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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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estuary with how that car ended up in the water. >> we are still waiting for authorities to pull the car out of the the water. if you take a look more members of the dive team are here and a tow truck has arrived. the vehicle is completely submerged. and it's pretty dark out here. divers helped pull the man out of the water as he tried to swim to shore. this all happened in san francisco. officers chased him across the bay bridge. he was only traveling at a speed of about 30 miles an hour when he exited interstate 80 in berkeley. >> he said he just wanted to get away from the police. he pulled up here and made a right turn. he didn't believe it was as deep as it was and the garrisoning in less than two minutes. >> reporter: the suspect was not hurt but he was shivering and police say not happy about the situation. he was taken away this an ambulance for precautionary
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measures and last night police had to run traffic breaks during that low speed chase so no one else was impacted. live from berkeley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning a fight at the ej deadly when a police officer was forced to fire his gun. that happened at 8:00 last night on a houseboat at the mary that. police say they got several reports about a loud fight. investigators say when police arrived, the suspect pointed a gun at an officer. the officer then pulled out his gun and started shooting in self-defense. the suspect later died at the hospital. the officer was not hurt but is now on administrative leave during the investigation. police are also warning people in and around oakland to watch out for this man. detectives say he went on is a rampage yesterday morning shooting people he knew and stealing cars from strangers.
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some of it was caught on video. more details on that man hunt coming up at 4:45. right now it's 4:31. fire and power outage in fruitvale overnight. thieves may to be blame. a would-be copper thief sparked the fire. this pole caught fire at 11:30 last fight. oakland fire and pg&e think someone trying to steal copper cut into a live wire. most of fruitvale last power causing at least one crash. and that outage lasted for about an hour. hundreds of people in san francisco don't have power because of a tree into power lines. this is on garfield street. that is south of engel side. the southage start -- pg&e expects to have the lights back on by noon. dozens of senior citizens
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got quite a wake up call when a pot on the stove activated the sprinkler system. they went off just before 1:00 in the morning. water damage is preventing some people from returning to their home ifs >> there are open units they can be placed into. and also the red cross has been called. >> now fortunately we understand no one was hurt. three people were killed in a fire that badly damaged the costa vallejo complex back in 2008. investigators found the buildings fire alarms were not working the day that fire was started by a tenant smoking in a room. but those charges were later dropped. the building reopened as low income housing for seniors in january. a runoff election appears likely in santa clara county to
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replace disgraced supervisor george sheer kaw way junior. but the county registrar says none of the seven candidates got that. labor leader cindy chavez is leading with the vote. and they will likely face each other in a july runoff. a federal raid ended in sacramento with fbi agents removing several boxes from a state senator's office. the fbi is not discussing details of the case. but the raids is part of larger public corruption investigation in los angeles county. al reason is a democrat. the senate sergeant of arms says the senate is cooperating.
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>> i have no idea what is in the warrant. it's a sealed warrant by the court. >> federal agents also served warrants at the latino caucus office in sacramento. calderon is a member of that caucus. high profile attorney mark is representing calderon and denies his client did anything wrong. the susan g. komen foundation is canceling major events in several cities including san francisco next year. that will cut in half the number of location where is the three-day walk will raise money for breast cancer treatments and research. the foundation says the decision to cancel the walks was not made easily but participation is down. this year's three-day walk in san francisco still scheduled to start on september 29th. oakland a's pitcher cologne will pitch today under a cloud of suspicion. espn and the associated press report he is one of 20 players
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facing suspicion in a wide- spread doping scandal. cabrera is playing against the giants today. some fans believes players should be punished if they are guilty. >> anybody who is going to yep noise their career to bulk up or take steroids. if that's what it takes to stay in the league, you don't belong in the league. >> the owner of the clinic will cooperate with major league baseball and testify he supplied performance enhancing drugs to the players. suspensions up to 100 games could begin before the end of the month but the players could challenge that through arbitration. some of the other big name players include yankees star alex rodriguez, ryan brawn of the brewers. two former a's pitchers also implicated. another e ax's player gio
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gonzalez faces scrutiny. the network reports that he bought legal substances from that clinic. 4:36 is the time. sal, they we were all through that. >> you know milky and cologne were already suspended for 100 games each. so they may have already been punished. this will be very interesting. as you can tell there is not a lot of traffic going on. but you look very nice. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at what we have. the roads look very nice. the traffic is moving along very well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. if you are starting off now good for you for being up so early. i think the commute will cooperate with you. i've been looking at chp's list and don't have anything to talk about. bay bridge toll plaza islight and there is no problems getting into san francisco. and the road work is not there
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right now. san jose northbound 280, northbound 101, and northbound 85 are looking good into the valley. hearst. what about me? don't i look good too? >> sharp as usual. >> thank you, sal. >> pam and i match by the way. we have winds up to 36 miles an hour. travis about two hours ago. it's at 24 now. everything says very similar to what we had yesterday. 50s on the temps. a lot of low clouds out there. the winds pretty much westerly. still thunderstorms. blowing up in the sierra. all associated with this low. the low looks like it will hang off the coast. weaken a little bit. this will allow high pressure to build in but not much today. 50s and 60s and 70s. unless you are really far inland. vacaville. here's the rub though. one forecast model is backing off big time on this warmup for the weekend. i'm intending to believe it
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will be warm. there is a fog bank out there. below average temps will continue. santa rosa not even punching 70. livermore 77. that is one degree warmer than yesterday. it is cool. fog, sun. the fog will burn off later. deaf fitly warmer friday into saturday. it looks like a big drop on the temps into sunday. 4:39 is the time. more rain in the coming days as people worry along the mississippi river. a levy has already broke in missouri. many people have left their homes. others you can see they are packing up their belongings and ready to go at a moments notice. the national weather service says the weather is retreating but there won't be a big drop in water levels any time soon. well, we have new information about the former lapd officer who was the the target of a massive man hunt last year.
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good morning. lots of low clouds again. a pretty good westerly wind in place. so very similar to what we had yesterday. 50s and 60s and 70s or low 80s. we have new information surrounding the firing of a former los angeles police officer who triggered a man hunt in southern california earlier this year. an internal review by the police department found that christopher dorner was justifiable filed. the full report is expected to be made public sometime this month. dorner killed four people including two police officers in february before being killed in a gun battle with police. the issue of sexual say salt in the military will take
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center stage again today on capitol hill as the house armed services committee considers a sweeping defense policy bill. at a hearing yesterday, senators grilled military leaders about an alarming increase in the number of sexual assaults within the armed forces. the military leaders say they do not agree with proposals to strip commanders of their authority over sexual assault cases. >> we moving commanders, making commanders less responsible and less accountable will not work. >> you have lost the trust of the men and women who rely on you. that you will actually bring justice in these cases. they're afraid to report. >> the pentagon estimates there was 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the military last year. in more than half of those cases, the victims were men. a decorated former navy seal has published a book about her trance formation from a man
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to a woman. in kristin's book warrior princess she says she struggled with her identity during her 20 years in the military but was afraid to say anything until she retired two years ago. her tomorrower navy seal teammates have been 100% supportive. glimpse time is 5:44. the search is on for a suspect wanted in two shootings and three carjackings yesterday in oakland. his name is j mar cleveland. police say he is 5'9", 200 pounds, armed and dangerous. we want to show you surveillance video of him walking into an auto dealership. he carjacked one driving down the street. cleveland drove through 105th avenue and san leandro street and shot and wounded his father. all that came after he allegely shot and founded his girlfriend. >> any time somebody engages in that activity it's reasonable to believe he would be a threat to other members of the public.
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>> another video clip shows cleveland returning to the auto shop after the first carjacking. he walked to a parked car and drove off with that. police are working with his friends and family to try to find him. thousands of oakland civilian workers are considering walking off the job. something they haven't done in almost 70 years. workers and jobs from park maintenance to library staff and city engineers are scheduled to take a strike vote next week. they say they haven't had a raise in five years. now the they say the city wants them to pay more for health care and pensions. palo alto police have a sketch of a man who they say attacked a female jogger. take a look at the sketch. he's described as latino or biracial. he is about 20 years old. 5'8" and weighs about 160 pounds. he has earrings in both ears wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt at the time of the
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attack. now we told you about this yesterday. police say the suspect groped a female jogger in the palo alto nature preserve on sunday. she was able to push him away and the suspect ran off. also this morning we are getting a look at surveillance video of an attack on a pg&e substation. take a look. you can see some sparks fly. there in the lower part of your screen. as bullets hit the substation in south san jose back in april. the gunshots damaged five transformers disrupting power and phone service. >> we have the suspect or suspects opening two separate manholes to go down to hit the at & t power lines that knocked out police communication. >> at & t is now offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. two waiters and another woman are in custody in
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connection with a mass abduction in mexico city. a witness told police the bar staff sent the victims outside on the street -- where armed gunman ordered them into vehicles. the mexican government is promising to create a special unit to help tackle this issue. first lady michelle obama confronted a patrol tester that heckled her at a demonstration. the protestor repeatedly interrupted her speech. michelle obama walked over to the protestor, offered to give her the microphone if that's what the crowd wanted. the crowd shouted for the first lady to continue and the protestor was escorted out of the event. well, it is a bitter feeling for the san francisco 49ers and their fans. today president obama will host
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the super bowl champion baltimore ravens later this morning. one former ravens star who won't be there is current 49er wide receiver ann yawn bolden. he's in santa clara training with his new team. sal, how is traffic? >> it's nice and quiet. i just sent out my tweet saying everything is cool. we are rolling like that this morning. good morning, to you. let's take a look at the pictures. and people are certainly on the road. but it's nice wednesday start as you head out to the mccarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along very nicely. some of the road work that is normally there has been picked up and traffic is light. also we are looking at the livermore valley 580 westbound that traffic looks good. steve, one of our tweeters evelyn pointed out that bar toe la only served 50 day suspension. they are on it this morning.
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>> yes, she is a loyal watcher. >> if he was in trouble he would owe another 50 days. thank you evelyn. [ laughter ] thank you, sal. very close to what we had here. todd says what is this ground hog day? very similar pattern. although the barometer is up a little bit. not to get too technical on you. am i showing temps? i didn't mean to do that. 60s for some. 70s for others. 50s on the temps right now. 54 fairfield. 36 out west. that is a howling sea breeze. most locations in the 50s. it's the breeze that is the 24 right now. southwest concord west at ten. napa west. with this it's really hard to warm up. sfo west at 12 i just don't think there will be too much warming today. forecast models did. i split the difference and kept temperatures about the same.
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possibility of thunderstorms up there. reno looking warm to hot. again keep an eye on the sky if you're up there. some of the thunderstorm activity is drifting north. boom associated with the low. fog is the main impact. breezy to windy. not much changed today. maybe a one to two degree jump in temps. 50s and 60s and 70s or very low 80s. livermore 77. gilroy 79. fog will be with us thursday but it will burn off sooner. everyone says expect one forecast model broke off. could be a lot of clouds and a big drop in the temps on sunday. >> thank you, steve. a film about a deadly bart shooting is due out this summer. only on two we will hear from oscar grant's family about their thoughts on the movie. also horrifying moments for a family after a shocking accident in fremont. where police say the family was
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heading when their these-year- old son was killed.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. only on 2 the family of oscar grant talked to us here at ktvu about the upcoming release of fruitvale station. yesterday grant's nine-year-old daughter received a package containing posters for the movie. she was just four years old
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when her father was shot and killed on new years day 2009 by bart police officer johan necessary mehserle. her aunt says she is too young to see the film but she wants her to experience the excitement surrounding the movie. >> she waited all night. he was up early and we were by the door waiting for a big package. so she feels pretty special and that is what i wanted her to feel was special and happy. >> fruitvale station won the grand jury prize. it will be in theaters next month. two sisters accused of abusing babies at a livermore day care are scheduled to appear in court today. they tightly swad led babies to force them to sleep during nap time. the sisters worked a the the universal preschool. they have pled not guilty to charges of child abuse and
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neglect. the accident happened on paseco parkway. s family was heading to a water park in fremont when the driver lost control, hit a curb and slammed into the tree. the rear part of the car flew about 20 yards with the young child strapped in the safety seat. >> my heart goes out to them and their family. i really hope they get through this. >> the couple suffered serious injuries. police are now trying to figure out what caused the accident but witnesses say the driver was going upwards of 100 miles an hour in a 35 miles an hour zone. toyota is recalling 242,000 of its hybrid vehicles around the world.
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the recall effects pree yes, sir model -- prius models. toyota will replace the part that is causing the problem for free at the dealership. >> 4:55 is the time. back over to sal. so far very quiet. we like the commute to be quiet. >> it has been quiet. i think we will be in the summer pattern again today. let's take a look at the commute now. westbound bay bridge it looks pretty good. the last few days and lots of times during june and july when people take vacations when you have a commute between 6:30 or so and 7:30 and then it lightens up again. this morning's commute in san francisco looks good. it's nice and clear. this is northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. if you are driving into livermore valley 580 traffic does look good.
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they were doing road work there. it's not causing a major traffic jam. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. still a big fog bank out there. and a westerly breeze. thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada. 50s on the temps. i doubt they change too much. low clouds are making a strong surge inland and the west wind is in place. fairfield 24. had gusts to 36 which is just off the chart. west concord 13. west napa. almost everybody has a west or component of a north, northwest. get a little difference down there. generally sfo and hayward all west. 40s and 50s. 54 sacramento. same as ukiah. our low clouds look like they will peel back to the coast. maybe burn off a little sooner today. pressure is up slightly. i don't think we will see too much change. mainly temps coming up along the inland areas. it's just too much of an on
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shore breeze. 70s for many or 50s and 60s closer to the coast and bay. we will warm up a little bit on thursday. the question will be which forecast models will be on the weekend. the other one is really backed off on the heat. pam. thank you, steve. coming up next big news out of silicon valley. the reason apple is planning to hire thousands of new employees. plus at this moment crews are work to get a car out of the water aquatic park in berkeley. here's a live picture. we just didn't know that our plants did, too. then we started using miracle-gro liquafeed every two weeks. now our plants get the food they need while we water. dinner's ready. come and get it. no one goes hungry in this house. so they're bigger, healthier, and more beautiful. guaranteed. with miracle-gro anyone can have a green thumb. and a second helping. [ both laughing ] when you feed your plants... everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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we are live in berkeley where police lead out on a car chase. they just pulled the car out of the estuary. we'll tell you what got in his way. vallejo police shoot and kill a man on a boat in the marina. a pair of outages left hundreds in the dark. the reason thieves may to be to blame for one of those outages.


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