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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 25, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody. i am beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos and we've got them for you "right this minute." wild baboons target a house. >> that's not all. look inside the window. >> meet the guys who confronted the invaders in the middle of their party. >> sheer horror as a driver tries to put out the flames after an accident. >> no fire department, no emergency crews at the scene yet. >> how ordinary folks pulled off some extraordinary rescues.
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a man and a woman get into a subway elevator and -- >> i really -- i don't know what to say. >> you will see why this one is a wam, bam, no thank you, ma'am. >> no. and bieber fever comes to sweden. >> those fans those girls, thegt get what they came for? >> when you leave the house for the day police tell you don't leave the windows open. it is usually not because of this. >> are those monkeys? >> those would be baboons, beth. >> oh, boy. >> these people are in a vacation spot in south africa and they say the neighbors left the windows open during the day while they were gone and the baboons decided to climb in. you can see them climbing out. >> the whole family. >> that is a troop of baboons. that's not all of them.
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look inside the window. >> cruising around. >> plenty still inside the home and they had a party. >> oh, my god. >> like raiding the refrigerator and eating the food. >> a baboon destroying it. >> they are tearing up the house and leaving lots of ugly bits behind if you know what i mean since they are not house trained. >> oh, my god. >> there are turds everywhere. >> what is the most terrifying voice we can use? >> get out of here! >> they get most of them out. there is one that lingers that is not leaving the easy way. >> this is the last baboon in the house. he is not afraid >> you can see it in the corner. it is trying to escape and they're trying to get it out. >> out the door. go! . >> don't like that. don't like that. >> he is out. he is out. >> they finally get the baboon
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out. the person that posted the video, we have him right this minute. what in the world was going on that there were baboons in the neighborhood? >> have you ever been to africa before? it is not the craziest thing on the planet for baboons to be in the neighborhood. it is craziest thing to approach them. >> what were you seeing? what were you smelling? what was happening. >> smelled really bad. there was poo all over the bad and on the floor and in the carpets and in the fridge. >> were you afraid to go into a house full of baboons? they can be aggressive. >> when i got back to my house in cape town my roommates were like that is stupid to do. i just said never. >> get out of here. get out of here! >> when an accident happens and
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the first responders aren't at the scene yet, oftentimes it is the public, innocent bystanders who have to chip in and that's what happened during this accident in china. this is in beijing. this is an ugly scene and to me it looks like no fire department, no emergency crews are at the scene yet, so you have just other people chipping in to help out and the first thing we see is this man, part of his feet and shorts still on fire when the camera turns down. tough to watch. this guy trying to put out the fire and there is still people pulling people out of these vehicles. you see a guy beating the fire off somebody. you see dark black smoke coming out of both vehicles. this person badly injured. look at the person's clothes. >> the clothes are gone. they're completely burned off. >> it is a big inferno. you see somebody come here with a fire extinguisher but it could blow at any second. this thing is really burning. you need a fire crew to put this
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out. this is tough to watch. it is somebody injured in the crash and they come over and lay this person down on the grass and the person doesn't really look like he is moving at the moment. according to one report five people were injured in this crash and a dog died that was trapped inside one of the cars. >> incredibly brave of these people and so generous. so kind hearted for these people caught in this terrible crash. this is tough to watch. this is in the streets of morocco, a dispute between the man with two dogs and other people on the sidewalk that caused these people to start throwing trash and rocks at the man with the dogs. we all know that dogs can be very protective of their owners. see the man in the red pants reach down and grab a few more items? other people join in to throw things at the man. >> oh, no. >> oh, boy.
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>> the guy immediately drops to the ground and both dogs, one grabs onto his leg and another his arm and shoulder area and the guy in the yellow shirt being attacked trying his best to get his dogs off this man. >> doesn't look like he let them go and sicked them on these people. >> one appears to have a leash and the other is hard to her get control of because it doesn't look like a collar or leash on. he keeps going after the guy with the red pants. >> i feel bad for the guy in the red pants. those are two dogs attacking him. they're strong and vicious teeth but he was attacking that man and could have injured that man, too. >> hard to pick a side when you don't know exactly what happened before the video started. i don't care what the guy in the yellow jacket did to get people to start throwing rocks at him. you probably don't throw rocks at a guy with two giant german shepherds.
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you're looking at an american fishing trauler in a harbor in british columbia. you notice the fishing trauler is getting quite close to the naval ship. that's too close. >> crashes right into the naval ship. this navy ship had just undergone a massive refit and systems upgrade and there were workers on this ship. in fact, six people had to be taken to the hospital due to minor injuries caused by this crash. >> when you're docked like that, the last thing you are expecting is a huge impact. you're just standing there and i imagine you end up on the ground. >> and people on the ship at the time said they did get tossed and thrown because they were in the hull of the ship doing work and didn't see this coming and just felt the impact and the
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impact sent the navy ship into the jetty causing even more damage. >> what will happen with the navy ship now? >> i imagine they probably have to fix the damage. the cause of this accident is still stig this tralher, a fishing trauler for american sea good company and they released a statement saying they're cooperating fully with canadian and u.s. authorities while they investigate the cause of this collision. this spider moth takes on the tarantula. >> that watch is huge. >> it is mean. >> this is crazy. >> find out who wins the war and where the loser winds up. and this dude may just not real fruit ninja. >> he is about to chunk this watermelon as fast as he can. >> see just how quickly he can do
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somebody captured this on video, and i just have to say, this is nature doing its thing. >> walking superstition mountain and ran into this, second here in a row. never seen this before and now i have seen it two years in a row. >> what is that? >> this man was walking superstition mountain outside much phoenix, arizona, and you see this spider wasp dragging what looks like an arizona blonde tarantula, what they call a tarantula hawk, and it has captured its prey. what they do is basically sting the tarantula, puts it in a coma, and then drags it to a nest. >> that's a big one, too, that wasp is huge. >> as you can see here, the tarantula hawk is exerting a lot of energy to drag this big old thing to the nest. >> she does this all night from what i understand. >> basically what happens is once it gets to the nest it lays a single egg on the tarantula
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and now the egg doesn't puncture the skin. once the larva hatches it burrows into the tarantula and starts feeding. it doesn't eat the organs because they're keep the tarantula alive. >> it is alive while this is happening. >> and several weeks later it becomes an adult and comes out. >> that's torture. >> you feel bad for the tarantula. >> i don't like either one of these bugs. >> you can almost pick the thing up. >> this is crazy. >> pretty interesting. stuff you see in the desert. >> there you go, the circle of life. >> scary. >> there she goes finding her den. you want to finish first and this one guy lucky to get out alive in the boone speedway in iowa, hobby stock car racing night on a dirt track and pretty ugly pretty quick. keep your eye on the car of
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danny watson coming around and connected with another car in the pack and rolls. not so bad until the car erupts in flames. danny is knocked unconscious. richard is a competitor. see him jumping out of his car there dressed in black? he disappears behind the smoke and is able to pull danny out of his car. kcci talked to watson. >> my car was on fire. i was on fire. four or five seconds more and i would have burned up and died. >> the guy that comes to his rescue. >> as quick as i could jumped in the car and tried to get him out as fast as i could. >> quick thinking on his part. he had to get out of his harnesses, get out of the car and does it in a matter of seconds. >> he dove right in and didn't think about it. >> they don't look like they have been in a big car accident like that. >> looks like they got out fine. they're friends and danny says he will continue racing. >> saved my life. i am grateful for it.
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there was that game, that app por for a while called fruit ninja where you slice up the fruit and i think i found the real fruit ninja, in the back of a grocery store about to chunk this watermelon as fast as he can. watch this and he takes off the outside and boom, boom, boom just like that. you have the bare watermelon and this guy filming says only ten seconds in and look how far he is. almost half chunked. there goes the other half. rams it across and slides it and his friend says -- >> 21 seconds. >> 21 seconds he chunked that entire watermelon. bravo. impressive. >> he sounded disappointed. >> in the beginning he said he was trying to do it in 20 seconds so a little over the
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mark. they name it 30 secondsr less. pretty impressive. >> i am imprsed by that he has skills. >> looks like nice sized cubes, too. >> and now you know where the stuff cut up is seven bucks and the watermelon is about bucks. the touching video of wiley the wolf dog grave side. >> looks like the dog is really crying. >> the story behind the incredible video next "right this minute." >> and still to come, a video that shows the dog girlfriend and the cat girlfriend. >> she has the dog thing down. >> i would much rather have the cat style girlfriend. >> see the difference and pick a side. plus, it is otter's bath time. >> adorable. like doing a really good job with the face.
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all right, everybody, the last day in the latest rtm ipad give away. >> you have to download the video app for your iphone, your ipad or the android device. >> launch the app, click on win ipad and fill out the entry form. remember, you have to be 18 years or older to enter. >> don't run out of time. get the app and watch great videos anywhere and win an ipad mini. >> today is the last day to enter. good luck, everybody. have you guys ever thought about what it would be like if your boyfriend or girlfriend
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acted like a dog or a cat? >> do you want to go for a walk? go for a walk. a car ride? >> she has the dog thing down. always excited to see you and cat girl, just like a cat. >> wake up. feed me breakfast. >> i have never been a cat owner, i know that but the cat does the thing, sit on your chest and stare at you until you wake up. >> and i am a cat guy and would rather have the cat style girlfriend. the dog style girlfriend is annoying. >> you know you want the dog style. let's go back to the video. >> mike, mike, mike, mike, i think someone at the door, mike. >> and then she sits like a good girl. the cat not exactly helpful when you are trying to work.
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anybody who has owned a cat can tell you about the time the cat walked across the keyboard while you try to type something. humans acting like animals, the thing people are doing. >> as far as the lifespan of these type of internet sensations, where are we here? are we about done with this. >> i think we're rounding third. >> yep. >> almost done. >> good. >> i hope so, too. it is just weird. >> want to play a game? dog versus popcorn. i don't -- >> i know how you feel, girl. >> i really, i don't know what to say about this. just watch and react. this is a subway elevator.
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>> no way. >> oh, no. >> right next to the dude -- does he know her? >> please tell me she is having a baby or something. >> toilet paper in hand? >> yep, she's got toilet paper on hand. >> he is hitting the button like door open, door open, please. >> and watch her walk away. watch her walk away. >> no! >> dang, she just crapped straight on the floor in a gas elevator. >> at a subway station. >> is this a protest video? >> according to reports this dude is her husband, and he is on the lookout for her. if you notice when the door opens he is kind of blocking the view of the last wipe before she gets off the elevator and the elevator doesn't go anywhere. they're not getting onto go up or down. seems they strictly got in the elevator to poo. i know. not ha >> is this a tiny province
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without running water or what are we talking about here? >> a subway station. it can't be tiny province. >> i am trying to work this out in my mind. >> if you want to see this video in all its glory, just head over to our website "right this minute".com and click on best of rtm. the crowd goes wild when justin bieber shows up. >> is this real the biebs or a decoy?
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had to take a break at this basketball game but not because somebody needed a time-out. boom. that's because seneca valley's easton bizoli went up, dunked, broke the backboard shaq style. this is at geneva college, aun all-star game featuring a bunch of player from the pittsburgh area, my hometown and that makes me excited. goes up two hand slams and backboard in pieces shattered. i didn't know you could still do that. i thought it would be safety glass especially in a school. >> you think so. maybe it is an old backboard. his teammates go crazy. listen to the announcer. >> well, ladies and gentlemen, i think that about does it. sounds like they didn't have a backup plan here. >> game over after that?
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>> i think so. i think you automatically win in an all-star game when you shatter the backboard and you're in high school. >> whoa. the biebs causes chaos pretty much everywhere he goes. the fans, the girls, they go crazy, and this is the moment he arrives at the grand hotel in sweden. the crowd is going crazy. girls are cheering. >> is this really the biebs or is this a decoy? >> this is not a decoy. it is a prank. >> oh. >> yes. >> on everyone involved, not just the fans but also the hotel employees and the police officers. everyone really thought that was the biebs but in reality it was just a prank by the guys over at random making movies.
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>> welcome, justin. welcome, justin. >> i would have taken it as far as i could and been like take me to my room. >> give me the key to the suite. >> justin really was staying at the grand hotel. that's why they just took the opportunity to do this prank because people were already there and expecting to see the biebs. >> when the limo starts driving away the fans start charging after it and even throwing themselves at the window. >> wow. i know how that feels, though. to be one of the girls. ♪ it is animal bath time that means major cuteness. this first one makes me a little uncomfortable as you will see here. >> bathing each other. >> the cats are giving each other a bath and sometimes it
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feels a little intimate, like i am intruding. >> that's not a bath. that's foreplay. >> must feel so good, though. you can scratch your own arm. if somebody scratch it is for you, it is nicer. >> that's true. >> just being generous. >> they're hooking each other up. >> this happened at the lisbon oceanarium and as cute as can be. >> doing a really good job with the face and getting in there and getting rid of the eye boogers. >> has the hands and the feet and everything involved. i love the tail. just keeping it balanced. >> good video. super cute. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. it is time for the best videos the web has to offer "right this minute." a motorcyclist is out for a joy ride until a sharp curve. >> catches this guy out. >> find out what he landed on that left him shaking his head. looks like a waterfall, but that's an avalanche. >> usually these are not seen. >> where the rare sight was finally caught on camera. a mama duck leads her babies through some mean streets. >> this little ducklings are keeping


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