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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and kept them far away. we are getting more information on the scene and we will let you kn more about this. and we are following breaking news out of alamo. chp is on the scene of a deadly accident. we are live on the scene on stone valley road which has been shut down. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of activity over the last several minutes here. take a look behind me. you can see chp in the middle of the roadway there as they try to piece together what happened. this is stone valley road near round hill drive. it has been shut down since about 2:00 this morning after this single car accident left one man dead. let me tell you what chp told me what happened. they say this man in his 20s who lives a short distance from here was driving down the road, just after 2:00 this morning, he apparently lost control. we don't know why. they say speed may have been a factor. he hit a guide pole that's on the side of the road. hit that, went to the other side, flipped over and he was
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killed. they believe at this point that people driving in the area saw what happened after the fact and called 911 after they saw the accident. they came out here and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner just left within the last five minutes or so. and the tow truck just arrived. what they need to do now is get the car turned back over onto the bed of the truck and clear that out of here. and then they'll open the roadway back up to traffic. back out here live, you can see just a few highway patrol vehicles out here. pge just left the scene. tow truck is here. so they don't think it will be much longer before this roadway opens back up. again, a man in his 20s killed this morning. live here, ktvu channel 2 two. and crews are on the scene of a water main break on 24th and harrison streets in oakland. east bay has shut down water to
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nearby businesses to fix the break. and there are homes in the area but it's unclear if they have been affected. they say they'll have to dig up the sidewalk to reach the broken pipe. and it did not say how long this would take. following developing news this morning where six portable classrooms caught fire at a school overnight. it happened at james madison elementary. more on the work the fire crews have ahead of them this morning. looks like a lot of damage. >> reporter: that's right. fire crews just pulled out of here. the crews were still putting out the hot spots, no fire hydrant nearby so they were having to truck in the water. and there is a lot of damage to the six portable offices. in the center, the fire investigator told us that there are steel beams that are completely warped. just to give you an idea of the intensity of the fire. and now flames and smoke shot six stories into the air and could be seen from a nearby
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freeway. we received these photos from a witness. officials believe this fire is suspicious. it broke out here at james madison elementary school just after midnight in the mobile units that had been delivered to the campus less than 24 hours ago. more than a dozen firefighters from the county fire department put the flames out within 20 minutes. and about two or three families fled from their homes nearby. >> our neighbors knocked, banging on the window. and we have traffic accidents out front, but this time, it was a fire in the backyard. and we could see nothing but red. and all of a sudden, you see the flames shoot up. >> reporter: police say there were some teenagers heard in the area just before the fire. there was no breech in the fences around here. and a door was left open to one of the portables. the electricity was not hooked up yet however with the units, only arriving within the past 24 hours. so police will review surveillance video to see if they can get clues about who
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may have started the fire. and investigators not coming out and saying this is arson, but it is certainly shaping up to look that way. ktvu channel 2 news. a historic building in downtown san jose is badly damaged after a fire that started 30:00 last night on south first street. the building has been there since 1884. it was previously housed favor's bike shop and museum. when crews arrived, the second floor of the building was fully engulfed in flames the. age of the building did make their job more difficult. >> if you look at the building, the building is leaning to the south. that made it unsafe for us because it already has poor integrity and on the fire, it causes a great risk for collapse. >> and now the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and firefighters say its strange that the fire started on the second floor. they're now wondering if people were living there illegally.
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police are looking for suspects in a drive-by shooting that happened overnight. police say two suspects in a car pulled up outside a home and started shooting. and someone from the home returned fire. a man on the porch was shot in the foot and has non-life- threaten injuries. we are learning more information about the death of a woman gunned down in front of her 4-year-old son in oakland. police say the 21-year-old was shot in her car on 54th street on wednesday night. her son was it ising in the backseat and was not harmed. witnesses say that there was another woman in the victim's car and that there was a loud argument before the shooting. a back four-door car was seen leaving the crime scene. so far, no arrests have been made. we are following several new developments in the boston marathon bombing case. we learned that the surviving suspect has been moved from a boston hospital to a federal prison medical ward in massachusetts.
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the father of the two suspects has now delayed his trip to the u.s. indefinitely. he was expected to fly to boston today to meet with investigators and possibly with his surviving son. but his wife says he's decided to put off the trip due to health reasons and there are reports that she called an ambulance to their home in russia they recall morning. the investigation into the boston marathon bombings shifted to the city of new bedford, massachusetts. the fbi is searching landfills for evidence in last week's terrorist attacks. it is near the younger brother's college dorm room where he was spotted shortly after the bombings. investigators are trying to find sales receipts of materials used in the attacks. now the suspected bombers apparently had a second target, new york city. the surviving suspect told investigators that he and his brother decided to set off as many as six bombs in times
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square. the fbi says the two brothers made the spontaneous decision days after the boston bombing and just before thshootout with police near boston early friday morning. the 11-year-old boy wounded in the boston marathon bombings is finally out of the hospital. still in a wheelchair, he returned back to the scene of the explosion yesterday. while there, he received an autographed hat from the boston bruins. a boston police officer took the pin off his own uniform and gave it to him. >> feeling better. >> it was a terrible thing that happened. but the silver lining is how many good people there are here. >> he under went two surgeries for wounds the his legs. he is undergoing treatments in boston but should be cleared to return back to the bay area sometime next week. bomb threats cost the school district tens of thousands of there ares. the new security measures to try and stop the problem. the house of representatives is expected to vote today on a measure to give the federal aviation
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administration the budget flexibility to stop the furloughs of air traffic controllers. and now the senate approved the legislation last night. it would give the faa the authority to transfer up to $253 million from other accounts to keep air traffic controllers on the job. the furloughs are blamed for thousands of flight delays this week. tonight, the golden state warriors host the denver nuggets in game three of the opening round of the nba play- off series. the series is tied at one game a piece following the first two games in denver. and a wild warrior crowd is expected at oakland's arena. and the hometown crowd now has more to cheer about. the star point guard says he's ready to play despite the injury suffered in game two. and all-star forward david lee remains out with a hip injury. >> i got the alert on my phone yesterday afternoon that he was
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injured. 4:38. sal covering quite a bit of breaking news this morning and thing that will affect the commute. >> that's right. we're looking at stone valley road here. still closed near round hill because of this fatal crash. looks like they're making progress. the corner has already left -- the coroner has already left the scene. and they have to get most of the vehicle out of there. so stone valley road near the round hill area not good. it is very early in the morning and we don't have a lot of traffic coming through right now. but we will let you know when this reopens. and the suspicious device that's been found in oakland on international between 47th and 50th. police say it's some sort of a suspicious device and they are keeping people away from it. and some people in the neighborhood have been moved back. we will let you know more about this coming up on international boulevard. it is closed between 47th and 50th to traffic. and in san jose, off to a good
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start there, up to highway 17. we had the cool down yesterday. area of low pressure into southern california and helped enhance the fog bank. slow process to burn off for some. today we start off cloudy for most. and on the reporting stations say cloudy. a low cloud deck. it will burn off because high pressure is building in. but a component mainly of a westerly breeze. oakland, napa, southwest and northerly at san jose. but generally speak, an onshore breeze. and they'll not have the power they had yesterday. but in place for the morning. 30s, and 40s up in tahoe. and 50 sacramento. but you can see the ridge of high pressure looks like it's going to settle in today and the weekend and most of next week. warmer today, an onshore wind. so a morning fog or low clouds. 50s, 60s and 70s, a few areas pushing to up the 70s after yesterday. clearing and warmer on saturday, and except for night
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and morning fog, warmer away from the coast. >> thank you very much. coming up, thieves get away with more than just cash and electronics. the priceless memories that were stole and the unusual way the thieves managed to get inside a home. a local man moves into an empty house and makes it his own. the loophole in a law that allowed that to happen. look at 'em.
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good morning. we do have breaking news. a suspicious device has been found in oakland. has closed one of the most busy streets in oakland, international boulevard between 47th and 50th. it is shut down. we have word that this device is, well they're trying to figure out what it is or if it is dangerous. so they have kept some of the police officers. international boulevard closed between 47th and 50th. stay with ktvu and we will let
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you know what is happening at the scene. >> thank you so much. just one day after a memorial for victims of the texas fertilizer plant explosion, lawmakers are now examining gaps in how the plants are regulated. right now, plants with 10 or fewer employees are exempt from safety rules the. west, texas plant had 13 employees but only seven were registered with the state. and now a congressman is asking the government accountability office to re-examine the regulations. senator john mccain says it's time for the u.s. to get more directly involved in the conflict in syria. this comes amid reports that the syrian government used chemical weapons. mccain wants the u.s. to establish a no-fly zone over syria and give weapons to rebels. yesterday the defense secretary announced that the u.s. has varying degrees of confidence of the government's use of chemical weapons. an old california law has
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helped at least one man in oakland move into an empty home and then allow him to own it without paying the mortgage. he found this duplex sitting vacant in west oakland 13 years ago. he says it was full of trash and dead animals and needed a lot of work the make it livable. he installed a kitchen, new flooring and then started paying taxes and a gold rush era law says if you occupy a property for five years and pay taxes on it, you have ownership through adverse possession. >> he went to the assess his or her's office, he's added his spouse to the title. he's doing all the things short of a court action to show that he is the owner of the property. >> and now unfortunately without the court action, he can't sell or borrow against the property. he is having trouble the getting the county to recognize the value of the property which
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is now valued at $300,000. police arrested a teen after tracking the phone number down that was used to make the threats. students also came forward with information. authorities say the threats may be pranks but they tie up police resources and could cost thousands of dollars. >> any call we receive from the police department, they are all taken very seriously. >> police say the teen is suspect outfield making five bomb threats to deer valley high schools and black diamond middle school. they are investigating a sixth threat called in this week. woman threats have cost the tracy school district more than $101,000. officials say the expenses come from the police response to a wave of threats at schools made last month. and schools are instituting new security measures and will no longer accept blocked calls. two teenagers have been arrested. no arrest have been made to
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threats made to kimbell high. a couple is pleaded for the return of priceless photos. thieves broke into his car in a safeway parking lot. and they found a garage door opener in the car so she also broke into his home. they took a play station, laptop, cellphone but most important, the memory cards containing photos of their baby the day she was born. >> i was more sad and upset over, you know, the things can't be replaced. >> the couple is warning others about the dangers of leaving a garage door opener in a car. police have not made any arrest. and the search continues for a pack of wild dogs that killed more than 200 goats. there had been at least six attacks in the past two weeks. the most recent one happened on monday when the dogs killed 160 goats at the stockton livestock auction. livestock owners are now
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keeping the animals in metal pins to keep them safe. they are using traps and an airplane to too and locate the dogs. the deadline the getting closer for the bid to host super bowl l. it's a battle between san francisco and miami for the 2016 game. yesterday miami released this, a sketch showing how it would transform downtown into a street party with rides and live concerts but the bid chair in san francisco is not afraid since he says the 49ers have an advantage with the new stadium . the raven's win in the super bowl still being felt by fans and the mayors of san francisco. coming up, we're going to tell you why mayor ed lee is headed to baltimore today and how he plans to help that city as part of a friendly bet. >> need we remind people of what happened. >> i know. we don't like to talk about it. let's go to sal right now.
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very busy out there. especially in oakland. what's going on out there? >> yeah, the streets closed in oakland, suspicious of a device found near a fire hydrant, between 47th and 50th on international. it's closer to the 1400 block of 48th avenue and international. it was reported by a citizen. police officers are being kept back. this is the first new video from the scene. and international boulevard is shut down. this time of the morning, not a lot of people out there. not causing a major traffic back-up yet. but the bus run on severe national and -- on international and there will be detours. more about this straight ahead. and the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic is light. no major problems getting into the city. and driving in san jose, northbound 280, off to a good start up to highway 17. it's friday. let's go to steve. >> what did you say, sal? >> friday. >> thank you, sir. low clouds in place again. they'll burn off sooner today.
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and warmer. but the morning low clouds, 40s and 50s. there's always some sun breaks. clearing by noonish. and then sunny and breezy. not as bad as yesterday. and sunshine, it will be warmer bay and inland. you can see the ridge of high pressure building in. and it wants to stick and stay. so it will be a warmer forecast. more so over the weekend. but the morning low clouds are definitely in place. yesterday, around 3,000 feet. today at 2500 feet. bottomed out thursday, warmer. i went to the cool and mild and warmer. your definition may be down here or up here, but we will bring the temperatures up. mainly 70s inland today. and with the cloud cover, i doubt these change too much. the wind is out of the west, but about half of what it was yesterday. still a good fog bank out there. it's holding on. high pressure will burn it off sooner as it builds in. it's going to put it foot down
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on it. morning fog and then sunny, warmer, westerly breeze in place. that's for sure. looks like good old fashioned high pressure. which will be starting to burn the fog off sooner. and over the weekend, closer to the coast 60s. >> all right. thank you. a change of heart for ac transit. the reason riders won't have to deal with fare increases any time soon. backlash. concerns about napa valley's biggest music festival.
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welcome back. time now is 4:53. two teenage drivers back in the custody of their parents after being arrested for reckless driving. on wednesday afternoon, a speeding car crashed into this house on lee avenue in san jose. a 40-year-old woman in the kitchen was critically injured. her 9-year-old daughter was pinned to the wall by the car. she fortunately was not seriously hurt. people who live in the area say two cars were racing when they lost control. one crashed into the home. the other crashed into a street sign. both drivers are students at nearby high schools. >> people think it's cool that you race. but it's really stupid that when you lose control, you're gone. that's end of life. >> police say they are investigating reports that the
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two boys have been seen racing in the area a number of times. ac transit has put its plans for increase in bus fares on hold. now they say because ridership and revenues are rising, it could even consider cutting what it cost to ride the bus. the plan to hike fares was made two years ago. they say they'll hold public hearing, probably late they are year. there's already international interest in a music event coming to napa valley next month. the bottlerock festival will feature 60 bands including jane's addiction and the zach brown band. they'll perform 10 hours a day for four days on three stages at the downtown complex. that has some neighbors concerned the organizers are aiming too-high for a first- time event. >> too much, too fast. >> we think the world is ready to come. and it's going to be beautiful.
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>> they have made provisions for parking. all food and wine at the festival will be from local producers and all 5,000 hotel rooms in napa are already booked for may 8th through the 12th. >> wow, 5,000 hotel rooms booked. sal is covering traffic. and not off to a great start. >> no, we're not. we do have some things going on. we have a closure. stone valley road still closed near round hill because of a fatal accident. they had been making progress but still have debris left over from the crash on stone valley row. this happened overnight. and the police, chp still there. and they are going to -- we are going to be there when they open the road. and a suspicious device has been found on international or on 48th avenue near international. international boulevard between 47thth and 50th is closed. police are staying back. it's unclear whether or not the bomb squad is on the way there
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or not. but we know that international boulevard is closed here in this area of oakland. good area to stay away from. and driving this morning out to some of the other commutes, we are off to a decent start. let's go to steve. >> thank you. well, warmer forecast. today is that transition day, coolest day was thursday. you will notice it more on the weekend. high pressure building in is going to burn the fog off sooner. even though it's there. 50s, 60s and 70s. >> thank you very much. when we come back, breaking news from oakland. we have been following it all morning. a suspicious device has shut down a busy street. new information into the news room. and a deadly crash in the east bay city. what we have learned from the accident scene. we will be right back.
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find out what police found and why they're staying away. we are continuing to follow breaking news where a road is shut down after a fatal accident leaves a man dead. what is happening now and when this road could reopen to traffic.
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also, big news about the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect. why he has been moved out of his hospital room. it's all ahead here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, april 26th. i am pam cook. >> and we are starting with breaking news coming from oakland. what happened? >> well, police found, actually a citizen found a suspicious device on 48th avenue on international near a fire hydrant. they determined that it was a suspicious device. so the police are staying back and and they have cordoned off a good area. this is video of the scene on international between 47th and 50th. it is closed. you can see there's a large police presence and they are not letting anyone close to the device. and we will find out if the bomb squad is on the way


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