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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  April 13, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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♪ make them real. ♪ let's not let anything hold us back, not even 292,000 pounds. let's keep our head in the stars, our feet on the ground... and nothing will be beyond our reach. ♪ toyota. let's go places. somebody that i can pull off a fun prank with. ♪ you sort of gravitated towards the camaro. i've never driven anything like this before. ♪ it's got some power. so just get a feel for it. [ engine revs ] okay. all right. ease off just a little bit. slow down. slow down. you can't go through that gate. oh, you're an idiot. i'm gonna kill you. [ screaming ] whoo! ♪ he does his patented backflip. you ready...
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♪ get down. i got this. whatever... okay, carl. this is for you, racing-boy. [ comical crashing/ body thumping/groaning sounds ] [ male announcer ] subway® keeps carl edwards' engine racing with his low fat, protein-powered favorite, the sweet onion chicken teriyaki -- made exactly the way he says, with spinach, green peppers and black olives. [ mockingly ] i'm going to jump off the car... >> chris: 24 laps to go in texas. that is car 24. jeff gordon in the garage area after running third. what happened, krista? >> krista: well, he came on radio and thought it was a flat left-front tire. he said he knew that was where the problem was. when came in the tire looked fine. the left-front hub was completely burned up. >> mike: gordon out of race. as he turned to the garage dale
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earnhardt, jr. came down pit road for another stop. out front, martin truex. there is kyle busch who cutted lead to 1.1 seconds. >> darrell: hold the phone. the 18 is closing. the last couple of laps made up a couple of tenths a lap. he is coming. >> larry: it was 2.5 tenths on the last lap. may have listened to what dave rogers said. save your tires. maybe he saved enough tires and now going to stand on the gas. >> mike: 15 cars on the lead lap. back to clint bowyer as we get down to the closing stages of the second 500-mile race of the season. there is the progression. >> darrell: we saw martin truex last year at kansas dominate that race. no way he could lose. the best car of anybody there and got beat right at the end. i'm telling you that 18 car is on a mission. >> mike: truex has come so close so many times. mindful of harry gant trying to
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win his first sprint cup race he finished second half a dozen times. caution is out. >> [radio]: caution is out. caution it out. back it down. back it down. >> mike: 21 laps to go and the caution waves. debris in the fourth corner. as put the yellow out for the 7th time. so now it is time for our sprint 20 to go. as pace car picks up martin truex. seven cautions for 33 laps. 15 lead changes in this one. truex has led the second most laps, trying to go to victory lane for the first time since dover in june of 2007.
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kyle busch has led the most laps, 150. almost as many as the whole rest of the field. and in third, when they fired the engines, joey logano wasn't even in his car yet because of problems in inspection and look at the ride he has taken up the chart to third. and that is our sprint 20 to go. we'll see how this caution impacts things. >> darrell: if you think you have seen everything, wait until you see this. 20 to go. well,. >> larry: we are going to see a busy pit road. krista, i don't see them doing anything but four ties. >> krista: that is the plan, man. what a comeback for carl edwards to be in the race. there you see them on pit road. carl edwards trying to keep himself in the top five. martin truex is not racing for points. he is racing for the win. he said don't change it, i like it. matt? >> matt: kyle busch in the upper right. says he needs more help most on exiting the corner.
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calls for the air pressure change. taking air out of both rears to help with the forward bite. joey logano what a race he has had. entry is stable but needs to teak off better. especially on this much shorter run. >> mike: and busch wins the race off pit road pit road with truex second. carl edwards moving up and greg biffle. >> eddie: guess what the deciding factor in the race may be? the number one pit box. >> larry: which goes back before the 500-miler are started toed qualifying lap. >> darrell: same as it was last week at martinsville. >> mike: pole winner has the first choice of pit position. most pole winners pick pit number one. and that is where kyle busch rocketed out from to beat martin truex to the end of the pit road. >> darrell: look at the boys celebrate. woohoo. >> mike: as the caution came out, we were riding with mark martin. they said there was debris up in turn number four.
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that was -- almost looked like martin just lost the car and went up and hit the wall. >> mike: and the free pass will put brad kezelowski back on the lead lap. chris? >> chris: amazing. i know darrell pointed out michael at the start of the race you said to me hey, that number one pit box qualifying for kyle busch may figure in the end of the race and the race off pit road a major advantage in the battle for the top two spots with toyotas. >> michael: kyle busch has been solid. 10-12 laps, truex has been faster than kyle. sets up to be an interesting fib finish. truex seems to put him in the
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dust as they roll on. only a handful of laps to go. could be interesting. >> chris: ancarl edwards where does he figure in this or a two horse race at the end here? >> michael: i also like greg biffle. he is a wheelman and you need your wheel right now and the drive from inside to go get the job done. give me a sprint and greg biffle in a car and i like my chances pretty good he will start on the outside of the second row right behind true you ex. i would look for one of those three to get it done. >> chris: darrell, larry and mike. strategy out the window. pretty much the driver who has got the car this is where it is his to take the win. >> darrell: and kyle busch is great and restarts. he will have the inside line. this is when martin truex has to dig deep. start remembering how long it has been since i won my last race. cannot let that affect your concentration. get up on the wheel and get it. tonight you got the car to win. >> mike: i can't put all that on pit box no. one because didn't look as if truex stop was as fast as some of the
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other drivers pitted around him. >> larry: looked like kyle busch's crew nailed the pitstop. we have been talking about long runs all night long. this is no the a long run. i do like the 16 car. we know that hungry hound what he can do. he will get both hands and feet up on the steering wheel. >> mike: listen to kyle busch team audio after that pitstop. >> [radio]: go, go, go. yeah, boys! that is the way you do it! how about 11.7 on the watch for my boys! a step up when the money is on the line, boys. good job! >> darrell: 11.7. wow. four tires. >> mike: and there it is. it is a second. on the stop. >> larry: about a second right there as well. >> darrell: when we were looking at him he going out of the pits he was out of the pits before anybody even got close. >> mike: and this is because of the first pit box he can fire right out of there whereas truex had to battle traffic
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down pit lane. >> darrell: is this is team sport? >> mike: 18 cars took the wave around putting mcmurray and bayne and kvapil back on the lead lap. so 19 lead lap cars. tony stewart the first car one lap down as we get ready to is settle this. it will be 16 laps to go as the two toyotas come to the green flag. >> darrell: got to go. got to nail the restart. ever. >> larry: look at greg biffle in the 16. he forced his way to the bottom almost right up against joey logano in the 22. >> mike: somebody way up top. is kenseth. >> darrell: mighty crowded off of two but looks like they will make it down the back. can they make it into three? >> mike: three wide. >> darrell: might be too wide. >> mike: farrows up
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considerably. menard under fire from the 39. >> darrell: when you look up what is going on in the front. the 99 car larry, the 99 car heaven sakes. >> larry: brad kezelowski got the free pass and drove up by a bunch of them. >> mike: he is up to 11. >> darrell: martin truex has his hands full. not only is kyle busch driving away from him but he will have his hands full with the 99 car. >> mike: almirola and vickers had contact. racing for 7th place. >> darrell: it got really, it was a wad coming off of turn two over there. i'm surprised they made it. >> mike: saw kenseth there up high. he has not been able to advance. not been able to run the bottom either. how about martin truex, krista? >> krista: true you ex-was
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worried about being second on the restart because he knew he would be tight on the outside. the problem is despite conditions not just on the restart he said he is getting tight and he doesn't know why. >> darrell: so reminds me of kansas last year. >> larry: a year ago. >> darrell: a dominant car. last pitstop. whatever they did whether they made a change or not the car was not quite as good. >> larry: there the weather changed dramatically late in the race. not the case tonight. >> mike: 12 laps to go. is that enough time for the car are to come to truex and rundown kyle busch? >> darrell: no way. matching lap times. as a matter of fact, kyle is a good 2/10 quicker right now than anybody in the field. i know we talked about michael said give me greg biffle in 20 laps to go and he might be my man. i know on restarts you give me kyle busch you put him on the
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onside on a restart and i would say adios to everybody else. >> larry: there is greg biffle in the 16 trying to battle his teammate carl edwards. this would be a battle for third. >> darrell: and that is two guys, carl edwards won three times here. one of the winningest drivers here and biffle two times. two guys that know the racetrack. >> larry: brad kezelowski in the two over the back of menard in the 27 contribution trying to get into the top ten. i think a top ten finish for this team tonight would be like a win considering that they have been through today. >> darrell: joey logano running fifth and brad trying to get in the top ten. a great recovery for those guys. >> mike: biffle going to make the move to the inside of edwards. jeff gordon out of the race. broken left-front hub. j.j. yeley behind the wall.
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ricky stenhouse many laps down and in the garage, bliss, labonte and mcdowell. >> darrell: truex has been a bottom feeder all night long. all of a sudden found speed up off the bottom a little bit. not riding the rim but is up off the bottom a little bit. and i think it is paying dividends. >> mike: gaining hundredth where he needs to be gaining tenths or more. >> darrell: was on the bottom all night long. moving up a little bit on the middle of the racetrack and pecking up speed. >> larry: gained a tenth that lap but still a little over a second back. when they get back around here 7 laps to go. >> mike: and those two are still the two fastest cars on the racetrack. >> darrell: trust me i'm into the making this up. the 56 is going to catch the 18. i don't know if he will get by him but he will catch him. >> larry: about a tnt right there.
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>> darrell: now, kyle moved up a tad in the the middle of the corner because they must have told him that is what mar are continue did in the 56. >> mike: there is the interval trending down and here comes kezelowski. trying to take paul menard out o of the top ten. and that will leave ryan newman in 9th as the only chevy in the top ten. along with jimmie johnson in sixth excuse me. out front, two toyotas leading three fords. >> darrell: okay. >> [radio]: can't get to him. >> [radio]: give us all you got. that's all you can do. >> darrell: here is what saw now. when 56 moved up, 18 moved up. and they started trading lap times again. so the spotter told kyle 56 moved up, picked up speed. kyle responded by doing the same thing. >> mike: the gap steady at 1.3 seconds.
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five to go. edwards, biffle, logano, johnson, and johnson under fire from almirola from sixth place. as we he about run out of laps here. almirola has done a nice job tonight. >> darrell: yes, he has. >> mike: richard petty car in the top ten. has done a really nice job. started row two. a little lapped traffic in between the two leaders. that is timmy hill. that will benefit kyle busch with four to go. >> larry: and brad kezelowski in the 2 car, i know he there is not a lot of laps to go but he keeps picking them up and laying them down. going to drive by ryan newman in the 39. moves up to 9th spot now. >> mike: truex closing just a
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bit. >> darrell: it is kind of nip and tuck now. i mean kyle will be quicker one lap by a tenth and martin will pick up a tenth but pretty much leveled off. looks to me like unless something happens to the 18 car he is going to run up on a couple of lapped cars here. that could have -- play a little bit of a in the game but i don't think enough tore martin to catch him. >> mike: two to go. last night, kyle busch won his 12th career sprint cup pole and last night won the nationwide race. >> larry: looking for another sweep. i think he has six already. if he can close the deal here, the number of sprint cup series tracks that he does not have a win at. that number is getting smaller and smaller and he is 27 years old. >> darrell: it is not over. truex made a big gain that time because of the lapped cars. cuts a third out of busch's lead. he is there and going to get up there to him.
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>> mike: final lap. >> [radio]: he won't get to you. ten back. all good here. you're about to bring the checker. >> mike: lap car away to the inside and kyle busch driving joe gibbs toyota rounds out the corner and joins ned jarrett, rusty wallace, casey kahne, kyle busch wins his 300th career start. >> darrell: from the pole. led the most laps with a new track record. nicely done. and a sweep. i would say that is a clean sweep. >> mike: crew chief dave rogers celebrate and the team. >> darrell: the team had a whole lot to do with it. the pit seattle did, too. but that team. >> [radio]: let's get some. >> darrell: any knocked it out of the park on the last pitstop. >> larry: he was not even in the top 30 in points and followed that up. >> [radio]: i'm so proud of you. >> mike: kyle's 26th career win.
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23rd on the all-time list. tied with lorenzo. took 16 races. >> [radio]: good job, crew. good job. >> [radio]: thank you, sir. drove a great race. do doing awesome this year. appreciate it so much. >> mike: second win of 2013 and in nascar's top three series that is nine texas trophies. >> larry: one of the nights when you look at kyle busch and the 18 team, everyone did their job to perfection. >> darrell: you got it. i agree 100%. >> mike: big celebration for kyle busch. 26th career win and for joe gibbs racing it is their 103rd sprint cup win.
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their third this year. and his fourth at texas. >> darrell: you think the coach likes the former washington redskins coach likes to win a race maybe near dallas? >> larry: i would say so. >> darrell: i would say so. and interstate battery on the car. what a great night. >> larry: the original sponsor of joe gibbs racing. >> darrell: norm miller is is smiling big some where. >> mike: now, we will play capture the flag and salute the crowd. >> darrell: and ladies and gentlemen, the bow. >> larry: the bow. >> darrell: thank you very much. it has been fun. thank you for playing. >> mike: kyle busch led 170 laps tonight. and for martin truex yet another, his sixth second place finish since the last time he went to victory lane.
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>> chris: exciting finish for kyle busch. nascar on fox at the texas motor speedway. michael waltrip and chris myers welcoming you and carl edwards work up to third. michael waltrip racing for the second straight race winds up second. heartbreak for truex who is standing by with krista voda. >> krista: if the caution hadn't come out would is it have been a different story? >> should have could have would have. happened a few times to us last year, too. ism' disappointed. the race was over when we got beat out of the pits. the bottom was so fast for a couple of laps and i was worried that i would lose second because carl was on the inside of me. i just was somehow you able to run one or two wide open to get
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him cleared. the guy that gets clean air is hard to catch for ten laps awas a little tight behind kyle. started catching him as we were run,ing. just out of time. and race is over in the pits. sucks. proud of my team. proud of the napa guys. chad and everyone. we had a tough season. a great car all weekend long. we definitely had a car worth capable of winning and just man i'm tired of finishing second. it's getting old. >> krista: a great car but going to sting for martin truex. >> chris: you can see it on his face and hear it in his voice. for kyle busch. one race last year and already two. steve byrnes in victory lane for the celebration. >> steve: and what a celebration it is, chris myers. the broom the texas motor speedway. what a creek, kyle. talk about the win tonight.
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>> dead dee made me my own right there. feels good. oh, man. for interstate batteries and norm miller to be in victory lane in texas none better than putting in right here. and great race car. dave rogers and these guys gave me a great piece today. ran up front all day long. if it wasn't for the pit crew who is the most awesome group ever and for since 2008 we have been together and haven't had any changeover. those guys are just awesome. they pulled out one heck of a stop at the end to put us up front and give us the lead and be able to bring it home. i thank m & ms and toyota and monster energy and sprint. without sprint this wouldn't be a sport. we appreciate them. and, of course, the fans. without them also. >> steve: how important to win the race tonight? >> i'm sorry. >> steve: how important to win the race tonight to you and your team? >> it is good. it is really, really good. we had a great start to the season and it feels amazing to keep this roll going and so
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much fun to race with this group. we had a talk over the winter. dave and i had a talk a few weeks ago and things kind of gelled. we have been doing really good. proud of this bunch. couldn't say enough about joe gibbs racing. these cars are amazing to drive. they are fast. they are fun. and what up, buddy? just amazing. it's good. i love it. >> steve: back to chris myers. congratulations. >> chris: part of the talk over the winter i have got to start living differently is what kyle busch and joe gibbs racing and his team talked about. while kyle busch dominated the race a number of drivers had to make up rounds just to get back near the top including joey logano back to prerace, michael. we talked about it. last car through inspection. >> michael: look at how frustrated. wondering if he is even going to get to race. luckily they made it. got into a great finish. >> and we documented the drama
8:26 pm
prerace. they gave the chicagoland to star engines and you car are wasn't even to the grids yet. how you would you describe the day to where it started and when it finished? >> i wasn't even in the car yet. these guys worked hard all day to get the shell pennzoil ford on the racetrack. a little too close for my comfort. having to start from the back and work up. did a great job of keeping everyone under control and not getting overchenned by everything. tow cussed in and made the adjustments and got our car a lot better than what it was. we just weren't fast on the short run. started fourth there with i think it was like 40 something to go. the top three guys were gone and then after 15-20 laps i could hang and then started catching them a little bit. we never had any short-range speed all weekend. even from practice slow on the short run gu good on the long run. have to figure out where the speed is. if you would have told me i would have finished fifth today
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i would give you a hug. i'm pumped up about the finish. >> matt: i will take a handshake. coming in tonight hadn't finished in the top ten and scored a fin here in texas. >> chris: meanwhile, kyle busch who recently shot a cameo he on the fx show anger management with charlie sheen celebrating here. all smiles. more interviews in a moment.
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>> chris: here is where it wound up after 500 miles. two toyotas and three fordoes. jimmie johnson hanging in to fen initial 6th. >> michael: a great run for aric almirola. the richard petty motorsportss team was strong all weekend and finished up strong. >> chris: kasey kahne and matt kenseth. harvick had the engine changed and started at the back of the pack and finished 13th. >> michael: ambrose in the other richard petty car finished 19th. and jeff burton crashed on the back straightaway and still came home with a top 25 finish. >> chris: danica patrick wound


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