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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 28, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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they started off hot and the warriors and steph curry continue to burn up until the final buzzer. it is another play off win tonight for the warriors. >> we will go to the warriors in a moment. but first we begin with the stabbing of an off duty police officer at a club. >> reporter: a fight broke out
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here at the vinyl room. the uncle of one victim told ktvu his nephew an off duty berkeley police officer was stabbed several times. berkeley police say he is in stable position. vinyl room is a 21 and over club with a dress code on saturday and sun. berling game police said they could not give us any names or the state of injury. they released a statement, we are grateful that the involved officer is doing well. we tried to ask one of the owners of the club what happened last night and what led up to the violence but he had no comment. we also spoke to a number of folks at local bars around here. the very few folks that knew anything about what happened they did not want to talk about
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it. we're live in burlingame. cara lui, ktvu news. the body of 66-year-old cedric collet was pulled from the water yesterday afternoon. he still had on his weight belt and for some reason he did not resurface. a diving partner tried to get help. former colleague joe panco says pallete was an experienced diver and good friend who will be sorely missed. >> he thought us a lot about being a good person. truly our loss and his families. it's hard on everybody right now this is so unexpected. >> reporter: a 36-year-old diver from san francisco also died in sonoma county. and a third man's body was found in fort brag. their names have not been
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released. the owner of a pacifica dive club says says even in shallow water, it can be dangerous. >> when your holding your breath, even just getting abiloni anything can take you down. it was a beautiful warm spring day across much of the bay area today. as you can see it was nothing but blue skies today in contra costa county and a clear view of san diablo. the sun seemed to be sparkling in the water. you can see a handful of boaters enjoying very nice weather. >> and warm weekend. it was just a preview of what's to come. mark tamayo has been tracking this warm weather and you say get ready for more. >> we have a lot to talk about this last week of april. we're talking about more 90s over the next few days. the temperatures are warming up. as far as temperatures from today they range from the 60s and lots of upper 80s and lower
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90s out toward antioch and livermore. things will still be changing over the next few days. so april we're going to wrap up the month here the last several days with this, a warm to hot week ahead. clear skies at the coast. lots of sunshine there. temperatures warming up into the 70s, 80s and low 90s. winds do pick up. especially by tuesday night and wednesday morning. with that, it feels strange to be talking about this, but elevated danger. we'll fill in all the details with the warm numbers we will also break down the numbers you can expect over the last few days. >> it's been terrible. probably the worse i have ever experienced. the shortage placing all of you -- plaguing all of you allergy sufferers out is there and what can be expected this next week. police identified the
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suspect as 51-year-old thomas hobson of san rafael. they say he robbed a wells fargo bank in green bay. hobson demanded money and placed a pink substance on the counter saying it would explode. that prompted an evacuation of the entire shopping center. hobson was arrested and the shopping center was reopened after the substance was deemed harmless. the trial of nasso is expected to start tomorrow. the man is accused of killing several women. all of the victims were found strangled along rural roads. nasso who is representing himself faces the death penalty if convicted. a man hunt stretches into the second day as police search for the killer of an 8-year-old girl identified as leyla
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fowler. >> reporter: one day after the calaveras police started their search, they released the victim's name. >> prints and dna will hopefully be processed within the next week. >> reporter: fowler was home alone with her 12-year-old brother. their parents at a near by public event. just before noon he came face to face with an intruder. after the man left, he went to check on his sister discovering a gruesome site. the man was seen leaving the home on foot. >> we are searching the calaveras area. but the search has expanded beyond that and we're following up on tips and leads. we have received some tips and leads from outside of the county. >> reporter: deputies have not named a suspect and they say they don't have a person or persons of interest. one parent asked if he should be concerned about sending his
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child to school tomorrow. >> we have plans in place so that if we're not able to solve this case we're able to protect the kids and the schools to the best extent possible. that plan includes an increased officer presence at school. but so many people we've spoken with in this community tells us it's going to take a lot to put them at ease. now to the warriors and the bay area celebrating an electrifying performance tonight. fans had plenty of reasons to cheer. just about all night long, hi deb. >> yeah they were roaring as they poured out of the arena tonight too. we still have a contingent here. i promised sports i wouldn't give away the scores. but safe to say, fans got the
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performance and the outcome they came for. it was an excited crowd that only got more excited. a crowd on its feet almost as much as the starting line up. play off t-shirts at every seat. if not being worn, being waved. >> i don't know how long we're going to go, let's see. >> reporter: that's the team owner as the lights deemed for the national -- dimmed for the national anthem. >> reporter: the coach's wife singing. >> who's idea was it? >> it was his. >> reporter: did it take much convincing. >> not at all.
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>> reporter: is he holding up okay? >> yes he is, he's an amazing man. >> reporter: david lee -- losing david lee not seeming to be a problem. not when steph curry is on. >> i'm very proud of them. we'll see what we can do. >> reporter: a golden state team enjoying a golden run. and what happens next will be in denver. but even without home court the warriors need only one more win to advance. and nuggets need four. and the warriors are soaking it in. deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and from oakland we go to san francisco. taking a live look now at san francisco city hall. of course the city moving forward with a new waterfront
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stadium for the warriors. you can see city hall all lit up in warriors colors tonight of alternating blue and gold. coming up in sports wrap, our joe fo nzi will be all the high highlights from tonight's games and what's coming up for the warriors. family, friends and lots of strangers hit the track for a bay area boy injured in the boston marathon bombings. their efforts to try to help his family. >> sequestered cuts hitting the bay area. the high profile areas that are seeing security suspended. >> i find it despicable, i find it unethical. >> a bad use of donations. we'll tell you how bay area elders are being swindled.
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you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. now to our continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombing. tonight they're counting up the donations from tonight's fundraiser for aaron hern. he was one of the people injured.
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>> reporter: there was patriotism. and a race that some people ran and others walked. an event to raise money for the family of 11-year-old aaron hern. his legs badly injured when one of two bombs went off near the finish line of the marathon. this event also a day to remember those injured and lost on that day. >> to see that there was more than even aaron that was injured. i mean so many people. and knowing that the next day that he was part of it. just it hit home. >> reporter: caring for aaron volunteer brandy copeland doesn't know aaron or his family. that's true of many of the hundreds of people here but not all. >> he's wonderful. he's our cousin. we're walking for him. >> reporter: kevin wince learned on the radio that his cousin was injured. the nation knows aaron from
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pictures taken with michelle obama by his bedside and as cameras followed him through the blast site. >> it's just great that we're coming together as one. >> i think it's just overjoyed. i know i am with the turn out. >> reporter: word is his family hopes to have his home by wednesday. ken pritchett, ktvu news in martinez. about 400 people who ran in the boston marathon took part in today's big suhr international marathon. at the start of the race runners stood for a moment of silence to honor the boston victims. and organizers gave out pins that said 4/15/13 runners united. about 10,000 runners and walkers took place in today's event. today we're learning more
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about a phone call between the mother of the bombers and one of the sons. it turns out that they talked jihad in the conversation, and the fbi is just learning about it. and now the question of why the suspect did not raise a red flag. the conversation is being described as vague and officials say it did not have any specifics about attacks against the u.s. you can go online to to learn more. due to sequestration cuts. the state development department says starting tomorrow about 3400 californians will get less on
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their checks. the average federal unemployment payment in california is about $298 a week starting tomorrow though, that will go down to $246 a week. those sequester budget cuts are also reportedly having an effect on coast guard patrol. the cuts prompted the coast guard to suspend routine patrols of the golden gate and bay bridges and the transbay too. a spokeswoman for the coast guard told the paper that field commanders were given flexibility to handle the budget cuts however they deemed appropriate. meantime the flag delays brought on by those automatic budget cuts are over with air travel expected to be back to normal tonight. this comes after congress hastily passed legislation allowing the faa to cut costs without furloughing air traffic controllers. >> none of us should be in this position at this point in time. and it's a larger problem than just a band aid that they're
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trying to fix right now. the faa says 37% of airline delays were a result of not enough controllers. there were at least two furloughs a day in san jose. beginning wednesday may 1, the airline will offer four daily nonstop flights between san jose and l.a.x. in tonight's special reports, may is elder abuse awareness month. the abuse can be physical, mental and financial. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar investigates how bait is hooking more and more trail into elderly victims. >> i haven't been getting them for over the last week or two. >> reporter: mable a 95-year-
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old widow has begun suffering of memory. mable's nephew and niece are talking about a lot of donation requests. >> it was obviously the more she paid, the more letters they would send. >> reporter: for mable it started off small. >> small checks of five, 10, 15, $20. >> i looked at her checkbook and that month she had spent $200 in contributions. >> reporter: the contributions are not taxable because it's for political organizations.
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sorting through those big bags of mable's mail we counted 66 letters from the responsibility citizens inc. the organization took $2 million in 2011. >> it's insane, that level of solicitation just seems so off the charts. >> reporter: much says ken berger of charity navigators says high calculated fund raising. >> it's based on pure data. the more times you ask there's at least some percentage that will give. so they'll just ask and ask and ask until they squeeze every penny that they can. >> i wish i could say this was an unusual situation. >> reporter: it's no surprise to the elder abuse prevention director at the san francisco based institute on aging. >> their information falls to many many people. and their inundated with requests for more money. it can be very overwhelming
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especially if you have someone that a cognitive decline. >> reporter: many solicitations come from in and around washington, d.c. >> it gives it an air of legitimacy. >> reporter: are they looking for patriots and supporters or are they shopping for suckers. >> there's so much abuse, there's so much misinformation about where the money is going. >> there's a perception that they are easy prey. >> reporter: nontax deductible groups must follow far fewer groups than deductible ones. >> whatever limited rules they are, they are almost free to do anything you can imagine. >> reporter: many legitimate groups raise funds this way. but experts say many nonlegitimate groups do too. without careful research you have no way of knowing. all would say they are legally soliciting adults. that's why friends and relatives of seniors with
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cognitive issues need to follow how they're handling their money. plus captured at the border the owner of that building that collapsed and killed dozens in bengladesh is finally under arrest. >> coming up a temperature change and how much warming you can expect for monday and when san francisco hits the 80s. (horn blowing)
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heavy rain in the houston area left streets flooded. thousands without power and at least one person without a roof. fire officials say about 150 people called for help from their flooded vehicles.
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hail the size of golf balls also pelted people north of houston. a 24-year-old man accused of stabbing four people today during church services is expected to face several felony charges. police say lawrence capner jumped over several pews at st. jude's and then walked up to the choir and started stabbing people. a commando force arrested the fugitive owner of that eight story building that collapsed last week as the owner was at the indian border apparently ready to flee the country. also a fire broke out where firefighters were trying to rescue a woman. investigators believe the woman died in the fire. tonight the death toll stands
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at 377. angry protest as lawmakers approved a bill clearing the way for the government to cut 15,000 public servant positions by the end of next year. the bill overturns greece's long-standing guarantee of employment for civil servants. a crucial hearing is set for tuesday in the case against george zimmerman the man accused of killing unarmed teen trayvon martin. zimmerman's attorneys plan to request evidence against their client. tuesday's hearing is expected one of the final pretrial hearings before the trial officially begins on june 10. we are learning tonight about the deaths of two northern california airmen. the two men identified as 30- year-old captain reed nikazuka
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and staff sergeant richard nixon were both based out of marysville. they died yesterday after their plane went down in afghanistan. >> they were two of beal's finest airmen. both had deployed numerous times in both iraq and afghanistan. >> according to initial reports, there was no apparent enemy activity in the area. officials hope to recover the black box off that liberty plane. two other airmen from illinois and oklahoma were also killed in that crash. >> a bump in the road. the effort kicking off tomorrow in an east bay city to repair a sometimes expensive problem. >> plus sniffling, sneezing and suffering. why those without allergies may have to shop around for relief. >> the new details, a report reveals why the bolts on the bay bridge were banned by officials.
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crews from alameda county used a chain saw to clear away a tree that toppled over and blocked part of 288 in san leandro. this tree fell over some time overnight, landing in the fast lane and at least three cars hit the tree. the highway patrol closed the lane while the tree was removed. luckily though no one was hurt. here's a question for you. you have allergies? seems like everybody in the bay area is sniffling, sneezing and suffering. eric rasmussen went to contra costa county and found out it's not easy to find relief. >> reporter: another beautiful weekend in the bay area. but it's been no day in the park for people battling allergies. >> it's been terrible. probably the worse i've ever experienced. >> usually my nose runs like now and my eyes might get red and stuff. >> so you're looking for the
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relief any where you can get it. >> reporter: relief for meryll requires a lot of medication. >> i use zyrtec and i use singular and two inhalers as well. >> reporter: the bees aren't complaining but an early blast of pollen is taking a toll on all ages. >> i was itching my eyes a lot. >> reporter: an early than normal spring may be to blame. levels vary from one part of the bay area to others. in some areas it sparked a run on all kinds of allergy medicine. >> i see all the allergy drops are gone from the shelves. >> reporter: all gone. >> yes, i went to several pharmacies. >> reporter: you might want to keep those allergy pills on hand. warmer and windy weather is headed our way and that could
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make conditions worse. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. there is a report tonight that the bolt problem with the new eastern span of the bay bridge may be worse than first thought. according to the san francisco chronicle, the new bridge has 1,200-bolts made from galvanized steel almost identical to the one banned by officials because it can crack overtime. a spokesperson tells ktvu the bolts in question may not be under the same type of tension as the ones that cracked earlier this year. oakland's annual pothole repairing blitz is set to begin tomorrow. the city's public works department says it hopes to fix more than 10,000 potholes throughout the city. the main focus will be at areas around school, high traffic pedestrian areas and streets. the search for the new leader of the mount diablo entered the next phase tonight.
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the school board voted to fire steven lawrence and the district's general counsel siting low moral and a lack of trust. the board's president tells ktvu that no vote is expected tonight. el diablo district is one of the largest districts in the state. the monterey county spca is asking for donations to help care for dozens of cats and dogs rescued from a hoarders home this morning. officials say they found 16 cats, 24 dogs and seven puppies living in feces and garbage almost 3 feet high. many of the dogs were covered with matted fur and suffering from flea infestation and
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dental problems. ktvu's loranne blanco tells us the dog parks are facing a threat. >> it's probably a good idea for people to keep their dogs on leash. i would rather have my dog on a leash all the time than limiting the amount of time we can visit. >> reporter: the superintendent released this statement. visitors with dogs are responsible for preventing their dogs from damaging park resources or attacking wildlife or people. we will use existing regulations. no dog should be off leash if an owner can't control it. >> there's a command called
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leave it. which the dog should be able to let go then pull and the dog will come back. >> reporter: there's been several occasions where a dog bit a visitor or park official. most of those involved an off leash dog. last year a pit bull bit an officer. the owner was sited. >> i think the owners need to be respectful of the people around them. i have bicyclists, a lot of other dogs running around, you have children. >> reporter: lorraine blanco. a surprised concert by a
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legendary band. >> and how hot is it going to get? just when san francisco could see 80 degrees. map
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we are wrapping up a longer weekend. right now we're still in the clear. even in san francisco and san francisco this week will be approaching the low to mid-80s as we do wrap up april and head into may. here is a look at the current numbers you can still see some 70s. oakland 64 degrees. the wider view here on the
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satellite you notice all the clouds headed to the north. partly cloudy skies headed in. we still have this. we still have a pretty good northernly breeze. as a result it's pushing the south to the south closer to southern california right around santa barbara and los angeles. first thing tomorrow morning will be in the 50s across most of the bay area. santa rosa 51 degrees. oakland at 50 and even a few mid- to upper 50s out toward concord, fairfield and antioch. a warm up for everybody but you know san francisco it feels strange out there when temperatures warm up into the 80s that will be happening this week. san francisco 66 degrees, tomorrow and into tuesday we're tracking 70s. look what happens by wednesday, especially by thursday. temperatures could be approaching the mid-80s around 84 to 85 degrees. a noticeable change especially for the coast as we head into midweek. the storm track headed to our north as high pressure is in
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full command of our weather. warmest locations once again approaching the lower 90s. by tuesday there's another system. slightly cooler for tuesday. probably won't notice it. more sunshine but the key impact, stronger northernly winds. once again that begins late tuesday night for the bay area hills especially up in north bay. gusts could be approaching 90 miles per hour. there's a chance we could have a potential for fire danger, elevated fire danger for tuesday night right into wednesday. it feels strange to be talking about that this time of year. typically that's july, august and september but that might be some what of a concern by tuesday night. lots of sunshine, these red contours link up with the 90s. the beaches back up into the upper 60s to lower 70s for your monday afternoon. santa rosa 88 degrees. oakland at 80. look at all the lower 90s for
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concord and livermore. santa cruz warming back up in the boardwalk 80 degrees. san francisco warming back up into the mid-70s. 75degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. we're wrapping up april and heading into may. look at those numbers, tuesday not much cooler just microscopic cooling. they warm things up to more 90s. with your weekend always in view we're going to wrap things up by monday. it'll be a period of cooling. it will feel strange around here. we'll have to keep an eye on that fire danger. >> thank you mark. san francisco ating season is now under way. and today officials celebrated with opening day at the bay. the celebration included a decorated boat parade. this year's theme is the great
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race. today's event was organized by the international boating association. this was the scene at the ecopelx. the rock band held a 30 minute concert. the stones begin their 50 and counting anniversary tour this >> mick jagger looks exactly the same. the giants take another one on the chin while the a's get another walk off win. >> and the warriors come up in the play offs. and guess who came out big? sports wrap is next.
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good evening everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the golden state warriors came into their second play off appearance in 19 years as a number six seed and decided underdog to the nuggets. game four tonight at the coliseum arena had a lot going for warrior coach mark jackson. jackson's wife des era e doing an all star appearance with the
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national anthem. steph curry to bogut. then bogut making a statement. now a hamstring and jackson thought about taking him out. good thing he didn't. curry with another of his seven assists with bogut again on the scoring end. the warriors headed to the locker room with the lead. and the nuggets took advantage, ty lawson with the hoop. denver would pull it by four. golden state back up by seven. then by 11, when curry sharp shooting was over he was six of 11 from six point range. the warriors led by 19 after three quarters. they had the luxury of being able to coast for the final part of the fourth quarter. a signature play here as klay thompson takes the ball from randall. the warriors doing it with rookies, second year players and


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