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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 24, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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oakland. police are investigating two fatal shootings. tara moriarty is live with what police are saying about a shooting that caused a bart station to shut down and another that happened in broad daylight. >> reporter: the 12th street bart station is back open after a teenager was gunned down. it happened at the corner of 13th and broadway. police have not released information about the circumstances of the shooting. about seven hours earlier, another deadly shooting. candles now line the street where a brazen shooting happened yesterday in broad daylight. a woman was shot while driving her car near 24th street around 3:00 in the afternoon. first responders tried to save her but she died after being transported to the hospital. her sister and friend that were with her in the car say a man walked up to the driver's open
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window and demanded someone. when she tried to drive away the man shot her in the stomach. >> we heard one gunshot and heard the car rolling down the road. >> life is valuable. it's a blessing to have life and live life and to take somebody's life, i don't care what the reason is, it hurts. >> reporter: this is the second fatal shooting of a driver in daylight hours in exactly three weeks in oakland. the driver of a black honda off duty paramedic quinn boyer was the victim of a robbery attempt around noon on april 2nd. police have arrested six teens for that crime. police have not released the victim's name in this case. there is a reward being offered. we'll let you know how much it it is coming up. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. >> thank you. meantime one person is fighting to survive after being shot in
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san francisco's excel sour district. it's still unclear how many times the victim was shot. we do know the victim was taken to san francisco hospital with life threatening injuries. so far there is no word on any suspects. faulty bolts on the bay bridge. they will update the commission on plans to fix the problem. the briefing comes amid reports that more bolts on the bridge may be in danger of failing. the contra costa times reports an analysis found 288 of the bolts could become brittle and snap. 32 of the bolts broke in early march. a man is recovering after being hit by a vta train in san jose. at 9:00 last night fire crews were called to north first street. they found a man in his late 50s trapped underneath the
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southbound tracks. the man was badly hurt but conscious. investigators will be looking at surveillance video to try to see what happened. in just a few hours a group of teachers plan to picket in front of their school. they are protecting -- protesting what they call a lack of safety. teachers say they there have been recent incidents of students threatening other students, vandalism, along with other problems. the patrol test is scheduled to start at 7:15 this morning. late last night the vallejo city council anonymously approved a 45 day moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries. they can operate at any time of the day and at in any kind of space. >> should they be close to recreational areas? city facilities? >> most of the community wants
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a moratorium. they don't want more coming because we had 28 at one point. but it's unfair the methods they have taken. >> some fear the mor for yum is a prelude to an all out ban on the dispensaries. we are learning new information about the suspended master mind of the boston bombings. tamerlan tsarnaev was living on state welfare benefits. those benefits reportedly ended last year when his family stopped meeting income eligibility requirements in massachusetts. this revelation is raising questions on whether the suspect may have used taxpayer money to finance the bombing plot. meantime his widow has issued her first public statement since the bombings. 24-year-old kathryn russell hid her face as he left her parent's home. she issued a statement through her attorney saying she was
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stunned by the terrorist plot and is doing all she can to assist in the investigation. >> as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims. >> kathryn russell dropped out of college after becoming pregnant to marry tamerlan in 2010. they have a three-year-old daughter. in just a few hours mit will hold a memorial service for the campus police officer who died after a shootout with the bombing suspects. joe biden is among those to attend those private memorial services. boylston street is now open to the public and back in business. cleanup crews worked all night to get everything ready. boylston street is where the bombs went off last week and
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the fbi had declared it a crime spree. stay with us all morning long for continuing coverage. we will have live reports in our next hour and throughout the morning and you can get updates any time of day on the front page of our website right under the boston bombings tab. time now is 4:35. the fbi has dropped the charges against a mississippi man accused of sending letters with poisonous ricin to president obama, a senator, and a judge. he was released from jail after they found no evidence of the poison in his home. his attorney says the focus is on another mississippi man who says she may have set curtis up because they didn't get along. as the fbi searched his house everett says he didn't do it. >> the people that actually know me, know i have nothing to do with this. and people that don't know this
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is crazy. >> he also says he doesn't really know curtis but he corresponded with him online. we are tracking developing news in bangladesh. dozens of people have been killed after a building housing several garment factories collapsed. hundreds more are injured. the collapse is a suburb of bangladesh's capitol. it comes five months after a fire killed 112 workers at a factory. the fbi is investigating a hacking incident that caused a brief panic on wall street. a fake associated press tweet was posted yesterday that could quote breaking two explosions at the white house and barack obama is injured. the hoax caused the dow jones
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to drop 177 points. >> this is twitter there is a bunch of parity accounts. i think if you're going to actually try to look into it, you should look into the actual website rather than social media. >> a group calling itself the syrian electronic army is taking credit for the tweet. that e-mail contained a malicious link and when clicked on it exposed the companies log ins and pass words. we spoke with a professional hacker who says the future of is security will rely on systems. >> there are phone systems coming online. there is universe of technology things built right now. >> annual verizon report on hacking shows 75% of data
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breeches are caused by weak or stolen user names and pass words. apple had surprises numbers. apple reports its first decline in profits in ten years. net income dropped 18%. revenue was up 11% from last year. investors are encouraged after ceo tim cook announced apple would distribute $1 billion in cash to shareholders by the end of 2015. time now 4:38. lawmakers will debate the issue of online tracking during a senate hearing today. they want to make it easier for you to opt out of online tracking. they are also pushing a proposal to crack down on companies that violated the do not track request. today's hearing comes as the tech industry finalizes new disclosure standards for information gathered from smart phones and online surfing. time is 4:39. it is the middle of the week. >> yes, it is. >> moving aright along. hopefully traffic will be
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light. how is it looking? >> it looks very good. we do have road work out there still. it's not causing major delays. let's start off with the east shore freeway where the traffic does look good coming in from ray lay hoe all the way to berkeley and the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of people getting on the road early and taking advantage of this commute into san francisco. in san francisco southbound eastbound 80 still have that ramp closed for road work. northbound 280 getting up to highway 1 this traffic here looks good. let's go back to steve. sal, is there a full moon around? >> look around you might see it. >> well it's actually tomorrow. tomorrow at noon but it's close enough. if you are over on the coast you are saying what are we talking about? with have a little bit of cooling tend. temperatures yesterday we topped out two days ago. the key was napa and santa rosa had a north wind and then it
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turned southerly. fog is out there. and it continues to lift a little bit. it is making a push on the inland area. not really inland. it's making a push over the bay. yesterday was confined just to the coast so it was moving south to north. a lot cooler. san francisco yesterday was 73 and that sea breeze kicked in. 48 we'll go at 7:00 a.m.. 56 a high of 62. day baseball at at & t park it will be nice. it will still be on the cooler side. 58 at game time. yesterday at this time we had a lot of 60s. napa is now 43. fairfield was 68 now they are 48. san francisco has that. sfo over san pablo bay. 45 novato. a couple of low 50s. generally speaking the west wind has established itself. sfo has a west wind. overall, generally it's more westerly. livermore with a puff of an easterly. it's a cooler pattern with that
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fog in place. it will continue to do so today and also tomorrow. 31 in tahoe. 52 sacramento. 47 ukiah. 50s down south. overall look for a cooler day today with temperatures sliding back in the 70s. maybe a few very low 80s. fog, sun, cooler. more of a westerly breeze. and now mainly upper 70s. antioch and brentwood in there. this is a cool, cool pattern for the north bay. gilroy 78. cooler into thursday and then level off friday. time now 4:42. up next the the push to make yosemite national park even better. and the new service that can tell you how crowded bart will be before you head to the station. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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good morning. lots of low clouds and fog. more 70s now inland. the three teenage suspects in the audrey pott case are now at home on arrest after being released from juvenile hall. they are accused of sexually assaulting the labor day girl. the girl took her own life a week ago. growing safety concerns will be the at top of the agenda when the bart board of directors relieves tomorrow morning. they will protect both bart passengers and employees. they are joining transit agencies across the country. meantime bart riders can check their commuters or smart phone to see how crowded the trains
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might be. it has an icon that will tell you if heavy, moderate, or light crowding is expected. it uses historic predictive data to determine how busy trains are at particular times. metropolitan commission is expected to vote. the proposal calls for the agency to keep clipper car passenger records for 4.5 years instead of seven. privacy advocates express concern for the data after learning it could be subpoenaed. personal information is not turned over without a subpoena or search warrant. crime hits close to home for governor jerry brown. jamal johnson was arrested accused of prowling outside the governors apartment building in sacramento on sunday. governor brown spoke out about it yesterday. >> just two days ago a gentleman was found on my balcony trying to break in. i lived on top of pf chang
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there on the fourth floor. luckily i wasn't home. >> the governor said three men tried to break into his home in oakland last year. new this morning defense secretary chuck hagel is in egypt meeting with the country's leaders. this is video of hagel meeting with israeli prime minister yesterday. in his talks with egyptian leaders today hagel will try to preserve u.s. influence in egypt as the country struggles with its transition to democracy. more mosquito fogging is planned this morning in contra costa county. areas along taylor road and on holland track road will be treated with insecticide. yesterday's fogging had to be called off because of high winds. crews will try again in 15 minutes. the boundaries for yosemite national park can be expanding. if the bill passes, more than 1500-acres of undeveloped land would be added to the park.
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spokesperson says the bill has broad bipartisan support but an identical proposal was turned down by the house of representatives last year. 4:48 is the time. back over to sal who is starting in san francisco. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good there, pam. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split and no major problems here. we have a little bit of road work on the southbound 101 freeway connector to eastbound 80. you might see lights and some of the roads closed and you might have to take a detour if you get on the central freeway. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza. it's a nice looking drive. and if you are driving from livermore to castro valley it has been looking good. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. if you like cooler weather we are off to a good start as well. we had a pretty good warmup there for april. much cooler breeze.
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fog is back. san francisco going from 73 yesterday we are going to 62 today. there is a lot of low clouds in place. 48 on the low. 62 at noon. also day baseball the sun comes out at at & t park. it will be a little cooler and breezy. instead of the 60s in the north wind, we get more 40s. it's noticeably dropped 15 degrees on some of the locations today. north wind switching to a south or west will do it all the time. the fog is a bigger story here and it moves up the coast. 30s, 40s up in tahoe and reno. sacramento 52. overall high pressure is losing its grip a little bit for two days. a little low moving into the south. that is helping enhance that fog back. fog, sun, cooler. still couple lows inland. clear lake. but a lot more 70s. soft 80s for antioch and brentwood. 72 san jose to 73 los gatos.
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santa cruz has gone from the 80s now to the 60s. 50s and 60s on the coast in san francisco. south san francisco. san bruno, brisbane, burlingame. cooler into thursday and then a little turn around on friday. slightly warmer as we go into the weekend. time now is 4:50. before we plan that weekend barbecue find out which meat is expected to make you sick. the items stolen from the ballpark. and the warriors get an important playoff win. we'll have reaction from the planned future home of the team.
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a bill that could create a homeless bill of rights is one step closer to becoming a state law. the bill has passed the state assembly committee. it would allow homeless people to sit, sleep, and panhandle on public property. it would also require local government to provide restrooms and shower houses for the homeless. that means looking at the reservoir levels, the tran mission lines, and snow pack. back to back dry winters could
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cause a problem. a new study reveals what meats are the riskiest to eat. they analyzed more than 33,000 cases of food born illnesses and they found ground beef and chicken caused the most hospitalizations. turkey and steak are the next highest riskiest. researchers say deli meat, pork, and roast beef are medium risk. chicken nuggets, ham, and sausage are the safest to eat. the six foot plaque commemorating barry bonds breaking the all time record is missing. it had been hanging on the right center wall. the disappearance is under investigation and the giants are making a replacement shield. the warriors have evened up the series with the denver nuggets one game a piece. it was a high scoring game 171-
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117 and they did it without the all star forward david lee who is out with an injury. warrior fans crowded the bar to watch the playoff action. warriors on the waterfront organized several parties to build support for a new arena at piers 30 and 32. >> it's not a definite yet. i think a lot of people think it's definite. so going through the approval process we are trying to build supporters. >> backers of the warriors plan say they will pursue new legislation. meantime the san jose sharks clenched their ninth straight win to the playoffs. tickets for the first three home games of the playoffs go on sale friday at 10:00 a.m.. and the warriors come back home right? >> i think so. >> let's double check. sal will know. the warriors get to come back home? >> steve is saying yes. >> yes. as a matter of fact yes. so last night's winner was pretty good. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving
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on westbound bay bridge. there are no major problems as you head into the city. the traffic continues to move along pretty well getting into the city. we have been looking at san francisco because we had some road work on the central freeway and the ramp from 101 has been closed. it looks like it's still closed. they will close it until 6:00. and you are looking at the san mateo bridge traffic on the sensors there. and traffic is moderate. now let's two to steve. you know scoring 131 points in denver was no small feat. we do have a lot of low clouds and fog back. it will be cooler. look at the lows. instead of the mid 60s in the north wind, somewhere a lot of 40s. there is a huge difference than just in 24 hours. a little low moving in southern california. i will tell you it's foggy down
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there. foggy on much of the coast. there is more of a westerly breeze or a southerly breeze in place. more 70s inland. a couple of 80s. just a couple of 80s. antioch in there, brentwood, clearlake. but 60s and 70s for most today. back into the comfort zone for many. and then we turn things around a little bit. warm as we go what looks like a beautiful week. the investigation continues into two deadly shootings in one bay area city. one homicide had a direct impact on an east bay bart station. disturbing new information in the boston bombing case. the reason taxpayer money may have helped fund the terrorist plot. we'll be right back.
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two homicides within eight hours of each other in oakland. one shuts down a bart station. the other happens in broad daylight. we'll tell you what witnesses are saying. the search for a solution continues on the new bay bridge span as they try to deal with those broken bolts. we'll tell you about the meeting that is happening this morning that could give us some answers. disturbing new information in the boston marathon bombing case. how taxpayer money may have helped fund


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