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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 25, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's set to be the biggest rock concert napa has ever seen. but now we're learning bottle rock is facing a backlash. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> internationally known for wine, napa is about to open its doors to music. and we're looking at a site for the rock concert that some say is too big. deborah villalon has the story. >> reporter: and too loud.
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during the bottle rock festival they'll be jamming from noon to 10:00 at night. >> that's where zack brown and the kings of leon. >> reporter: it was easy to get headliners to agree to come play in napa. but winning over residents a different tune. >> it might blow up in their faces and they could have five days of crisis management. >> yeah this is we're breaking new ground here so there's a little bit of trepidation like what is it going to be? >> reporter: it's going to be napa's biggest event ever. 60 bounds in three days tucked into the complex downtown. food and wine all local. >> you would be able to get oysters to go with your blanc. >> reporter: a one day ticket is $139. they max out at 600 for a vip pass. >> on thursday that will be primus another bay area iconic band. >> reporter: organizers have
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been -- have tried to meet every need. bottle rock will be more than the fair. smaller than the arts festival in san francisco's golden gate park. >> it's transformative historic event for this valley. >> reporter: the founders hope bottle rock becomes a napa tradition. but that depends on the three days in may. >> we think the world is ready to come. and we think napa is readty for this. it's going to be beautiful. >> reporter: kings of leon in the wine country? that may sound good but don't expect to find a hotel room may 9 through 12. the city has 1,200 rooms book solid. deborah villalon, ktvu news. the 11-year-old boy from
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martinez who was wounded in the boston marathon is back at home today. on boylston street, he got a autographed hat. >> it's a little hard to do things i used to do. >> i cannot say enough about how amazing the staff at children's hospital was. >> reporter: aaron is expected to be cleared to return home to martinez sometime next week. and coming up at 10:30, the claim of a second attack claimed for time square in new york. and why the mayor says a bombing there would have been
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tough to pull off. the measure would give the federal aviation administration leeway to reallocate dollars and deal with the sequestration cuts. if faa ordered furloughs to come -- comply with those cuts. since sunday, 1,100 flights have been delayed. a vote is expected tomorrow. boeing 787 dream liners have been cleared to fly again only after boeing installed a new lithion battery. it has six, boeing is still not determined what caused the lithium batterys to overheat and bolder. mia mi is the only other competitor for the super bowl
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bid. and today miami released a look at their plans. >> reporter: one big advantage san francisco has over miami is the new 49er stadium you see behind me that's set to open in 2014. i did get a hint of what both sides have up their sleeves. >> for football fans at tonight's party it was all about the 49ers. but 50 is another number on their mind. super bowl l. as the bay area battles with miami to host the game in 2015. >> i think it's going to be a great opportunity for san francisco in our beautiful stadium. it'll be the best thing ever. >> reporter: and in a super bowl bidding match miami tipped its hand slightly releasing this plan for downtown miami. >> miami is going to be a tough
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competition. they've done it 10 times, we've done it once. >> reporter: san francisco does havesomeadntages. the 49ers will have a new stadium in santa clara, miami has to convince taxpayers there to approve a renovation. we did learn santa clara would have the media day and game day event at the new stadium, san francisco would host the nfl fan village, utilizing market street and masconi center. and larry hints it won't just be about the tkphror glory of the game and making money. >> we're committed to making this the most philantropic
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super bowl anyone has seen. the deadline for bids is may 8. then each city would present its plan to the 22 nfl owners at a meeting in boston. the openers will take a vote and announce a winner the very next day. the home run city will then compete against houston to host super bowl xxi. the host of that game will also be announced may 21st. there aren't enough minority owned businesses working. officials are looking into the complaint but that under state laws they aren't allowed to consider race while hiring. as for the drafts, mark ibanez will have that. no to oakland where friends
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and family gathered this evening to honor donita's death. she was shot just before 9:00 last night. henderson's mother says she wants justice. >> all i'm asking for is the public's help in finding my daughter's killer and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: henderson's son joshua who you see in this photo with henderson when he was first born was in a car near by but not hurt. officials stayed with the boy until relatives arrived. we have new information about a fatal shooting in san francisco. the medical examiner has identified the victim as 27- year-old vixen trevon of rodeo. he was shot and killed just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon on a street in the city's bay view district. a black car pulled up to a
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vehicle that trevon was in and opened fire. shoothr remains at large today. police in san jose arrested two teenage drivers for an accident that sent a car plowing right into a home and sent five people to the hospital. as robert handa tells us, speeding cars are a familiar problem in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this is new video of an idea of the house that show it is full force and damage that comes from the speeding car cashing into the occupied home. now the house is a crime scene and police announced the 17- year-old boys involved were arrested and released to their parents. police say the teenagers were racing on lee avenue yesterday but hit each other. this silver bmw driven by a leland high school senior smashed boo the home -- slammed into a home. a 40-year-old woman in the kitchen was critically injured. her 9-year-old daughter was pinned by the wall but escaped
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serious harm. drivers of the silver bmw had mixed feelings. >> some people feel bad for him. but like most of the students say that it's his fault. he shouldn't have been racing. >> i am very disappointed that they would be so reckless, particularly because they had other people with them. >> reporter: other people have pointed out of speeding going on on the street. showing us you tube videos of racing. >> i've seen that red car speeding down through here many many times. >> reporter: police tell us investigators are checking out those claims and acknowledged there could be more charges added. robert handa, ktvu news. safeway took a huge hit when its earnings report fell short of expectationings. the pleasanton company has been
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facing competition from low cost dollar stores and competition. now the company is banking on its just for you program. still safeway stocks fell nearly $4 a share or about 14% to close at $24.32 a share. that's its biggest one day decline in a decade. the broader markets faired much better. the dow rose 24 points, that is -- nasdaq was up 20. this is the second day of gains dropped in part on a drop in gains last week. the theft of a car led to a whole lot of grief for one family. the one item they say they shouldn't have left behind that made the situation worse. >> and we'll tell you the areas that could wake up to morning sprinkles. >> and there's a lot of sweat equity that goes into it. the bay area law that allowed a man to break into a house and make it his own without ever paying a mortgage.
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a bay area couple is making a plea for the return of some personal items that were stolen from their home. they say their home was robbed after their car was stolen. ktvu's amber lee is live at pleasanthill near the safeway store with the one thing the couple wishes they hadn 't left in that car. >> reporter: the 29-year-old man tells me he parked just steps away from this safeway. less than an hour later he
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finds his home gone and soon after his home burglarized. alejo aregon says he took his baby grocery shops. he says when he came outside he found his 1993 gold honda missing. a car he just bought three weeks ago. >> kind of unbelievable, just dumbfounded. >> reporter: his car registration with home address near by and the garage door opener were inside the stolen car. an officer did drive by the home but did not see anything suspicious. but when arregon returned home, the back door was open and things were missing. >> my play station was missing, cameras. i began to notice more and more things missing. i called police back. >> reporter: he believe it is thief or thieves useed the
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garage door opener to get inside. they're pleading for the return of -- cards in the camera and the i.d. bracelet that was inside the baby back. live in pleasanthill, amber lee channel two news. police are looking for several people who got away during last night's raid targeting the acorn gang. we first told you the massive sweep last night. today police say five people were arrested and four firearms were confiscated. but the police chief says it'll take more than one raid to
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quail the problem. >> we will look for every possible way necessary to reduce violent crime in oakland and this is an example of what we set out to do. >> reporter: police also seized a large amount of narcotics including crack cocaine, marijuana and heroin. nearly 300 local police and fbi agents took part in that raid. the man who allegedly opened fire at a little league game last week has been arrested. he faces attempted murder charges. police say chi and another man a father of a player got into a fight out in a parking lot. they say when the other man drove away, chi open fired hitting the vehicle. the victim was not hurt. other adults and children had to dive for cover. police are still looking for a missing elderly man who suffering from dementia. he was wearing a white shirt,
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black pants, brown slippers and white hanker chief. if you see david mock you are asked to please call the fremont police department. well it can be a critical tool for tracking down criminals but when union city police needed a sketch artist they found an outstanding solution already inside the apartment. how a detective with no prior training stepped up, volunteered for the job and is already having an impact. >> reporter: corporate bob kensick carries a gun. but lately his pad and pencil might be just as intimidating for suspects on the run. >> the sketch belongs more to the victim than us. >> reporter: this is what he could muster before he was sent
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to classes. >> we saw a need for sketch artists. >> you don't want them to send you to this school and not do well. >> reporter: in his first class back from training. police asked kenseth to meet with a victim he produced this sketch and it paid off right away. >> within 20 minutes we happened to have one of our outside of the agency one of our task force members came through. we were talking about it and we showed off bob's first sketch. and he said oh that looks like such and such. >> reporter: the victim later i.d.s the suspect out of a line up. police couldn't show us his photo for comparison because he was a minor but he says this was the sketch. kenseth says he still has a long way to go. he still needs two courses. but the results are already clear. in union city, eric rasmussen,
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ktvu news. redwood city based electronic arts announced today another round of lay offs. the video game maker wouldn't say how many employees would be let go. however several media outlets are reporting hundreds of job cuts. as much as 10% of the work force. a small at the same time ae said it was part of a redevelopment plan. according to reports apple has reserved tickets for a handful of lucky developers. this year the company plans to show off new versions of its any ios operating system. lots of cooling today in the inland bay valleys. there was a lot of fog this morning. there'll be a lot of fog tomorrow morning. you can see these were the numbers recorded today. your high in fairfield 69
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degrees. that's a good 29 degrees from where it was a week ago on monday. the fog is at the coast. it's pushing up over the coastal hill. it's the inversion of the fog is around 2 feet. that means they can't block off the fog. fog is coming over the top and it's coming into your neighborhood tonight. what that means is, temperatures tomorrow start off pretty cool. here's the fog forecast for the morning hours. so it's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. just like this morning. lots of fog in the north bay. patchy fog in the san jose area. burns off quick. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer by a few degrees in most spots. coming up we'll have specifics right around the corner. dozens made thick. the common salad ingredient. but up first, comedian cat williams learns his fate after an arrest here in north california. >> we investigate how a
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squatter can become a homeowner and how it's all perfectly legal. [ male announcer ] enjoy delicious chicken
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two sisters accused of felony child abuse appeared in court. they're accused of restraining seven babies by wrapping them too tightly in a blanket or putting a blanket over their heads. the livermore preschool has been closed for the time being. the sisters are expected to enter a plea on monday. a judge in sacramento today spared comedian cat williams of jail time and sentenced him to 90 days of probation. it happened last november while williams was on a west coast tour. during that tour williams was also arrested in oakland for hitting a man in the head with a bottle and was sued over an on stage melt down during a
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performance at oracle arena. police arrested a student in connection with a string of school bomb threats. >> reporter: the bomb threats at deer valley high may not have been real but jordan johnson says they were certainly disruptive. >> oh it's been hectic. like everybody has been on edge over the whole evacuations. >> any call that we receive from the police department. all those calls are taken very seriously. >> reporter: antioch police chief says the bomb threats were a drain on resources. and the 16-year-old student arrested today faces felony charges. >> actually had the phone number that the call had come from. we had dispatch audio records and we also received some intel information from students at deer valley high school. >> reporter: the chief had high prize for students who came
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forward. jordan said in his final class of the day his teacher announced the arrest. he said the students were excited about the arrest. >> because i didn't want to sit in the sun for another three hours. >> reporter: it was their sixth bomb threat which they are still looking into. a salmonella outbreak is being linked to cucumbers imported from mexico. the centers from disease control is reporting 73 people have gotten sick in 18 states and california has the highest number of cases with 28. the outbreak was first reported back in january. the cdc says the cucumbers are no longer available on the market. at you can see the full report it's under our hot topic section. ahead tonight, the boston bombers next target. >> plus broken bolts on the bay bridge. an engineer tells us why safety tests now under way may not be enough.
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map >> a man had to physically break into this house more than a decade ago. now he says he owns it. the old law that actually backs him up. >> a reminder that you can get ktvu to go. click on the live icon and watch all of newscasts live on your mobile device. using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future. they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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we're learning more about the testing being done on those problem bolts on the bay bridge. caltrans has ordered a series of threating on the bolts that haven't failed as yet. first they'll be tightened to see if they will break or crack from hydrogen exposure. but that may not be enough says one professor. >> it could take months, a year, 10 years. the problem with that test is
10:29 pm
you may have a hydrogen problem but you may not see it in 30 days. >> other tests will be like these with smaller bolts, one of them will be stretched until it breaks. the professor says the bolts need to have strength and flexibility to with stand an earthquake. there's a new deal in the works to develop the old property that was once a naval hospital. that hospital opened during world war ii it was demolished in september. now a group called signature development has signed on to turn the 180 acres into homes, retail stores, parks and open space. the developer says construction could start within the next two years. continuing coverage now of the boston bombings. the suspected bombers apparently had another project, time square. mayor michael bloomburg revealed today that dzhokhar tsarnaev told the fbi he and
10:30 pm
his brother made a spontaneous plan to go to new york city after the boston bombings. officials say the brothers had as many as six bombs with them. bloomberg said if they had made it to time square their mission would have been a challenge with increased police presence and high tech surveillance equipment. >> we don't know if we would have had able to stop the terrorists had they arrived here from boston. we're just thankful we didn't have to find out that answer. >> reporter: investigators are now looking into two visits that the suspect made to new york last year. -- police say no foul play is suspected but they still don't know the cause of death. the fresno county sheriff says the woman killed in a lion
10:31 pm
attack may have accidentally caused her own death. an investigation to determine 24-year-old diana hanson failed to lock the door of a feeding cage where the lion was being kept at the cat haven. anson was killed immediately when the cat attacked her. a man who escaped from custody in santa cruz where he was in jail following a home invasion in los gatos has been sentenced to more than six life terms in prison. maurice anesworth was convicted on 29 felony charges. in november of 2010 a santa cruz county deputy was escorting hanesworth when he escaped. shot her with a stun gun and held her handgun to another woman's head. authorities found him hiding in a near by home a few hours later. imagine moving into a vacant home and owning it without ever paying the mortgage. that's exactly what one man did
10:32 pm
in oakland. ktvu's eric rasmussen explains how an old law that may have helped turn a squatter into a legitimate homeowner. >> reporter: steven dec -- decaprio found the ultimate fixer upper. >> when i first walked in here it was basically full of debris, trash, and dead animals. >> reporter: the sign on his fence now says, no trespassing. but 13 years ago some may say that's exactly what decaprio did. >> the front gate was chained. >> reporter: once inside, decaprio spent years renovating the home. >> what we're standing in here was a big hole. >> reporter: but he also started doing something else. >> yeah we paid all the property taxes on the property. >> reporter: thousands of dollars in property taxes.
10:33 pm
alameda county records show decaprio has continued paying them for the last seven years. the owner of record is the estate of henry you -- henry curry, a man who died. but the home was vacant way before that. >> at any point did somebody say, you're on our property. >> if you pay the taxes and occupy the space for five years you have adverse possession. >> reporter: adverse possession, a law moving back to the gold rush where someone could obtain title to a property without paying for it. >> is this guy the owner of the property? >> i would say yes. >> reporter: julia wai says that he has paid the property taxes for more than five years. he's had a continuous physical presence on the land, and the previous owner has never contacted him about it. >> really understood the
10:34 pm
process. he went to the assessors office. he has added his spouse to the title. he's doing all the things short of a court action to demonstrate that he is the owner of the property. >> reporter: but without that court action, dicaprio won't be able to sell or borrow against this property now valued over $300,000. and he's had trouble to get the county to recognize his ownership. >> reporter: how unusual is this. >> i called a number of my colleagues and none of us have had to try a real case of a squatter. >> once you have a city government that's working against you proactively, it doesn't matter what the laws
10:35 pm
say. >> reporter: once homeless, dicaprio is now preparing to take the bar exam and running a group called land action. educating others on a variety of issues including what he calls foreclosure defense. since the market crashed there are more abandoned properties that might seem right for the taking. >> people don't realize that there's a lot of sweat equity that goes into it. >> reporter: dicaprio suggests squatter beware. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. and we want to hear your ideas for a ktvu special report. just send your tip to i reports at tonight crews are getting ready to shut down a busy san francisco intersection to start carving a tunnel from south of market to china town. this is just part of the machine. it arrived in sections. the system will be lowered into what's called the lunchbox
10:36 pm
overnight. it'll take four to six weeks to assemble the drill then the digging can begin. a second drill will arrive next month. the central highway is expected to open in 2019. justin bieber's tour bus raided by police. the contraband discovered and why no one will face charges for it. >> and at 10:45, our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us what we can expect. a moment in history. the occasion that brought five living u.s. presidents and put politics a.
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10:38 pm
partisan politics were put aside today as five living u.s. presidents came together to honor one of their own. president obama, george w. bush, george h.w.
10:39 pm
bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter came together in dallas texas. >> no matter what challenges come forward us i will always believe our nation's best days lay ahead. god bless. >> the current president and the other former presidents all offered kind words and some good natured jokes. the library opens to the public next month. later in the day, president obama attended a somber event in texas, a memorial for the victims of that fertilizer plant explosion. it was held at baylor university to accommodate 10,000 people. triple the size of the population of that town of west. 14 people most of them first responders died in last week's explosion. the president told the survivers they are are not alone and not forgotten. in news of the world tonight, the obama administration says it believes syria has crossed a line in its
10:40 pm
civil war. >> the u.s. intelligence community assessing with some degree a very incompetence. >> syria used the chemical agent serin at least twice. president obama has indicated that the use of chemical weapons could trigger a u.s. military response. in bengladesh, a collapse has trapped hundreds. the garment factory had employed more than 3,000 workers. police had ordered the building closed when cracks were spotted but the factory owners ordered people back inside any way. in china, scientists have found how the latest bird flu spread to humans. it went directly from chickens
10:41 pm
to humans. the h7n9 virus has killed more than 20 people and made more than 100 others sick. chinese authorities have shut down a number of live poultry markets and taiwan has now reported its first case this week. here in the bay area, protesters went to gap head quarters in san francisco and staged a die in to stage support for shop workers. the protests began with a moment of silence for those killed in bengladesh. protesters called on gap to guarantee safety procedures. gap says it has no relationship with the factories in those collapsed buildings in bengladesh or others. williams sonoma has pulled pressure cookers off shelves in boston. tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev used pressure cookers to
10:42 pm
construct those bombs. some store managers near the locations made the decisions to pull those items. police in sweden say they have found drugs and a stun gun on a bus being used by bieber. bieber was performed when the bus was found. police say they smelled marijuana while the bus was park outside his hotel. no charges were filed since no one was actually on the bus at the time of the search. in three minutes, the hunt for a pack of wild dogs. >> there were pit bulls. >> the terror they unleashed on a community. >> the changes being made and when it will make its debut. >> plus i will tell you which day of the weekend will have rainfall.
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10:44 pm
in san francisco this afternoon, firefighters helped a woman after she fell off some rocks near the legion of honor.
10:45 pm
news chopper 2 was over head as crews carried the woman from the beach. initial reports said the woman had fallen through a ledge. firefighters say she only suffered minor injuries. the search continues for a pack of wild dogs believed to have attacked more than 60 goats. livestock owners are now housing the animals in metal pens to keep them safe. sheriff deputies don't know where the dogs came from but they say there have been six attacks over a five to six day span. >> it's been described to me as they're not killing to eat the animals, it's more of a game if you will. >> authorities say they put out traps and also used an airplane to try to locate the dogs but both attempts were unsuccessful. the $100 bill is getting a
10:46 pm
make over. the new high tech money comes with amped up security features. one industry in particular is looking forward to the new currency. >> the new 100s are in production. the third redesign in 30 years as the government tries to keep ahead of counter fitters. this sacramento nursery was stung by several fake 100s recently. quick which of these is the fake? it's hard to tell at a glance. the new benjamin franklin has a new 3d security strip. a multi color liberty bell and embedded security thread plus more visual and textural differences. this is the place where the $100 bill is frequently in use. rancho rancheria even has a $100 machine. it's more of a challenge for the dealers. this casino catches a lot of counter fits. >> you multiply $100 times
10:47 pm
about 200 that's the number of -- about the number of counter fit $100 bills we see a year. >> reporter: this new c-note should help the novice see the difference. by the way in this example the bill on the bottom is the counter fit. >> the folks who watch their money say the counter fit attempts should go down when the new bill arrives. for small businesses it means less losses, fewer attempts of trying to pass bad ones like these. >> in jackson, tom duhane for ktvu news. firefighters are on the scene of a three alarm fire on south first street near interstate 280. the fire is in a two story victorian house that used to be a bike shop currently it's empty. the fire was first reported
10:48 pm
before 9:30 this evening and crews had it knocked down within 30 minutes. our crews on the scene are working to find out more information. the government halted a large u.s. study today for an hiv study. the national institutes of health made today's announcement. the study had enrolled 2,500 volunteers mostly gay men in 19 cities since 2009. multiple attempts at creating an aids vaccine have failed over the years. a bay area bike maker is showing off what it made the fastest electric bike on the road. morgan hill specialized says its turbo bike has a top speed of 28 miles per hour. it has a rechargeable electric battery that can help the rider ped up uphill without breaking a sweat. you can look for a photo gallery and link to this story
10:49 pm
on right now tracking fog back into your neighborhood. it's going to be there tomorrow morning. there was a lot this morning there's more tomorrow morning. you see the high clouds filling in over heads those clouds basically they're high but the low ones are moving underneath. and we'll see highs in most bay area neighborhoods. 50 in novato. cloudy skies start out your friday but it ends warmer and sunny. fairfield it's 25-mile an hour winds coming from the southwest. that's going to blow a lot of the moisture and fog into your neighborhood. your friday starts out cool. temperatures in the upper 40s. fog all over the place. then you clear out quickly and with the rapid burn off temperatures are going to warm. that's what it hooks like fog footprint at 7:00. look how far west they come. yellows are 70s. these are your 80s. it's not a hot day tomorrow but more warmth further west.
10:50 pm
that means you're going to see 60s and 70s in places where today you saw 50s and 60s. so it's going to warm up a few degrees. temperatures as we get into saturday and sunday, back into the 80s. so some drizzle possible tomorrow morning tomorrow a lot like today but warmer. then the weekend dry forecast. plenty of fog but warmer still. so the high pressure is really the reason for all this. it's just not going to be any big weather systems coming our way for a long time. the warmer trend continues through friday, saturday and a little bit into sunday as well. it's not going to be hot but just much warmer around here. the forecast for tomorrow, 73 in sonoma, 70 in vallejo, 66 in richmond, 76 in fairfield. and then you have your 76 in pittsburg. saturday is going to be nicer and sunday is going to be nicer still. more temperatures with foggy
10:51 pm
temperatures in the bay. no rain, and starting to feel like summer with all that fog and drizzle along the coast. it's going to be a nice looking weekend and a little bit warmer as we head toward the early part of next week. >> is that full moon gorgeous tonight. i put a picture up on my facebook page. a beautiful moon. >> it's going to be clouding over. >> enjoy it now. >> thank you, bill. nfl draft day, niners 49ers who did they get? >> a lot of anticipation of course for football fans. you know when the 49ers lost prosafety goldson to free agency. quite a few fans saying they have to have something up their sleeve to let that guy leave. could be they had ellis reed in mind. wrapped up six interceptions his senior year. and he could start immediately for san francisco if you listen
10:52 pm
to coach harbaugh. >> he has great contact courage. he likes to get from point a and point b and go hit somebody. he is an effective tackler and he's a hard hitting tackler. has the speed to go be a range safety. cover ground and gets guys down pwáu -- guys down but also can make plays. >> i think he's still wearing the same sweatshirt from last year. >> draft day in recent years has being nothing to tweet home for the raiders. they leave open to eyebrow raising again. trading the number three pick in the draft for the 12th and 22nd selections. going for quarterback d.j.haden from houston. he had a near fatal accident in practice last fall. he tore a major blood vessel behind his heart and hasn't played in a game since november. seeps as though he'll have much to overcome just from psychological aspect.
10:53 pm
>> i'm happy. i've came a long way. i've came a long way. for me to be here right now it's just a blessing. glory to god, glory to the man upstairs. i mean i'm just -- i'm just happy to just even get this opportunity to accomplish one of my goals. >> emotional day for him. can't help but wish his the best. seemed like forever since the warriors last play as they wrap it up. plenty of nba season stuff. while the a's hope a little home cooking will get this them rolling again. sports part two, next.
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go ahead and google the stats, the a's are a much better team with cespedes. he returns next week. a's are getting worked by everyone. jones by the orioles, break it is tie with the rbi double. parker touched for six runs. he is now 0-4 after his sensational season of last. nothing working for the a's. j.j. hardy just a little pop fly. falls between three a's going for it. the orioles with 10 unanswered
10:57 pm
runs. a's fall again. the secret to dumping denver in round one of the play offs simply hit 40% of your shots. don't put it past the warriors with the extra shot of adrenaline that's sure to get from the oracle fans. memphis holds home court tonight despite chris paul and make griffin getting together. 16 points for griffin. memphis does take it as it was zack randolph night. he had 27 points, 11 rebounds and he will just work the offensive glass until he gets it to work. prince however still up in the series. ray allen smooth, silky, 23. miami breezing by the bucks, 3- 0 lead for the heat in that one. thanks to 22.16 rebounds from carlos boozer both go up 2-1 on brooklyn. tomorrow night going to be wild at the oracle.
10:58 pm
your fans chomping at the bit. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> good night. person.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
anyone goes near it, anyone disturbs it, it's, "ahhhhhh!" lights flashing on and off, acting all crazy. not everyone wants to draw that much attention to themselves. wouldn't it be nice to have a car alarm that was more subtle? somebody tries to break in, and it goes, "ahem." "ahem." "excuse me?" i would like a car alarm like that. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo.


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