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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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man with long gray hair running from his house. when he went to check on his sister, she had been stabbed. people in the community are being told to keep their windows and doors locked and this morning there will be police at bus stops and at schools. >> we hope we can protect the kids and the schools to the best he can tent possible. >> they are processing dna evidence and more than 100 officers are working on this case. burlingame police are expected to release information about the stabbing of a police officer. it happened during a fight at park road in downtown burlington game. he said an off-duty officer was stabbed several times.
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he is still in stable condition and it is not clear how many people there were. cal fire is doing everything they can to reduce the risk of fire. today they have enforced burn bands in several counties tara moriarty is live in san rafael where a grass fire broke out early this morning, tara? >> that is right. >> reporter: the patch of burned grass is right here and firefighters believe it may have started because of a cigarette butt and it is unclear how it can start so quickly. it was put out quickly by crews and they issued a warning that a lack of rainfall has left our wild lands in danger of burning. already they have responded to 680 wildfires across the state and that's way above average this time of year. open burns will be banned to
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limit the risk as fire season gets underway. that includes santa clara, san mateo and santa cruz counties. what causes 95% of fires, we will find out coming up in the next half hour. tara moriarty fuse news. >> thank you, jury selection in the murder case of an alleged killer joseph naso is set to begin. >> it is killing four women in contra costa in 1973 and 1974. all of the women were found along the roads. joseph naso himself faces the death penalty if convicted. we learned two u.s. service members were based no northern california. the pentagon said captain read of hawaii and staff sergeant they were stationed at bear air
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for -- beal air force base. >> both had deployed numerous times in both iraq and afghanistan. >> the pentagon says it appears weather was a factor in the crash and not enemy fire. two service members were stationed in illinois and oklahoma and they also died in that crash. >> we are learning new information about the bolt problem with the new span of the bay bridge. the new bridge has 1,200 bolts made from gavinizeed steel. both are similar because they can crack. caltrans says -- caltrans says they are both safe and in line withstand cards. it is part of a blitz they will focus on a different neighborhood every week. they hope to fill 3,000
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potholes by june 6thth. they are working between hudson and cliffton streets. 1200 holes were filled last year. they are going into the second round of the nba playoffs. oracle arena was cast in gold and yellow last night, nearly 20,000 fans score add game high 21 points including 6 three pointers to beat the denver nuggets and teams succeeding despite all-star winner, david lee. >> they have -- if one guy goes down somebody else will step up. let's just see what we can do. >> golden state is up and it is back in denver monday night. they will face the san antonio spurs, with all the yellow,
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it's just very exciting. this is the first trip to the playoffs and denver got rained on. >> good job pam. >> time now is 5:34. sal was very excited about the warriors game and they were upset about the giant's game. >> i can picture you jumping up and down while you were treating. >> perhaps. >> good morning everybody. >> good morning everybody. happy monday. let's go out and see what we have. nothing to jump up and down here but it is a nice looking commute on a monday -- i almost said wednesday, that is wishful thinking. it is looking good on to the mcarthur maze. it is a nice looking drive so if you are starting off the morning early you will be rewarded with a nice commute. also down through san jose, downtown traffic is moving well. let's go to steve. we have clear skies out
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there, a few high clouds, we didn't really do much, there is a big difference in the temperatures, east bay is very warm, parts of the peninsular are very nice. we don't have an offshore breeze but it is nice. very warm to 60s, low 60s and 61 degrees in san jose, and it is cooler on the coast because we are fog free. it will still be warm to hot tomorrow. and it looks like more winds coming tuesday night into wednesday and temperatures are starting to ramp up. even though it is clear, temperatures 60s to 90s and again, summertime pattern here in april, if you are well inland and if you are by the coast, it is mild to warm depending on your definition. then it looks very warm for everybody on wednesday i should say. thursday maybe some fog coming back last week when santa cruz
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plunged into it and it does look quiet as we head into the weekend. >> hundreds of thousands will feel the first affects of forced federal spending cuts. the state department said 400,000 out of work californians will receive it and the average had been $298 a week, starting today that will drop to $246. workers who might earn minimum wage might get a raise and they are proposing the $8 minimum wage be increased. labor groups support the plan but restaurant owners and farmers say it will hurt them and the economy. whistle blower bradley
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manning hope the honorary grant marshal of the pride board said it was a mistake. gay activists plan a reversal at his office tonight at 5:00. manning is charged with leaking u.s. secrets to the wikileaks. his court marshal is set for a few weeks before the parade. and it is set to begin before harris. harris is accused of assaulting his boyfriend at a menlo park restaurant last january. the defensive tackle admitted he was gay shortly after the incident and said he kept his sexuality a secret during his entire career. he played one season with the raiders. coming up next, new information on the investigation of the boston bombings. the fbi is working around the clock to answer one critical question. plus early education
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funding, why the numbers are not adding up for children right here in the bay area. golden gate bridge traffic looks good, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. look at 'em.
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. time now 4:42 the prime minister nearly escaped an assassination in damascus. he was not hurt but one of his drivers and body guards is in crystal condition. -- critical condition. president bashar assad's attacks are getting more extreme even with the levels of high security. we want to take you there
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live where workers will install the final two sections of a 4008-foot fire making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere. it will be the last one to be put into place. the last piece will make it 1,700 fetal. marking the year we secured our indicent from -- independence from england. an elite team of fbi agents is now working around the clock to find out if two suspects acted alone. so far u.s. intelligence have not covered any other evidence that others were involved but the investigation is still in the early stages and the actions of the two suspects raise disturbing questions. >> the way they handled these devices and the trade craft leads me to believe there was a trainer. >> now we are in the second
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phase which is to find out who these two bombers communicated with, how they became radicalized, is there a third- party or is it russia? >> meantime they have now tracked down a mysterious man who tutored him in the ways of radical islam. a man named misch was known to tutor him but has no connection to the plot. they are now adding up the money raised for the 11-year- old martinez boy injured in the bombings. he was waiting for his mother to cross the finish line when the bomb went off causing a serious leg injury. aaron turns 10 and is hoping
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his family will be in the bay area. they are thinking about changing security policies for big events and we will hear one of the possible proposals up for consideration. of course you can go to for the latest on the boston bombings and you will find the latest. the new suspect in the ricin case, they arrested everett dutschke at his house in tupelo on saturday. he is accused of sending poisonous letters with ricin to the president and a judge. another man was later cleared and claimed he was framed by everett dutschke. another is growing and at least 166 are taking part in the protest.
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they are protesting conditions and inn definite confinement. the white house is working to address the situation and obama administration has pledged to close the prison but congressional legislatures haven acted legislation to prevent that from -- have enacted legislation to prevent that from happening. they say he wants to roll back involvement in mexican security operations and under the previous involvement, they fought the drug war there sending drone aircrafts and other assistance. meantime according to white house officials, they will nominate anthony fox as his new transportation secretary. if confirmed they will replace ray la hood. fox is the first african- american nominee for president barack obama's second term. 4:26 let go back to the
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early monday morning commute, sal? >> we are trying to start off monday on a good note and so far we are a accomplishing -- we are accomplishing that coming out from vallejo to the mcarthur maze, and we are looking at traffic approaching the bay bridge and no major problems, not only the bay bridge but also the san mateo and dumbarton. if you are driving to san jose, 280 and 101 are off to a good start just before we have anything going on, it is a nice drive, let's go to steve. clear skies, if there is any fog it does not mean there is a patch or two around. but the coolest temperatures are up by the coast, inland 50s and 60s, livermore 59, 60 mountain view, 53 in santa rosa and napa are the coolest.
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then it looks like we will focus on what could be another wind event. today could be sunny and warm and after that system slides by tuesday, we are windy in the hills certainly tuesday night and wednesday morning and that means the fire danger goes up. since january, that would mainly be north and east bay and it definitely looks to be in the forecast and with those windy conditions we could see some warm conditions by the coast. today is sunny and warm, cool morning and we are getting some 40s. 60s to 90s and it is just a huge spread. keep an eye if you are going east to west, north to south, 80s for some, and windy, it looks very warm, about the same thursday, we have to keep the same and it looks quiet and above average temperatures for a while.
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a search continues for the new mt. diablo school district. they voted to fight steven lawrence and greg roland citing low moral and a lack of public trust. last week they considered an interim candidate but so far the board has not made a final decision. they are one of the largest in the state serving 33,000 students in 50 schools. mediocre in a rutger study being released and only 8% of 10-year-olds are there and spending less than 4200 a year for each student and new jersey spends more than 11,000 per student. california has cut more than $11 billion from pre-k funding. they are refusing to
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provide bathrooms for the homeless. as many as 130 people a day could use toilets and showers throughout the city. they are seeking grants for installing the bathrooms and it could cost as much as $100,000 to retrofit each bus. taking on man's best friend, they are fueling the debate over leash rules at a popular bay area park. and sharks fans, getting ready for the playoffs, we will tell you when they are ready to hit the ice.
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. good morning, the monterey a spca is asking for donations for rescuing 16 cats from a horde der's home, 24 dogs and 7 puppies were found living in feces and garbage almost three feet high. they were malnourished and suffering from flee infections. no information on the owner but the house has been declared unlivable. people are being warned to keep their pets under control. they are warning after two
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attacked geese more than a week ago. the recreation area is reminding dog owners they could be cited for arrested for problems their pets cause at the park. >> it is a good idea to keep them on leads. >> i would rather have my animal on leash all the time than have the space we can visit limited. >> there are at least nine incidents where a dog bit a park employee or visiter. two sisters are expected to enter a plea in court. they are accused of swaddling seven babies so tightly they could not move and had trouble breathing. the childcare facility was shut down and their bail has been reduced to $40,000 each. they are trying to solve a killing in oakland.
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brandy martel was shot and killed while sitting in her car. she was a transgender woman and tonight's vigil is to continue against the transgender community. they are hoping to remind people about the case and are hoping to convince people with information to come forward. they are mourning the loss of three divers who died in separate incidents over the weekend in sonoma and men seen know -- mendocino counties. one was a retired firefighter. they found set rick -- set rick colette -- cedric colette. >> he taught us so much about being a better person. he it is sad ended -- we are very saddened by it and this is so unexpected. >> a san francisco man drowned
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yesterday after getting caught in a rip current and a few hours later another diver was found drowned. many divers were in the water due to a very low tide. we are coming up on our 5:00 hour, sal, how are the roadways? right now traffic is doing well around the bay area, let go and take a look at some of these live pictures and you can see it is a nice looking drive on 80 eastbound and westbound not according to chp. traffic is light so far and looking at the chp list, really there is nothing here on it and i do see a deer walking around on highway 24 near college avenue. northbound 280 as you head to highway 17, that traffic is nice, let's go to steve.
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clear skies, temperatures cool, 50s to lower 60s and it will not take long to warm up. the tail end of that will drag across late tomorrow and then we will focus on what looks to be another wind event. today looks to be sunny hardly any fog at all. this high fire danger looks good as we head tuesday to wednesday and that means temperatures will be going up. also for the coast and san francisco, yesterday was 66, a little bit above average, the trend is to make it to the end of the week so stay tuned. cool morning after it will be warm to hot inland and it is not too hot around the bay, so far inland, closer to the coast, it looks like sunshine
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for everybody. there could be some and things look quiet sunny and warm and it will be above average on temperatures. the sharks' playoff schedule is out and it all starts on wednesday. the 6th seeded sharks will face the canuks in the best of the series on wednesday night and friday night and the series then turns back to san jose for game 3 on sunday and turns for game four on sunday. they lost to the canuks fighting for the western conference title. one ambulance company in the south bay, there are problems that ignited a controversy the desperate search for one killer, the victim an 8- year-old girl. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. we are live in san rafael where a small grass fire is a red flag, we will tell you why fire officials are so concerned. santa clara county is
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threatening to terminate the contract of an ambulance company, the problems that led up to this decision. also, the growing concerns could be headed for civil war, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, we are ready, it is april 29th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, steve paulson said it is warm and we have a few days of warm weather? >> yes, it could get windy into tomorrow night and that definitely needs to be watched, we are starting off with some 60s and we could end up with 90s. here is sal. good morning. if you are driving on the freeways traffic is moving along well


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