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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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suspect and treating this as if this is as a kidnapping from a family. a man snatched a two-year-old from the front yard, ran down the street and released the child. a man ran from them and hid behind a fence and they broke through the fence and took him into the custody and determined he had nothing to do with the call. and they are still out looking for this suspect. the gentlemen in the coat is the detective in charge and he is going to be providing a suspect description so folks in this neighborhood can keep an eye out. they don't was to cause panic
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and don't want neighbors to take it too easy because they don't think they have anyone related in custody. >> two police cars from that site came and then two police man ran. and it was like this. this way and boom. you know? i saw everything. two police man and it is broke the fence like that. you know? he was hiding. >> reporter: and you can see why neighbors thought the police had the suspect in custody and a lot of questions to be answered and we are waiting for an update and we should have more for you either on the channel two news at ten or in our 7 o'clock broadcast. reporting live, patty lee. one person dead and four
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others injured in a roll over crash on highway 13. at about 3:45 a white suv overturned several times near the red wood road exit. it came to the rest facing the wrong direction and the 2 left lanes have been shut down. and because of that it caused a major traffic back up. a new crime prevention plan involved garbage collectors. and rob ross is live in fairfield with the new training they are receiving to try to help keep their communities safe. rob? >> reporter: trash collectors are watching out for the neighborhoods they serve in addition to picking up trash.
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trash collecting and crime fighting isn't usually associatedth. have aveed agreed to keep on eye out and if they see anything out odd they will call the police. >> if you saw something that seemed odd, you you would take a look. >> the big take away from training was noticing what is going on and how to be a good witness. >> reporter: because they on the same streets every week, they can tell if something isn't right. neighbors couldn't praise the practice enough. >> it is the best idea i have
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heard in a long time. we have tried other things, neighborhood watch and so on and it worked okay for a while, but people have a tendency to move out. >> all the layoffs and with with the police, we need extra help. >> reporter: they are just doing to help the community where they live. playoff fever is gripping the area and warriors fans are driving in to attend the sold-out game against the denver nuggets. this is interstate 8-80 and there is a traffic problem and there is a baseball game right next door. it isn't looking too bad, but tonight there is a baseball game, the a's and the orlials.
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and we are live with the extra security measuring being taken for the two events. >> reporter: we are right in the middle of it all, baseball to the left and fans making their ways to both venues. and you can see security is up and running, and they are not taking any chances tonight. tonight outside oracle arena, four bomb-sniffing dogs are on patrol. >> anywhere you could hide? any hard objects? >> reporter: that is ken cong and his partner buck. >> his resent found was a handgun used in a homicide.
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>> reporter: today the canine unit go out the call from the police. >> we want to make sure it is safe for everyone so we have increased the staffing for both events. >> reporter: they say it has more than doubled its force, they tapped almedia country for job for dogs. >> it makes you feel safe so as long as everything is going smoothly it is okay. >> i feel like nothing is going to happen or anything. >> reporter: and we saw police officers standing there and they didn't say how many officers are going to be in attendance, just they have double more than what is usually here. and we are inside the arena
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where players are warming up and we go live with more on ankle everybody is keeping a close eye on. new video of the moments after a man and his sister were found safe and alive after swimming for 14 hours in the caribbean. a local team caught up with the two after their flightening or frightening or ordeal. after 14 hours of swimming they made it to shore and then walked for hours more looking for help. and then a farm worker found them and gave them food and called local authorities. federal authorities are coming down hard on a las vegas
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hospital that has kicked people out. they have ten-days to corrupt problems with discharging. this comes after the hospital putpations on patients on buses to local cities with no family in the area. demolition on the building has been put on hold for the pleasant hill dome. the permit was revoked and now it is on hold till for the city building appeals board hold a hearing, which could be next week. a skrool district school
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district voted suspend the principle and another worker. the board is scheduled to meet on sunday night to finalize the vote and select an interim. union leaders have reached a deal for workers and new hires. matt smith is live >> reporter: a new agreement means new employees will not have the same pension. they reached a deal on a second-tier pension. it won't affect the current ones on duty, but all future hires.
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they will be able to collect a pension of up to 65%t a age 60 at 32.5 and a half years on the force compared to 90%. >> we don't expect these officers that we hire in the next few years to stay long. >> reporter: the police officer association says the department has been hit hard with people resigning and mayor chuck reed said without the measure there would have been severe lay offs and the mayor says the saving from the pension reform will help future officers. union members believe it will hurt the city. >> for the next year and a half we will seem like we are our head above water, but then we
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will see exits. >> reporter: they are hoping it will be wiped out and mayor reed plans to offer bonuses and raises to keep the officers here in san jose. warmer weather for the weekend in six minutes. >> only 17 and an award winning cancer researcher. the break-through treatment this bay area helped develop. >> hidden for more than a decade and found today. high jacked parts from 9-11 turning up. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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a chunk of debris has been found wedged between building and there is a visible bowing id on the part. we learned the mother of the boston bombers suspect is in a government terrorist data base. they were contacted by russia about concerns and about six-months earlier she was investigated and the son, but didn't find any ties to
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terrorism. 19-year-old bombing suspect is being hospitalized at a federal hospital and he is in fair condition now after being in serious. and stay with us for the latest on this investigation and we are constantly up dating. she is being called a bio genius and she is only 17 years old. >> reporter: she could have been at parties or the mall, but spend time here. 18-year-old natalie ing is
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taking horn honors. >> i created signatures. >> reporter: the project was to design a tool for cancer. >> and the goal was in the clinic to allow doctors to identify when patients are going to have reoccurring cancer. >> this is quite unusual. not only for high school students, but even for graduate student. >> reporter: the professor who supervised her, says the surgery is followed by chemo and her work could help doctors figure out which ones don't need these things. >> that is big because they are
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quite damaging and only 20%-30% of breast cancer patients need the treatment. >> reporter: her research is still many steps away from being published and what is she doing with the cash? save it for college and she wants to go to stanford. an hiv researcher said the aids vaccine study can offer clues. >> this is showing us what is need ed to get an affective vaccine. >> it was shut down after they
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discovered people appeared to be more likely to get the virus. this is the third one to end after finding disappointing results. netflix is adding the family plan, they will allow four devices to play video from one account. under the current $7.95 only two programs can stream at the same time. there is no date on when this option is available. it warmed up a bit in the area along the coast and we saw sunshine and breaks in the fog. and you can see the fog lining up and it is filling in again tonight and the temperatures on the coast, in the 50s and 56 in
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pacifica and tomorrow's temperatures a bit warmer. temperatures staying cool coast-side but warming in the inland bay valley and you can see the notch of fog at ocean beach and you see clearing and it will come back in tonight and it will be there when you wack wake up in the morning and sunshine in most neighborhoods by about 10 o'clock. and patchy sun tomorrow. and the coast is about fog on and off all day and sunday. where the inland valleys are warmer. warmer than today and sunday warmer than saturday. and next week, temperatures warming into the low 90s in some places. fog in most bay areas tomorrow and overnight lows in the
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upper-40s and warmer on saturday and still nice sunday and high pressure for both days. and you will find 90s in the central valley and bring a jacket. coast side lucky for 61, but inland temperatures in the 80s. fog in the morning and 70s in yellow, 60s in green and 80s and 90s in red. weekend is great. clear lake, 85 and 85 in brent wood. and santa clara, not bad. the weekend is going to be great. heat in here nex t weekend and i
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think we will see the 90s. tree and grass pollen are back on the map. >> that is one good looking weekend. >> it is lined up nicely. >> coming up, an update from pittsburgh where residents say someone tried to kidnap a two-year-old. and how fans are preparing for the warriors. >> the warriors are about 70 minutes away from their first playoff game at home since 2008.
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mark is here with sports, game three tonight. >> the warriors were big underdogs and then lost david lee in the first game and now concern over steph curry and his angle. >> reporter: the arena is loud,
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but empty right now as they warriors try to win at home and break the series tie. star guard curry was on the court and jumping and returning around for about 20 minutes, taking shots, and his left ankle was taped. he scored 30 points on tuesday against denver and with lee out he is much-needed. but the coach, mark jackson, said he will not jep r jeopardize his future. >> i believe it will all work out. >> he is going to be playing if i know him. he has been waiting for this moment for a while and with the
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type of groove he is in. >> most importantly we are going to stick to our game plan and can't rely on home court advantage. we have to go out there and do what we do. >> reporter: every single fan coming in will receive a free shirt; we are warriors. not the same as 2007, we believe. and just one player is still on the roster, but curry is the one that needs to play tonight. >> thanks a lot. no question about it, coaches talk about stepping up, but without curry, forget about it. it is going to be crazy with the a's playing at the same time and giants later. huge sports night and we will
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have more later. on an early friday evening and it is going to get better and rocking tonight. police are searching a pittsburgh neighborhood after an alleged kidnapping of a child, that is safe now. >> and thank you for trusting us, we are always here for you at [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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