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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  June 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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course, talk to farmers. hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ . >> complete bay areas news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. >> good evening and thank you very much for joining us for the special post game edition of news. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. an east bay side show erupted in gunfire. three people were shot and some of the violence was caught on camera. new information.
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>> reporter: this is youtube video of drivers spinning donuts an blocking the intersection at 106 and mcauthor earlier this morning. these side shows happen everyday week here. >> sometimes we close because people go home because they can't get in because of all the trafficment. >> people can't get through and that bothers me a lot. >> reporter: just after 2:30:00 a.m., the nuisance turned to violence. in this video obtained exclusively bktvu, you can see people running and ducking from gunfire. one woman was rushed to highland hospital with critical injuries. david scott talked with the woman in icu. >> it is not just a job. i pray for the family. i see the tears. it's tough. >> reporter: one neighbor who is afraid to show her face was
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frightened by the participants. >> they were throwing things in yards, breaking things. it is every weekend. >> reporter: the oakland company declined to interview but theys they are cooperating with investigators. >> this happens every weekend. this would have been prevented. >> reporter: no one from the oakland police department would talk about the shooting today, but they will hold the news conference on monday to talk about strategies to stop these side shows. in oakland, lorran e blanco. this was the site of a side show in 2004 that ended in a crash that injured three people. it takes about 30 police officers to handle each side show. the city of oakland spent
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thousands of dollars this overtime to crack down on side shows. our web team has posted that video of last night's side show shooting on san jose police are looking for the person who stabbed the man to death near the winchester mystery house. that attack happened just before 10:00 last night on maglioco drive. they found a 35-year-old man in a carport who had been stabbed. he was taken to valley medical center where he died. investigators done know the motive or if this attack was gang related. this is san jose's fifth homicide in just a week. it comes as police are out in force targeting gangs. there are about 40 extra officers patrolling the seats. swat teams, gang suppression units and special operations. police in san jose detained a person in connection to a grass fire.
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fire crews got the call at a fire at an old land field at rmmilard court. the fire produced a big plume of white smoke. high temperatures send the fire to three alarms. >> the fire was burning, the temperature was 94 degrees. >> about five acres burned. no homes or structures were damaged. investigators haven't said yet if that fire is linked to another grass fire reported a few hours earlier. a ktvu viewer posted these pictures to our facebook page. the fire broke out at 11:40:00 a.m. crews managed to get it under control by 1:00. nobody was hurt and the cause of that fire is under investigation. >> and with the big spike in
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temperatures, fire danger on the increase. look at the highs this afternoon. they ranged from the upper 60s coast side and a few spots up in the upper 90s in santa rosa. another warm to hot day for this afternoon. in terms of the fire danger, it is coming down across the region. i want to talk about this record of report in santa rosa. 97 degrees. the old record was 91 last year. fire danger was on the high side but with tomorrow east forecast, you can see temperatures back down in the 08s . humidity levels come up. the fire danger from very high today down to moderate sunday. we have a change in the win direction. look at these arrows, they are increasing. from oakland, 13 miles per hour. that translates to a cooling trend and a drop off to the fire danger as we head into the second half of the weekend. coming up, we will tell you how much cooling you can expect in
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the forecast. the north bay worked with residents to protect their homes during the fire season. >> a 21-year-old man wanted by police was arrested in vallejo after a high speed chase after police ahe tried to run through a filipino parade. police say they spotted gerald brown driving into that parade. when officers tried to pull him over, they say he hit e gas. after a chase with speeds up to 100 miles per hour. he jumped out of the car and ran. he was found nearby and arrested. police say there was a warrant in connection with a february chase. a suspicious device in an east bay park caused a massive response this afternoon. staff from the martin luther shoreline park found a device buzzing in a trash can. alameda county bomb squad
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arrived. it was a battery charger and not a bomb. a bomb squad in berkeley has declared an area near the university safe. this morning someone called police after spotting a device lot in channing way. the commander tells ktvu news it looked like a bomb with wires and piping but was completely inert. a bicyclist was struck and killed on the freeway. the highway patrol says a 24- year-old man from massachusetts was trying to cross the freeway on a bike. officers say it is not clear why the bicyclist tried to cross there since there is a pedestrian bridge nearby. >> this should be an easy
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decision not to cross the freeway on a bicycle. you will lose. >> the accident closed two eastbound lanes for about two hours causing a major back up even at that early hour. in fact, another accident happened in the stop and go traffic that followed that initial crash. a small suv overturned after running into the back of a semitruck that was stopped on the freeway. the suv drive was treated for injuries. the semi driver was not hurt. darren blaylof was placed on life support for a short time yesterday. he was driveing in the atlanta suburb when his suv crossed the center line and crashed into a january in jonesesboro. the woman in the van was killed. bart is back to normal
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tonight. a major problem system wide. according to a bart spokesman, overnight track repairs were completed on schedule and trains were running full speed through the tube this morning. you may remember two maintenance vehicles collided in the tube. bart closed one track of the tube and that caused major delays yesterday morning. an independent experts say hundreds of rods and bolts on the bay bridge are too hard. the rods and the bolts tested above the at risk threshold for hardness and that means they could crack. the broken bolts have caused concerns about the project. cal tran officials are trying to decide whether or not to open the bridge before labor day. a girl missing is safe at home tonight. >> i am so happy. >> a lot of people were concerned. >> a lot of people were helping me. >> a photographer was there
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when 4-year-old amaya turned found asleep under a bed where she went missing. >> i felt like we looked for her really good. i'm sorry to put everybody through this, but i'm glad she is okay. >> police searched the house and the neighborhood for hours. no one saw the little girl under the bed because she was so well hidden. emergency repairs are understood way in a bellmont landmark. crews used a crane to remove a church bell tower that has been red tagged. our camera was there when the cross at the immaculate heart of mary church was removed. dry rot and termites were found in the 60-foot tower. cal tran is set to start a
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project that will cause delay on the toll plaza of i-80 for months. westbound 580 for a quarter mile will be shut down. the two westbound lanes will be redirected to the eastbound side of the roadway. the lane configuration will go back to normal after the toll plaza. the detour is said to last about 90 days. you know, this feeling, just to see all your stuff. >> more devastation in oklahoma as a tornado wary town gets hit by another deadly storm. plus, is your home fireproof? how firefighters in the north bay are helping residents there make sure. >> and the effort to fund a funeral for a man killed in a crash on the peninsula. [ birds chirping ]
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>> a petaluma road is back open tonight after a big rig returned sparking a small grass fire. happened about 8:40 this morning on westbound adobe road. it was put out ews ree hour to clean up the gravel that spilled from the big rig. >> friends of a man killed in a crash raised money today. the driver of a formustang crashed into another vehicle and hit a cement wall. the three passengers were thrown from the vehicle. the. >> i have been holding up pretty good. mostly because of all the support that i have from all of the friends and family and like i don't know what i would do
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without them. >> today's car wash at jefferson high school in daly city is for the funeral. they have raised about $8,000 with an online fundraiser. the red cross is helping an elderly saratoga couple whose house was destroyed in a fire. they made it out of saily. firefighters say the fire started in the garage. the cause remained under investigation. during fire season, we often hear about creating a defensible space and our homes incase of fire. today some marin county residents got tips from the firefighters themselves. >> reporter: virginia meyers
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spent a huge amount of time and money. >> we live in a tinderbox. so you want to be as proactive as you can. >> reporter: firefighters say her home has a lot good examples of how folks can make their homes more likely to survive a wild fire. >> she took the tree limbs back about 15 feet. if there was a ground fire, it would not go up into the trees. >> reporter: the tall dry grass and brush are cut back 10 feet away from the road creates a fire break. at other homes. >> we are looking at a lot of debris on the roof. >> reporter: firefighters recommended changes including removing fallen leaves and cutting back canopies of trees. >> usually in california, there's a lot of fires win driven so you get fire up into that cypress tree, it is going
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to send embers into that home. meantime, firefighters in southern california are dealing with triple digit temperatures while they fight a major wild fire in the angeles national forrest. the fire has grown to 3600 acres burning in steep terrain and dense brush. it is only 15% contained. cooler weather is in the forecast tomorrow. for the second time in two weeks, at least nine were killed including a mother and child in tornadoes last night. at least six touchdowned in the oklahoma city area. the twisters come on the heel of the deadly tornadoes from less than two weeks ago in the city of moore that killed 24 people. >> it's a sombering feeling, you know, just to see all your stuff, your memories. for your child, just scattered
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around. >> now, the aftermath of heavy rains has caused widespread flooding in the metro area. there are several reports of water going into homes and dozens of people having to be rescued on the streets. it is a day of mourning for houston firefighters after four of their own died fighting a motel fire yesterday making it the deadliest day in that department's history. the firefighters were searching for people they thought might be trapped inside this motel when the roof collapsed during a five alarm fire. one firefighter is in critical condition and another is in surgery. the cause of the fire is undetermined. a hepatitis a break out has been linked to frozen berries. at least 30 people have been sickened in california, colorado, new mexico, nevada,
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and arizona. costco is notifying all members who bought the berries. fda investigators were at the plant in oregon inspecting the facility saying they plan to conduct further tests of the berries. boeing's new dream liner has returned to the skies above the bay area. boeing 787 flights today between san jose and tokyo. the airline suspended service shortly after the debut in january when their lithium ion batteries caught fire. the batteries have all been replaced. well, if you like the heat, today is your day. it has been warm out there. let's check in with mark and see what is happening. >> it has been hot. but the fog is to our rescue. temperatures will trend down. right now, we have fair skies, a few high clouds paid us a visit. look at this beautiful shot looking toward the golden gate bridge. you can see a little texture on
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the water. a reflection of the wind speed. right now, on my storm tracker, there are the high clouds. partly cloudy skies across most of the region. as far as the wind speed, we will show you that adaughters or sons parts of the northern area. those are picking up out the west. the change in the wind direction will lead to the cool down for sunday. sfo, winds sustained out of the west at 20 miles per hour and current wind temperatures are in the upper 50s . pretty cold in half-moon gay. the other extreme holding onto 90s in antioch and livermore. santa rosa at 84. first thing tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies. a few patches right around the bay. temperatures most areas will be in the 50s to start out sunday morning. for the afternoon hours, the coast, those readings back up into the lower 60s . over furtures are moving up as you could expect. the warmest locations inland
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tomorrow, no more upper 90s but still warm. we are talking mid to upper 80s and the warmest locations to reach lower 90s around 91 to 92 by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. as i mentioned, the temperatures peaking for the weekend and temperatures come down a good five to ten degrees from today's highs. you can see what is happening. the cooler weather system is fairly weak, but will generate more of an on shore breeze. it really kicks in monday and tuesday. here is our forecast model showing you the fog regrouping coast side. maybe a few patches approaching the bay. here we are tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours, the bright colors reflect the warm temperature. the warmest locations right around 90 to 92. the beaches, a little patchy fog. and that's the most noticeable cooling right near the immediate shoreline. forecast highs for sunday, santa rosa, 87 degrees.
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fairfield, 90, oakland, it will be in the 70s tomorrow afternoon. 74, lower 90s in antioch. san jose. 81. san francisco, in the upper 60s , right about 69. here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast. the weekend always if view. we are talking about the cool down kicking in for monday and tuesday. then the other direction for wednesday and thursday. we could have low 90s once again. but heather and ken, this is the time we love the fog. june gloom not gloomy just yet. >> thank you mark. emmy award winning actress jean stapleton has died. she played archie bunker's long suffering wife edith in all in the family. she took the part of the dimwitted but doting role of
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edith. she died friday at her home in new york city at the age of 90 years old. coming up next, we have sports. not a very good day for the giants.
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>> all right, you watched it
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right here. at least, you cringed when you watched it. not a good day for the giants. >> there are always peaks and valleys in 162 games. giants are currently in a stretch of not doing so well. they played two in saint louis. madison bumgarner on the mound. the cardinals have already scored one in the third. then carlos beltron singled up the middle. that looked like an insurmountment lead. the giants had something going in the 6th inning, but it was snuffed out when a throw was taken away from marco scutaro. after loading the bases, he gave up the base hit to ty wigginson. the first half of a bad day got started this morning with matt cain on the mound. his indoing was the 3rd inning
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in which he gave up nine hits including four straight rbi singles and a double to the wall by tony cruz that knocked in two. the cardinals won 8-0. the same cardinals got to cane in an outing on april 7. the oakland a as are a stretch now like last season. it was yoenis cespedes jersey day. he delivered in the first inning against the white sox. he found the gap allowing jed lowrie to kick it into gear. rbi double, 1-0. chicago's diaza up the middle off sean doolittle. two runs come home. the game tied at three. it was still tied when josh reddick came out.
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the as have a walk off win. oakland has won 13 of the last 15 games. that looks familiar. the as did that a lot last year. the 49ers hire a new member of the coaching staff. we will tell you about all that tonight on sports wrap. see you then. >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> we will take you inside the san francisco museum of modern art for tonight's very unusual event as the museum prepares to close. we will see you next time news breaks. >> we are always here for you online and and mobile ktvu. enjoy the rest of your saturday and we will see you tonight.
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