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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ken
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wayne. >> >> hello, everyone, i'm heather holmes. tomorrow marks two weeks since the boston marathon bombingses. today in contra costa county, a benefit run. at today's fund-raiser, we talked with some of the participants, including aaron's cousin. >> >> reporter: this walk/run fund- raiser, a way for the community to show support as they await his possible return to martinez this week. >> reporter: there was pay troy outism. and a race that some people ran and others walked. an event to raise money for the family of 11-year-old aaron hearn. his legs badly damaged when one of two bombs went off at the
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boston marathon. the fund-raiser, an event to remember those injured and lives lost on that day. >> to see had there was more than aaron injured. so many people and knowing the next day, he was part of it. it hit home. >> reporter: caring for aaron volunteer brandy copeland doesn't know aaron or his family. that's true of the many of hundreds of people here, but not all. >> he's wonderful. he is our cousin, we were walking for him. >> reporter: the nation knows aaron from photos taken with first lady michelle obamaed a at his bedside. aaron apparently remains in boston. his story uniting people in his hometown. >> it's great to show we are coming to the as one. >> overflowed with joy. >> reporter: aaron's birthday is wednesday. his family reportedly hopes to
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have him home by then. martinez, ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." . an estimated 400 runners took part in the boston marathon also ran this morning in a big sur. >> there were pins given oath saying 4/15/13. about 9,000 runners and walkers took part in today's big sur race. details emerging and finger pointing is becoming more prevalent in washington. our coverage continuesen how intercepted conversations about jihad are dominating the political blame game >> reporter: boston bombing investigators learning more about suspicious conversations between the mother of the accused bomber and possibly one
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of her sons. are you is this intercepted the alleged communication, discussing jihad back in 2011. the fbi on eboni dion obtained that information in the past two days. now, politicians are week working to find out who knew what and when. >> if the russians had given the fbi early on information they had early on, it would have been a different outcome. >> reporter: the intercepted conversation is described as vague. >> at this point, trying to point fingers, saying the dots were not connected is a little early. let's get in, let's review it and at some point, if there are some things we need to change, let change them. investigators piece together the case against the surviving suspect. in oklahoma city, runners that unable to finish the race in boston laced up again. >> i'm wearing exactly what i wore in boston except for a different number. >> reporter: we have learned knee, new details about the
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e cility where the surviving onis being held. he is being supervised constantly. >> today, the widow of boston bombing suspect czar was spotted leaving her home in rhode island with her mother, hit her face has she drove off in a white nissan. she said she was in the dark about her husband's alleged plot. >> you can go to our website and you will find a tab on our front page. >> >> the mississippi man who is accused of mailing ricen to the president and a senator. he was arrested yesterday after investigators searched his home and business. he told reporters he was not familiar with ricen and didn't send the letters in question. if convicted, he could face
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life in prison. >> >> police say there a system detected gunshots at 10:30 am at the euclid avenue. when officers arrive lived, they found two men suffering from gunshot ones. one died at the hospital. the other victim in critical condition. so far, police have not made any arrests. the manhunt continues rights right now, >> for the killer of an eight- year-old girl. people are being told to deep their windows an doors locked. melly has details on information released today from the sheriff's office. >> >> reporter: one day after the coroner's office said that the eight-year-old was stabbed multiple times, nay descended on valley springs to search for a killer.
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>> we collected fingerprints and what we believe is dap. it will be had hopefully processed in the next week. >> >> reporter: deputies say fowler was home with her 12- year-old brother when just before noon, coming face to face with an intruder, the boy left and went to check on his sister, discovering a gruesome site. >> we are searching the area near tobacco -- the search has expanded beyond that, we are following up on tips and a lead. we received some tips and lees from outside of the county. >> >> deputies have not named the suspect and they say they don't have a person of interest. >> we have plans in place. so if we are not able to solve this case, we are able to protect the kids and the schools as best as possible. >> reporter: it includes an increased officer presence at
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schools and bus stops, so many we have spoken to in this community tell them it's going to take a lot to put them at he's. >> >> friends and family, marking one year since the killing of a transgendered woman in oak lapd. brandy was shot and killed last april 29th sitting in her car in downtown oakland. she worked assed a advocate for transes vision. her killing remains unsolved tomorrow's vigil is set for 7:00 p.m. at franklin and 13th street near where she was killed. her family is hoping the vigil will remind people about the case and convince anyone with information to come forward. >> >> it has been hard for those with allergies, things could be getting worst. walnut creek, one of the places where people's allergies are acting -p.
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erics are musen is there, live. >> i can tell you, just standing in the grass out here r ating. i was among those who had to take one of those allergy pills and pharmacists, some of them tell me keeping this stuff in stock has not been easy. >> another beautiful weekend in the bay area. >> but, it's been no day in the park for people battling allergies. >> it has been terrible. the worst probably i have ever experienced. usually, my nose runs and my eyes get red. >> reporter: relief for kirsten requires a full compliment of medication. >> i use zyrtec and i have a prescription medicine and i use inhalers as well. >> reporter: an early blast of pollen is taking its toll on all ages. experts say our warmer than normal spring could be partly
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to blame. trees, flowers and grass giving people a hard time. levels vary from one part of the bay area to another. trees and grasses have been trending higher in the past few weeks. in some areas, it sparked a run on all kinds of allergy medicine. >> i see all of the allergy drops are gone. >> reporter: a pharmacist in walnut creek told us a new shipment arrived friday and they were almost cleaned out by today. allergy sufferers should not expect a break any time soon. warmer and windier weather is coming our way this week and that should make conditions worst. erics areer erics are. erics
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er no raindrops expected, we have a rain free forecast through the end of the month. current temperatures, you can see this, san francisco 66 degrees. we did warm up inlapd, look at all of the upper 80s fairfield, livermore topped out at 90 degrees. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning. mostly clear skies, coolest locations in the upper 40s. not a big change, but a lot of 50s to start out your day. maybe a patch or two of clouds. that will lead to another warm day for coast, back up into the 60s. here is our forecast for tomorrow. downtown san francisco on track to reach the lower 70s as you head east, temperatures go up with our temperature sensor, inland, warmest locations into the upper 80s, warmest location
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approaching the 90s. more warming in our five-day forecast. we'll let you know when the heat works its way up to the coast for the beaches. i'll let you know the parts that could have an increase in fire danger by wednesday morning. >> >> authorities have released new details on a bank robbery suspect they say caused a bomb scare yesterday afternoon. police say 51-year-old thomas thompson of san raff-year-old robbed a wells fog gay. they say he demanded money and placed a pink substance on the counter, saying it would explode, prompting an evacuation of the entire shopping center thompson was arrested nearby an hour later the substance deemed to be harmless and the center was reopened by early evening. >> >> we are where park officials are urging dog owners to be more responsible with their best friend, we will tell you about the attack that lead to
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this warning. >> >> continuing coverage on the faa furloughs. how soon air traffic controllers could be back on the regular schedules, >> why nearly half a million cavians could start to see a drop in their unemployment benefits. . you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> reporter: kristi fields, a dog lover's paradise. as cute as they can be, not all
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are friendly. >> it is a pretty good idea, probably to keep them on a leash. >> >> reporter: on april 1th. some off leash dogs attacked and killed two -- superintendent released this statement. visitors with dogs are response imfor preventing theiring it dogs from attacking wildlife or people. we will seuss existing federal regulations to prosecute owners that create the kinds of problems that happen throughout the park. >> no dog should be off the leash if the owner cannot control it. >> according to the golden gate national recreation area, there have been at least nine incidents where a dog bit a park employee or a visitor out here. they say most of those
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incidents involve off leash dogs. dog advocate sally stevens said this warning comes too close to a supplemental dog management policy that is going to be release. >> there is a much larger problem with dogs, it leads you to believe, than there actually is. >> >> more details, now, you may recall that a pitbull last year attacked u.s. park police horse. the dog bit the horse's stomach and leg, causing the officer to fall and throw the officer to the ground. the horse was taken off active duty. the owner of the dog was cited for assault on a police officer and failure to control a dog. >> >> spca in monterrey county asking for donations to help care for dozen of neglected
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pets rescued from a horder's home. 24 dogs, seven puppies and seven cats living in f eric kirschner c eric kirschner s with -- in addition to monetary donations, spca is asking professional groomers for help trying to keep up the animals. >> >> a brawl last night where one person was stabbed and several other injured appears to be gang-related investigators say several gunshots were fired, but no one was hit. when officers arrived, they found several injured people. police say they refused medical treatment. the person that was stabbed was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. >> >> jury selection in marine county. a 79-year-old accused of killing four women between 1997 and 1994.
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he was a photographer who took pictures of women in lingerie and posed them in ways that made them appear dead. all of the victims were found strangled along a rural road. he is representing himself and he faces the death penalty if convicted. >> >> half a million unemployed californians will see a significant drop in their benefits due to sequestration cuts. starting tomorrow, 400 thousand californians will receive almost 18% less in their check. the edd mailed out letters warning people of the can yous, right now, the average federal unemployment payment in california is $298 a week, tomorrow, that will go down it $246 a week. the sequester is reportedly having an effect on the coast guard. budget cuts have prompted the coast guard to suspend patrols of bay bridges and air vents for the 2 -- a spokesperson
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said that field commanders were given flexibility to handle the budget cuts however they deemed appropriate. >> >> continuing coverage of the faa furloughs. staffing of air traffic controllers is expected to return to normal levels by tonight the announcement comes days after congress passed legislation allows the faa to cut costs without furloughs the air stroke controllers. >> none of us should be in this position at this point in time. it's a larger problem than just a mandate they are trying to fix right now. >> >> the faa said 40% of airline delays last week were a result of not enough controllers in the towers, at least three air traffic controllers were furloughed last week at sfo and oakland, at least two a day in san jose. >> >> virgin airlines will be offering flights to los angeles
5:21 pm
international airport this wednesday may 1st. the airline will use airbus 320 planes for the daily nonstop planes. sreur engine is the only airlines headquarters here >> four people stabbed during mass. what we are learning about the attack. how an off duty officer helped police to get their suspect. >> it was like so unleave believable. >> a group of georgia high schoolers have a prom to remember. we'll take you to their first integrated dance and big show of support from across the country. >> >> news to the world. competition celebrating -- . i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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heavy rain in the houston area. -- police in new into mexico questioning a 24-year-old man accused of stabbing four people today during church services. police say he jumped over several pews at saint jude in new mexico and walked up to the choir and started to stab people.
5:25 pm
an off duty officer helped to subdue him until police arrived. all four are expected 20 survive. >> >> conflict of syria took center stage on sunday talk shows as lawmakers grappled with the question of a u.s. response. now that the white house concedes it is probable the regime used chemical weapons on its people. republicans point to president obama's own declare racial that use of chemicals would be a red line republicans say america could attack aryan air bases with missiles. >> the greatest risk is a failed state with chemical weapons falling in the hands of islam ickes and pouring into syria the longer this goes, the more likely you will have a failed state and all hell will break loose. >> democrat lawmaker called for more assistance. the u.s. said it is currently
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senting supplies such as night vision goggles and body armour to the syrian rebels. >> >> bangladesh a fire broke out in the wreck an of the collapsed factory as the death toll hit at least 377. sparks from a machine being used to cut steel to free a woman trapped in the rubble likely started that fire. investigators believe the woman ended up dieing in the blaze. meantime, the fugitive owner of the building was arrested near the indian border. in italy, gunman opened fire outside of a prime minister's officer wounding two police officers just as a new coalition government was being sworn in a half mile away. suspect is a 49-year-old unemployed brick layer. the shooting came after
5:27 pm
metropolitans of instability followings in national elections. >> >> in germany this weekend, 100 men took part in a beard competition. there were facial flowerrishes and mustache marvels from a myriad, as many of the participants dressed -- 18 different cat gore yeses and judges, the best fu man chu -- some promgoers in georgia said they felt more like hollywood movie stars as they attended their first ever region racially integrated prom. >> it's so unbelievable. i feel like it's not really happening. >> before last night, proms were organized and paid for by parents and by tradition were segregated. this time, a group off students had a prom that ever could attend. it turns out to be a lot of
5:28 pm
local support. >> i think everybody has something to do it with. i think everyone has their input in it. they all came here to supporter us. >> >> student organizers raised money through a facebook page to get the hall and dj's and photographers donated their time. >> we are an hour away from game four. talking to fans about why they believe in these warriors more than ever. >> >> a crucial hearing in the trayvon martin case, why the attorney for the man accused of killingle teen wants prosecutorses to hand over their evidence. >> >> starving sea lions along the california coast. the rising numbers that have a lot of people worried. . why are 8 million people sleeping better tonight?
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continuing coverage on the gun control debate. >> if you are law-abiding, you will love this bill. if you are a criminal, you probably won't like it. >> he said the bill focuses on the expansion of criminal background check and mental health issues >> california state lawmakers considering a bill for a statewide band used by hunters, supporters they lead bullets are a threat to condors that may eat the meat of a shot
5:32 pm
animal. crucial hearing schedules for tuesday in florida in the case against george zimmerman. he is the an makeupsed of killing trayvon martin. his attorney plans to request that prosecutors hand over all of the evidence they have against their client, including 9-1-1 tapes. he plans to question the lawyer for the martin family under oath regarding crump's interview with's girl friend. >> he put himself in the middle of the investigation of a significant witness and did it in a way that caused more questions than answers. >> originally, a judge ruled that zimmerman's attorneys could not question crump. zimmerman has pleaded "not guilty" to second degree murder. tuesday's hearing is expected to be one of the pre-trial hearings before the trial officially begins june 10th >> happening now, golden state warriors getting ready for a
5:33 pm
playoff showdown against the denver nuggets. >> debra? >> reporter: fans are beyond excited as they climb the blue carpet over there. we saw them lining up hours before the door opened. with the warriors up 2-1 in the series, huge anticipation the team will pick up where they left off friday night. >> it seemed the oracle arena could barely hold the pandemonium. warriorses held on to win by two after being down 13. tonight, fans are primed to party again. >> this is big. it's a big game for us. we don't want to go to denver, down 2-2. with the series tied like that, it's very dangerous going into denver. >> reporter: everyone is psyched, a warrior wins means they need three in a row to win
5:34 pm
the series. fans say they team has momentum. >> david lee went out, he was injured. we are proving everyone wrong, they counted us out. so, we are showing a lot of heart. >> this former warriors gm, now commentator said he couldn't be happier for the fans or the players. >> i think they are in a wonderful place. they have denver on their heels. they are confident, playing hard, playing smart, winning basketball. i expect this place to be really jumping tonight. >> reporter: more so than the other night? >> i think so. >> like friday night, fans are finding special playoff t shirts on their chairs, four mottos on the back, defend, protect, battle and unite. make sure not to repeat the same word twice and it took them six hours to drape them on 20,000 seats. we will have fan reaction, win or lose, after the game.
5:35 pm
reporting live in oakland, ktvu -- . >> if the warriors win tonight, they need one more game to advance. if denver wins, the series will be tied at two games each. if a game six is necessary, the series returns on thursday. fred english is there at the arena, bringing us a preview of tonight's game, including how the team feels in our early edition of sports wrap. >> >> opening statements in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. jackson's mother and his three children are suing aeg entertainment. the company promoting jackson's 2009 comeback tour. the suit claims they knew about
5:36 pm
his poor health and drug use and still pressured jackson and s doctor, dr. murray to meet a series of deadlines. potential witnesses include lists like singer prince, diana ross, lisa marie presley and debby rowe. they are asking for $40 million. -- . you see rib canes through their skin, in some cases, you can see the spines on the shoulder blades >> some of the pups were transferred to marine mmal
5:37 pm
center researchers say the pups may be starving because of the short an of fish they usually eat. crews in oakland, officials say they anticipate crewses to fix more than 3,000 pot holes throughout the city. they plan to focus on -- >> the so-called pot hole blitz is scheduled for the next two months. 2800 pot holes were filled
5:38 pm
during a similar blitz last year. >> >> apple i tunes store celebrating a milestone. it is now 10 years old and while it faces increased competition, it is stilled the biggest newic is marketplace in the world. >> >> a surprise concert from a legendary rock band. we'll tell you about the treats of that some lucky rolling stones fans received ahead of their big 50th anniversary >> bay area really warming up. pughtyful shot -- just how hugh temperatures will get. .
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>> it's really fun, some of the boats are really bignd a you can sometimes hop on from boat to boat and see what's inside of it. it's really fun. >> >> today's event was formed in san francisco back in 1896. >> the secret is not owning a boat, it's knowing somebody that has nice boat that will take you with them alot of sunshine, patchy fog in the bay this morning, but it cleared out nicely, looking out over the bay, clear
5:42 pm
skies and still a great day to be outside. average high warmup still nice, a bit of a breeze developing, wind from 10-15-miles an hour. temperatures today, range from the lower 60s, fog clearing this afternoon, all the way to the lower 90s toward fairfield, antioch and livermore. satellite shows the storm track heading to our north. you can see the lingering fog. it's not here in the bay area. but prior marely south. we just have a few high clouds sneaking into the area. as far as numbers, we are holding onto upper 80s to rice around out degrees. livermore. san jose, 77, down ton san francisco currently 65 degrees. forecast headlines force tonight, mostly clear skies. we could have a patch tor two, tomorrow, more sunshine and especially near the coast and
5:43 pm
right around the bay. the warmup continues, ebb tended still some warm temperatures and pretty hot numbers inlapd. once again, perspective. showing you some of the rain heading way up to our north e c high pressure is in charge of our weather. as a result, sunny and warm, warmest locations inland flirting with the 90-degree mark. there is a very weak system that moves into the region tuesday. this area of low pressure skirts the area. we'll be a little cooler primarily coast side. very tiny changes, once the system moves through, it will amplify the wind speeds, windy hills. late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. it sounds strange to say this, would see have an increase in the fire danger, especially in the north bay hills. we have not picked up much in the way of rainfall. >> >> tomorrow morning showing you
5:44 pm
the forecast maybe some patchy fog, partly cloudy skies, increase in sunshine as you would expect for the afternoon. this fog patch will clear out as well. this links up with the 90s, a lot of 80s, even the beaches, mid-to up ever 607s right around 70 degrees. forecast high tomorrow, santa rosa, 8 degrees. fairfield, 90s out toward there. concorde, antioch, oakland very nice. warming up to 0, san jose, from of the high of 6. san francisco downtown, we had the 60s today, tomorrow in the lower 70s >> here is a look ahead. five-day forecast you will notice this temperatures not much of a change into tuesday. maybe a little cooler of the inland spots tuesday, but then once again wind speeds crank up wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday, over the hottest day and we scale back on the heat sunday, a week from now. we are talking warm enough by
5:45 pm
may 1st, wednesday, san francisco could approaching the lower 80s. -- >> rolling stones kicked off their anniversary with a surprise concert. the ledge dairy rock and roll band played a 90 minute show at echo plex, tickets only cost $20 and went on sale earlier in the day. they begin the 50 and counting anniversary tour this friday at l.a.'s staple center. >> >> one of the founders of "ms" magazine has died, mary tom served as the editor there for 20 years.
5:46 pm
she authored several books. her family said she was killed friday in a motorcycle accident in new york. she was 6. >> >> coming up, giants try to avoid being swept in san diego >> and the a's try to avoid being swept in oakland. . look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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good evening, oakland a's
5:49 pm
reached out to the spirit to pull out a win. sure didn't start out well against baltimore. the orioles got four t fifth and here in the fifth, adam jones hitting past donaldson. of they will cut down manny to prevent another run from scoring. it was 5-0. >> >> starting in the 6th, a's began to chip away, two-runs. donaldson came to the plate with bases lloydeagainst gonzalez. both come around, a's within a run. after the orioles got in front. a's were even. over the centerfield fence. two-run shot and it was 6-6, 8- 6 in the bottom of the ninth. providing more drama. doesn't seem to swing very hard
5:50 pm
-- they are heading to extra innings tied at 8th. orioles helped the a's send everybody home. a's win 9-8, end their losing streak at four games. hosting the angels for the first of three tomorrow night. >> >> one week ago, giantsy finishing off a sweep of san diego padres. they returned the favor in their home park. last night's 12 inning game. and then nick got into a -- tied no longer, san diego 3-1 lead. in the eighth, giants made
5:51 pm
some noise, pablo sand doe value. -- runs out of room, 6-4 game. san doe value had four hits on the day. two-runers in scoring position. 6-4, san diego, join giants have lost five straight overall. now head to arizona for the first of three >> you can bet oakland coliseum will be rocking. warriors have a chance to take a decisive advantage in their series against denver before it heads back to english. fred english joins us live now. >> >> reporter: this oracle arena has been named roaracle. i was here back in 2007 and i
5:52 pm
can tell you friday night's crowd was as loud of any of those we believe fan base nuggets lead at half time. resulted in 30 points for the nuggets. warriors, they are resilient and their bench outplayed denver's bench and for the second straight game, warriors easily won the rebound battle. both teams are missing key players. the warriors are gaining national attention and coach mark jackson has one piece of advice. >> make sure your hair cut looks good, because when we continue to do what we talked about doing, the media room will be filled. articles will be written and people will talk about you. you don't want to look back like i look back at some of those old f moments an
5:53 pm
wonder why i didn't visit the barber shop that day. >> >> i'm just playing my game and trying to be me. >> >> s-t eric kirschner ph currie. -- this will be special for mark jackson, his wife will sing the national an them before tonight's game four. wouldn't it be great with if the warriors could finish off a fantastic finish like their
5:54 pm
me, oakland a's did? t of he > >> we'll update you on the other nba playoff series. worth the wait for affairs time winner on the golf tour. we'll be right back. .
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5:56 pm
boston celtics were one loss away from the indignity of being swept. the injured rondo had to settle for the role of cheerleader. 84-2 new york, celtics tied it, they went into overtime. in overtime, jason terry show, making boston's last nine points going for 1 in all. celtics win 97-90, but are hard hely out of the woods, they
5:57 pm
trail as no one expected lebron james and miami heat to have any travel with milwaukee. james did lead the heat with 30, mare he yo' calmers to james for this hoop. heat win-77 complete completing are four game series sweep, miami can win until saturday and play the winner of the chicago series >> 3 1/2 hours for a rain delay, they had to wait, talk about a round, starting on number 7, birdie six straight holes. this one at number nine after the approach. once again, look at that. then, fairway at 1, another rain delay. porsche waited that one out and
5:58 pm
made this birdie putt at 18 to conclude a round of 64, edging out points by a shot. becomes the sixth first time winner of the tour. that its for this early night sports wrap. >> >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> >> a deadly 24 hours along the north coast, we are following news three divers died in the last day, two of them from the bay area >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we are always here for you online. go warriors, we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. everyone. .
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