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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. another candlelight vigil for a bay area shooting victim, but this time it's for a young man shot and killed by police and the family has some tough questions tonight. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor in for heather holmes. >> friends and family run remembered a union city man shot and kill by police earlier this month. while officers say they were defending themselves the family wants to know more,ate hernandez is live with the high- profile attorney helping the family. >> reporter: jade. >> reporter: maureen, we're standing not far
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from where amos smith lost his life. police say it was a routine traffic stop until he pulled a weapon and that weapon was found at scene of the accident, but smith's family says they want closure. standing near the corner of dyer street and meteor drive, they hold a sign, "shot yelled, not to kill." she said union city police haven't say why he was stopped. >> i miss my son very much. he was a good, young man. >> reporter: amos' mother says amos was her only son and awn she is still struggle why it took day to find out about her son's shooting and only days later came not to talk about to talk something with them, his vehicle registration. he had been working at ford plant for a year and a half. >> all of the stories i heard doesn't make sense to me.
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>> reporter: smith was one four people fatally shot in one weekend in less than a 27-hour period each anyway different bay area city. an attorney from john burgess' law office. >> we'll be pushing on behalf of the family as well as community to get to the bottom of this. >> he just got a job and just got his truck driver's license. >> his mother lived in the community, 18 plus years. good tax. >> paying people, why? >> reporter: i spoke to police and all questions regarding this case are being referred to detectives not available tonight. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new video tonight a fatal crash that shut down a well-traveled highway interchange in marin county. witnesses told the highway patrol this the driver was traveling at a high rate of
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speed when the accident happened. around 6:40 the driver apparently lost control and smash inside concrete column on the ohio on-ramp connecting northbound highway 101 to highway 37. when officers arrived the honda was upside-down, but before they could get to the vehicle it burst into flames the driver was pronounced dead at cane. connector ramp re-opened around 9:00 tonight. that was second of two time crashes in the north day. the first one happened along the sonoma coast where two people died in a fiery crash of a ferrari on a remote street of highway 1. ktvu's debora villalon is live in sonoma county with late details. >> well, we're in bodega bay and the sonoma coast high is very popular with its breathtaking scenery, but this particular drive ended tragically. the day ended here at coast with no hint of the horrific crash that occurred along this stretch of highway 1 just hours
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before. there was little emergency- responders could do, faced with the smoking ruins of this ferrari. >> arrived on scene to find a solo traffic collision. >> reporter: one car, heading south on highway 1, a route full of twists and turns and sheer cliffs. but the area where the italian sports car crashed fairly wide and flat. >> are only witness heard a loud noise and observed some smoke, ran up and called 911. >> reporter: chp says that loud boom was the high-end vehicle hitting a tree. then it flipped and burst into flames. the driver and passenger perished before they could escape or be rescue. >> there were two individuals in the vehicle. we have no idea of sex or anything like that. but they were killed pretty much instantly. >> reporter: the red car reduced to white
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aluminum and steel. the heat so intense its magnesium wheels melted into the asphalt. highway 1 was closed for six hours for repair and investigation. why the high-performance car veered across the road? still a mystery, but able to accelerate in seconds speed may well have been a factor. we checked with ferrari clubs in the bay area today to see if they had been touring up the coast, but none reported any outings or knew about this particular car; which we have since learned was a 1996 with two men in it. chp has witnesses who saw the aftermath, but they would like to hear from anyone who saw the actual crash. reporting live in bodega bay, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. novato police are searching for two men and a woman in connection we home-invasion robbery. police say the three were armed with guns when they burst into the home after 6:30 last night. they tied people up inside and ransacked the home. no one was hurt.
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police say the suspects drove off anyway hide mid-90s ford f- 150 pickup truck. police say an argument escalated to a homicide in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood on pacific avenue near taylor. where officers found a 22-year- old man dead. >> there was some kind of confrontation in the participant building between two people. and one person was shot. >> a 55-year-old man was arrested, investigators say he is the only suspect. police have not identified him or the victim. there is no word yet on what the relationship was between the two men. we have new information tonight about the infant kidnapping in san josi last month. police today announced that they have arrested a woman who they say toll stole the car with the baby girl inside. yesterday police arrested 30- year-old karla hernandez. the san josi resident was booked on a series of charges including kidnapping, and child endangerment. 11-month-old gabrielea gintero
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quintero that morning. an amber alert was issued and about four hours later police found the car abandoned with the baby inside. that baby was returned to her mother uninjured. >> a candlelight vigil is scheduled for this friday to honor the 15-year-old saratoga teenager who involves say committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted. santa clara sheriff investigates say audrie potts passed out before she was assaulted by three 16 years old boy. the prosecutors say the boys e- mailed and texted pictures of the sexual assault. pott assists family has scheduled a news conference for monday. friday's vigil is set to take place at saratoga high school. nova scotia a case that appears to be disturb similar. mourers gather for the funeral of a 17-year-old girl who play say hanged herself after she
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was gang-raped and bullyd when photos of the attack were posted on-line. her family says she became suicidal after she was assaulted by four teenager boyed two years ago and then became even more disspondent when no charges were. the u.s. senate voted to begin debate on a gun control bill. gun-control advocates gathered in downtown indianapolis, many of those who turned out for families with children. the nevuv assassinated civil rights leadership dr. martin luther king was among those who took part. in the bay area two events
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illustrated the sharp divisions over firearms. ktvu's noelle walker report oz a buyback where 250 weapons were turned not far from a gun show with a long line of buyers. >> good morning, how are you? >> how many firearms do you have in the car? one? >> reporter: another weekend, another gun buyback in the bay area. >> my husband is an ex-police officer. so we had a weapon that we don't want to have around the house anymore. >> reporter: this buyback in south san francisco was organized in less than a week and all gun owners aiming for cash $100 for pistol and sheriff's deputies, $200 for assault weapons. there is a flipside to every coin. if heads because the buyback, tails was over the hill at the cow palace. >> maybe we can get them to move the gun buyback here? >> reporter: the line snaked through the participant. >> just look at it, it's
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record attendance. >> reporter: they weren't waiting to turn in guns, but to shop for them at crossroads west gun show. >> the proposal that senator mark leno has to call the cow palace gun show has got a lot of people energized. >> reporter: it would require permits to hold a gun show at cow palace, a regular on gun show circuit. >> ammo is hard to come by. >> reporter: the show has two semis filledded filled with amo. >> the first 100 people in line would buy the two semi, but they limit it to a thousand round or something like that. >> reporter: in the gun debate one man's treasure is another man's trash. in south san francisco noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. for the first time president obama's weekly address was given by someone outside his administration. the mother of a child killed in the sandy hook shadow shootings
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delivered an emotional plea to lawmakers to pass gun control legislation. >> we have to convince the senate to come together and pass commonsense gun responsibility reforms that will make our communities safer, and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >> francine wheeler's 6-year- old son ben was among the 20 children killed in december. wheeler and other parents spent the week in washington pushing for massage of the bill that would increase background checks and increase penalties for illegal gun sales. our website has post francine wheeler's full address on and scroll down to "hot topics." nascar is taking some heat over the national rifle association's sponsorship of tonight's sprint cup race. senator chris murphy from connecticut asked fox sports to cancel tonight's broadcast of the race calling the nra
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sponsorship "inappropriate" in light of newtown, connecticut massacre and the gun control debate. >> they could have found another sponsor and could have waited until after the debate it's really poor time. >> nascar says the nra sponsorship was negotiated by the texas motor speedway before the newtown tragedy and add," the situation has made it clear that we headed to to take a closer look at our approval process moving forward." a harrowing landing in indonesia as a plane make and emergency landing on ocean, then breaks in half. the questionable track record of the airline involved in the crash? san francisco joins in a nationwide day of action. why protesters are taking on the obama administration. and the united states turns to china for help, how the obama administration hopes that the partnership will help tame north korea.
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. all 108 passengers and crew members survived after their lion air jet crashed into the ocean and broke into two during an aterned landing in indonesia today. officials say the plane crashed more than 100' short run wa. papers say it happened without warn. >> crew told us that they were had a preparing to land and put on safety belt and sudden will you a heard a loud noise and
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found out we were next tot you run uaw and on the water. >> the boeing 737 was operational for two months. lion air was involved in two accidents one that resulted in 25 deaths. the cause today's crash is under investigation. two different cruise ships in the florida keys rescued 21 cuban nationals from homemade boats here is a picture from the disney wonder, who picked eight people in a boated 45 miles off the florida coast of the ship turned the people ovto the coast guard, which was captured in some video sent to us about a ktvu view intersan josi who happened to be aboard the "wonder." the say day the "the conquest" picked 32 other cubans. the u.s.' military use of drones brought hundreds of protesters to march in san francisco. lorrain blanco tells us why critics don't agree with the obama administration's claim
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that drops are keeping america safe. >> reporter: hundreds marched down market street this sunny saturday, holding provocative signs. >> the drones are operating around-the-clock, and on a frequent basis they drop bombs on people. >> reporter: protest organizers answer coalition which stands now for act now to stop war and end racism tells us the unmanned vehicles have killing hundreds of innocent of people. the nationwide protest comes two day as after two civil and humanitarian rights organizations called on the obama administration to disclose more details about u.s. drone strikes including how it tracks and responds to civilian casualties? >> . >> tell me what you with an, what you really, really want. >> reporter: she brought her 6-year-old son to the rally to show him he must stand up for justice across the globe. like other critics of the drone program she says it only helped terrorist groups recruit more
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enemies of the u.s. >> i know if we continue this type of terrorism from our end on dropping bombs that we think might be terrorists or helping terrorists, all we're going to do is create another 9/11. >> reporter: the obama administration insists it's using drones to strike terrorists who can't be captured and known to be plotting imminent attacks against americans. in san francisco's union plaza, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. we have breaking news to tell us about at this hour an amtrak train is stuck outside of a fremont after a first locomotive jumped the tracks. none of the train cars have toppled over, but train is stuck about two miles north of fremontment amtrak says there are no passengers injure merchandise this incident. it happened just before 9:00, so less than an hour ago. the train was scheduled to arrive in oakland at 9:40, but is delayed indefinitely. we have a live crew on the way to the scene and bring you more as soon as we get that
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information. the california democrats are call on the party faithful to push for reforms in campaign contributions. 250, people are taking part. house minority leadership nancy pelosi says they must fight to overturn the supreme court ruling that lifted contribution limits for cooperations. according to the center for responsive politics super-pacs and other outside groups spent $54 million on california house races. in shanghai, governor brown shared a glass of wine with yao ming and one reporter ribbed brown for asking mingif he ever gotten injured and in fact, yao ming retire because of an injury. a state senator from san josi introduced legislation meant to curb payday lending in
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california. jim beall and hannah-beth jackson back the bill that bars lenders from making four high-interest loans to a customer in one year and extends the amount time that they have to pay back the loan. in guantanamo bay, military says the detainees had covered cameras and windows to prevent oklahoma by the guards. reports indicate that the detainees used handmade batons with broom sticks and mop handles to resist of the guards. guards fired nonlethal weapons. there are no reports of serious injuries. the military says 25% of the detainees at prison are participating in a hunger strike. that protest started in early february after detainees said the guards became aggressive sweeps of their cells. you can call a tit for tat move moscow released names of
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americans barred from enter russia and as one of those names, john yoo. also banned by russian foreign ministry former aide to former vice president dick cheney and two guantanamo bay commanders. >> the russian list include those involved in torture at the prison. >> u.s. released a list of 18 russians banned from entering the support and moat them were expected to the case of a jailed russian lawyer who died in 2009 after he was alleged lid beaten and refused medical treatment. kutv reached tout profess yoo who responded, darn, there goes my judo match with putin. reaching out to china in the latest efforted to calm tensions with now, but as
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ktvu's katie utehs tells us that china support is not guaranteed. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry met with chinese president xi jinping in beijing today. >> and very grateful for the relationship that you and i have already built. >> reporter: diplomatic talks with china are keep to neutralizing numeric lablar threats made by north korea. china is the biggest ally and main source of food, arms and fuel, according to the council on foreign relations. today's meeting may have secured china's help in taming the rogue nation. >> china and the united states today recommitted ourselves to find a peaceful solution. >> reporter: experts say it's not likely china would with draw support. it would likely flood china with refugees. but allowing north korea to become a nuclear power would likely back power for everyone involved.
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>> that core goal is the verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula anyway peaceful manner. >> reporter: to what level china will force north koreas a hand remains to be seen? meanwhile kerry reaffirmed for south korea the u.s.' commitment to protect the country in the case of an unprovoked attack. in the studio katy utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight there is word that the bluebird flu is spread mg china and how the young girl in china could have been exposed to it. a man clings to life after a fiery attack in california and who police have charged with setting that man on fire. how much would you pay to own this book? it's worth $30 million. and in weather i'm still tracking gusty winds across parts of the bay area. coming up, how much stronger will the winds be for sunday and when shower chances resurface in our forecast?
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. in long beach a homeless man is under arrest accuse of set a man on fire while he sat in his parked suv. the 62-year-old victim suffered burns over most of his body. a witness says he saw the homeless man throw a liquid into the suv and it went up in flames immediately. a former texas justice of the peace has been charged with make a terrorist threat after authorities searched his home as part of an investigation into three homicides. eric lyle williams has not been named a suspect in the death of kaufman county district attorney mike mclelland and his wife or the district attorney mark hasse. this is video from 2011 when william was being
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interrogated in a theft case. pope francis created cardinals group. >> this group has no executive or legislative power and it's there to advise pope and that is very important. >> the eight cardinals named include the archbishop of boston and australia, chili, congo, ferrummany, honduras, india and italy and in china a 7-year-old girl is hospitalized beijing, the first person in the captto be tested positive for a new strain of bird flu. today chinese officials say there will be 44 confirmed infections of the new train and 11 victims have died health
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authorities are not sure how the virus spreading bug it's believed to be crossing to humans from birds. a florida police officer has been fired after he allegedly brought targets resemblele trayvon martin to the gun range. sergeant ron king was leading target practice with other officers when he pulled out targets similar to this one. other officers told him put it away. port carnival is 40 miles southeast of sanford zimmerman shot trayvon martin. a first book every printed may fetch as much as $30 million this fall. puritans published the "bay psalm book" in cambridge, massachusetts. it's one of 11 romaining copies. the last time a bay psalm book appeared in auction -- the money will go to the owner of the book a
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church in boston. the actress who played pippi longstocking has been arrested in bay area. where it happened and the charges he is now face? plus costing millions of dollars a year and the new study that sheds light on the danger of san francisco's iconic cable cars. >> this isn't seattle versus sacraa franchisize. >> what the nba will do next week now that group hoping to move the team has upped its bid.
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. >> police say the driver a stolen car crashed into a 55' utility pole knock out power to more than a thousand customers in hayward and union city. it happened around 5:45 a.m. east of hesperian. people on the car took off on
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foot ever the crash. power was restored about two hours later. >> authorities are crediting an alert neighbor for tracking down a burglar. the resident saw a suspicious vehicle speedway from his neighbor's home in unincorporated menlo park and wrote down the license plate number. when it was discovered his neighbor's home was burglarized, he gave that information and sanchez-nava was arrested and believe that they are responsible for other burglaries in redwood city and san carlos. a former child actress was reportedly arrested in walnut creek, according to the website cops. tami erin got into a physical altercation with her roommate. erin start standard in the "new advents of pippi longstocking."
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the site reports she was booked on suspension of assault and released thursday. the san francisco symphony announced his striking musicians are striking no more. they will receive a 4.5% salary increase over the 26-month contract. there are also unspecified changes to health care benefit. cable car accidents have cost san francisco millions of dollars in past three years according to newly released records. documents obtained by the aassociated press show the city paid almost $8 million to settlement injury claims. over the past decade 150 people have been injured had cable car accident. the department of transportation of find they are the most accident movement pron travel routes. muni says it does pose challenges, but incidents are rare. mayor ed lee says the
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iconic cable cars rf san francisco are a national historic landmark and, "we work everyday to make them savor." the nba schedule a special meeting are a committee of team owners will review the two bids to buy the sacramento kings. meeting is set for wednesday a day before the league's board of governor meet in new york city. last night the seattle investors announced that they have increased think bid by $25 million. the sacramento group said it planned to match seattle's offer, but that was before the bid was increased. >> this is about relocating a franchise, existing franchise from sacramento and we have done more than our part to keep the kings in sacramento and that ought to be the end result. >> a legal expert steles the sacramento bee that the nba has the right to accept a lower offer. a decision could come as early as thursday or friday. a festive tradition kicked off today in san francisco.
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what music, art and food and the celebration that brought thousands of people to japantown. cold winds return to the bay area. a live look at the bay bridge. meteorologist mark tamayo is next, with how strong those winds will be and when showers return to the forecast? you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i...
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you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. ♪[ music ] >> well, that performance by tradil japanese drummers opened the northern california cherry blossom festival in japantown. in perfect timing the festival is surrendered by cherry trees in bloom of the festival continues tomorrow and next weekend and ends with the grand parade next sunday. >> looks like a lot fun, but
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some of those blooms might blow off because we have winds coming through the area, right mark? >> you may have noticed winds picking up this afternoon. lots to talk about tonight as we head into your sunday we have cold temperatures a chance of showers as you pretty strong gusty winds. most areas back down to the 50s, san francisco and oakland as you can pick out currently 51 to 57 degrees. and speak of those winds, the latest wind reports we have winds out of the southwest out towards fairfield, 12 miles per hour, but look at sfo and half moon bay, strong winds. they have backed up a little bit bus sfo sustained out west, but 21 miles per hour. temperatures coolest locations in the up lower 30s towards napa and san francisco 48 and san josi 44 degrees. as far as the winds they will be ramping up as we head into your sunday afternoon, i will
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near the immediate shoreline. can you see the projected winds for point reyes and pacifica, 37 miles per hour. half moon bay, 34 miles per hour of but still, the stronger winds blowing onto the golden gate bridge and back into the bay as well. we're talking a weather system out to our north and west. this begins to approach tomorrow. so winds easily 25-35 miles per hour. a few gusts could be approaching 40-45 miles per hour. winds pick up tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. once again into monday we could have a wind advisory with winds approaching 50 miles per hour especially near the meet coastline. there is a chance of morning shower first thing monday morning. or late sunday night into monday morning. sunday night the clouds move. a little bit of activity first thing monday morning. still the chance of an isolated shower. cherry blossom festival in san francisco as ken mentioned the windows will be a factor, but
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the temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to 60 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow, we'll cool things off a little bit compared to today. and a look ahead, your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, monday the coolest and also the windiest day. back up into the upper 70s by thursday. so a lot to track over the next several days. >> won't be long until those cool temperatures are gone. >> probably by friday or saturday. >> thank you, mark. coming up next, controversy at the masters, what tiger did that has some other golfers up in arms. what got a's mark bob melvin thrown out of the game? that is coming up in sportswrap.
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good evening everyone and thanks for watching our saturday night edition of sportswrap. well, just two years ago the united states golf association created a rule that protects players from being disquaffed from committing an offense that otherwise would call for a dq. after today, the rule 33-7 may become known as "the tiger rule." on the par-5 15, tiger took a penalty stroke for landing in the waul and decided to go back to the original spot of the previous shot except he dropped by two yards back. that is too far from original spot, but no one noticed until he told the media about it after the round. his follow-up shot was excellent and he thought he salvaged the bogey 6, but this morning he was toll upon a viewers phone call they had to
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assess him a 2-penalty and ended up being a triple bogey. tiger from 211 yards out and takes a 2-put birdie. he shot a 72 under 70 and sits four shots back from the lead. some players wanted tiger to with draw saying he got special treatment. we go to the young guy. the 14-year-old tianlang quan. making an enormous par-saving putt on 18. the youngest golfer ever, shooting 5 over 77 and 53-year- old freddy couples was one shot off the lead and watch this forum shot. freddy double bogeys and triple bogeys 17. adam scot one of three australians in contention. scott shots a 3 under 69 and sits one shot off the lead.
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angel cabrera also shot a 3 under 69 to take a share of the lead. he shoots a 7 under after 54. brandt snedeker won the at&t pro-am at pebble beach and says is he fully recovered from his injuries. nails it. schenectady tied cabrera for a share of the lead. jason day finished with a 73. he fell from a tie for first to a tie for fourth two shots back. the only player on the leaderboard way major championship is angel cabrera. three australians still in the hunt, adam scott, marc leishman and jason day, matt kuch yorear is three shots off the pace and tiger woods is four shot backs and not worried about any more sanction d


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