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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 4, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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dozens of people turned away from oakland police headquarters. the flood that soaked through multiple floors. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. the oakland police headquarters building was closed to the public as of this morning. new at noon, we're joined live with how this started with a malfunctioning toilet. katie? >> reporter: you're looking at the third floor. that is where the high pressure water line burst, soaking the floor that contains the records
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department. it flowed down to the second floor. the investigative area. then puddled in the lobby. so if you look behind me, i'll step out of the way and you can see the crews bringing in heavy machinery to try to soak up the water and dry out the building. we're learned it will be closed to the public for the day. >> we're closed. >> reporter: we watched at least a dozen people try to enter the oakland police department this morning. only to discover the building is closed. >> i was just trying to get in the building. >> reporter: even william braton, outside consultant hired by the city to clean up the department had trouble. now professional cleaners are cleaning up a little mess. water-soaked floors, walls and ceiling from a water pipe that burst around 3:00 this morning soaking the third floor down to the lobby. >> we want to make sure it's safe for everyone. we're able to continue our internal work but as far as
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externally it's still -- could be potentially dangerous for the public because we do still have standing water, and there's additional water that is still working its way down from the third floor to the first floor. >> reporter: the effected floors include the records department, investigations, and the lobby. >> no damage to any evidence. we had to do a little shuffling of some things but we are in tact. >> reporter: officers and police department staff are continuing to work inside today but the building is closed to the public. i'm told the water was clean. they have tested it to make sure it's free of bacteria and will continue to do testing as they try to determine what caused this water to leak. if you need to file a police report you can do so on-line or go to the belmont substation today. they will re-assess the water damage tonight at the end of the day and attempt to open the police department tomorrow morning. stay with ktvu and we'll update you on when the station is
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supposed to open. >> thank you. in developing news today -- a judge in colorado accepted an insanity plea from the man accused of opening fire in a packed movie theater near denver last july. accused shooter james holmes will now undergo a lengthy mental evaluation and if convicted by reason of insanity he would avoid the death penalty. 12 people died in that shooting. another 70 injured. oakland police are looking for witnesses to a shooting and crash last night that left one man dead. it happened just before 11:30 last night on holloway avenue near mad ox drive. police say someone drove up along a van and fired multiple shots. the driver was killed, a female passenger was shot several times, another was injured in the crash. both are listed in stable condition. the driver crashed into a power pole. that brought down power lines and caused outages for just over 600 pg&e customers.
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a neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says he heard the crash. >> very loud. it sounded like a bomb. all the lights went out. it happened really, really quick. after that i came over and i just saw the vehicle with the person, it seemed like passed away. >> no arrests have been made and police do not yet know a motive for the shooting. as for power in the area, 20 homes are still without electricity. pg&e says they should have all the power back around 2:00. the frozen berry mix linked to hepatitis a has been recalled. the townsend farms organic antioxidant mix was sold at costco. it was linked to at least 35 hepatitis a illnesses in five cases including a case in alameda and one in contra costa county. the recall is three days after the fda and cdc first announced the suspected link between the berries and the illnesses.
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happening now -- an investigation is underway into the cause of a natural gas explosion that injured seven people. at a college campus in new york state. just before noon. you can see how the blast blew out windows at nyack university. the christian college is about 25 miles north of new york city. the school says summer classes haven't started yet so there were few people on campus. none of the injuries is life threatening. there are new safety concerns about pg&e this noontime. after an audit shows the utility skimped on repairs. according to the san francisco chronicle the audit found that pg&e failed to spend $50 million it received from rate payers to fix and maintain natural gas distribution pipes. this took place in the decades leading up to the deadly san bruno explosion. the audit was ordered by the california public utilities commission. a pg&e spokeswoman says the company disputes some of the audit's findings. a standoff between
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longshoremen and the port of oakland over who will unload a controversial a contrabarge continues. it's in the waters off the port. more than 100 longshoremen gathered last night and turned the barge away. they say it's their jurisdiction to unload it and their plore, pacific maritime soaks is trying to skirt the rules. the company recently changed policies to say barges are not vessels that require unloading by union workers. >> we're supposed to push it this far. it was a matter of four or six men for four hours. that was would have been the end of it. instead they insisted to push this and push it. >> the operator of the barge is not getting involved. according to the union the barge says the company and union should settle the conflict. the polls are open in santa clara county. voters are deciding who will take over as county supervisor seat left empty by a politician
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convicted of corruption. jana -- janine de la vega joins us. what does it look like now? >> reporter: it's slow. earlier we had a spurt of people coming to drop off at the drop box but we know voter turnout is expected to be lower than usual even though the seat holds a lot of power, was previously held by someone who fell from grace. this polling place at the library opened at 7:00 a.m. two hours later this man was only the third person to walk in and cast his ballot. more people chose to drop off ballots before work this morning at the registrar's office. they must choose between six candidates to fill the county supervisor seat. he admitted to misusing $130,000 of taxpayer money to fuel his gambling habit. >> i hope there's new blood coming in, to dig into some of that corruption and see if they
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can correct it. and correct the misspending throughout the county. >> reporter: the scandal caused outrage in the district that represents part of east san jose and downtown. most voters we spoke to said being able to trust the candidate played a big factor in who they chose. >> to be honest, transparent and really want to work for the people. >> to get kids off the streets, involved in sports and after school programs. you don't see a lot of that. >> reporter: 77,000 mail in ballots sent out, so far 22% have been returned. the registrar realizes not as many people turn out for special elections but they hope more people will come in. >> right now looks like 14%. it's slower than what we were anticipating. we were expecting roughly between 35% to 45%. >> reporter: if none of the six candidates receive 51% of the vote then a runoff election will be held in july which
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would cost the county about $583,000. polls will be open until 8:00 p.m. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega. the san francisco housing authority is mismanaged and losing millions of dollars, according to a new city audit. the audit listed 43 areas area where the authority could improve. saying they've not updated their waiting for list public housing since 2001. it also says the housing authority was supposed to hire general maintenance workers but did not and because of that the agency lost out on $7.5 million in federal subsidies since 2008. some parents were protesting against the principal of an east palo alto school this morning. the group was gathered outside the ronald mcnair academy about 8:30 a.m. the parents say there's a lot of fighting and drug use at the
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school and the principal jocelyn lee should resign because she's done little to help. >> the problem is that they don't listen to the kids. the grades are very low. there's a lot of bullying in school. >> the superintendent has been very active in aggressively addressing their needs. >> the assistant principal told ktvu the school is still working on some problems but said the school hasn't sold a new hotline to report bullying and hired fulltime bathroom monitors. also, a dramatic decrease in the need for suspensions. for the first time in 77 years alameda is becoming whole again. today the city regained control of alameda point which had been used as a naval air station. the land was given to the government in 1936, now is being transferred back. the area makes up about a third of alameda, it will be redeveloped with a mix of homes and businesses creating thousands of jobs. the decision are expected
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this week about the america's cup. one of the sailors died last month during a training session on the bay. if artemis withdrs just two tea oracle usa, the reigning cup champion. we are following developing news in oakland where city workers say they will announce a strike vote later today. the union workers accused the city of hiding more than $50 million in revenue as the city negotiates a new contract with the workers. we will bring you a live report with details about where those funds are allegedly hidden, tonight at 5:00. i just rolled up and we were shaking. >> the shocking way a san francisco homeowner was awakened this morning. >> and cool and cloudy as the sun tries to break through.
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rosy -- rosemary will be here to talk to us about when it will warm up for good. >> another day of statements in the richmond gang rape trial.
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opening statements continue in the east bay in the gang rape trial of two men who allegedly attack a 16-year-old girl outside a richmond homecoming dance. sal castaneda is in martinez to tell us why this trial is so unusual. sal?>> reporter: it's unusual because there are two defendants, two juries, yet one trial. that is because prosecutors say that some evidence that is not admissible for one of them can be used against the other. today opening statements continued for the two men on trial for the gang rape at richmond high school in 2009. it's a double trial. the district attorney told the jury how he plans to proceed with the prosecution of 22-year-old jose mantalvo of richmond. yesterday a separate jury heard about the defendant marcelles peter also on trial for the gang rape. at
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the trial, they were talking about how the night went terribly wrong for a sophomore coming home from a homecoming dance. >> she suffered great bodily injury as part of that attack. i'll just tell you that the evidence will prove that mr. montalvo personally committed some of those acts. >> reporter: in a court yard on the school campus some say the victim was heavily intoxicated. the victim is expected to testify at the trial. she had received a $4 million settlement against the west contra costa school district. inside the courtroom it's clear the prosecutor is meticulously going over every detail pointing to the guilt of the two accused. he also spoke of others who already pleaded guilty and will testify at this trial. the defense didn't say much
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except to say that the person, jose montalvo was indeed on the scene but is not guilty of rape. live in martinez, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. jury process is underway for the trial of an accused serial killer. accused of killing four women between 1977 1994. he is acting as his own attorney. when it was his turn to question jurors in court yesterday he reportedly mocked the prosecutor by imitating her hand gestures. if convicted naso could face the death penalty. opening arguments in the trial are set for june 17th. in southern california, thousands of firefighters worked through the night to curb a fire in the an gelless national forest. cool moist air helped the efforts overnight and crews now have the fire 60% contained. today they are watching for
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wind gusts that could carry embers and cause the flames to spread. a rock slide in the north bay created a problem for drivers on highway 101 early this morning. this was the scene around 2:15 this morning near rodeo avenue and sausalito. the chp says the rocks blocked several lanes and even caused one driver to lose control. the driver hit the rocks, didn't appear to be seriously hurt. the lanes were quickly cleared and reopened after the accident. in san francisco, the bayview district, one person was hospitalized after an suv crashed into a home. it happened around 5:30 this morning on keith avenue. neighbors say they were startled by the noise. >> i was downstairs and heard a skid. then i heard a boom. >> i woke up, thought it was an earthquake. and this car was in my house. >> fire officials say the block is steep and the driver had difficulty on the hill. a passenger in the car was taken to the hospital but there's no word on their condition.
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people in san mateo county are getting a heads up today after two dead birds tested positive for west nile virus. one bird was found in the hillsdale area. the other near haywood park. birds, humans and animals can become sick if bitten by mosquitos infected by the virus. anyone should get rid of stagnant water, such as swimming pools or flower pots. our cooldown continues for tuesday. the low clouds are beginning to burn off from around the bay. a live look there at oakland where we have partly cloudy skies and we will continue to see those clouds along the coastline, a solid deck of clouds at this hour. it looks like pacifica may be the only area right now seeing partly cloudy skies. this is the system remaining off the coastline that continues to feed in that cool air. the marine layer.
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2,000 feet deep. some of that cool air finally transporting into our inland areas. in fact our inland areas anywhere from seven to eight degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. like concord as well as livermore. this is where we're seeing it. just a few patches of low clouds remaining over parts of the east bay and san francisco as well. as we shift north santa rosa partly sunny. those clouds, again, will continue to clear. we'll be dealing with sunny skies for the afternoon. take a look at that onshore breeze. so, yes, temperatures continuing to fall into the afternoon. today is going to be the coolest day. then we begin to turn around as soon as tomorrow. the weekend looks quite hot in some areas. 66 now in novato. low 60s in oakland. 66 walnut creek. 70 livermore. 71 fairfield. so a nice mild one expected for
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our inland communities. it will be cool along the coast today and it will continue to be a bit breezy. those winds that we're seeing outside our door now will continue throughout the afternoon. as we get into tomorrow a slight bump in temperatures. thursday will be even warmer than that. friday and saturday look to be a bit hot, widespread 90s in the forecast. even upper 90s for the hottest cities. 90 degrees expected for clear lake today. so still warm for you. low 70s novato. mid-60s around the east bayshoreline. inland east bay, 75 danville. into the santa clara valley, 73 san jose. 72 sunnyvale. along the peninsula, upper 60s, low 70s. 61 for san francisco and upper 50s for the coastline. the extended forecast, there's the slight warm-up for tomorrow. thursday more notable. then turning hot as we get into the weekend. friday, saturday look to be the hottest days. we begin a cooldown once we get into sunday. but some of the hotter spots
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could actually hit 100 degrees. >> thank you. warren buffett's on-line auction, the highest bidder will win a private power lunch with the billionaire. bidding starts at $25,000. as of 30 minutes ago that skyrocketed to $750,000. bidding closes friday night. last year went for $3.5 million. coming up, a spaceship- like building could bring money to cupper tino.
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there's speculation the federal reserve may reduce the economic stimulus. this would end the 20-week streak of positive gains of the dow on a tuesday. the dow is now down 103. nasdaq down 27. s&p 500 down 11. jay-z and samsung are reportedly working on a $20 million package that would make the rapper a collaborator on multiple projects with the tech giant. jay-z may create a social media network as port of the deal. this would be the latest in a number of high profile business moves he's made the last couple of years. he recently set up a sports talent agency and launched a massive made in america music festival in philadelphia. there are new details out of apple today on the upcoming
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spaceship-like campus in super tino -- cupertino they would like to build. in an 18-page report apple says the project would create more than 9,000 construction jobs and more than 7,000 high-tech jobs as well as millions of dollars in tax revenue for the city. if the city council approves the plan quickly it could break ground this year. apple hopes to open the campus in 2016. the company agreed to lease part of a 550,000 square foot complex near highway 85 and winchester boulevard. it's across the freeway from the net flick current headquarters. opponents say the project is still too big for the neighborhood but supporters don't want netflix to live los gatos. today on ktvu news at 5:00 -- more on the developing story out of oakland we mentioned earlier where city workers are expected to announce a strike
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vote this afternoon. they are accusing the city of hiding tens of millions of dollars while they negotiate a new contract. we're talking to those worker and we'll bring you a live report at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and we're always on on and local ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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