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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  April 27, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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martin looked like kasey kahne had something going on. >> they just ran out of room and hard to get off turn two when you don't ghit. >> but this is really the first attempt as the last caution that came out moments ago -- >> juan montoya had the race won. he was going to drive away from harvick and you can see right here, the crew chief really stressed about the caution. >> let's listen in to the radio chatter. >> you did the right thing right here. the 14 will come out second and we'll start out on the bottom. good work. >> 94 races since the last victory for juan pablo montoya, making colombia proud so far tonight. and as mike joy mentioned earlier, you can bet 100-to-1 to win this race. it he looked like he had it won but she in trouble here. >> the restart will be amazing. you can have three attempts at
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it. i know we'll have two. there's no way the cars on the front row will hold off the guys with two tires. you can't run as many laps as burton and mcmurray and allmendinger have run and hold off those with fresh tires. >> when they go down to turn one it's all bets off on this start. carl edwards last year clearly close to having a victory. he has a chance to redeem himself here. i'm a big race fan and it doesn't get better than this. short track racing on saturday night. a nascar sprint cup win hangs in the balance. >> and they have a full moon even if they there are clouds muddying the picture. juan pablo montoya said after kansas last week, we're fast. we just have to eliminate mistakes. you thought that was a guy being optimistic. but they have been fast and eliminated mistakes and was that
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close to victory. >> he and jamie mcmurray have been strong this year. they decided to roll the dice and start on the outside of front row. but i have been impressed with the chip ganassi team. it looked like if not for a crash by brian vickers they had it worked out. >> of the drivers in the top seven only carl edwards has won this year. some of the streaks and how long it's been for guys, you see jeff burton, virginia native, mark martin, certainly in that mix. we talked about montoya and jamie mcmurray, who is currently second, part of that chip ganassi racing. already tonight we have seen mini-streaks stopped. kyle busch three straight wins. >> don't you love how the complexion of the things changed. at first it looked like a joe gibbs racing night and now they are nowhere to be found. >> let's listen in on jeff
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burton and some radio chatter. >> it's what you're made of here, jeff. you can do it, buddy. you can do it. >> richard childress chatting. >> that's a guy that knows how to get things done. they have won races. but the challenge is great, chris. i don't see it happening. i don't see how that front row can hold off the guys charging on him. even just getting a start with used tires will be a challenge. they will be three and four wide down into one. >> i will give michael waltrip a decaf for this. >> jeff burton finished second six times since his last win. that was charlotte, october 2008, 157 races ago. here's the dilemma, burton, mcmurray, and allmendinger, their tires are 60 laps older than what is on carl edwards, tony stewart and juan montoya's cars. montoya has to start on the
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outside. if he was on the inside they would be six wide into turn one. >> carl edwards and tony stewart they went with just two right side tires. >> i like that gamble. they are in the best place i think. watch mcmurray. just get around here one time and then if something happens the race is over. you are thinking about getting to the white flag. >> after the white flag, the next flag ends the race. so here they come. jeff burton, jamie mcmurray, two chevrolets in front of allmendinger, edwards, stewart trying to thread the middle and make a hole where none exists. >> there goes carl on the outside. and kevin harvick in that 29. that's his teammate he's chasing. >> mcmurray is caught up way up the hill. coming to turn three looking for the white flag. on the outside, harvick with the lead. burton. bowyer. into turn one for the final time. logano.
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and carl edwards, montoya, sixth. one car high, kyle busch no problem. >> turn three. they are everywhere. >> err and harvick has the field in his mirror. the closer, kevin harvick, wins richmond. >> nice job, young man. good job. >> woo-hoo! way to go, boys! >> finally we got it right! good job, guys. >> there's a mess going on back here. >> tony stewart getting up and against kurt busch. >> a lot of emotion ear. a lot of temper. a lot of emotion. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of aggressive. >> typical richmond. >> typical short track racing. they start with their tempers
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and fenders intact. and one man gets to burn down the house. >> it's not over just yet. >> look. >> been rubbing all night long. a little rubbing after the race. they're not hurting anything. >> tony stewart restarted up in the top five unofficially finishes 18th. let's see what happens here. >> he took stewart out of the groove. >> got up underneath and pushed him up the hill and everybody went by. >> cost four or five spots here. kenseth tries to come down track. get to the back bumper. >> no harm, no foul right there. he did get into allmendinger. matt was like i'm coming through.
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right here he pushes kurt up out of the groove. and he gets seventh and kurt ends up ninthehind almirola. >> kurt doesn't like that and gives the 20 car a little shot. that's okay. i didn't like what you did. but that's okay. >> we know one man's happy. happy harvick. he will go to victory lane for richard childress and chevrolet. congratulations, happy harvick. ♪ ♪ ♪
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tony stewart telling them to deal with it. welcome to the sprint post-race
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show. some people angry but kevin harvick who was seventh on the restart, smiling as he gets his first victory of the season. krista voda is there for the celebration. >> kevin harvick has been to victory lane many times in his career. but there is something that feels different about this one. >> i want to thank everybody first. it has been a tough start to the season. the cars have been really fast. have to thank, jimmie johns, bad boy buggies, everybody participates in this car. a lot of people thought we might lay down this year. there is no lame in that game is there? i want to say happy birthday to kim back home. >> the phrase lame duck has been used before. but you had to make the decision whether to stay out or come in
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for the tires. i guess you made the right choice. >> sprint cup racing is something that you have to take chances and the guys that stayed out took chances. we had to take chances but we have been beat by tires a couple times this year. gil made the right call. >> his first win of 2013. the good night in richmond for kevin harvick. >> opinions expressed on the racetrack carried over in the garage. and your conversation between yourself and tony stewart what took place? >> we'll get a that in a minute. this was a solid run. we were top five all night. some guys cycled ahead of us. we were able to get back by them. all in all a great night to be in the top five and have restarts up front and lead some laps. you could just tell. green/white checkered, some guys are staying out and some are
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putting on two. there is rubber on the outside groove and cars sliding up with old tires. i don't know what the 14 was upset about. kenseth moved us up out of the way at the end. but it's a free for all. we got a top ten. but ten laps to go and the car didn't have a scratch on it now it's destroyed. >> what are you going to take away as you continue to build with this operation? >> just being able to work together through sequences of the race. and today we didn't have the best handling car but we worked with it in the top five and we hoped that the race would come to us. today it just didn't pan up. today was a great day to be in the top five, close the to the top ten. >> kurt busch ninth here in richmond. >> thanks very much with juan pablo montoya. juan, it just looked like -- all you can do is laugh. it looked like it was your race
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to win. >> we made the right call when we pitted and stayed out and we got the caution at the end. it was a no-brainer to take tires. what hurt us was restarting on the outside. when you are on the outside and people are bad tires, everything packs up. when you are on the outside where are you going to jump? on the inside you can jump to the guys what harvick did. when harvick went by and the 22 was there. i said we just got the get a finish. before this we had six really bad weeks. so we are in the 10 chevy this week and i'm proud of the guys. >> what were you thinking when the caution flag came out? >> really? really? >> thank you, juan. >> we know shakira was rooting for you no matter what. only four laps led the entire season for kevin harvick but he is in victory lane. we'll have more on the sprint post-race show.
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we're live from richmond, virginia. . a group of pit bulls shot and killed by police. >> and a dedicated group takes to the streets to call for an end to the violence. what they plan for all the problems in oakland.
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the sprint post-race show continues, nascar on fox in richmond, virginia, kevin harvick the closer from nowhere to victory lane. his celebration continues as michael waltrip and chris myers welcome you back to look at the unofficial results. clint bowyer a strong finish. >> what about joey logano fought to a third-place finish. love to see what carl edwards and aric almirola did. >> matt kenseth led the most laps, 140. he is your lap leader for the season so far. but no victories. jeff gordon at 11th. and at 18th, tony stewart, he hustled away on the golf cart before an interview tonight. bobby labonte and david ragan, top 20 finishes. kasey kahne had trouble all night long. david reutimann a 22nd place finish. >> and kyle busch with four
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straight wins in the spring race but he had some problems. >> jamie mcmurray, the risk of starting on the old tires he went from second to 26th in two laps. >> but for clint bowyer the short track finishing second behind kevin harvick. steve byrnes caught up with clint bowyer. >> tell us about your night tonight. >> yeah, it was good early. we were just too tight on the throttle. it just wouldn't rotate quite good enough. but we had a great car. it was a good night. it was a lucky finish. i was lucky i was on the bottom. i knew the cars on old tires, all hell was going to break loose and it did. i was right. i was luke "cky to be on the bo. and harvick got down there and
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they washed up. second place is good. a little bit frustrated. i thought we had a shot at but the first lap i thought we're not turning good enough and eventually everybody got their cars a little bit better and were able to pass us. i'll take second any day. >> good job. >> from there to the podium behind the winner, kevin harvick, 113 laps led for clint bowyer. and joey logano, that appeal comes up on wednesday for penske racing. joey part of that with brad keselowski. checking the points through nine races, this is a quarter of the season. 17 races until the chase and jimmie johnson widens his points lead. >> and brad keselowski will be curious about the outcome of that appeal if he can stay in the top ten in points. >> jamie mcmurray with a shot at victory with the 12 spot. and kenseth with those points
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deducted. he loses the pole and the bonus points for the second win at kansas until that appeal is heard. nascar on fox continues on the sprint post-race show from richmond, virginia. final thoughts from your winner, kevin harvick and our guys in just a moment. and do you know your... blood type? a or b positive?? have you eaten today? i had some lebanese food for lunch. i love the lebanese. i... i'm not sure. enough of the formalities... lets get started shall we? jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dracula volunteering at a blood drive. we have cookies... get happy. get geico.
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>> print -- sprint post-race on fox. it looked like montoya was going to win it. harvick closes after matt kenseth dominated. coming up next, late local news for most and then it's "ben and kate" fox late night. and next saturday major league baseball on fox. enthe joy the nationals and pirates. the orioles against the angels. and then next sunday at noon eastern the one-hour pre-race show. grab on to your restricter plate. it's talladega. matt kenseth took the lead last year and ended up getting the victory last year. >> last fall i was trying to pass for the lead on the last lap when we got together for a crash. you position yourself. you think tonight was crazy,
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wait until you tune in next sunday and watch us run nearly 200 miles an hour in a pack of 30 or 40 cars. >> kevin harvick has a win in talladega in 2010. victory lane over on speed has more coverage from richmond here tonight. so kevin harvick, with his first victory of the year. still you have jimmie johnson, matt kenseth and kyle busch who have two wins after nine races. we'll move toward the second quarter of the season next sunday at talladega at noon eastern. for michael waltrip, darrell, larry, mike, steve, krista, jeff and matt i'm chris myers. thanks for watching nascar on fox.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news. >> good evening. thank you for joining us for this special post race edition of the news. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. the shooting death of three pit bulls by officers is being investigated. it's a story you will only see here. math keller joins us live to say neighbors say they were horrified by what they saw. >> reporter: yeah. neighbors said that law enforcement frequently comes to this house but this latest encounter ended with the death of three dogs. sheriff's deputies and their dog deputies were looking for a man wanted for possession of meth to sell and vehicle theft
8:27 pm
at this san lorenzo home. they say they encountered a woman and four pit bulls escaping out the front door. >> they attacked the dog and were coming at the deputies. they are aggressive at this point so the deputies fired. >> reporter: this is video from a neighbor arriving at the scene moments after the gun fire. one dog was shot in a paw and survived. two were killed and a 4th lived for about ten minutes as neighbors and the owner begged deputies to put her down. >> [inaudible] >> my sister was yelling kill her, stop letting her suffer. >> reporter: the sister of the homeowner said animal control came and put the dog down. she described the dogs as friendly and exciteable and say they have never attacked anybody. mark baxter felt the deputies should have been better prepared which could have prevented the shootings. >> i don't want to see that again.
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this is horrible. just animals are so innocent. it's just -- it's not something you want to see. >> reporter: the sheriff's spokesman said the dog deputy was roughed up but not hurt. reporting live. matt keller. >> a shopping center is back open tonight after a bank robbery and bomb scare this afternoon prompt an evacuation. just before 2:30 a man robbed a wells fargo branch. they report the bank robber told employees that he left plastic explosives in the building. police were called and the bomb squad from berkeley came to search the bank the bank was finally deemed safe and the shopping center was reopened. the suspect was eventually arrested. >> it was a close call for some fishermen after their boat caught fire this morning. san francisco police say that four people were on this boat near candlestick point when an engine leak started the fire on the boat just before ten.
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you can see this damage. a police boat rescued the four and brought them to safety. a witness said he could seat smoke from his window. >> have you seen or talked to them? >> i did. they were a little shook up. they looked like they had just seen a ghost. >> reporter: we are told one person was treated for smoke inhalation. the other three were not hurt. >> now to san jose where a wind driven grass fire burned about five acres this afternoon. the fire department tweeted these pictures of that smoky fire. it broke out around 2:15 on communications hill making it visible across a wide area in the south bay. that's near guadalupe. you can see a cal fire chopper helped put out the flames the air. an unattended fire at a homeless camp got out of control. nobody was hurt. >> a manhunt is underway tonight for a pan who fatally stabbed a 9-year-old. the child was attacked at home
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about 25 miles east of stockton. authorities haven't yet said if the victim was a boy or girl. multiple law enforcement agencies are searching the area right now looking for the suspect. he is white or hispanic, 6'' with a muscular build and gray hair. authorities say he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> we have a search going on by both the ground and we have dogs on scene. we have an air ship that's been on scene and as time has gone on expanded. >> reporter: residents received reverse 911 calls warning them to lock doors and report any suspicious activity. >> two different group of protesters dedicated to ending street violence gathered for their weekly demonstrations today and as john tells us their message has taken on new meaning


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