keys g for a spin because it sounds like an adult behind the camera.
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>> there is clearly nobody else inside. it doesn't appear that there is any kind of remote control. the kid's foot off to the side and parks the car and gets out. a street vendor in brazil, this day was different. copy righters in brazil decided to give him a hand. they came up with clever slogans, put them on baggies, candy in the baggies and he started selling them. he generally sells 250 bags in five hours. what they did was put these slogans that say things like i am selling this candy because i can't on my mother. >> like a little quippy kind. >> yeah, or another that says magic candy. if you buy, my life gets sweeter.
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>> so marketing advice to a street vendor, free marketing advice. >> yep. you know what, there is no shortage of people wanting to have a good laugh. >> oftentimes i don't know if you have seen this. when are you driving and there are street vendors they will give you the items for a few seconds to check out and then come back so you can give them the money. she will place the bags on the doors and people read the slogans and of course probably get a chuckle out of it. warms their heart, and encouraging them to buy the candy. >> how did he meet up with the guys that wrote the slogans? did they just think he needed a little bit of help? >> it was in part their idea because they also wanted to prove that there were in fact pay offs and apparently it works because he ended up selling all of his candy in less than three hours. he is not your typical homeless man.
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>> those people are kind of mystified like what is he doing? >> why this hobo is a needle in a haystack. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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this video is not in reverse. this guy is actually jogging backwards. he is a 44-year-old guy, a columbian guy living in south beach, miami, and this is how the dude works out. a couple times a week he runs backwards. >> i don't get what he is doing. i really don't. >> good for the quads.
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>> i guess so. the guy has kind of become a local semi celebrity because of this. >> are you putting that on youtube. >> hell, yeah, man. >> under what? >> yellow guy runs backwards. >> yellow guy runs backwards. >> green. >> green guy runs backwards. >> make sure it is green guy, not yellow guy. someone wasn't so stoked about the green guy. recently someone called the police. the police say they don't have any problem with him running backwards, but that he was in fact dodging dangerous things in traffic and causing problems on the south beach roadway. take it on the sidewalk. >> take care. have a good one, man. >> i bet you guys never thought you would see a raccoon doing this. >> no way. >> that's going to zap him. be careful. >> it is not zapping him at all. this clever raccoon is using the power lines to work his way from one side to the other side. i don't know where he is going.
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he is going somewhere quick. >> i have to say just as funny has the video is the commentary in the video. >> that raccoon walking from one side to one side using the telephone in the select pole. very, very clever. >> i like her. she is very factual. >> i feel like the commentary wasn't part of the video then i wouldn't know what's going on. >> he is going. he is going. oh, dear. he is going. >> is he going? >> it is going. so clever. >> i think it is going, gayle. >> my word. >> i love her. i love the raccoon. good video. >> i don't like this video. i don't lycra could bes. i know you think they're cute and this is cool, but this is just further proof that they're up to no good. >> you know i love her a lot better than the raccoon.
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>> it is going. it is going. it is so clever. my word. >> would you take money from a homeless person who offered it to you? >> no. i would assume he needs it more than i do. >> the people at mediocre films tried it out with this prank. >> i am greg. this is bruce. he is an actor. we're doing a social experiment today. we to want see what happens when bruce dressed like this tries to give people money. >> i have to say bruce looks in character. >> good luck? >> no. hey, hey, hey, what's up? some people begged off. >> can i give you a dollar today? >> i am sorry. >> please take the money. no, i am giving it to you. >> no, thank you. >> and at this point people are kind of mystified like what what is he doing? >> i am mystified people are taking the money. >> there is nothing on this guy that says i am homeless and i am broke. >> they're not even saying thank
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you. >> on me today. >> you don't have to do that. >> i know, but i will. >> these people say thank you but a little mystified and this girl with the lou vuitton bag, like are you serious? >> yes, ma'am. >> and this flat top gets it, too. >> a dollar for you. >> and then flat top from the '80s comes back and gives it back. he is like i don't think that was right. >> it is like judgmental to be like, no, you look like a homeless person, i don't want your dollar and i don't know. >> i wouldn't want to take the dollar from someone who needs it more than me. >> how do you know? >> i don't know. >> you look very confused. >> how did that go? >> it was good. >> had a good time. >> a good time. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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