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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 25, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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(announcer) friskiesw rving breakfast. a terrifying shooting in the east bay. a bomb is shot and killed right in front of her -- woman is shot and killed right in front of her young son. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a woman is fighting for her life after a car crashes into her home. we'll tell you the questions the police have for the teenaged driver and what he may
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have doing at the time of the accident. and the russian parents of the bombing suspects just wrapped up a press conference. "mornings on 2" begins right now. bell, good morning. welcome -- well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, april 25th. han quite operation resulted in -- an overnight operation resulted in multiple arrests. tara moriarty is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, dozens of families may have wondered what was going on when they heard the flash bang ben grades. they were -- grenades. they were serving 16 warrants. authorities mostly targeted homes in oakland and they made
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several arrests. they were secretive about why they were conducting the raids but we know now they are after guns and weapons. we saw fbi agents in tactical gear at 14th avenue and east 22nd street. another raid happened at 8th and adelaide streets. they were focusedden 0 the acorn apartment complex. law enforcement says the warrants are a result of criminal investigation and several arrests were made. the operation ended at 1:00 this morning. no one was hurt. police say they did not have to use, sessive force. later this -- excessive force. lateert this morning, the oakland police department will be releasing more details. we're live in oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> thank you. in oakland, police are investigating a shooting reported around 3:00. they found an injured man on finner street. the sergeant says the victim may have only been dropped other that. he has shot in the leg -- dropped off there. he was shot in the leg. and is in the hospital. a mother and her daughter were among those hurt when two speeding cars went out of control and one of those cars smashed into a house on lee avenue. ktvu's janine de la vega has been on this since 4:30. you are back now to tell us more about the crash and the victims. >> reporter: dave, i spoke with a man who lives here earlier this morning. he says his wife is bad lid injured. she's in -- badly injured. she's in the icu. here you are looking at some of the debris that is still left on the front lawn and the damage done tonight house which you can see is all boarded up. police say this accident
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happened at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officers say the two cars were speeding when one crashed into the home on lee avenue. the other spun out and hit a street sign. two neighbors heard the crash and ran in to help the 40-year- old woman inside. >> the car was in the house. she's where the kitchen used to be. she was cooking when it happens. she started complaining about her baby. >> reporter: the woman's 9-year- old daughter was pinned between the car and furniture. she was also sent to the hospital but is expected to survive. witnesses tell ktvu that the teens were racing. they also told us that one of the drivers is a junior at lee high school. his cousin was the other driver who apparently is a senior at the high school and he had two girls in his car. >> our traffic investigation unit, they will go with speeds. they will go based on interviews and do measurements of the scene. they will look at skid marks,
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things of that nature and come to some sort of conclusion what the -- what the speeds were. >> reporter: and hear from newschopper2 you can see an yarr -- an aerial view. the car traveled so far into the house, you can't even see it from the chopper. back out here live, again, still a lot of pile of wood and all of the debris that's just left over here on the front lawn. this morning, we've seen many neighborhoods come and just stare at the damage just shaking their heads. pretty devastating for this family here. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:05. the russian parents of the two boston marathon suspects have just wrapped under a mess conference. this is video from a mall city in southern russia. the father plans to fly here -- to fly here. it's not clear whether the mother will join him. she's wanted on shoplifting
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charges and could be arrested if she returns to the boston area. she's giving conflicting statements whether she will go. they want to take the body of tamerlan tsarnaev back to russia and possibly visit their young son in the hospital. they contend their sons were framed in the bombing case. meanwhile, lawmakers on capitol hill are demanding an investigation into the boston marathon bombings. coming up at 7:15, more on the accusations that the intelligence community did not follow new rules put in place after the -- september 11th attack. the coalition is threatening a lawsuit over what they call a lack of minority- owned companies working on the 49ers' stadium in share. stadium officials say they -- in santa clara. stadium officials say they gave everyone equal opportunities. but the representatives say they could not find any
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minority owned companies and followed the law in awarding contracts. let's check in with sal. some big problems out there on the roads. >> today we're doing pretty well. >> we've had a nice-looking commute on a thursday. much better than other days. i don't know why. it's just one of those good luck days out there. let's start off with the toll plaza. you will see what i mean. there certainly is a delay. but it's not as robust as it normally is. it's backed up for eight to ten minutes before you make it on the span. the itself looks pretty good. if you are driving out to interstate 880 in oakland, just a little bit busy coming around the curve. and we're looking at the peninsula. if you are driving on 101 or 280, the traffic looks good. we've had a couple of stalled vehicles. but we haven't had a lot of incidents when it comes to stalls. let's go to steve. parts of the santa cruz
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coastline to the south bay, there's a loot of the low clouds around. everybody has a fresh sea breeze. the fog bank is helped along with a system. it was kind of held down, held down. the sea breeze door is open. some of the higher elevations. 70 yesterday. we'll go of 65. san jose, 73 to 70. a lot of 50s. had gusts to 33. so the delta braze is no problem. temperatures not really moving too much. west at 12. west direction. slight southeasterly component. but it's more of a westerly breeze in place. some of the areas around the east bay hills, 25, 40 miles an hour. the low clouds and fog marking
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out today because the system that's responsible for -- marching out today because of the system that's responsible for this. sacramento cooler breeze. 50, 54 monterey. the low cloud deck will start to get press. a breezy, cooler day. windy at times for some. this will be the coolest day of the week. we had the warmest day and coolest day. 50s, 60s or low to mid-70s for some. sonoma at 65. 72 pittsburg. martinez, 66. 60s for many, including santa clara, saratoga, los gatos, might be warmer than yesterday. they had a lot of low clouds. today looks sunny. 50s on the coast in san francisco. a lot of 60s on the peninsula including redwood city, palo alto an mostly sunny on friday. warmer. more so inland on saturday. it looks like a bump up away from the coast. 7:09. a one-mile safety zone is in
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place after eight explosions on a barge in alabama. both firefighters and the coast guard responded to the scene. they say the explosions were caused by the natural gas on the barge. they decided to let the fire burn itself out because it was too dangerous to fight. employees on the carnival cruise ship triumph also had to be evacuated. triumph has been docked in alabama since becoming disabled in the gulf of mexico last february. no word yet on what caused the explosion. later this afternoon, a memorial will be held for the 14 people killed in last week's fertilizer plant explosion in west, texas. president obama has ordered flags flown at half staff at federal buildings and military facilities. he and first lady michelle obama will attend the service and the president is expected to speak. investigators are still digging through the site to determine what caused the explosion. before heading to that event, the president is currently at the dedication of the presidential library of his predecessor, george w. bush, in
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dallas -- in dallas. these are live pictures. the dedication is about to get underway. we'll have a live report coming up next hour. police in vallejo have made an arrest in the april 17th shooting outside of a little legal baseball game. joshua khee, 23, was arrested yesterday. he's described as a long-term vallejo resident. he got into an argument with another parent. when that person bent to leave -- went to leave, chee reportedly opened fire on the fire. some baseball games were canceled while the police investigation was underway. 7:11. an unusual move from williams sonoma. what they are no longer selling after the tragedy in boston.
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who is behind the big part of making aid part of e healthcare
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sunny for some. but definitely cooler. that gray means, 50, 60s coast and bay. 7:13. dozens of people were killed in iraq this morning. a series of violent attacks. want to show you new video of a bar bomb explosion -- car bomb explosion. it happened at a bus stop in baghdad. seven people were killed. 20 more were hurt. no one has yet claimed responsibility. and 44 people were killed in gun battles and another car bombing. the experts there say a rise in sunni shiite tension is to blame. south korea says it will take action if north korea rejects talks on a factory park run by those two countries. now, this factory is part of a
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2004 project meant to improve cooperation between north korea and south korea. but now north korea is stopping south koreans from crossing the border and going into that factory. south korea has proposed a series of talks about this. they are giving north korea until tomorrow to respond. 7:14. right now, members of the house homeland security committee are focusing on counterterrorism. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the first priority is getting updates on the boston bombings investigation. kyla? >> reporter: some on capitol hill accused the intelligence community of dropping the ball, that those agencies should have been better tabs on tamerlan tsarnaev. we're -- we're taking a live look at the meeting. we learned this was scheduled to take place before the boston marathon bombings but was postponed. representative king said the terror attack will be part of this morning's focus. this comes as senator mccain
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demands a homeland security committee hearing to dig deeper. he thinks intelligence and agencies failed to share information about tsarnaev. he was questioned in 2011. they said he was not a terror risk. but it was requested he put on a specific terror watch list. that request was mandated. we'll continue listening in on this house hearing for more details. we also expect to hear from nancy pelosi in about a half- hour. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:16. a well-nope san francisco retailer is responding to the tragedy in boston. williams sonoma has temporarily pulled pressure cookers from their shelves. managers made this decision out of respect for the boston
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bombing victims. investigators say kitchen pressure cookers packed with explosives killed three people and injured 200 others. 7:16. according to mitgo, parties are in -- politigo parties says some are worried about the cost of insurance exchanges that are part of president obama's healthcare overhaul. they are worried about low-paid staffers. they could be hit with thousands of dollars in new healthcare costs. a new fanning plan for california's trial courts will mean big finance am losses for several bay area courts. under this new formula, all bay area courts would lose funding. santa clara county would be hit the hardest, with more than $10 million in cuts over the next five years. alameda county would also suffer, losing 6 million in state funding in the next five years. this new funding formula is
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aimed at fixing an imbalance in california courts. the county courts in rural areas have been underfunded for years. new this morning, the anti- trust regulators say google is looking to make a deal to avoid fines and sanctions. the eu says google has agreed to changes how they display search results in europe. that way users could tell the difference between natural search warrant results and those done by google. an elderly woman is safe after being rescued from a fire at an oakland apartment. this is a photo of the 12-story high rise that firefighters posted on twitter. residents evacuated the market street building around 6:20 last night. crews say a grease fire erupted in the 78-year-old's apartment while she was cooking chicken.
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the woman was trapped on her balcony. a man nearby tried to help her. but firefighters had to rescue the woman. she went to the hospital with smoke inhalation. firefighters say only two apartments were damaged. 7:18. a preliminary hearing will be scheduled today for a man accused of killing a father and his two sons. on june 22nd, 2008, anthony michael and mathew bologna were driving home from a family picnic when they were shot and killed in their car. san francisco police think they were mistaken for gang members. one man was arrested and is charged with three counts of first-degree murder. police in pleasant hill released a sketch of a man wanted for an april tempted home burglary. take a look at this. they say he tried to break into the house of the 700 block of harvard drive just before noon on tuesday. neighbors described him as an african-american man about 19 to 25 years old 6 feet tall, thin build with shoulder-length dreadlocks and he had a scar on
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his left cheek. he was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. now, witnesses sane he ran to an awaiting van or suv. it was parked in the -- say he ran to an awaiting van or suv in the parking lot. if you have information, call pleasanton police. more cool weather ahead. we're about to see a shift in the weather. up next, steve paulson will tell us about the changes expected this weekend. reports of a scandal at san francisco state. it involves a former director and millions of dollars. good morning. northbound 280, we're seeing a crowd now driving into the valley. another update on this and other commutes -- straight ahead.
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beverly hills are searching -- beverly hills police are searching for a man who got into a fight with a driver
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during a traffic dispute. the driver followed him into annally and rammed him with his car pinning him to a dumpster. robert sherrer is accused of working with a contractor to overcharge a school millions of dollars. >> that money could go to our education. that's using it for his own benefit. ridiculous. >> what they've done affected students like us to go to the classes we need to graduate, that's a pretty big deal. >> well, sherrer and his alleged co conspiracy were in
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-- co-conspirator are due in court. for the fourth time in history, the 100-dollar bill will be getting a make off. the federal government says the changes -- makeover. the federal government says the changes will include the copper to green. i know i won't have any -- [laughter] >> you can take that to the bank. sal, you are keeping an eye on the south bay. >> we showed you a preview. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving to the downtown area. then it slows down.
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85 and 101 are busy. they are all equally crowded. if you are driving from hayward to fremont heading toward the south bay, you will see the slowest traffic in hayward and then fremont. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's filled in more since the last time we spoke. it's backed up for about a 15- minute delay at the toll plaza. now today's weather with steve. >> thank you, sal. well, it's sunny in san jose. parts of the peninsula, south bay, santa cruz coastline. generally cloudy skies. a westerly breeze. that flag was the opposite direction. it was north-northeast. we had record highs. not now. water temperatures continue to be cold. still, low, low 50s. fog, this could be one of those days where the north bay, it's just mostly gray and the south bay gets the sun. it won't be that warm. temperature drop will cross the board. 30-mile-an-hour sea breeze for some. 40s for a couple.
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but mainly 50s. i don't think they are going any lower than what we see now. low in southern california, not too shabby. kind of kicked up our fog. it's had no issues clearing the coastal area. partly sunny around the bay but it could be cloudy for some inland areas especially the north bay. this is one of the patterns where santa rosa stuck. windy times out of the west. this will be the coolest west. a couple of low 70s and temperatures will start to rebound tomorrow. not a lot. more so i think on saturday. this does not look like a big warmup for the coast. it looks like warmer weather for inland areas. time is getting worse. we're all nervous about it. >> 15 rash of robberies in one oakland neighborhood. who is being targeted and what police are doing to try to reduce the violence. and a violent night in oakland leaves a 3-year-old boy without a mother. we will tell you who police are looking for.
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>> we're live in san francisco where drews are busy prepping parts of the drill that will help create the san francisco central subway. we're gonna show you new video we just got for you coming up on "mornings on 2."
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oakland's police chief says it's one of the most heartbreaking things he's seen.
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last night a woman was shot and killed right in front of her 3- year-old son. brian flores is live in oakland and says a reward is being offered in this case. >> reporter: that's right. we're just blocks away from the children's hospital and research center. the only thing left from the shooting, a little bit of crime tape. there's a reward offered to help find this woman's killer. the toddler no longer has a mother. now, the shooting happened at about 8:45 last night on 54th street here in north oakland. the victim was a young woman in her early 20s. witnesses we spoke with, they didn't want to be on camera but they tell us they heard several gunshots. when police arrived, they found the woman severely wounded. the woman told us that she ran out of her car screaming but her injuries were so severe that she later died. the woman's 3-year-old son was found inside the car unharmed. he was seen playing with oakland police officers and chief howard jordan as they try
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to keep his mind off what happens. it's unclear exactly what they saw. oakland police have information on a suspect but they have yet to release that information. they are asking for the public's help, though. the identity of the woman -- the woman's killer has not been released either. this is the second time in three days the woman has been shot and killed on the streets of oakland. the toddler was unharmed at last check and probably doing okay. a little bit shaken up. crimestoppers is sofering a $10,000 reward for the search for the killer or killers in this case. they bought away in a black four-door sedan, possibly with rust on the car as well. we'll stay on top of this story and give you another update at 8:00. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. 7:31. we're learning more about another shooting in oakland that claimed the life of a 21- year-old woman. police are telling us this killing may have been related
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to a drug deal on tuesday at 2:45 in the afternoon on 24th avenue. the woman was driving a car with her sister and another woman inside when two men walked up and one of them opened fire. police say a dispute over payment for drugs may be the motive. 7:31. in overnight news, all of the lanes are open again on northbound 880 in milpitas after two big rigs crashed. now, the chp rushed to this hit and run near dixon landing about 1:30 this morning. police say a semi crashed into another big rig and drove away. the four lanes were closed while this tow truck removed the 50-foot trailer. police say no injuries were reported. a big rig driver making an illegal u-turn may be to blame for a crash involving a mun my light railcar in san francisco. this happened about 6:00 last night on third street in the bayview district. three passengers had injuries. had complained of injuries. no one had toking taken to the
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hospital -- had to be taken to the hospital. the line was shut down for three hours. jerry brown will honor two caltrans workers who died on the job. 40-year-old joseph jones and 50- year-old shawn baker were killed yesterday while removing rocks on a hillside south of the oregon/california border. a third worker was injured and is in fair condition. governor jerry brown has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in their honor. a very important part of san francisco's central subway project arrived at the site early in the morning. claudine wong is in san francisco where mom chung is reporting for duty. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. there are two drills that will help create the san francisco central subway. both have names. that's a tunneling tradition. the first drilling is behind me. that's mom's chung, you can see the name on the side of that piece. named after the country's first
7:34 am
female asian doctor who had her practice in chinatown. the first piece is here. the second piece will be underground. you can see the ladder up on the side of that. they've been inside that piece prepping it. we wanted to see what it looks like in there. so they did give us a quick peek. it's quick. you can see what part will attach to the drillhead and that be lowered in the ground first. they've been prepping it this morning. we talked to the field service's manager about what they are doing. >> they are cleaning it and prepping it for assembly. they are getting it all cleaned up, getting it ready to be put together. >> reporter: now, getting the pieces together and putting it all together takes time. all of the assembly will take place before ground. they will lower it into a launch box that's 500 feet long and sits 40 feet below ground. it will take four to six weeks
7:35 am
before this drill is ready to go which leads to the question, what takes so long? >> the body of the machine doesn't take that long. we can get the body of the machine together in a couple of weeks. but there's a premen douse amount of computers and hydraulics that need to be installed and then tested. this machine was tested in our factory. it's it's all taken apart, we have to test it again. >> reporter: so here's other numbers for you. the subway system has a $1 moi 5 million price interesting. the. the subway system is scheduled and hopefully will be up and running. this operation is 24/7. but they can actually only shut down the street overnight to put the theses in. so -- the pieces in. so the piece we are looking at won't go in until tomorrow morning. the launch box is about a block away. we're gonna go down there to show you what it looks like
7:36 am
there. if you come off the freeway at 4th and bryant, you might have seen it. but we'll get a better look coming up. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. 7:35. could there soon be relief for air travel? 5800 airline flights suffered delays during the first three days of those fur lees for air traffic controllers. now democrats are supporting bills specifically aimed at easing air travel problems. however, this is putting them at odds with the democratic party leaders saying any response should cover the overall impact of the sequester rather than targeting individual problems like flight delays. any new bill aimed at these problems would likely come to the senate floor after the lawmakers come back from recess. those forced budget cuts are affecting the nation's national parks, including four in the east bay. the eugene o'neill house in danville and the john muir national historic site in martinez, they are gonna have to reduce the number of days
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they are open. and they will not be allowed to fill the ranger or the maintenance jobs they currently have open. community programs will be cut atport chicago and at richmond's rosy site. 7:36. we continue our coverage of the boston marathon bombings. investigators say the two bombs used in last week's terrorist attack were triggered by long- range remote controlled devices designed for toy cars. that's a far more sophisticated system than earlier believed and it bolsters the theory, the older suspect received bomb making help during his trip to russia last year. the fbi still believes no foreign terrorist group was involved in the plot. one oakland neighborhood is seeing an increase in burglaries with the addition of new gourmet restaurants. police say there have been at least seven robberies around popular and busy park boulevard in the past week. restaurant workers carrying cash tips and patrons walking
7:38 am
to and from their vehicles have been targeted. they've approached on foot, bicycle or they've also used a vehicle to into the area or to leave the scene. >> police say they are examining surveillance video and will be recanvassing the neighborhood for clues. so far police say they don't know if the robberies are connected. 7:37. people who live in one south bay neighborhood are about to become the newest residents of the city of campbell. now, they live in an area known as the cam preian 36 -- cambrian 36 neighborhood between san jose and campbell. it's worded by union -- boredded by union avenue dashboarded by union -- it's boarded by union avenue. they are expecting to make the change of address official on
7:39 am
may 7th. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. >> getting a little bit more crowded around the bay, tori and dave, in general. although we haven't had a lot of crashes. certainly the traffic is beginning to slow down. if you are driving from the carquinez bridge through richmond and pinole. we have slower conditions driving through with traffic that's going to be a little bit slow as well as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major problems here. it's backed up for about a 20- minute delay. it was lighter earlier. now it's filled in. also we're looking at the commute on the dumbarton and san mateo bridge. san mateo bridge showing slow traffic getting over to the peninsula. and 101/92 kind of a trouble spot with all of that slow traffic. if you want to avoid that, 280 is a good bet heading down south. let's go to steve. pretty good fog bank out there. not covering everywhere. there are some breaks in the clouds. more towards santa cruz bay and
7:40 am
the coastline. there's fog still monterey and a big fog bank goes north. this looks to be the coolest day. had the fog come up a couple of days ago. had went parallel to the coast. a little slow in southern california said, no, i will take care of that. it's lifted up 3,000, 4,000 feet. it has no problem flying over the coastal hills. 50s on the temperatures. oakland is 58. dave in crockett said it felt mild. but the breeze has been flying through parts of the area. fairfield had gusts of 33. they are all out of the west, most. so there is a sea breeze in place replacing the -- rear placing. overall, the gray skies and again that low that came in, weak as it may be gave some light rain into southern california. very, very cool for this time of year throughout much of the country. in fact, our record lows in
7:41 am
fayetteville, arkansas, 27. just got word, fourth coldest start ever. dallas is in the 50s. denver another cool day. at least it's not snowing. 48 in ukiah. 50s to southern california and then you find the 60s. they are held dune in check by that system. it's now moving into the four corners which will trigger more severe weather. for us you, windy at times. some areas stuck in the gray. temperatures will hard-pressed to warm up. marin county, to very, very low 70s. martinez 66. we go san jose at 70. 72 morgan hill. that's warmer than yesterday. i think they get more son a little bit. peninsula, san mateo, millbrae, burlingame, not much change. a lot of cloe clouds in pacifica and daly city. it does look warmer for thing
7:42 am
weekend, tori. sou secure to you -- how secure do you feel in your job? what a survey is saying. and how the weekly job les claims report is moving the markets this morning. and -- jobless claims report is moving the markets this morning.
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u.s. stocks higher this morning. many companies have been reporting better-than-expected results. that comes from cost cutting. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 78 at
7:45 am
14,754. the nasdaq is up 30 and the s&p up 11. the number of americans filing new jobless claims fell last week to the second lowest level in five years. the labor department says applications for unemployment insurance up jed by 16,000 last week. ra new poll finds that confidence about job security -- a new poll finds that confidence about job security grew.
7:46 am
new word just in from bangladesh. 40 survivors have been found in the rubble of that collapsed garment factory and 12 have been rescued. look at this video. rescuers are crawling through the maze to reach those who still may be alive. the death toll has reached 194. garment workers angry about the slow pace of the work took their anger to the streets in this protest. we're finding out that the owner of the factory had been ordered to appear in court but he went into hiding. investigators say that building was not up to safety code. they also say the owner was only allowed to build a five- story factory but added another three stories illegally. safety at overseas garment factories will be the focus of a protest today right outside of the gap headquarters. one of the speakers will include a worker who survived a deadly clothing factory fire in
7:47 am
bangladesh last year. activists are asking for the gap and for walmart to improve their factory fire safety measures. they held a similar protest yesterday outside of a gala event sponsored by walmart in san francisco. 7:46. alarming allegations at a preschool and the people in charge are under arrest. pam cook is in our newsroom with reaction from police who say this is not the first time there have within problems at the child care facility. >> universal preschool shut down after investigators say the daycare providers were wrapping babies in blankets so tightly, their breathing was restricted. two sisters, nazila sharaf and lida sharaf are under arrest and face felony child abuse charges. they are accused of swaddling babies as young as 11 months so tightly, the babies could not move their arms and legs. according to court documents, this is not the first time the
7:48 am
facility came under scrutiny. it was shut down in 2010 for a number of violations including restraining children. a tip from a former employee led to the unannounced visit by social services. >> it was not for this 19-year- old -- if it was not for this 19-year-old who came forward, we could would be potentially investigating a dead infant. >> that's when livermore police was called in. their investigation found seven babies suffered child abuse. 30 parents have been interviewed. we understand that doctors have checked out all of the babies at the center. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," even more alarming, the preexisting conditions some of the babies had that the care givers knew about that put those babies in even more danger. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:48. private security is increasing at antioch high school because of bomb threats. police say deer valley high school received bomb threats on
7:49 am
three straight days, two threats were called to the campus yesterday and that required evacuation. police say the search proved the threats to be a hoax but the principal says the disruptions might cause the school to miss the minimum instructional minutes required by the state. it was getting kind of annoying. they are threatening if it keeps adding, they will add at the end of the school year. >> the principal says if necessary, the school year will run longer than originally planned. police are investigating if the student might be responsible and if so, punishment could include expulltion and possibly a felony charge. 7:49. a classroom fight in stockton between a teacher and a teenaged student was caught on tape. this is cell phone video taken earlier this week in a classroom apartment at cesar chavez high school. a freshman, mar lena martinez
7:50 am
says the fight started when the teacher confiscated her makeup and cell phone. police say martinez was arrested for assault. she's also facing possible expulsion. the teacher, by the way, is on paid leave. a statewide tax on sugary drinks passed its first legal major hurdle. a committee taxed soda and other drinks by the ounce will be taxed. ners will pay an extra 12 cents for every can of soda. >> it's an excise tax. if you raise the price to be equivalent to healthful drinks, you will retuesday consumption, similar to a tobacco tax. >> the money from this would be used to -- from this would be used to fight childhood obesity. expect to pay a bigger fee
7:51 am
if you want to change your flight on u.s. airways. the airline now charges $200 up from $150 to make a change on a domestic flight. and the change fee is now $300 for international flights. united airlines made a similar move last week which means other airlines may adopt the same higher fees. boeing says it has now installed new battery systems on ten of the 50 dreamliners that had been flying passengers. it says work on nearly all of the rest will be done wipe the middle of next -- by the middle of next month. overheating caused a fire and smoke on two separate jets and boeing expects those dream liners to be back in operation before the end of next month and delivery of new 787s to start in the coming weeks. well, sacramento's proposed downtown arena may get a boost. sacramento hopes to build a new arena, it's part of a last- minute fight to keep the
7:52 am
sacramento things from moving to seattle. well, senate president pro tell darrell steinberg has come up with a -- pro tem darrell steinberg has come up with a change, that would reduce projects getting hit by lawsuits that would stall instructions. short track speed stater apolo ohno one eight olympic medals, including two golds. he says even though he's still out there training, he has not competed in three years. he will not miss the winter games next year. he will be there as a broadcaster. eight minutes before 8:00. an auction for christopher dorner's handgun. how much it went for and who is benefiting. and his hit song has helped
7:53 am
people recover in boston. ♪ ♪sweet caroline enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
7:54 am
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7:55 am
7:54. the neil diamond song "sweet caroline" helped boost spirits around boston after last week's boston marathon bombings ♪ sweet caroline ♪ >> the song has been a fan favorite in boston for decades. sales jumped 600% in the last week. now the singer is donating money raised from the sales to help the victims of the explosions. tonight there will be another fund-raiser here in the bay area to help the victims of the boston bombs. it begins at 6:30 at the bar basic. at 5:15 bryant street in san francisco. 7:55. a gun that was owned by christopher dorner has been sold by a las vegas pawnshop
7:56 am
donating the money to charity. the gun was told for $4,025 at an auction. it was pawned weeks before the ex-l.a.p.d. cop won't on that shoot -- wet on that shooting spree. the pawnshop bought it for just $50. the proceeds were offered to the families of the two killed by christopher dorner but they refused to accept it. we want to check in with sal. >> we're looking at traffic slowing down in many streets. looking at 237 which wasn't bad before. but it is a little bit slow now as you drive through. you will see traffic that's not all that bad. you can see traffic is going to be slow. i will tell you it will be slow nearby on 880. also this morning we're looking at 24 westbound. the traffic here is kind of slowing down, especially approaching the la fayette b.a.r.t. station. if you are driving to the bay bridge b.a.r.t., it's been a 20- minute delay.
7:57 am
it's up a few minutes from what it was before. mostly cloudy skies, mainly towards santa cruz coastline. there's a lot of grow. it might be one of those -- gray. it might be one of those days where it's just a lot of fog out there. south, okay. i don't think it's going anywhere. temperatures in the 50s, some in the mid- to upper 50s. a few locations on the mild side covering it. the low in southern california really kind of brought in -- ushered in the cooler pattern. breezy, cooler, partly cloudy. depending upon if you are south, mostly sunny. if you are north, mostly cloudy. temperatures, 50s, 60s, very low 70s. a couple of locations rebounding to the south. mostly sunny friday. it does look warmer as we go into the weekend. 7:57. a new focus for the san jose police department. how they are planning to simplify their mission despite
7:58 am
the crime and challenges. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where the police and fbi targeted more than a dozen homes in an overnight secret operation. we'll tell you what they were looking for. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of a terrible accident that left a san jose mother fighting for her life at the hospital. we'll tell you what witnesses say about the teen drivers involved.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. a major crime sweep in west oakland. ktvu has exclusive video of the operation. tara moriarty is at the oakland police headquarters now to show us this video and also give us the latest information from the police. tara? >> reporter: well, later this morning, police are gonna release more details about this operation stretching from antioch to hayward. the fbi along with the opd and police served these 16 warrants overnight. we have exclusive video of the staging area at 14th and wood steeds -- streets. authorities zeroed in mostly on homes in oakland. they made several arrests.
8:01 am
they deployed flash bang grenades. another raid happened in west oakland at 8th and adeline streets around 8:00 last night at the acorn public housing complex. many were forced from their homes for hours while law enforcement conducted their sting. they say the warrants are the results of a criminal investigation. other parents were served in hayward, san lee's done an -- san lee ap dro. police -- san leandro. all warrants were served. we'll learn perhaps more about who piece theme are. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following overnight news in oakland. a man recovering now after being shot in the leg. police responded to reports of a shooting about 3:00 this morning. they found the injured man on
8:02 am
fisher avenue and talbot. still not clear where the shooting happened. victim may have been dropped off there. the san jose police police department wants to -- police didn't wants to simplify crime sprees and financial challenges. rtici represents the force's new core priorities. the r, that's for respect, embassy and professional. the c stands for crime reduction. the i is for investing in our people, the t stands for transparency and accountability. the last i represents invasion for the future. in san jose this morning, the investigation continues into a horrifying high-speed crash. a mother and her daughter were among those hurt when two peding cars went out of control. janine de la vega has been
8:03 am
following the story since this morning and is back to tell us more about the crash victims and the teen drivers. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we're about a block away from lee -- from lee high school. you can see the red marks on the ground. this is where one of the cars came crashing into the home. you can still see that there's caution tape here in the yard pause there's tons of debris. it looks like a window. you can see a plant was completely uprooted and the front of the home is completely boarded up. now, from chopper 2, you can also get an aerial view showing the extent of the damage caused by the, crash. but you can't see the silver bmw because it traveled so far into the home. police say it happened at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officers say the two cars were traveling southbound on lee and were speeding when one crashed into a street sign, the other into the house injuring a 40- year-old woman and hemp 9-year-
8:04 am
old daughter inside. two neighbors ran to help them before emergency crews arrived. witnesses say that they think the teens were racing which happens. >> they race out here. they do doughnuts. i've seen crashes in this house, crashes in that house, crashes right here and today was the worst one i've seen in 30 years. >> reporter: witnesses tell ktvu that one of the drivers is a junior at lee high school and the other is his cousin. they say he's a senior at leland high school. that teen had two girls in his car. none of them were badly injured. police questioned all of them. nobody has been arrested so far. i did speak with a police spokesperson and he said he's waiting to hear from investigators to get an update. as far as the condition of the
8:05 am
mother, i spoke with her husband earlier this morning. he tells me that she is in critical condition at the icu. his 9-year-old daughter was also sent to the hospital. but she's expected to be okay. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:04. the senate could vote at early as -- as early as today requiring online retailers to charge sales tax. the sales tax would be sent to the state where a shopper bills. right now, states can only require sales to collect the sales tax if the store has a physical presence in the state. yesterday, the bill passed a test vote in the senate. 27 republicans who normally oppose an increase in taxes voted in favor of this bill. a coalition of civil rights groups is threatening to file a lawsuit over what it calls a lack of minority owned companies working on the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara.
8:06 am
however, stadium project officials say they give contractors of all races an equal opportunity. representatives of the civil rights group say they could not find any minority owned companies among the contracts awarded. the company in charge of the stadium construction says it followed the law in awarding the contracts. well, the parents of the two boston marathon bombing suspects wrapped under a news conference in russia this morning and are making some -- wrapped up a news conference in russia this morning and are making stunning comments. the father says he's coming here to bury his son and find the truth and the mother is questioning whether the boston bombings ever happened. she expressed sympathy for the victims but suggested that red paint was used to simulate blood on boylston street last week. the mother has an outstanding warrant out for her for shopping lifting and is not
8:07 am
ing to come here to the united states. -- is not coming here to the united states. coming up at 8:15, more on the accusations that the intelligence community did not follow new rules put in place after the september 11th attack. b.a.r.t. executives will hold meetings about improving safety. today b.a.r.t.'s police chief will talk about how station agents will be trained to handle aggressive or troubled passengers. starting next month, b.a.r.t. will ban people who have a history of committing have the crimes on b.a.r.t. -- violent crimes on b.a.r.t. property. >> make sure they don't come in and create a threat for both our customers. >> there's talk about some
8:08 am
vulnerablabilities that need to be taken care of -- vulnerabilities that need to be taken care of. sal, you are watching the toll plaza. >> yes. we are watching the toll plaza. it was lightert than usual. but now we're seeing traffic backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. it's about a 20, 25-minute delay. once you make it on the bridge, it's moderately avenue into san francisco. again, i keep checking to see if there's anything going wrong, if you will, on the roads. right now traffic is doing okay. if you are driving down the peninsula, southbound 101 to san mateo has been pretty slow and i also want to mention a crash westbound highway 4 at somersville road in antioch. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a lot of low clouds around. sun for some but i would say mostly cloudy conditions cover the bay. a big fog bank lifted up.
8:09 am
it's at the peak today. north bay could be socked in most of the day here. coastal fog, temperature drop will would testimony out. remember -- will bottom out. a lot of 60s or very, very low 70s. livermore 76. redwood city, 73. san jose, 73. today it's 65, 70, 66 and 70. so i mean, again, huge swings in these temperatures. water temperatures continue to be cold. 50s on the temperatures. mild. 57 hayward. not too bad. and if you have the sunshine, not too bad. there seems to be a refresh, a westerly breeze in place for many today. especially higher elevations and out to the delta. the cooler air and nothing bank flexing its muscle.
8:10 am
very, very cool conditions. not only in the great lakes. the southeast, and also all the way back. it's been unbelievably cool for them. we've been high and dry here. temperatures will rebound starting tomorrow. 60s in southern california. but held down by the weak system that went by. high pressure is still here. it will build right back in. after today temperatures start to build bag up -- build back up. windy at times. 50s, 60s or 70s. again you have to go rather far inland. a lot of upper 60s. temperatures down, 25 almost degrees compared to a couple of days ago. 56 woodside. portola valley. burlingame, san mateo, 58 pacifica and daly city. more so on the weekend. the coast looks okay, too. >> all right. thank you, steve. 8:10. happening right now, all five living u.s. presidents of gathered in dallas, texas for
8:11 am
the dedication. george w. bush presidential center. >> one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> don't want to step over the young lady there giving the pledge allegiance. as you can see, the presidents are up there on the diocese. this is the largest dedication costing more than $250. this is the first to include an exact replica of the oval office as well as the rose garden. >> dr. condoleezza rice. [ applause ] >> there's former secretary of state under president george w. bush, condoleezza rice, who has local connections. we'll be continuing to machine ter this ceremony and bring you more -- monitor this ceremony and bring you more. at 8:45, we'll have a live report on this exhibit
8:12 am
including a look at some of the exhibits that rokey moments that president bush was in office. a major live event happening in dallas, texas. facebook faces a court- ordered evaluation, a report on how facebook is doing when it comes to the users' privacy. and $38 million paid out in overtime this year alone. the reason behind this ex, expensive problem with the san francisco fire department. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
8:13 am
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8:14 am
a lot of low clouds, gray
8:15 am
skies. a much, much cooler day. a lot of 60s. that fog will be suppressed a little bit starting tomorrow. today is the cooler day. temperatures mainly in the 60s. breaking news from jerusalem. israel says it shot down a drone sent by hezbollah. this reportedly is the second time hezbollah has sent a drone into israeli airspace. in 2006, israel and hezbollah were at war for a month. now, benjamin netanyahu says hezbollah might be taking advantage of the instability in israel to get what it calls game-changing weapons. this is video of a car bomb explosion near a bus stop in baghdad early this morning. seven people were killed and 20 more were hurt. no one has claimed responsibility yet. in other parts of the country, gunfights and a second car bomb killed dozens more.
8:16 am
experts say a rise in sunni shiite tension is to blame. south korea says it will take action if north korea rejects talks on a factory park run by the two countries. the factory is part of a 2004 project meant to improve cooperation between north and south korea. but now north korea is stopping south koreans from crossing. border and entering the factory. south korea is proposing a series of talks and are giving north korea until tomorrow to respond. 8:16. happening right now. two different congressional meetings focusing on terrorism. now, senators are getting briefed on the latest on the boston marathon bombings investigation while house members are talking about targets for terrorists. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to break all of this down for us. kyla? >> reporter: dave, the senate resersed about -- recessed about 45 minutes ago toe senators could head to a closed door intelligence briefing with the latest information on the boston bombing investigation. i just heard back from
8:17 am
california senator dianne feinstein's office. she is at that briefing right now. on the house side, we are taking a live look right now at the homeland security committee hearing. members here say the boston marathon bombing underscores how vital our counterterrorism programs are, all of this as senator mcclain and other republicans are demanding more information on the boston bombing investigation. he says intelligence and security agencies did not properly share information on suspect tam her lan tsarnaev. the -- tsa. the fbi cleared him for -- of tamerlan tsarnaev. the fbi cleared him in 2011. mcclain wants a hearing immediately. i just heard back from senator mccain's office a few minutes ago, they say so far they've not heard back on their request for that hearing.
8:18 am
back to you. an independence audit claims facebook is up to standards when it comes to protecting the privacies of users. that assessment was users when it comes to privacy and exposing information about the users without consent. a staffing shortage is causing a very expensive overtime problem for san francisco's fire department. the fire department has already spent its $38 million overtime budget for this fiscal year. now it's asking the board of supervisors for an additional $4 million. the union says they are forced to work overtime hours because the department has 400 vacant positions. 8:18. it's a big day for raider and 49er fans. the profootball draft begins today. this is video from the draft in new york city. this year, the nfc champion
8:19 am
49ers have 13 picks, and the oakland raiders have the number 3 overall pick. 15 minutes after the catch, joe montana could have been part of the trade. a new espn documentary drops a bombshell for 49er fans involving something that happened in 1983. the network reports bill walsh was considering trading joe montana in a deal that would have accident young john elway to san francisco. walsh was reportedly disappointed the 9ers did not maket to the playoffs in the 1992 season, one year after montana led the 49ers to their first super bowl victory. a new funding plan for california's trial courts will mean big financial losses for several bay area courts. under this new formula, all bay area courts will be losing fund. santa clara county would be hit the hardest. more than $10 million in cuts over the next five years. alameda county would also
8:20 am
suffer, losing $6 million in state funding in the next five years. this new funding norm mew law is became -- formula is aimed at fixing an imbalance. a nevada state senator opens up in front of his colleagues. the personal revelation he made during a debate on the senate floor. >> we're looking outside our window. look at this. a lot of clouds around the bay area this morning. meteorologist steve paulson coming back. he will tell you what you can expect later today. good morning, northbound 280 traffic looking pretty good netting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more -- getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the morning commute -- straight ahead. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:23 am
there's a poll that found that 79% of people survey know who nancy pelosi is. 31% had a favorable view of pelosi, while 48% give her an unfavorral rating -- unfavorable rating. john boehner, harry reid and mitch mcconnell also have very low popularity ratings. 8:23. nevada's state senate voted to repeal a ban on same-sex marriages. this is after a very personal revelation by one of its
8:24 am
senators. >> i'm 44 years told. i have a daughter. i'm black. i'm gay. i have dealt with a lot of what folks are talking about. >> democratic senate stair atkinson said same-sex marriages would pose no threat to heterosexual marriages. the bill now moves to the assembly. and gay comes in rhode island are celebrating. that state passed a bill that would make same-sex marriage legal. the house also gave its approval but there's still one more procedural vote next week. if approved, rhode island would be the 10th state to allow same- sex couples to get married. 8:24. let's go right back to sal. you are watching contra costa county. how are they holding up? >> doing pretty well. highway 24 is slow.
8:25 am
we actually have a camera that shows one of the bester parts here. this appears to be 24 coming up on the aklaonies exit. you are driving pretty well, as you can see from this camera. but as you come around the corner there, you might see slow traffic as you are getting closer to orinda. it's kind of a cool look there. easy there. my goodness. a little leadfoot there. >> it looks faster on tv. >> yes, it does, jeff our director. westboundle 80 at the -- westbound 80 at the bay bridge toll plaza has improved. the traffic is backed up for about a fife-minute delay before -- five-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. northbound 680 near alum rock getting word of a noninjury accident. it's on the shoulders. you can see 101 in mountain view, not doing all that well. a lot of slow traffic on 237
8:26 am
and 101 getting into the mountain view area. let's go to steve. >> did we use our right-turn signal there? >> i don't know. >> we'll have to ask. a lot of cloe douds. san jose has had some sun. santa cruz coast getting a break from yesterday. there's plenty of gray over the bay. it will be cooler today. record highs from temperatures being cooler. marin coast, sonoma coast, really struggle to get any sun today. south bay should be pretty good. 50s on the temperatures. they are kind of stuck. really not moving much. you can see the cooler air in the blue stuck to the north. area of low pressure in southern california decided to give them a little bit of rain and that really ramped up the fog bank. prezy, windy, cooler -- breezy, windy, cooler. that wind has been up to 39 miles an hour. it's out of the west. a couple of days ago it was north-northeast.
8:27 am
now it's a sea breeze. 50s and 60s for most. i put in a few 70s. it's making me nervous. mostly sunny on friday. it does look like warmer weather kicks in on the weekend. right now in dallas, texas. presidential library for former president george w. bush is being dedicated. we're keeping an eye on it. all five u.s. living presidents are right there. we'll take you live to dallas and get a preview of the presidential library. and a violent night in oakland leaves a 3-year-old boy without a mother. >> we'll bring you a heartbreaking case. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco. the question is how do you get a 400 ton drill underground to start drilling? we'll tell you when "mornings on 2" comes back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:29. it's a case that oakland police are calling heartbreaking. last night a woman was shot and killed in oakland right in front of her 3-year-old son. brian flores is in oakland now. he tells us a reward is now being offered in this case. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. heartbreaking, indeed. no question about that. we're live here on 54th and shaddock. the only thing left from the shooting is some crime tape here and teddy bears. the saddest part, a 3-year-old boy no longer has a mother. the shooting happened at at about 8:45 -- at about 8:45 last night on shaddock here. the victim, a young woman in her early 20s. police say she was shot near her car. witnesses we spoke with, they didn't want to be on camera. they told us they heard several
8:31 am
gunshots. when police arrived, they found the woman extremely wounded. she ran out screaming. she died later. her son was found unharm. he was seen playing with the officers and chief jordan while they tried to keep his mind off what he saw. they have information on a suspect. they have yet to release the information. we spoke to a couple of people who came by. >> i thought about kids and all of the other families. i know they are the same way. i work for the funeral home. i'm tired of picking up youth. i'mer tood -- i'm tired the picking up boys, girls, these are young kid. we're losing our youth. every day. this is ridiculous. this is the second girl this week that's been murdered out here in oakland. >> not good for anybody. not good for my family or anything like or my friends. >> reporter: the identity of
8:32 am
the woman killed has not been released either. this is the second time in three days a woman has been shot and killed on the streets of oakland. the city's 3st homicide -- 31st homicide of the year as well. back out here live, a couple of teddy bears that the gentleman left. crimestoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest of these killer or -- killer or killers. last check, we heard they might have taken off in a black four- door car. if we have any more information, we'll pass it along and have the latest on the news at noon. we're live here in north oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. we're also learning more about another shooting in oakland. it happened tuesday. claimed the life of a 21-year- old woman. at first place said she was killed during an attempted robbery. but now they are telling us, it may be related to a drug deal. it happened at 2:45 in the afternoon on 24th avenue. the woman was driving a car with her sister and another woman inside when two men walked up and one of them
8:33 am
opened fire. the police say a dispute over the payment for drugs may be the motive. 8:32. in overnight news, all lanes are now open on northbound 880 in milpitas after two big rigs crashed. around 1:30 this morning, officers responded to a hit and run near dixon landing road. the chp says one big rig crashed into another semi and then took off. four lanes were closed while a tow truck removed the 50-foot trailer. officers say there were no injuries. a big rig driver making an illegal u-turn may be to blame in a crash involving a muni light railcar in san francisco. the accident happened at 6:00 last night on third street in the bayview district. three passengers complained of injuries but no one was taken to the hospital. the t-line was shut down for almost three hours because of the accident. today, governor brown will be honoring two caltrans workers who died on the job
8:34 am
yesterday. 40-year-old joseph jones and 50- year-old shawn baker were killed while they were removing rocks on a hillside just south of the california/oregon border. a third worker was hurt and is in fair condition. governor brown ordered flacks to be flown as half-staff in their honor. happening right now in san francisco, a big step forward for san francisco's central subway project. the first of those giant drilling machines arrived just hours ago this morning. claudine wong is at the launch box where that machine is gonna be put to work, right, claudine? >> reporter: that's right, dave. we've moved over here to fourth and bryant. we want to show you the crane that's now in place over what's known as the launch box. we talked to the crews when we got out here this morning and they were saying that they had finished that up. this road was shut down overnight. but they had to open it back up and they will shut it down every night to get the drill in place so that all can get underway. the drill we're talking about is in pieces.
8:35 am
down the street from where we are, the first two are sitting there. but they aresh -- but there are about 20 more. some in the yard, some at the port of oakland, some are on a boat from china, supposed to arrive today. the company in charge of this is headquartered in ohio. the field service manager talked to me this morning about what it's gonna take to get it in place. >> we have to put the hole in the street, became. we have a very small -- basically. we have a very small window to put it down. eventually, we'll have to push it forward, i believe it's about 200 yards. >> reporter: the drill being assembled will get ready -- will take about four weeks to get it in the ground. the second drill will be used and then those pieces will arrive in june. it's $1.5 billion in price. each drill cost $12.5 million. it won't be up and running
8:36 am
until 2019. no one is getting on it soon. this is a huge undertaking underway. this is what you will see if you get off the freeway. the freeway exit or offramp is right here next to it. it's a very busy roadway. again, then don't shut it down until overnight. but a lot of activity in those early-morning hours as they try to get this drill where it needs to be. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news ktvu channel 2 news. hatching right now, the -- hatching right now, the dead -- happening right now, the dedication of the george w. bush library. laura bush welcomed the other presidents this anotherring in -- this morning in mummer. >> i know nothing -- this morning. >> i know nothing thrills you more than coming to see documents from someone else in office. [laughter] >> so thank you for coming.
8:37 am
>> reporter: you know, right now, it's -- right now, it's happening right now at the podium is former president bill clinton. i want to give you a look live so you can see who is on the stage. this is quite the picture here. you have all five living u.s. presidents sitting side by side of the stage here in front of the george w. bush presidential library and museum. not a sight that you see very often here, from left to right, you have president obama and then barbara bush along with george h.w., and then you have george w. bush, laura bush right there. again, we said former president bill clinton is at the podium. former secretary clinton is sitting there, hillary clinton is sitting there, as well as jim may carter and his wife. that's what's happening here. you can see the crowd, a huge crowd. we've seen quite a few dignitaries there. governor from new jersey, chris
8:38 am
christie, house speaker, john boehner here as well. but i will tell you, this building is two years in the making here. they have been building this building for quite sometime. once you get inside, the media got a look inside. once you get in, you will see many key moments hed from george bush's -- highlighted from george bush's two-term presidency, everything from september 11th. there's two twisted beams from the world trade center inside on display. also, laura bush's dress that she wore at one of the state dinners. that's on display. very, very large display of point a to point b to point z, really, through out his presidency, even controversial decisions he had to make on display as well. this is continuing. they are moving pretty quickly. again, what a sight to see. all five u.s. living presidents
8:39 am
sitting by side by. tori? >> rene, i would imagine security is pretty tight there? >> reporter: oh, yes. certainly. i mean, i'm looking at the top of the building, and i see some sharpshooters up top. they are looking through their binoculars, even coming through to get on the campus area, you had to go through several layers of security. we saw bomb sniffing dogs, metal detectors. secret service sprinkled through the crowd there, keeping an eye. last week i should say -- from last week, i should say. and now police, very much heightened awareness as well as well as the secret service. >> rene marsh, live for us in dallas. thank you. let's go back to sal. what's happening out there now, sal? >> the commute is getting belter. i'm happy -- better. i'm happy to tell you the commutes are getting better.
8:40 am
880 northbound is slow here. 580 is not that bad. could be a decent alternate for you. this freeway, 880 slows down only here at the coliseum and picks up here near 23rd. if you are driving near the toll plaza, we've noticed a big improvement. that's about a five-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. it was up to 20 minutes at some point in this morning. this was a look at san jose, the earlier crash, 680. the mckee road exit has been cleared. 101 from 880 mountain view is terrible. you have an alternate route to do that, if you have one, i would try that. let's go to steve. area of low pressure into southern california already went through. sent to the four corners. what it did, it lifted that fog bank up, a couple of thousand feet. had no problem getting over the coastal hills. 50s, still on. temperatures. there will be a cool, cool
8:41 am
stuck pattern. i've seen gusts, 33 to about 40 miles ap hour. some of the higher elevations out towards the delta. some areas get a break towards the coast and south bay. but even with the break, it will be a breezy, sunny day. 30s, 40s up in reno and also tahoe. 40, 50s. sacramento is only 53. when up get a 33-mile-an-hour gust at travis, that delta breeze has no problem cooling them off. you can see there's a lot of fog out there. high pressure comes back in. breezy, cooler, windy at times, though. san pablo bay out to the delta, 70s for some. 60s. mainly a lot of 60s. very, very low 70s. in fact, that north bay forecast looks mostly cloudy. that fog bank doesn't look like it will break today. 50s and 60s for many. it does look like a warmer pattern that takes us warmer into the -- takes us into the
8:42 am
weekend. new information about the deadly garment factory collapse in bangladesh. the discovery we just learned about as the search for survivors continues. and more trouble for justin bieber. what police in sweden say they found on his tour bus. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs like miracle-gro plant food that feeds them for up to six months. you get bigger, healthier plants, guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? ah, this gal. boom! with the right soil, everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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u.s. stocks higher as investors are encouraged by a decrease in the number of claims for unemployment benefits that came out last week. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently up 70. the nasdaq is up 27. s&p up 10. we're also keeping an eye on apple stock. we just checked, apple stock is up 1% trading at 409. the stock price slipped yesterday slightly as investors reacted to the mixed earnings report and the announcement it's increasing its divdy vend. zillow says home values were up a half% in the first quarter of this year. that compares to 2% increase last year. experts say the market is
8:46 am
slowing and returning to a natural rate of growth. hours ago, the parents of the boston bombing suspects made stunning statements. >> why wouldn't i regret? why? i don't know -- [inaudible] now, the mother is also questioning whether the boston bombings even happened. she suggested that red paint was used to simulate blood on boston's boil ston street last week. the father by the way is coming here to the u.s. to bury his oldest son. overnight in west oakland, 16 high-risk search warrants were served by the fbi and police. the fbi worked with police in oakland and san leandro. three warrants were served in hayward, san leandro and
8:47 am
several arrests were made. people in san jose are blaming racing cars for a horrifying crash into a house that injured several people. you are looking at video from newschopper2. this crash happened yesterday afternoon on lee avenue. five people were hurt, including a mother and her small daughter. so far no arrests have been made. 8:46. alarming allegations at a preschool and the people in charge are now under arrest. ktvu's pam cook is in our newsroom with the horrifying description investigators have about what was happening to these young children in their care. pam? >> the allegations come against universal preschool out in livermore. two sisters, nazila sharaf and lida sharaf are now under arrest and face felony child abuse charges. now, according to court documents obtained by ktvu news, this is not the first time the facility came under scrutiny. it was shut down in 2010 for a number of violations including restraining children. livermore police were called in
8:48 am
by social services this time around after reports of babies being unsafely wrapped to keep them from moving. it was so tight that the best way to describe it is almost like a boa constrictor wrapped around your -- wrapped around you and constricting yours chest. >> he said during the investigation he said a few babies had a hard time breathing in the first place because of preexisting respiratory conditions and that the daycare providers new about those conditions. the tip to social services came from a 19-year-old former employee at the preschool who says she was so shocked by what she saw, she quit and she called authorities. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, pam. new this morning, secretary of defense chuck hagel says the syrian regime is likely using chemical weapons, including gas. that comes after the head of the free syrian army claimed to
8:49 am
have proof that the syrian regime was using these weapons. secretary hagel told reporters that this violates every convention of warfare. president obama has said the use of chemical weapons could determine whether the u.s. intervenes in this syrian civil war. we are getting new information about the rescue efforts following that tragic factory building collapse in bangladesh. an army official says 40 survivors have been found in one of the survivors of the collapsed building. 12 have been rescued. crews are working on freeing the other. there's also on -- the others. there's also an update on the death toll, 238 are confirmed dead in what is being considered in the country's worst garment industry disaster. garment workers angry about the slow pace of help took their protests to the street. we're also learning that the owner of the factory was ordered to appear in court but has gone into hiding.
8:50 am
the investigators say the building was not up to code and the owner was only allowed to build a five-story building but added another three stories, illegally. we want to give you an update on that major crime sweep in oakland we've been talking about all morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is at police headquarters right now joined by oakland police chief howard jordan with more on that operation and why the fbi was involved. tara? >> reporter: that's right. there are a lot of questions that we have for oakland police right now. joining me live is the chief to sort of explain what went down last night. it was -- this was a very long operation. we understand you made some arrests here. >> yeah, last night we serve mult, simultaneous warrants throughout the city and a couple of outlining cities in hayward, san leandro and antioch. this is a result of a very long and protracted, complex investigation with the fbi to address gang and gun! in the acorn housing project.
8:51 am
as a result of that, five people were arrested, including one juvenile, recovered four weapons and several quantities of nar could thetics, including -- narcotics, including marijuana, cocaine and others. this is a result to make oakland safer. i made a call out last year when i became chief for help from my federal partners. they answered the call. the fbi was here to help us and will continue to help us addressing gang violence in the city. particularly in some of our most troubled areas. >> this was different from operations cease fire which i know involves confiscating weapons. was there any overlap in the situation? >> yeah. during our investigation with cease fire, we found some members in this gang that we targeted were loosely affiliated with a couple of the bangs we focused in on. this is -- gangs we focused in on. this is part of a broader picture, a broader fight
8:52 am
against violence where we're seeing some connections between east and west oakland gangs and our efforts to stem that violence, that resulted in the arrest last night. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. we know you just got into work. thank you for your time. five arrests made including one juvenile. we will probably have more information coming up -- coming up on our noon news. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. police in sweden say a small amount of drugs were found on a tour bus belonging to popstar justin bieber. now, police say the smell of marijuana was near that tour bus so police asked for a search warrant. we haven't heard yet what kind of drugs may have been found. the police say they also found a stun gun on that bus. no one's been arrested since the bus was empty. it's not clear who the drugs may have belonged to. justin bieber is in sweden as part of his world tour. all right. 8:52. national gas fuels eight
8:53 am
explosions on a barge in alabama. the next step for investigators now that the flames have been finally burned out. medicine called? hat's my ble one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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[ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future.
8:55 am
those huge fires on an exploding barge in alabama are out now and under investigation. overnight there were eight
8:56 am
explosions like that. now that the fire is out, they will sift through the wreckage to figure out what caused the fire. they say the explosions were fueled by natural gas. employees on the "triumph" were evacuated. the ship has been docked in alabama since being disabled last february. signal memorial services will be held for those 14 people killed in the fertilizer -- in the fertilizer explosion in west, texas. the first lady and president obama will attend the memorial service. the president is expected to speak. investigators are still digging through the wreckage to figure out what caused the explosion. want to check in with sal. how is the bay bridge toll plaza? >> it's better than it was. i think you are gonna like it if you happen to go into san francisco right now. it's a very small delay. we don't have a lot going on. right now, traffic on the bridge is moderate into san
8:57 am
francisco. we've found that with other commutes, too, they are beginning to wind down. there's no game at at&t park. that's a little bit of a break for afternoon commuters. the giants hit the road today. looking at the south bay, th, we've noticed some really heavy traffic, 880 is very slow, 101 is crawling along. we've had a couple of minor accidents. 208 and 85 are slight -- 280 and 785 are much better routes -- and 85 are much better routes. slightly warmer on friday and it looks like the fog retreats and we'll have warmer weather on the weekend. >> all right. >> thank you, steve. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the noon news for more on today at dedication ceremony for the george w. bush library. the historic picture, the five living pictures all there is
8:58 am
along with their wives. this was dedication ceremony. this tape was taken a short time ago. the center is on the campus of the southern methodist university. it crud the presidential -- it includes the presidential lie prairie and this is a live -- library and this is a live picture of president bush. we're or wayou the ktvu -- for you at thank you for joining us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
hello, everybody. i am beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos and we've got them for you "right this minute." wild baboons target a house. >> that's not all. look inside the window. >> meet the guys who confronted the invaders in the middle of their party. >> sheer horror as a driver tries to put out the flames after an accident. >> no fire department, no emergency crews at the scene yet. >> how ordinary folks pulled off some extraordinary rescues.


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